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The Past Week in Action 16 May 2022

-Jermell Charlo unifies the four sanctioning body super welterweight titles with victory over Brian Castano
-Jaron Ennis blasts out Custio Clayton in two rounds
-Sergio Kovalev returns to action as a cruiserweight and outpoints Tervel Pulev
-Kubrat Pulev saves the night for the family as he decisions Jerry Forrest
-Gilberto Ramirez batters Dominic Boesel to defeat in four rounds
-Martin Bakole floors and outpoints Tony Yoka
-Lightweight William Zepeda moves his record to 26-0 with a points victory over Rene Alvarado
-Denzil Bentley wins the vacant British middleweight title as he outpoints Linus Udofia
-Nathan Collins retains the Commonwealth featherweight title with points victory against Jacob Robinson
-Veteran Giovanni De Carolis stops unbeaten Daniele Scardina
-Yusuf Kanguel stops Avni Yildirim

World Title/Major Shows

May 14

Carson, CA, USA: Super Welter: Jermell Charlo (35-1-1) W TKO10 Brian Castano (17-1-2). Welter: Jaron Ennis (29-0,1ND) W KO 2 Custio Clayton (19-1-1). Super Bantam: Kevin Gonzalez (25-0-1) W PTS 10Emanuel Rivera (19-3).Middle: Brandyn Lynch (11-1-1,2ND) W PTS 10 Marcos Hernandez (15-5-2). Super Bantam: Marlon Tapales (36-3) WKO 2 Jose Estrella (23-19-1).

Charlo vs. Castano
Charlo unifies the four sanctioning body titles with a stoppage of Castano in the tenth round after an all-action contest.
Round 1
A fast-paced opener. Both were trying to find the range. Charlo landed first but Castano turned up the heat darting in with quick attacks and keeping Charlo on the back foot. Both had some success when they traded with Charlo just having the edge. 
Score: 10-9 Charlo
Round 2
Charlo was jabbing strongly threading shots through Castano’s high guard and firing jabs to the body. He was also firing quick little bursts of punches. Castano did not really come alive until the last thirty seconds but scored with a couple of good rights. Charlo easily evaded his rushes.
Score: 10-9 CharloCharlo 20-18
Round 3
Castano chased hard in this round with Charlo constantly on the move jarring Castano with jab and firing quick single shots, Castano again upped his pace late in the round and had some success but Charlo countered well and had been scoring regularly over the three minutes.
Score: 10-9 CharloCharlo 30-27 
Round 4
Castano was hunting Charlo down with a vengeance in this round. At first Charlo was able to stick and move but Castano relentless attacks forced Charlo to stand and trade and although both landed some serious shots Castano took the round.
Score: 10-9 CastanoCharlo 39-37
Official Scores: Judge Glenn Feldman 39-37 Charlo, Judge David Young 38-38 Tied, Judge Zachary Young 39-37 Charlo.
Round 5
Castano was still pressing and forcing Charlo to trade more often. Both landed heavy rights in the exchanges with Castano pumping out punches whenever he pinned Charlo against the ropes. Charlo attacked strongly late in the round driving Castano to a corner and unloading on him only for Castano to turn the table and rake Charlo with punches.
Score: 10-9 CastanoCharlo 48-47
Round 6
A better round for Castano. Although Charlo was finding gaps for counters. Castano was getting through with over hand rights and forcing Charlo to stand and trade and landed a series of punches late in the round but being caught by a right from Charlo at the bell.
Score: 10-9 CastanoTIED 57-57
Round 7
Charlo’s round. Some of the fire seemed to have gone out of Castano. He was not attacking as hard or as often. Charlo was able to pick him off with jabs and straight rights and when he did find himself with his back against the ropes he was able to land a couple of shots and slip away
Score: 10-9 CharloCharlo 67-66
Round 8
Another round for Charlo. Castano had definitely slowed allowing Charlo to pick him off at distance. When Castano did manage to get inside he was only throwing a handful of punches instead of the previous blizzard of gloves and although he connected with a couple of good rights it was Charlo doing most of the scoring.
Score: 10-9 CharloCharlo 77-75
Official Scores: Judge Glenn Feldman 79-73 Charlo, Judge David Young 77-75 Charlo, Judge Zachary Young 78-74 Charlo.
Round 9
Castano rediscover some fire in this one trapping Charlo against the ropes a couple of times. Charlo was scoring with jabs and straight rights and was getting the better of the trading inside and rocked Castano with a right.
Score: 10-9 CharloCharlo 87-84
Round 10
Castano seemed to find a bit more life in this round and was coming forward with a more pace. He was also walking onto some fearsome counters. As he stepped inside Charlo nailed him with a left hook and Castano collapsed to one knee. He beat the count but staggered back six or seven steps obviously badly shaken. He did not step forward or raise his gloves so the referee went to him and raised and wiped his gloves and let the fight continue with the result that Castano was sent staggering back and put down by a left to head and the fight was stopped.
Charlo becomes the first fighter to hold all four belts in the super welterweight division but as all four bodies all have a different No 1 and the WBC insists on continuing with interim titles how long the title can remain unified remains to be seen. Castano will rebound but there are a number of good fighters in the division so he will have to take a risky fight or two to get another shot at the title.

Ennis vs. Clayton
Ennis blasts out Clayton in two rounds. Ennis was coming forward in the first firing jabs and trying some straight rights. Clayton was going back behind a high guard. Ennis switched to southpaw and scored some lefts. Clayton threw only four punches in the round-none of which landed. Clayton showed a bit more fire in the second but after Ennis reverted to an orthodox guard a right which landed behind Clayton’s left ear dropped Clayton. He struggled to his feet but was in a bad way and when the referee asked him to take a pace to the side Clayton tottered then lurched into the ropes and the fight was stopped. Ennis, 24, is a real threat to Errol Spence and Terrence Crawford. He is rated in the top five by all of the sanctioning bodies and his hand sped and power- 27 of his wins by KO/TKO-make him a formidable presence in the division but he needs one more win against a top five rated fighter before facing Spence or Crawford. Canadian Clayton had fought a draw against Sergey Lipinets.

Gonzalez vs. Rivera
Gonzalez has to fight hard to get the unanimous decision over Rivera. This was a back-and-forth clash with both letting their hands go from the start. Rivera seemed to make the better start blooding Gonzalez nose earl and landing well to the body. Gonzalez got into the fight with his better skills over the third and fourth but both landed enough to make the rounds close. In the sixth first Rivera was shaken and then he fired back to rock Gonzalez. Despite a cut over his right eye in the seventh Gonzalez produced the stronger finish and took the decision. Scores 98-92, 97-93 and 96-94 for Mexican Gonzalez who gets his twelfth win in a row. Puerto Rican Rivera had lost only one of his last fifteen fights.
Lynch vs. Hernandez 
Lynch recovers from an early knockdown to out point Hernandez. A right put Lynch down in the second but he recovered and had Hernandez hurt in the third. The third and fourth were close but Lynch dominated the fifth and sixth with Hernandez in real trouble. He survived and they fought hard through the last two rounds with Lynch just having the edge. Scores 76-75 twice and 77-74 for Lynch who is unbeaten in his last twelve fights. Hernandez is 2-51 in his last 6 fights but against very useful opposition.

Tapales vs. Estrella 
Tapales stops Estrella in two rounds. Tapales boxed cautiously in the first but then put Estrella under pressure in the second. As they swapped punches a right hook to the body from Tapales dropped Estrella to the canvas in agony and he was counted out. Southpaw Tapales, a former undefeated WBO bantam champion, was coming off a win over 22-2-2 Hiroaki Teshigawara. He has lost only one of his last sixteen fights and is No. 9 with the WBA. Ninth loss by KO/TKO for Mexican Estrella.

Inglewood, CA, USA: Cruiser: Sergey Kovalev (35-4-1) W PTS 10 Tervel Pulev (16-1).Heavy: Kubrat Pulev (29-2) W PTS 10 Jerry Forrest (26-5-2). Welter: Jurmain McDonald (6-5) W KO 2 Evan Holyfield (9-1). Super Welter: Fernando Vargas (6-0) W TKO 1 Terrance Jarmon (4-1).

Kovalev vs. Pulev
Kovalev shows no signs of rust or dust as he moves up to cruiserweight and outpoints Pulev. Kovalev had no problems landing his trade mark strong jabs on the taller Pulev who seemed reluctant to let his punches go in the early rounds. Kovalev began to land heavily with rights in the third with damage already showing under Pulev’s left eye from Kovalev’s jabs. Kovalev continued to boss the fight into the middle rounds with Pulev showing swelling under his right and a cut under his right eye. Pulev had his best round in the seventh. He was getting home his jabs and scored with hooks and uppercuts inside. Kovalev was back in control in the eight but was showing signs of slowing and was hurt by a right late in the round. Pulev staged the stronger finish. He was getting connecting with jabs and Kovalev’s glove briefly touched the canvas as he ducked under rights from Pulev but the referee saw it as a slip and even a knockdown would not have been enough to help Pulev’s chances. Scores 98-92 twice and 97-93 for Kovalev. This was the 39-year-old Kovalev’s first fight since his loss against Saul Alvarez in November 2019. After a couple more wins he will be a viable challenger for a title. Pulev, also 39, has spent his time beating some really nondescript opposition and has run out of time on his career.
Pulev vs. Forrest
Pulev pounds Forrest to defeat over ten rounds. The first three rounds were filled with too many clinches as it was a case of throw a punch then dive inside and hold and the referee was working harder than the fighters. Pulev just had the edge scoring with right crosses but Forrest did enough to keep he founds close. In the fourth Pulev started to land heavily and Forrest was already starting to tire and he was again being caught with rights in the fifth. Forrest did a little better in the sixth but that improvement was minor and short-lived. Pulev just could not miss Forrest with his right in the seventh and Forrest showed a good chin but little else. The doctor examined Forrest at the start of the eighth concerned about the punishment he was taking and he let the fight continue with Forrest just soaking up more punches. An occasional counter from Forrest was all the success he had. Pulev was cut over his left eye in the ninth but continued to nail an exhausted Forrest with rights. Scores 99-91 twice and 98-92 for Pulev. The 41-year-old Bulgarian’s two losses have come against Wlad Klitschko and Anthony Joshua in title fights. With his seventeen months of inactivity since the Joshua fight he has dropped out of the ratings and it is difficult to see him as a viable opponent for a version of the title no matter how the heavyweight picture shakes out this year. Draws against Zhilei Zhang and Michael Hunter had given Forrest some credibility but he blew much of that in ponderous performance in this fight.
McDonald vs. Holyfield 
Big upset as McDonald tears up the script and flattens Holyfield in the second round. Holyfield was seven inches taller than McDonald and was using his longer reach to keep McDonald on the back foot throughout the first round. Holyfield was continuing to boss the acting in the second when he was nailed by a booming right that sent him face down on the canvas. The referee started the count but then stopped as Holyfield was struggling. This should have been easy for Holyfield with his physical advantages and his unbeaten record compared to the very modest record of McDonald who had only registered two inside the distance wins and those against guys with combined records of 1-5.
Vargas vs. Jarmon
Vargas gets this one over inside three minutes as he wipes out Jarmon in the first round. Vargas floored Jarmon three times before the referee waived the fight over. The 25-year-old son of former IBF super welterweight Vargas Snr. has won all six of his fights by KO/TKO and taken less than twelve rounds to account for his victims. Jarmon lamb to the slaughter.

Ontario, Ca, USA: Light Heavy: Gilberto Ramirez (44-0) W TKO 4 Dominic Boesel (32-3). Light: William Zepeda (26-0) W PTS 10 Rene Alvarado (32-12). Feather: Katsuma Akitsugi (10-0) W TEC DEC 4 Jose Santos (23-10-1).

Ramirez vs. Boesel
Ramirez brutalises Boesel for four rounds before the fight is stopped. Ramirez was so dominant in the first round getting home his right jabs and landing long lefts to the body that it was obvious this fight would not last long. Boesel was forced onto the back foot and looked to counter but was too slow. In the second Boesel was pinned against the ropes for the full three minutes as Ramirez pounded him with head and body shots. Boesel occasionally fired a short batch of punches but Ramirez stepped away and the shots all missed. It was target practice for Ramirez in the third as Boesel just leaned against the ropes behind a high guard and took sustained punishment. The referee and doctor visited Boesel in his corner but let the fight continue. Ramirez drove Boesel around the ring and trapped Boesel in a corner and unleashed a barrage of punches with Boesel slumping down to sit on the canvas and the referee mercifully stopped the massacre. Ramirez is now looking to challenge WBA champion Dmitry Bivol. Somehow the WBA had Boesel No 1 (Box Rec had him No 21) and as Ramirez was No 2 the unbeaten Mexican has a strong claim for a fight with Bivol. Boesel is not quite as bad as he looked here but after the first minute of the fight he looked and fought like a loser.

Zepeda vs. Alvarado
Zepeda has to go the distance to get the verdict over Alvarado. Southpaw Zepeda, the bigger puncher, rocked Alvarado early but Alvarado took the punch well and was throwing plenty of punches of his own rather than loading up for big shots as Zepeda was doing. Zepeda was getting through with neck-snapping shots in the third and fourth but Alvarado was refusing to wilt. He showed a great chin and kept finding opening for his counters. Zepeda looked to be getting stronger with each round and rocked Alvarado with a series of punches in the seventh. Over the closing rounds Zepeda was again bombarding Alvarado with punches but Alvarado countered whenever Zepeda left a gap and despite being shaken late in the last took Zepeda the distance snapping a fifteen-bout streak of wins by KO/TKO for Zepeda. Scores 98-92, 97-93 and 96-94 for Zepeda, who is yet to make a big impact in the ratings, has bowled over a number of fringe contenders and now needs to tackle some tough tests. Four consecutive losses for Alvarado who has only lost once inside the distance and that was on a cut.

Akitsugi vs. Santos
Akitsugi gets a technical decision over Santos. Santos piled forward from the start and paid the price. Akitsugi stayed cool and picked the advancing Santos off with solid counters and shook him late in the second. Akitsugi was winning the exchanges in the third when a clash of heads opened a bad cut over the right of Gonzalez. He passed a doctor's inspection and the fight continued to the end of the round. When the bell sounded to begin the fourth and the fighters left their corners the referee took Santos over the doctor again and he ruled the cut too serious for the fight to continue. Japanese-born Akitsugi was declared the winner on a technical decision but no scores were announced.

May 11

Sydney, Australia: Heavy: Kris Terzievski (11-1-1 W PTS 10 Paul Gallen (12-1-1). Super Bantam: Sam Goodman (11-0) W PTS 10 Fumiya Fuse (11-1). Light: Harry Garside (2-0) W TKO 7 Layton McFerran (5-1). Super Welter: Nikita Tszyu (2-0) W TKO 1 Mason Smith (5-1).
Terzievski vs. Gallen
Terzievski ends Gallen’s unbeaten run and wins the vacant Australian title. Gallen had trouble hunting down the bigger but quicker man and eventually was weakened by a focused body attack and seemingly on the edge of being stopped. Terzievski lost a point in the seventh for pushing Gallen down. Gallen dredged up a last reserve of energy and in the ninth it was Terzievski who was in even deeper trouble and only just held on. Terzievski survived and stayed out of trouble in the last. Scores 97-92 thrice for Terzievski who wins the national title at the second attempt. Gallen, a former professional rugby league player, made more fans from his gutsy late effort in this losing fight than he had from any of his wins
Goodman vs. Fuse
Goodman comes off the floor to outpoint Japanese southpaw Fuse. Goodman was floored in the third but made it through the round and took control working behind his jab. Over the second half of the fight Goodman was scoring well inside and at distance and he landed heavily in the tenth to punctuate his dominance. Scores 98-91 on all cards for Goodman who collects the vacant IBF Inter-Continental belt and retains the WBO Oriental title. Fuse had won his last three fights.
Garside vs. McFerran
Garside retains the Australian title in his first defence with stoppage of McFerran. Garside was levels above McFerran and outboxed him in every round until the referee stopped the fight in the seventh. A Commonwealth Games gold medallist Garside scored wins over Andy Cruz, Joe Cordina, Luke McCormack and Lazaro Alvarez but lost to Cuban Cruz in the semi-finals in Tokyo. Tasmanian McFerran had won his last four fights.
Tszyu vs. Smith
Tszyu blasted out fellow-southpaw Smith inside the opening round. Tszyu simply overwhelmed Smith pinning him to the ropes and scoring with booming shots until the referee stepped in to save Smith. Both wins by the 24-year-old younger brother of Tim have finished inside the distance and he is already building a big following.
May 12 

Moscow, Russia: Super Light: Eduard Troyanovsky (30-3) W RTD 3 Rustem Memetov (8-3). Super Middle: Edgard Moskvichev (15-1-2) W PTS 10 Sergei Gorokhov (11-5-2).
Troyanovsky vs. Memetov
In his first fight for thirteen months Troyanovsky wins the vacant Russian title with victory over Memetov. The loser had been out of the ring even longer as this was his first fight since 2011. He was rusty and although being shaken by a left in the first was giving Troyanovsky a good fight until a clash of heads saw Troyanovsky cut. Later in the same round Memetov was also cut and took some punishing shots from Troyanovsky and his corner pulled him out of the fight at the end of the round. Former IBF and IBO lightweight champion Troyanovsky has not been the same fighter since losing his titles on a first round kayo against Julius Indongo in 2016. Memetov is a former Ukrainian champion.
Moskvichev vs. Gorokhov
Moldovan-born Russian Moskvichev takes a unanimous decision over Gorokhov. Southpaw Moskvichev was given ten rounds of useful work by the tenacious but less talented Gorokhov. Moskvichev was always in control but, although shaken a few times, Gorokhov soaked up the punishment and kept taking the fight to Moskvichev to the last. No scores available. Moskvichev makes it twelve wins in a row. Third consecutive loss for Gorokhov.

Indio, CA, USA: Feather: Victor Morales (16-0-1) W PTS 10 Alberto Torres (11-5-3). Fly: Angel Acosta (23-3) W TKO 1 Janiel Rivera (18-9-3).
Morales vs. Torres
 Morales scores two knockdowns on the way to points win over Torres. Morales boxed on the back foot countering and outboxing Torres. Morales was credited with a knockdown in the fifth which was more a case of Torres losing his balance but it was counted as a knockdown. Torres kept fighting hard but as he came forward in the tenth a couple of counters sent him back and almost down but his hands touched the floor to keep him up and again he was given a count. Scores 100-88 on the judge’s cards. Four defeats in a row for Torres.
Acosta vs. Rivera
Former WBO light flyweight title holder Acosta gives another demonstration of his power as he obliterates fellow-Puerto Rican Rivera in the first round. Acosta exploded into action forcing Rivera to a corner and bombarding him with punches. Hooks and uppercuts to the head from both hands had Rivera reeling and as he slumped against the ropes the referee came in to save him. First fight for Acosta since losing on a fourth round stoppage against Junto Nakatani in a challenge for the WBO flyweight title in September. Six consecutive defeats for Rivera.

May 13

Milan, Italy: Super Middle: Giovanni De Carolis (31-10-1) W TKO 5 Daniele Scardina (20-1). Welter: Luis Romero (11-5-1) W TKO 7 Maxim Prodan (19-2-1). Super Bantam: Mary Romero (20-1-1) W PTS 10 Maria Cecchi (7-0).
De Carolis vs. Scardina 
Despite the efforts of the referee De Carolis stops unbeaten Scardina in the fifth round. Good start from De Carolis who has his jab working well and lands some heavy shots as they trade punches over the first two rounds. Scardina came on strong in the third scoring with body shots but De Carolis looked dangerous with hooks. De Carolis exploded in the fourth staggering Scardina with a huge right and a series of punches then sent him crashing to the canvas and then the count and the skulduggery started. A badly hurt Scardina struggled to his feet. The referee halted the standing count to order De Carolis to another corner and then completed the rest of the eight count very, very slowly and took time to assure himself Scardina was able to continue. A right had Scardina staggering and about to go down when the referee put his arm around him to steady him as the bell went. There was then a long discussion between the referee and the ringside officials which extended the break. All in vain as a right uppercut followed by a clubbing shot to the side of the head had Scardina stumbling and the referee stopped the fight. A career saving victory for 37-year-old De Carolis a former holder of the secondary WBA title. Scardina has been carefully matched but could not take the power shots of De Carolis.
Romero vs. Prodan 
Definitely an upset here as modestly talented Venezuelan Romero climbs off the canvas to stop favoured Prodan. Romero used his longer reach to outscore Prodan over the early rounds. Prodan stepped up his attacks from the fourth but clever movement by Romero was blunting Prodan’s work. In the sixth Prodan finally found the target with a thunderous left hook that sent Romero down heavily. He made it to his feet and luckily for him the bell went. Romero ended it in the seventh. He landed a series of punches that sent Prodan into the ropes. The referee gave Prodan a standing count but more punishment followed and the fight was stopped. Romero, 36, is 2-3 in his last 5 fights with all five fights in different countries. Ukrainian-born Milan-based Romanian Prodan suffers his second defeat in a row.
Romero vs. Cecchi
There is an old British saying that goes “After the Lord Mayor’s Show Comes the Dustcart” meaning after the glamour and glory comes the rubbish. Well after Taylor vs. Serrano came this poor excuse of a fight. A snoozer of niggling fouls too many clinches and poor technique. What good work there was came from Romero. Cecchi’s contribution was a clumsy, ugly butt in the seventh round for which she should have been disqualified but instead was deducted two points. Scores 100-88 twice and 98-90 for Spaniard Romero who was making the second defence of the European Female title.

London, England: Middle: Denzel Bentley (16-1-1) W PTS 12 Linus Udofia (17-1). Super Light: Harlem Eubank (14-0) W KO 2 Sean Dodd (17-7-1). Middle: Brad Pauls (16-0) W PTS 10 Ryan Kelly (16-4).
Bentley vs. Udofia 
Bentley regains the British title with a split verdict against Udofia. It was Udofia who found his rhythm first boxing skilfully with Bentley unable to hustle Udofia out of his stride. Bentley made the third close but Udofia looked to have had the edge and he moved further in front by winning the fourth. Bentley’s pressure began to tell as he took the sixth despite being nailed by a couple of strong counters late in the round. Bentley was really rolling by the seventh with Udofia being forced to spend more time defending with his back against the ropes and his knee briefly touched the canvas when under attack but it was not counted. Bentley continued to pick up the rounds with his pressure but with the strong start by Udofia it looked close and as Udofia chose to just avoid trouble in the last he threw away that round which could have been critical. Scores 116-112 and 115-113 for Bentley and 115-114 for Udofia. Bentley had won the vacant British title by beating Mark Heffron but lost it to Felix Cash who later relinquished the title. Nigerian-born Udofia had only one fight in 2020 and one in 2021 and can rebound with a higher level of activity.
Eubank vs. Dodd
Eubank knocks out Dodd in the second round. Dodd came out aggressively putting Eubank under pressure. Eubank showed his speed outboxing Dodd in the first and then provided a spectacular finish. A fearsome left hook put Dodd down and he failed to beat the count. Sixth victory by KO/TKO for Eubank who is progressing well. Former Commonwealth champion Dodd is sliding with 5 losses in his last 7 outings.
Pauls vs. Kelly
Great little fight sees Pauls hold off a strong finish from Kelly to win a split decision. Pauls made a strong start being quicker with snappy jabbing and some good combinations forcing Kelly on to the back foot. Accurate counters from Kelly saw Pauls adjust and box more. He continued to pick up the rounds but Kelly was making them close rounds. Pauls had built a lead but Kelly started to break through in the eighth and had the edge over the closing rounds but just came up short. Scores 96-94 and 96-95 for Pauls and 97-93 for Kelly. Only the second fight in 30 months for Pauls. Kelly has lost tough asks against rated fighters Michael McKinson and Hamza Sheeraz and scored two wins in 2021.

Glasgow, Scotland: Super Welter: Hannah Rankin (12-5) W TKO 10 Alejandra Ayala (14-6).Feather: Nathaniel Collins (11-0) W PTS 12 Jacob Robinson (9-1). 
Rankin vs. Ayala
Rankin retains her WBA and IBO Female titles with late stoppage of Ayala. Rankin used her quicker movement and faster hands to match the stronger Ayala over the early rounds. The Mexican was following Rankin around the ring scoring with heavy single shots with Rankin staying composed and firing quick bursts of punches. Ayala is not fast and she slowed even more from body punches and from trying to cut off the ring and by the eighth was flagging badly. Rankin landed heavily in the ninth. In the tenth an exhausted Ayala had nothing left and was taking punishment on the ropes when the referee stopped the fight. First defence of her titles for Rankin and an impressive stoppage of durable Ayala who had won 5 of her last 6 contests. With no mandatory challenger nominated hopefully Rankin will get another chance to fight in front of her home fans. Ayala required medical attention and used an oxygen mask for a short while after the fight. She was able to stand up to get applauded by the crowd. It was later reported that Ayala was then taken to hospital and had surgery for a subdural hematoma and subsequently put in an induced coma and is reported to be in a stable condition.
Collins vs. Robinson
Collins retains the Commonwealth title with wide unanimous decision over Robinson. Collins was just too quick for Robinson and dictated the fight whether going forward or on the back foot. Robinson tried to put Collins under pressure and had some success but too often Collins was getting his punches off first. Robinson was down in the eighth but recovered quickly and made it to the final bell without any more serious scares. Scores 120-107, 120-108 and 119-108 for Collins who was making the second defence of his title and is improving from fight to fight. Welsh champion Robinson, 27, the son of former WBO title holder Steve, was just not ready for a boxer as talented as Collins.

San Lorenzo, Argentina: Feather: Brenda Carabajal (18-5-1) W PTS 10 Deborah Dionicius (32-4). Welter: Gabriel Corzo (16-0) W TKO 3 Juan Lucero (16-14-2).
Carabajal vs. Dionicius 
In an all-Argentinian clash Carabajal gets a hotly disputed majority decision over Dionicius to win the interim WBO Female title. Dionicius was forcing the fight but Carabajal boxed skilfully on the retreat scoring with some sharp hooks and uppercuts inside and was more accurate. Although less accurate Dionicius was throwing more and landing more and looked to be ahead after five rounds. Carabajal was cut in the fourth but had good rounds in the sixth and seventh before Dionicius picked up her pace again and seemed to do enough to retain her interim title but the judges scored it 96-94 twice to Carabajal and 95-95. Fifth victory in his last six fight for Carabajal a former interim IBF Female title holder. Dionicius was an IBF super fly title holder and she made twelve defences of her title in building a 28-0 record and was making her first defence of this interim title.
Corzo vs. Lucero
Corzo gets a win over Lucero. After two low key rounds Corzo drove Lucero to the ropes. Lucero stepped back into the ropes to avoid a couple of punches from Corzo but a right sent him tumbling through the ropes and off the ring apron to the floor. He was badly shaken by the tumble and was unable to climb back into the ring within the regulated twenty seconds with Corzo being credited with a TKO win. A loser must get back into the ring without any assistance, in fact he may not be touched by anyone, but as the ringside medical team started to administer to Lucero he would have been ruled the loser in any case.

Berlin, Germany: Feather: Nico Venetis (24-0) W KO 5 Luis Nino (16-7).
German southpaw Venetis moves down to featherweight and wins the vacant Global Boxing Council belt with fifth round kayo of Venezuelan Luis Nino. Venetis has also held the GBC title at lightweight and super featherweight but his opposition has been of very inferior standard and he is No 217 with Box Rec. Nino has a typical Venezuelan record with his last nine victims having just two wins in total.

Jaworzno, Poland: Super Light: Jan Lodzik (7-0) W PTS 10 Domenico Valentino (11-3).
Despite his lack of experience Lodzik had an easy night against Italian Valentino winning on scores of 98-91 twice and 99-90. The Italian had great success as an amateur winning loads of titles and scoring wins over both Josh Taylor and Jose Ramirez but he will be 38 later this month and is showing his age. Lodzik is a former kickboxing champion. Polish sources give his record as 8-0.

May 14

Paris, France: Heavy: Martin Bakole (18-1) W PTS 10 Tony Yoka (11-01). Sofiane Oumiha (2-0) W PTS 8 Merv Boufoudi (8-1).
Bakole vs. Yoka 
Bakole breaks French hearts as he floors Yoka twice on the way to a majority decision win. Bakole was walking through Yoka’s jab in the first and he landed two clubbing right that sent Yoka down. He beat the count but took more punishment before the bell. Yoka tried to box in the second but Bakole was pounding him with body punches. Life became more complicated for Yoka in the third when he was cut over his left eye and his nose was leaking blood. Yoka did a bit better in the fourth but in the fifth a left hook staggered Yoka and he seemed to twist his ankle and put a glove on the canvas to steady himself resulting in another count. With the two 10-8 rounds and Bakole’s better work over the second and third it seemed he was already six points in front with five rounds to go. Yoka did better over the second half of the fight scoring well with his jab and straight rights but Bakole looked to have edged the sixth and probably the tenth and was a clear winner. Scores 96-92 and 96-93 for Bakole and a home city influenced 94-94. Big win for Scottish-based Congolese Bakole. He was rated No 15 by both the WBC and IBF whereas Yoka was No 5 with the IBF and No 9 with the WBC. Yoka had been close to fighting Filip Hrgovic in an IBF final eliminator but was contractually committed to fighting Bakole now he has to rebuild.
Oumiha vs. Boufoudi
This was a close tactical battle early. Oumiha upped the pace in the third and accurate shots from Oumiha had Boufoudi spitting out his mouthguard to get a breather. By the sixth Boufoudi’s right eye was closing and he took heavy punishment over the last two rounds but survived. Oumiha took the unanimous decision on scores of 79-71 twice and 80-70. The tall Frenchman built a big reputation as an amateur including winning gold medals at the 2017 and 2021 World Championships and a bronze at the 2016 Olympics. In a 107-21-1 record he scored wins over Cubans Andy Cruz and Lazaro Alvarez and also over Teo Lopez and Joe Cordina and was 4-1 in fights with Luke McCormack but lost to Keyshawn Davis in Tokyo.
 Magdeburg, Germany: Cruiser: Armend Xhoxhaj (14-2) W PTS 10 Roman Fress (15-1). Light Heavy Adam Deines (21-2-1) W TKO 8 Norbert Dabrowski (24-10-2). Cruiser: Tim Voessing (8-0) W PTS 10 Maximilian Schnell (5-1). Light Heavy: Tom Dzemski (19-1) W PTS 8 Tomas Adamek (29-21-2). Heavy: Umut Camkiran (18-0) W KO 4 Lukas Wacker (3-2). Heavy: Agit Kabayel (22-0) W TKO 1 Pavel Sour (15-9)
Xhoxhaj vs. Fress 
Just a keep busy fight for Fress proved to be too busy as Kosovon Xhoxhaj won on a split decision. After a couple of close rounds Xhoxhaj increasingly took control of the fast-paced fight. He was marching forward relentlessly getting past the longer reach of Fress and breaching the defences of Fress to connect with left hooks to the body inside. Fress was countering well but didn’t have the power to keep Xhoxhaj out. In the third round Fress developed a huge swelling up in his hairline over his right eye which looked to have been produced by a punch and that proved a distraction for Fress and his corner. Fress fought hard over the second half of the fight with the rounds being close but just could not overhaul Xhoxhaj’s lead. Scores 98-92 and 96-94 for Xhoxhaj and 96-94 for Fress. An important win for Xhoxhaj as Fress was rated inside the top ten by the IBF/WBA and WBO. Fress admitted he lost this one and wants a return.
Deines vs. Dabrowski
Deines just too strong in the end for Dabrowski. Deines was quicker and put his punches together well. He rocked Dabrowski a couple of times in the second but was also cut in a clash of heads. Deines alternated between coming forward scoring with southpaw straight lefts and sitting back and counter over Dabrowski’s leads having success with both tactics and shaking Dabrowski a couple of times in each round and bringing blood dripping heavily form Dabrowski’s nose. Dabrowski had some success landing heavily in the seventh but was sent down by a wicked right uppercut in the eighth. He made it to his feet but was put down again. Whilst the referee was still counting over a kneeing Dabrowski Deines was already running round the perimeter of the ring and jumping on the corner ropes. Deines Was stopped in ten rounds by Artur Beterbiev in a challenge for the IBF and WBC title in March last year and has eased his way back with two wins by KO/TKO over experienced but modest level opposition. He wins the vacant WBO European title. He is No 12 with the IBF and WBO and No 31 with Box Rec. Dabrowski a gutsy fighter.
Voessing vs. Schnell
Voessing outclasses teenager Schnell in a matchup of novices to win the vacant German title. Scores 100-90 on the cards. Both were moving up to ten rounds for the first time.
Dzemski vs. Adamek
Dzemski too young and too mobile for old campaigner Adamek and wins a unanimous decision. Scores 60-54, 59-55 an d 59-56. Second win for Dzemski as he rebounds from majority decision loss to Michael Eifert. Just one win in his last five fights for 41-year-old Adamek.
Camkiranvs. Wacker
Disgraceful as Camkiran is fed Czech novice Wacker and scores a fourth round kayo. The 33-year-old German-born Turk gets his seventeenth win by KO/TKO but his opposition had been woeful.
Kabayel vs. Sour
A late addition to the card sees Kabayel for the first time in almost a year but he didn’t stay long-just 110 seconds. He forced Sour back with jolting jabs and then dropped Sour heavily with a right to the head. Sour made it to his feet but was dropped three more times with rights and the referee waived the fight off. Postponements of his fight for the vacant European title have seen Kabayel have only fight in each of the last two years. Seventh loss by KO/TKO for Sour. 
Istanbul, Turkey: Super Middle: Yusuf Kanguel (21-5-1) W TKO 9 Avni Yildirim (24-5).Heavy: Mourad Aliev (4-0) W TKO 2 Mirko Tintor 16-6-1).
Yildirim vs. Kanguel
Kanguel gets revenge as he stops Yildirim in the ninth round. The danger signs were there early for Yildirim as Kanguel exploded in the first staggering Yildirim with a barrage of punches and already Yildirim had a lump under his left eye. Yildrim kept rolling forward in the second as they both landed heavily but in the third a short right hook to the head sent Yildirim down. He recovered and in the fourth three left hooks had Kanguel on his way down but he was held up by the ropes and was given a count. Kanguel made it to the bell and the war continued with constant, brutal, exchanges Yildirim landing single blistering shots and Kanguel scoring with jolting counters. At times it looked as though Yildirim would overwhelm Kanguel and at other times the question was how long Yildirim could keep absorbing heavy and more numerous counters from Kanguel. The eighth saw the outcome clarified as Kanguel floored Yildirim with a right to the head. Yildirim beat the count but was unsteady. Kanguel tried hard to end it pelting Yildirim with punches but Yildirim just fired back enough to convince the referee to let the fight continue. In the ninth a sequence of punches sent Yildirim staggering back across the ring until he landed up against the ropes in a corner and the referee came in and stopped the fight. Kanguel, 38, had lost a wide unanimous decision against Yildirim in November. Defeats against Anthony Dirrell, Saul Alvarez and Jack Cullen had derailed Yildirim. He came back with three wins but this loss is another big setback. 
Aliev vs. Tintor
This bit of rubbish is best forgotten for the sake of boxing Russian-born French Olympian Aliev scores three knockdowns to force the stoppage in the second round of an obese Tintor. The 6’7” Aliev outpointed Frazer Clarke at the European Olympic Qualification tournament but was thrown out in the second round of their fight in Tokyo for head butts which meant Clarke continued in the tournament carrying cuts from their fight. Although of comparable height Aliev came in at about 245lbs and Bosnian Tintor close to 300lbs.
Richmond Hill, Canada: Heavy: Junlong Zhang (19-0) W PTS 10 Guillermo Casas (10-3-1).
Chinese heavyweight Zhang returns to the ring for the first time in five years and takes unanimous decision over Mexican Casas. Zhang was deducted a point for pushing Casas off in the fifth but won on scores of 99-90 on the three cards. Zhang, 40, now based in Toronto, had won his 18 previous fights by KO/TKO. 

Hatillo, Costa Rica: Super Fly: Carlos Buitrago (34-7-1,1ND) W TKO 1 Luis Martinez (3-2). Welter: Freudis Rojas (8-0) W RTD 4 Jorge Mendez (5-6-1).
Buitrago vs. Martinez
Buitrago beats fellow-Nicaraguan Martinez for the second time. When they met in December Buitrago won on points this time he knocked out Martinez in 99 seconds. Buitrago is 0-4-1 in world title shots.
Rojas vs. Mendez
Rojas beats Mendez on a fourth round retirement. The 6’2” southpaw has won all eight of his contests by KO/TKO. The 23-year-old is of Mexican and Cuban antecedents. He was US amateur champion in 2016 and 2017 and won a bronze medal at the 2017 World Championships. Only one win in his last five fights for local fighter Mendez.

Clermont-Ferrand, France: Welter: Sandy Messaoud (16-6,1ND) W PTS 10 Nurali Erdogan (12-1).
Messaoud wins the vacant WBC Francophone title as he claims a majority decision over Erdogan. In a fast-paced entertaining fight Messaoud’s longer reach and speed just gave him the edge over an aggressive Erdogan. It was close all the way but southpaw Messaoud took the decision on scores of 96-94 twice and 95-95. Eighth consecutive victory for Messaoud. Erdogan is former undefeated French 

Newark, NJ, USA: Super Welter: Brian Ceballo (13-0) W TKO6 Gerald Sherrell (10-3). Super Bantam: Emmanuel Rodriguez (11-0) W RTD 6 Gabriel Medina (14-1).
Ceballo vs. Sherrell
Ceballo comes off the shelf and shakes off some dust as he stops Sherrell in six rounds. The tall Puerto Rican was having his first fight 17 months. In the amateurs he won gold medals at the three major US Tournaments the Golden Gloves, US national Championships and the Police Athletic League Championships. First inside the distance defeat for Sherrell
Rodriguez vs. Medina
Newark-born Puerto Rican Rodriguez racked up another win. He handed out a steady beating to the Dominican Medina. A right rocked Medina late in the fifth and after a one-sided sixth Medina retired. Six inside the distance victories in his last seven bouts for Rodriguez. Medina had scored two low level wins this year.

Dallas, TX, USA: Welter: Jamshidbek Najmitdinov (19-2) W TKO 2 Charles Hatley (30-2-1). Feather: Ray Ximenez (20-2) W PTS 6 Eric Manriquez (7-14-1).
Najmitdinov vs. Hatley
Stunning defeat for Dallas native Hatley. Uzbek southpaw Najmitdinov was looking to take Hatley out in the first but Hatley covered up and countered well and Najmitdinov was cut over his right eye in a banging together of heads. Najmitdinov was again looking for a quick finish in the second and landed a left hook the sent Hatley down. Hatley was trying to make it to his feet but was struggling and the referee stopped the fight. Fifteenth inside the distance win for Najmitdinov. His losses have come by way of a points defeat against Viktor Postol and an arm injury forcing his last fight against Will Madera to be stopped. Hatley was knocked out in six rounds by Jermell Charlo in a WBC super welter title challenge in 2017.
Ximenez vs. Manriquez
Local favourite Ximenez gets in some rounds and outscores Manriquez. Ximenez was much the quicker boxer and used a focused body attack to slow Manriquez even further. Manriquez applied plenty of pressure and Ximenez had to work hard for the win. Scores 59-55 twice and 58-56 for Ximenez. Second victory for Ximenez since losing a technical decision against Luis Lopez in 2019 which was followed by three years out of action . Eight points defeats in a row for Manriquez.

Fight of the week (Significance): Jermell Charlo’s win over Brian Castano unifies the super welter division-for now
Fight of the week (Entertainment) Charlo vs. Castano provided plenty of entertainment with Castano’s pressure forcing Charlo to stand and battle it out. Honourable mention to Yusuf Kanguel and Avni Yildirim who knocked bits off each other for nine brutal rounds.
Fighter of the week: Jermell Charlo with honourable mention to Jaron Ennis for his destructive disposal of Custio Clayton.
Punch of the week: The right from Jurmain McDonald that dropped Evan Holyfield face first on the floor gets my vote with honourable mentions to the left hook from Harlem Eubank that finished Sean Dodd and the right from Jaron Ennis that destroyed Custio Clayton
Upset of the week: McDonald’s win over Holyfield was not supposed to happen and in such a spectacular fashion as McDonald had won only two of his eleven fights by KO/TKO. Ton Yoka losing to Martin Bakole not so much a surprise as Yoka had not really been tested to that point.
Prospect watch: Welterweight Freudis Rojas is 8-0 all eight wins by KO/TKO. A former top amateur he is very much under the radar as he has done his fighting in boxing's backwaters


Rosette Jermell Charlo and Brian Castano for putting on an exciting fight to unify the four belts in the super welterweight division.
Red Card Domenic Boesel for a pitiful showing against Gilberto Ramirez, I never expected him to win but I never expected him to fight scared either-and it appears Ramirez injured his hand in the fight which makes it even worse. Also to the referee who failed to notice that Brian Castano was in such a bad way after the first knockdown. He paid only lip service to the two safety measures of making the fighter take a few steps forward or to the side and raising his gloves-Castano did neither.
-The law of unforeseen consequences caught up with Tony Yoka. He was named as co-challenger with Agit Kabayel for the vacant European heavyweight title and was offered the chance to face Filip Hrgovic in an IBF eliminator. He was contracted to fight Martin Bakole so decided to go through with that. His loss to Bakole has dropped him out of the running any eliminator and the EBU replaced him as co-challenger for the EBU. Feast to famine in a single night for France’s big hope.
-The Kubrat Pulev vs. Jerry Forrest fight almost never happened. Forrest’s hands were too big for the gloves he selected which sparked a search for a set of gloves that did fit him which would require the approval of the Pulev team. Eventually Forrest ended up using Pulev’s stand-by gloves and the much delayed fight eventually started.
-The Pulev brothers Kubrat and Tervel were just one part of the “boxing is a family business” on show. 
Tim Tszyu was on hand to watch brother Nikita win in Sydney
Both Tony and Victor Yoka boxed on the show in Paris
Former WBO title holder Steve Robinson was in the corner for his son Jacob in Glasgow
Other members of boxing families in action included Harlem Eubank, Evan Holyfield, Tom Dzemski and Martin Bakole and of course Jermell Charlo and Jaron Ennis but topping them all was former IBF super welterweight champion Fernando Vargas. His three sons Fernando Jr, Amado and Emiliano all fought on the Kovalev vs. Pulev fight and all three won

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