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The Past Week in Action 12 December 2017 -- Part II

Roman (L) dominates Salido (R).

Las Vegas, NV, USA: Super Feather: Kenichi Ogawa (23-1) W PTS 12 Tevin Farmer (25-5-1). Super Feather: Francisco Vargas (24-1-2) W TEC DEC 9 Stephen Smith (25-4). Super Feather: Miguel Roman (58-12) W TKO 9 Orlando Salido (44-14-4,1ND). Super Feather: W Rene Alvarado (28-8) W PTS 10 Denis Shafikov (38-4-1). Super Welter: Jaime Munguia (26-0) W TKO 2 Paul Valenzuela (20-9).

Ogawa vs. Farmer
Ogawa wins the vacant IBF title with very controversial split decision over Farmer. This one really came down to whether you preferred all out aggression even if not always effective or accurate punching and clever controlled boxing. Ogawa was storming forward from the first taking the fight to Farmer setting a high work rate throwing plenty of punches and getting through with rights against the Philadelphian southpaw. Farmer boxed on the retreat showing some classy defensive work to dodge or block Ogawa’s punches and landing regularly with his jab and straight lefts. Ogawa just kept coming. Farmer rocked him with a left hooks in the fifth but in the sixth Ogawa got through with a good right and with another in the seventh but Farmer had the faster hands and he was countering with quick accurate punches. After eight rounds the scores were 76-76 twice and 77-75 for Farmer and he looked poised to take the title with the feeling being he had really done enough to be in front on all cards. Farmer continued to score with jabs and counters over the next three rounds but he was still on the back foot with Ogawa pressing hard. It was Ogawa’s pressure that impressed the judges over this vital period and the two judges who had them level after eight each gave the ninth, tenth and eleventh to Ogawa. If he had known the scores were so close after eight Farmer might have been more positive over those three rounds but even then he seemed to most to have done enough to win this one and the result was not popular. Scores 116-112 and 115-113 for Ogawa and 116-112 for Farmer. Former undefeated Japanese champion Ogawa was rewarded for his relentless aggression and goes to 15 wins in a row. Farmer, 27, had won his last 18 fights with victories over Daulis Prescott, Ivan Redkach and Gamaliel Diaz. He looked unlucky here. A more positive showing over the late rounds would have seen him a winner but by taking his foot off the pedal he let Ogawa in.
Vargas vs. Smith
Vargas wins technical decision after Smith suffers ear injury leaving him with a flapping cut almost severing part of his ear. Both made a confident start working at close quarters with Vargas just edging the exchanges. Smith worked well with his jab early in the second but again Vargas took the points with some swinging hooks and some good jabbing of his own. Vargas stepped up the pace in the third marching forward throwing scything hooks and uppercuts but he was warned as some of those punches were curving around and landing on the back of Smith’s head. Smith again did some good work with his jab but was being outworked. Smith took the fight inside in the fourth. Both were scoring with short punches but this action favoured Vargas who took the round but was again warned about punches to the back of Smith’s head. Vargas also took the fifth and sixth on work rate and accuracy in what had turned into a fast-paced competitive fight. Yet another warning to Vargas about punches to the back of the head and to Smith for holding. Smith had a good seventh. He slotted home stiff jabs and scored well inside as he outworked Vargas for a change. Another warning to Vargas for punches to the back of the head! Smith had his best round so far in the eighth. Again his jab was strong and accurate and Vargas was looking ragged with his work and Smith looked to be on a roll. The action had only just warmed up in the ninth when Smith’s era was cut. The referee immediately stopped the fight and the wound was bleeding too heavily for the fight to continue. It went to the scorecards which read 88-83 twice and 89-82 for Vargas. The 32-year-old former WBC super feather champion was on his way to a points win in the ten rounder before the injury. This was his first fight since losing his title on an eleventh round kayo against Miguel Berchelt in January where suffered a few cuts himself. It will be interesting to see what the WBC comes up with in this division. Vargas was No 2 but No 5 Roman beat No 1 Salido on this show and No 3 Jhonny Gonzalez is also in the mix. Smith, 32, has lost to Jose Pedraza and Jason Sosa in title fights and as his only other loss was to Lee Selby so he has only lost to current, past or future world champions. Another world title shot may just beyond his reach now.
Roman vs. Salido
You have to feel sorry for Roman as he wins a big one which was to have been for the interim WBC title but HBO insisted it be a ten round fight so the WBC withdrew their sanction. It was a real war between two contestants who epitomised the blood and thunder of Mexican boxing in a Fight of the Year candidate. War broke out early as Roman was determined to make it a close quarters battle and took the fight to Salido. He was getting the best of the opening round scoring with hooks and uppercuts and denying Salido any punching room. Salido was pinned to the ropes for much of the round but when he found space a big right unhinged Roman’s legs and he had to dive inside and hold on. Salido made room at the start of the second and was scoring with heavy rights and lefts but Roman closed him down again and worked inside. In the third Roman again had Salido on the ropes for long periods but when Salido did find room he was getting home with some hefty thumps. Salido had probably done enough to take the first three rounds but Roman had a big fourth. Salido made a good start driving Roman back with hooks and uppercuts dominating the action. Roman fired back with a left hook/right cross combination and Salido tumbled back and down on his rear. After the eight count Salido again drove forward punching and Roman was unable to build on the knockdown but the punches had opened a cut on Salido’s bottom lip. Roman took the fifth as they continued to trade hooks and uppercuts in close. It was more of the same in the sixth but with Salido landing a huge right to the head and a left hook well below the belt but he took the round. Salido started the seventh strongly as he found some room and landed long lefts and rights. Over the last two minutes Roman had Salido pinned to the ropes as they battered away at each other. It was as if they were welded together. The punishment was brutal and the punch output punishing. There was no wild swinging these were quality punches but the pressure was starting to tell on the older man as Roman brought the scores level. Roman was relentless in the eighth. He was forcing Salido to fight every second of every minute and suddenly it caught up with Salido and a straight left/straight right/straight left sent him tumbling back and he slumped to the canvas with his back resting on the ropes. He sat there looking finished but he finally started to rise at seven and just beat the count. He insisted he was able to continue. He walked into Roman and punched away landing a cracking left hook with Roman forced to back up to the bell. Salido tried to punch with Roman in the ninth but was forced to the ropes and Roman just kept piling on the punches until Salido slumped to the floor and the referee waived the fight off. A great win for Roman, worthy of a world title and let’s hope it leads to one. The 32-year-old from Juarez gets win No 45 by KO/TKO and now it is on to world title fight No 3. The 37-year-old Salido announced his retirement. He had four spells as champion at featherweight and one at super feather and is the only man to have beaten Vasyl Lomachenko as a pro. He went down fighting.
Alvarado vs. Shafikov
It seems that little “Djingis Khan” Shafikov never gets the breaks as he loses split decision to Alvarado due to a wrong call over a knockdown. This was a close hard scrap with southpaw Shafikov marching forward and Alvarado boxing and countering. In the second round a clash of heads opened a cut high on the left side of Shafikov's head and Alvarado was cut over his left eye. Alvarado’s cut did not really hamper him much but Shafikov’s continued to bleed throughout the fight eventually covering both boxers and the referee in blood. The crucial point in the fight came in the fifth when with Shafikov having had the better of the action in the round a right from Alvarado put Shafikov down. The Russian was up immediately complaining that it was not a knockdown but it was counted and became a 10-8 round for Alvarado. TV showed later that Shafikov had tripped over Alvarado’s foot. The rounds remained close with both fighters having good spells and the scores reflected how tight it was. Scores 96-94 and 96-93 for Alvarado and 95-94 for Shafikov. Nicaraguan Alvarado had gone though a rocky period going 3-6 in some high level fights but had steadied the ship with three inside the distance win and this victory over WBC No 8 Shafikov will give him a boost. After three losses in challenges for the IBF light title Shafikov had moved to super feather for this one so he is now way back in the queue for a title shot in his new division.
Munguia vs. Valenzuela
Munguia makes impressive US debut as he halts Valenzuela in two rounds. Munguia tracked Valenzuela for much of the first and then ended it in the second. As Valenzuela advanced a right counter to the head floored him. He beat the count but was very shaky and a series of head and body punches put him down again. He made it to his feet but was reeling under fire and the referee stopped the fight. The 21-year-old from Tijuana who turned pro at 16 has 22 wins by KO/TKO and has ended 16 of his last 17 fights inside the distance. No names and no big tests yet but he shows promise. Now three losses in a row for Valenzuela following defeats against Wilky Campfort and Tony Harrison.

Texcoco, Mexico: Bantam: Rodrigo Guerrero (26-6-2) W PTS 10 Salvador Juarez (11-5-2). Super Feather: Eduardo Hernandez (25-0-3) W TKO 4 Rafael Hernandez (22-9-2,1ND).
Guerrero vs. Juarez
Former IBF super fly champion Guerrero was a heavy favourite here. He got the win but only on a split decision. It was war all the way both looking to dominate through sheer aggression and as a result they fought mostly inside with neither looking to take a step back. Guerrero’s experience just gave him the edge in the later rounds but Juarez put in a great effort and a draw would have been no more than he deserved. Scores 97-94 and 96-94 for Guerrero and 96-94 for Juarez. Southpaw Guerrero, 29, is 7-1-1 in his last 9 fights but the loss was an important one against Stuart Hall which cost Guerrero another title shot. Juarez was 1-3-2 in his first six fights then won 10 of his last 11.
Hernandez vs. Hernandez
Unbeaten Eduardo Hernandez wipes out Venezuelan Hernandez with four knockdowns. The Mexican confused the Venezuelan by adopting a southpaw guard in the first round. The Venezuelan seemed to adjust and stayed out of trouble. In the second the Mexican landed two hard rights to the head that put the Venezuelan down. The Mexican kept up the pressure in the third and a couple of rights saw the Venezuelan drop to his knees. He was very rocky and went down again from a series of hooks to the body and was saved by the bell. It was over in the fourth when a pair of uppercuts put the Venezuelan down and the referee stopped the fight. The 20-year-old “Rocky” from Mexico City has won his last 18 fights by KO/TKO including an inside the distance victory over former WBC champion Victor Terrazas. This was the third defence of his WBC Youth title for Hernandez-this one against a 34-year-old- only in boxing do you get this stupidity. Venezuelan Hernandez has fought for the interim WBA super bantam title and went the distance with Cris Mijares in July.

Kemerovo, Russia: Super Middle: Fedor Chudinov (16-2) W PTS 12 Ryan Ford (14-1). Super Fly: Mikhail Aloyan (3-0) W PTS 10 Hermogenes Castillo (12-1,1ND).
Chudinov vs. Ford
Chudinov outlasts Canadian Ford in a tough scrap. Ford made it close over the early rounds and Chudinov suffered a long cut on his left eyelid in the third round. Chudinov was generally the one coming forward but Ford did well enough to take some of the early rounds. It was a fast paced competitive battle with Chudinov’s quicker jab and combinations giving him the edge but It only was over the late rounds that Chudinov opened a substantial gap and he lasted the pace better and took the decision. Scores 119-110, 117-111 and 116-112 for Chudinov. The former WBA champion lost consecutive WBA title fights against Felix Sturm (Sturm tested positive for a banned substance) and George Groves. The 30-year-old Russian is rated WBA 5/WBC 11 and wins the vacant WBA International title here. He could work his way back to another title shot next year. “The Real Deal” Ford, 35, holds the UBO light heavy title and this is the first time for two years that he has come down to super middle.
Aloyan vs. Castillo
Aloyan as expected wins this one for the vacant WBA International title but has to settle for an inexplicable split decision. The former amateur star was too slick for the Nicaraguan novice. Aloyan has a sleek, silky southpaw style built on skill and speed and he looked to have won most of the rounds. Novice Castillo was not anywhere near the class of Aloyan but kept chugging forward throwing punches most of which were blocked or slipped. His sheer persistence saw Castillo make a couple of rounds close but that was all. The scores showed a ridiculous spread of 100-90 and 98-92 to Aloyan and 96-94 to Castillo. You call them as you see them and you score for the work that impresses you be it defensive or aggressive but only in boxing could you get a result like this. The 29-year-old Aloyan won a room full of medals including gold medals at two World Championship and the European Championships and a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics. He also won a silver at the 2016 Olympics but was stripped of the medal after testing positive for a banned substance. In the amateurs he beat Amnat Ruenroeng, Rau’shee Warren, Andrew Selby, Khalid Yafai, Nordine Oubaali and many others. He is already rated No 15 super fly by the WBC. Castillo, 22, really just a four and six round prelim fighter having his first contest outside of Nicaragua.

Nazran, Russia: Light: Isa Chaniev (12-1) W TKO 6 Juan Martin Elorde (23-2-1). Super Welter: Ismail Iliev (10-0-1) W TKO 9 Ricardo Villalba (18-4-1,1ND). Bantam: Vyacheslav Mirzaev (10-0) W PTS 10 Sukpraserd Ponpitak (18-7). Light: Gaybatulla Gadzhialiev (4-0) W Dato Nanava (8-5).
Chaniev vs. Elorde
Chaniev just too strong for Filipino Elorde. Although supposed to be orthodox Chaniev came out for the first round as a southpaw and scored early with a hard left. He had Elorde on the back foot and landed heavy hooks to the body. Elorde banged back with some counters but Chaniev looked the stronger. In the second Chaniev had Elorde under fire from left hooks. He then switched to orthodox and had Elorde pinned to the ropes and under pressure from some rib bending hooks and uppercuts. Elorde tried to bang home counters but did not have the power to force Chaniev back. Chaniev continued to steamroller Elorde in the third. Elorde spent most of the round pinned to the ropes and he absorbed some booming shots to the head and once or twice it looks though he must go down but he didn’t crumble and tried to counter when he could. The fourth was a much more equal round but only because Chaniev decided to do some exhibition stuff. He was leaping in and landing a couple of shots and then dancing away. He was not following through with his attacks and Elorde was able to stay in the centre of the ring and do some scoring. Chaniev was back to business in the fifth. Again Elorde spent most of the round pinned to the ropes being bombarded with head punches and unable to find any room to counter. Chaniev ended it in the sixth. He took Elorde to the ropes and unloaded some crunching body punches. Elorde dipped at the knees but stayed upright but Chaniev continued the bombardment and with Elorde throwing nothing back the fight was stopped. Russian Chaniev,25, is tremendously powerful and a hard man to keep out. He was defending his IBF Inter-Continental title and he wins the vacant WBO International title with his sixth victory by KO/TKO. His loss was a very narrow decision to more experienced Fedor Papazov in May but he came back from that with a wide unanimous decision over Jean Pierre Bauwens in August. He is No 14(13) with the IBF. Elorde, 33, the grandson of the legendary Flash Elorde, was 12-0-1tec draw in his last 12 fights but after almost eleven years as a pro really did not seem to be going anywhere and he did not have the power to be competitive here.
Iliev vs. Villalba
Iliev wins the vacant WBC International title with stoppage of Argentinian Villalba. This was the best fight of the night. Iliev was always just that little bit quicker and edging the rounds but Villalba kept it close, The visitor was hampered by a cut on his left eye lid early in the fight and suffered a broken hand but kept battling against the odds. After four rounds under the open scoring the judges had Iliev up 40-36 twice and 39-37. Iliev continued to dominate the action with Villalba staying competitive without winning any rounds but making them close. After eight rounds it was 79-73 twice and 80-72 to the Russian. Villalba was really only trying to go the distance now. It was a pity but the cut was worsening and the referee had the doctor examine the cut and the doctor advised that the fight be stopped. The end of a brave losing effort from Villalba although Iliev was on his way to victory. The 24-year-old Iliev was given some tough competitive rounds which will help him develop. Argentinian champion Villalba can hold his head up after this one. He had won 6 of his last 7
Mirzaev vs. Ponpitak
Mirzaev makes a successful second defence of his WBC International Silver title as he has too much class for the aggressive but limited Ponpitak. The Russian southpaw is a clever boxer with plenty of speed and he was able to counter the Thai at distance and match him inside. In typical Thai style Ponpitak came to fight. He lacked the speed or skill to match the home fighter but did enough to make the fight entertaining. Scores 99-91 twice and 100-90 all for Mirzaev. The 29-year-old Russian has travelled down the road of Greco Roman wrestling and kickboxing to reach boxing and is being sensibly matched. Ponpitak had won 5 of his last 6 fights.

Basel, Switzerland: Heavy: Sean Turner (12-1,1ND) W KO 8 Arnold Gjergjaj (30-2). Middle: Faton Vukshinaj (5-0) W TKO 8 Mykola Vovk (12-3).
Turner vs. Gjergjaj
Gjergjaj’s return to action proves disastrous as Turner muscles and bustles him to defeat. The 5’11” (180cm) Irish “Sexy Beast” Turner was giving away height and reach to the 6’5” (196cm) Gjergjaj but was the heavier and stronger man and used that difference effectively. He was walking Gjergjaj down from the start. He had no trouble getting past Gjergjaj’s jab and working to the body inside. In the second he took Gjergjaj to the ropes and landed an overhand right to the head that put Gjergjaj
down. Gjergjaj beat the count but was shaken up and resorted more and more to holding. Turner was in Gjergjaj’s face all night with Gjergjaj spending much of the time on the ropes and he was tiring under the constant pressure. He was landing some hard counters but Turner was just walking through them. In the eighth Gjergjaj
was finished. He was exhausted and not able to fight back. A right to the head put him down and he could not beat the count. Big win for the 26-year-old Turner from Dublin. To some extent the win regained him some prestige after being in a fight where both he and his opponent continued to fight after the bell and were both disqualified (shows as a ND) and a miserable loss to 3-9-2 Kamil Sokolowski in April. Turner won gold medals in Irish Championships at Junior, Under 21, Under-23 and Senior level and this is his first high profile win as a pro. First fight for almost a year for Kosovon-born Gjergjaj. Both of his losses have come by KO/TKO as he was stopped in two rounds by David Haye in May 2016. He came in at a career low weight and it raises doubts as to whether he was really ready for a return to action.
Vukshinaj vs. Vovk
Home town fighter Vukshinaj moves up to eight rounds for the first time with stoppage of Vovk. The 26-year-old Vukshinaj was in front on all three cards prior to the stoppage at 68-65 twice and 68-64 and gets his fourth win by KO/TKO. Polish-based Ukrainian Vovk suffers his first loss by KO/TKO.

Bilston, England: Super Welter: David Avanesyan 23-2-1) W PTS 8 Serge Ambomo (6-5). Avanesyan gets back in the winning habit with decision over Ambomo. Avanesyan made a strong start flooring Ambomo with a left hook to the body in the first. Ambomo recovered and although Avanesyan outboxed him over the second he made the next four rounds close and entertaining. Avanesyan almost ended in the seventh as he dropped Ambomo heavily with a right. Again Ambomo survived and withstood some heavy punishment in the last. Referee’s score 79-73. The 29-year-old Russian, a former interim WBA welter champion, was having his first fight since losing his title in February to Lamont Peterson on a very controversial decision. He is still No 8 with the WBA. Cameroon-born, UK-based Ambomo has now lost 5 of his last 6 fights but has gone the distance each time.

Hampton, NH, USA: Cruiser: Chris Traietti (25-4) W KO 2 Fabian Valdez (2-2). Light: Ryan Kielczewski (26-3) W KO 1 Francis Medel (11-11).
Traietti vs. Valdez
Really just a record-padder for Traietti as he disposes of Mexican Valdez in two rounds. The Quincy fighter put Valdez down with a right in the first and drove him to the canvas again with a series of punches in the second. The 32-year-old Traietti gets win No 20 by KO/TKO. He is 15-1 in his last 16 fights with the loss coming when he was floored and outpointed by Mike Lee in September last year. This is his fourth win since then. Valdez was a late choice as the opponent for Traietti and is just a 4 and 6 round prelim fighter.
Kielczewski vs. Medel
Another poor match sees "The Polish Prince” Kielczewski put Medel down for the count with a body punch just 51 seconds into the first round. Kielczewski won his first 22 fights but against real opposition he is now 5-3. Poor Mexican Medel now has 10 losses by KO/TKO and when he fought Kielczewski in December he last just 55 seconds. Disgraceful fare to put before any boxing fans.

Portland. OR, USA: Cruiser: Marquice Weston (12-1-1) W PTS 7 Armando Ancona (8-7-2). Light Heavy: Britton Norwood (5-1-1) W KO 3 James Ballard (9-1).
Weston vs. Ancona
Weston extends his winning run to five with unanimous decision over Ancona. A quite first round saw neither really take control although Weston just did enough to edge it. The 6’6” Weston clearly took the second taking Ancona to the ropes to work the body and landing a good right late in the round. Weston continued to outscore Ancona in the third and fourth and also stuck to the body attack. Ancona was more active than he had been but was still dropping the rounds. The fifth was all Weston and it looked as though he might end it in the sixth but Ancona was there at the final bell. Scores 70-63 for Weston from all three judges. The 27-year-old from Tacoma has won all five of his fights this year. Ancona drops to 0-4-1 in his last five fights.
Norwood vs. Ballard
This was former IBF champion Steve Forbes first of what he hopes will be a number of shows. What he needed to create a buzz was a local winner and an upset. He got them both in this fight. Unbeaten Ballard made a good start but a smart southpaw Norwood was soon in control. He was making space with Ballard overreaching to try to score and Norwood countering. In the third a series of punches had Ballard backing and going down but it was ruled a slip. There was no query over the next and last knockdown. Norwood drove Ballard back with some body punches and ended the fight with a shot to the head that put Ballard down for the count. Third win in a row by KO/TKO for the “Great Britt” from the Grand Avenue gym in Portland. Ballard was having his first fight outside of Michigan and was coming off a win over experienced Rayco Saunders.

Rio Cuarto, Argentina: Feather: Hector Sarmiento (17-0) W PTS 10 Emanuel Gonzalez (8-2). Sarmiento adds another win as he outclasses Gonzalez. Sarmiento had height, reach and power over Gonzalez. After edging the first round Sarmiento had Gonzalez in deep trouble in the second from a pair of right hands and outboxed him over the next three rounds. There was a controversy in the sixth when a right from Gonzalez saw Sarmiento dip at the knees and his right knee brushed the floor. It could have been counted as a knockdown but it wasn’t. Sarmiento continued to get the better of the exchanges and Gonzalez lost a point in the ninth for a butt. Scores 100-89, 99-90 ½ and 99 ½-91for Sarmiento. The 24-year-old “Little Bird” from Cordoba is No 3 in the Argentinian rankings with former world champions Jesus Cuellar and Jonathan Barros in the top two places. After eight wins Gonzalez is now 0-2 in his last two fights.

Accra, Ghana: Super Feather: Abraham Osei Bonsu (12-2-1) W PTS 12 Felix Ajom (8-1-1). Allotey wins the vacant national title with a majority decision over Ajom. The first two rounds saw Ajom getting the better of the exchanges but the much smaller Bonsu started to roll from the third. His better boxing saw him get his nose in front but a punch from Ajom opened a cut under Bonsu’s left eye in the sixth. After the sixth round ended the heavens opened and rain poured down on this out of doors fight. Despite the conditions the fight continued with Bonsu taking the seventh and eighth and flooring Ajom in the ninth. Ajom survived and came back to take the tenth and eleventh but Bonsu took the last and looked to have done enough for the win. Scores 117-114 and 116-114 for Bonsu and 115-115. Bonsu wins the national title at the third attempt. Ajom had won his last six fights but was moving past eight rounds for the first time.
The rain caused the cancellation of the much anticipated fights between Kpakpo Allotey and Robert Quaye and Emmanuel Martey and Emmanuel Anim. All four were unbeaten so it was a big disappointment that the matches had to be cancelled.
Nouzonville, France: Feather: Geoffrey Dos Santos (11-0) W PTS 10 Yacine Mansour (3-7-1). Dos Santos wins the vacant French title with unanimous decision over Mansour. Despite 13 months of inactivity he was still too much for Mansour. The 27-year-old from Les Mureaux took the verdict on scores of 98-92 twice and 96-94. He is No 10 in the EU rankings and is still looking for his first win inside the distance. Mansour got the title shot even though he was 1-5-1 in his last 7 fights but then including Dos Santos and Mansour there are only four fighters listed in the French ratings at featherweight.

Pont-Audemer, France: Light: Jonathan Outin (10-2-1) W PTS 10 Virgile Degonzaga (11-15-2). Another new French champion emerged from this fight for the vacant title. Home town southpaw Outin extended his winning run to eight with the unanimous decision. Scores 100-90 twice and 97-92 for 32-year-old Outin. Now five losses in a row for Degonzaga.

Al Jadida, Morocco: Light Heavy: Rachid Jkitou (26-0) W TKO 4 Yevgeni Makhteienko (9-9).
Jkitou has his fifth fight back where his roots are as he stops Makhteienko in four rounds. Jkitou had no problem handling the bigger Ukrainian and had won all three rounds before a bad cut over the left eye of Makhteienko was ruled to be too severe for the fight to continue. The 32-year-old former French champion was having his first fight for eight months. Czech-based Makhteienko has now lost 5 of his last 6 fights but he has gone the distance with both Dmitry Bivol and Igor Mikhalkin.

Fight of the Week: Miguel Roman vs. Orlando Salido with honourable mention to Joe Mullender vs. Lee Churcher
Fighter of the week: Vasyl Lomachenko for outclassing Guillermo Rigondeaux with honourable mention to outsider Caleb Truax the new IBF champion and Miguel Roman
Punch of the week: The short right from Anthony Yarde that unhinged the legs of Nikola Sjekloca in the second round
Upset of the week: Caleb Truax’s win over James DeGale
Prospect watch: Chris Diaz 22-0 and Russian Isa Chaniev

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  • NBA -- Brawl mars Lakers home opener
    By Celso Samson Jr., Mon, 22 Oct 2018
  • NBA -- Pistons prevail in cliffhanger, drop Bulls to 0-2
    By Taha Qureshi, Mon, 22 Oct 2018
  • Curry as NBA 2K19 MVP?
    By Eddie Alinea, Sun, 21 Oct 2018
  • Brant Stuns Murata, Wins WBA Middleweight Title
    By , Sun, 21 Oct 2018
    By Maloney L. Samaco, Sun, 21 Oct 2018
  • Felix Alvarado Departs Nicaragua; Arrives Manila Monday Evening
    By Carlos Costa, Sun, 21 Oct 2018
    By , Sun, 21 Oct 2018
  • NBA -- Clips blow out OKC with 37-point fourth quarter
    By Robert Mellana, Sun, 21 Oct 2018
  • NBA -- Butler gets mix of boos and cheers from Wolves fans
    By Daniel Quindao Guden, Sun, 21 Oct 2018


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