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The Past Week in Action 5 December 2023: Ryan Garcia KOs Duarte in Ring Return; Gill Upsets Conlan; Gwynne Stops Marsili

- Ryan Garcia returns to action with an eighth round kayo of Oscar Duarte and there are wins for Shane Mosley Jr and Floyd Schofield.
- Jordan Gill scores huge win as he stops Michale Conlan in the seventh rounds and there are wins for Lewis Crocker, Caoimhin Agyarko and Sean McComb
-Gavin Gwynne wins the vacant European title with stoppage of Emiliano Marsili
-Felix Sturm continues his comeback with stoppage of Sukru Altay
-Raven Champion outpoints Lucie Sedlackova in WBC International title defence and Sam Noakes and Moses Itauma score quick wins
- Chloe Watson wins the vacant European flyweight title with victory over Justine Lallemand
-Ryan Rozicki blasts out Olan Durodola in one round in WBA cruiser eliminator
-New Zealanders Mea Motu and Lani Daniels retain their titles

World Title/Major Shows

December 1

Bolton, England: Heavy: Bohdan Myronets (8-1) W PTS 8 Nathan Gorman (19-3). Fly: Chloe Watson (7-0) W PTS 10 Justine Lallemand (9-3-1). Isaac Lowe (24-2-3) W TKO 1 Jonatas de Oliveira (5-6). Welter: Matthew Rennie (11-0-1) W PTS 8 James Moorcroft (19-3). 
Myronets vs. Gorman 
Myronets outpoints an obese Gorman. The Ukrainian was a whopping 79lbs lighter than Gorman. He was more mobile and much quicker. Gorman showed nothing. He was too slow to cut the ring off and too often went on the back foot putting no pressure at all Myronets who found plenty of gaps in Gorman’s defence. Even when he was obviously behind in the scoring Gorman did not press the fight and had only limited success when he did attack. The referee scored this 77-76 for Myronets which was way too generous to a well beaten Gorman and I gave every round to Myronets. Myronets showed good skills and has won his last five bouts including an upset victory over 21-1 Kash Ali in July. Weight says it all about Gorman’s conditioning. He was a whopping 79lbs heavier than Myronets, 25lbs heavier than when he lost to Fabio Wardley in November and 44lbs heavier than when he turned pro and none of the extra weight was muscle. 
Watson vs. Lallemand
Watson wins the vacant European title with a unanimous decision over Lallemand. Watson was fired up and took the fight to the taller Lallemand coming in behind a hight guard jabbing well, and scoring with left hooks to the body . Lallemand was looking to box but Watson was not allowing her any space. Watson continued her aggression in the second. Lallemand was countering but Watson was out landing her. Lallemand had a much better third finally managing to use her longer reach to score at distance and countering Watson on the way in. Watson took over again in the fourth never giving Lallemand time or space to box but Lallemand rebounded with a useful fifth countering the rushing Watson with uppercuts. The sixth and seventh were both close and with such a fast pace this one could go to whoever had more left in the tank. Lallemand looked to have just taken the eighth but a storming finish from Watson saw her sweep the last two rounds to emerge a good winner. Scores 97-93 twice and 96-94 for Ricky Hatton trained Watson after a good, competitive match. Lallemand was having her second shot at the title.
Lowe vs. de Oliveira 
Lowe stops de Oliveira in the first. Lowe hurt the Brazilian early with a left hook and then landed a series of punches before dropping de Olivera with another left hook to the body to finished the job. Lowe was to have fought Lee McGregor but McGregor pulled out with an injury and de Oliveira came in as a late substitute. Third victory for Lowe since a crushing loss against Nick Ball in April last year.
Rennie vs. Moorcroft 
The first two rounds were fairly even with both fighters having some success. Rennie was switching guards in the third and was busier and he outscored Moorcroft. The fourth saw Moorcroft scoring with some strong jabs to even things up. Rennie was in control in the fifth boxing on the back foot and rocking Moorcroft with uppercuts and clearly taking the round and the lead. Rennie stayed on the backfoot in the seventh with Moorcroft surging forward but running into counters as Rennie pocketed the round. Probably feeling he was behind Moorcroft attacked hard in the last round forcing some fierce exchanges but with Rennie holding onto his lead and winning 77-75 on the referee’s card. Tenth win in a row for Rennie. Moorcroft had lost on points against Eithan James for the vacant WBO European title in July.
London, England: Light: Gavin Gywnne (17-2-1) W RTD 8 Emiliano Marsili (42-1-1). Light: Sam Noakes (12-0) W TKO 4 Carlos Perez (19-8-2). Feather: Raven Chapman (8-0) W PTS 10 Lucie Sedlackova (15-2-1). Super Bantam: Brad Strand (11-0) W PTS 10 Joshua John (8-2). Heavy: Moses Itauma (7-0) W TKO 1 Michal Boloz (5-7-2).
Gwynne vs. Marsili
Gywnne wins the vacant European title with an injury stoppage victory over previously unbeaten Marsili. Although the taller man with the longer reach Gwynn chose to press the fight from the start obviously looking to work inside and wear down then 47-year-old Italian. Things did not go Gwynne’s way and he was badly shaken by a southpaw left hook from Marsili in the first round. Gywnne recovered and kept coming forward but being faced by the fast-moving fast-handed style that had kept Marsili unbeaten for twenty years. Marsili slid round the ring constantly changing direction and choosing his moments to dart forward and fire bursts of hooks and uppercuts. Even when Gywnne managed to pin Marsili against the ropes he was finding him a hard target and was again facing a barrage of shots. Marsili was cut over his left eye in a clash of heads in the third and Gywnne had blood dripping from his nose. Gywnne kept the pressure on hoping to slow Marsili but picked up a cut under his right eye for his efforts. There was no sign of any slowing from Marsili or any sign of discomfort in the eighth but he had injured his right shoulder and was unable to continue. Former British and Commonwealth champion Gywnne was talking about a world title chance but as neither he nor Marsili were rated that is a very outside chance at this stage. Back in 2015 there was talk of a world title shot for Marsili and he relinquished the European title on that basis but all of the plans fell thorough and the chance never materialised.
Noakes vs. Perez
Noakes stops Perez in the fourth. Noakes was attacking hard in his usual style and forcing Perez back with jabs and body shots. As they tangled Perez turned and bent down to avoid Noakes punches and Noakes landed a hard punch to the back of Perez’s head and wrestled him to the floor. Perez was probably thinking he might get a disqualification win but the referee pulled him to his feet. Perez was cut over his left eye in the second and again went down with the referee again indication he should get up. Perez was turning away from Noakes punches and Noakes was landing left hooks to the body but again also punches to the back of Perez’s head. Noakes shook Perez with a left hook in the third and a series of hooks had Perez dropping to his hands and knees. Perez was up at six but was immediacy dropped again by a right and was deducted a point for holding. Perez was down again early in the fourth and for a second time from a punch to the back of the head and although he made it to his feet the referee counted to eight the waived the fight over. Fourth defence of the WBC International Silver belt for Noakes and twelfth win by KO/TKO. Spaniard Perez is now 5-2-1 in his last eight fights.
Chapman vs. Sedlackova
Chapman gets unanimous decision against more experienced Sedlackova. In the first Chapman was circling the slower Sedlackova throwing plenty of jabs and mixing in some straight rights and body punches with Sedlackova too slow to counter. Sedlackova picked up the pace in the second round closing with Chapman to score inside but Chapman had her jab working well again in the third and fourth and landed well to the body. She put Sedlackova under constant pressure in the sixth coming in under Sedlackova’s jabs and landing hooks and right crosses with Sedlackova finding the target with rights. Chapman outworked Sedlackova in the seventh and eighth but they were close rounds. Chapman won the ninth big as she attacked hard throughout the round with a tired Sedlackova bleeding from the nose and struggling to fire any effective counters. Sedlackova struggled to keep Chapman out in the tenth as Champman proved the stronger and fitter and won on scores of 98-92 twice and 97-93. Chapman was defending the WBC International title for the third time. Sedlackova, a former WBC Silver title holder, had lost to Nina Meinke for the vacant European title but came in on the back of four wins.
Strand vs. John
Strand outpoints John to win the vacant WBO European title. Strand used his loner reach and some strong accurate jabbing to build an early lead and John just could not counter with any real success or put Strand under any serious pressure. Strand was able to pick up the rounds without taking any chances and was cruising to victory when a late rally saw John finish strongly over the last two rounds but not able to close the gap. Strand won on scores of 97-93 twice and 99-91. First ten round fight for Strand and it would be ridiculous if the WBO gave him a top 15 spot for winning their title. Welshman John had lost to unbeaten Mark McKeown in 2022 but had won his last four fights.
Itauma vs. Boloz
Itauma crushes Boloz in the first round. Itauma came out of his corner already throwing bombs and immediately forced Boloz back with a storm of hooks and uppercuts. A booming right to the head sent Boloz staggering into the ropes and down. Boloz was up at six but when the action started again another savage series of punches dropped Boloz heavily and the referee stopped the fight. Third first round win in a row for the eighteen–year-old southpaw. He is much too good for opponents such as Boloz but also there is no point in rushing him. Boloz had gone ten rounds with Mariusz Wach in his last fight.

December 2

Houston, TX, USA: light: Ryan Garcia (24-1) W KO 8 Oscar Duarte (26-2). Light: Floyd Schofield (16-0) W TKO 1 Ricardo Lopez (17-8-3). Middle: Shane Mosley Jr (21-4) W TKO 6 Joshua Conley (17-6-1). Super Middle: Darius Fulghum (9-0) W TKO 2 Pachino Hill (8-5-1).

Garcia vs. Duarte
Garcia outboxes Duarte for seven rounds then produces a win out of nothing. For much of the fight Garcia circled the perimeter of the ring scoring with jabs and an occasional straight right. Duarte shadowed Garcia but just could not pin him down. He was unable to get close enough often enough to threaten Garcia and his frustration grew as Garcia picked him off with single shots and then slipped away from Duarte’s attacks. Duarte’s growing frustration was his undoing. In the eighth with Garcia backed into a corner Duarte plunged in and Garic met him with two right hooks to the head. Duarte’s legs shook and Garcia exploded with a savage series of punches that saw Duarte slump down the ropes to his hands and knees. He watched the count and was up at eight but the referee was not happy with Duarte’s condition and just spread his arms wide to end the fight. First fight for Garcia since his seventh round kayo defeat against Gervonta Davis in April. Despite Duarte’s impressive figures Garia handled hm with relative ease and perhaps needs another couple of confidence building fights before going in for a title challenge. Duarte had won his last eleven fights by KO/TKO but his limitations were exposed here.
Schofield vs. Lopez
Schofield destroys Lopez with four knockdowns in the first round. Schofield floored Lopez with a great left hook. Lopez made it to his feet but a three-punch combination sent him down again. He was then driven back by a series of punches punctuated by a stiff left jab. When he was put down by another burst of punches the referee stopped the fight without a count. The talented 21-year-old makes it twelve wins by KO/TKO. Fourth stoppage defeat for Lopez. 

Mosley vs. Conley
Mosley had too much skill for Conley. Mosley scored well in the first round and Conley chances, if he had any, really disappeared when he was cut over his left eye in the second with the cut in a place where the blood could affect his vision. Conley put in a big effort in the third landing some hard shots. Mosley landed heavily in the fourth, fifth and sixth and a tiring Conley did not come out for the seventh. Mosley lost a majority decision against Jason Quigley but he was coming off a seventh round stoppage of D’Mitrius Ballard in June. Conley has now lost three tough matches in a row with Sergiy Derevyanchenko and Steven Butler beating him.

Fulgham vs. Pachino
There was no way this one was going to last long and Fulgham got the job done in two rounds. In the first he continually shook Pachino with powerful jabs and bombarded him with combinations. Fulgham again used his jab to send Pachino into retreat and then pinned him against then ropes and ripped home punch after punch until the referee came in to save Pachino. All nine of Fulgham’s wins have come inside the distance with him needing less than 22 rounds for his victories. 

Belfast, Northern Ireland: Super Feather: Jordan Gill (28-2-1) W TKO 7 Michael Conlan (18-3).Super Welter: Caoimhin Agyarko (14-0) W PTS 10 Troy Williamson (20-2-1. Welter: Lewis Crocker (18-0) W PTS 10 Tyrone McKenna (23-4-1). Super Light: Sean McComb (19-1) W PTS 10 Sam Maxwell (17-3).
Gil vs. Conlan 

Gill scores shock win over Conlan. The pace was fast from the start.Gill took station in the middle of the ring looking to walk Conlan down. Conlan was circling dropping in some quick jabs and straight rights with Gill also jabbing well. Gill floored Conlan with a right hook in the second. Conlan beat the count but Gill drove him back scoring with hooks to the body from both hands. Conlan switched to southpaw but Gill continued to come forward scoring with hooks and staggered Conlan who then fired back and they traded heavy punches with Conlan looking unsteady at the bell. Conlan did a bit better in the third and fourth boxing more at distance where his better skills gave him the edge and landing some good hooks of his own but he looked shaky every time Gill landed heavily. A left hook had Conlan hurt in the fifth but again he used his skills to outscore Gill. An exciting sixth first saw Gill driving Conlan to the ropes and bombarding him with punches only for Conlan to bang back scoring with hooks and uppercuts. Once the Conlan storm blew out Gill was coming forward scoring inside. Conlan made a good start to the seventh jabbing well and scoring with hooks until Gill launched a big attack blitzing Conlan with hooks and uppercuts and with Conlan pinned to the ropes on unsteady legs the referee came in and stopped the fight. Huge win for Gill. He had previously sprung a surprise when came from behind to kayo Karim Guerfi to win the European featherweight title but had lost the title in his first defence when he was crushed in four round by Kiko Martinez in October last year and it was felt he lacked the power to beat Conlan. Gill wins the vacant WBA International title which will probably get him a rating and he will be hoping for a title shot down the line. With his fifth round stoppage defeat against Luis Lopez and now this inside the distance loss against Gill Conlan will have to think hard where he goes from here and retirement may be on the cards.

Agyarko vs. Williamson
Agyarko wins a split verdict over Williamson in a great little fight. Both fighters did some probing in the first round, Williamson looked to have a longer reach but Agyarko the quicker hands and he scored with a strong combination to the head late in the first. That speed also saw Agyarko connecting with fast leads and a good right in the second but Williamson landed the best punch in the round a right that rocked Agyarko. Williamson upped his pace drove Agyarko back with a burst of rights in the third and scored with his jabs but this time it was Agyarko who landed a good right at the end of the round. Agyarko had the edge with his accurate jabbing and countering and some smart defensive work those attributes were enough to give him the edge over the next three with Williams too often relying on heavy swipes with his right. The seventh and eighth were close with Willams on the front foot and Agyarko standing and trading more. Williamson was cut over his left eye suffering a cut over his left eye in the eighth but finished the round on the attack. Agyarko outboxed Williamson in the ninth and staged a great finish. Scores 98-92 and 97-93 for Agyarko and 96-94 for Williamson. Agyarko wins the vacant WBA Continental title. Williams had lost his British title when outpointed by Josh Kelly in December. 

Crocker vs. McKenna 
Crocker takes a wide unanimous decision over McKenna. Crocker took the fight to McKenna from the first bell and was already scoring heavily in the first and second rounds. Crocker continued to outscore McKenna in the third with McKenna being forced to stand and trade under the aggression from Crocker. McKenna made some adjustments and looked to have taken the fourth and fifth. Crocker rebounded to take the sixth with some clever, accurate punching. Crocker took the seventh scoring with some hurtful bodle punches and although McKenna stayed competitive Crocker had taken over. He had McKenna under pressure and despite the courage and punch resistance of McKenna Crocker swept the last three rounds. Scores 100-90 twice and 98-92. McKenna constituted a higher level of opponent for Crocker and he came through the test in impressive style. McKenna had lost big fights against Ohara Davies and Regis Prograis but then squeezed past Chris Jenkins on a very close decision in August last year. However, he has decided to bring the curtain down and announced his retirement.
McComb vs. Maxwell
McComb boxes his way to victory whilst scoring three knock downs. McCcomb was boxing cleverly from the start with plenty of slick movement whilst landing quick right jabs and long lefts. Maxwell had some success when he could catch McComb against the ropes but McComb was doing most of the scoring taking advantage of Maxwell overreaching himself. McComb scored with a good series if head punches in the third and clipped Maxwell with a right at the end of the round but Maxwell was unhurt. McComb again scored with a combination of head punches in the fourth then snapped Maxwell’s head back with a left in the fifth before putting Maxwell down for a flash knockdown. Maxwell continued to chase McComb down but the fast hands and footwork of McComb frustrated him. A cracking straight right from McComb dropped Maxwell in the ninth and McComb carefully boxed his way through the tenth . Scores 100-87 twice and 99-88 for McComb who was defending the WBO European belt. McComb lost to Gavin Gwynne in 2021 but has now put together a run of seven wins and is No 8 with the WBO. Maxwell won both the British and Commonwealth titles but has now lost 3 of his last 4 fights. 

Marseille, France: Super Middle: Kevin Lele Sadjo (21-0) W TKO 4 Abraham Buonarrigo (12-5). Light: Sofiane Oumiha (5-0) W PTS 10 Jose Napoles (15-2-2). Middle: Milan Prat (21-1) W PTS 8 Alfonso Bianco (18-3). Middle: Bilel Jkitou (18-2) W RTD 1 Michel Marcano (31-10-1). Middle: Bakary Samake (14-0) W TKO 1 Jairo Moran (8-6).
Sadjo vs. Buonarrigo
Sadjo wins again this time in defence of the WBO Inter-Continental title. “Punisher” Sadjo attacked hard from the start putting Buonarrigo on the defensive. Sadjo landed heavily in the third and then floored Buonarrigo twice with left hooks in the forth to force the stoppage. Sadjo, 33, moves to nineteen wins by KO/TKO. He is No 6 with the WBC and a fight against unbeaten Christian Mbilli, the WBA No 1 would be one to savour. Sadjo was to have defended the European title against Giovanni De Carolis but the Italian pulled out with an injury. First inside the distance loss for Buonarrigo
Oumiha vs. Napoles
Oumiha remains unbeaten as he takes the decision over Napoles. Oumiha was made to work hard for his win. Napoles pressed hard with Oumiha having to use his abundant skills to keep Napoles out. It was close until Ouhima pulled away over the last three rounds to take the verdict 97-93 twice and 99-91. Ouhima, three-time world amateur champion, will try to qualify for the Olympics next year and is hoping to fit in a couple more fights before the Olympic Qualifiers and intends to fight 100% as a pro after that. Napoles is the grandson of the great Jose Napoles.
Prat vs. Blanco
Prat returns with a win as he decisions Venezuelan Blanco. Prat showed he had learned the lessons from his loss to Slaw Spomer in October he had a tighter defence and paced the fight better. He was comfortably ahead and then dropped Blanco twice in the last round winning on scores of 80-72, 78-72 and 79-71. His aim is now to travel to the USA for a fight in February. Blanco had lost to France’s Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam for the interim WBA middle title in 2018
Jkitou vs. Marcano
Jkitou brushes aside Venezuelan Marcano who retires after the first round. Third win this year for Jkitou whose losses have come against Sam Eggington and David Papot. Marcano has seven inside the distance losses on his record.
Samake v. Moran
Another win for promising Samake as he stops Peruvian Moran in the first round. The 20-year-old from Aubervilliers has eight wins by KO/TKO and holds the IBF Youth title. Moran is 1-3 in his last 4 bouts. 

Ludwigsburg, Germany: Light Heavy: Felix Sturm (44-6-3) W TKO 9 Sukru Altay (15-4). Light Heavy: Luca Cinqueoncie (18-0) W KO 4 Mirko Koenig (7-2). Light Heavy: Hamza Salahudin (11-0) W RTD 4 Cesar Cuenca (48-5,2ND).Middle: Bujar Tahiri (15-0) W Melbyn Hernandez (7-8-2).
Sturm vs. Altay
Sturm’s better skills and pacing of the fight proved too much for the feisty Altay and he is stopped in the ninth. Altay made an aggressive start storming forward throwing punches but Sturm hid behind a tight guard and countered well. Altay continued his attacks in the second and seemed to do enough to edge the round. The third was close with Altay throwing lots of punches but without much accuracy and despite all of his effort the accuracy of Sturm might have just taken it. Sturm was scoring with a steady stream of body punches but at times his punch output was low and that was allowing Altay some success on volume alone but Sturm was conserving energy for the rounds ahead. The body punches began to take effect in the sixth and Altay was visibly tiring by the end of the seventh. He kept right on fighting but was beginning to come apart and had nothing left in the ninth and was taking some heavy punishment leading the referee to come in and save him. At 44 and after 22 years as a pro Strum is trying to work his way to one more title shot but as his loss to Istvan Szilli proved last year he has to be careful in picking his opponents or he will blow his chance. He is currently unrated and he would have to challenge either Artur Beterbiev or Dmitry Bivol so he may not get to finish on a high note. Altay, 39, had given Sturm a hard fight in February but was well beaten here.
Cinqueoncie vs. Koenig
Too easy for unbeaten Cinqueoncie as he finishes’ Koenig in the fourth round. The 6’2” Cinqueoncie towered over the 5’7” Koenig and landed heavily in the first two rounds. He seemed to go off the boil in the third but put Koenig down with a combination in the fourth and the fight was over. Thirteen wins by KO/TKO for the 22-year-old German but against very modest opponents. First inside the distance loss for fellow-Germann Koenig.
Salahudin vs. Cuenca
German light heavyweight Salahudin beats oldie Cuenca on a fourth round retirement. Salahudin was just too young and too big for a way over the hill Cuenca. The 42-year-old former IBF light welter champion was 5” smaller carrying 20lbs of excess weight and after four rounds had had enough. Salahudin 
 was moving up to eight rounds for the first time. Only the fourth fight in over seven years for Cuenca and he has lost them all.
Tahiri vs. Hernandez
Tahiri rolls on with another win as he takes a unanimous decision over Venezuelan southpaw Hernandez. No scores available as Tahiri settles for a points win again. His seventh in his last eight fights. Hernandez is 0-9-1 in his last ten fights.

Whangarei, New Zealand: Mea Motu (18-0) W PTS 10 Chandni Mehra (12-5-1). Light Heavy: Lani Daniels (10-2-2) W PTS 10 Desley Robinson (5-2).Light Heavy: Jerome Pampellone (18-0) W TKO 1 Rogelio Medina (41-10)
Motu vs. Mehra
Motu retains the IBO belt in front of her home fans as she takes a unanimous decision over India’s Mahra. A focused body attack and relentless pressure won this one for Motu. Mehra did well to stand up to the vicious body shots but she lacked the power to keep Motu out. She too often resorted to holding and was eventually deducted a point. She was also cut under her left eye and despite some good skills she just could not match the power and aggression of Motu who won on scores of 100-89, 99-90 and 98-91 in her second defence of her title.
Daniels vs. Robinson
Daniels makes it a home town double but has to work hard to retain the IBF light heavyweight title against tough Australian battler Robinson. This one was close all the way with Robinson taking whatever Daniels threw at her and banging back. All of the rounds were close and the decision could have gone either way but Daniels took the nod on scores of 97-93 and 96-94 with the third judge having it 95-95. Daniels becomes the first New Zealander to hold two titles in different divisions and she is talking of going down to super middle and as a former IBF heavyweight title holder she might yet be a three-division champion. 
Pampellone vs. Medina
Pampellone crushes experienced Medina in one round. Pampellone floored Medina early and after the count connected with a combination of head shots that dropped Medina again and the referee stopped the fight. That makes it eleven wins by KO/TKO for the London-born New Zealander who is ready for better opposition. Medina, 35, lost on points against James De Gale for the IBF super middle title in 2016. He was stopped in eight rounds by David Benavidez in 2017 but went the full twelve rounds in losing to Caleb Plant in 2018 and had won his last four fights. 

November 29

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Welter: Fabian Maidana(22-2) W PTS 10 Israel Lopez 11-5-1). Light: Alan Chaves (15-0) W KO 2 Jhan Camacho (7-1-1). Light: Juan Carrasco (20-1 ) W KO 2 Flecher Silva (15-3).
Maidana vs. Lopez
Maidana hands out a beating to Nicaraguan Lopez but can’t put him away. Maidana rocked Lopez with solid rights in every round so much so that one judge scored two rounds 10-8 but Lopez soaked up the punishment and made it to the final bell. Scores 100-88, 100-90 and 99-90. Maidana was making the second defence of the WBC Latino belt.
Chaves vs. Camacho
After dominating the action in the first round Chaves ended it in the second. He forced Camacho to the ropes with hooks and then landed a straight right that sent Camacho down and he was counted out. Eighth consecutive inside the distance victory for southpaw Chaves who was defending the Youth title for the third time. Colombian teenager Camacho in over his head
Carrasco vs. Silla
Carrasco wipes out Silva. He floored Silva in the first but also hit Silva when he was down but the referee let that go. Silva was dropped by a right in the second. He beat the count but was down from another right and the referee immediately waived the fight over. Fifteenth win in a row for Carrasco and third defence of the South American belt.

Plant City, FL, USA: Super Feather: Orlando Gonzalez (22-2) W PTS 10 Jorge Castaneda (16-3). Welter: Tarik Zaina (13-0-1) W PTS 10 Marcelino Lopez (37-4-1).
Gonzalez vs. Castaneda
After dominating early Gonzalez has to fight hard to take a split decision over Castaneda. Gonzalez shook Castaneda with a southpaw left in the first. Castaneda came through that crisis but was down from a right in the second. Castaneda recovered and took the fight Gonzalez with a right in the fourth. Gonzalez used his better skills to outbox Castaneda over the middle rounds and built a lead. He needed that as Castaneda came on strong over the last two rounds to make it very close. Gonzalez took the win on scores of 97-92 and 96-93 against 95-94 for Castaneda. Fourth win in a row for Puerto Rican Gonzalez as he wins the WBA Continental North America belt. Texan Castaneda had scored a win over unbeaten Youssef Khoumari in London but was stopped in a round last year by rated Eduardo Hernandez
Zania vs. Lopez
Zania wins a points victory over experienced Lopez. Zania fought this one on the back foot. He used a pesky jab and clever skills to outbox Lopez. The Argentinian kept marching forward trying to hunt Zania down but had no real guard against Zania’s jab with Zania adding an occasional straight right when he saw a gap. Lopez was relentless and had some success when he managed to pin Zania against the ropes but Zania kept pumping out a stream of Jabs. Neither boxer was ever in trouble and the fight was fast-paced but largely one-sided, Scores 99-91, 98-92 and 97-93 for Zania. He is Moroccan-born with British nationality and based in Tijuan so quite a mix there. Lopez, 37, a former Argentinian lightweight champion, was 29-0-1 at the start of his career but was inactive in 2020 and 2022 and this is his second points loss this year

December 1

Panama City, Panama: Welter: Derrieck Cuevas (27-1-1) W TKO 6 W Marlon Aguas (14-2). Super Middle: Uwel Hernandez (17-1) W KO 8 Alex Rivera (4-1).Light Fly: Azael Villar (20-2-4) W PTS 10 Ricardo Astuvilca (23-2).
Cuevas vs. Aguas
Puerto Rican Cuevas stops Aguas in the sixth round. Cuevas tried to use his longer reach to keep the smaller Aguas on the back foot but Aguas was quick and tricky and was getting his punches off first and won the first two rounds. Cuevas upped his pace in the third but was still being caught by overhand rights and quick little bursts of punches from Aguas. The fourth again saw fast attacks of hooks and uppercuts from Aguas getting through and he had clearly won the first four rounds with Cuevas looking very pedestrian. Aguas was confident enough to take the fight to Cuevas in the fifth standing and trading punches. Just before the bell Cuevas connected with a right to the head that floored Aguas. He made it to his feet as the bell rang. Cuevas hunted Aguas in the sixth and when a series of punches had Aguas staggering the referee stopped the fight. Nineteenth inside the distance victory for WBA No 10 Cuevas but he was far from impressive. Ecuadorian Aguas had put together a run of five wins.
Hernandez vs. Rivera
Rivera has a very stiff, stilted style which Hernandez had a little trouble with early. Hernandez stuck to his strong jabbing and was much quicker than the light punching Colombian who tended to dive in with his attacks and was twice warned for dangerous use of his head. Herrnandez was landing plenty of combinations and single rights as he controlled the action. In the fourth Hernandez body slammed Rivera to the floor and it looked as through Rivera was going to refuse to continue but the referee helped him up and gave Hernandez a warning. Hernandez looked close to finishing the fight in the fifth as he drove Rivera around the ring with a storm of punches but Rivera stayed up. Rivera recovered and traded punches through the sixth but a right to the head stunned him at the end of the seventh and only the bell saved him. He was under fire and not punching back in the eighth and the referee stopped the fight. German-based Cuban Hernandez was defending the WBO Gold belt against a fighter with a 11-3 record which shows the value of that title. Tenth win by KO/TKO for Hernandez. Rivera was coming off two wins over fighters with negative records.
Villar vs. Astuvilca
Although giving away a lot in height Astuvilca gave Villar problems with his lunging attacks throwing hooks from both hands and taking Villar out of his stride. Astuvilca won the first two rounds with that unorthodox approach but Villar began to settle in the third using his longer reach to score at distance and kept blunting the Peruvian’s attacks and landing hooks on the advancing Astuvilca. Villar had his answer to Astuvilca tactics and from the third looked to have taken every round without totally subduing Astuvilca and he won on points with scores of 98-92 twice and 96-94. Villar the WBA No 8, was in need of a win after being 0-1-1 in his previous two outings.Astuvilca had lost on points against Erick Rosa for the interim WBA minimum title in 2021

Miami, FL, USA: Super Fly: Winston Guerrero (20-0) W KO 3 Charlie Clemente-Andino (12-2). Light: Chann Thonson (16-0) W TKO 2 Juan Santiago (16-24-3).
Guerrero vs. Clemente-Andino
Nicaraguan Guerrero kayos Clemente-Andino in the third round. Guerrero was supposed to get his first taste of ten round boxing but ended this in the third for his thirteenth win by KO/TKO. Clemente-Andino was knocked out in the seventh round by Guillermo Rigondeaux in June. 
Thonson vs. Santiago
Canadian Thonson stops Santiago in the second round. Thonson floored Santiago in the first and after another knockdown in the second the fight was stopped. Seven consecutive wins by KO/TKO for Thonson. Santiago’s recent form is 0-8-1.

Houston, IX, USA: Light: Omar Salcido (18-1) W PTS 8 Luis Coria (15-6). Welter: Jalil Hackett (8-0) W TKO 3 Adrian Gutierrez (12-2-1).
Salcido vs. Coria
Salcido boxes his wat to victory over Coria. After a close first round Salcido began to dominate the fight with some neat moves and was landing to head and body with Coria struggling to get a toe-hold in the fight. It was in the late rounds before Coria had any significant success and although he closed strongly he could not overcome Salcido’s early lead and Salcido took the decision with all three judges scoring it 78-74 for Salcido. He had lost his 100% record on points against unbeaten Jose Nunez in October. After three losses against good level opposition Coria had rebounded with three wins.
Hackett vs. Gutierrez
Rising prospect Hackett was far too good for Gutierrez. A left to the head had Gutierrez dizzy at the end of the first and Hackett ignored his edges in height and reach to fight inside in the second raking Gutierrez with shots to head and body. He dropped Gutierrez with a thumping left hook in the third and although Gutierrez beat the count Hackett bombarded him with punches until the referee had seen enough and stopped the fight. Hackett, 20, now has seven inside the distance wins including five in a row. After twelve wins Gutierrez has now suffered back-to-back losses 

December 2

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Fly: Ramon Quiroga (6-1-1) DREW 10 Mario Gutierrez (9-5-1). Super Feather: Jose Matias Romero (28-3) W PTS 10 Jackson Furtado (10-2). Super Feather; Josue Aguero (10-0) W TKO 1 Pablo Ojeda (19-7-1).
Quiroga vs. Gutierrez
Quiroga and Gutierrez ended all even in a fast-paced close fight. Quiroga had the better of the early rounds boxing behind a strong jab and good defence. As the fight developed Mexican southpaw Gutierrez upped his work rate and although his punches were not heavy the quantity allowed him to cut into the home fighters lead. There was never much between them but Quiroga looked to have just edged it over the last two rounds but it ended as a majority draw with two scores of 95-95 and 97-93 for Quiroga who retains the WBA Fedelatin belt
Romero vs. Furtado
Romero outboxes Brazilian Furtado. Romero boxed cleverly at distance avoiding or blocking Furtado’s punches and avoiding any sustained exchanges. Furtado just could not put Romero under any real pressure and over the closing rounds Romero stayed inside and traded punches more and ran out an easy winner on scores of 99-91 twice and 98-92. Romero’s losses have come against world class opposition in Isaac Cruz, Michel Rivera and Robeisy Ramirez and he wins the vacant WBO Latino title here.
Aguero vs. Ojeda
Aguero stops Ojeda in the first round. A powerful right from Aguero staggered Ojeda and the referee gave Ojeda a standing count. A right to the head then dropped Ojeda to his hands and knees and after the count he went down from two left hooks to the body and the fight was stopped. Aguero keeps his 100% record with his fifth win by KO/TKO and picks up the vacant WBA Fedelatin belt. Ojeda came in as a late substitute. 

Pittsworth, Australia: Welter: Jackson Griffiths (12-0) W KO 4 Kristana Srisang (9-2). 
Griffiths vs. Srisang
Griffiths, 21, gets his sixth inside the distance victory with kayo of former bareknuckle battler Srisang
Naito vs. Magalva

Northbridge, Australia: Light Fly: Alex Winwood (4-0 ) W PTS 10 Chris Ganoza (20-6). 
Winwood gets his fourth win as he outpoints Filipino Ganoza. Winwood was too quick and the visitor was too limited to cause Winwood many problems. Winwood worked his jab well consistently switched guards and landed heavy body punches throughout the fight. He punished an already fading Ganoza with body punches in the sixth and seventh and kept the pressure on over the last three rounds with all three judges scoring it 100-90 for Winwood. He qualified for the Toko Olympics and 2022 Commonweal Games but lost to Zambian Chinyemba on points in Tokyo and on a second round kayo in the Commonwealth Games. He is No 2 with the WBC. Ganoza lost on two quick stoppage in Japan last year but had scored a low level win in July.

Sydney, Canada: Cruiser: Ryan Rozicki (20-1) W TKO 1 Olan Durodola (43-10).
Rozicki gets quick win in WBC Final eliminator. Rozicki shook Durodola early and then bombarded Durodola with punches until the referee halted the fight. Now 19 inside the distance victories for Rozicki who will get a chance to challenge Noel (Gevor) Mikaelyan. Rozicki’s loss was a points defeat against Oscar Rivas for the inaugural WBC Bridgerweight title in 2021. Nigeria Durodola, 43 , lost to Ilunga Makabu for the WBC title in 2020 and to Richard Riakporhe in 2021 but had won his last seven fights by KO/TKO against African opposition.

Pickering, Canada: Super Welter: Brandon Cook (26-2) W TKO 3 Luis Vidales (24-10). Super Welter: Sukhdeep Singh Bhatti (17-0) W TKO 1 Yaser Yuksel (15-7-1). Heavy: Ricardo Brown (10-0) W TKO 1 Jozsef Darmos (14-7-2). Middle: Kemahi Russell (16-1) W KO 3 Rafael Amarillas (16-5-1).
Cook v. Vidales
Cook, 37, stops Vidales in three rounds for his eighteenth inside the distance victory and his seventh win in a row since loss to Jaime Munguia for the WBO super welter title in 2018. Mexican Vidales had lost every round in a fight against Bhatti in September. 
Bhatti vs. Yuksel
Indian Bhatti blitzes Yuksel. Bhatti walked out of his corned and clouted Yuksel with a right to the head. He then unleashed a storm of punches forcing Yuksel to the ropes and banged away at Yuksel until the referee jumped in and stopped the fight. All over in fourteen seconds without Yuksel throwing a punch. It looked a too early stoppage but Bhatti gets his seventh quick wins German Yuksel protested strongly but suffers his third loss by KO/TKO.
Brown vs. Darmos
Jamaican Brown disposes of Darmos in the first round. The 6’7 ½” Brown has won all ten of his fights inside the distance taking less than 15 rounds to win the ten fights. He was a bronze medallist at the Pan American Games and represented Jamaica at the Tokyo Olympics. Fourth loss by KO/TKO for Darmos.
Russell vs. Amarillas
Russell continues his comeback with a third round win over Mexican Amarillas. Third win by KO/TKO for Russell after returning to action in April after a five year break. Five consecutive losses for Amarillas.

Beziers, France: Super Feather: Jaouad Belmehdi (19-1-3) W RTD 5 Reuquen Arce(17-13-2). 
Fighting in front of his home fans Belmehdi beats Argentinian Arce on a fifth round retirement. Belmehdi dropped Arce heavily in the fifth and Arce retired at the end of the round. Belmehdi was wiped out in 35 seconds by Gary Cully in October last year and has won over three very modest opponents as he rebuilds. Only two wins in his last eight fights for Arce. 

Budapest, Hungary: Middle: Renato Egedi (20-1-2) W PTS 8 Kulwa Bushiri (17-8-1). Super Middle: Mate Kis (22-1-2) W PTS 8 Robert Talarek (27-23-3).
Egedi vs. Bushiri
Home southpaw Egedi extends his current unbeaten run with a unanimous decision over Tanzanian Bushiri. No scores available. Egedi is 17-0-2 in that run. 
Kis vs. Talarek
Kis takes a unanimous verdict over perennial Polish loser Talarek but again no scores available. Kis lost on a seventh round kayo against fellow-Hungarian Istvan Szili back in 2020 but has rebuilt with five victories. Eighth consecutive defeat for Talarek.

Colima, Mexico: Super Bantam: Oswaldo Garcia (17-0-1,1ND) W TKO 4 Jesus Valle (11-15-2). Light Heavy: Ronald Gavril (24-3) W KO 2 Marcelo Molina (23-24-1,1ND).
Garcia vs. Valle
Garcia continues to progress as he stops Valle in the fourth round. The “Gypsy” from Cancun makes it thirteen victories bn KO/TKO . He suffered a loss in August but that was changed to a No Decision.
Gavril vs. Molina
Romanian Gavril makes it six wins in a row. He fought David Benavidez twice losing on a split decision for the vacant WBC title in 2017 and then in a return fight on a wide points decision in 2018. He is the only fighter to have taken Benavidez that close. Now 37 he is fighting very modest opposition on small shows. Argentinian Molina has lost his last eight fights all by KO/TKO.

Windhoek, Namibia: Super Bantam: Fillipus Nghitumbwa (13-2) W KO 1 Thato Bonokoane (14-6-3).
Nghitumbwa destroys Bonokoane in one round. A solid left hook sent the South African down and he was unable to beat the count. Nghitumbwa put up a great fight in losing on points against John Riel Casimero for the WBO Global title in May and won the WBO African title in this fight. He will be looking to move up to more of the Casimero level fights in 2024. Bonokoane won the WBFederation title in his last fight in October last year 

Koscierzyna, Poland: Heavy: Nikodem Jezewski (24-2-1,1ND) W PTS 8 Jakub Sosinski (8-4-1).
After losses to Lawerence Okolie and Artur Mann at cruiserweight Jezewski moves up to heavyweight and outpoints Sosinski. Although 3” shorter and 38lbs heavier than Jerzewski Sosinski tried to use that heavier poundage to bully Jezewski in the first but Jezewski put him in his place flooring the heavier man with a right hook. Jezewski then used some strong jabs to dictate the action and by the end of then fifth Sosinski was puffing heavily and bleeding from his nose and mouth. There was one moment of concern in the sixth when Sosinski connected with a heavy right but Jezewski was back in control in the seventh and boxed his way comfortably to victory with two judges scoring it 80-71 and the other 79-72. Jezewski was having his first fight for fourteen months. Fourth loss in a row for Sosinski. 

Miami, FL, USA: Middle: Ian Green (18-2) W KO 8 Vaughan Alexander (18-8-1). Light: Antonio Perez (9-0) W PTS 10 Haskell Rhodes (29-6-1). Welter: Tre’Sean Wiggins (16-5-3) W TKO 1 Chris Howard (18-3-1). Middle: Alexander Castro (14-1) W PTS 10 Harry Cubano (8-4). 
Green vs. Alexander
Green makes a successful defence of the WBA Continental Americas title with an eighth round kayo of Alexander. Green used his speedy, accurate jabbing to control this fight. There was a momentary blip when he was shaken by a right in the sixth but a body shot sent Alexander down in the eighth and he was unable to beat the count. Alexander had lost on points to WBA No 1 Christian Mbilli in December.
Perez vs. Rhodes 
Perez wins the vacant WBC International title as he outclasses Rhodes. The 21-year-old from Pennsylvania outboxed the more experienced Rhodes and floored him twice on the way to winning 100-88 on the three cards. First time up at ten rounds for Perez who is a former USA Youth champion. After being out for almost four years Rhodes, 36, is 2-2 in recent action.
Wiggins vs. Howard
Wiggins disposes of Howard in the first round. Wiggins dropped Howard and although Howard made it to his feet a further assault by Wiggins saw the fight stopped. Ninth inside the distance finish for Wiggins and fifth win in a row as he retains the NABA belt First inside the distance loss for Howard, 
Castro vs. Cruz
Colombian Castro won the vacant NABA belt with a wide decision over Puerto Rican-born Cruz. Scores 98-92 twice and 99-91, Castro had lost a split decision to Ian Green in January.

Fight of the week: (Significance): Ryan Garcia’s win adds another factor to the talent-rich lightweights
Fight of the week: (Entertainment): Caoimhin Agyarko vs. Tony Williamson was an entertaining clash of styles with honourable mention to Chloe Watson vs. Justine Lallemand 
Fighter of the week: Jordan Gil for his unexpected crushing of Michael Conlan
Punch of the week: I go for the left hook from Floyd Schofield that marked the beginning of the end for Ricardo Lopez
Upset of the week: Has to be Gill’s win over Conlan
Prospect watch: Welter Jalil Major Hackett 8-0 managed and promoted by Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Rosette: Great show in Belfast with some good ten round matches supporting Gill vs. Conlan 
Red Card: Sam Noakes for the number of full on punches to the back of the head against Carlos Perez. What does it say about the male psyche that the referee when giving his pre-fight instructions will always warn sternly about punches below the belt but never about punches to the back of the head. They are both fouls but a boxer is ten times more likely to be disqualified for low punches than for punches to the back of the head. It seems we are more concerned with out testicles than we are our brains.

-Oh, how the mighty have fallen. From the Rumble in the Jungle and Thriller in Manila to the “Peoples Champions”:
Rhodes Box Rec No 382 vs. Perez No 146
Green No 64 vs. Alexander No 69
Wiggins No 152 vs. Howard No 556
Castro No 232 vs. Cruz No 392
“Peoples Champions” which people would that be Don?
-So French star Sofiane Oumiha has dipped his toe back into professional boxing for a couple of fights but has his sights on the 2024 Olympics and will then return to the professional ranks again. There is no longer even a blurred line between professional and amateur boxing. I would suggest using Proam to identify these switchers but that sounds too much like golf and Ampro too much like a patented medicine so boxing has no term for these switchers.
-Mexican super bantamweight Oswaldo Garcia has an unbeaten 17-0-1, 1 No Decision record. The No Decision was a loss that has been changed to a No Decision. This has been changed because “no rules meeting, no weigh in and no administrative oversight” which makes the home body seem like a Mickey Mouse outfit but you won’t hear Garcia complaining. I assume they did have a ring, a referee and some judges 
-The show in Marseilles points to some interesting times for middleweights and super middleweights in France with Kevin Lee Sadjo 21-0, Milan Pratt 21-1, Bilel Jkitou 18-2 and Bakary Samake 14-0 all winning and when you add in WBA & WBC No 1 Christian Mbilli 25-0 it could see some good fights against imports if not each other and Sajo vs. Mbilli would be a huge 50/50 match
- It would have been stupid to think that the WBA would not come up with a different name for the WBC’s Bridgerweight division. When the WBC decided to personalise the division as a tribute to a brave young boy that guaranteed that none of the other sanctioning bodies, if they introduced the division, would use the same name and super cruiserweight makes more sense in boxing terms. It was also inevitable that if the WBC introduced the division the WBO would dismiss the idea. A look at the weight divisions in female boxing typifies that “not invented by me so I aren’t going to do it” The four bodies have totally different approaches to the heavyweight division for females:
IBF over 200lbs
WBA have no heavyweights rated but if they did it would be over 175 lbs
WBC +over 76.21 KG / +168.1 LB
WBO over 200lbs
Four different bodies and three different weights for the same division !!!

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