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Very recent postings on Facebook indicate that Filipino boxing icon, Senator Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao will run for President in 2022. Although he has yet to announce it himself, it is as good as done!

This rather interesting information will surely be a “viral” discussion on Facebook and in every conceivable mode of news platform locally and internationally.

No less than Pacquiao's close friend, ex-world champion Gerry Peñalosa reportedly was one of the sources of the “information”. International boxing judge Rey Danseco revealed this.

Personally, I would love to see Senator Pacquiao throw his hat in the ring, so to speak. Pacquiao is a different breed of a politician. Unlike all the traditional politicians that are now in all branches of government from the very top to the lowly barangay, Pacquiao truly has the welfare of the Filipinos in his heart.

There is no need to narrate all the good things he has done first as a Congressman, then as a Senator. Suffice it to say that he gives away his hard earned money acquired literally through blood and sweat to any one he sees in need. One incident that stands out in my mind was the stroke victim ice cream vendor from nowhere who was a recipient of a house and lot from Pacquiao.

With Pacquiao running, there will be a huge scramble in the island of Mindanao. It is no secret that Rodrigo Duterte’s daughter, Sarah, who is better known as the Mayor of Davao City has signified her intentions to succeed her father. Personally, I wish she would not as I cannot see her improving on what his Dad has done. Perhaps I am wrong, but I rather err on the safe side - anybody but her!

If Sarah will run, there is not doubt she will get the financial backing of her Dad and his cronies. Of course the cronies will like her to win. In fact they will all hell bent to see that she does so as to perpetuate what they now have – unlimited connections that translate to power and money.

Of course there is no need to say that Mindanao will be split! Both Pacquiao and Sarah have followers in Mindanao. Therefore, the key in this prospective fight is to get the voters in the Visayas and Luzon on the side of the better candidate that is Pacquiao.

Sarah may give Pacquiao a run for his money in the Visayas but in Luzon and Metro Manila, she does not have a prayer!

People in the country has seen so much in the past few years, therefore I have no doubt they will not sell their souls or their votes again and continue to go with the old established system.

I maybe biased as I have a very small part in Pacquiao’s success as a boxer. But I have no doubt Manny Pacquiao will be a far better President than Sarah Duterte or even any of the prospective candidates from the present oppositions.

For one, I know that Pacquiao is honest to the core and in contrast, Sarah Duterte once stated that “honesty” is not always necessary for a politician, or something to that effect. How can people trust such a political leader?

Pacquiao has a great temperament as well. I have yet to see him demonstrate a violent reaction even with people who have abused his kindness.

Sarah Duterte? Well, didn’t she smack some law enforcer at one time? Such lack of control and cool demeanor alone makes her unfit to lead a nation!

There are many other points to discuss to support why Pacquiao will undoubtedly be a better President than Sarah Duterte but I will leave that for others.

Suffice it to say that now that Pacquiao will most likely run for President, I feel a breathe of fresh air. With Pacquiao, we can truly say change is coming!

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