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The Past Week in Action 15 November 2021: Martinez, Munguia, Benavidez Victorious

Martinez drops Galahad
-Kiko Martinez pulls off huge shock as he floors Kid Galahad twice and stops him in six rounds to win the IBF featherweight title.
-Jaime Munguia gets wide unanimous decision over Gabriel Rosado
-David Benavidez beats Kyrone Davis in seven rounds and brother Jose draws with Francisco Torres
-Chris Billam-Smith outpoints Dylan Bregeon in EBU cruiserweight title defence
-In Female title fights Lourdes Juarez scores unanimous decision over Luiz Elena Aguilar to retain WBC super flyweight title, Dane Dina Thorslund knocks out Zulina Munoz in defence of her WBO Female bantam title and Alycia Baumgardner stops Terri Harper in four rounds to win the WBC and IBO super feather titles

World Title/Major Shows

November 13

Sheffield, England: Feather: Kiko Martinez (43-10-2) W TKO 6 Kid Galahad (28-2). Cruiser: Chris Billam-Smith (14-1) W PTS 12 Dylan Bregeon (11-2-1). Super Feather: Alycia Baumgardner (11-1) W TKO 4Terri Harper (11-1-1). Super Light: Dom Hunt (8-0) W PTS 10 James Flint (9-1-1).
Martinez vs. Galahad

When I was a mere lad the group the Four Aces had a hit with a song titled “You Gotta Have Heart” that could be Kiko Martinez’s theme tune. The former IBF super bantamweight title holder had lost in three subsequent world title attempts and at 35 needed a manipulation of the ratings to get a shot at title holder Galahad. He lost the first four rounds of their fight but just kept on coming and eventually stopped Galahad to become a two division title winner as he halted Galahad in the sixth round to win the IBF title. From the first round Galahad was just too quick for Martinez. He was constantly switching guards and connecting with straight shots with both hands. Martinez just kept coming forward walking through Galahad’s punches trying to get within range to score with hooks but was eating punches. He was cut over his right eye in the third and lost all of the first four rounds as Galahad peppered him with hooks and uppercuts and slid away from Martinez’s attempts to cut off the ring. Martinez stepped up his pace in the fifth storming forward. Galahad continued to pepper Martinez with punches back could not keep him out and late in the fifth a sizzling right hook to the head sent Galahad down heavily. Galahad only just made it to his feet and he was badly shaken and luckily for him the bell at the end of the count. The first punch Martinez threw just five seconds into the sixth round was 1 which sent Galahad down flat on his back with his head bouncing off the canvas and the referee immediately waived the fight over and Galahad was down receiving medical attention for a while. Huge surprise but as Martinez showed you can never write off a fighter with a warrior’s heart and a punch to match. Galahad was 1lb 1oz. over at the first weigh-in but subsequently made the weight. Having fought for twelve years to win a title it is a huge blow to lose the title in his first defence. Martinez looked a reasonably safe choice as a challenger but after this bad knockout Galahad has a massive rebuilding jab ahead of him but he has said that he wants a return fight with Martinez.
Billam-Smith vs. Bregeon
Billam-Smith makes successful first defence of the European title against Frenchman Bregeon. In the early rounds Bregeon seemed more interested in wrestling and holding with Billam-Smith doing what scoring there was. Billam-Smith managed to connect with body shots in the second and third but Bregeon was content to smother Billam-Smith’s attacks. Bregeon connected with a big right cross at the start of the fourth and showed a useful jab but rarely used it to any effect. The fifth had some good exchanges with both landing strong shot but Bregeon looked to be tiring from the sixth with Billam-Smith landing clubbing head punches when he could make some room. Billam-Smith scored heavily in the ninth with Bregeon trying to punch back but flagging and a stoppage looked possible but Bregeon rallied. Billam-Smith stormed forward over the closing rounds and a tiring Bregeon struggled to make it to the final bell. Scores 119-109 twice and 120-109 for Billam-Smith. Former French champion Bregeon lacked the strength to match Billam-Smith.
Baumgardner vs. Harper
Second upset in a title fight on this show as Baumgardner stops Harper in the fourth round. These two exchanged heavy punches in the first but there were danger signals for Harper as she was shaken by an overhand right in the second. Harper did better in the third but Baumgardner continued to look dangerous with rights. In the fourth a right to the head from Baumgardner stiffened Harper’s legs and she half turned away out on her feet. Luckily the referee jumped in quickly to protect Harper before Baumgardner could land another punch. With her seventh inside the distance win the 27-year-old American wins the WBC and IBO titles that Harper was defending. Harper had been plagued with hand injuries including one in her last fight a title defence in November 2020. There is a return clause in the contract but Harper will need a long rest due to the nature this chilling loss
Hunt v Flint 
Hunt and Flint produced an entertaining fight in which their styles melded well. Hunt had the more aggressive tactics with Flint busier and putting together some smart combinations. Hunt’s pressure paid off and he took the deserved decision on a score of 98-93 to lift the vacant BBB of C Central Area title. Both were testing the water at ten rounds for the first time.

Phoenix, Arizona, USA: Super Middle: David Benavidez (25-0) W TKO 7 Kyrone Davis (16-3-1). Super Welter: Jose Benavidez (27-1-1) DREW 10 Francisco Torres (17-3-1). Feather: Keenan Carbajal (23-2-1) W TKO 4 Josean Bonilla (12-7-2).

Benavidez vs. Davis
A typical Benavidez fight as he slowly breaks down and batters Davis to defeat in seven rounds. Davis danced his way around the perimeter of the ring in the opener. Benavidez tracked him connecting with a few rights with Davis hardly throwing a punch. Davis was more positive in the second showing some sharp jabbing and firing a couple of quick combinations. At the end of the round Benavidez caught up with Davis and scored with bursts punches to head and body. Benavidez continued to walk Davis down in the fourth and fifth. Davis slowed and stood and traded more fighting back against the punishment Benavidez was handing out. He paid for that in the fifth when he looked ready to go but he fought back and survived. Davis put in a big effort at the start of the sixth. Again he was standing in front of Benavidez and trading punches. When Benavidez landed heavily Davis taunted Benavidez and invited him to throw some more. Benavidez did and all of the fight went out of Davis as Benavidez walked forward landing thumping hooks to the body and straight rights. Davis threw an occasional counter but by the bell was taking heavy hits and again looking ready to go. Benavidez pounded Davis with punches driving him around the ropes until the towel came flying from Davis’ corner. The 24-year-old former WBC title holder is No 1 with the WBC and the fight he wants is with Saul Alvarez but there is no guarantee he will get that fight. Alvarez will make that decision with the names of Gennady Golovkin –probably the fight the fans would want- Artur Beterbiev, Jaime Munguia, Jermall Charlo also being mentioned but Benavidez has indicated that he too has other options. Davis had taken this fight at two week’s notice and that was a factor. He had found his way into the fight after a negative start but the power of Benavidez particular his body punching proved too much in the end. 

Benavidez vs. Torres
Benavidez fails to make it a family double and looks fortunate to get a draw against Argentinian Torres. Benavidez was in his first fight since losing on a twelfth round stoppage against Terence Crawford for the WBO welter title back in 2018 and Torres took advantage of that to outbox Benavidez in the first. Benavidez did a bit better in the second and third but good movement from Torres and accurate jabbing looked to give him the edge. Torres had a good fourth with strong body attacks from Benavidez getting him into the fight in the fifth and sixth which were close rounds. Pressure from Benavidez had Torres on the back foot for much of the eighth and ninth. Benavidez was landing the heavier shots but Torres found plenty of gaps for counters. With the fight seemingly in the balance Torres produced an impressive last round and looked to have done enough to get the verdict but two judges scored it 95-95 and the third saw it for Benavidez 96-94. A close call for Benavidez the elder brother of David. He was only just inside the middleweight limit for this fight, 13lbs heavier than when he fought Crawford, but he will probably aim to get a few pounds off for his next fight. Former undefeated Argentinian champion Torres had won his last nine fights including victories in the USA and Colombia and has boosted his stock with his performance in this fight.
Carbajal vs. Bonilla
Carbajal moves to 18 consecutive wins with stoppage of Bonilla. The tall local featherweight, the nephew of Hall of Fame inductee Michael Carbajal, was an ordinary 5-2-1 at the start of his career. Bonilla had been inactive since January 2019.

Anaheim, CA, USA: Middle: Jaime Munguia (38-0) W PTS 12 Gabriel Rosado (26-14-1,1ND). Fly: Arely Mucino (30-3-2,1ND) W PTS 10 Jacky Calvo (14-7-2). Middle: D’Mitrius Ballard (21-0-1,2ND) W PTS 10 Paul Valenzuela (26-10). Welter: Alexis Rocha (18-1) W TKO 9 Jeovanis Barraza (23-2). Light: William Zepeda (24-0) W TKO 4 John Vincent Moralde (24-5).

Munguia vs. Rosado
Impressive show from Munguia as he outworks and outscores Rosado who was always dangerous and although Munguia won by good margins Rosado played his part in an entertaining contest. Munguia was the busier fighter from the start. Showing growing maturity and setting the pace as he scored well with jabs and long rights. Rosado was using his jab to probe for opening for right counters but had no success. Munguia continued to take the fight to Rosado in the second outworking Rosado who was still relying heavily on his jab. There was plenty of action in the third and fourth with Rosado finally finding the target with power punches to head and body but with Munguia having Rosado rocking in the fourth. The fierce exchanges continued over the fifth and sixth with both landing cracking punches and Rosado this time rocking Munguia with a right. At the half way point Munguia had won every round but they had all been close and fiercely contested. Over the seventh and eighth Munguia was in control and Rosado looked to be feeling the pace but he still landed a cracking right late in the eighth. Munguia scored heavily at the start of the ninth but Rosado banged back strongly just before the bell. The youth and strength of Munguia told over the closing rounds as he piled on the punches with Rosado just hanging on as Munguia tried to blow him away in the last. Scores 119-109, 118-110 and 117-111 for Munguia. No doubt about the winner but Rosado made Munguia fight hard until he tired down the stretch. He could not match the work rate or power of Munguia who is rated No 1 by both the WBC and WBO so has plenty of options. Rosado has lost some big fights but always rebounds and will probably do so again.
Mucino vs. Calvo
In an all-Mexican clash Mucino racks up her ninth win in a row with a split verdict over Calvo. Most of the fight took place on the inside with Mucino dominating the exchanges. Calvo did better over the second half of the fight as the pace dropped. Mucino still looked in front but was floored late in the ninth and rocked again by a left to the head in the tenth but made it to the bell. Her early work just earned her the nod from the judges at 96-93 twice for Mucino against a 96-93 for Calvo from the third judge. Mucino is a former WBC flyweight title holder and former undefeated WBO flyweight title holder. Calvo holds the WBC International Female flyweight title.
Ballard vs. Valenzuela
Ballard had plenty of rust to shed but after a slow start he went on to take the decision over Valenzuela. Ballard was having his first fight since November 2019 and his timing was out over the first three rounds. Valenzuela tried to take advantage of that with a fast start of his own. He outscored Ballard in the first and had him in some trouble in the second. Ballard reared back out of an exchanged seeming to have inured his mouth and was momentarily shaken and had to survive a fierce attack from Valenzuela. Ballard settled into the fight and outworked Valenzuela putting Valenzuela under constant pressure putting him on the back foot and raking him with punches but Valenzuela remained competitive. Ballard opened a cut over Valenzuela’s right eye in the ninth as he swept the last three rounds to overcome Valenzuela’s early lead and take the decision on scores of 98-92 on the three cards which was a bit harsh on Valenzuela. He will now be looking to work his way into the ratings. Mexican Valenzuela has been matched tough. He was 15-1 at one stage but life has been tougher since then. 
Rocha vs. Barraza
Rocha gets a late stoppage win over Barraza. From the start Rocha made Barraza’s body his preferred target area. He used some punishing jabbing to put Barraza on the back foot and worked him over with a barrage of body punches whenever he trapped Barraza on the ropes. Barraza scored with enough counters to stay in the fight but as the rounds passed his output plunged whilst Rocha stepped up the pressure. Barraza stood and exchange punches in the eighth but was fading badly and when in the ninth Rocha again pinned Barraza to the ropes and pounded him with punches the referee stopped the fight. This is the second win for the 24-year-old Californian since losing a close decision to Rashidi Ellis in October last year and he has now put his career back on track. Colombian Barraza had lost on a second round stoppage in July 2019 against former amateur star Gabriel Maestre in Maestre’s first paid fight but had rebuilt with three wins against reasonable level opponents.
Zepeda vs. Moralde
Another power show from Zepeda as he beats Moralde in four rounds. Filipino Moralde tried to use his longer reach to keep Zepeda out in the first but Zepeda was scoring with right jabs and straight lefts. Zepeda increased the pressure in the second hunting Moralde around the ring. Moralde tried to stand and trade with Zepeda in the third but was bombarded by slashing combinations to head and body. Zepeda was ruthless in the fourth overwhelming Moralde with punch after punch until Moralde could not take any more and turned away from the action in surrender. The 25-year-old Mexican southpaw has won 22 of his 24 fights by KO/TKO including a current run of fourteen in a row giving him a 91.67 kayo percentage. His previous two victims 23-2-1 Robert Ramirez and 19-0 Hector Tanajara were credible opponents and he mercilessly brushed them aside and is ready for a test against a rated fighter. 

November 11

Tokyo, Japan: Super Bantam: Takuma Inoue (15-1) W PTS 12 Shingo Wake (27-7-2).
Takuma keeps the Inoue clan flag flying as he takes wide unanimous decision over experienced former IBF title challenger Wake. Inoue was conceding a lot in height and reach against Wake but used good movement and hand speed to offset that. A right put Wake down in the fourth and at that stage all three judges had Inoue 39-36 ahead. Wake survived the knockdown but Inoue continued to outbox him and widened the gap in the points so that after eight with two having it 78-73 and the other 79-72. Wake rallied late but Inoue remained in control and boxed his way to victory. Scores 117-110 on all three cards. Inoue, 25, lost on points to Nordine Oubaali in a challenge for the WBC bantam title in November 2019 and with elder brother Naoya fighting at bantam he is now eyeing a title shot at 122lbs. Southpaw Wake, 35, lost to Jonathan Guzman for the vacant IBF title in 2016 but had won 7 of his last 8 bouts.

Huntington, NY, USA: Super Feather: Michael Magnesi (20-0) W TKO 3 Eugene Lagos (16-6-3). Light Heavy: Joe Ward (5-1) W PTS 6 Leandro Silva (3-5).
Magnesi vs. Lagos
In his first fight in the USA after an early shock Italian hope Magnesi stops Lagos. Magnesi was down in the first but recovered and handed out punishment to Lagos in the second. He continued to come forward scoring with heavy hooks in the third. He forced Lagos to the ropes and unloaded a series of shots until a right sent Lagos sliding down the ropes with Magnesi adding a left and another right as Logos was on the way down. Lagos made it to his feet but the fight was stopped. Twelfth inside the distance victory for Magnesi. Second loss by KO/TKO for Filipino Lagos.
Ward vs. Silva
Irish southpaw Ward gets a comfortable points win over Brazilian Silva. The judges gave Ward all four rounds scoring the fight 60-54. Ward’s loss came in his first pro fight due a knee injury and that injury and the pandemic have slowed his progress. In the amateur ranks he was World Junior and World Youth champion was three time European Champion and won two silvers and a bronze medal at the World Championships. Silva has done all of his fighting in the USA.

November 12

Montpellier, France: Welter: Mehdi Mouhib (20-2) W PTS 12 Mohamed Kani (19-3).
Mouhib retains the EU title and gains revenge as he scores a split decision victory over Kani. This was a close tactical battle with Mouhib a worthy winner more so as he beat Kani in Kani’s home town. Scores 115-113 twice for Mouhib and 116-112 for Kani. First defence for Mouhib who lost to Kani in January 2020 for the vacant French title.

Bielefeld, Germany: Cruiser: Enrico Koelling (28-4) W PTS 10 Leon Harth (20-5). Super Middle: Dimitar Tilev (15-0) W PTS 10 Siarhei Khamitski (32-22-3). Middle: Bujar Tahiri (9-0) W PTS 8 Ivan Alvarez (31-13-1). Light Heavy: Emin Atra (18-0) W PTS 6 Michael Obin (5-11).
Koelling vs. Harth 
Koelling wins the WBO European title with decision over champion Harth. Koelling took control early setting the pace and rocking local boxer Harth with a right in the third. Harth was cut over his right eye in the fifth and the cut continued to re-open in subsequent rounds. Harth had been going to the body over the early rounds and that began to pay dividends later and he staged a strong finish but Koelling had already built an unassailable lead and took the decision majority decision but Koelling was a clear winner. Scores 96-94 twice for Koelling and 95-95. Koelling lost on a last round stoppage against Artur Beterbiev for the vacant IBF title in 2017 and consecutive losses to Domenic Boesel and Leon Bunn pushed him out of the rating but this win will get him a spot with the WBO. Armenian-born German Harth has lost big fights against Krzys Wlodarczyk, Artur Mann and Leon Bunn.
Tilev vs. Khamitski
In his first ten round fight Tilev was in charge from the start and slowly wound up the pressure in round after round. Belarusian Khamitski spent most of the fight on the back foot and soaked up plenty of punishment but frustrated Tilev’s attempts to score an inside the distance win and although losing every round Khamitski lasted the distance. No scores given. Good learning fight for local hope Tilev. Now 47 and a pro for 22 years Khamitski was considered something of a prospect when he went 17-0-1 at the start of his career but is now a reliable loser having won only one of his last ten fights.
Tahiri vs. Alvarez
Tahiri has to fight hard to get a win over Mexican Alvarez. Tahiri made a slow start finally having some success from the third. He countered well against the constant attacks from Alvarez and showed some good defensive skills. Alvarez was too often inaccurate but his sheer work rate kept him very much in a close and hard fought contest. Scores 77-75 for Tahiri on the three cards. Tahiri, 23, had won 7 of his previous 8 fights by KO/TKO and holds the German International title. Alvarez 33 gave Tahiri just the type of fight he needs to develop his skills.
Atra vs. Obin
Neighbourhood fighter Atra returned to action with a points win over Ugandan-born Swede Obin. The visitor went in front early as Atra had to shake off the dust from a long period of inactivity. He came though over the last three rounds and got the unanimous verdict but Obin gave him an unpleasant night. First fight for Atra since December 2019. Eight losses in a row for Obin.

Tokyo, Japan: Minimum: Yudai Shigeoka (4-0) W PTS 12 Tsubasa Koura (15-2).
Southpaw Shigeoka picks up the vacant WBO Asia Pacific title with very narrow majority decision over Koura. It was close all the way. Koura took the first round but Shigeoka bounced back and Koura was cut over his left eye in a clash of heads in the third. After four rounds the scores were 39-37, 37-39 and 38-38. Koura’s experience and strength saw him move into the lead over the middle rounds and he was up 77-75 and 76-74 with the third having them level at 76-76. Shigeoka staged a stronger finish and just scraped home. Scores 115-113 twice and 114-114. Although this was only Shigeoka’s fourth pro fight he was an outstanding amateur with an 81-10 record before turning pro when he was unable to get a berth at the Tokyo Olympics. His brother Gingiro had held this title but relinquished it in August. Gingiro is unbeaten as a pro and was 56-1 as an amateur. Another Japanese dynasty building? Former OPBF champion Koura was rated No 9 by the WBO. 

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: Super Fly: Lourdes Juarez (33-2,1ND) W PTS 10 Luz Elena Aguilar (7-3-1). Super Bantam: Christian Medina (18-3) W KO 1 Edinso Torres (15-6).
Juarez vs. Aguilar
Juarez decisions Aguilar in WBC Female title defence. Juarez’s skills were too much for inexperienced Aguilar. Juarez was able to use her hand speed and accuracy to outscore Aguilar and upper body movement to off-set an aggressive Aguilar’s attacks. Aguilar never stopped pressing making it an entertaining match but she was well beaten. Scores 99-91 twice and 98-92 for Juarez. “The Little Lulu”, 34, was making the second defence of her title and is now 30-0,1ND in her last 31 bouts. Aguilar, 19, was 3-0-1 going in. 
Medina vs. Torres
Medina wins the vacant WBC Youth title with a first round kayo of Venezuelan Torres. A devastating left hook sent Torres down out cold with no count needed. The 21-year-old “Wasp” now has nine wins in a row and thirteen victories by KO/TKO. 

London. England: Heavy: David Adeleye (8-0) W RTD 4 Dominik Musil (6-4).
Adeleye beats Musil on a fourth round retirement. A cagey opening round saw Musil using his longer reach to score with Adeleye firing dangerous rights. Adeleye took over in the second and he had Musil reeling under a series of rights crosses at the bell. Adeleye scored heavily again late in the third. He continued to connect with rights in the fourth and just before the bell a right sent Musil flying back to the ropes where he hung suspended with his arms spread along the ropes. He stood up and was give a count. The bell had gone and he was able to get to his corner but did not come out for the fifth. Seventh inside the distance win for the 24-year-old Londoner. Musil had won his last three by KO/TKO.

Aberdeen, Scotland: Welter: Dean Sutherland (12-0) W TKO 8 Michele Esposito (18-5-1).
Local southpaw Sutherland wins the vacant WBC International Silver title with stoppage of Italian Esposito. They fought on even terms in the early rounds but Sutherland gradually upped his pace. He had Esposito reeling in the fourth and continued to boss the action until the eighth when with Esposito pinned to the ropes and under fire the referee stopped the fight. Good win for the 23-year-old Aberdonian southpaw. Former Italian champion Esposito had won his last seven bouts.

Leeds, England: Super Bantam: Jack Bateson (15-0) W PTS 10 Ramez Mahmood (11-2).
Bateson delights his home fans as he wins his first pro title with victory over Mahmood. Bateson won a wide unanimous decision but it was at a price. He was cut over his right eye in the third and over the left eye in the seventh and also lost a point in the ninth for a punch to the back of Mahmood’s head. Despite the ups and downs Bateson won on scores of 97-92 twice and 99-90 and collects the vacant English title. Bateson, 27, won a cupboard full of trophies as an amateur and is making good progress. Mahmood is a former BBB of C Southern Area champion.

November 13

Kolding, Denmark: Bantam: Dina Thorslund (17-0) W TKO 7 Zulina Munoz (53-4-2). Super Middle: Jacob Bank (5-0) W RTD 7Aku Kanninen (9-1-1).
Thorslund vs. Munoz
Impressive performance from Thorslund as she outboxes and then halts the more experienced Mexican Munoz to retain her WBO title. She was quicker and more mobile than Munoz and was able to score and get out before Munoz could counter. Munoz was dangerous with occasional left hooks but Thorslund’s left hook was the dominating punch. She dropped Muniz with that punch in the second. Munoz did a bit better in the subsequent rounds but Thorslund was well in front when she put Munoz down with a left hook to the body in the seventh and although Munoz arose she was unable to continue. Thorslund, 28, a former WBO super bantamweight title holder, had moved down to bantam and this is her first defence of that title. Her preparation was far from ideal have been laid low by COVID-19 and sprained a wrist just a few weeks before this fight but she won through and is now looking to unify the bantamweight titles. Munoz, a former WBC super flyweight title holder, turned pro in 2005 and at one time had a 48-1-2 record.
Bank vs. Kanninen
Youngster Bank wins his first pro title with victory over Finn Kanninen. Bank took charge early and had both superior skill and power than Kanninen. He outscored Kanninen over the first half of the fight but slack defensive work allowed Kanninen a foot hold in the fight. From the sixth Bank tightened up and began to land heavily. A right in the seventh had Kanninen badly shaken and he did not come out for the eighth. Bank, 20, wins the vacant WBO Youth title. Kanninen 21 had won the Finnish title in July. 

Charleville-Mezieres, France: Super Light: Walid Ouizza (15-2) W PTS 10 Romain Couture (10-4-1).
Ouizza retains the French title with split decision over Couture. No scores available. Seventh consecutive win for Ouizza who was making the first defence of the title.

Clermont-Ferrand, France: Light Heavy: Kevin Cojean (27-10-2) W TKO 7 Hugo Kasperski (34-11-1 ). Heavy: Nicolas Wamba (8-0) W PTS 10 Karim Berredjem (10-8).
Cojean vs. Kasperski
Cojean wins the French title with stoppage of Kasperski in a clash of seasoned former champions. Kasperski was considered the harder puncher but Cojean whilst down on all three cards forced the stoppage in the seventh. Kasperski was in control until he was floored with a right hook late in the sixth. He made it to his feet and came out for the seventh but was quickly rocked by another right hook and the fight was stopped. Cojean is on a small streak of good results being 5-0-1 in his last six contests and is hoping to land a shot at the EU title. Home advantage was not enough to get Kasperski the win as he suffers his third inside the distance defeat.
Wamba vs. Berredjem
Wamba has no trouble in retaining the French title as he takes unanimous verdict over challenger Berredjem on scores of 98-92 on the three cards. A former kickboxing and full contact champion he was making the first defence of the national title. Berredjem is now 0-3 in shots at the title.

Tarbes, France: Super Bantam: Mathis Vegas (8-0) W PTS 10 Sebastian Iacobas (4-3-2).
Plenty of French title fights about right now as the French Boxing Federation is determined to keep the titles flourishing. In this one in his first ten rounds fight Tarbes fighter Vegas outclassed Iacobas to lift the vacant super title bantam on scores of 99-91 from the three judges. Iacobas is a former French bantamweight champion.

Dusseldorf, Germany: Cruiser: Mike Perez (26-3-1) W TKO 6 Jose Ulrich (17-5,1ND). Light Fly: Augustin Gauto (17-0) W TKO 1 Jaba Memishishi (8-16) Heavy: Lenroy Thomas (25-5-1) W TKO ? Marcos Aumada (21-11).
Perez vs. Ulrich
Perez bludgeons Ulrich to defeat. The Cuban southpaw dominated the action with Ulrich having neither the skill nor the punch to be very competitive. Ulrich hung tough until the sixth round but was up against the ropes and being rocked by punch after punch when the fight was called off. Now 36, the former WBC cruiser title challenger was inactive between October 2018 and August this year and gets his second win in three months. Former Argentinian champion Ulrich has lost five in a row now.
Gauto vs. Memishishi
Argentinian Gauto wipes out substitute Memishishi inside a round. The little Argentinian tiger dropped Memishishi twice with left hooks to the body and then backed him to a corner and unleashed a torrent of hooks until the referee stopped the fight. The 23-year-old Gauto was having his first fight for eleven months and his first fight in Europe. He is No 3 with the WBO. Ninth loss in a row for Memishishi who is really a full super bantamweight.
Thomas vs. Aumada
Thomas gets a win in an untidy, messy fight. The 6’4 ½” Aumada was quicker on his feet than Thomas and had a much longer reach. Aumada’s tactics were to circle the ring then lunge inside with a burst of punches and then hold giving Thomas no chance to connect with any significant punches. As Thomas began to find the target from the second Aumada spent time on the floor complaining of punches to the back of the head or just simply falling over. The referee gave Aumada a count went he went down from what was a punch to the back of the head in the fourth and after Aumada seemingly exhausted fell down twice more the referee stopped the untidy mess. Former Commonwealth champion Thomas must have been hoping for a better fight than this mess in his first contest in eleven months. Fifth loss in a row for Aumada. 

Coventry, England: Middle: River Wilson Bent (10-0-1) TEC DRAW 7 Tyler Denny (13-2-3). Light Heavy: Shakan Pitters (17-1) W KO 8 Reece Cartwright (23-2) Welter: Stephen McKenna 10-0) W KO 1 Richmond Djarbeng (31-5-1). Middle: Aaron McKenna (13-0) W PTS 8 Gabor Gorbics (26-22-2).
Bent vs. Denny
The English title remains vacant when the clash of Bent and Denny ended in a technical draw after seven rounds. Local fighter Bent had the better of the exchanges in the first but Denny evened things up with a good second. Quick, accurate jabbing from Bent helped him pocket the third and fourth. Again Denny responded hurting Bent with a body punch in the fifth and a punch opened a cut over Bent’s left eye in the sixth. The referee stopped the fight to have a look at the cut but let the fight continue. When a punch worsened the injury in the seventh the fight was stopped. Denny was celebrating his win victory but the referee had decided the cut was caused by a clash of heads so it went to the score cards. One judge had Bent in front 68-65 another had it 67-66 for Denny and the third had them even at 67-67. The fight was delicately poised at the end and hopefully there will be a return.
Pitters vs. Cartwright
Pitters stops Cartwright in the eighth round. The 6’6” Pitters had plenty of reach over Cartwright but Cartwright was quick and clever and boxed his way in front. He had Pitters fighting on the back foot and looked comfortable. Slowly Pitters body punching began to have an effect but after the seventh Cartwright was still boxing well. In the eighth Pitters exploded with a left hook that shook Cartwright and then floored him with a powerful right. Cartwright beat the count but the referee stopped the fight despite protests from Cartwright. Former British champion Pitters wins the vacant WBC International title. Cartwright had won his last six fights but only returned to action in July after almost three years out of the ring.
McKenna vs. Djarbeng
Ireland’s McKenna overwhelms poor Ghanaian Djarbeng in the first round. Immediately the bell sounded McKenna rushed across the ring and was landing punches before Djarbeng had advanced more than a couple of steps. McKenna drove Djarbeng back into his own corned and blasted the Ghanaian with punches until he slumped to the canvas and was counted out after just 41 seconds. Too easy for McKenna who gets his sixth first round victory. Djarbeng’s record is heavily padded with low level victims.
McKenna vs. Gorbics
It looked as though Aaron might also get a first round win as he floored Gorbics with a right to the head in the first round. Gorbics is an experienced survivor and he showed enough fight to convince the referee to let him continue. McKenna poured on the punishment in every round but Gorbics has only lost inside the distance in six times and he was still there at the end. The referee scored it 80-71. Both Aaron and older brother Stephen were outstanding amateurs and are now based in California. Gorbics is 0-10 2 in his last 12 outings.

Dudelange, Luxemburg: Heavy: Johann Duhaupas (39-6) W TKO 2 Andras Csomor (18-33-2). Super Middle: Bakary Samake (6-0) W TKO 2 Gyorgy Mizsei (27-30-1).
Duhaupas vs. Csomor
“The Reptile” returns to action with an easy second round stoppage of poor Csomor who needs to be saved from himself but is probably making someone too much money for that to happen. First fight for Duhaupas since being stopped in a round by Tony Yoka in September last year. Csomor is 0-19-1 in his last 20 fights.
Samake vs. Mizsei
Luxemburg-based French teenager Bakary gets his fourth inside the distance win. The 18-year-old has an aim of being a world title holder by the time he is 20! Experienced Hungarian Mizsei suffers his third inside the distance loss this year.

Fight of the week (Significance): The wins for both David Benavidez and Jaime Munguia keep some exciting options on the table.
Fight of the week (Entertainment); Jaime Munguia vs. Gabriel Rosado had plenty of heated exchanges until Rosado ran out of puff
Fighter of the week: Kiko Martinez for his upset victory over Kid Galahad
Punch of the week: The right hook that floored Galahad in the fifth was devastating. Honourable mention to the right from Alycia Baumgardner that froze Terri Harper.
Upset of the week: Kiko Martinez was given no chance against Kid Galahad 
Prospect watch: Argentinian light flyweight Agustin Mauro Gauto 17-0 impressed in his first fight in Europe.


Rosette Kiko Martinez for never giving up and the French Federation who keep their national title alive and well 
Red Card to whoever keeps booking Hungarian heavyweight Andras Csomor. He has an 18-33-2 record and there are plenty around worse than that but 28 of his 33 losses have come by KO/TKO. He is 0-19-1 in his last 20 fights with 17 of those 19 losses by KO/TKO
Kid Galahad’s loss was a blow for Eddie Haran but don’t feel sorry for him. He picked Martinez and the IBF of course then slipped Marinez into the ratings issued on 10 October at No 15 after he beat a guy with a 14-9 record to legitimise it. Eddie must be wishing the IBF had refused to play the ratings game.

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