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The Past week in Action 10 October 2017 - Part II

Hong Kong, S.A.R. China: Super Fly: Rex Tso (22-0) W TEC DEC 7 Kohei Kono (33-11-1).Super Feather: Takuya Watanabe (33-1-7) W TKO 5 Leshan Li (13-3-1).
Tso vs. Kohei
Tso gets technical decision over Kono in a hard close contest. Tso boxed cleverly on the back foot in the first firing quick jabs and rights with Kono saving his ammunition trying to cut off the ring and at the end of the round landed a right to the head. Tso was going back trying to dodge the punch and went down. It looked a genuine knockdown but was not counted. Tso made a good start to the second but a clash of heads saw a big ugly bump form immediately over the left eye of Tso. It distracted the local fighter and Kono finally let his hands go over the rest of the round. A right from Tso staggered Kono in a fiery third but the fourth was an untidy round with too much clinching with neither really dominating. The fifth was war all the way. Kono was pressing and scoring with hooks inside but Tso ended the round with some eye-catching counters. The referee had the doctor examine the swelling in the sixth but the fight continued with Kono launching swarming attacks and landing a number of clean shots on the huge bump. Tso corner was putting huge slabs of Vaseline on the bump, much more than should have been allowed and his left eye was almost closed. Things then got very confusing. The bell went to start the seventh but before either fighter left their corner the fight was stopped before due to Tso’s injury and it went to the scorecards. Since the bell had gone to start the seventh the process is for the judges to score that round 10-10. The score cards read 68-66 for Tso from all three judges. but somehow the seventh round, for which Tso did not even leave his corner was counted giving scores of 68-66 from all three judges for Tso I thought Kono was worth at least a draw but Tso retains his WBO International title and his No 2 rating giving him a foothold in the super fly title chase but I can’t see him beating WBO No 1 Juan Francisco Estrada or the champion Srisaket. Kono, 36, had a poor 2016 losing to Luis Concepcion, a loss that cost him his WBA title, and Naoya Inoue for the WBO title but on this performance there was some fire left if he wants to fight on.
Watanabe vs. Li
Watanabe wins the vacant WBO Oriental title with stoppage of Li. Watanabe looked sharp early but was warned for a low punch in the second round. Li landed a thudding left hook in the third that put Watanabe down but the Japanese fighter was fighting back hard at the bell. Watanabe took over in the fourth and floored Li with a right in the fifth. Li beat the count but a series of unanswered punches from Watanabe saw the fight stopped. The 28-year-old from Tokyo, the Japanese No 6, makes it 18 wins by KO/TKO including inside the distance victories in his last 8 fights. He had been acting as Tso’s sparring partner for the last two months. Chinese fighter Li had won his last seven fights but against very modest opposition,

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Welter: Cesar Barrionuevo (33-3-2,1ND) W KO 6 Adrian Veron (21-2). Welter: Gabriel Ledesma (11-1) W TKO 8 Carlos Aquino (17-3).
Barrionuevo vs. Veron
This all-southpaw scarp was being touted as the “Fight of the Year” but it did not live up to that. A cagey first round saw lots of prodding jabs with the only punches of note being two right hooks from Barrionuevo. There was a bit more action in the second. Barrionuevo was forcing the fight and throwing more punches but was very wild. Veron was just waiting too long and not throwing much. Veron edged the third with his better technique being much more accurate than the crude swinging Barrionuevo but a couple of rights from Barrionuevo got through at the end of the round. Veron also took the fourth. He was scoring with quick accurate punches whereas some of Barrionuevo’s swings must have had them ducking in the car park. The major event of the round was a clash of heads that opened a bad cut over the right eye of Barrionuevo. The cut continued to bleed in the fifth with Barrionuevo constantly pawing at it and it was evident that the fight would have to be stopped soon. Barrionuevo was still throwing wild shots trying to land a big one before the cut got too bad and he did catch Veron with a hard left. Barrionuevo was still winging away with waywardness in the sixth when suddenly a left hook crashed on to the chin of Veron and put him down on his back. He got up as far as putting his hands and knees on the canvas but tumbled down again. Another attempt saw him get to his feet but he had no balance and he staggered along the ropes to a corner. He straightened himself up but after completing the eight count the referee wrapped his arms around Veron and the fight was over. Barrionuevo retains the Argentinian title. This is his third defence, and he has 23 wins by KO/TKO. He is rated WBC 11/IBF 15(13). He is dangerous but with his crude style he is unlikely to go beyond domestic level. Veron had reversed his only previous loss and won his last seven fights but he was nailed with a hammer here. It was said before the fight that a return had already been agreed but hopefully it will be a better fight than this one was.
Ledesma vs. Aquino
Ledesma gets big win as he halts favoured Aquino. Although Ledesma edged the first round Aquino, much the taller boxer, was able to box on the outside keeping Ledesma on the back foot and took the second and third. Ledesma was much the quicker with better hand speed and edged the fourth and fifth. Aquino again used his height and reach to outscore Ledesma over the sixth and seventh although at the end of the seventh Ledesma got through with some big punches.. Ledesma looked to be tiring in the eighth but as they traded punches Ledesma landed a series of shots to the head. Aquino was staggering badly and the referee gave him a standing count. Aquino tried to fight his way out of trouble but soaked up some more punches leading to another standing count and after another left to the head had him on wobbly legs the referee stopped the fight. The 23-year-old “El Pitbull” gets his fifth win by KO/TKO and wins the interim WBO Latino belt. Aquino, the Argentinian No 5 was 7-1 in his last eight fights.

Dublin, Ireland: Welter: Noel Murphy (12-0) W PTS 8 Gyorgy Mizsei Jr.(25-21-1). Super Chris Blaney (9-0) W PTS 8 Matiouze Royer (17-31-6 ).
Murphy vs., Mizsei
Murphy gets a win but little satisfaction against Hungarian Mizsei. Murphy came to fight but Mizsei was there to last the distance. His spoiling tactics made it difficult for Murphy to get any rhythm into his work. Mizsei lost a point for holding in the third and flirted with disqualification with his negative tactics as Murphy settled for the unanimous decision. The 23-year-old Cork fighter who had over 100 amateur fights is based in the Bronx and promoted by Lou DiBella. Mizsei, 23, has been in with a host of top fighters and has well developed but frustrating survival skills.
Blaney vs. Royer
Irishman Blaney continues to progress and looks impressive in win over Frenchman Royer. It was Blaney’s first fight over eight rounds as he is being brought along quickly but sensibly by Ricky Hatton and the “Ginja Ninja” looks a very good prospect.

Tokyo, Japan: Super Feather: Masaru Sueyoshi (16-1) W PTS 10 Ribo Takahata (13-7-1). Sueyoshi wins vacant Japanese title with unanimous decision over oldie Takahata. The first round saw the tall Takahata (5’10 ½” 180cm) using his reach to force Sueyoshi back with a series of jabs. In the second Sueyoshi was using good movement and hand speed to do the scoring. Takahata continued to land some shots to the body but most of his punches were blocked or ducked by some clever defensive work from Sueyoshi. After five rounds the scores were 49-46 and 48-47 for Sueyoshi and 48-48. Sueyoshi continued to outbox Takahata sticking to his tactics and taking no chances and despite a big effort from Takahata over the last two rounds Sueyoshi was a comfortable winner. Scores 98-92 twice and 97-93.The 26-year-old winner from Tokyo extends his current winning streak to 13 fights. He is No 11 with the WBO. The 38-year-old Takahata was having his second ten round fight and his first shot at winning the Japanese title.

Campeche, Mexico: Light: Chris Mijares (58-8-2) W PTS 10 Jesus Arevalo (25-2-1). Super Bantam: Francisco Horta (16-3-1) W KO 8 Edgar Lozano (9-8-2). Light: Joseph Aguirre (19-0) W PTS 8 Juan Jose Martinez (26-5).
Mijares vs. Arevalo
Mijares extends his winning streak with unanimous decision over Arevalo. After taking the first round Mijares landed two left hooks late in the second which had Arevalo in deep trouble but the bell came to his rescue. Arevalo recovered and took the fight to Mijares. In the third he scored well with hooks to face and body and looked to have Mijares hurt but Mijares used his experience to limit the damage although he was showing a swelling under his right eye. Arevalo was unable to build on the that success and a Mijares punch busted open his nose in the fifth. That injury forced Arevalo to tone down his attacks and Mijares dominated the action. He came close to ending things in the in the eighth unloading on Arevalo when he had him trapped on the ropes and Arevalo dropped his hands as if ready to succumb but he survived that crisis and was still there at the final bell. Scores 100-92, 98-92 and 97-93 all for Mijares. The 36-year-old “El Diamante” makes it nine wins in a row and is rated No 5 super feather with the WBC. The former WBC, WBA and IBF super fly champion hopes to land a shot at champion Miguel Berchelt. Arevalo has a win over former IBF super fly champion Juan Alberto Rosas but the rest of his opposituion has been very mediocre.
Horta vs. Lozano
Horta and Lozano engaged in an entertaining scrap. Horta had the better skills moving smoothly and scoring well with his jab and quick rights. Lozano was less disciplined in his attacks and less accurate but got through with enough to be competitive. Horta built a good lead over the first four rounds but looked to have edged the fifth and sixth. The seventh was close but Horta seemed to be standing the pace better and rocked Lozano with a right at the end of the round. Lozano was totally exhausted in the eighth and with just 30 seconds left in the fight Horta trapped him on the ropes and bombarded him with body punches. Lozano then wrapped his arm around Horta’s head and tumbled to the canvas taking Horta with him. Horta got up but Lozano could not and the referee counted him out. Horta, a 24-year-old from Cancun, now has ten wins by KO/TKO and is 8-0-1in his last 9 fights. Fourth loss by KO/TKO for Lozano.
Aguirre vs. Martinez
Californian-born, Cancun-based Aguirre marches on with his biggest scalp so far as he wins unanimous decision over experienced Martinez. Martinez came forward throughout the fight trying to get close and fire off bundles of hooks and uppercuts. Aguirre boxed well on the back foot scoring with a variety of punches and being too quick for Martinez. Aguirre handed out a real pasting to Martinez in the sixth bouncing punch after punch off the head of Martinez but lacked the power to finish things then. He continued to box and counter his way through the seventh and eighth to emerge a clear winner. Martinez was a big step up in quality of opposition for the 26-year-old “Diamante” but he came through the test well. Martinez went 18-1 in his first 19 fights but last year was halted in five rounds by Felix Verdejo and last April in one round by Alberto Machado.3

Hermosillo, Mexico: Fly: Luis Castro (14-2-2) W TKO 5 Raul Esquer (13-3-1). Light: Julio Barraza (17-1-1) W KO 5 Edgar Ramirez (17-14).
Castro vs. Esquer
Castro wins the vacant WBC Fecombox title with stoppage of Esquer. In the first two rounds the aggression of Esquer saw him take both but Castro began to land some heavy shots in the third and some wicked body punches saw Esquer go down in the fourth. Castro ended it in the fifth. A double left hook to body then head put Esquer down. He made it his feet at nine but was finished and the referee stopped the fight. Home town fighter Castro, 22, has now won 7 of his last 8 fights and has 10 wins by KO/TKO. Esquer was unbeaten in his first13 fights but is now 1-3 in his last 4.
Barraza vs. Ramirez
Beranza makes it a good night for local fighters as he knocks out Ramirez in the fifth. Barraza was unbeaten in his first 15 fights before being halted by Samuel Gonzalez in November. This his second inside the distance win since then and his eleventh by KO/TKO although local sources gave his record as 18-1-1. Second loss by KO/TKO for Ramirez..

Tampico, Mexico: Super Feather: Edivaldo Ortega (25-1-1) W RTD 7Tomas Rojas (49-16-1.1ND). Welter: Jose Carlos Paz (21-6-1) W PTS 10 Jorge Paez Jr (40-9-2,1ND).
Ortega vs. Rojas
Ortega scores big win as Rojas retires after seven rounds. Both fighters are southpaws but used different styles here. Rojas was using his height and reach to box on the outside and Ortega was rumbling forward getting inside and scoring to the head and body. In the first Ortega was scoring well with his right hook and keeping Rojas under pressure. Rojas landed a couple of hard lefts in the second but Ortega was making the veteran fight hard. Ortega’s pressure had Rojas looking ragged in the third and being forced to trade more. Rojas was looking a tried fighter in the fourth and fifth. Ortega was in his face for the full three minutes of each round digging hard hooks to the body from both hands. Rojas was on his toes trying to counter in the sixth but had no power and Ortega was still marching forward scoring with short punches. Ortega was not loading up with his punches but was going for quantity and overwhelming the veteran who had nothing left and retired at the end of the seventh. Big win for “Indio” Ortega and he needed it. After being unbeaten in his first 25 fights and scoring wins over useful opposition in Roberto Castaneda and Juan Carlos Sanchez he lost a unanimous decision to unbeaten Eduard Ramirez in December and this was his first fight since then. It could be that the end of the road is near for the 37-year-old Rojas a former WBC super fly champion. He looked just a shadow of the fighter who lost a disputed decision to Cris Mijares in April.
Paz vs. Paez
Argentinian Paz outpoints a worn looking Paez. In the first round Paez was trying to walk through Paz’s punches and whilst having some success was also shipping some punishment. Paz was on top in the second and third driving Paz back firing hooks and uppercuts with Paez already looking tired. The fourth continued in the same pattern with Paz finding the lumbering Paez an easy target but Paez did a bit better in the fifth. Paz was doing all of the scoring in the sixth but lacked the power to take advantage of Paez poor conditioning. The seventh eighth and ninth were awful rounds with Paez just walking backwards with his hands at hip level throwing about one punch a minute and Paz just trundling after him not even managing to cut Paez off. The last was farcical with Paz knowing he had the fight won dancing around the perimeter of the ring with Paez actually showing a little life but not having the energy to catch Paz. Scores 97-93 twice and 98-92 all for Paz. The 26-year-old Argentinian No 3 lost his two 2016 fights to Hector Saldivia and Guido Pitto but had scored a useful win over Gumersindo Carrasco in August. It always seemed likely that Paez would not even be a shadow of his world champion father and now it is certain. All you need to know about his conditioning is that when he turned pro he weighed 125 lbs for this fight he was 155lbs and it showed.

Merida, Mexico: Super Middle: Zac Dunn (24-1) W KO 4 Luis Paz (12-4-1). Light Heavy: Manuel Ceballos (14-1) W PTS 10 Juan Carlos Raygosa (13-12-2). Middle: Elias Espadas (16-3) W KO 2 Jose Zuniga (14-3-1). Heavy: Tyrone Spong (10-0) W TKO 1 Sergio Ramirez (15-5),
Dunn vs. Paz
With some rebuilding to do Australian Dunn somehow turned up in Merida for his first fight since losing his Commonwealth title to Dave Brophy in March. The fight was fairly even over the first two rounds but Dunn then took control. He floored Paz twice on the way to a knockout win early in round four. Now 18 wins by KO/TKO for the 26-year-old from Melbourne who will surely fight his way back into the world ratings next year. Argentinian Paz suffers his fourth loss by KO/TKO.
Ceballos vs. Raygosa
Ceballos retains the WBO Latino title with unanimous decision over Raygosa. Despite being a late replacement Raygosa came to fight and attacked constantly. Ceballos was hard pressed but used a persistent and accurate jab and long straight rights to stay in control. Raygosa had some success with rights to the head but Ceballos was never really troubled and boxed his way to the unanimous verdict. Scores 100-90, 98-92 and 97-93 all for Ceballos. Now 10 wins on the bounce for Ceballos. Raygosa is 2-4 in his last six fights but usually goes the full term.
Espadas vs. Zuniga
The local “Latin Kid” Espadas wins the vacant WBO Latino title with a knockout late in the second round of Mexican super welter champion Zuniga. The 26-year-old from Merida makes it 7 wins in a row six by KO/TKO. First loss inside the distance for Zuniga who was 7-0-1 going into this one.
Spong vs. Ramirez
Spong makes it ten wins by KO/TKO in ten fights as he floors Ramirez twice and splits open a cut over the Mexican’s right eye to finish the fight in the first round. The 32-year-old from Suriname (it is on the North East coast of South America and is the smallest country in South America) recorded his fourth first round victory on the bounce and his seventh in total. Based in Miami the former kick boxer (he had more than 80 bouts) wins the vacant WBC Latino title. He has been a traveller having fought in Germany, Russia, USA, Dominican Republic and Mexico. Ramirez won his first 11 fight but is now 4-5 in his last 9 but went the distance with the now IBO cruiser champion Kevin Lerena in April.

Bialystok, Poland: Welter: Tomasz Mazur (8-1-1) W PTS 10 Siarhei Huliakevich (43-9). Feather: Kamil Laszczyk (24-0) W PTS 6 Andrei Nurchynski (9-22-5).
Mazur vs. Huliakevich
Mazur wins the vacant Polish International title. Belarusian Huliakevich took the first round as he surprised the Pole with a left/right combination. Mazur then began to collect rounds to edge into the lead. He was doing fine as ,long as he kept his cool but Huliakevich was constantly dragging him into brawls. Some questionable tactics saw Huliakevich deducted a point as Mazur stuck to his boxing. Huliakevich lost another point in the ninth as Mazur eased to victory. Scores 98-94 and 97-93 for Mazur and 95-96. Career best win for Mazur but he is unlikely to advance past domestic level. Huliakevich (Guliakevich according to the Poles) 36, has now lost 6 of his last 7 fights. He turned pro back in 2004 and lost to Alex Arthur for the European super feather title in 2006
Laszczyk vs. Nurchynski
Laszczyk returns after a long layoff due to injury and gets in eight rounds of work against Belarusian Nurchynski. Laszczyk focused on the body early due to Nurchynski just hiding behind a high guard. The Pole switched to the head in the sixth but did not push too hard being happy to get in six rounds. Score 60-54 from all three judges for Laszczyk. The Pole has been out of action due to an Achilles injury and is scheduled to contest the vacant European Union feather title on 11 November. He suffered a cut on his left eyebrow in this fight but expects to be clear to fight in November. Nurchynski is 0-12-3 in his last 14 fights
Las Palmas Canary Islands, Spain: Fly: Moncho Miras (9-0) W Aramis Torres (7-0). The Spanish fly title remains vacant after Miras and Torres ended all square. Miras took the early rounds and looked on his way to victory when he floored Torres in the fourth. The local fighter did not cave in but fought back hard over the second half of the fight to secure a draw. Scores 96-94 for Miras, 96-95 for Torres and 95-95. The hope was that the winner would go on to challenge for the European Union title but a return fight is on the cards.

Pamplona, Spain: Middle: Cesar Nunez (13-0) W PTS 10 Jose Charles (16-2-1).
Pamplona fighter Nunez extends his winning total to thirteen with victory over Mexican Charles. The Mexican stared well and finished well but in the eight rounds between those first and last Nunez dominated the action. Charles took the first round surprising Nunez was his fast start but then the better skills of Nunez saw him take round after round. Knowing he needed a knockout Charles threw everything at Nunez in the tenth. A right shook Nunez and another combination saw him drop to one knee. Nunez then stayed out of trouble for the rest of the round and was a clear winner. Referee’s score 97-92. The 32-year-old Nunez is now hoping to go ion to fight for the Spanish title. First fight in Europe for Charles who had won his last 8 contests.

Fight of the week: Anthony Crolla vs. Ricky Burns with honourable mention to Luke Watkins vs. Robin Dupre
Fighter of the week: Chris Eubank Jr for his victory over unbeaten Avni Yildirim
Punch of the week: .The first round uppercut from Eubank that almost put Yildirim down-a beauty with honourable mentions to Carlos Portillo’s right which put away Czar Amonsot
Upset of the week: Portillo’s win over Amonsot and Mohamed Mimoune’s win over Sam Eggington
One to watch: Conor Benn 9-0 and looking good

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