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The Past Week in Action 28 May 2019

Jamel Herring wins the WBO super feather title with points victory over champion Masayuki Ito
-Can Xu retains the secondary WBA featherweight title with stoppage of Shun Kobo and on the same card Carlos Canizales outclasses Sho Kimura in defence of the secondary WBA flyweight title
-Jose Pedraza shines in stoppage of Antonio Lozada
-Masterful display and power finish from Devin Haney as he knocks out Antonio Moran
-Terrell Gausha and Austin Trout end all even after ten rounds
-In heavyweight action Hughie Fury returns with a stoppage of Canadian Chris Norrad and Michael Hunter and Filip Hrgovic score quick wins


May 25

Kissimmee, FL, USA: Super Feather: Jamel Herring (20-2) PTS 12 Masayuki Ito (25-2-1). Light: Jose Pedraza (26-2) W TKO 9 Antonio Lozada (40-3-1). Super Bantam: Jeyvier Cintron (10-0,1ND) ND 1 Koki ETO (24-4-1,1ND). Feather: Adam Lopez (13-1) W TKO 7 Jean Rivera (15-2). Bantam: Carlos Cuadras (38-3-1) W PTS 8 Daniel Lozano (15-7). Bantam: Jose Cardenas (17-4) W KO 1Antonio Vargas (10-1). Middle: Edgar Berlanga (11-0) W KO 1 Gyorgy Varju (7-5). Light Heavy: Steven Nelson (14-0) W TKO 8 Victor Darocha (8-5-1).
Herring vs. Ito
In a minor upset Herring cleverly boxes his way to the WBO title with all three judges having him a clear winner over a disappointing Ito.
Round 1
Ito made a lively start coming forward and throwing long punches. Good movement from Herring meant his punches were falling short. Herring was more accurate with his right jab and scored with a couple of smart hooks to just edge a close opener.
Score: 10-9 Herring
Round 2
Another round for Herring. He was boxing coolly landing long lefts to the body and spearing Ito with right jabs. Ito fired a couple of bunches of punches but again came up short and was cleverly countered by Herring.
Score: 10-9 Herring Herring 20-18
Round 3
Not a great deal of action in this round. Herring was the better boxer with his right jab constantly finding the target but he was boxing well within himself and not taking any chances. Ito was too hesitant and slow with his attacks and not pressing nearly enough allowing Herring to stick to his game plan and pick up the rounds.
Score: 10-9 Herring Herring 30-27
Round 4
Ito was still waiting too long to throw his punches and Herring was able to slot home straight lefts. When Ito did lunge forward on the attack quick footwork was getting Herring out of range and then he went back to connecting with stinging jabs
Score: 10-9 Herring Herring 40-36
Round 5
A slow round this one. Ito was determined to get inside but did not do much work when he got there. Herring was content to work steadily and pick up the points. Again was more accurate with his jab and straight left but was throwing one punch at a time until just before the bell when he went forward and connected with a couple of combinations.
Score: 10-9 Herring Herring 50-45

Herring puts the pressure on Ito.

Round 6
This fight had still not caught fire. Herring was sticking to his jab and straight left tactics which were working well for him. Ito actually showed more fire in this round and was able to work inside which was enough to give him a low scoring round.
Score: 10-9 Ito Herring 59-55
Round 7
Ito managed to connect with some rights at the start of this round but then Herring again slowed the pace and prised open Ito?s guard with right jabs and placed lefts into the gaps. Ito was wild just rushing forward head down and not finding the target.
Score: 10-9 Herring Herring 69-64
Round 8
A lot more action in this round. Ito was able to stand in close and fire hooks and uppercuts. Herring was trying to tie Ito up inside and countering but Ito was doing the scoring. Herring landed a couple of shots just before the bell but it was Ito?s round.
Score: 10-9 Ito Herring 78-74
Round 9
Herring won this one single-handedly. He just kept moving and popping Ito with his right jab. The champion was walking after Herring then occasionally diving forward throwing wild punches. Herring would tie him up and then go back to the jab.
Score: 10-9 Herring Herring 88-83
Round 10
Boring was good for Herring. He was looking to keep things low key. He kept landing his jab and following with occasional but accurate lefts. Clever tactics but not crowd-pleasing. Ito was not throwing enough and only attacking in very short bursts and missing with his punches.
Score: 10-9 Herring Herring 98-92
Round 11
Ito?s title was slipping away and he was doing nothing much to prevent that. Herring was again slotting home right jabs and this time was throwing more lefts and landing more. Ito was still only fighting in bursts and missing most of the time.
Score: 10-9 Herring Herring 108-101
Round 12
Ito put in more of an effort in the last throwing himself forward and chucking punches. Herring stayed cool and countered and smothered Ito in the inside. Ito just did enough to edge the round but his title was gone
Score: 10-9 Ito Herring 117-111
Official Scores: 118-110, 118-110 and 116-112 all for Herring.
Things looked bleak for the 33-year-old former US Marine when he was stopped by Denis Shafikov and outpointed by Ladarius Miller but some astute matching by Top Rank built him back up into a contender and he repaid their faith here. He was still a Marine when he represented the USA at the 2012 Olympics where he lost to Daniyar Yeleussinov. He was rated No 9 going into this fight so could face pressure to defend against No 1 Lamont Roach. Ito was a big disappointment. He was making the second defence of the WBO title having won it with a wide unanimous decision over Chris Diaz and stopped Russian Evgeny Chuprakov in a defence in December. Here he just could not figure out how to get past Herring?s jab and surrender his title meekly.

Pedraza connects with a right at Lozada.

Pedraza vs. Lozada
In a sparkling performance Pedraza gets a late stoppage win over Lozada. From the first bell the much bigger Lozada was marching forward with Pedraza seemingly content to fight up against the ropes countering Lozada's attacks and Lozada looked to have shaded the round. From the second the skill and speed of Pedraza saw him dominate the fight. Lozada kept coming forward pumping out punches but Pedraza was blocking or ducking most of Lozada?s punches and making Lozada pay with rapid, accurate counters. Lozada kept up the pressure but at times it seemed as though Pedraza was landing every counter he threw. Eventually Lozada began to tire and Pedraza then went onto the front foot and driving Lozada back. Lozada rallied in the sixth but was rocked by a left at the end of the round. Lozada put in a big effort in the seventh but was walking onto counter after counter mostly strong body punches and by the end of the eighth he had little left. He took the fight to Pedraza in the ninth but again was wide open to counters. Late in the round as Lozada came forward a left dropped him on the seat of his pants. He only just beat the count and after Pedraza took him to the ropes and landed some heavy head shots the referee jumped in just as Pedraza?s second climbed up on the ring apron to save their man. The 30-year-old ?Sniper? showed he is still very much a force at lightweight-just not against Vasily Lomachenko. Lozada already had a career record of 38-2 before he sprang into the limelight with a stoppage of unbeaten Puerto Rican Felix Verdejo in March last year. He had not really built on that scoring one very modest win and getting a split draw against a fighter who had lost his last three fights. This was his chance to break through again but Pedraza was just too good for him.

Eto drops Citron.

Cintron vs. Eto
What initially looked to be a sensational one round win for Eto was eventually changed to a No Decision. Cintron was boxing well and looking comfortable when the boxers came together and Eto landed a huge right that put Cintron down. The young Puerto Rican beat the count but was staggering around the ring wildly and the referee stopped the fight. Cintron complained that he had been dazed by a head butt but Eto was declared the winner and that seemed to be that. However about 30 minutes later a review of the incident by officials showed that Eto?s head banged into Cintron?s just before the knockdown so the result was changed to No Decision. A pity as over ten rounds Eto would have been a good test for the 24-year-old Cintron, the only Puerto Rican boxer to have competed at two Olympic Games. He twice beat Emmanuel Rodriguez in the amateurs so big things are expected from him. Former interim WBA flyweight champion Eto, 31,was hoping a win would resurrect his career but (no pun intended) it was not to be.
Lopez vs. Rivera
Californian ?Bluenose? Lopez rebounds from a bad start to stop Rivera. It was Rivera who dominated the early action. He was able to do some effective work inside. He floored Lopez with a right in the second and outscored him in the third. In the fourth Lopez began to adopt smarter tactics. He was slipping Rivera?s punches and countering with rights as well as targeting the body. The rights and the body punches slowed Rivera who was now under pressure and he slowed further in the sixth and looked finished when he was dropped just before the bell. Lopez came out firing in the seventh and a furious assault saw the referee quickly stepping in to stop the fight. Lopez, 23, wins the vacant NABF junior title with his sixth win by KO/TKO. His only loss is a majority decision in 2017 against unbeaten Stephen Fulton who won the IBO interim title two weeks ago. Puerto Rican Rivera suffers his second loss in a row having been outpointed by unbeaten Jason Sanchez in October. Sanchez fights Oscar Valdez for the WBO title on 8 June.
Cuadras vs. Lozano
Cuadras keeps busy as he waits for the dust to settle from the WBSS Tournament. He was much too good for Floridian Lozano and won a wide unanimous decision on scores of 80-72 twice and 79-73. Cuadras went through a bad patch losing his WBC super fly title to Roman Gonzalez and then being defeated by Juan Francisco Estrada and Williams Arroyo. He has moved up to bantam and this is his second win since the loss to Arroyo. He is No 2 with the WBC. Lozano is now 2-6 in his last 8 fights
Cardenas vs. Vargas
Oh dear this was definitely not in the script as Cardenas stops hot prospect Vargas inside the first round. No sign of things to come in the early exchanges and then Cardenas ended it with a thunderbolt. He showed Vargas a left jab and following behind it was a straight right to the head that dropped Vargas face down on the canvas and he was counted out. Mexican Cardenas looked a reasonable and not too dangerous choice for Vargas at this stage. He was coming off consecutive defeats against unbeaten fighters losing on points to 15-0 Melvin Lopez and earlier this year on a sixth round stoppage by Gary Antonio Russell. Cardenas had won 16 fights, 13 by KO/TKO, but the 16 guys he beat averaged less than two wins each. It goes to show you never can tell in boxing. Vargas is just 22 and had a terrific time as an amateur winning the US National Golden Gloves in 2014, 2015 and 2016, taking a gold medal at the 2015 Pan American Games and competing at the 2016 Olympics. I expect this to be just a bump in the road for Vargas.
Berlanga vs. Varju
Yet another very early night for Berlanga. The New York-based Puerto Rican put Hungarian Varju down and out with a right to the head after just 36 seconds. Now 22 Berlanga turned pro at 18. He won a number of Junior titles in the USA but failed to make the USA team for the Rio Olympics and turned pro. He has won all eleven of his fights in the first round and four of them within the first minute. It has been low level opposition but he stills has to do the business. Varju is 0-5 in fights outside Hungary and three of those losses have come in the first round.
Nelson vs. Darocha
Nelson too strong and grinds down Brazilian Darocha. Nelson attacked strongly and Darocha was under fire over the first and second and shaken badly in the third. The Brazilian managed to survive the next three rounds switching guards and staying inside. Nelson just kept pounding away disassembling Darocha brick by brick and by the end of the seventh Darocha was finished. In the eighth a right put Darocha on the floor. He made it to his feet but more punishment from Nelson saw the referee take pity on Darocha and stop the fight. Nelson, 30, a close friend and the main sparring partner of Terrence Crawford, is a former National Golden Gloves champion who decided to delay turning professional to try for a spot on the USA Team for Rio but failed to get through the final Trials. He has eleven wins by KO/TKO and will be looking to get a world rating and a title shot. First loss by KO/TKO for Darocha.

May 26

Fuzhou, China: Feather: Can Xu (17-2) W TKO 6 Shun Kobo (13-2). Light Fly: Carlos Canizales (22-0-1) W PTS 12 Sho Kimura (18-3-2). Fly: Wulan Tuolehazi (12-3-1) W PTS 12 Ardin Diale (35-14-4).
Xu vs. Kobo
Xu again shows his power and enormous work rate as he beats down and stops Kobo to retain the secondary WBA title. Southpaw Kobo took the first round. He was jabbing well and scoring with straight lefts with Xu just a little slow to get started. Xu was rolling in the second. He was coming through Kobo?s jab and hooking to the body and head. Kobo was still landing counters but lacked power. Xu continued to march forward in the third getting inside and attacking Kobo?s body with hooks and uppercuts and rocking him with lefts and rights to the head. Kobo decided to stand and trade with Xu in the fourth. He was landing to the body but Xu was landing more and with more power. In the fifth Xu was relentlessly walking forward throwing punches. Late in the round he fired punch after punch until a left hook exploded on the chin of Kobo and he dropped in a heap. He did well to beat the count and again tried to stand and punch with Xu and a final left hook at the bell staggered him. A too brave Kobo punched with Kobo but his head was being rattled time and again and after two head punches sent him reeling the referee stopped the fight. The 25-year-old Chinese ?Monster? was making the first defence of his title. He was actually 3-2 in his first 5 fights against other novices with the two fighters who beat him having only one win between them. Some change from 3-2 to 14 wins in a row and a champion. Kobo is a former holder of the secondary WBA super bantamweight title which he lost on a ninth round stoppage against Danny Roman in 2017. This loss was his first fight since April last year and his second loss by KO/TKO.
Canizales vs. Kimura
Canizales boxed brilliantly as he retained the secondary WBA title with a big points gap in his favour over the twelve rounds. Kimura was coming forward behind a high guard and Canizales was working around him changing angles and connecting with quick, accurate and sneaky punches. Kimura pressed and pressed and Canizales countered and countered. He was just too quick for Kimura. Canizales was confident on the back foot letting Kimura come forward. He would, suddenly stop going back move inside and land a series of punches and get away before Kimura could answer. Kimura had a good fifth when his pressure did allow him to get closer to Canizales and pump out hooks but it was a rare success. A low shot from Kimura temporarily halted the action in the sixth but then it was business as normal as Canizales kept pinging the advancing Kimura with jabs, straight rights, hooks and uppercuts. There was no plan B and no variety in Kimura?s work he just walked forward in a straight line with no upper body movement and Canizales punished him for that with crunching head punches in the tenth and eleventh and then boxed his way through the last as Kimura tried desperately to find a punch to win the title. Scores 119-109 twice and 118-1110 for Canizales. The 26-year-old Venezuelan was making the second defence of his WBA title and showed what a skilled craftsman he is. The draw on his record was against Ryoichi Taguchi in a challenge for the WBA title in 2016 and he went on to win the vacant title in March last year with a victory over Reiya Konishi. Kimura, 30, is a former WBO flyweight champion.
Tuolehazi vs. Diale
Chinese fighter Tuolehazi retains the WBA International title with disputed majority verdict over Filipino Diale. Scores 117-111and 115-113 for Tuolehazi and 114-114. WBA No 4 Tuolehazi is now 10-0-1 in his lest eleven fights but looked lucky to get away with this one. Veteran Diale is a dangerous fighter when on form and capable of upsetting many top boxers

May 24

Mantova, Italy: Super Light: Arblin Kaba (11-0) W TEC DEC 8 Massimiliano Ballisai (22-7). Albanian-born Kaba wins the Italian title with a technical decision over former champion Ballisai who failed to make the weight so lost his title on the scales. Ballisai went in front early. He connected with some power punches in the third and the referee gave Kaba a standing count. Kaba survived that crisis and battled his way back into the fight. It was a close hard-fought contest and at the end of the seventh round the three judges all had it even. Kaba landed the better punches early in the eighth and that proved vital as some of those shots worsened a bad cut on Ballisai?s left eyebrow that had been opened earlier in the fight. It was ruled that the cut was too serious for Ballisai to continue. The fight was stopped and went to the cards with the eighth round being scored. Two judges had Kaba winning 76-75 and the other judge had then level at 76-76. Kaba, 24, was in his first main event so a good win. ?El Loco? Ballisai, a former Italian lightweight champion, should have been making the second defence of the national title but the title became vacant after he did not make the weight.

Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico: Minimumweight: Wilfredo Mendez (13-1) W PTS 10 Janiel Rivera (18-4-3). Feather: Carlos Arrieta (9-0) W PTS 8 Ernest Franzolini (8-101).Super Welter: Patrick Cora (7-0) W TKO Luis Vera (10-15-2)
Mendez vs. Rivera
Fighting in his home town southpaw Mendez gets a wide unanimous decision over fellow Puerto Rican Rivera. It was Rivera putting on the pressure in the first but Mendez was quick and accurate with his punches and he first rocked Rivera with a combination and then put him down with a heavy left. He stood over Rivera screaming at him and when Rivera quickly made it his feet they screamed at each other but the bell went as the count ended. The fight developed into the furious aggression and greater strength of Rivera against the skilful counter punching of Mendez. In an exciting fourth Mendez twice landed cracking straight lefts only for Rivera to roar back and batter away at Mendez in a corner. Rivera continued to march forward in the sixth and Mendez stood and traded more in the seventh in which round Rivera landed a very low punch. Mendez walked away and then collapsed to the canvas. He recovered but no deduction against Rivera and Mendez had a good eighth round. Rivera was coming forward throughout the ninth but was staggered by head punches from Mendez, and it was another good round for Mendez. Rivera was penalised in the tenth for a punch below the belt and Mendez outfought him the rest of the way. Scores 100-88, 99-89 and 97-91 for Mendez. The 22-year-old Mendez was making the first defence of his WBO-NABO title. He is No 4 with the WBO solely because of holding that NABO title as apart from Rivera his opposition has been very modest since being outpointed easily by 13-6-1 Leyman Benavides in March last year. Rivera was stopped in three rounds by Mexican Adrian Hernandez for the WBC light flyweight title in 2014 but was 8-1-1 going into this one
Arrieta vs. Franzolini
Arrieta outpoints a determined Franzolini. Arrieta was sharp from the start. His accurate jabs had Franzolini?s face bright red and he was hurting the Argentinian with left hooks to the body and right uppercuts. Late in the round a low punch saw Franzolini given some recovery time. Arrieta continued to score with he left hooks and uppercuts in the second and third, and straying low, but Franzolini hit back strongly. In the fourth Arrieta went very low and it looked deliberate. Vera went down and was again given time out and the referee deducted a point from Arrieta. Franzolini attacked furiously at the beginning and the end of the fifth. In between Arrieta was punishing him inside and landed another two low punches with the referee ignoring Franzolini?s protests. Arrieta landed heavily to the body in the sixth. On the bell Franzolini dropped to his knees but the referee deducted a point from him for an earlier punch to the back of the head and then beckoned Franzolini?s team to come and collect him from the floor. Again he was justifiably complaining about low punches. Franzolini marched forward throughout the seventh and Arrieta made him pay with heavy punches to head and body. Arrieta outpunched Vera in the last and the visitor lost another point for a punch to the back of the head. Scores 79-70 for Arrieta from all three judges. The 24-year-old Puerto Rican ?The Chosen One? was in his first eight round fight and he showed plenty of classy work. Franzolini is 2-5 in his last 7 contests but he had a genuine complaint over the low punches from Arrieta.
Cora vs. Vera
Cora gets another inside the distance win. In the first the tall, 6?2?, southpaw Cora was using his longer reach to keep Vera going back with Vera occasionally throwing wild shots one of which seemed to rock Coria but he was quickly in control again. In the second Vera was again driving forward throwing punches. Cora boxed coolly behind his jab and late in the round as Vera once again lunged forward Core landed a peach of a left that Vera never saw. Vera went face down on the canvas. He managed to get to his knees but was counted out just as he made it to his feet. It was a blockbuster of a punch from Core. The 20-year-old Puerto Rica has only been taken the distance once and has averaged less than three rounds per fight for his victories. Second loss in a row by KO/TKO for Vera.

Madrid, Spain: Heavy: Gabriel Enguema (10-8) W PTS 10 Alvaro Terrero (4-10-2). Madrid boxer Enguema wins the vacant Spanish heavyweight title with undemanding unanimous decision over Terrero. Enguema had height and reach over Terrero who is really only a beefed-up cruiser. Enguema was able to use his jab to control the action and Terrero?s case was not helped by a cut from a clash of heads in the fifth. Despite the cut and Enguema?s domination Terrero stayed the distance. Scores 100-90 twice and 99-91. The 34-year-old 6?5 ?? Enguema is unlikely to go beyond domestic level. He has lost 5 of his last 7 fights but has fought in France, Germany, Croatia and Russia and went ten rounds with Oscar Rivas. This was the first time Terrero has been in a fight scheduled for more than six rounds.

Glasgow, Scotland: Light Fly: Ross Murray (10-2) W PTS 10 John Chuwa (17-3). Murray wins his first title as he outpoints a difficult Chuwa. Tanzanian Chuwa made a fast start trying to blow Murray away and opening a cut over Murray?s eye in the second. Although losing the first two rounds Murray weathered the storm and then began to score heavily with jabs and strong left hooks. Chuwa continued to drive forward throwing punches but was wildly inaccurate and Murray was blocking most of the punches and countering effectively. At 37 and in his first fight which went past the sixth round Murray might have been expected to tire late but he paced the fight well and was the stronger man with an exhausted Chuwa losing two points. He had been spitting out his mouth-guard and lost a point for that in the seventh and lost another point in the eighth for the same offence although it was a heavy punch from Murray that displaced it. Murray ran out a clear winner. Scores 96-92, 97-93 and 96-93 all for the man from Glasgow who collects the vacant WBC International Silver title and he will now be looking to build on this. His two losses have been to world rated Sunny Edwards and to Jay Harris for the Commonwealth title. Chuwa had won 7 of his last 8 fights with the loss being on points to current WBO No 7 bantam Prince Patel.

Miami, FL, USA: Bantam: Melvin Lopez (20-0) W TKO 7 David Reyes (21-5-1). Light: Josec Ruiz (19-2-3) W PTS 8 Nicolas Velasquez (11-6). Welter: Harold Calderon (20-0) W KO 9 Marcelo Bzowski (10-9-3). Super Feather: Mark Bernaldez (19-2) W TKO 1 David Berna (17-8). Feather: Alex Collado (23-2) W TKO 1 Szilveszter Ajtai (13-15-1). Super Fly: Joahnys Argilagos (2-0) W PTS 6 Juan Centeno (3--1).
Lopez vs. Reyes
Lopez extends his winning start to 20 contests with stoppage of gutsy Reyes. These two were swopping punches wildly in the first but from the second Lopez started to score on the outside with right jabs and outworked Reyes on the inside with hooks and uppercuts. Reyes was fighting in bursts but lacked the power in his hooks to match Lopez and was taking a beating from Lopez?s hooks and uppercuts and slowly being broken down. Reyes put in a big effort in the fifth firing bunches of punches but Lopez was outlanding him and Reyes who was cut over the right eye shipped a deal of punishment. There was more waiting for him in the sixth and a series of head punches from Lopez at the bell saw Reyes dip at the knees and he staggered as he made his way to his corner and he was now also cut over his left eye and had a bump under the same eye. He passed a doctor?s inspection and was allowed out for the seventh but when Lopez landed a succession of head punches the referee stepped in just as Reyes was firing back but it was a timely stoppage. Miami-based Nicaraguan Lopez, 21, retains the WBA-NABA title. He turned pro at 17 and this is eleventh win by KO/TKO. He is rated No 5 by the WBA and the IBF have him at No 14(13). He is not listed as a southpaw but he fought left-handed in this one. First loss by KO/TKO for Mexican Reyes who had won his last four fights inside the distance. He came in ? lb over the limit so could not win the title
Ruiz vs. Velasquez
Honduran Ruiz boxes his way to victory against a limited Velasquez. From the first bell it was Ruiz forcing the action with southpaw Velasquez on the retreat but launching occasional attacks. Ruiz was busier and focused his attack on the body of the fleshy looking Velasquez landing hooks to the body with both hands. Velasquez was competitive over the first four rounds but over the second half of the fight it was a one-sided affair. Velasquez took his lumps and banged back when he could and despite the punishment he always looked capable of going the distance. Scores 79-73 twice and 78-74 for Ruiz. The 24-year-old ?Scorpion? is now 11-0-2 in his last 13 fights. Velasquez just a three and four round fighter who had lost three of his last four fights two by stoppage in the first round and one in the second round.
Calderon vs. Bzowski
Chicago-born Honduran Calderon halts Argentinian Bzowski in nine rounds. The two are both southpaws but that?s where the resemblance ends. Calderon is a tall, 5? 11?, and a quick and clever boxer. Bzowski is more of a brawler tough but limited. Calderon?s jab was the dominant punch in this fight and Bzowski had no real answer to it. He could not get past the jab and when he tried to rush inside with his head down Calderon was catching him with right hooks. By the sixth Bzowski?s work rate had dropped considerably. He god a rest in the sixth when Calderon?s right glove split and had to be replaced. Bzowski was totally exhausted by the ninth and when he dropped to his hands and knees under punches from Calderon he was counted out. Calderon, 31, wins the vacant WBC Fecarbox title with his thirteenth win by KO/TKO. He is a former Honduran amateur champion and won a silver medal at the Central American championships. Bzowski was coming off a career best result when drawing with 17-0 Luis Veron in March.
Bernaldez vs. Berna
Filipino Bernaldez dismisses Berna as he scores two knock downs and the fight is stopped in the first round. Berna was into his stride quickly using a sharp jab and digging shots to the body. Three times Berna complained that punches from Bernaldez had gone low but no warning was issued. Berna continued to come forward but a right cross from Bernaldez sent him down. Berna made it to his feet at nine and then tried to punch with Bernaldez only to be nailed with a right then a left to the temple and he dropped to his knees. He was up at eight but looked unsteady and despite his strong protests the referee stopped the fight. The 25yyear-old ?Machete?, the Philippines No 7 lightweight, now has thirteen wins by KO/TKO. He won his first 15 fights but after a stoppage loss in Japan in 2015 he was inactive for almost three years. He is now 4-1 in his most recent 5 fights with the loss being a seventh round stoppage by 19-1 Australian Kye MacKenzie in October. All of Hungarian Berna?s last five fights have ended in the first round unfortunately four of them have been losses.
Collado vs. Ajtai
In his first fight in two years Cuban Collado brushes aside pitiful Hungarian Ajtai. Collado was tracking the retreating Ajtal around the ring with Ajtal stopping to launch a couple of punches and then setting off around the ring again. An overhand right dropped Ajtai on his rump in a corner. He climbed up and the referee took him over to the ringside doctor who examined Ajtai and decided he could continue. Collado chased Ajtai across the ring throwing punches and Ajtai dropped to the floor for a second time and the fight was waived off. The tall ?Hurricane? Collado makes it 21 wins by KO/TKO. He went 18-0 before losses to Rod Salka and Omar Douglas. He then scored three modest level wins in 2017 but was inactive in 2018. Ajtai was awful. He has now lost 6 of his last 7 fights by KO/TKO.
Argilagos vs. Centeno
Former amateur top liner Argilagos gets his second pro win as he takes split decision over Nicaraguan Centeno. The young Cuban has all the classy moves but Centeno chased him down from the opening bell. Some of the defensive and attacking work from Argilagos was brilliant but at times he seemed light weight and Centeno harried him relentlessly. Argilagos was just too quick and won clearly but one of the judges somehow gave the fight to Centeno. Scores 59-55 twice for Argilagos and 59-55 for Centeno. The 22-year-old Houston-based Argilagos won gold medals at the World Junior Championships and at both 2013 and 2015 World Amateur Championships and took a silver medal at the2015 Pan American Games and a bronze at the Rio Olympics. Centeno just a four round prelim fighter made Argilagos work hard.

May 25

Oxon Hill, MD, USA: Light: Devin Haney (22-0) W KO 7 Antonio Moran (24-4). Heavy: Michael Hunter (17-1) W TKO 2 Fabio Maldonado (26-3). Heavy: Filip Hrgovic (8-0) W TKO 1 Greg Corbin (15-2,1ND). Light: Daniyar Yeleussinov (7-0) W PTS 6 Luis Norambuena (3-2-1).

Haney takes out Moran in 7.

Haney vs. Moran
Another masterful performance from talented Haney as after dominating the fight he knocks out Moran with a huge right in the seventh. Moran had height and reach advantages but those were not enough to balance against the speedy movement of Haney and his quick-fire attacks and Moran was rattled by a right in the first. Moran had some success with hooks to the body in the second but was eating jabs and being caught by quick rights and was knocked back on his heels by a left hook. Haney outboxed Moran in the third and fourth. By the end of the third Moran was showing a swelling over his left eye and he was staggered by a left in the fourth and bleeding from the nose. In the fifth a right to the body dropped Moran but his going down also owed much to the fact that Haney trod on his foot so that as Moran went back with one foot trapped he had no balance. He was up quickly protesting about Haney?s foot trapping his but was given count. Haney stepped up a gear and punished Moran with left hooks and straight rights with Moran now the one going back. Haney took the sixth. With his hand speed and reflexes he was able to stand in the pocket landed two or three punches and get out. When Moran tried to follow him Haney was catching him with counters. Haney was walking Morn onto counters in the seventh then late in the round he sent Moran into retreat with a right. Moran backed across the ring into a corner and Haney landed a thunderous overhand right which dropped Moran face down and out cold. It was quite a few minutes before Moran was able to rise. Still only 20 ?The Dream? turned pro at 16 and is a prodigious talent and already has wins over Mason Menard, Juan Carlos Burgos and the previously unbeaten 25-0 Xolisani Ndongeni. He retains the WBC International and WBO Inter-Continental titles with his fourteenth win by KO/TKO. He is rated WBC 4/WBA 4/WBO 7 and IBF 9(8) and will surely fight for a world title by 2020. The 6?0? tall Mexican Moran was in good form. He had lost a unanimous decision to Jose Pedraza in June with all three judges scoring it 96-94 for Pedraza and then stopped 18-2 Victor Zuniga in December but was never in with a chance in this fight.
Hunter vs. Maldonado
Hunter gets rid of Maldonado with a brutal second round stoppage. Hunter was too quick and accurate for Maldonado in the first connecting with a straight right and a left hook that staggered the Brazilian. In the second he sent Maldonado stumbling with a right and then a series of shots had Maldonado staggering along the ropes and about to go down. The referee stepped in and gave Maldonado a standing count. Maldonado looked to his corner probably hoping they would pull him out but when the count was completed Hunter bombarded Maldonado with punches until he slumped to the floor grasping at Hunter?s legs. After the count Hunter continued to pound on Maldonado until the Brazilian turned away staggered to a corner and dropped to his knees with the referee waiving the fight over. The 30-year-old Hunter gets his fourth inside the distance win in a row. He retains the WBA International title he won with a ninth round stoppage of Alex Ustinov in November. In his last three fights the 6?2? Hunter has given away 43, 66 and now 25lbs against big heavyweights which is going to be a problem against better opposition. Maldonado, 39, had lost on points to Oscar Rivas and Olek Teslenko so an impressive performance from Hunter.
Hrgovic vs. Corbin
Hrgovic flattens an overmatched Corbin inside a minute with one right. Hrgovic landed a jab and a couple of rights but Corbin came forward. His technique was so bad that when he threw a couple of lefts his left foot lifted off the floor giving him no leverage. He then put his head down and charged into Hrgovic who landed a chopping right that sent Corbin down on his back. He struggled to his feet at eight but stumbled against the ropes and the referee stopped the fight. The 26-year-old Croat now has six wins by KO/TKO. He has beaten oldies Amir Mansour and Kevin Johnson. He retains his WBC International title and they had him at No 17 before this fight with his other placings being WBA 9/IBF 12(11). The 38-year-old Corbin was no real test with the only recognisable name he has faced being former IBF champion Charles Martin and he was disqualified for below the belt punches when they fought in March.
Yeleussinov vs. Norambuena
Olympic gold medallist Yeleussinov seems to be taking a while to adjust to the pro ranks but he is winning. He had no trouble in beating late substitute Norambuena. Scores 60-54 twice and 59-55. The 28-year-old Kazak southpaw was also World Champion and scored wins over new world champions Josh Taylor and Jamel Herring so should come good in time. Chilean Norambuena did well to last the distance at such short notice.

Biloxi, MS, USA: Super Welter: Austin Trout (31-5-1) DREW 10 Terrell Gausha (21-2). Super Welter: Chordale Booker (15-0) W PTS 10 Wale Omotoso (27-4,1ND). Light Heavy: Ahmed Elbiali (19-1) W KO 2 Marlos Simoes (13-2-2). Cruiser: Efetobor Apochi (8-0) W TKO 7 Earl Newman (10-2-1).
Trout vs. Gausha
This one ended in a majority draw but the majority saw Gausha as the winner. Gausha used a strong jab and plenty of pressure to put Trout on the defensive in the first and scored with crisp right to the head. Trout boxed cleverly in the second staying off the ropes and dodging many of Gausha?s shots but Gausha was still landing more. The third was a fairly even round although a right to the head from Gausha was the best punch in the fight to this point .Trout boxed cleverly in the fourth matching Gausha punch for punch although again the best punch of the round was a right from Gausha who looked to have won the four opening rounds. The fifth and sixth were close. Gausha was still pressing but Trout was moving well and stabbing out his jab and going to the body more. In the seventh Gausha went onto the back foot and it was Trout coming forward but the advantage was not really swinging one way or the other but by way of a change the best punch in this round was left to the head from Trout. The eighth was also one that could be scored to either boxer. The cleaner, crisper punches were coming from Gausha but Trout was shifting around and dodging many of Gausha?s shots but I had Gausha well in front. Trout had a good ninth trapping Gausha in a corner and scoring with a couple of combinations closing the gap somewhat and he outscored Gausha in the last but I thought it was Gausha?s fight. Scores 99-91 for Gausha, 96-94 for Trout and 95-95. Former Olympian Gausha was hoping for a win to reinstate himself after losing on points to Erislandy Lara for the WBA and IBO titles in October 2017. He did not fight again for 14 months so has some catching up to do. Trout, 33, was amenable to a return to settle things with Gausha. He needed a win every bit as much as Gausha having lost to Jermall Charlo, Jarrett Hurd and Jermell Charlo in world title fights
Booker vs. Omotoso
Booker outclasses Nigerian veteran Omotoso. From the first round it was obvious that Booker was too quick, too tricky and too young for Omotoso who just does not fight often enough to stay sharp. Booker was coming forward firing combinations over the first two rounds but a couple of hard counters from Omotoso stopped him in his tracks. Booker was connecting with combinations to head and body in the third and took to showboating and clowning but was the one landing the punches. He rocked Omotoso with a left in the fourth and with a series of punches in the sixth. Omotoso just could not launch any meaningful attacks but neither did he look like folding. As Omotoso came forward in the ninth a straight right sent him staggering backwards across the ring but he fought off Booker?s attacks and was still there at the last bell. Scores 100-90 for Booker from all three judges. Masterful performance in his first ten round fight from the 28-year-old southpaw as he controlled every round and is ready for sterner tests. Omotoso, 34, went 23-0,1ND at the start of his career but a points loss to Jessie Vargas in 2013 and then defeats against unbeaten fighters Sammy Vasquez and Jamal James seemed to derail him and this is his first fight for 17 months and only his second in almost three years.
Elbiali vs. Simoes
Miami-based Egyptian Elbiali ended this one in spectacular style. After pressurising lanky Brazilian Simoes in the first he landed a shattering right that sent Simoes down. At first it did not look too heavy a punch but apparently it broke the jaw of the Brazilian. Sixteen wins by KO/TKO for Elbiali who moved to the USA when he was five years old. He was a good level amateur scoring a win over Rob Brant when he was fighting for the Miami Gallos in the WSB. His loss was a sixth round stoppage by Jean Pascal in December 2017. Two fights outside of Brazil and two inside the distance losses for Simoes.
Apochi vs. Newman
Nigerian Apochi stops Newman in a clash of two fighters who competed at a high level as amateurs. They are both heavy punchers and traded shots early. Apochi rocked Newman seriously in the second but Newman battled back and looked to be in with a chance as Apochi tired. Apochi regrouped and handed out some stiff punishment in the fifth and sixth before ending it in the seventh. A series of punches floored Newman and although he managed to struggle to his feet the referee waived the fight off. The 31-year-old Nigerian had taken less than twelve rounds to complete his first seven wins so almost doubled his total ring time here. He represented Nigeria at the All-African Games twice taking a silver medal and was a bronze medal winner in the 2014 Commonwealth Games where he beat Australian Jai Opetaia. He also fought for the Mexico Guerreros in the WSB. Brooklyn?s Newman is a former National Golden Gloves and National Police Athletic League champion. He was having his first fight since losing on points to Lionell Thompson in November 2017.

Manchester, England: Heavy: Hughie Fury (22-2) W KO 2 Chris Norrad (17-1). Super Feather: Alex Dilmaghani (18-1,1ND) W TKO 8 Martin Parlagi (25-3-1).
Fury vs. Norrad
Fury eases himself back into action with early stoppage of overmatched Canadian Norrad. It was obvious immediately that the fleshy Norrad was too small and was giving away too much in the way of height, reach and ability to give Fury any problems. In the first Fury was able to get through with jabs and rights and stand in front of Norrad with his hands at hip level with no danger of Norrad landing a punch. Norrad was a bit more aggressive at the start of the second but Fury?s jab soon had him retreating. With Norrad pinned to the ropes Fury landed a couple of rights and as Norrad bent forward a Fury swing landed on the back of the Canadian head and he went down, He knelt and listened to the count but the referee reached ten as Norrad was rising and ruled he had been counted out. This is Fury?s first fight since losing to Kubrat Pulev in October in what was effectively an IBF eliminator. He lost on a majority decision to Joseph Parker for the WBO title in 2017 and although IBF 14(13) is his only current rating he is still only 24 and will get another chance. Norrad, the Canadian No 5 has had only very spare activity. He had one fight in 2012, one in2013, was inactive in 2014, and had only one fight each in 2016, 2017 and 2018. He was in way over his head here.
Dilmaghani vs. Parlagi
In his first fight in England since 2013 Dilmaghani gets a win as Parlagi injures his left arm and is unable to continue. Southpaw Dilmaghani impressed as he hunted down Parlagi in every round. He was fighting a cool, controlled fight stabbing home stiff jabs and going heavily to the body. Parlagi was a very live opponent and although always under pressure he fired back enough to keep the fight interesting. The pressure and body punching from Dilmaghani sapped the Slovakian?s stamina and by the fifth he was looking for ways to get some respite but Dilmaghani hounded him continually. In the eighth Parlagi suddenly dropped his left arm obviously in pain. He tried to fight on but when he tried to throw a left he turned away in agony and the referee stopped the fight. Dilmaghani had won every round but had been given some useful work by Parlagi. The 27-yerar-old Dilmaghani left England in 2013 and relocated to Mexico where he was able to spar with world class fighters under world class trainers and more recently he has been fighting in Canada. He has now won 15 in a row and it will be interesting to see how he fares against some more testing domestic opposition. All three of Parlagi?s loses have been in the United Kingdom losing on points to Marco McCullough and Ben Jones.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: Super Light: Carlos Diaz (28-1) W PTS 8 Emmanuel Herrera (6-7). 6A
Diaz outpoints a competitive Herrera over eight rounds. Herrera made a confident start taking the fight to Diaz in the first and second rounds. He was getting past the jab of the taller Diaz and landing the better punches although Diaz looked stronger at the end of the second. Diaz took control in the third. There was more power in his jab and he was scoring with straight rights with Herrera mostly on the back foot. Herrera rallied in the fourth and it was a more equal round as he was again connecting with hooks inside. but Diaz was landing the harder shots. Diaz knocked Herrera down with a left hook in the fifth but the referee decided Herrera was just off balance so did not give Herrera a count but Diaz took the round and the sixth with Herrera cut on his right eyelid. In the seventhDiaz seemed to be tiring but he rocked Herrera with a heavy right and pounded Herrera through the eighth to take the decision. After 23 straight wins Diaz suffered his first loss in June last year against Jose Zepeda and in this second win since then he did not impress against inexperienced Herrera.

Naucalpan, Mexico: Light: Jovanni Straffon (19-3-1) W TKO 2 Paul Salcido (14-4). Light: Juan Jose Martinez (27-8) W TKO 3 Walter Lina (6-11-1).
Straffon vs. Salcido
These two were swopping hard punches from the off. Saffron was getting the better of the exchanges and had Salcido under heavy fire at the end of the first round. Saffron wasted no time in the second. He came out strongly going to the body and Salcido wilted and went down with the referee stopping the fight. The 25-year-old southpaw from Torreon has13 wins inside the distance. He is 13-2 in his last 15 fights with the two losses to tough opposition in Vage Sarukhanyan in Russia and Tony Luis in Canada. Not surprising Salcido went out so early as this was his first fight since June 2017
Martinez vs. Lina
Martinez gets a desperately needed win as he halts Lina in the third round. Martinez forced the stoppage late in the round after winning the first two rounds. Now 32 Martinez was world rated as he went 25-2 in his first 27 fights. A loss to Felix Verdejo broke that spell and five consecutive losses had cast a shadow over his career. Lina was having only his 2nd fight 2 ? years.

Assen, Holland: Middle: Gevorg Khatchikian (29-2) W PTS 10 Ruslan Shchelev (15-12-1). Cruiser: Ben Tingen (10-0-1) W TKO 4 Ervin Dzinic (7-3).
Khatchikian vs. Shchelev
Khatchikian gets in some much needed ring time as he decisions Shchelev. Khatchikian took charge of the fight from the first round and outboxed Shchelev all the way. He had Shchelev down in the seventh but seemed content to let the fight go the distance. Referee?s score 100-89 for Khatchikian who was having his first fight for eight months and only his second fight in 19 months. Armenian-born Khatchikian?s only losses have been to future world champions. He was stopped by James DeGale for the WBC Silver title in 2014 when he came in as a late substitute and lost on points to Gilberto Ramirez for the NABF title in 2015. Ukrainian Shchelev has show his durability in the past losing only twice by KO/TKO
Tingen vs. Dzinic
On a self-promoted show Dutch champion Tingen wins the vacant WBFederation Inter-Continental title. Tingen had not fought since June last year due to illness so it took him a while to get into his stride. Bosnian Dzinic proved to be a lively opponent and was giving Tingen a tough fight. Unfortunately in a ferocious exchange of punches late in the third round the Bosnian injured his left shoulder. Tingen applied some strong pressure early in the fourth and Dzinic was not able to respond and the fight was stopped. Hopefully Tingen will be more active now and build up a following again after his win on this excellently organised and presented promotion. Dzinic had won 5 of his last 6 fights.

Lima, Peru: Minimumweight: Ricardo Astuvilca (20-0) W PTS 12 Julio Mendoza (14-6-1).
Peruvian Astuvilca wins the vacant WBA Gold title with victory against Nicaraguan Mendoza. In the opening round Astuvilca stood and punched with Mendoza but the visitor landed the harder punches. From the second Astuvilca went onto the back foot and outboxed the slower Mendoza and stuck with those tactics. Mendoza pressed hard but was never really in the fight again as Astuvilca emerged a comprehensive victor. Scores 119-109 twice and 118-111 all for Astuvilca. He was No 2 with the WBA going into this fight even though his 19 victims only had 18 wins between them! Mendoza lost a wide unanimous decision to Jose Argumedo for the IBF title in 2016 and was 3-0-1 in low level fights since then.

Jelenia Gora, Poland: Heavy: Marcin Siwy (19-0) W KO 4 Alex Mazikin (14-15-2). Super Light: Michal Chudecki (13-3-2) W PTS 8 Kamil Mlodzinski ((11-4-4).
Siwy vs. Mazikin
The 6?5? Mazikin towered over Pole Siwy and was able to use his jab to keep Siwy out in the first round. Siwy took the second as he was brushing aside Mazikin?s jab and landing to the body. Neither fighter seemed to be in top condition and they both showed signs of tiring in the third before Siwy put Mazikin down with a left hook to the body. There was not enough time remaining in the round for Siwy to end things but another left hook to the body in the fourth floored Mazikin and he was counted out. Eighth win by KO/TKO for Siwy. He was inactive from May 2017 until returning with a win in September last year and is hoping to have another two fights this year. Mazikin, 44, has now lost his last nine fights seven by KO/TKO.
Chudecki vs. Mlodzinski
In a good, competitive fight southpaw Chudecki gets unanimous decision over fellow Pole Mlodzinski. Chudecki just edged in front over the first two rounds but as the action heated up Mlodzinski fought his way back into contention and it was very close after five rounds, Chudecki had Mlodzinski hurt and in trouble in the sixth and took the seventh. Mlodzinski rebounded and had a good last round but it was just not enough. Scores 78-74, 78-75 and 77-75 for Chudecki. The 32-year-old Chudecki has split his time between the USA and Poland and gets his second useful win in a row. For Mlodzinski it is now two losses in a row.

Kirchberg, Switzerland: Heavy: Arnold Gjergjaj (33-3) W PTS 8Elvis Moyo (9-6-2). Cruiser: Nuri Seferi (40-9) W PTS 8 Rad Rashid (16-6). Super Middle: Hrvoje Sep (6-0) W KO 2 Attila Koros (15-18-1).
Gjergjaj vs. Moyo
In this fight it was a case of Gjergjaj being tall and Moyo being heavy. The 6?5? Gjergjaj made good use of his height and reach to outbox the Zimbabwean. Moyo made a strong start but then the strength and accuracy of Gjergjaj?s jab and straight rights saw him take over. Moyo tried to hustle Gjergjaj out of his comfort zone with a variety of very questionable tactics and paid for that with a deduction of a point in the sixth. Scores 77-74 for Gjergjaj from all three judges. First win for the Kosovon-born Gjergjaj since a disappointing loss to Umut Camkiran for the EBU External title last month. The 6?1? tall Moyo, who weighed in at 281 ? lbs, had won his last six fight including a victory over the 6?9 ?? South African champion Ruann Visser in February.
Seferi vs. Rashid
Albanian Seferi had a hard time with German Rashid but eked out a deserved majority decision win. The fight was untidy at times with both fighters looking to dominate the action inside which produced more brawling than boxing. Many of the rounds were close but Seferi had the better defence and he deservedly took the decision. Scores 78-74 and 77-75 for Seferi and 76-76. Now 42 the Macedonian-born Seferi marked his twentieth year as a pro in March. A former WBO European champion over the last few years he has lost big fights to Krzys Glowacki, Firat Arslan and Taylor Mabika. Rashid, 39, was stopped in three rounds by Kai Robin Havnaa in March.
Sep vs. Koros
Sep outclasses and kayos poor Hungarian Koros in the second round. Croatian Sep gets his fourth win by KO/TKO. Sep is now 33 and did not turn pro until he was 31. He was Croatian champion five times and represented Croatia at the 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015 World Championships and the 2016 Olympics as well as having success in the World Series of Boxing as a member of the Paris United and Astana Arlans teams but at 33 there has to be a limit to how far he can go as a pro. Koos is a danger only to himself. Still only 24 he has 17 losses by KO/TKO including six in his last seven fights.

Harare, Zimbabwe: Super Welter: Charles Manyuchi (23-4-1) W RTD 4 Pedro Acosta (7-6-3). Super Bantam: Hassan Milanzi (8-0-1) W PTS 12 Philimon Hara (3-4).
Manyuchi vs. Acosta
Manyuchi beats a poor Acosta to win the vacant GBU Inter-Continental title and the UBC title. The Zimbabwean fighter was connecting with heavy rights in the first with Acosta complaining that some of them landed low. In the second the referee took a point from Manyuchi for a low punch but it was irrelevant as Manyuchi commenced to bounce Acosta on the floor five times before the Argentinian retired at the end of the fourth round. The 30-year-old Manyuchi suffered setbacks in the form of a first round defeat by Kudratillo Abdukakhorov which cost him his WBC Silver title and a points loss in his last fight to unbeaten Magomed Kurbanov in August. Fifth loss by KO/TKO for Acosta who came in as a late substitute.
Milanzi vs. Hara
Zimbabwean ?Starboy? Milanzi settles matters with Zambian Hara as he lifts the vacant UBC title with unanimous decision. These two had met in Lusaka, Zambia seven weeks ago and fought a six round draw. Milanzi has kept busy and this is his eighth fight in less than twelve months. There are not too many unanimous decisions in Hara?s fights and four of his previous five had been decided on either split or majority decisions.

26 May
Mostar, B&H: Light Heavy: Emil Markic (30-2) W PTS 10 Tomasz Adamek (28-18-2). Cruiser: Edin Puhalo (18-0) W TKO 1 Mate Kristof (11-11).

Markic vs. Adamek
Mostar?s Markic retains the WBO European title with points win over Czech Adamek. After the early rounds were close Markic took over and used his superior skills to outbox the bigger Adamek over the middle and late rounds to take the unanimous decision. The 36-year-old Bosnian has lost only one of his last 23 fights and that was against world rated Umar Salamov. His WBO European title gets him a No 8 rating with that body. Adamek, 36, has plenty of experience but is now 3-5 in his last 8 fights.
Puhalo vs. Kristof
Puhalo wastes no time in disposing of Kristof and halts the Hungarian in the first round. Bosnian ?Iron Puki?, the WBO European champion, has won 17 of his 18 fights by KO/TKO but has yet to face any real test. He is No 12 with the WBO which means some idiot could make a fight between him and Olek Usyk and the WBO would have to endorse it. Now that?s scary. Ten losses by KO/TKO for Kristof

Osaka, Japan: Fly: Yusuke Sakashita (18-8-3) W TKO 6 Masahiro Sakamoto (13-3). Bantam: Yuki Kobayashi (15-8) W TKO 10 Ben Mananquil (17-2-3).
Sakashita vs. Sakamoto
Sakashita wins the vacant WBO Asia Pacific title with stoppage of Sakamoto. This one was close over the first four rounds but then Sakashita took over in the fifth. He landed a series of punches and as a result of the punishment Sakamoto was cut on his left eyelid and had a sizeable swelling under his right eye. A strong attack from Sakashita in the sixth had blood streaming down from Sakamoto?s cut and under fire and the referee stopped the fight. Sakashita, the Japanese No 5, gets win No 13 by KO/TKO. Sakamoto, the home fighter, was having his first fight since losing on a tenth round stoppage against Moruti Mthalane for the IBF title in December.
Kobayashi vs. Mananquil
Kobayashi collects the WBO Asia Pacific title by halting Mananquil in ten rounds. Mananquil is a southpaw so Kobayashi decided to also fight southpaw and it worked for him. This was a hard-fought match but by the eighth round the body punches from Kobayashi had Mananquil wilting. Despite that early work from Mananquil made it close with the scores at 86-85 twice and 87-84 for Kobayashi. He hunted Mananquil down in the tenth and had him trapped on the ropes taking punishment and the referee had seen enough and stepped in to save Mananquil. Ninth win by KO/TKO for Kobayashi. Defending champion Mananquil was 7-0-1 in his last 8

Fight of the week (Significance): Jamel Herring?s win over Masayuki Ito puts a new figure on the board at super feather
Fight of the week (Entertainment): Nothing had me standing on my chair cheering but the constant pressure from Antonio Lozada and the skill of Jose Pedraza provided entertainment
Fighter of the week: Jamel Herring a new champion with honourable mention to Devin Haney who has so much talent
Punch of the week: So many good ones. Devin Haney?s thunderbolt that put Antonio Moran down, the devastating right from Jose Cardenas that flattened Antonio Vargas and the left from Patrick Cora that put Luis Vera down before he even knew it was on its way were all special
Upset of the week: Herring?s win over Ito was unexpected with honourable mention to Cardenas for his win over Vargas
Prospect watch: 15-0 Chordale Booker shows real talent

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