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The Past Week in Action 13 November 2023: Walsh Outpoints Villareal; Eubank Stops Schwarzkopf; Massoud Earns Controversial Win Over Sanmartin

-Irish super welter prospect Callum Walsh outpoints Ismael Villareal for his ninth win and there are wins for Cain Sandoval, Gor Yeritsyan and Brian Ceballo
-Harlan Eubank stops Timo Schwarzkopf to win the WBO Global super light title and there are wins for Lerrone Richards and Sultan Zaurbek
-Shabaz Massoud wins the WBA Inter-Continental title with controversial victory over Jose Sanmartin
-WBO No 1 super feather Albert Bell goes to 25-0, 1ND with second round kayo of Jayson Velez
-Ernesto Mercado stops former Namibian Jeremiah Nakathila in two rounds
-Samuel Carmona wins the vacant European Union flyweight title with points victory over Aramis Torres


New York, NY, USA: Super Welter: Callum Walsh (8-0) W PTS 10 Ismael Villarreal (13-1). Super Light: Cain Sandoval (11-0) W TKO 5 Wesley Ferrer (17-2-1). Welter: Gor Yeritsyan (17-0) W PTS 8 Luis Veron (20-8-1). Super Welter: Brian Ceballo (16-1) W KO 4 Kenneth McNeil (13-5). Super Feather: Feargal McCrory (15-0) W PTS 6 Nikolai Buzolin (9-7-1).
Walsh vs. Villarreal
Irish southpaw Walsh overcomes a late scare to outpoint Villarreal. Walsh attacked and set a high pace from the start outscoring Villarreal over the first two rounds rocking Villarreal in the second. Villarreal had a good third and showed it was going to be a testing night for Walsh. It got a bit rough at times with Villarreal landing a low punch in the fourth and a head butt in the sixth but Walsh outscored Villarreal over the seventh and had him under heavy fire in the eighth. Walsh seemed in command after the ninth but was put down on his hands and knees by a combination in the tenth. He beat the count and despite some more punches from Villarreal made it to the bell. Scores 97-92 twice and 96-63 for Walsh. The 22-year-old has come through reasonable level tests against Juan Jose Velasco and now previously unbeaten Villarreal. A split decision loss to unbeaten Ardreal Holmes in February was the only blot on Villarreal’s record.
Sandoval vs. Ferrer
Hard-punching prospect Sandoval stops Ferrer in five rounds. Sandoval floored Ferrer with a right in the opening round and looked on his way to his sixth first round finish. Ferrer managed to get to his feet and through the round. Sandoval then broke him down with strong jabbing and heavy punching from both hands to stop Ferrer in the fifth. All eleven of Sandoval’s wins have come inside the distance. Ferrer had a five-bout winning streak before this loss. 
Yeritsyan vs. Veron
Armenian Yeritsyan floors and outpoints Argentinian Veron. Another impressive display of power from Yeritsyan. He had Veron on the floor in the third and generally handed out a drubbing to Veron who did well enough to pick up a couple of rounds and to last the distance. Yeritsyan won on scores of 80-71, 79-72 and 78-73. Yeritsyan has won 8 of his last 9 fights by KO/TKO but needs to tackle tougher opposition to break into the ratings. Veron had lost on points against Brian Ceballo in April.
Ceballo vs. McNeil
Ceballo finishes McNeil in the fourth round. Both landed good shots in the first. The second and third rounds saw Ceballo on top but with not a great deal of action. In the fourth Ceballo forced McNeil to the ropes and bombarded him with punches until McNeil dropped and was counted out. Third win this year for Ceballo who had lost his unbeaten tag on a majority decision against Nicklaus Flaz in October. McNeil had scored two low level wins.
McCrory Vs. Buzolin
McCrory, another Irish southpaw, outpointed Brooklyn-based Russian Buzolin. McCrory was sharp at the start and boxed his way into a commanding lead. Buzolin came on late and looked to have won the fourth and fifth but McCrory had a strong sixth and took the verdict 58-56 from all three judges. 


Cutral Co, Argentina: :Light Heavy: Ramon Lovera (18-2-1) W PTS 10 Nicolas Arganaraz (12-5-1). Super Light: Yamila Abellaneda (18-6-1) W PTS 10 Claudia Lopez (26-16).
Lovera vs. Arganaraz 
Lovera scores a sixth round knockdown on his way to a unanimous decision over Arganaraz. Lovera, the harder puncher, made the better start and then dropped Arganaraz with a right to the side of the head in the sixth. Arganaraz complained that the punch was to the back of his head and anger over that spurred him on and he took the fight to Lovera for the remaining rounds but did not do quite enough to change the outcome. Lovera won on scores of 97-92, 96-93 and 95-94 and he wins the vacant South American belt. Arganaraz is a former South American cruiser title holder.
Abellaneda vs. Lopez
Abellaneda retained the national title as she took a wide unanimous decision over Lopez. Abellaneda had a six inch edge in height and used that and her longer reach to win this one. The little Lopez stormed forward throwing punches and landed some hard head shots when she was able to catch Abellaneda on the ropes. Unfortunately, she paid a heavy price from counters as she waded in and from the accuracy of Abellaneda when they interchanged punches with Abellaneda winning on scores of 97-93 twice and 100-90. Second defence of the Argentinian title for Abellaneda. Now just one win in her last 8 fights for 44-year-old Lopez, a former IBF super feather title holder Lopez.
Tlajomulco de Zuniga, Mexico: Light: Rosario Sanchez (18-0) W TKO 9 Darvin Galeano (12-3). Super Welter: Juan Romero (14-1-1) DREW 10 Nikita Miroshnichenko (15-0-1).
Sanchez vs. Galeano
Sanchez halts Galeano in the ninth. This fight had an explosive start with Galeano initially silencing the home crowd by flooring Sanchez within the first thirty seconds of the fight. Sanchez made it to his feet and then dropped Galeano twice in the same first round. Things calmed a little after that with Sanchez in control. He put Galeano down in the ninth with a combination and although Galeano was able to get up he was taking more punishment and the refer stopped the fight. Good win for 24-year-old Sanchez as he moves up to ten round status. First fight for Colombian Galeano since suffering an eighth round kayo loss against Miguel Roman in December. 
Romero vs. Miroshnichenko
Mexican Olympian Romero has to settle for a draw against unbeaten Russian Miroshnichenko. This one pitted the better skills and higher work rate of Romero against the harder punching but more sporadic efforts of Miroshnichenko. The Russian was deducted two points for punches to the back of the head but a strong finish was enough to overcome that and get a draw. No scores available. Romero was having his first fight since being kayoed in five rounds by Elvis Rodriguez in November 2021. He competed for Mexico at the Rio Olympics and had over 20 bouts in the WSB for the Mexico City Guerreros. Miroshnichenko was three-time champion of the Siberian district before turning profession in New York at the age of eighteen.

Las Palmas, Spain: Fly: Samuel Carmona (10-1) W PTS 12 Aramis Torres (9-3-1). Welter: Jerobe Santana (17-1) W PTS 8 Ricardo Fernandez (13-11).
Carmona vs. Torres
Carmona wins the vacant European Union title with a unanimous decision over Torres in a battle between two locals. The speed and mobility of Carmona were too much for Torres to deal with and Carmona punished Fernandez with flashing combinations to head and body. He sent Torres down with a straight left in the eighth but when the referee was counting the lights went out for a few seconds which allowed Torres to make it to his feet and he withstood Carmona’s attempts to finish the fight. Carmona looked to be cruising to victory but he was dropped by a right in the eleventh. He was not badly hurt and went on to box his way thought the twelfth in which Torres suffered a cut over his left eye. Carmona won on scores of 117-109 twice and 118-108. Carmona lost a majority decision against Julio Cesar Martinez for the WBC title in December. 
Santana vs. Fernandez
In his first fight for six years Santana outboxes Bolivian-born Fernandez. Santana dominated every round against the aggressive but limited Fernandez and won 80-72 on three cards. He had lost in a fight for the vacant EU light title in May 2017 and retired after on more fight in December.


Newcastle, England: Super Bantam: Shabaz Massoud (12-0) W PTS 10 Jose Sanmartin (34-8-1). Middle: Mark Dickinson (6-0) W TKO 5 Grant Dennis (18-6).Super Welter: Ishmael Davis (12-0) W TKO 8 Ewan Mackenzie (8-0). Light: Jeff Ofori (13-5-2) W TKO 8 Callum French (4-1).

Massoud vs. Sanmartin
Massoud gets a controversial majority decision over Sanmartin. The Colombian made his anticipate aggressive start with
trundling forward behind a high guard pumping out punches. Massoud was forced onto the defensive and he circled the perimeter off the ring sliding away for Sanmartin’s punches. He was countering Sanmartin as he came forward but there was not enough power in his punches to deter Sanmartin. The fourth saw Massoud change tactics as he moved into the centre of the ring where he had more room to manoeuvre. Sanmartin increased the pressure again in the fifth with Massoud more concerned with defence than attack but Masoud did better in the six and seventh connecting with counters and matching Sanmartin inside. He was also leaning to his left making it difficult for Sanmartin to use his left hook. Sanmartin was back to his relentless attacks in the eighth with Massoud unable to find punching room and Massoud was warned for fending him off with his elbow in the ninth. Massoud was able to get off the ropes in the tenth and eleventh but instead of using the space he chose to stay inside and trade punches. He was matching Sanmartin but was not taking advantage of his superior skills and mobility and fighting Sanmartin’s fight which gave the impression that Sanmartin was winning the rounds even if Massoud was landing the cleaner and more accurate punches. Sanmartin kept marching forward to the end looking to have done enough to win but it was very tight with scores of 96-94 for Massoud 96-94 for Sanmartin and an unbelievable score of 98-92 for Massoud giving him the majority decision. He win the vacant WBA Inter-Continental title. He was coming off wins over Diego Ruiz, Yoan Boyeaux and 17-0 Jack Bateson but this fight shows he is still very much a work in progress. Sanmartin falls to 1-3 in a run of very tough fights where he lost to 24-2-1 Mauricio Lara, beat 20-3 Miguel Martinez and lost to 15-0-1 Kevin Gonzalez so with Massoud 11-0 going into this one Sanmartin’s last four opponents have had combined records of 70-5-2.

Dickinson vs. Dennis
Dickinson grinds down and stops Dennis in the fifth. Dickinson had big edges in speed and skill and set a fast pace from the start knowing that would give the 40-year-old Dennis problems. Working behind a hard, accurate jab he switched his attack from head to body. Dennis scored with counters but lacked the punch to match Dickinson. The fight became one-sided with Dickinson dominating in every round until in the fifth he sent Dennis down with a bunch of hooks and uppercuts. Dennis beat the count but the referee made a good stoppage. Dickinson was in his first ten round test. Dennis suffers his third inside the distance defeat.

Davis vs. Mackenzie 
Davis halts Mackenzie in the eighth round. Davis was boxing cleverly over the first two rounds. He was getting past the southpaw lead of the taller Mackenzie and connecting with short hooks to the body. Mackenzie had a better third but Davis landed some choice counters in the fourth and had Mackenzie bleeding from the nose. Davis launched a big attack in the fifth and looked close to a stopping Mackenzie only for Mackenzie to bang back and have Davis in trouble. Davis then took over and landed heavily in the sixth and seventh and with Mackenzie driven back and having to absorb a series of hooks and uppercuts in the eighth his corner waived the towel to have the fight stopped. Fourth consecutive inside the distance victory for Davis. Mackenzie was jumping from six rounds to ten so a bit of a stretch but at 25 he has youth on his side. 
Ofori vs. French 
Ofori gets an upset stoppage over unbeaten French. Southpaw French made a confident start firing right jabs and long lefts. He had quicker hands and outboxed Ofori over the first two rounds. Ofori picked up his pace in the third and fourth putting French under more pressure and forcing French to fight inside where Ofori’s strength told. French just did enough to edge the third but Ofori dominated the fourth rocking French with head punches. Ofori came swarming out throwing punches in the fifth and he ignored counters from French to force French to go toe-to-toe. The picture was the same in the sixth with Ofori piling on the punches with French landing counters but punishment from Ofori had French cut under his right eye and fighting desperately. In the seventh French was still trying to turn the tide but he was staggering and stumbling under the relentless attacks from Ofori. When Ofori drove French back with a series of punches at the start of the eighth the towel came in from French’s corner. Fourth inside the distance win for Ofori. He was 8-0 at the start of his career but was then matched with some of the best young prospects and found the going tough. French had won a bronze medal at the European championships and a silver at the European Union Championships and was 4-0 in WSB fights. 

Long Beach, CA, USA: Feather: Michael Bracamontes (8-1-1) W PTS 8 Jose Castillo (27-4). Super Fly: Irma Garcia (23-5-1) W PTS 10 Stephanie Silva (8-1). Super Welter: Fernando Vargas (13-0) W KO 2 Wilfrido Buelvas (24-18,1ND). 
Bracamontes vs. Castillo
A mild surprise here as Bracamontes outpoints the more experienced Castillo. The fight was fairly even over the first three rounds. Bracamonte then simply upped the pace and outworked Castillo over the next four rounds. Castillo had late success as he hurt Bracamonte with a body shot in the last but that was too little too late. Scores 80-72 twice and 78-74 for the 18-year-old Bracamonte who is now 5-1-1 in his last seven contests, Castillo, the son of former WBO lightweight champion Jose Luis Castillo had a 14-bout winning streak snapped 
Garcia vs. Silva
Garcia wins the vacant IBF title with a wide unanimous decision over Italian Silva. The harder punching Garcia controlled the action but Silva’s aggressive tactics made Garcia work hard for her win. Silva just could not tie-down the slicker Garcia and her frustration saw her walk onto a left from Garcia in eighth that dropped her. That did not deter Silva and she continued to take the fight to Garcia but with very little success and Garcia won on scores of 99-90 on the cards of the three judges. Garcia, 42, is a former WBO bantam champion but has previously lost in fights for the WBC superfly, WBO bantam and this same IBF super fly title. Her record shows four No Decisions from a Reality TV show where she was 3-0-1.Silva is a former undefeated European champion.
Vargas vs. Buelvas
Unbeaten southpaw prospect Vargas blows away Buelvas in two rounds. Just seconds into the fight Vargas staggered Buelvas with a hard left and then sent him crashing to the canvas with another left. Buelvas half out of the ring under the bottom rope but somehow made it to his feet and fought back hard taking the fight to Vargas by the end of the round. In the second a vicious left to the body had Buelvas turning away and dropping to the canvas in pain and being counted out. The tall southpaw is the son of former WBC light middleweight champion Fernando Vargas. He shows quick hands and real power and it is now 12 wins by KO/TKO in his 13 fights. Fifteen losses by KO/TKO for Colombian Buelvas.

Ontario, CA, USA: Super Light: Ernesto Mercado(13-0) W TKO 2 Jeremia Nakathila (23-4).
Mercado crushes Nakathila in two rounds. Plenty of early sparring as they both looked for openings. Mercado began to let fly with short bursts of punches aiming to nail Nakathila with rights. Nakathila was boxing cautiously with Mercado looking dangerous with his rights. As Nakathila missed with a right early in the second Mercado stepped in with his own right to the head and a left hook sending Nakathila down on his back. Nakathila was up immediately dancing during the count to show he was ready to fight on but his legs were stiff. Mercado leapt on him and Nakathila staggered into the ropes but did not go down but rebounded then stumbled along the ropes. Mercado followed him across the ring throwing punches not landing anything heavy but Nakathila’s legs betrayed him and he staggered and almost went down with the referee coming in and stopping the fight. It looked a tad premature but Nakathila was on shaky pins. Second big win in a row for Mercado who had outpointed Xolisani Ndongeni in July. Second heavy defeat in a row for 33-year-old Nakathila. After losing to Shakur Stevenson in a fight for the interim super feather title he had sprung a huge upset by beating Miguel Berchelt in six rounds. Next time out in May he was stopped in two rounds by Ray Muratalla.

Toledo, OH, USA: Super Feather: Albert Bell (25-0,1ND) W TKO 2 Jayson Velez (30-12-1). Super Middle: Antwan Jones (14-0) W KO 5 Abel Adriel (27-29-3). Super Feather Thomas Mattice (22-2-1,1ND) W TKO 8 Cesar Juarez (28-15).
Bell vs. Velez
Bell floors Velez three times for a second round victory. Bell was looking to impress his home fans and went straight after Velez in the first. He scored heavily and Velez went down but was not badly shaken and had no trouble staying upright until the bell. In the second Velez suffered a cut over his left eye and was floored by a right. He beat the count but was dropped again and the fight was stopped. Bell is No 1 in the WBO rankings so mandatory challenger for Emanuel Navarrete. Velez well down the slippery slope with seven losses in his last eight fights.
Jones vs. Adriel
Jones maintains his 100% record with a fifth round kayo of Argentinian Adriel. Jones won all the way before dropping Adriel with a right in the fifth for the kayo. Eighth KO/TKO victory for Jones a former bronze medallist at both the US National Championships and the National Golden Gloves.
Mattice vs. Juarez
Mattice scored another win for Ohio as he stopped Juarez in the eighth round. Juarez started at a fast pace trying to catch Mattice cold. It took a few rounds for Mattice to settle into the fight but he began to find the range and then began to exploit gaps in Juarez defence that the Mexican’s aggression had concealed. By the end of the seventh Juarez was tiring and Mattice was in control and a sustained attack from Mattice in the eighth had Juarez in trouble against the ropes and the fight was halted. Mattice, 33, has lost important crossroads fights but has beaten some decent level opposition in his current run of five victories. Mexican Juarez has now won just one of his last six fights. 

Quilmes, Argentina: Light: Jeremias Ponce (31-1) W KO 2 Andres Tejada (10-3-2). Super Middle: Rodrigo Del Greco (18-0) W PTS 10 Rolando Mansilla (19-13-1). Super Welter: Jonathan Eniz (32-19-1) W TKO 2 Alexis Alaniz (10-3-1).
Ponce vs. Tejada
Ponce finishes off Tejada in the second. After scoring well in the first Ponce took advantage of a wild attack from Tejada to end the fight in the second. As Tejada walked forward throwing punches Ponce drove home a left hook to the ribs that sent Tejada down to his knees in agony and he could not beat the count. First win on the road back for Ponce following his loss in February to Subriel Matias for the vacant IBF super light title.
Second inside the distance loss in a row for Tejeda.
Del Greco vs. Mansilla
Del Greco wins the vacant Argentinian title with a points victory over Mansilla. This was a dreadful fight and if this pair are the two best super middle in Argentina then Argentinian boxing is in a sorry state. Mansilla spent the whole ten rounds charging forward with his head down chucking wild punches from both hands. Del Greco was taller with a longer reach but lacked the power to keep Mansilla out. Mansilla lost a point in the second for a butt and another in the fourth. Gradually, as Mansilla slowed, Del Greco began to pick up rounds but he was wrestled to the floor twice and was never in control. His work over the second half of the fight, and the deductions, gave Del Greco the win on scores of 96-92 twice and 99-89 but the referee outworked them both.
Eniz vs. Alaniz
Eniz flattens Alaniz. After a close first round Eniz finished the fight in spectacular fashion in the second. As Alaniz lunged forward Eniz met him with a southpaw left hook that dropped Alaniz down spreadeagled on the canvas. The referee immediately waived the fight over. Fifteenth victory by KO/TKO for Eniz. Alanis had won his last three bouts.

Rosario, Argentina: Anahi Sanchez (23-6) W PTS 10 Marisa Portillo (19-18-3). Super Middle: Pablo Corzo (17-0) W KO 1 Carlos Rivero (24-3-1).
Sanchez vs. Portillo
Sanchez makes a successful defence of the South American title with a unanimous decision over Portillo. A messy, untidy fight saw Sanchez just do the cleaner work. Both were deducted a point for holding in the fourth round and Sanchez knocked Portillo down in the eighth to win on scores of 98-89, 97-90 and 96-91. Former WBA light champion Sanchez lost to Katie Taylor, Chantelle Cameron and Sandy Ryan in the UK. 
Portillo is a former WBO super fly title holder.
Corzo vs. Rivero
Corzo wipes out Rivero in one round. Corzo was tracking a reluctant Rivero and saw an opening and connected with a straight right that sent Rivero down to his knees and the Venezuelan was counted out. Fifteenth inside the distance victory for Corzo and his sixth defence of the WBA Fedelatin belt. Rivero has a ridiculously misleading record.

Fight of the week: (Significance): A week devoid of any fights that look significant at this time
Fight of the week: (Entertainment); Shabazz Massoud vs. Jose Sanmartin was a good mixture of styles
Fighter of the week: Harlem Eubank as he wins his first pro title
Punch of the week: The southpaw left from Jonathan Eniz that literally flattened Alexis Alaniz was spectacular
Upset of the week: No biggies 
Prospect watch: Super Welter Francisco Vargas 13-0 12 id looks a great prospect.

Rosette: None earned this week
Red Card: No great sins

A very low key week with no big fights 
Mauritius joins the club with their first professional boxing show

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