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The Past Week in Action 30 October 2023: Fury Outpoints Ngannou; Serrano Retains Undisputed Belts; Foster Stops Hernandez

-Tyson Fury outpoints Francis Ngannou in a drab and dreary fight. There are wins in this heavyweight bonanza for Fabio Wardley, Joseph Parker, Arslanbek Makhmudov and Martin Bakole
-Amanda Serrano retains her IBF, IBO, WBA and WBO featherweight belts as she outclasses Danila Ramos over twelve three minute rounds.
-O’Shaquie Foster comes from behind to stop Eduardo Hernandez in the twelfth round in defence of his WBC super featherweight title in Managua and there are wins doe Eduardo Nunez and Justis Huni
-Rene Santiago wins the vacant interim WBO light flyweight title with a twelfth round stoppage of Kevin Vivas

World Title/Major Shows

October 27

Orlando, FL, USA: Feather: Amanda Serrano (46-2-1) W PTS 12 Danila Ramos (12-3). Bantam: Antonio Vargas (17-1,1ND) W PTS 10 Hernan Marquez (47-11-2). Welter: Damian Lescaille (6-0) W KO 9 Ray Barlow (7-4).

Serrano vs. Ramos
Serrano outclasses Ramos in the first twelve round fight in women’s boxing for sixteen years and in a test of three minute rounds. Serrano was in charge from the opening bell walking the retreating Ramos down in the first three rounds connecting with right jabs and dominating the action but at a less frenzied pace than is the normal where the rounds are over ten rounds and two minutes. Serrano hurt Ramos with body punches and jabs in the fourth and there was a swelling under the left eye of Ramos. Serrano increased the pace and handed out steady punishment over the middle rounds with Ramos punch output gradually diminishing under the pressure. Serrano felt comfortable enough to step up her attacks again with Ramos forced to stand and swop punches. Her left eye was swollen enough to impact her vision and Serrano was looking for an early finish but over the tenth and eleventh even she seemed to be tiring and the sharpness was missing from her punches. Serrano came out fast in the twelfth and was driving Ramos around the ring landing straight lefts and right hooks. Ramos was getti9ng through with counters but Serrano was walking through them. Serrano wrestled Ramos to the ground and it was a very tired Ramos who climbed to her feet. It was all about going the distance for Ramos and she ducked and dived and held and deserved to still be there at the end. All three cards read 120-108 for Serrano who was defending the IBF, IBO, WBA and WBO belts. Brazilian Ramos had won the WBO interim title in August and her scant experience meant she had no chance of winning but fought hard to the end.
Vargas vs. Marquez
Vargas drops Marquez twice and wins a wide unanimous decision. Vargas was too mobile and too quick for veteran Marquez. Vargas controlled the action with his jab using his longer reach to score at distance and to keep Marquez off balance. He floored Marquez with a short right in the second but Marquez was up quickly and escaped further punishment. Because of the longer reach of Vargas Marquez was forced to throw himself forward trying to get close enough to score and Vargas was landing heavy counters when the slower Marquez did advance. Marquez was soaking up punishment and only showed occasion flashes of his better days when he was a top level flyweight . Vargas scored another knockdown in the eighth and had Marquez in trouble in the ninth and tenth but Marquez survived. Vargas won on scores of 99-89 on all three cards. The 27-year-old Texan is of Puerto Rican and Mexican descent. He was a Pan American Games gold medallist and competed at the 2016 Olympics. He is 7-0, 1ND after a shock inside the distance loss in 2019. Marquez, 35, held the secondary WBA flyweight title back in 2011 and had outpointed another former title holder Luis Concepcion in October last year. 
Lescaille vs. Barlow
Cuban southpaw Lescaille scores a sensational kayo win over Barlow. Lescaille Had too much skill and power for Barlow. Heavy hits from Lescaille saw Barlow go down on one knee inn the fourth and he suffered more punishment than necessary before a stunning right hook from Lescaille dropped him for in the ninth with no count needed. Fourth victory by KO/TKO for the 24-year-old Lescaille. Third inside the distance defeat for Barlow.


Heavy: Tyson Fury (33-0-1 W PTS 10 Francis Ngannou (0-1). Heavy: Fabio Wardley (17-0) W TKO 7 David Adeleye (12-1). Heavy: Joseph Parker (33-3) W KO 3 Simon Kean (23-2). Heavy: Arslanbek Makhmudov (87-0) W TKO 1 Junior Wright (20-5-1). Moses Itauma (6-0) W TKO 1 Istvan Bernath 10-2). Martin Bakole (20-1) W TKO 4 Carlos Takam (40-8-1).

Fury vs. Ngannou
Fury gets off the canvas to outpoint Ngannou in a drab and dreary non-fight
Round 1
A careful first round saw plenty of feinting by both fighters but neither man was throwing punches until Fury landed a hard right cross. Ngannou fired a right but Fury easily slid away from it.
Score: 10-9 Fury
Round 2
Fury scored with a short right hook and a jab. Fury was on target with his jab and when Ngannou moved forward throwing punches Fury evaded them. Ngannou switched guard so Fury did too. Ngannou landed a right but Fury just lunged forward and held and Ngannou was not quick enough to land another.
Score: 10-9 FuryFury 20-18
Round 3
Ngannou landed a left hook but with no power. Fury was continuing to box southpaw but did not look convincing just dabbing with his jab. Fury switched back to orthodox and was caught by a left hook to the side of the head from Ngannou which dumped him on his rump. Fury was up immediately and after the count with just twenty seconds remaining in the round he just danced about. Ngannou kept waiting and waiting and did not even throw another punch in the round.
Score: 10-8 NgannouTIED 28-28
Round 4
Fury scored with a left and a right to the head. Ngannou threw Fury away and he ended up in a corner. Fury landed a left and right and did what little clean scoring there was. Ngannou was just too slow and not throwing enough punches to worry Fury but this was a disappointing fight very little clean work from either boxer. . 
Score: 10-9m FuryFury 38-37
Round 5
Fury was working with his jab and Ngannou sent a right that just whistled past Fury’s chin. Fury kept probing with his jab and then scored with a heavy right to the head which Ngannou took well but then Fury backed off before landing another jab. Fury had a very small cut over and to the side of his left eye where it was unlikely to be a problem.
Score: 10-9 FuryFury 48-46
Round 6
Ngannou lunged forward and missed with a couple of swipes but landed a left hook to the body. Fury circled Ngannou landing jabs and after Ngannou missed with a right Fury again banged home a jab. Ngannou was spending too long waiting and hardly threw any punches
Score: 10-9 FuryFury 58-55
Round 7
Ngannou reached Fury with a couple of lefts but there was no power behind them. Ngannou again landed a left at distance. At least he thew a punch whereas Furu just dabbed with his jab no throwing a single real punch so Ngannou’s round by default.
Score: 10-9 NgannouFury 67-65
Round 8
Ngannou was coming forward throwing punches. He landed a right but Fury grabbled and held him. Fury scored with a hook inside. Ngannou landed a couple of light hooks to the head and a long right. Fury landed a long right to the head then Ngannou connected with some clubbing shots with Fury continually holding. Fury fired a couple of rights but missed.
Score: 10-9 NgannouFury 76-75
Round 9
Fury came to life firing jabs and landing a right. For almost a minute they just circled each other feinting but not throwing. Fury then landed a couple of jabs and a right. For the last thirty seconds of the round the feinting and posing went on with no punches produced.
Score: 10-9 FuryFury 86-84
Round 10
No last round heroics just the same poking and light probing with no output. Fury landed a couple of jabs and one left hook and that was enough to win him the round.
Score: 10-9 FuryFury 96-93
This was a poor fight and a poor performance from Fury. He showed too much respect to a slow and muscle-bound Ngannou. There was no sustained action in any round and only the knockdown provided any point of interest. As value for money goes this was a disaster and I feel sorry for anyone who paid a significant amount to be bored. Fury is better than this or at least he had better be against Usyk. 

Wardley vs. Adeleye
Wardley wins this clash of unbeaten British heavyweights as he floors and stops Adeleye in the seventh. From the opening round it was evident that Wardley had quicker hands and smarter footwork. In the first he used his jabs to put Adeley on the back foot and scored with some good hooks when he had Adeleye against the ropes. Adeleye led with some useful jabs in the second but Wardley was fast enough to throw rights over Adeleye’s jab and kept Adeleye under pressure to take the round. The third again saw Wardley landing rights. Adeleye had some success with his jab but pressure from Wardley again sent him to the ropes where Wardley connected with a right. Wardley won the fourth again by out jabbing Adeleye keeping him on the back foot. He again forced Adeleye to the ropes and connected with a series of punches to head and body. Adeleye had a better fifth jabbing strongly and standing and trading punches but he was rocked by a right to the head in a close round. Adeleye also had some success in the sixth landing hooks and uppercuts early before Wardley banged back and had Adeleye on the back foot and undern fire in another close round. Adeleye scored with a couple of good punches in the seventh but a right followed by a left hook sent Adeleye down heavily. He beat the count and tried to punch with Wardley but was staggering and stumbling under fire and the referee stopped the fight with a disgruntled Adeley pushing the referee. Good if expected win for Wardley and by next year he could also be in the wings waiting to see the shape of the heavyweight division in 2024. Adeleye is still only 26 so he can come back stronger with more experience.

Parker vs. Kean
 Parker destroys Kean in four rounds. In the first Parker jabbed well and scored with two good rights with Kean having some success with his jab but looked to have been shaken by a Parker right and his footwork seemed stilted. Parker landed another hard right in the second and then landed a short burst of hooks and Kean got through with some jabs. Kean worked well with his jab at the start of the third but was driven back by an attack from Parker who connected with some hooks and then landed a right uppercut that dropped Kean and he was counted out on his hands and knees. With his highest rating No 6 Parker is on the periphery but with nine wins in his last ten fights and at 31 he can still be a factor. Canadian Kean had been carefully protected and was out of his depth here.

Makhmudov vs. Wright
Makhmudov obliterates Wright in less than three minutes. Wright was giving away height and reach and was trying to work his way inside. As he came forward Makhmudov met him with a right uppercut followed by a right cross which stunned Wright and Makhmudov then blasted him with a right hook to the head and a left hook that sent Wright down, Wright only just beat the count and as he advanced after the count another right to the head shook him badly and the referee stopped the fight. Now 17 wins by KO/TKO for Makhmudov with thirteen first round finishes. The 6’5 ½” Russian is slow but a real animal. He is No 3 with the WBC so another man-in-waiting to see how Fury vs. Usyk pans out-or not. Wright just a former cruiserweight title challenger who was never in with a chance.
Itauma vs. Bernath
Itauma wrecks Bernath in the first round. Itauma sent Bernath down with a right and Bernath only just beat the count but Itauma staggered him with two rights and the fight was stopped. Now four inside the distance win the last two ending in the first round for the 18-year-old prospect and second inside the distance loss in a row for Hungarian Bernath.
Bakole vs. Takam 
Bakole halts Takam in the fourth round. Bakole had big edges in height and weight at 6’6” and 299 ½ lbs to 6’ 1 ½” and 257lbs. Over the first two rounds Bakole was using his reach to force Takam back. Bakole was holding his left down on his left thigh and Takam was bobbing and weaving looking to land a right over the top of that low guard but Bakole was landing single but impressive clubbing head punches. Takam took the fight to Bakole in the third getting inside and landing hooks. He forced Bakole to the ropes but that proved to be a mistake. Takam was standing in the line of fire and whilst he scored with some hooks Bakole was thumping him with much heavier head punches from both hands. The fourth saw Bakole march forward landing stiff jabs and savage rights then left hooks. He ignored Takam’s counters and continued to batter Takam with punches with Takam no longer firing back but just trying to escape the heavy shots from Bakole. A couple of thumping body punches had Takam staggering back and as Bakole connected with two heavy hooks to the head the referee came in and stopped the fight. Bakole was a career heaviest but his trainer put that down to an injury which meant he was only able to be in the gym for two weeks before this fight. Bakole is No 2 with the WBA so like all other rated heavyweights waiting on the pleasure of Fury and Usyk. Third loss in his last four fights for Takam and at 42 perhaps it is time is running out for him.

Cancun, Mexico: Super Feather: O’Shaquie Foster (21-2) W TKO 12 Eduardo Hernandez (34-2). Super Feather: Eduardo Nunez (26-1) W TKO 2 Oscar Escandon (26-7). Heavy: Justis Huni (8-0) W PTS 10 Andres Tabiti (20-2).

Foster vs. Hernandez
Foster comes from behind on two of the three cards to score a dramatic last round win over Hernandez and retain his WBC title.
Round 1
Foster was circling the perimeter of the ring with Hernandez stalking. Foster scored with a sharp right hook. Foster was finding the target with jabs then sliding away as Hernandez failed to cut off the ring. 
Score: 10-9 Foster
Round 2
Hernandez pressed harder and managed to land a couple of hooks to the body with Foster only prodding with jabs. Hernandez landed to the body again. Hernandez was given a strong warning for a punch to the back of the head. Foster connected with a right hook. He was holding whenever Hernandez got inside but Hernandez again landed a couple of hooks at the bell.
Score: 10-9 HernandezTIED 19-19
Round 3
Hernandez continued to chase down Foster who was sliding around the ring showing quick movement but just sticking out jabs without any conviction and was given a warning for holding. Hernandez was having more success in trapping Foster against the ropes and landing hooks to the body. Foster landed a couple of rights at the end of the round.
Score: 10-9 HernandezHernandez 29-28
Round 4
Hernandez jumped on Foster and got through with a pair of body punches before Forster held again. Foster connected with rights to the head as Hernandez marched forward and Hernandez banged home a couple of body shots. Hernandez trapped Foster against the ropes and landed a burst of body shots before Foster landed a jab and skipped out of trouble. Close round.
Score: 10-9 HernandezHernandez 39-37
Round 5
Hernandez was on the hunt again but Foster cleverly spun hm around putting Hernandez against the ropes and scored with a couple of punches. Hernandez took Foster to the ropes but Foster landed a couple of quick punches then slid away. Hernandez landed two strong jabs and an uppercut. Foster landed a left and a right as Hernandez bored in. Hernandez took Foster to the ropes and laned some thumping hooks.
Score: 10-9 HernandezHernandez 49-46
Round 6
Nice jabs and some good countering right hooks from Foster. Hernandez worked inside with hooks to the body. Hernandez forced Foster to stand and trade punches and connected with some hard body punches. At the end of the round Hernandez pinned Foster against the ropes and fired a bunch of punches. Some smart defensive work saw Foster dodge or block some of the punches but plenty got through.
Score: 10-9 Hernandez Hernandez 59-55
Round 7
Foster chose to stand close and exchange punches with Hernandez getting the better of the trading. Foster was moving less allowing Hernandez to score to the body with short hooks. This the best round of the fight as Foster was staying in front of Hernandez and both scored well but Hernandez was coming off best. Strange tactics from Foster as he was playing to Hernandez’s strengths.
Score: 10-9 HernandezHernandez 69-64
Round 8
Foster went back to his boxing but now he was throwing more punches and putting together some fast combinations. Hernandez just could not nail Foster down and then in a reversal of roles Hernandez was against the ropes with his hands down not throwing punches waiting for Foster to come to him but Foster just throws jabs and stays at distance.
Score: 10-9 FosterHernandez 78-74
Round 9
The role reversal continued with Hernandez circling the ring and Foster stalking him. Very strange. Hernandez was now dancing on his toes with Foster tracking him and Hernandez was not throwing any punches. Foster landed a couple of good shots with no response form Hernandez. 
Score: 10-9 FosterHernandez 87-84
Round: 10
Hernandez weas again piling forward throwing punches and scoring with hooks to the body. Foster was refusing to take a step back so they swopped punches. Hernandez forced Foster back and took him to the ropes and worked away with body punches and uppercuts. Foster escaped but was soon back against the ropes with Hernandez assaulting Foster’s body then connecting with rights. Probably Hernandez’s best round so far. 
Score: 10-9 HernandezHernandez 97-93
Round 11
Hernandez started this round on his toes circling the ring before surging forward only to walk onto a right hook that had him sagging at the knees. Foster drove him back across the ring landing punches that had Hernandez head bobbing about on his shoulders and Hernandez looked in trouble. He punched his way out from Foster’s attack but Foster again caught him with a series of head shots and trapped Hernandez in the corner and then drove him along the ropes under a hail of punches. Hernandez landed a heavy right that sent Foster back to the ropes. He then put his head down and just pumped out punches but he was leaving himself open to booming counters from Foster. Hernandez kept throwing punches but with no power and used up what strength he had left to keep punching to the bell.
Score: 10-9 FosterHernandez 106-103
Round 12
Hernandez came out head down surging forward but a couple of hard punches from Foster had him backing off trying to stay out of trouble with Foster prowling after him. Two right to the head sent Hernandez sliding along the ropes and down. Hernandez clawed his way up the ropes. After the count rights from Foster sent him down again. He was up but did not lift his gloves when asked to do so yet the referee let it continue and another series punches saw the referee stop the fight with just twelve seconds remaining before the final bell. 
Foster was making the first defence of the WBC title he won from Rey Vargas in February. Hernandez had won his last six fights by KO/TKO 
Nunez vs. Escandon 
In a very predictable outcome kayo puncher Nunez stops an out of condition Escandon in the second round. Nunez had a six inch heigh advantage and six inch longer reach. Escandon had to take chances to get inside and when he overreached himself in the second he left himself open to counters and Nunez landed a thunderous right. Escandon went down heavily and although the made it to his feet he was in no condition to continue. Mexican Nunez has won 26 of his 27 fights inside the distance. Escandon, 39, is a former holder of both a WBA and WBC interim title but he was overweight and out of condition and an easy touch for Nunez. 
Huni vs. Tabiti
Huni outpoints Tabiti. Huni was the bigger man with the longer reach but it was thought that the smaller but quicker Tibit would probably box his way to victory. Instead Huni came out on top on the basis of sheer work rate. Tabiti did box well but he threw away the first three rounds as Huni outscored him. Tabiti upped his pace in the fourth but then went back to his low level of activity with Huni out landing Tabiti in round after round. Tabiti raised his pace over the closing rounds but he lacked the power to take control and Huni ended up with a wide unanimous decision. Scores 98-92 twice and 100-90. With a fight falling through and an injury this was Huni’s first fight for almost a year and he will be looking to be more active. Tabiti lost on a tenth round kayo against Yuniel Dorticos for the vacant IBF cruiser title in 2019 and he had moved up to heavyweight and scored three wins by KO/TKO. 


Federbocce, Roma: Super Feather: Michael Magnesi (23-1) W PTS 12 Nike Theran (18-1). Super Light: Stefano Ramundo (12-1) W PTS 10 Daniel Spada (15-2). 
Magnesi vs. Theran
Magnesi retains the WBC Silver title with a unanimous decision over Theran. Magnesi started at a high pace marching forward putting the taller Colombian under pressure and allowing him limited punching space and established a good lead. Magnesi needed that lead. Theran was in his first fight for eleven months and was slow in the opening rounds but took the pressure and came on strong over the closing four rounds to make it a close fight with Magnesi getting the decision on scores of 116-112, 115-112 and 114-113. Second win for Magnesi since losing his IBO title against Anthony Cacace in September last year.
Ramundo vs. Spada 
Ramundo wins the vacant Italian title with a unanimous verdict over Spada on scores of 98-92, 97-93 and 97-94. Both fighters were having their second shots at a national title. 
Managua, Nicaragua. Light Fly: Rene Santiago (12-3) W KO 12 Kevin Vivas (7-1). 
Santiago vs. Vivas
Santiago wins the interim WBO belt with a last round victory over Nicaraguan Vivas. The local fighter was impressive over the opening rounds being the busier fighter and scoring heavily. Santiago settled and his better skills cancelled out the early edge enjoyed for Vivas. As the fight developed Vivas came back into it having Santiago in trouble in the seventh and scoring well in the eighth and ninth. Santiago took the tenth and eleventh and at that point Santiago was in front on the three cards with scores of 108-101, 106-103 and 105-104. Santiago made the cards irrelevant as he landed a body punch in the last that sent Vivas down and out. Sixth win in his last seven bouts for Puerto Rican Santiago. Vivas a novice who had not even boxed at ten rounds before.

Legnica, Poland: Middle: Karol Welter (15-1) W TKO 4 Vasyl Hrebinnyk (1-2-1). Super Feather: Damian Wrzesinski (27-3-2) W PTS 8 Reuquen Arce (17-12-2). Welter Kamil Mlodzinski (16-5-4) W RTD 6 Victor Julio (16-9).
Welter vs. Hrebinnyk
Welter stops Hrebinnyk in the fourth round. Ukrainian novice Hrebinnyk was a substitute pulled in on the day of the fight after Welter’s original opponent dropped out. Naturally it was one-sided. Hrebinnyk suffered a nose injury in the first round and was cut under his left eye in the second. By the third round he was exhausted and could hardly lift his arms. Welter drove Hrebinnyk around the ring in the fourth and as the Ukrainian staggered from corner to corner the referee came in and stopped the fight. Just a payday and nothing else for the Polish champion as he gets his seventh consecutive win. Hrebinnyk showed guts but little else.
Wrzesinski vs. Arce
Wrzesinski gets a split decision over Argentinian Arce. Wrzesinski just did enough to deserve the verdict but it was an indifferent performance. He found Arce an awkward opponent too often allowing himself to be dragged into a brawl. Although Arce suffering a nose injury which bled throughout the fight he too often forced Wrzesinski onto the back foot and caught him with some wild swings and harried the technically superior Wrzesinski out of his stride. Scores 79-73 and 77-75 for Wrzesinski and 77-75 for Arce. A win for Wrzesinski but one that shows that at 36 his horizon is limited. He had lost a wide unanimous decision against Anthony Cacace in challenge for the IBO title in May and on this showing is past his best. With his eleven losses and a 4-9 record in his last 13 fights Arce should not have been a difficult opponent but Wrzesinski came close to losing.
Mlodzinski vs. Julio
A poor fight saw Mlodzinski beat Julio on a sixth round retirement. Julio showed some fire over the first three rounds but then lost interest. He twice lost points, once for hitting Mlodzinski when he slipped to the floor and once for simply taking his mouthguard out and throwing it on the canvas. Julio then spent three rounds just frustrating and irritating Mlodzinskimaking no attempt to fight. He was floored in the sixth and did not come out for the seventh. Fifth win in a row for Mlodzinski and ninth loss in a row for Julio 

Birmingham, England: Middle: Ryan Kelly (18-4) W PTS 10 River Wilson-Bent (15-4-1).
Kelly wins unanimous decision over Wilson-Bent. It was Wilson-Bent who made strong start using his height and reach to score well with his jab. Kelly was forcing hard trying to get inside but did not have much success over the first two rounds. Wilson-Bent was warned for being careless with his head and Kelly’s team protested at the end of second with Kelly cut over his left eye. Kelly started to get past the jab from the third shaking Wilson-Bent with a right to the head in the fourth. Kelly continued to land heavily with the right and in the seventh Wilson-Bent was cut over his right eye. A right to the head dropped Wilson-Bent to his hands and knees in the eighth and Kelly staged a strong finish to emerge a good winner. Scores 98-92, 97-93 and 96-93. 


Longue Jumelles, FranceL Bantam: Georges Ory (17-3-1) W PTS 10 Pablo Gomez (18-14-1).
Local boxer Ory continues his run of good form as he easily outpoints modest Argentinian Gomez to win the vacant WBC Francophone title. Scores 98-92 twice and 99-91 for Ory. Only one defeat in his last eleven bouts for Ory a former undefeated IBO super fly and EBU bantam title holder. Gomez a safe pick to guarantee a home win.

Munich, Germany:. Super Middle: Simon Zachenhuber (22-0) W TKO 6 Emre Cukur (20-2-1).Heavy: Peter Kadiru (17-1) W PTS 8 Jakub Sosinski (8-4-1). Heavy: Viktor Jurk (6-0) W TKO 4 Jiri Surmaj (5-4). Feather: Nina Meinke (18-3) W PTS 10 Laura Ledezma (14-2-1). Welter: Karen Chukhadzhian (23-2) W TKO 9 Pietro Rossetti (18-2). Super Middle: Petro Ivanov (18-0-2) W TKO 4 Juan Boada (14-6)
Zachenhuber vs. Cukur
Zachenhuber wins this clash of southpaws with a sixth round stoppage of Cukur. Zachenhuber did some impressive work with his jab in the first piercing Cukur’s guard and putting him on the back foot and following with lefts to head and body. Cukur did better in the second getting onto the front foot and jabbing well as they both scored heavily and he did enough to take the third round. Zachenhuber upped his work rate in the fourth scoring with a series of straight lefts to level things up. Zachenhuber broke through in a big way at the end of the fifth scoring with a sustained barrage of punches and shaking Cukor with a left. The first two punches in the sixth were jabs from Zachenhuber and the third was a pile driver of a left that sent Cukur down on his back. He got up but after the count Zachenhuber landed another straight left that dumped Cukur into the ropes and the referee immediately stopped the fight. German Zachenhuber was defending the IBF European belt and gets his thirteenth win by KO/TKO. Cukur had been stopped in seven rounds by Kevin Lee Sadjo in a challenge for the European title (the real one) in November.
Kadiru vs. Sosinski
After his first round kayo loss to Argentinian Marcos Aumada in November Kadiru is being fed a diet of non-threaten victims. Kadiru boxed carefully over the early rounds until he je realised he had nothing to fear from Sosinski and stepped up his attacks. Kadiru’s jabs had blood flowing freely from Sosinski’s nose but he was unable to find the punch to finish the Pole’s resistance and had to settle for winning 80-72 on two cards and 80-71 on the third. That is win No 3 for Kadiru since the Aumada shock. Third loss in a row for Sosinski.
Jurk vs. Surmaj
German giant southpaw Jurk gets his fifth win by KO/TKO as he stops Czech Surmaj in four rounds. The 6’8 ½” 23-year-old Jurk won each of to his first four fights in the first round so is at least getting in a few rounds. Surmaj had won his last two fights.
Meinke vs. Ledezma
Southpaw Meinke boxes her way to victory over Ledezma. Meinke was quicker and a better boxer. As long as she stuck to her boxing she was in complete control but when Ledezma managed to draw Meinke in standing and trading punches the Panamanian was competitive. Meinke won on scores of 98-92 twice and 99-91. Meinke collects the IBF Inter-Continental belt to go with the WBO Gold she already has. Ledezma lost to Mayerlin Rivas for the vacant WBA super bantam title in 2020.
Chukhadzhian vs. Rossetti
Ukrainian Chukhadzhian registers his second consecutive inside the distance win as he stops Italian Rossetti in the ninth round of an IBF Inter-Continental title fight. Chukhadzhian lost on points against Jaron Ennis for the interim IBF title in January his only loss in his last 23 fights. Rossetti, the European Union champion, had won his last ten fights.
Ivanov vs. Boada 
Ukrainian Ivanov continued unbeaten with a fourth round stoppage win of Juan Boada. Ninth win in a row for the tall Ivanov and his sixth on the bounce by KO/TKO. First fight in
Europe for Colombian Boada.

Korbach, Germany: Mario Jassmann (27-0) W RTD 4 Almir Skrijelj (18-7). 
Home town fighter Jassmann. 35, holds on to the German International title as Skrijelj retires before the start of the sixth round. A punch from Jassmann severely damaged Skrijelj’s nose and the injury bled profusely. Jassmann landed more shots on Skrijelj’s nose over the third and fourth with Skrijelj having difficulty breathing. The doctor examined Skrijelj at the end of the fourth round and his corner pulled him out of the fight. Twenty-seven wins, 21 by KO/TKO but Box Rec have him No 25 in Germany which says everything about the level of his opposition and the height of his ambitions, Sixth inside the distance loss for Skrijelj.
Bielefeld, Germany: Cruiser: Leon Harth (22-5-1) DREW 10 Jean Olivier (15-2-2). Cruiser: Rad Rashid (22-9) W TKO 2 Denis Liebau (27-4). 
Harth vs. Olivier
Harth retains the WBA Continental title belt with a majority draw against Frenchman Olivier. Scores 95-95, 94-94 and 95-93 for Harth. The Armenian-born home town fighter has won seven different minor titles. Olivier is 8-0-1 in his last 9 fights.
Rashid vs. Liebau
Rashid wins the vacant IBO Continental title with a second round kayo of Liebau. Rashid has 18 wins by KO/TKO but has also lost 9 fights that way. Fourth inside the distance defeat for Liebau. 

Moscow, Russia: Cruiser: Sosian Asbarov (5-0) W PTS 10 
Aleksei Papin (15-2) .
Asbarov drops and outpoints Papin. Asbarov floored Papin with a left hook to the head in the second round and then outboxed Papin. He was on the back foot scoring with good counters against the heavier puncher in Papin and won on scores of 99-90, 98-91 and 96-93. “The Ciobra” had extensive amateur experience and has already scored wins over WBA title challenger Dmitry Kudryashov and 17-1 Brandon Glanton. Papin’s other loss was on a majority decision against former WBC champion Ilunga Makabu in 2018 a fight in which a last round knockdown cost him victory.

Madrid, Spain: Jon Fernandez (25-3) W RTD 6 Andy Colquhoun (16-4-1). 
Fernandez shows he can still be a force as he beats Liverpool’s Colquhoun. Fernandez just had the edge over the first two rounds but there was some concern as he suffered a cut on his left eyelid in the third. As the fight progressed Fernandez still held the lead and Colquhoun had injuries around both eyes leading to him retiring after the sixth round. Fernandez’s losses have come in important against O’Shaquie Foster, Michel Rivera and Samuel Molina and he is hoping to rebuild with some fights in the USA. Colquhoun was having his first fight for almost two years.

Fight of the week: (Significance): No real game changers
Fight of the week: (Entertainment): Nothing that had the fans standing on their seats 
Fighter of the week: Serrano for retaining her four belts and also for leading the way on the experiment of twelve three minute rounds.
Punch of the week: The pile driver left from Simon Zachenhuber that dropped Emre Cukur gets my vote with honourable mentions to Damian Lescaille for the right that finished Ray Barlow and the right from Nunez that destroyed Oscar Escandon
Upset of the week: No surprises this week
Prospect watch: Cuban welterweight Damian Lescaille 6-0 looks good

Rosette: Serrano for her role in exploring whether twelve three minute rounds are a good idea for female boxing.
Red Card: To Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou for a fight that was a huge disappointment-perhaps predictably
 I am not sure about the twelve three minute rounds for female boxers and don’t know enough about the medical hazards if any. There is one school of thought that says that there was a time when the suggestions that female athletes could run marathons was a matter of concern. On the other hand, there are those who point to women’s tennis having three sets for women and five for men. However, it does seem to me that going straight from ten two minutes (20 minutes) to twelve threes (36 minutes) was perhaps rushing things and ten threes should have been tried first. It will be interesting to see if this experiment is continued or not.

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