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The Past Week in Action 20 June 2022: Artur Beterbiev Crushes Joe Smith Jr.

-Artur Beterbiev crushes Joe Smith Jr in two rounds and now holds the IBF, WBC and WBO title belts at light heavyweight
-Cuban featherweight Robeisy Ramirez knocks out Abraham Nova in the fifth
-Justis Huni wins the clash of unbeaten Australian heavyweight with points victory over Joe Goodall
- Josh Kelly and Nathan Gorman get quick win
-Omar Chavez returns to action but loses on points against Rafael Ortiz
-Jack Bateson, Ohara Davies and Archie Sharp record victories

World Title/Major Shows

June 18

New York, NY, USA : Artur Beterbiev (18-0) W TKO 2 Joe Smith (28-4). Feather: Robeisy Ramirez (10-1) W KO 5 Abraham Nova (21-1). Super Welter: Wendy Toussaint (14-1) W PTS 8 Asinia Byfield (15-5-1). Feather: Bruce Carrington (4-0) W RTD 5 Adrian Leyva (3-3-1,1ND). Middle: Troy Isley (6-0) W TKO 6 Donte Stubbs (6-6,1ND).

Beterbiev vs. Smith
Beterbiev floors and stops Smith in two rounds to add Smith’s WBO belt to the IBF and WBC belts he already holds.
Round 1
Smith came out aggressively behind some strong jabs and firing hard rights. Beterbiev was on the retreat and under pressure with Smith pressing hard with his jab and trying some body shots and literally chasing Beterbiev around the ring. Beterbiev landed some clubbing shots to the head and as they clashed Smith rebounded off Beterbiev and went down. The referee decided it was not a knockdown but some of the fire had died in Smith from those clubbing shots and just a few seconds before the end of the round a right from Beterbiev saw Smith dip at the knees and touch the canvas the bounce up and after the eight count there was no time for any more action.
Score: 10-8 Beterbiev
Round 2
Smith chose to stand and punch with the puncher in the second and as he came forward a right to the head caused him to buckle at the knees and touch the canvas. He was up immediately but a fierce attack from Beterbiev sent him against the ropes and he slumped to where the ropes were holding him up. Smith looked unsteady but after the count he followed the referee’s instruction and was allowed to continue. Beterbiev was given a stern warning for a couple of punches to the back of the head. He had Smith staggering and holding on and then two uppercuts sent Smith reeling to the ropes and the referee made a good stoppage. Russian-born but now a Canadian citizen Beterbiev has won all of his fights by KO/TKO and with Saul Alvarez going for Gennady Golovkin III a Beterbiev vs. Bivol fight would be a great clash of styles and would gives a single holder of the four main belts at light heavyweight although Gilberto Ramirez, Anthony Yarde and Joshua Buatsi might not see it that way. Smith’s tactics seemed suicidal as he went out determined to outpunch rather than outbox Beterbiev but his career is far from over and as the sanctioning bodies don’t really want unified belts who knows where the division could be in a year’s time.

Ramirez vs. Nova
Ramirez hunts down and then crushes Nova. Over the first two rounds Nova was moving and boxing throwing plenty of jabs. Ramirez was coming forward in a crouch behind a high guard tracking Nova around the ring and just looking to land southpaw lefts. Nova was throwing more and landing more but Ramirez looked dangerous. The third saw them stand and trade punches for much of the round which suited Ramirez who had Nova under heavy pressure at the bell. Nova went back to his boxing in the fourth with Ramirez again stalking but not throwing many punches. At the end of the round they again exchanged shots with Nova throwing more but Ramirez shaking Nova with a hard left. Nova threw plenty of punches in the fifth but could not keep Ramirez out and a thumping straight left dropped Nova on his back with his head out under the bottom rope. The referee immediately stopped the fight and Nova needed some time to recover. The 28-year-old Cuban has adapted to the pro game and adapted his own style of arrogance backed up by power and ability. He wins the vacant WBO Global and IBF/USBA belts. It seems impossible to think that a boxer who could beat Michael Conlan, Andrew Selby, Tugstsogt Nyambayan and Shakur Stevenson could lose his first pro fight to a guy with a 4-2-2 record. Nova was No 4 with the WBO so a big win for Ramirez who must be a serious threat to each of the four belt holders. Nova showed great skill but Ramirez’s power proved too much for him.

Toussaint vs. Byfield
Haitian-born Toussaint outpoints Brit Byfield. No real problems for Toussaint here as he outpoints Byfield who is in a form slump. Scores 79-73 for Toussaint on all three cards. His second win since being knocked out by Charles Conwell in October 2020. Byfield had rebounded from a 0-3-1 spell with a win in Belgrade but was well beaten here.

Carrington vs. Leyva
Carrington gets retirement win over Leyva. Carrington edged the first being quicker than Leyva but Leyva made the second close. Carrington dominated the third scoring continually with left hooks to the body and rights to the head and Leyva was inspected by the doctor at the start of the fourth and went on to take more punishment. Leyva fought hard in the fifth but there was nothing Leyva could do in the fifth to turn this one around and he was also cut and did not come out for the sixth. Third win by KO/TKO for former Elite level amateur Carrington. Cuban Leyva was 4-0-1,1ND in his last six
Isley vs. Stubbs
Body punching from Isley had Stubbs hurt early and he was floored by a right in the fourth. Stubbs made it through the fifth but was dropped heavily in the sixth and although he beat the count the fight was stopped. Fourth inside the distance win for Olympian Isley. Stubbs was unbeaten in his last six fights.
June 15
Brisbane, Australia: Heavy: Justis Huni (6-0) W PTS 10 Joseph Goodall (8-1). Middle: Andrei Mikhailovich (18-0) W TKO 3 Ernesto Espana (32-4-1). Super Bantam: Luke Boyd (10-0) W TKO 4 Shamal Ram Anuji (9-2).
Huni vs. Goodall
Huni shows he is the future of heavyweight boxing in Australia as he outboxes and outscores Goodall in a clash of unbeaten fighters. Huni was too fast, too clever and too accurate for Goodall whose only chance was to hustle, bustle and some more unsavoury tactics to getting Huni to stand and trade, Huni landed with jabs, hooks and uppercuts with his body punches taking some of the fight out of Goodall. Those punches had damage showing around Goodall’s left eye and Huni was cut in the ninth but was always in control. Scores 100-90, 98-92 and 98-93 for Huni, 23, who is said to be of Swedish, Samoan and Dutch antecedents. He won a gold medal at the World Youth Championships and a bronze at the World Championships. Scarily a few days before this fight Huni’s home was subject to a substantial drive-by shooting whilst he and many if his family were in residence but no one was injured. Goodall, 29, was also an outstanding amateur being Australian champion a number of times and also winning a bronze medal at the World Championships.
Mikhailovich vs. Espana
This was never going to be much of a test for Mikhailovich but he was still able to be massively impressive. After dominating the fight over the first two rounds he obliterated Espana in the third. He staggered Espana to the ropes with a couple of rights and then landed a massive right that put Espana down. Espana made it to his feet but was in no condition to continue. That last right was simply brutal. The 24-year-old Russian-born New Zealander makes it eleven win by KO/TKO and wins the vacant WBO Global belt. At 40 Espana’s best days are far in the past but this is only the second time the Venezuelan had failed to last the distance in his nine years as a pro but then he started out weighing about 139 lbs and he was 159 lbs for this one.
Boyd vs. Anuji
Boyd floors and stops Fijian champion Anuji. The 35-year-old from Sydney was having his first fight for 2 ½ years and is badly in need of some ring time. He has won all ten of his fights by KO/TKO seven of the in the first round so has had less than twenty rounds as a pro. As with Huni and Goodall he was a top level amateur representing Australia at the 2008 Olympics and had a win over Jason Moloney but did not turn pro until he was 27.

June 17

Liverpool, England: Heavy: Nathan Gorman (19-1) W TKO 1 Tomes Salek (17-4). Super Welter: Josh Kelly (11-1-1) W TKO 4 Peter Kramer (12-6-3).
Gorman vs. Salek
Gorman wins the vacant IBF International belt with first round destruction on Salek. Gorman gave Salek no chance to get in the fight. He was opening Salek up with jabs and hurt him with a left hook to the body then put him down with a booming right. Salek beat the count but another series of shots again ending with a right to the head sent Salek down. He climbed to his feet but stumbled badly and the referee acted quickly to stop the fight. Gorman was knocked out in five rounds by Daniel Dubois in July 2019 and this is third win as he rebuilds but the heavyweight division is top heavy in the UK. Salek had been stopped in three rounds by Kash Ali in May last year.
Kelly vs. Kramer
Kelly eases his way back into action with a stoppage of Hungarian Kramer. Kelly looked sharp in the first two rounds spearing Kramer with jabs and testing him with uppercuts but he paid for a low left as a right from Kramer started a bruising on his left cheek. Kelly upped his attacks in the third with plenty of uppercuts trying to penetrate Kramer’s high guard. In the fourth he drove Kramer to the ropes and unloaded a sequence of uppercuts. Kramer fought his way off the ropes but with his head again being snapped back by uppercuts the referee stopped the fight. First fight for Kelly since his loss on a sixth round stoppage against David Avanesyan in February last year. Kramer is 0-4-1 in fights in the UK. 

Ontario, CA, USA: Bantam: Eros Correa (12-1) W PTS 10 Saul Sanchez (18-2). 

Correa gets a split decision over Sanchez. This one was close over the early rounds with the aggression and power of Sanchez giving him the edge over the more skilful Correa. The second half of the fight saw Correa up his pace and show more aggression and he outboxed Sanchez over the seventh, eighth and ninth only for Sanchez to have a strong tenth. Scores 98-92 and 97-93 for Correa and 96-94 for Sanchez. Correa was in his first main event. Sanchez had won his last six fights

Panama City, Panama: Super Fly: Luis Concepcion (40-9) W TKO 9 Juan Lopez (15-10-1). Light: Juan Huertas (16-3-1) W TKO 1 Jonhatan Cardoso (14-1). Super Fly: Gilberto Pedroza (21-9-2) W TKO 2 Pedro Villegas (13-3).
Concepcion vs. Lopez
Sixteen years a pro and still in the ratings. Former WBA fly and super fly title holder Concepcion gets back on track with a ninth round stoppage of Venezuelan Lopez. Now 36 Concepcion was having his first fight since being stopped in nine rounds in a challenge for the WBA fly title by Artem Dalakian in November. He still sits at No 10 with the WBA so can dream of yet another title shot. 
Huertas vs. Cardoso
“El Olympico” Huerta disposes of Cardoso in the first round. Cardoso looked impressive-for two minutes. He used his longer reach to put Huertas on the back foot and exerted plenty of pressure until Huertas fired back with a thunderous right which unhinged Cardoso’s legs and rendered him out on his feet as the referee jumped in to stop him going down. Huertas 29, who represented Panama at the London Games, wins the vacant WBO Latino title with his twelfth inside the distance victory. A taste of his own medicine for Cardoso who had won all of his fights by KO/TKO.
Pedroza vs. Villegas
After a tough spell of six losses in seven fights Pedraza has put down a couple of bricks on his rebuilding project as he follows a win over local fighter Dexter Marques in Guyana with this second round stoppage of Ecuadorian southpaw Villegas

Manduane City, Philippines: Light Fly: Mark Vicelles (17-0-1) W TKO 1 Jayserver Abcede (21-11). Light Fly: Christian Araneta (22-2) W PTS 10 Toto Landero (11-8-2).

Vicelles vs. Abcede
Vicelles finishes Abcede in the first. In a battle of southpaws Vicelles was loading up on ever punch. He scored early with lefts but it was a right hook that ended the fight. The hook dropped Abcede late in the opening round. He was taking the count whilst kneeling on one knee. The referee knelt down and conducted the count right in front of Abcede who only jumped to his feet a split second after the referee tolled the ten so the protests from Abcede and his second were rightly ignored. Ninth victory by KO/TKO for Vicelles. Abcede was a useful 6-2 going in.
Araneta vs. Landero
Araneta outscores Landero. Strong southpaw lefts gave Araneta control in this fight. He used his longer reach and faster hands to score at distance. He kept Landero on the back foot in the first half of the fight and was particularly effective with long lefts to the body. Landero had success when he was able to get inside and work with hooks and uppercuts which he did for much of the fifth round and in spells in the later rounds. Araneta was a clear winner although the scores of 98-92 twice and 99-91 were a little harsh on Landero. Vicelles is No 4 with the IBF and Araneta No 5 so there is scope there for an eliminator. Only one win in his last seven fights for Landero.

Laval, France: Super Welter: Jordy Weiss (29-0) W PTS 6 Ivan Matute (30-9).
“The Gypsy” returns to action with win over seasoned pro Matute. Weiss dominated all the way flooring Matute but being unable to keep the Venezuelan down and instead settled for winning every round with the cards all reading 60-53 for the home town star. Despite his impressive looking figures the former undefeated EU champion is yet to face any real test and Spanish-based southpaw Matute has now lost his last seven fights.

Reynosa, Mexico: Bantam: Yuliahn Luna (24-3-1) W PTS 10 Jessica Gonzalez (8-6-2). 
Luna successfully defended the WBC female title with points win over Gonzalez but only after a protest from Gonzalez’s team. Luna showed a higher level of skills. She hurt Gonzalez in the first and it was the fourth before Gonzalez got into the fight. Luna continued to boss the action and Gonzalez was deducted a point in the fifth for leading with her shoulder. Accurate shots from Luna had Gonzalez showing swelling over both eyes and she was examined by the doctor at the start of the eighth. Luna was lucky not to lose a point for punches to the back of the head in the ninth, something she had done before in the fight, and she finished strongly. The decision was delayed due to Gonzalez’s team protesting over the punches to the back of the head-and very belatedly-the bandaging of Luna’s gloves. Scores 99-91 twice and 98-92 for Luna. Second defence of the WBC belt for Luna and she gets revenge for a loss to Gonzalez in 2014. Gonzalez’s recent form is now 0-5-1 including a loss against Chantelle Cameron in 2018.

June 18

Merlo, Argentina: Fly: Gabriel Alaniz (13-0) W TKO 7 Tamara Demarco (10-5). Super Fly: Kevin Munoz (14-1,1ND) W PTS 10 Abel Silva (7-9-3)
Alaniz vs. Demarco
“Chucky” Alaniz collects the WBO Female title with stoppage of Demarco. Alaniz almost blew Demarco away in the first round. She dropped the title holder twice with powerful rights with the bell robbing Alaniz of a sensational victory. Alaniz continued to land heavily with Demarco unable to stem the tide as she was rocked a few times more and her corner threw in the towel as the bell sounded to start the seventh round. Fighting in her home town the former Argentinian champion gets her fifth win by KO/TKO. Demarco was making the first defence of the title.
Munoz vs. Silva
Fourth defence of the South American title for Munoz and second win over Silva. Munoz used his superior skills to offset the aggression of Silva and moved into an early lead. Silva was able to score with hooks and jabs and the rounds were all close. Munoz created some more space over the second half of the fight and continued to land with jabs and straight rights. Silva kept up the pressure but the accurate counters from Munoz saw him edging the rounds. Scores 97-93 twice and 99-91 for Munoz who had won a close unanimous decision over Silva in January.

Liege, Belgium: Jessy Petit Jean (18-0) W PTS 10 Irakli Kurasbediani (12-3).
Local fighter Petit Jean keeps his 100% record but is given a harder fight than expected and has to settle for a majority victory over Kurasbediani. Scores 97-95 and 96-94 for Petit Jean and 95-95. At 32 is seems the time to take risks to progress is past for Petit Jean. Spanish-based Georgian Kurasbediani had shown some form winning his last five fights.

Maubeuge, France: Super Welter: Mathis Lourenco (9-4-3) W TKO 3 Kamel Benyattou (9-2) .Light: Laid Douadi (20-0-1 ) W Sylvain Chapelle (17-31-2).
Lourenco vs. Benyattou 
Lourenco wins the vacant French title at the second attempt as he beats Benyattou on a third round stoppage. After a cautious opening round Lourenco connected with a couple of hard left hooks in the second and floored Benyattou with a big right in the third to end the fight. Lourenco had lost to Milan Prat in a challenge for the title in September. Benyattou reportedly damaged his shoulder in the fight.
Douadi vs. Chapelle
Former undefeated French champion Douadi just keeps busy with a win over the ever reliable Chapelle. The judges all had it 60-54 for Douadi but he will have to step up the quality of his opposition if he wants to break into the EBU ratings as they are not impressed by numbers alone. Chapelle reaches 50 fights without having either won or lost inside the distance and has had six shots at winning the French title.

Accra, Ghana: Light Heavy: Issah Inusah (4-0) W PTS ? Mohammed Ali (6-1). Feather: Holy Dorgbetor (9-0) W PTS 8 Emmanuel Quartey (24-6). Light Heavy: Bastie Samir (20-0-1) W PTS 8 Kamdam Kouengoeu (0-1). Light Heavy: Ahmed Abdula (5-0) W RTD 5 George Bamson (3-10-1).
Inusah vs. Ali 
Inusah wins the national light heavy title with split decision over Ali. No scores available. Inusah was having his first fight since his opponent Tofa Agbesi was hospitalised after suffering a third round stoppage but is reported to have recovered. This does not appear on Inusah’s record as Box Rec was not notified of the result. Ali had won his six fights by KO/TKO but his six victims had only nine wins between them and seven of those were scored by one opponent.
Dorgbetor vs. Quartey
Dorgbetor retains the Ghanaian title as he takes a unanimous verdict over experienced Quartey on scores of 79-73 from the three judges. Former Ghanaian super fly champion Quartey, 32, announced his retirement. 
Samir vs. Kouengoeu
Samir returns to action and floors and outpoints Kouengoeu. Scores 80-71 on the judge’s cards. First fight for 36-year-old Samir for fourteen months. He turned pro in the US and had his first eleven fights there. Cameroon’s fighter Kouengoeu has no known previous record
Abdula vs. Bamson
Abdula towered over Bamson-as he has done and will do over most of his opponents-and used his jab to break Bamson down. Bamson resisted bravely but was taking heavy punishment and his team wisely pulled him out after three round. Fifth win by KO/TKO for Abdula a promising work in progress.

Culiacan, Mexico: Middle: Rafael Ortiz (14-4-1) W PTS 10 Omar Chavez (38-8-1).
Ortiz spoils Chavez’s return to the ring as he wins a unanimous decision. Although it was his first fight for a year Chavez made a bright start taking the fight to Ortiz seeking an early finish. Unfortunately for him Ortiz stayed strong and Chavez began to fade over the closing rounds. Both showed the signs of battle with Chavez’s right eye almost shut and his face badly marked and Ortiz cut over his left eye. It looked close at the end but with Ortiz getting the decision. Scores 98-94, 96-93 and 96-95 for Ortiz. Good bounce-back for Ortiz who had seen an eleven-bout winning run broken when he was knocked out in three rounds by Petro Ivanov in Germany in July. Chavez, 32, is 2-5 in his last seven fights.

Mobo, Philippines: Super Feather: Criztian Laurente (10-0) W PTS 10 Richard Bulacan (8-1).
Laurente wins the Philippines Youth title with a wide points victory over Bulacan who came in way over the weight limit. Southpaw Laurente was comfortable on the back foot using his longer reach and quicker hands to pick off the advancing Bulacan and swift foot work to dodge Bulacan’s attempts to pin him against the ropes. Bulacan just could not apply enough pressure and Laurente was in control enough to do some clowning as he eased to victory. Scores 99-91 twice and 100-90. First ten round fight for Laurente. Bulacan had won his last three fights by KO/TKO.

East London, South Africa: Super Fly: Landi Ngxeke (9-0-1) W RTD 3 Lindile Tshemese (13-4-2). 
Ngxeke retains the national title with victory over former champion Tshemese. Ngxeke was too big and too strong for Tshemese. He was able to walk through Tshemese’s punches and score heavily and Tshemese’s corner retired their man at the end of the third round. First defence for promising Ngxeke.

Leeds, England: Super Bantam: Jack Bateson (17-0) W PTS 10 Diego Ruiz (23-5-1). Super Light: Ohara Davies (24-2)W TKO 8 Abdessamad Nechchad (13-3-1). Super Feather: Archie Sharp (21-0) W PTS 10 Alex Rat (14-5-2).
Bateson vs. Ruiz
Good win for Bateson as he tackles useful Argentinian Ruiz and gets the unanimous decision. Bateson used his better skills to build a lead in this one and looked to have pocketed six or seven rounds. From there Ruiz’s aggression and his depth of experience turned the fight his way and he swept the closing rounds but could not overhaul Bateson’s early lead. Scores 98-92, 98-93 and 97-93. English champion Bateson wins the vacant WBA Inter-Continental belt. He admitted he had fallen away late and accepted that this was a good leaning fight. Ruiz has tested three other UK top super bantamweights losing to Michael Conlan and Shabaz Masoud but in February he fought a draw with Lee McGregor.
Davies vs. Nechchad
Just a keep the dust away outing for Davies as he floors Nechchad in the seventh and again in the eighth. Nechchad made it to his feet but the referee stopped the fight. Davies is rightly upset that the WBA elected to order a fight between No 1 Alberto Puello and No 6 Batyr (Botirzhon) Akhmedov for their vacant title completely by-passing Davies who was rated No 3 and nominating Davies to fight Spaniard Sandor Martin in an eliminator. Spanish-based Moroccan Nechchad had won his last five fight.
Sharp vs. Rat
As for Davies just a mild run out for Sharp as he easily decisions Spanish-based Romanian Rat on scores of 99-91, 98-92 and 98-93. Sharp is No 1 with the WBO so the mandatory challenger to Shakur Stevenson. I wish Sharp well but he is No 61 with BoxRec and it won’t do British boxing any favours if we get another case of a fighter being steered into a title fight too early as happened with Danny Dignum.

Fight of the week (Significance): Beterbiev vs. Smith moves us a step closer to all four light heavyweight belts in the same hands
Fight of the week (Entertainment): Nothing inspiring-no all-out wars
Fighter of the week: Artur Beterbiev
Punch of the week: I go for the thunderous right from Andrei Mikhailovich which stunned Ernesto Espana with honourable mention to the uppercut from Beterbiev that had Smith reeling
Upset of the week: All fights went pretty much as forecast
Prospect watch: Filipino light flyweight Mark Vicelles 17-0-1 impressed


Rosette to Artur Beterbiev for his destruction of Joe Smith Jr
Red Card Filipino Richard Bulacan who came in 8 lbs overweight for his super featherweight fight with Criztian Laurente. He must have known he was well overweight so why bother even turning up. He could have just sent a sick note saying he had grown another leg overnight.

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