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The Past Week in Action 13 September 2021

-Oscar Valdez comes from a long way behind to successfully defend the WBC super featherweight title with controversial points victory over Robinson Conceicao
-Junto Nakatani stops Angel Acosta in four rounds in WBO flyweight title defence
- Mathieu Bauderlique beats Igor Mikhalkin on a seventh round retirement to win the vacant European light heavyweight title
-Olympic medallists Tony Yoka and Souleymane Cissokho score inside the distance victories as heavyweight Yoka stops Peter Milas in seven and super welterweight Cissokho forces Ismail Iliev to a fourth round retirement
-Kevin Lejarraga wins the vacant European super welterweight title with technical verdict over Dylan Charrat and Spain’s Mary Romero retains the EBU Female super bantamweight title on retirement against England’s Amy Timlin
-Sam Eggington outpoints Frenchman Bilel Jkitou in a WBC Silver middle weight title defence
-Heavyweight Filip Hrgovic returns to action with a stoppage of Marko Radonjic in Austria and John Ryder halts Joszef Jurko on the same card
-Zaur Abdullaev outpoints Dejan Zlaticanin at lightweight and Evgeny Tischenko decisions Dmitry Kudryashov at cruiserweight on massive show in Ekaterinburg featuring nine ten round fights relating to seven different titles
- Aidos Yerbossynuly knocks out Lennox Allen in ten round to win WBA super middleweight eliminator

World Title/Major Shows

September 10

Tucson, AZ, USA: Super Feather: Oscar Valdez (30-0) W PTS 12 Robson Conceicao (16-1). Fly: Junto Nakatani (22-0) W TKO 4 Angel Acosta (22-3). Super 
Feather: Luis Lopez (23-2) W PTS 10 Gabriel Flores Jr (20-1) . Super Feather: Juan Tellez (16-1) W TKO 7 Eduardo Garza (15-5-1). Super Light: Omar Aguilar (22-0) W KO 2 Carlos Portillo (22-4). Welter: Lindolfo Delgado (13-0) W TKO 2 Miguel Zamudio (45-17-1). Super Welter: Xander Zayas (10-0) W PTS 6 Jose Sanchez (11-2-1)

Valdez vs. Conceicao
 Valdez has to come from behind to retain his WBC title. Conceicao the bigger man made a confident start. He made good use of his longer reach to score at distance and Valdez had difficulty landing anything of consequence. Conceicao dominated the second again getting through with jabs and landing with some strong body punches. Valdez’s face was already marking up. Valdez connected with a big right at the start of the third but again the more effective work was being done by Conceicao and he shook Valdez with a big uppercut in the fourth. Jarring jabs from Conceicao had Valdez head jerking back and he landed a powerful left hook. Conceicao’s confidence was high enough for him to make fun of a wide miss by Valdez. With his title slipping away Valdez finally found his rhythm in the sixth he was getting inside and working to the body and he also outscored Conceicao in the seventh. Conceicao showed signs of tiring and Valdez was on top in the eighth. Conceicao rallied in the ninth but lost a point for a punch to the back of Valdez’s head which cost him a round he looked to have won. Both were hurt by shots in the tenth with Valdez now bleeding from a gash on his left cheekbone but he just edged the round. The eleventh was a close round but Valdez just came out on top in the exchanges and Valdez took the last as Conceicao held and fiddled as if he only needed to get to the bell to be the winner handing the round to Valdez who retained his title. Scores 115-112 twice and 117-110, for Valdez with the latter score not doing justice to Conceiaco’s early dominance and many feeling Conceicao should have been the winner. Valdez was making the first defence of the WBC title in a sub-par performance as he had trouble dealing with the longer reach of the 5” taller Conceicao. He will now be looking to face either WBO title holder Jamel Herring or Shakur Stevenson who clash on 23 October. Brazilian Conceicao performed above most expectations but having only once gone past eight rounds he faded late in this fight.

Nakatani vs. Acosta
Nakatani bloodies and beats Acosta in four rounds. The tall southpaw was quick and accurate with his jabs in the first and landed some powerful lefts. Acosta managed to get past the jab a couple of times but his problem was already evident. Uppercuts from Nakatani had Acosta bleeding heavily from the nose early in the second. Nakatani continued to find the target with lefts and the fight was halted as a doctor inspected the damage to Acosta’s face. The fight was allowed to continue but Acosta was bleeding heavily. Acosta put in a big effort in the third and landed some heavy punches but so did Nakatani. Again the fight was stopped so that a doctor could check the damage to Acosta. Both the doctor and the referee visited Acosta’s corner at the end of the round and Acosta pleaded to be given one more round. He came out for the fourth but after just 32 seconds with Acosta’s face a mask of blood the referee had seen enough and stopped the fight. Nakatani was making the first defence of the WBO title that he won with an eighth round kayo of Giemel Magramo in November. Also Nakatani’s first fight in the USA. There is a dearth of talent at flyweight so Nakatani’s aim may be to go for a unification fight and then move up to super fly. He has won 17 of his fights by KO/TKO. Acosta was just too small to pose any problems for Nakatani.

Lopez vs. Flores 
Although with their individual records a win for Lopez was a possibility that he should score a shut-out on two cards was a suprise. The pattern was established in the opener with Lopez storming forward into the much taller Flores throwing punches forcing Flores on to the back foot and he shook Flores with a big right late in the round. Flores had landed some good shots of his own in the first but Lopez just kept coming. Lopez hustled Flores out of his stride in the second and was throwing more and landing more. A body shot in the third had Flores backing off and although Flores landed plenty in the fourth Lopez just walked through his punches and was connecting with hooks and uppercuts. He was throwing his shots from strange angles but connecting. The incessant pressure from Lopez continued over the middle rounds and Flores was taking plenty of punishment with his face swelling. Lopez scored heavily in the seventh and eighth and through a one-sided ninth. With his son showing a huge bump under his left eye it was natural that Flores’ father wanted to pull him out at the end of the ninth but Flores insisted on continuing with the result that he suffered more unnecessary pain. His father tried to stop the fight late in the tenth but the referee did not see him signal so the round continued to the bell. Scores 100-90 twice and 98-92 for Lopez. The 28-year-old Mexican had lost a decision to Ruben Villa in May 2019 but bounced back with five victories including a split verdict over Andy Vences. Flores had beaten some good level opposition but Lopez proved just too strong on the night. At 21 Flores has plenty of time to do his own bit of rebounding.
Tellez vs. Garza
After six rounds of like for like exchanges Lopez proved the stronger and stayed the course better under the strength-sapping heat before ending the fight with a left to the body in the seventh. Tellez’s ten inside the distance victories includes a sixth round kayo of prospect Carlos Balderas. Third consecutive loss for Garza.
Aguilar vs. Portillo
Unbeaten Mexican Aguilar demolishes Portillo in two rounds. Aguilar sent Portillo down in the opening round but Portillo got and made it to the bell. Aguilar then put Portillo down twice in the second and the Paraguayan was counted out. Twenty-first victory by KO/TKO for 22-year-old Aguilar and eleventh in a row including a first round stoppage of Dane Jordan. First fight for 22 months and third loss by KO/TKO for Portillo. 
Delgado vs. Zamudio
Delgado overwhelms Zamudio in two rounds. Zamudio did well to get through a torrid first round but was floored in the second and the fight was over. Mexican Delgado, an Olympian and Pan American Games silver medal winner, has twelve wins by KO/TKO. Fifteen of Zamudio’s defeats have come by KO/TKO.
Zayas vs. Sanchez
Zayas gets six rounds of useful work against Sanchez. Zayas had Sanchez shaken early but Sanchez fought his way through the crisis and competed hard for the rest of the contest. Scores 60-54 from the judges for Zayas. Sanchez was 9-0-1 in his last 10 bouts.

Klagnefurt, Austria: Heavy: Filip Hrgovic (13-0) W RSF 4 Marko Radonjic (22-1). Super Light: Dalton Smith (10-0) W PTS 10 Brian Pelaez (10-6). Super Middle: John Ryder (30-5) W TKO 5 Jozef Jurko (8-3). Super Middle: Abass Baraou (10-1) W KO 1 Jay Spencer (11-3).

Hrgovic vs. Radonjic
Hrgovic obliterates a hapless Radonjic in three rounds. Hrgovic used his longer reach to score and followed his jab with straight rights to the head. Radonjic was boxing southpaw and trying to catch Hrgovic with left counters but was too slow and crude. Hrgovic was tracking the retreating Radonjic in the second. As Radonjic lunged forward a right to the top of his head put him down. He was up at nine but on shaky legs. He was floored again by a right. He beat the count but another head punch sent him down for the third time. A fourth knockdown came from a body punch and a fifth saw him dumped into the ropes and down. He saw out the round but was down again in the third and when he came out for the fourth the referee immediately stopped the fight. Hrgovic retains the IBF International title with his eleventh victory by KO/TKO. He is No 4 with the IBF but as he has never faced anyone remotely near the rating he can’t fill the vacant No 1 spot. Montenegrin Radonjic had won all 22 of his fights by KO/TKO. A “miracle fighter”-it is a miracle his management managed to find 22 opponents that he could beat inside the distance. He tried hard but seemed to have no punch resistance.
Smith vs. Pelaez
Smith much too classy for Pelaez. He was able to outbox Pelaez all the way with Pelaez having occasional success but not enough to win a session. Pelaez tried switching guards a few times but it made no difference. Smith handed out severe punishment in every round. Pelaez was cut over both eyes but never looked to be in trouble. Scores 99-91 for Smith on the three cards. Surprising lack of power from Smith who had won his last seven fights by KO/TKO. Spaniard Pelaez had won his last two fights.
Ryder vs. Jurko
Ryder stops Jurko in five rounds. Weighing 173 ¼ lbs for this one Ryder was testing the waters at light heavyweight. He scored heavily over the first two rounds then dialled things up bit by bit drawing blood from Jurko’s nose until the referee stepped in to save Jurko in the fifth. Although the WBA’s No 3 super middle Ryder has his eyes on the WBA light heavyweight title held by Dimitry Bivol. Jurko had won his last three contests
Baraou vs. Spencer
Baraou demolishes a reluctant Spencer in the first round. Baraou was connecting with stiff shots to head and body with little coming back from Spencer. Baraou landed a fierce body punch and a right to the head and Spencer went down. He was up before the eight count was completed and the referee made the decision to stop the fight. First outing for Baraou since losing a split verdict to Jack Culcay in August last year.

Paris, France: Light Heavy: Mathieu Bauderlique (21-1) W RTD 7 Igor Mikhalkin (24-3). Heavy: Tony Yoka (11-0) W TKO 7 Petar Milas (15-1). Super Welter: Souleymane Cissokho (14-0) W TKO 5 Ismail Iliev (13-3-1). Heavy: Vladyslav Sirenko (18-0 W TKO 1 Aleksandr Ustinov (36-5-1). Super Light: Volkan Gokcek (7-0,1ND) W TKO 4 Kaoussou Cisse (5-1).
Bauderlique vs. Mikhalkin 
Bauderlique wins the vacant European title as Mikhalkin retires at the end of the seventh round with a suspected fractured jaw. After a cautious start from both southpaws Bauderlique began to take control. He was quicker with his jab and finding Mikhalkin with long lefts. Mikhalkin tried to put some pressure on over the second and third but again Bauderlique was jabbing strongly and was dangerous with his left crosses. Mikhalkin had a good fourth he was getting through with lefts to the head and body and moving constantly instead of standing and punching with the stronger Bauderlique. Mikhalkin was lively at the start of the sixth but the power and accuracy of Bauderlique’s punches was having their affect and Mikhalkin was slowing and had a swelling under his right eye. Bauderlique continued to find the target in the seventh and at the end of the round Mikhalkin retired. Twelfth win by KO/TKO for Bauderlique who will be hoping to get a shot at a version of the light heavyweight title next year. Mikhalkin was stopped in seven rounds by Sergey Kovalev in a challenge for the WBO title in 2018. 
Yoka vs. Milas
After an indifferent performance Yoka whacks out Milas in the seventh. Yoka began by prodding out his jab and tracking Milas around the ring. Milas was switching guards and darting in to throw hooks with neither fighter landing anything of note. Milas was orbiting the ring but Yoka managed to find the range with a couple of jabs in the second and ended the round with a burst of body punches. Yoka continued to track down the speeding Milas in the third and connected with some strong punches to head and body. Milas threw a lot more punches in the fourth and fifth and Yoka was just not cutting the ring off or throwing enough punches in a very pedestrian performance. Milas continued to trot around the ring but looked to be slowing in the sixth. Even then Yoka was hardly throwing more than one punch at a time. Milas was dancing confidently in the seventh until a blazing left hook from Yoka sent him staggering back to the ropes and a clubbing right to the head sent him down on his hands and knees. He got up but was chased across the ring and although no heavy punch was evident he slumped to a sitting position in a corner. He made it to his feet but the referee waived the fight off. Ninth victory by KO/TKO for Yoka who showed real power at the finish. He still seems too mechanical and does not show a lot of head movement but it is time for a test against a rated fighter to justify his top ten ranking by the IBF and WBC. Yoka dedicated his win to the recently deceased French film star Jean-Paul Belmondo. 
Cissokho vs. Iliev
Cissokho beats Iliev who retires after the fourth round. There was plenty of movement and jabbing from Cissokho as he spent the first round boxing on the back foot. Cissokho brought his right hand into play in the second landing some belting body shots and he also found the range with stinging jabs. Iliev tried to put on some pressure but Cissokho just shimmied away from his attacks. He comfortably outboxed Iliev in the third and rocked him with some heavy rights late in the round. A right in the fourth sent Iliev tumbling back and he put both gloves on the canvas to stop himself going down and with that knockdown and blood coming from a cut over his left eye Iliev’s team pulled him out of the fight. Senegalese-born Cissokho, a bronze medallist in Rio, had struggled in getting a split decision over Kieron Conway in May but was back to his best form here. Russian Iliev pursued in vain but kept trying. His other two losses have come against Patrick Day and Magomed Kurbanov.
Sirenko vs. Ustinov
Sirenko blast out Ustinov inside a round. Sirenko tracked Ustinov around the ring with Ustinov just prodding out jabs. With Ustinov having his back against the ropes Sirenko stepped in and landed a booming overhand right that sent Ustinov pitching into the ropes. With Ustinov propped up by the middle rope Sirenko landed another right that sent Ustinov face down on the canvas with the referee waiving the fight off after 2:08 of the first round. Fifteenth win by KO/TKO for the 26-year-old Ukrainian who was defending the WBC Asian Boxing Council title. At 44 it really is time Ustinov retired.
Gokcek vs. Cisse
Turkish hope Gokcek halts Cisse in four rounds. It was the harder punching of Gokcek that won him this one. Cisse was competitive but a succession of left hooks to the body in the fourth put him down and although he beat the count and fought back more body shots proved too much for him and the fight was stopped. Fifth inside the distance victory for Gokcek who was a bronze medallist at the European Under-22 championships. Frenchman Cisse fought well but could not cope with Gokcek’s power.

Coventry, England: Middle: Sam Eggington (31-7) W PTS 12 Bilel Jkitou (15-1). Welter: Kaisee Benjamin (13-1-1) W KO 3 Jarkko Putkonen (17-8-2). Middle: River Wilson Bent (10-0) W PTS 10 Gabor Gorbics (26-21-2).Light Heavy: Shakan Pitters (16-1) W PTS 8 Farouk Daku (21-19-1). Cruiser: Isaac Chamberlain (13-1) W RTD 1 Ben Thomas (2-7-3).
Eggington vs. Jkitou
This was the type of fight that begs the statement “it is a pity there had to be a loser”. Eggington and Jkitou engaged in twelve rounds of street warfare. Eggington has good boxing skills but somehow always ends up in a no quarter battle. They both had their jab working at the start of the first but then stood and exchanged hooks and uppercuts. Just moments into the second round they went toe-to-toe swapping punches and it stayed like that for the full three minutes. In the third. Eggington was landing more but Jkitou was not rattled. Eggington tried to box in the fourth but quickly went back to trading punches and for the last two minutes of the round they stood with their heads touching firing hooks and uppercuts with both scoring heavily and both rocked. Jkitou was coming forward throughout the fight behind a high guard. Eggington was able to find gaps for his jabs and body punches but once Jkitou got in range it was bombs away and both were throwing accurate, quality shots. Eggington looked to be a couple of rounds in front going into the second half of the fight but he is more prone to facial damage and looked the worse for wear. The seventh was another brutal round as they fired missiles at each other. Eggington had the edge as he was working throught the round but Jkitou was firing bursts of punches and then going back behind his guard. Jkitou’s output dropped a little over the eighth and ninth but he was back in Eggington’s face as they fought hard all the way to the final bell of a tremendous scrap full of power and precision. Scores 117-111 and 117-112 for Eggington and 116-112 for Jkitou. “The Savage” retains the WBC Silver title but you have to wonder when the constant warfare will catch up with him. Whilst the first two scores might be a tad unkind to Jkitou’s performance it is difficult to understand the score for Jkitou. Eggington had been cut over his right eye and his face was badly marked but he was a good winner. You could argue that there are no losers in a fight this good as Eggington was a huge step up in quality of opposition for Jkitou and on this performance he should be able to climb from his current EU No 12 rating with a bit more activity.
Benjamin vs. Putkonen
Superior skills and faster hands saw Benjamin bossing this fight from the off. He was scoring with precise jabs and easily avoiding the rushing attacks from Putkonen. The Finn had to soak up tremendous punishment in the second as Benjamin dug in left nooks to the body and heavy head punches. Putkonen was staggered a couple of times but bravely kept trying to fire back. Benjamin ended it in the third with a right to the body that sent Putkonen down and he was counted out. BBB of C Midlands Area champion Benjamin is now 8-0-1 in his last 9 fights with four inside the schedule victories. Four stoppage suffered by Putkonen.
Bent vs. Gorbics
Bent has no problems winning every round against the much smaller Gorbics. Bent jabbed well and scored with straight rights but as Gorbics was in survival mode for most of the fight. Gorbics launches the occasional wild attack but other than that it was Bent hunting Gorbics down but finding the Hungarian a difficult man to hurt so the fight went the distance. The referee had Bent winning 100-90 marking the first time Bent has gone the full ten rounds so a useful exercise. Gorbics is without a win in his last 11 fights with figures of 0-9-2
Pitters vs. Daku
Pitters floors and outpoints Daku. With Pitters being 6’6” and Daku 8 inches smaller this was never going to be a difficult fight for Pitters. He was able to spear Daku with jabs and connect with long rights. When Daku rushed forward Pitters had such as long stride that he was able to move out of range and he found Daku and easy target for hooks when Daku made his rushes. Pitters raised his pace over the second half of the fight and put together some impressive combinations. He came near to ending it in the seventh. A right staggered Daku badly and a volley of punches dropped him. Daku only just beat the count but survived and made it to the final bell. The referee scored it 80-71. Former British champion Pitters will be hoping for another chance at the title he lost to Craig Richards in December. Ugandan-born Dutchman Daku drops to 1-10 in his last 11 fights.
Chamberlain vs. Thomas
Chamberlain wipes out Thomas in the first. Thomas was circling the ring never being farther than a stride from the ropes. Chamberlain took his time to set Thomas up and then pounced with a stunning right and a big left hook that sent Thomas down heavily. He only just made it to his feet and was on very shaky legs but the bell had gone. He made back to his corner but his team pulled him out of the fight. A real power show from Chamberlain in his seventh quick win. His lone loss was on points to current WBO cruiser champion Lawrence Okolie in 2018. Six consecutive losses for Thomas.

London, England: Feather: Louie Lynn (10-0) W TEC DEC 9 Amin Jahanzeb (8-1). Light: Mark Chamberlain (9-0) W RTD 4 Benjamin Lamptey (11-5-1).
Lynn vs. Jahanzeb
In a contest shortened due to a cut Lynn gets a close split decision over Jahanzeb. Lynn took the fight to Jahanzeb in the first but clever counter punching gave Jahanzeb the edge. Lynn pressed his attacks hard to edge the second and third but Jahanzeb swung the fight back his way with some sharp boxing and he shook Lynn with a left hook in the fifth. Lynn outscored Jahanzeb in the sixth only for Jahanzeb to impress with some effective hooks in the seventh and eighth. With the fight slipping away Lynn hit back strongly in the ninth shaking Jahanzeb with a right but a clash of heads opened a gash over Lynn’s right eye and the fight was stopped at the end of the round. Lynn took the technical decision on scores of 87-84 and 86-85 for Lynn and 86-85 for Jahanzeb but the decision could have gone either way. Lynn, a former English and Great Britain champion in the amateurs, wins the WBC International Silver title. Jahanzeb was going past six rounds for the first time.
Chamberlain vs. Lamptey
Portsmouth prospect Chamberlain decks Lamptey in the second and fourth rounds and Lamptey does not come out for the fifth. Sixth inside the distance victory for the former English Youth and Senior champion. His other five KO/TKO wins were all first round finishes. First fight in Britain for former Ghanaian champion Lamptey.

Delray Beach, FL, USA: Light Heavy: Robin Sirwan Safar (13-0) W PTS 8 Denis Grachev (20-14-1). Light: Antonio Williams (15-0-1) W PTS 8 Harry Gigliotti (8-3).
Safar vs. Grachev
Tall Swede Safar takes unanimous verdict over Russian oldie Grachev which breaks Safar’s six-fight run of inside the distance victories. Scores 80-72, 78-73 and 78-74 for the 6’3” Swede. Grachev, 39, has won only one of his last eight fights. 
Williams vs. Gigliotti
Williams very lucky to get a split verdict over Gigliotti. In a close fight it was a sixth round knocked down scored by Williams with a body punch in the fourth round that just gave him the edge in the scoring at 77-74 and 76-75 for Williams and 76-75 for Gigliotti. Sixth win on the trot for the 24-year-old Texan. Gigliotti had won 7 of his last eight contests.

Philadelphia, PA, USA: Bantam: Christian Carto (18-1) W KO 1 Yeison Vargas (17-8).
Carto shakes the dust from a long period of inactivity with first round blow out of Vargas. Carto dropped Vargas early in the first and then ended the fight with a left hook to the body later in the round. First fight for Carto, 25, since losing to Victor Ruiz in February 2019 and twelfth win by KO/TKO. Eighth defeat in his last nine contests for Colombian Vargas.
Gomez Palacio, Mexico: Super Bantam: Yulihan Luna (22-3-1) W TKO 4 Karla Valenzuela (3-23-3). 
Luna please her home fans with fourth round stoppage of Valenzuela to register her fourth win by KO/TKO and her sixth consecutive victory. Valenzuela came in at very short notice when Luna’s defence of her WBC bantamweight title fell through. Valenzuela is a depressing 0-9-1 in her last ten outings.
Houghton-le-Spring, England: Super Fly: Craig Derbyshire (8-28-3) W PTS 10 Joe Maphosa (10-0).
 A minor upset as Derbyshire outscores previously unbeaten Maphosa. Derbyshire put Maphosa down in the first and then sheer aggression gave Derbyshire the advantage over the longer reach and better skills of Maphosa who was docked a point in the seventh for holding as he tried to cope with the fierce attacks of Derbyshire. A split decision 97-92 and 96-93 for Derbyshire and 95-93 for Maphosa.

September 11

Barcelona, Spain: Super Welter: Kevin Lejarraga (33-2) W TEC DEC 10 Dylan Charrat (20-1-1). Super Bantam: Mary Romero (7-2) W RTD 8 Timlin (4-1-1). Super Feather: Moussa Gholam (17-0) W TKO 8 Mauro Perouene (12-4-1). Feather: Kiko Martinez (42-10-2) W PTS 8 Jayro Duran (14-10). Super Feather: Cristobal Lorente (13-0-1) W PTS 8 Anuar Salas (21-11-1).
Lejarraga vs. Charrat
Lejarraga becomes a European champion again as he takes a technical decision over Frenchman Charrat. From the start Charrat used speed, movement and quick hands to frustrate the stronger but slower Lejarraga. He was darting in to score and Lejarraga was finding him a difficult target. The fight changed over the middle rounds as pressure from Lejarraga and some hefty body punches began to take the spring out Charrat’s steps and he was standing and trading punches more. By the end of the eighth it was clear the fight had swung Lejarraga’s way. In the ninth when their heads banged together Lejarraga suffered a gash on his cheekbone and the injury was ruled too severe for the fight to continue and it was decided on the cards with Lejarraga the winner by a majority verdict on scores of 96-94 twice and 95-95. The 29-year-old “Revolver “ is a former European welterweight champion but lost the title to David Avanesyan and was stopped in one round in a return contest. Charrat was having his first fight for twenty months so should work to get some fights under his belt and come looking for a return.
Romero vs. Timlin
Romero is still European champion after England’s Timlin retired at the end of the eighth round of their fight for the Female title. Timlin was fighting with a handicap from the first round when what looked like an accidental elbow opened a cut over her left eye. Although that affected Timlin Romero was the better fighter on the night. She scored well to the body and was more accurate with her punches. The cut worsened and at the end of the eighth round in agreement with the doctor Timlin’s team pulled her out of the fight. Sixth consecutive win for Romero who will now look to go for a world title. Timlin had fought a draw for the vacant Commonwealth title in October and at 21 she has time to take on board the lessons from those two title fights and rebound.
Gholam vs. Perouene
Second quick win this year for Moroccan Gholam. He started slowly then gradually wound up the pressure with Perouene forced to take heavy punishment. His team could have pulled Perouene out earlier but finally threw in the towel in the eighth round. After eighteen months of inactivity Gholan is looking to move up to some stiffer challenges. First inside the schedule defeat for Argentinian Perouene.
Martinez vs. Duran
Just a keep busy fight for Martinez. He was his usual aggressive self outscoring Honduran Duran and decked him in the fifth one the way to a comfortable victory. Scores 79-72 twice and 80-71. Martinez is hoping to get a return fight with Zelfa Barrett who scored a very controversial victory over Martinez in February. Fifth loss on the trot for Spanish-based Duran.
Lorente vs. Salas
Fighting in his home city Spanish champion Lorente takes a unanimous verdict over Salas. Lorente dropped Salas in the first and fourth rounds and won the decision on scores of 80-70, 80-71 and 79-72 for his twelfth consecutive victory. Poor Colombian Salas is now 1-8-1 in his recent activity.

Ekaterinburg, Russia: Light: Zaur Abdullaev (14-1) W PTS 12 Dejan Zlaticanin (24- ). Cruiser: Evgeny Tischenko (9-1) W PTS 10 Dmitry Kudryashov (24-5). Super Feather: Ruslan Kamilov (11-0-1) W PTS 10 Stanislav Kalitskiy (11-2). Super Bantam: Mukhammad Shekhov (10-0-1) W PTS 10 Asror Vokhidov (9-1). Super Feather: Mark Urvanov (20-2-1) W PTS 10 Otto Joseph (17-1). Super Feather: Muhammadkhuja Yaqubov (18-0) W RTD 4 Cristian Palma (31-11-2). Bantam: Jessica Gonzalez (8-5-2,3ND) W PTS 10 Tatyana Zrazhevskaya (11-1). Super Middle: Artysh Lopsan (7-1-1) W TKO 7 Oleg Misiura (7-1). Super Feather: Dmitrii Khasiev (12-2-2) W TKO 2 Rofhiwa Maemu (19-13-3).
Abdullaev vs. Zlaticanin 
Russian Abdullaev wins the vacant WBC Silver title with comfortable points victory over former champion WBC title holder Zlaticanin. Abdullaev made a cautious start letting Zlaticanin bring the fight to him and utilising a high guard to block Zlaticanin's punches. From the third Abdullaev used his 5” height advantage and longer reach to control the fight. He was connecting with precise jabs and hurtful straight rights and Zlaticanin faded out of the fight over the closing rounds with Abdullaev strong to the finish. Scores 119-109, 118-110 and 117-111 for Abdullaev who is fighting his way back into contention having lost on a fourth round retirement against Devin Haney for the interim WBC title in September 2019. Zlaticanin, 39, just did not have the reach, speed or power to really compete.
Tishchenko vs. Kudryashov
Tischenko floors Kudryashov in the first and outboxes him in every round. Tall southpaw Tischenko had been getting through the jabs and straight lefts in the opener and with twenty seconds remaining in the round he fired a left hook that dropped Kudryashov on his posterior. Kudryashov was up quickly and Tischenko did not really put him under any pressure. Tischenko was able to take charge of the fight with Kudryashov rolling forward but too slow to cut off the ring and rarely getting past Tischenko’s jab. Kudryashov was cut over his right eye early and Tischenko stayed at a steady pace content to box his way to victory and taking no chances. Kudryashov resorted to wild swipes with his right which Tischenko easily blocked or dodged and made Kudryashov pay for his rash approach with some hard uppercuts as he eased his way to a win. Scores 100-89 twice and 99-91 for Tischenko. He picks up the vacant WBC International title. He had lost a wide unanimous decision against Thabiso Mchunu in a fight for the WBC Silver title in March and largely dropped out of the ratings so has work to do if he is to get a title chance. Third loss in his last four fights for Kudryashov who seems to have found his ceiling.
Kamilov vs. Kalitskiy
WBO No 8 Kamilov makes successful defence of the WBO Inter-Continental belt with a decision over Kazakhstan’s Kalitskiy. A poor fight but Kalitskiy a clear winner though no scores posted. Second defence for the 33-year-old Russian who has extensive amateur experience behind him. 
Shekhov vs. Vokhidov 
Uzbek-born southpaw Shekhov holds on to the WBO European belt as he outpoints Tajik southpaw Vokhidov. Shekhov was making his first defence and is No 11 with the WBO. Vokhidov was No 15. 
Urvanov vs. Joseph
WBO Gold champion Urvanov decisions Nigerian Joseph in a non-title fight- again no scores to hand. The 25-year-old Russian has won some reasonable level bouts but his No 2 with the WBA is ridiculous. Big disappointment for unbeaten Joseph.
Yaqubov vs. Palma
Highly rated Yaqubov handed out punishment to overmatched Palma and the Chilean retired after the fourth round. The Tajik southpaw was making the fifth defence of the WBC International title. He is No 1 with the WBO and No 3 with the WBC although both ratings seem a bit too generous. Palma was unbeaten in his last 12 fights but against some very mediocre opponents. 
Gonzalez vs. Zrazhevskaya 
Quite an upset here as Mexican Gonzalez scores split decision over favourite Zrazhevskaya. Scores 98-93 and 96-94 for Gonzalez and 96-94 for Zrazhevskaya. Gonzalez wins the interim WBC Female title. She had not fought since October 2018 when she was beaten on points by Chandelle Cameron. She was 0-4-1 in title contests and had not won a fight since 2014.Kazak-born Zrazhevskaya, a former WBC Silver female title holder, was making her initial defence of the interim title. 
Lopsan vs. Misiura 
Lopsan gets his second good win in a row as he stops Misiura in seven rounds. Misiura was a slight favourite here but Lopsan had an edge in reach and power. Misiura was cut and fading badly at the end of the sixth. In the seventh Lopsan forced Misiura to the ropes and landed a series of crunching left hooks the put Misiura down. He made it to his feet but the fight was halted. The 6’3” Russian wins the vacant WBO Oriental title. In his last fight in March he stopped unbeaten Indian hope Vijender Singh in five rounds. This is his fourth win in a row. Russian champion Misiura had won 6 of his 7 fights inside the distance.
Khasiev vs. Maemu
In another WBO Oriental title fight Russian southpaw Khasiev stopped South African Maemu in two rounds for his fourth consecutive stoppage victory. The title had been vacant. Maemu is now 0-5 in visits to Russia.

Krasnoyarsk, Russia: Welter: Alexander Besputin (15-0,1ND) W KO 5 Mauricio Pintor (24-4-1). Middle: Albert Khamkhoev (6-0) W PTS 10 John Bopape (9-8). Super Welter: Edgard Moskvichev (14-1-2) W PTS 8 Damian Bonelli (24-10).
Besputin vs. Pintor
Besputin proves too strong and too talented for Pintor. Besputin was too quick for Pintor. He was landing with solid lefts from the start and had Pintor under heavy fire in the third and fourth. Besputin ended the fight impressively. Two solid lefts put Pintor down spread-eagled on the canvas. Besputin was celebrating victory but somehow Pintor beat the count. Besputin bombarded him with punches but then Pintor fought back until a thumping left to the head put him down again and this time he was counted out. Second win for Besputin since returning from a ban arising from a positive test for a banned substance after beating Radzhab Butaev for the vacant secondary WBA welterweight title in November 2019. Pintor, the nephew of the great Lupe Pintor, suffers his first inside the distance defeat. 
Khamkhoev vs. Bopape
Russian southpaw Khamkhoev outpoints Bopape but has to climb off the floor for victory. Khamkhoev boxed his way to a lead but was floored in the ninth which allowed Bopape to make it close but Khamkhoev’s early work saw him get the decision.
Moskvichev vs. Bonelli
Moldovan-born Russian Moskvichev took a unanimous decision over Argentinian oldie Bonelli. Eleven wins in a row for southpaw Moskvichev. Bonelli, 43, has won only one of his last ten outings.

Hollywood, FL, USA: Super Feather: Jono Carroll (19-2-1) W PTS 10 Andy Vences (23-3-1). 
Southpaw Carroll continues his rebuilding project with a majority decision over Vences in a great scrap. Carroll established an early lead being busier and more accurate with Vences struggling to get into the fight. From the fourth Vences began to find the range and was scoring well to the body over the middle rounds as they were both winging punches with abandon. Carroll was cut and after surviving a doctor’s inspection he put in a, huge effort in the ninth and then matched Vences in the last. Scores 97-93 twice for Carroll and 95-95. Both fighters needed a win as Carroll had lost to Maxi Hughes in August last year and Vences had lost two of his last three outings.

Leicester, England: Super Welter: Kyle Haywood (9-1) W PTS 10 Alex Fearon (9-3).
Local fighter Haywood wins the vacant BBB of C Midlands Area title with very narrow verdict over Fearon. After a closely contested ten round the referee saw Haywood the winner 96-95. Success at the second attempt for Haywood who lost a decision for this same title in his last fight in March 2019. No third time lucky for Fearon who has challenged unsuccessfully for both the super light and welter Area titles.

Heubach, Germany: Light Heavy: Kasim Gashi (15-2) W PTS 8 Michael Obin (5-10). 
Gashi extends his current winning run to five with a very close majority decision over Obin. Scores 77-75 twice for Gashi and 76-76. Ugandan-born Swede Obin looked worth a draw at least but this was a Gashi promotion.

September 12
Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan: Super Middle: Aidos Yerbossynuly (16-0) W KO 10 Lennox Allen (22-2-1). Super Middle: Bek Nurmaganbet (5-0) W TKO 1 Bruno Sandoval (21-4-1). Super Bantam: Yevgeniy Pavlov (5-0) W TKO 4 Isaac Sackey (25-2-1). 
Yerbossynuly vs. Allen
Yerbossynuly wins a WBA eliminator with kayo of Allen. Yerbossynuly was quicker and busier than Allen working well with fast, accurate jabs and then getting the better of the exchanges inside. Allen was cut over his left eye in the fourth and was already tiring by the fifth. Allen rallied briefly in the seventh but lost a point for a low punch in the eighth. Yerbossynuly forced Allen into a corner in the tenth and bombarded him with punches until Allen dropped to his hands and knees and was counted out. As WBA No 1 the tall Kazakh is nominally the official challenger to Saul Alvarez but don’t hold your breath over that coming off soon-or at all. Allen’s last fight was a points loss to David Morell for the interim WBA secondary title in August 2020.
Nurmaganbet vs. Sandoval
Nurmaganbet floors Sandoval twice in the first for a quick victory. Southpaw Nurmaganbet was hunting down Sandoval from the start and caught him against the ropes and put him down with a series of punches including one that landed when Sandoval had a knee on the canvas. The Mexican beat the count but Nurmaganbet drove him along the ropes before putting him down for a second time-and landing a punch when Sandoval was technically down again. Sandoval managed to get to his feet but was unsteady and the fight was stopped. The 23-year-old Nurmaganbet wins the vacant WBA International title. He is a former World Youth silver medallist. Sandoval has lost inside the distance in all four of his foreign trips. 
Pavlov vs. Sackey
Pavlov ended this clash of southpaws in the fourth . He connected with a left to the side of the head in the third that sent Sackey stumbling across the ring and down. Sackey was up quickly. He was very shaky but was saved by the bell. A left from Pavlov in the fourth had Sackey’s legs shaking and Sackey took refuge in a corner until a series of head punches from Pavlov had the referee jumping in to stop the fight. Pavlov also picks up a WBA International title. Ghanaian Sackey fought as a flyweight in his last fight in March and was much too small to match Pavlov.

Fight of the week (Significance): Oscar Valdez win mover Robinson Conceicao is a WBC title defence opens the way for a unification match against the winner of WBO title holder Jamel Herring and Shakur Stevenson
Fight of the week (Entertainment): Sam Eggington vs. Bilel Jkitou was a war story that will be retold many times
Fighter of the week: Junto Nakatani for an impressive first showing in his first fight in the USA 
Punch of the week: Either the right or the left hook from Isaac Chamberlain that put Ben Thomas down qualify this week with honourable mention to the single right from Vladyslav Sirenko that demolished Alexandr Ustinov
Upset of the week: Mexican Jessica Gonzalez out of the ring for almost three years and without a win since 2014 was not supposed to lift the WBC bantamweight title against Tatyana Zrazhevskaya but she did.
Prospect watch: None I have not already named.
Loser of the Week: Dzambas 16 losses row


-If you want to become a ringside reporter there is now a new test you have to pass and that is to have the capacity of your bladder tested. The show in Ekaterinburg had 92 rounds of boxing scheduled on the same night and in Krasnoyarsk there were eleven bouts but the Tucson show had a paltry 74 rounds listed. In addition to a black plastic bag to protect them from the rain reporters will now have to add a milk bottle for emergencies.
-Ekaterinburg is an illustration of how boxing has changed and spread. Who would have thought there would be professional shows in Ekaterinburg, the site of the murder of the Russian royal family, Vietnam and Afghanistan. It would have Lenin and Ho Chi Minh spinning in their graves.
-When you have spent years covering male boxing it can be difficult to adjust to the different standards to be applied to Female boxing. The lack of depth in Female boxing makes Mary Romero (6-2) vs. Amy Timlin (4-0-1) perfectly acceptable for a European title fight and Jessica Gonzalez (7-5-2) vs. Tatyana Zrazhevskaya (11-0) for an interim WBC title. The only thing that would change that is a sudden explosion of Female professional boxing but that may never happen so you work with what you have
Interim titles! Invented by Jose Sulaiman and still in the WBC list of goodies. Who would have thought that the World’s Worst Boxing Association would be the good guys-give them up Mauricio they add nothing to boxing except sanctioning fees
-Must have been something off a reunion weekend in Paris three of France’s medallists from Rio- Tony Yoka (gold),Mathieu Bauderlique (bronze) and Souleymane Cissokho ( bronze) all fought on the same card-and all won inside the distance.

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