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Rootin' for a not-rotten Fish
By Nicholai R. Roska,, Wed, 13 Jul 2011

LOS ANGELES -- I remember it so well, an event that was seared into my brain the way good memories and milestones are. Only this one is a nightmare that haunted me from sometime. It was May 13, 2004. My beloved San Antonio Spurs, then
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Pau Gasol: To keep or not to keep, that is the question
By Nicholai R. Roska,, Tue, 28 Jun 2011

LOS ANGELES -- In the still of the NBA postseason, when the news is slow and the rumors are fast, the Los Angeles Lakers are making a lot of noise. Trade noises, that is. Although the talks involve Lamar Odom and a handful of d
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By Ronnie Nathanielsz,, Wed, 15 Jun 2011

The television ratings of the just concluded NBA Finals won by the Dallas Mavericks in six games over the Miami Heat has seen an amazing surge in ratings compared to recent years when the games were telecast by Solar Sp
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Barkley on LeBron: "He's just not a cold-blooded killer"
By Homer D. Sayson,, Wed, 15 Jun 2011

IN THE refuge that is the Miami Heat locker room, LeBron James' stall is marked "king-size." But given how small he played in the 2001 NBA Finals, is a size-change in order? When it rains, it pours. And in LeBron's case
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Mavericks broke the hearts of Miami?s Filipino fans
By Eddie Alinea,, Tue, 14 Jun 2011

Instead of the ?Big 3,? it was the ?Big D? that dominated the just-ended NBA Finals with German superstar Dirk Nowitzki showing to all and sundry that you don?t need a ?super? team to win a championship. The
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I am a Champion
By Marv Dumon,, Tue, 14 Jun 2011

Basketball [ Commentary ] - What is a champion? It is a person (or a team) that has surpassed all rivals in a competition. A champion is not defined as the mere possessio
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"LeBust" James: A Prince not a King
By Homer D. Sayson,, Tue, 14 Jun 2011

ONE OF the things that LeBron James loves to do after a big play is to clench his right hand into a fist and pound it as hard as he repeatedly can onto his left chest. As it turned out, that lumberjack chest of
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Dirk No-ring-ski no more: Dallas Mavericks capture NBA title
By Homer D. Sayson,, Tue, 14 Jun 2011

NO-RING-SKI. No-win-ski. No more. The doubters can now put all those disparaging remarks to bed. Dirk Nowtizki is an NBA champion, at last. He also has a Finals MVP award to go with it, and a place in history as one o
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Mavs postpone Heat's dynasty plans to win first ever NBA title: Spoelstra out?
By Dennis 'dSource' Guillermo,, Mon, 13 Jun 2011

?There?s an emptiness right now,? Filipino-American Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said after the Dallas Mavericks defeated his team in six games and won their first ever NBA title in Miami Sunday night. Perhaps nobody felt the emptiness more than Heat star forward LeBron James, who is still ringle
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King James or King Flop?
By Homer D. Sayson,, Sun, 12 Jun 2011

THE BURDEN of unmet expectations is eating up LeBron James, holding him down like the weight of unconfessed sin. A member of the fabled draft class of 2003, LeBron, then a high schooler, left his quiet Akron, Ohio hometown
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