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The Past Week in Action 11 October 2021: Fury Stops Wilder in Electrifying Title Fight

-Tyson Fury climbs off the deck to kayo Deontay Wilder in the eleventh round of an electrifying WBC heavyweight title fight
-Robert Helenius gets a repeat win over Adam Kownacki who is disqualified after six rounds
-Frank Sanchez outpoints Efe Ajagba in clash of unbeaten heavyweights
- Edgar Berlanga gets off the floor to outpoint Marcelo Coceres
Vladimir Hernandez outpoints Julian Williams in an upset
-Robeisy Ramirez and heavyweight Jared Anderson score wins.
-Dominic Boesel outpoints Robin Krasniqi to regain the IBO light heavyweight title
- In Liverpool Liam Smith stops Anthony Fowler, Troy Williamson wins British super welterweight title with victory over Ted Cheeseman, Shannon Courtenay loses her WBA Female bantamweight title on the scales and Californian Jamie Mitchell outpoints Courtenay to win the vacant title
-In Birmingham Jason Cunningham retains the European super bantamweight title and wins the British and Commonwealth titles with narrow victory over Brad Foster, Ekow Essuman knocks out Danny Ball for Commonwealth, British and IBF European welterweight titles and Callum Johnson struggles past Server Emurlaev on a majority decision in a WBO Global light heavyweight title defence.

World Title/Major Shows

October 9

Las Vegas, NV, USA: Heavy: Tyson Fury (31-0-1) W KO 11 Deontay Wilder (42-2-1). Heavy: Robert Helenius (31-3) W DISQ 6 Adam Kownacki (20-2). Heavy: Frank Sanchez (19-0) W PTS 10 Efe Ajagba (15-1). Feather: Robeisy Ramirez (8-1) W PTS 10 Orlando Gonzalez (17-1). Super Middle: Edgar Berlanga (18-0) W PTS 10 Marcelo Coceres (30-3-1). Super Welter: Vladimir Hernandez (13-4) W PTS 10 Julian Williams (27-3-1,1ND). Heavy: Jared Anderson (10-0) W TKO 2 Vladimir Tereshkin (22-1-1). Heavy: Viktor Vykhryst (8-0) W TKO 3 Mike Marshall (6-1-1). 
Fury vs. Wilder
Fury scores crushing win with late stoppage in a dramatic heavyweight fight which saw both fighters on the floor, Fury twice and Wilder three times before Fury ended things with a thunderous right to the head in the eleventh.
Round 1
Good first round for Wilder. He was coming forward jabbing almost exclusively to the body and firing some range finding rights. Fury was on the back foot and only really came alive late on the round with a long right but had been outworked.
Score: 10-9 Wilder
Round 2
Too much holding in this round with Fury using his additional weight to lean on Wilder. Fury was mostly on the front foot and shook Wilder with a big right and later when Wilder did land a big right Fury immediately fired back and just had the edge.
Score: 10-9 Fury TIED 19-19
Round 3
Fury took the fight to Wilder. He was coming forward behind his jab and throwing rights. Wilder was on the back foot and clinching with Fury being warned for leaning on. A right from Fury rocked Wilder but Wilder responded by driving forward throwing rights. As they traded punches against the ropes a short right from Fury buckled Wilders knees and he went down. He was up quickly and after the eight count there were just fifteen seconds left in the round and although Fury connected with another right Wilder held and survived. 
Score: 10-8 Fury Fury 29-27

Wilder drops Fury in the 4th round.

Round 4
Fury was looking to capitalise on that knockdown but too often he was willing to drop into a clinch and use his weight to push Wilder around. As Fury rumbled forward he was nailed by a right counter to the temple and stumbled forward then pitched to the canvas. He climbed up at six but went down again as Wilder landed a couple of clubbing punches. Fury was up at six and when the eight count was completed the round was over without another punch thrown.
Score: 10-7 Wilder Wilder 37-36
Official Scores: Judge Tim Cheatham 38-35 Wilder, Judge Dave Moretti 37-36 Wilder, Judge Steve Weisfeld 37-36 Wilder
Round 5
A close round. Fury showed his powers of recuperation and used his jab well. Wilder was right hand happy just throwing overhand rights which Fury was able to duck under. He did land a couple of shots when he had Fury in a corner but Fury had done the cleaner work.
Score: 10-9 Fury TIED 46-46
Round 6
Not a pretty round as there were too many clinches. Fury connected with a series of left/rights forcing Wilder back and twice used his 39lbs of additional weight to push Wilder down to the floor. With Wilder doing very little useful work.
Score: 10-9 Fury Fury 56-55
Round 7
Another round for Fury. He was landing his jab and scoring with body punches inside. Wilder looked exhausted and he was so predictable just throwing a left jab followed by a right so that Fury was able to duck under the right. Fury trapped Wilder in a corner and landed a series of head punches which had Wilder reeling but Fury could not find the punch to end things.
Score: 10-9 Fury Fury 66-64
Round 8
This round was one-sided. Fury rocked Wilder three or four times with rights and Wilder was stumbling back throughout the round occasionally throwing wild rights in the hope of connecting and almost going over when he missed. Fury was in total control.
Score: 10-9 Fury Fury 76-73
Official Scores: Judge Tim Cheatham 75-74 Fury, Judge Dave Moretti 75-74 Fury, Judge Steve Weisfeld 75-74 Fury.
Round 9
The doctor checked Wilder before the start of the round. Apart from a brief flurry of punches early in the round it was all Fury. He was rolling forward scoring with his jab and rocking an exhausted Wilder with rights. Wilder hardly had the strength to throw a punch. He was bleeding from the mouth and returned to his corner a dejected figure.
Score: 10-9 Fury Fury 86-82
Round 10
Fury piled on the pressure and Wilder hardly had the strength to hold his arms up. A right to the side of the head sent Wilder down. He was up at five and after the eight count Fury tried to land some clubbing shots but Wilder held on before coming to life and putting the tension back into the fight as he connected with a series of hooks and uppercuts.
Score: 10-8 Fury Fury 96-90

Fury celebrates after stopping Wilder in the 11th round.

Round 11
Fury ended it by driving Wilder across the ring scoring hooks and uppercut until a right to the head dropped Wilder heavily and the referee thankfully waived the fight over.
Official Scores: Judge Tim Cheatham 94-92 Fury, Judge Dave Moretti 95-91 Fury, Judge Steve Weisfeld 95-92 Fury.
This may have only been for the WBC title but with all due respect to Oleksandr Usyk who holds the other belts is immaterial as Fury proved he is the best heavyweight on the planet. Wilder enhanced his reputation for the way he fought on through exhaustion to remain dangerous and he played his part in a fight that will live on as a classic

Helenius clips Kownacki.

Helenius vs. Kownacki
Helenius gets a second win over Kownacki. Helenius had exposed the flaws in Kownacki when stopping him in four rounds in March 2020 and was able to do the same again here. He found the Pole an easy target for jabs and straight rights rocking Kownacki with a right in the first and effectively closing Kownacki’s left eye by the end of the round. Helenius used his longer reach to score at range and caught Kownacki with counters when he advanced. Kownacki kept trying to close the gap but in his frustration he went low with a punch in the third and was given a warning. There was more punishment for Kownacki in the fourth and he was given another warning in the fifth for a below the belt shot. Helenius looked close to ending the fight in the sixth until another low punch from Kownacki earned him disqualification. Now 37 Helenius’ career looked over when he was knocked out by Gerald Washington in July 2019 but the March 2020 victory over then unbeaten Kownacki revived his career and won him the WBA Gold title. He might have an outside chance of a fight against Trevor Bryan or Mahmoud Charr but Fury or Oleksandr Usyk would be very hard to sell. Difficult to see where Kownacki goes from here. He built his record on the basis of grinding his opposition down and it looks as though he has gone as far as he is going.

Sanchez drops Ajagba.

 Sanchez vs. Ajagba 
Sanchez outpoints Ajagba. The Cuban was just too accomplished a boxer for the Nigerian and exposed his limitations. Ajagba tried to take the fight to Sanchez but Sanchez constantly found gaps for his jabs and right counters. Ajagba had success when he put his punches together but never really threatened Sanchez dominance. He had no idea how to cut off the ring and was throwing too few punches. Sanchez scored a flash knockdown in the seventh but was lucky to not lose a point for hitting Ajagba when he was down. Ajagba put in a strong finish but it was not enough. The fight never really caught fire with the fans occasionally booing the lack of action as Sanchez won without taking any chances. Scores 98-91 twice and 97-92 for Sanchez. He retains the WBC Continental Americas and WBO NABO titles. He is rated No 5 with the WBO with the No 1 spot vacant. Ajagba has plenty to work on so hopefully this will result in some improvements in his skills.

Ramirez (L) decisions Gonzalez.

Ramirez vs. Gonzalez
Cuban southpaw Ramirez continues to settle in as a pro and show some of the class he displayed as an outstanding amateur as he takes wide decision over fellow-southpaw Gonzalez. Both Ramirez and Gonzalez were moving up to ten rounds for the first time and they took the open round feeling each other out. The hand speed, accuracy and clever footwork gave Ramirez the edges. Gonzalez found the Cuban a hard target to pin down whereas Ramirez was snapping out right jabs and left hooks. He shook Gonzalez with a right hook in the ninth and breezed through the last. Scores 99-91 twice and 97-93 for Ramirez as he gets his eighth win in a row after a shock loss in his first pro fight. A good class amateur at 26 Gonzalez has time to rebound from this.

Berlanga (L) survives a knockdown to outpoint Coceres.

Berlanga vs. Coceres
Berlanga probably learned more about himself in this fight than in his 17 previous fights combined. Any chance of an early finish disappeared as although Berlanga was out scoring Coceres over the first three rounds he found the constantly moving Argentinian an elusive target. Coceres began to make his mark in the fight in the fourth and fifth and a couple of hooks in the sixth caused some concern for the Berlanga fans. Berlanga kept pressing and scored heavily in the seventh but although Coceres had a heavy swelling around his right eye he was never in any serious trouble. In fact the only knockdown in the fight came from a right by Coceres which floored Berlanga late in the ninth too late for Coceres to build on that and there was no more drama in the last. Scores 96-93 for Berlanga from all three judges. Berlanga wins the vacant WBO NABO belt. This fight and the points win over Demond Nicholson in April have shown Berlanga can’t knock everyone over early and that he can work for his wins as he will have to do as the quality of his opposition grows. Coceres suffered his only inside the distance loss when he was knocked out by Billy Joe Saunders in the eleventh round of a challenge for the WBO super middle title in November 2019 having given Saunders all kinds of trouble and being in front on one card. He blotted his copybook with a loss back home against Sebastian Papeschi but restored some pride here.
Hernandez vs. Williams 
Hernandez comes from a long way back to get upset decision over former IBF/IBO/WBA title holder Williams. This one went with the script early with an aggressive Hernandez cut in the first round shaken badly in the second and cut over both eyes by the fifth. That was as good as it got for Williams. Hernandez was still strong and still marching forward with Williams’s strength and stamina failing under the pressure. Hernandez stormed through the second half of the fight with William exhausted and struggling to the final bell to avoid a stoppage loss. Scores 97-93, 96-94 for Hernandez and 96-94 for Williams. Consecutive losses to Israil Madrimov and Souleymane Cissokho had derailed Hernandez but a win over Alfredo Angulo in August last year made this a good test for Williams who was having his first fight since losing his titles to Jeison Rosales in January 2020. They say you can never forget how to ride a bicycle but perhaps pacing a fight is a skill that can fade as that was what cost Williams this fight.
Anderson vs. Tereshkin
Anderson blitzes an over-hyped Tereshkin. Anderson was much too quick for southpaw Tereshkin. He was slotting home jabs and getting through with rights with the static Tereshkin only scoring with an occasional left. Tereshkin landed a couple of rights in the second but then it was all Anderson. He scored heavily before forcing Tereshkin to a corner and unloading with lefts and rights. Tereshkin looked at the referee inviting him to stop the fight which he did. That’s ten wins in a total of less than 22 rounds for Anderson. Tereshkin’s record is very deceptive. He was coming off what looked like an impressive 23-0 record except that those 23 losers had only 26 wins between them. 
Vykhryst vs. Marshall
Unbeaten Ukrainian Vykhryst much too good for Marshall and scores knockdowns in the second and third rounds before the fight is halted. Six inside the distance wins for the 29-year-old former European Amateur Championships gold medal winner. Marshall had won 3 of his last 4 fights. 

Liverpool, England: Super Welter: Liam Smith (30-3-1) W TKO 8 Anthony Fowler (15-2). Super Welter: Troy Williamson (17-0-1) T KO 10 Ted Cheeseman (17-3-1). Super Welter: Kieron Conway (17-2-1) W PTS 10 James Metcalf (21-2). Bantam: Jamie Mitchell (7-0-2 ) W PTS 10 Shannon Courtenay (7-2).Super Light: Luke Willis (11-0) W PTS 10 Rylan Charlton (6-2-1). Heavy: Solomon Dacres (3-0) W PTS 8 Kamil Sokolowski (10-23-2). Super Feather: Peter McGrail (1-0) W PTS 6 Ed Harrison (2-9). Welter: Robbie Davies Jr (21-3) W TKO 4 Jonny Phillips (5-8).

Smith drops Fowler.

Smith vs. Fowler
Smith’s strength and experience earn him a win over Fowler. In the early rounds it was Fowler’s excellent work with his jab which saw him pick up the points. As early as the opening round Smith was cut over his left eye by a punch from Fowler who edged the second round and scored heavily in the third. From the fourth the greater strength of Smith began to tell. He put Fowler, who was also cut by then, under constant pressure slowly breaking his fellow Liverpudlian down and floored Fowler heavily with a right in the fifth. From there it was just a matter of time before Smith ended the fight. He continued to pile on the pressure in the sixth and seventh. In the eighth Smith scored with a series of punches and then dropped Fowler with a left hook. Fowler made it to his feet but was in no condition to continue and the fight was halted. Great response from Smith to his controversial loss to Magomed Kurbanov in May and he will now head off to the USA to try to work his way to another title shot. Fowler will regroup and hope to comeback stronger.

Williamson connects with a left at Cheeseman.

Williamson vs. Cheeseman 
Williamson stops Cheeseman to win the British title in a stirring battle that might have been Fight of the Week but for Fury vs. Wilder. Cheeseman made a steady start blocking or ducking Williamson’s punches and coming back with sharp shots to head and body. By the third they were both willing to stand and trade hard punches with both being rocked in what had become a battle for survival. Defence was parked in the corner as they pounded on each other with quality punches in round after round. Cheeseman looked to be taking charge of the fight from the sixth. A spectacular seventh saw Cheeseman staggered by a right and almost going down only to fire back and have Williamson reeling and in deep trouble at the bell. They continued to trade punches in the eighth but in the ninth Cheeseman started to struggle. He was badly shaken by a left hook and looked exhausted as Williamson raked him with slashing hooks. Williamson launched a ferocious attack in the tenth and although Cheeseman tried to punch back a terrifying left hook saw down flat on his back with his right leg folded under him and with no count required. Great battle with the strongest surviving. Ninth inside the distance in his last ten fights for Williamson. Cheeseman was making the first defence of the British title he had won with a stoppage of James Metcalf in March. He will need a long rest after this war.

Conway delivers an uppercut at Metcalf.

Conway vs. Metcalf
Conway takes majority verdict over Metcalf. Conway made full use of his much longer reach to score with jabs on the smaller Metcalf who found it hard to get inside and was reaching to do so leaving himself open to counters. Conway was using his jab to set Metcalf up for straight rights and looked comfort fable over the first three rounds. Metcalf upped his pace from the fourth putting Conway under severe pressure inside. Conway had a good fifth but Metcalf hustled and harried him through the sixth and seventh which were close rounds. Both were showing the scars of battle over the eighth and ninth with Conway cut over his right eye and Metcalf having a swelling under his left eye. Metcalf slowed in the ninth which allowed Conway room to box and Metcalf stormed through the tenth to make it close. Scores 96-94 and 96-95 for Conway and 95-95. Conway fought a split draw with Ted Cheeseman for the British title in June 2019 but lost a split decision to unbeaten Souleymane Cissokho in August. He will be looking to challenge Troy Williamson who won the British title on this show. Former Commonwealth champion Metcalf was stopped in eleven rounds by Cheeseman for the vacant British title in March.
Courtenay vs. Mitchell
A bad experience all round for Courtenay. She lost her WBA title when she failed to make the weight for this first title defence and then lost a majority decision to Californian Mitchell. From the start it was a case of the higher work rate and relentless pressure of Mitchell against the harder and more accurate punching from Courtenay. Mitchell’s aggression deservedly won out as Courtenay found herself pinned to the ropes with little room to work and despite a strong finish she could not do enough to offset Mitchell’s earlier work. Scores 97-93 and 96-94 for Mitchell and 95-95. The 5’2” Mitchell won the vacant title. Courtenay will have to regroup and perhaps a move up in weight might help.
Willis vs. Charlton
Willis holds off a strong finish from Charlton to take the majority decision. Willis boxed be beautifully over the early rounds using slick footwork and quick hands. Charlton found it difficult to land anything of note whilst Willis threaded jabs and quick rights through Charlton’s defence. Charlton exerted continuous pressure but mostly without any success. That changed over the closing rounds as Willis slowed and Charlton was able to drag Willis into trading punches. A tired Willis lost a point in the last round for holding but he had dominated so much of the fight that he was a deserved winner and if anything the scores looked too close at 95-94 twice for Willis and 95-95. Good test for Willis who was moving down to lightweight and going ten rounds for the first time. Second defeat in a row for Charlton who had been stopped in eight rounds by Florian Marku in February.
Dacres vs. Sokolowski
Dacres goes eight rounds for the first time and outscores the reliable Sokolowski. The 6’5” former elite level amateur made good use of his substantial reach advantage over the 6’1” Sokolwski but was made to work hard for his win. Referee’s score 78-74 for Dacres. A former member of Team GB he chose boxing over rugby and decided to turn pro as the berth for Tokyo was always going to go Frazer Clarke. He is a very useful addition to the crowded ranks of promising heavyweights. Sokolwski has lost six of his last seven contests but is strong and durable.
McGrail vs. Harrison
Plenty of interest over the first pro fight for Liverpool’s highly decorated amateur Peter McGrail. One of the most successful amateurs in the current period the 25-year-old McGrail eased his way through six rounds against a tough Ed Harrison with the referee scoring the fight 60-54 giving every round to McGrail. In the amateurs McGrail won gold medals at the European Championships and Commonwealth Games and bronze medals at the 2017 and 2019 World Championships but lost out to the experienced Thai Chatchai Butdee in Tokyo and missed out on a medal. Only one loss by KO/TKO for Harrison
Davies vs. Phillips
Davies, a late addition to the card, got in some useful ring time as he stopped Phillips in four rounds. Phillips had weighed just 133 ½ lbs in his fight in September and had lost his last six fights. Davies was just too accomplished and too strong for him and when a right in the fourth shook Phillips the fight was halted. A return to winning ways for the former British and European champion who had lost an upset decision against Gabriel Valenzuela in February.

Birmingham, England: Super Bantam: Jason Cunningham (30-6) W PTS 12 Brad Foster (14-1-2). Welter: Ekow Essuman (16-0) W KO 6 Danny Ball (10-1-1). Super Bantam: Liam Davies (11-0) W PTS 10 Dixon Flores (17-8-3,2ND). Light Heavy: Callum Johnson (20-1) W PTS 10 Server Emurlaev (24-3). Super Feather: Nick Ball (14-0) W TKO 1Piotr Gudel (10-7-1).
Cunningham vs. Foster 
A three title triumph for southpaw Cunningham as he overcomes a slow start to take a narrow unanimous decision over Foster to win the British and Commonwealth titles and retain the European title. Foster dominated the early rounds. He was quick and tricky come in under Cunningham’s punches and scoring with hooks inside. Cunningham was waiting too long to let his punches go and was being outboxed. Foster looked to have comfortably swept the first four rounds but then Cunningham upped his work rate became more of the aggressor and stepped up the pressure on Foster. He was also leaning forward more which was frustrating Foster attempts to duck inside land to the body. In the eighth Foster suffered a cut over his left eye which bled through the rest of the fight. He was having a good round in the eighth but landed a low punch and was deducted a point losing his advantage from earlier in the round. The ninth and tenth were close as Foster fought hard to hold on to his British and Commonwealth titles and he was very much back in the fight. Cunningham just had the edge over the eleventh and twelfth but in the end it was the one point deduction that decided the outcome. Scores 116-112, 115-114 and 114-113 for Cunningham. He was coming off a points win over Gamal Yafai that landed him the European title in May. With the decision so close Foster deserves a return and if it is as good a fight as this one it will be a treat for the fans.
Essuman vs. Ball
Essuman retains the British and Commonwealth titles and wins the vacant IBF European with knockout of Ball. The pace was fast in this one from the first bell. Ball was taking the fight to Essuman but the champion was scoring with jabs and switching his attacks from head to body constantly changing angles and showing some classy defensive work. Ball continued to come forward but was having to take punishment and was cut over his right eye in the second. Essuman wound up the pressure in the third with Ball spending time pinned to the ropes. A great fourth saw Ball hurt Essuman with a right only for Essuman to fire back with a right of his own. Essuman bossed the action in the fifth before stunning Ball with a right in the sixth. He then drove Ball into a corner and pounded him with punches until Ball fell to his hands and knees. Ball had nothing left. He remained on his hands and knees on the canvas with blood pouring from his mouth and he was counted out. High class display from Botswana-born Essuman and his seventh inside the distance win. He was very impressive here. Ball gave it his best but Essuman was just too good and too big a step up for him.
Davies vs. Flores
Davies comfortably boxes his way to victory over a too small Flores. Davies was able to score at distance and he dealt easily with the lunging attacks that Flores employed to try to get inside. A right uppercut staggered Flores in the first but he connected with some useful head punches at the end of the third. Flores had no alternative he had to march-or lunge-forward and Davies made him pay with hooks and uppercuts as he came in. Davies had Flores in trouble at the end of the seventh but never looked like ending the fight early and boxed sensibly to the final bell, Scores 100-90 twice and 99-91 for English champion Davies who is making progress but is far from ready for the top British fighters. Nicaraguan Flores is typical of the Nicaraguan visitors to the UK-limited but willing.
Johnson vs. Emurlaev
Johnson suffers a torrid night on the way to a majority decision over Emurlaev. Johnson was tracking Emurlaev around the perimeter of the ring and trying to nail down the constantly shifting Russian. The taller Emurlaev changed direction, changed guard and changed tactics in every round. Johnson stuck to his task and was able to score with hooks to the body from both hands but Emurlaev would switch from pawing with jabs to suddenly firing a salvo of straight shots from both hands. With the unpredictable movement of Emurlaev Johnson had difficulty cutting the ring off but he was scoring consistently whereas Emurlaev was scoring in bursts. Emurlaev had a good eighth when with Johnson cut over his right eye and bleeding from the nose Emurlaev drove forward landing a series of straight punches. Johnson rebounded in the ninth and both fighters had dominant periods in the tenth. At the end with Johnson cut, bleeding from the nose and with a swelling under his right eye and Emurlaev unmarked the visitor looked the winner but Johnson’s fierce attacks got him a win-but only just. Scores 99-92 and 96-94 for Johnson- with the first score looking way out- and 95-95. Johnson retains the WBO Global title he won in April as he chases down another world title shot but this was a much harder fight than he needed at this stage. Uzbek-born Emurlaev was out of the ring for over eight years before returning in February this year and was 2-1 since returning with the loss coming against Kazakhstan’s Olympic bronze medallist from Tokyo Kamshybek Kunkabayev.
Ball vs. Gudel
Ball gets this one over in quick time as he floored Pole Gudel three times with the referee stopping the fight on the third knockdown after just 56 seconds. Seventh inside the distance victory for the 25-year-old from Liverpool. Gudel has now lost 5 of his last 6 contests.
October 8

Los Polvorines, Argentina: Bantam: Pablo Gomez (14-10-2) W PTS 10 Abel Silva (7-7-3). Light: Augustin Quintana (15-1-1) W PTS 8 Esteban Stodulski (9-2-3,1ND). 
Gomez vs. Silva
Gomez collects the vacant South America title with unanimous decision over Silva. It was Silva who forced the fight early with Gomez showing good defensive work and countering with jabs and straight rights. The rounds were close but gradually Gomez took control outscoring Silva at distance and inside as he swept the late rounds. Scores 97-93 twice and 99-91 for the former Argentinian champion as he makes it 10 wins in his last 11 fights. Silva had won his last two outings.
Quintana vs. Stodulski
Quintana much too good for Stodulski. Quintana was on target with straight rights from the first and a desperate Stodulski loss a point in the fifth for a butt. Quintana landed a series of body shots in the seventh which had Stodulski in trouble but he made it to the final bell. Scores 80-72 ½, 79-72, 79-2 ½ for Quintana his sixth consecutive victory. Stodulski’s losses have come against good level domestic opposition

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: Light Heavy: Bryan Perez (16-1) W RTD 2 Likar Ramos (30-12). Super Welter: Bryan Medina (15-2) W TKO 2 Gustavo Sandoval (15-18-1).
Perez vs. Ramos
Perez wins but in confusing circumstances. In this clash of southpaws Perez dropped Ramos with a perfect right uppercut in the first minute of the fight. He was up at four and managed to avoid any more trouble. Ramos was wrongly counted when he lost balance getting under a Perez shot in the second and again went down-without a count- from a right to the back of the head. At the end of the round Ramos continued to rub the back of his head and the referee called the doctor into the ring to examine Ramos. Without waiting to see what the doctor would say the referee called Perez to the centre of the ring and lifted his arm as winner with both the doctor and Ramos gazing on in amazement as the doctor had not been asked if Ramos could continue and looked as though he was going to say Ramos was fit to do so. In the confusion at one point both boxers left their corner thinking the fight was not over. I guess it goes down as a second round retirement. Perez only loss was against former WBA interim champion Felix Varela but he floored and outpointed Varela in a return in March. Colombian Ramos, 36, was too small and too overweight to pose any threat to light heavyweight Perez. Ramos competed at the 2004 Olympics as a featherweight so was vastly overweight here.
Medina vs. Sandoval
A farcical mismatch sees Medina dispose of Sandoval in two rounds. In the first Medina tried to blow away the much smaller and tubby Sandoval with a barrage of hooks and uppercuts but Sandoval survived. Two rights to the head floored Sandoval in the second. He made it to his feet but was finished and when he went down from another right the fight was stopped. Eleventh victory by KO/TKO for Medina but he needed a win after back-to-back losses against 18-0 Heber Rondon and 18-1 Carlos Adames. Ninth inside the distance loss for Colombian Sandoval just a crude slugger with no technique.

October 9

Magdeburg, Germany: Light Heavy: Dominic Boesel (32-2) W PTS 12 Robin Krasniqi (51-7). Heavy: Peter Kadiru (12-0) W PTS 10 Boris Estenfelder (11-3-1). Cruiser: Roman Fress (14-0) W PTS 10 Luca D’Ortenzi (15-2). Heavy: Umut Camkiran (17-0) W RTD 2 Dorde Tomic (3-4). Heavy: Viktor Jurk (1-0) W TKO 1 Zoltan Csala (12-25). Cruiser: Ammar Abduljabbar (1-0) W TKO 1 Sviatoslav Svyryd (5-4).
Boesel vs. Krasniqi 
Boesel regains the IBO title with split decision over Krasniqi in a return fight. After a quiet first round the action evolved with Boesel taking the centre of the ring behind a high guard with Krasniqi circling looking for opportunities to come forward and score inside. The pace heated up with Krasniqi taking control over the middle rounds and Boesel doing better over the seventh and eighth. Boesel upped his pace in the ninth with the tenth close. Krasniqi seemed to put the verdict beyond doubt when he had Boesel in serious trouble in the eleventh with Boesel forced to hold to survive. The last was close but Krasniqi looked to have dome enough to win although the judges saw it differently with scores of 116-112 and 115-114 for Boesel and 115-114 for Krasniqi. Revenge for Boesel but Krasniqi had cause for complaint. 
Kadiru vs. Estenfelder
Kadiru retains the German title with points win over Estenfelder. No doubt about the winner but not one of Kadiru’s best nights. He dominated the fight but it was a pedestrian performance from Kadiru. He outboxed Estenfelder without ever looking likely to win inside the distance. Scores 100-98, 99-91 and 98-92. He is only 24 so it is early to judge his full potential . Former champion Estenfelder was having only his third fight in three years and had lost a split decision and his German title to unbeaten Roman Gorst in October 2019.
Fress vs. D’Ortenzi
Fress retains the WBO Inter-Continental title with very debatable win over D’Ortenzi. The visitor made a good start and put Fress down in the fourth. He looked to have built on that and to be in front until a late surge by Fress made it close but D’Ortenzi seemed to have had a good edge which made the scores of 97-92 twice and 95-94 for Fress questionable. First defence for the Kazakh-born German. D’Ortenzi, a former Italian heavyweight champion, had won his last seven fights.
Camkiran vs. Tomic
German-born Turk Camkiran gets another meaningless inside the distance win as poor Tomic retires after the second round. Camkiran, the EEU champion (for European fighters from countries outside of the European Union), has one decent win over 32-2 Arnold Gjergjaj but other than that his opposition has been sub standard. Under 5’10” and over 245lbs gives you some idea of Bosnian Tomic’s daintiness
Jurk vs. Csala
Another heavyweight giant enters the scene as Germany’s Jurk stops Hungarian Csala in the first round. The 6’7” Jurk scored four knockdowns before the fight was stopped. The 20-year-old Jurk was German champion at Under-17,Under-18 and Under-22 and won a silver medal at the European Under 22 Championships. He has also been a regular sparring partner for Anthony Joshua. Csala, 44, suffers his sixth first round loss in his last seven fights and 24 of his 26 losses have come inside the distance
Abduljabbar vs. Svyryd
German Olympian Abduljabbar has his first pro fights just two months after fighting in Tokyo and stops Ukrainian Svyryd in the first round. The Iraqi-born German lost to eventual silver medallist Muslim Gadzhimagomedov in the semi-finals of the 91kg competition. Second consecutive first round loss for Svyryd

Accra, Ghana: Middle: Emmanuel Quaye (6-9) W TKO 3 Boateng Agyemang Prempeh (2-1). 
Quaye wins the vacant Ghanaian title with stoppage of Prempeh. This was a very one-sided bout. Prempeh was crude without any skills. Quaye was landing heavy rights through the first two rounds and Prempeh seemed to injure his shoulder at the end of the second. A fierce attack from Quaye in the third sent Prempeh tumbling through the ropes to the ring apron flat on his back and the referee stopped the fight. Second shot at the national title for Quaye and his sixth win in his last seven fights. The two fighters Prempeh had beaten had combined records of 0-8.

Los Hornos, Argentina: Light Heavy: Braian Suarez (15-0) W TKO 1Devis Casseres (26-14).
Suarez wipes out an overmatched Casseres in the opening round. A series of punches had Casseres wobbling and the referee gave him a standing count. Suarez then blasted Casseres with hooks to the body and put him down with an uppercut and the referee stopped the fight. Sixth consecutive victory by KO/TKO and thirteen in total for Argentinian champion Suarez. Colombian Casseres has won only two of his last nine fights.

London, England: Super Feather: Liam Dillon (10-0-1) W PTS 10 Dennis Wahome (7-1).
Dillon wins the vacant English title with majority decision over southpaw Wahome. Scores 98-94 and 96-94 for Dillon and 95-95. Both fighters were returning to action after almost two years out due to COVID-19.

Fight of the week (Significance): Tyson Fury’s win over Deontay Wilder hopefully might get us closer to a unified title-but don’t hold your breath.
Fight of the week (Entertainment): Has to be Fury vs. Wilder with honorary mention to Troy Williamson vs. Ted Cheeseman
Fighter of the week: Fury again
Punch of the week: The right from Fury that finished Wilder was awesome and Liam Smith’s left hook that put Fowler down was a classic but I go for Troy Williamsons left hook that sent Ted Cheeseman down and out cold. 
Upset of the week: Vladimir Hernandez was just supposed to be a warm up for the returning former IBF, IBO, WBA super middleweight title holder Julian Williams but he took the decision.
Prospect watch: A bit risky but I go for British super featherweight Peter McGrail who had his first pro fight in Liverpool after a stellar amateur.


Rosette for making a substantial contribution to the good of boxing goes to the Fury vs. Wilder show that had quality fights right down the card and in fact the quality of fights in Liverpool and Birmingham were also good for boxing
Red Card for matchmakers continuing to use Hungarian Zoltan Csala. The 44-year-old Csala has a 12-26 record with 24 of his losses by KO/TKO with eleven of those losses in the first round.
-Yet another giant heavyweight on the scene with the 6’7” German Viktor Jurk having his first pro fight on Saturday (against Csala). A former German Under-21 champion he has sparred regularly with Anthony Joshua. They just keep coming and there were ten heavyweights on the Las Vegas card.
- It is strange how sometimes a boxer can turn his career around. The new South American bantamweight champion Pablo Gomez was 4-9-2 in his first 15 fights and is 10-1 in his last eleven-a can of spinach perhaps.

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