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The Past Week in Action 16 October 2018 - Part I


-Terrence Crawford halts Jose Benavidez in the last round in WBO title defence
-Zolani Tete outpoints Mikhail Aloyan in defence of his WBO title and moves into the semi-final of the WBSS Tournament
-Angel Acosta destroys Abraham Rodriguez in the second round with a stunning left hook in defence of his WBO light fly title
-Andrew Tabiti outpoints Russian Ruslan Fayer in second WBSS cruisers Tournament
Robbie Davies wins British and Commonwealth titles with victory over Glenn Foot but Francesco Patera upsets unbeaten Lewis Ritson to become European lightweight champion
-Lee McGregor wins the vacant Commonwealth flyweight title in his fifth pro fight with twelfth round stoppage of Thomas Essomba
-Russian hope Vlad Shishkin impresses with stoppage of world rated Nadjib Mohammedi
-Prospect Shakur Stevenson wipes out Romanian Viorel Simion inside a round and Mike Alvarado continues his comeback with stoppage of Robbie Cannon


October 13

Omaha, NE, USA: Welter: Terrence Crawford (34-0) W TKO 12 Jose Benavidez Jr (27-1). Feather: Shakur Stevenson (9-0) W TKO 1 Viorel Simion (21-3). Super Welter: Carlos Adames (15-0) W TKO 2 Joshua Conley (14-3-1). Welter: Mike Alvarado (40-4) W TKO 2 Robbie Cannon (16-14-3). Light: Ismail Muwendo (20-1) W PTS 6 Andre Wilson (15-12-1). Light Heavy: Steven Nelson (12-0) W TKO 4 Oscar Riojas (17-11-1).

Crawford vs. Benavidez
Crawford retains his WBO title and hands unbeaten Benavidez a boxing master class before flooring and halting Benavidez just 18 seconds before the final bell.
Round 1
Crawford was on the back foot in the first letting the taller Benavidez come forward and then darting in with quick southpaw jabs. Benavidez dropped his hands a few times trying to lure Crawford into range but Crawford used his quicker hands to do what scoring there was in the round.
Score 10-9 Crawford.
Round 2
Another round for Crawford very much as in the first. Crawford was circling Benavidez slotting home jabs and moving. Benavidez was prowling and posing but not throwing punches. Crawford scored with a good three-punch combination. There was a brief exchange just before the bell but neither fighter landed anything of significance.
Score 10-9 Crawford Crawford 20-18
Round 3
Both fighters let their hands go in this round. Crawford was on the front foot more and scored early with a quick combination. Benavidez scored with a couple of rights but as single punches and Crawford came back with a bunch of four quick shots which all landed. Crawford was on the front foot and getting through with quick punches with Benavidez too slow to block or counter them.
Score 10-9 Crawford Crawford 30-27
Round 4
Benavidez did a bit better in this round. He was still throwing one punch at a t time but landing a few. He got through with a right to the body early and unbalanced Crawford with another late in the round. Crawford was busier and throwing more but Benavidez just did enough to take this one but only just.
Score 10-9 Benavidez Crawford 39-37
Official scores: 40-36 Crawford, 38-38 and 39-37 Crawford
Round 5
A close round but Crawford’s. his hand speed was proving too much for Benavidez who was slow in letting his punches go. Crawford was coming inside and trading more which offered Benavidez a target and he scored with some body punches but Crawford ended the round with a flourish banging home to head and body.
Score 10-9 Crawford Crawford 49-46
Round 6
Whilst Benavidez was posing Crawford was punching. Benavidez seemed happy to just throw one punch and then admire his work. Crawford was buzzing around slotting home jabs and firing clusters of punches. Benavidez indicated he was not hurt by the punches but Crawford was going for quality and accuracy.
Scores 10-9 Crawford Crawford 59-55
Round 7
Crawford was buzzing around a static Benavidez and sticking him with fast right jabs and some heavier straight lefts. Crawford was constantly on the move changing direction, changing angles. To have any chance Benavidez needed to do a better job of cutting off the ring and get Crawford against the ropes but he was too slow.
Score 10-9 Crawford Crawford 69-64
Round 8
Easily Crawford’s round. He was taking the fight to Benavidez more and standing close and landing with a series of punches and getting out with Benavidez unable to land any counters. A flashing 5/6 punch combination saw Benavidez open his arms to say he wasn’t hurt but you don’t win fights by taking a punch you have to land them and he was not doing that.
Score 10-9 Crawford 79-73
Official scores: 80-72 Crawford 77-75 Crawford and 78-74 Crawford
Round 9
Crawford gave Benavidez a boxing lesson in this one. The champion was enjoying himself able to pop Benavidez with single jabs or move inside with a volley of shots to head and body. After once flashing combination from Crawford Benavidez backed to the ropes opening his arms and inviting Crawford to bring it on but Crawford was in charge so he just sneered at Benavidez forcing Benavidez to come to him and to more punishment.
Scores 10-9 Crawford Crawford 89-82
Round 10
This was a better round as Benavidez threw some good rights early before going to the ropes and just letting Crawford bang away at him. He was hoping to walk Crawford onto a counter but instead Crawford picked his spots and found gaps to head and body. Benavidez tried the ropes trick again later in the round and paid for it as Crawford banged home some hefty punches on a stationary Benavidez. That fired Benavidez into a furious attack but Crawford was scoring with accurate counters to take the round. At least Benavidez had shown some fire.
Score 10-9 Crawford Crawford 99-91
Round 11
Benavidez made a furious start throwing wild rights but then counters from Crawford soon scotched that as a strategy. Crawford was now loading up on his punches more and twice knocked Benavidez off balance. Benavidez flared into action again late in the round but was leaving gaps and Crawford was finding them.
Scores 10-9 Crawford Crawford109-100
Round 12
Benavidez was lunging in with his attacks in the last but was rocked by a right from Crawford. He continued to press forward but a couple of lightning quick head punches saw Benavidez back across the ring to the ropes and this time it was because he was hurt. He got off the ropes but as they traded punches a booming right uppercut to the chin put Benavidez down. He was up at six but badly dazed and when the action resumed Crawford pounced on him trapping him on the ropes and scoring with a series of head punches that brought the referee jumping in to save Benavidez.
Scores at stoppage: 110-99, 107-102 and 108-101 all for Crawford.

The 31-year-old home town hero is now 12-0 in world title fights over three weight divisions and against top level fighters has won 8 of his last 9 fights by KO/TKO which is the sign of a true world class fighter. The talk now is of a fight with Errol Spence which would be yet another huge fight if it can be made. Another important measure is that the market rating for this fight turned in the highest viewing figures for any boxing telecast across all broadcast and cable networks this year so a smart deal by Top rank and ESPN which is already delivering on its promise to be a big event for boxing. Benavidez was never allowed a foothold in the fight. He showed little sign of a workable Plan A and no Plan B. he is only 26 so is can still be a player but not against Crawford.

Stevenson drops Simion.

Stevenson vs. Simion
Stevenson blows away experienced Romanian with three knockdowns in the first round. Simion launched an early attack but the first punches landed were a couple to the body from Stevenson. Simion continued to take the fight to Stevenson but was nailed by a straight southpaw left that stopped him in his tracks and he then dropped to his knees. He was up quickly but his legs wobbled. After the eight count Stevenson came forward throwing punches to the head. Simion threw a counter and missed badly swinging himself off balance and down. He was given a count but protested strongly, Simion tried to punch with Stevenson but was rocked by a couple of left hook s and was fighting on very stiff legs and a left hook followed by a big right sent him into the ropes and down. He made it to his feet but the referee had seen enough and despite protests from Simion it was a good decision. The 21-year-old Olympic silver medallist gets his fifth win by KO/TKO and collects the WBC Continental Americas title. Simion, 36, also an outstanding amateur, suffers his first loss inside the distance. His other two losses were on points against Brits Lee Selby and Scott Quigg. Stevenson was calling out Selby after the fight.

Adames scores a knockdown over Conley.

Adames vs. Conley
Adames demolishes Conley in two rounds. The Dominican prospect put Conley down in the first with a body punch which looked to have strayed low. It was over in the second as Adames put Conley on the floor with a series of punches and although Conley beat the count another batch of shots floored him. Conley just made it to his feet but the fight was halted. The 24-year-old Adames wins the vacant NABF title. He has 12 wins by KO/TKO having beaten Carlos Molina and other good level opposition. He won a pile of medals as an amateur including tournaments such as the Jose Aponte, Copa Romano and Bolivarian Games and competed at the 2013 World Championships. Conley was halted in seven rounds by world rated Julian Williams in his last fight in June 2017.
Alvarado vs. Cannon
Alvarado blasts out overmatched Cannon in two rounds. After edging the first round Alvarado put Cannon down in the second with a heavy right. Cannon beat the count but was still badly shaken and another right put him on the canvas and the fight was stopped. The 38-year-old “Mile High” Mike has won six on the bounce now but whether there is the chance of another title shot is questionable. Poor Cannon is now 1-6-1 in his last 8 fights.
Muwendo vs. Wilson
Muwendo starts his rebuilding with a points victory over Wilson. Scores 59-55 for Muwendo on all cards. The 30-year-old “Sharp Shooter” from Kampala lost his unbeaten tag when he was floored and outpointed by useful Filipino John Vincent Moralde in May. Muwendo, who represented Uganda at the 2007 World Championships, is now based in Minneapolis. Wilson a safe choice as he was 2-5 in his last 7 fights.
Nelson vs. Riojas
Nelson gets his tenth win by KO/TKO as he halts Mexican Riojas. The Mexican usually goes the distance but not this time. After trying hard for the finish over the first three rounds Nelson ended it in the fourth. He put Riojas over with a left hook and after Riojas beat the count he was on the floor later in the round from a left and the fight was over. The 30-year-old local fighter, a former US Armed Forces, All-Army and US National champion, has won 6 of his last 7 by KO/TKO. Third loss by KO/TKO for Riojas who had taken both Ronald Ellis and Derrick Webster the distance in previous fights.

Ekaterinburg, Russia: Bantam: Zolani Tete (28-3) W PTS 12 Mikhail Aloyan (4-1). Cruiser: Andrew Tabiti (17-0) W PTS 12 Ruslan Fayfer (23-1). Super Middle: Vlad Shishkin (8-0) W TKO 10 Nadjib Mohammedi (40-7). Cruiser: Yury Kashinsky (17-0) W KO 3 Juan Basualdo (11-2-1). Heavy: Andrey Fedosov (31-3) W PTS 10 Joey Dawejko (19-6-4). Super Welter: Magomed Kurbanov (16-0) W PTS 10 Juan Rodriguez (15-1). Bantam: Zafar Parpiev (6-1) W PTS 10 Jack Bornea (14-3). Heavy: Evgeny Tischenko (2-0) W PTS 6 Artush Sarkisyan (4-7).
Tete vs. Aloyan
Tete outpoints Aloyan in a scrappy fight that opens the way for the South African to progress to the next round of the WBSS
Round 1
Tete came out throwing southpaw left jabs and rights to the body. The smaller Aloyan, also a southpaw, was ducking under the lefts but the right jabs to the body were getting through. At the end of the round Tete landed a left to the head and then knocked Aloyan off balance with a right. Aloyan toppled back putting both gloves on the canvas to avoid going down and the referee gave him an eight count and the bell sounded at the end of the count.
Score 10-8 Tete
Round 2
Tete was controlling the action with his right jab. Aloyan was giving away lots of height and had to lunge forward to get past the jab and as he did soTete was landing counters with a right shaking Aloyan in the closing action
Score 10-9 Tete Tete 20-17
Round 3
Aloyan’s problem was clearly shown at the start of the round. As he bustled in right counters from Tete were landing to the Russian’s head and between those and Tete’s right jab Aloyan was taking but not giving. The rest of the round saw both boxers missing more than landing but the early success gave the round to Tete.
Score 10-9 Tete Tete 30-26
Round 4
A close round mainly because neither fighter managed to land many punches. Tete was short with his jabs allowing Aloyan to jump in with counters and the Russian just did enough to take the round.
Score 10-9 Aloyan Tete 39-36
Official scores; 39-36, 38-37 and 39-36 for Tete
Round 5
Tete was busier in this one. He was firing his jab again and landed a right hook early. Aloyan had some success with leaping attacks but Tete showed some good defensive work and just edged the round.
Score 10-9 Tete Tete 49-45
Round 6
The fight was deteriorating with too much wrestling and too little punching. Aloyan wrestled Tete to the floor and when the action was inside they were both holding rather than working. Again there were very few punches landed and again Aloyan did just enough to take the round with some hooks.
Score 10-9 Aloyan Tete 58-55
Round 7
Tete came back to life in this one. He was firing his jabs with a purpose that had been missing over the last three rounds and also scored with some stinging lefts. He was on the front foot more and when Aloyan rushed forward with his much longer legs Tete was able to take a couple of big steps back leaving Aloyan without a target and open for counters.
Score 10-9 Tete Tete 68-64
Round 8
Another round for Tete. He was again on the front foot firing jabs and long lefts. He was using slick footwork to avoid Aloyan’s rushes and banging home quick counters and lefts to the body. A frustrated Aloyan again wrestled Tete to the floor but failed to find the target in the round.
Score 10-9 Tete Tete 78-73
Official scores: 78-73, 77-74 and 78-73 for Tete
Round 9
A messy, untidy round which suited Aloyan. He was managing to block or evade Tete’s jab and leaping inside with right hooks. He bustled Tete out of his stride and held and wrestled inside with Tete’s work largely ineffective.
Score 10-9 Aloyan Tete 87-83
Round 10
Tete was going to the body with hooks from both hands in this one. Both fighters had been holding inside from the opening round and both were at fault but the referee decided that Tete was the guilty party in this round and deducted a point from the South African. Tete continued to score with his jab and right hooks and in a clash of heads Aloyan was cut over his right eye. It was clearly Tete’s round but the point deduction cancelled that out.
Score 9-9 Tied Tete 96-92
Round 11
Once again Tete was digging in right hooks to the body. For once they were trading punches in close but Aloyan was again holding and trying to wrestle Tete to the canvas. This time the referee deducted a point from the home fighter. Aloyan attacked furiously trying to at least win the round to compensate for the deduction but he was wild and Tete’s early work took the round which with the deduction made a two point round for Tete.
Score 10-8 Tete Tete 106-100
Round 12
Aloyan launched furious attacks but the fight was already way out of his grasp. Tete kept jabbing and moving and Aloyan just could not find a big punch instead having to settle for short burst of harmless hooks. Enough to give him the round but not the victory.
Score 10-9 Aloyan Tete 115-110
Official scores: 114-111, 114-111 and 115-110 for Tete.
A disappointing fight as their styles clashed and led to too much holding but the result was what was important. Tete retains the WBO title and moves into the semi-finals of the WBSS Tournament where he will meet the winner of the November 2 fight in Glasgow between Ryan Burnett and Nonito Donaire. The South African “Last Born” has now won his last twelve fights. Aloyan never really solved the puzzle of how to beat the much taller and more skilful champion and his crude rushing attacks showed a surprising lack of technique for a fighter with such a long medal strewn career as an amateur.
Tabiti vs. Fayfer
Tabiti outpoints Fayfer in opening bout of WBSS second cruiserweight tournament in a disappointing fight marred by crude tactics from the Russian. Tabiti was mainly on the back foot in the first using his jab with Fayfer lunging forward trying to get inside. Neither fighter was accurate but Fayfer was doing the attacking. In the second Tabiti was taking the fight to Fayfer but both were falling short with their punches and there were too many clinches. Tabiti had a better third bringing his right in to the action. He scored with a right to the head and slotted jabs home. The fourth and fifth were close but there were too many clinches for the fight to flow. Fayfer had a better sixth coming in behind his jab and scoring with rights but there was not a lot of sustained action and too often Fayfer’s bull-like rushes ended up with the Russian grabbing and holding Tabiti. The American’s better skills and hand speed began to put him in control in the seventh and eighth and he scored with some good counters as Fayfer threw himself forward. The referee was letting Fayfer hold too much. Tabiti outboxed Fayer in the ninth and tenth but that was not difficult as Fayfer’s tactics were just to rush forward head down throwing one punch and then clinch. Tabiti was countering Fayer on the way in and was doing all the clean work. Tabiti took the eleventh landing three rights to the head and the referee finally issued Fayfer with a warning which was long overdue. Tabiti rocked Fayer with a right in the twelfth and finally about ten rounds too late the referee deducted a point from Fayer but not for holding but for pushing, and Fayfer went back to pushing until the final bell. Scores 116-111, 115-112 and 114-113 all for Tabiti but the scores were far too generous to Fayer. This was a poor fight but for Tabiti the result puts him into the semi-finals of the WBSS cruiserweight Tournament where he will fight the winner of the Yunier Dorticos vs. Mateusz Masternak bout. The WBC No 5 is better than he was able to show here. Fayer was awful and his position as top rated fighter in the IBF ratings would be a joke if it wasn’t such a serious misrepresentation of Fayfer’s ability. He is probably much better than he showed and had a bad night.
Shishkin vs. Mohammedi
Big win for Shishkin as he halts world rated Mohammedi. Shishkin made good use of his longer reach to outbox Mohammedi in the opening two rounds and also slid home some good rights. Mohammedi showed his experience over the next two rounds using good movement to offset the reach advantage of Shishkin and a left in the fourth started a swelling under the right eye of the Russian. Shishkin’s hopes were not helped by a clash of heads in the fifth which opened a cut on his forehead but things were levelled up in the sixth when a punch from Shishkin resulted in a deep cut on Mohammedi’s nose. Shishkin began to take charge of the fight as Mohammedi tired from the fast pace he had set and a chopping right to the head staggered Mohammedi in the eighth. Shishkin had mixed fortunes in the ninth. He again had Mohammedi in trouble with a chopping right. Another two rights saw Mohammedi slide to the canvas but as he was there Shishkin landed a hard left hook that he only started on its way after Mohammedi was already down. Mohammedi was up early and at the end of the eight count the referee deducted a point from Shishkin who was lucky not to be disqualified for such a blatant foul. Shishkin chased Mohammedi landing more rights but Mohammedi boxed his way to the bell. In the tenth another right had Mohammedi badly shaken and another couple of punches, the last which again landed as Mohammedi was almost on the floor, put the Frenchman down. When the action resumed Mohammedi slipped to the floor trying to duck under Shishkin’s punches and was given another count. Mohammedi looked to have recovered but he was staggered by two more rights and then a thunderous right to the head put him flat on his back on the canvas and the referee stopped the fight without a count. The 27-year-old Russian was defending his WBA Continental title and is rated No 15 by that body. He has five wins by KO/TKO. He is a big strong fighter with real power in his right but he should have been thrown out for that punch in the ninth. At 33 the effects of a long, hard career are catching up with Mohammedi but he is still a difficult opponent for inexperienced fighters such as Shishkin. He lost to Sergey Kovalev for the IBF, WBA and WBO titles in 2015 and was knocked out in two rounds by Olek Gvozdyk in 2016. He rebounded well with three good wins but then was blatantly robbed when losing a split decision to Fedor Chudinov in July this year.
Kashinsky vs. Basualdo
Kashinsky makes it eight wins in a row by KO/TKO as he halts Argentinian southpaw Basualdo in three rounds. Kashinsky ended this by taking Basualdo to the ropes and pounding him with rights until the Argentinian collapse face down on the floor with the referee immediately stopping the fight. No big names yet but useful stoppage of veteran Valery Brudov and second round kayo of Al sands. He has only been taken the distance once and is rated IBF 4(5)/WBO 7/WBA 11/WBC 13. Basualdo suffers his first loss inside the distance and was coming off a good domestic win over 17-1 Jose Ulrich in March.
Fedosov vs. Dawejko
Fedosov wins unanimous decision over Dawejko. The height and reach edges that Fedosov had were just too much for Dawejko to overcome. Fedosov took the first two rounds clearly but then Dawejko got in the fight. He had some success with hooks inside but it was still Fedosov doing most of the scoring. He was just too quick and too accurate for Dawejko. He gave Dawejko a torrid time in the ninth but Dawejko took the punishment and banged back hard in the last the only round he might have won. Scores 100-90 twice and 98-92. Since losing to Bryant Jennings in 2013 Fedosov has run up seven wins with the sturdy Dawejko the only fighter in those seven to last the full distance. In there are wins over Lenroy Thomas and Donovan Dennis but inactivity between June 2016 and June this year have seen him dropped out of the ratings. Dawejko had a 5-0-2 spell until also losing to Jennings.
Kurbanov vs. Rodriguez
Kurbanov too strong for the crude Rodriguez but the Venezuela climbs off the floor three times to go the distance. Kurbanov used a strong jab to score on the Venezuelan who tried to get within range by coming forward behind a high guard. Kurbanov was able to find gaps for his jab and land heavy straight rights. Rodriquez tended to be very wild with his punches missing by wide margins but occasionally scoring with some swinging shots. Kurbanov scored with a solid body punch in the second but Rodriguez was unmoved. When he was not throwing wild punches Rodriguez was doing some good work inside with left hooks but his guard was far from sound and Kurbanov was scoring with hard punches to head and body. Rodriguez continued to march forward and Kurbanov continued to spear him with jabs and clubbing rights. The Venezuelan had fought southpaw over the opening six rounds but then switched to orthodox for a few rounds and switched back again but he was still too slow and being outscored. Kurbanov piled on the punishment in the eighth as Rodriguez tired. A kidney punch from Kurbanov in the ninth brought a complaint from Rodriguez and a brief recovery time. A series of rights to the head saw Rodriguez drop to one knee. He was up at six and when the action resumed went down again from head punches a couple of which landed on the back of the Venezuelan’s head. He was up at six and the bell went after the eight was reached. In the last a barrage of hooks and uppercuts dropped Rodriguez again. He beat the count and a lost mouthguard. That gave him some respite and together with some guts saw him make it to the bell. Scores 99-88 twice and 100-87 for Kurbanov. The 23-year-old “Black Lion” outpointed world rated Charles Manyuchi in August. The IBF have him at No 4 and the WBA at No 6 but he is No 8 with the EBU. Rodriguez was gutsy but crude and limited. Of his 15 victims 5 had never previously had a fight, 7 had never won a fight and the other three had just 5 wins between them.
Parpiev vs. Bornea
Parpiev wins the vacant IBF Asian title with wide points victory over Filipino Bornea. Scores 98-92 twice and 99-91 for southpaw Parpiev. The seeming lack of experience for Tajik-born Russian Parpiev is misleading. He collected medals at many International Tournaments over ten years as an amateur including bronze medals at both the Russian Championships and the World Cup of Petroleum Countries Tournament. Bornea, 23, was stopped in seven rounds by Andrew Selby in 2016 but had scored three wins since then. He is the twin brother of unbeaten Jade Bornea and also had success as an amateur taking a gold medal at the Philippines National Games.
Tischenko vs. Sarkisyan
Rio gold medal winner Tischenko has no real trouble with poor Sarkisyan and wins every round on all three cards. Apart from the Rio gold Tischenko took gold at the 2015 and 2017 European Championships and the 2015 World Championships. The 6’5” Russian will now head off to the USA for training. Sarkisyan has been beaten in 5 of his last 6 fights

Las Vegas, NV, USA: Light Fly: Angel Acosta (19-1) W KO 2 Abraham Rodriguez (23-2). Super Welter: Bakhram Murtazaliev (14-0) W PTS 10 Norberto Gonzalez (23-12). Welter: Rashidi Ellis (21-0) W TKO Saul Corral (28-13).

Acosta wins.

Acosta vs. Abraham Rodriguez
“Tito” Acosta obliterates Rodriguez inside two rounds with a tremendous left hook to retain the WBO title.
Round 1
In a fast-paced round Acosta had Rodrigues a on the back foot and was trailing him around the ring looking to land his right. He landed a couple of hooks and easily avoided the lunging attacks of the challenger
Score 10-9 Acosta
Round 2
Acosta landed a right counter early in the second but it was a left hook that ended the fight. Acosta stepped inside a right from Rodriguez and exploded a left hook to the Mexican’s chin putting him on the canvas flat on his back and the referee immediately waived the fight over. In his second title defence the 28-year-old Puerto Rican keeps his 100% record of 19 wins by KO/TKO in 19 fights. .His only loss is a points decision over him by Kosei Tanaka when Acosta challenged for the WBO title in May last year. Tanaka relinquished the title and moved up to win the WBO flyweight title. How Rodriguez qualified for the title fight only the WBO and the promoter know. He lost on a fifth round retirement against 6-2 novice Alejandro Hernandez in March and then beat a 4-9 Jorge Hernandez over six rounds in July-disgraceful that he then fights for a world title in his next fight.
Murtazaliev vs. Gonzalez
Murtazaliev wins the vacant WBC United States title with decision over Mexican Gonzalez. This was a one-sided affair with Murtazaliev too strong for the fleshy Gonzalez. He was able to bull Gonzalez around the ring scoring with thumping left hooks to the body and stiff jabs. Gonzalez came to life occasionally but spent much of the fight on the back foot in survival mode. A clash of heads in the third saw Gonzalez cut over his left eye but his corner did a good job on controlling it. Murtazaliev walked Gonzalez down for the whole fight but Gonzalez threw occasional bursts of punches to let the referee know he was still active but hardly ever took a forward step and never looked like winning a round. Scores 100-90 from all three judges for the Russian. A run of nine inside the distance wins have see Murtazaliev rated WBO 9/IBF 10(9) and he is even the interim World Boxing Association champion. Gonzalez, 37, does not get given easy fights and this is his fourth loss in a row to very good level opponents.
Ellis vs. Corral
Ellis stops late stand-in Corral. Ellis was in charge of this one from the outset. His hand speed and clever movement were just too much for Corral. The Mexican fired back often enough to stay in the fight but that was all. Two rights to the head in the third saw Corra

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  • 1st Avellano-Canimo Invitational Non-Master Chess Tournament start April 28 in Tayabas City
    By Marlon Bernardino, Mon, 22 Apr 2019
  • Results from Amateur Boxing in Medellin, Northern Cebu: Serrano Decisions Ampad
    By Carlos Costa, Mon, 22 Apr 2019
    By , Mon, 22 Apr 2019
  • Capuloy, Ambrad, Naason Score Wins in Medellin, Northern Cebu
    By Carlos Costa, Mon, 22 Apr 2019
  • Casimero subdues Mexican for interim WBO title
    By Joaquin Henson, Mon, 22 Apr 2019


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