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Ray Flores

Thank you very much, Operator. First of all I want to thank the media for joining us all around the world as we get set for PBC on FOX and FOX Deportes this upcoming Saturday from Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California. What a venue for a tremendous night of boxing.

Our main event, the two division world champion, Danny "Swift" Garcia, goes head to head against the ultra-competitive and always entertaining, Adrian "El Tigre" Granados.

The broadcast begins at 8 o'clock Eastern, 5 Pacific Time. Also on the main card -- what a card that we have -- as we have heavyweight contender Andy Ruiz Jr. going head to head against Alexander Dimitrenko in a 10-round matchup. That is the co-main event.

To open up the broadcast, a young man who is quickly making his way up the ranks, the brother of Omar Figueroa, unbeaten contender Brandon Figueroa goes head to head against Venezuela's own Yonfrez Parejo in a 10-round matchup for the WBA Interim Super Bantamweight Championship.

Tickets are going quickly as Saturday night's event is brought to you by TGB Promotion and Mayweather Promotions in association with DSG Promotions. You can purchase them at or the Dignity Health Sports Box Office.

The first fight gets rolling at 3 o'clock. So all the fights end in Southern California -- get there early -- and then we go live with PBC on FOX and FOX Deportes at 8 Eastern, 5 local time.

After the FOX broadcast, we have plenty more action PBC FIGHT NIGHT - EXTRA on FS1 and FOX Deportes at 10:30 Eastern, 7:30 Pacific time.

It'll feature a matchup between Jeison Rosario and Jorge Cota plus Karlos Balderas, Alfredo Angulo and more. You do not want to miss it as we go wall to wall on FOX, FOX Deportes, and FS1 this upcoming Saturday.

Right now without further ado it gives me great honor and pleasure to introduce the man who no-doubt will be a part of the International Boxing Hall of Fame. He has promoted events all over the world and he understands how to find talent, takes someone from 0 and 0 to being the World Champion and subsequently a Hall of Famer.

Please welcome my dear friend, the President of TGB Promotion, Mr. Tom Brown.

Tom Brown
Well, thank you, Ray, and thanks everyone for joining us in this conference call for what will be an amazing time presented by Premier Boxing Champions on Saturday nights, and as Ray said the Garcia-Granados fight will be televised live on primetime network television by FOX and FOX Deportes.

The Dignity Health Sports Park has been home to some modern classics in Southern California to replace the famous Olympic Auditorium, and the main event with Danny Garcia vs at Adrian Granados is a sensational fight, incredible matchup, and tough styles, and really one of the best non-World Title fights you can make in the welterweight division.

The late great Hall of Fame matchmaker, Teddy Brenner, said about matchmaking t's not simply a matter of putting the number one and number two guys in the ring. Anybody could do that. It's a matter of first determining whether the styles of the two fighters blend and in this fight that's a hell yes.

Then you have to decide if it's an important fight. In other words, will the winner move on to a bigger fight, absolutely and, thirdly, he said as a fan is it a fight that I would want to see because the fans want the best fight, and that's another hell yes.

So I can't wait for Saturday night. Now I'll toss this back to Ray. Thank you very much everyone for joining the call.

R. Flores
Thank you very much to Tom Brown and, look, I'll tell you this, when Tom Brown gets excited for a fight you know it's something special. And speaking of special, this man I'm getting ready to introduce has been a part of some of the most special and some of the biggest events in combat sports history. Talk about been there done that, he's promoted the biggest event in the history of the sport of boxing. Please welcome the CEO of Mayweather Promotions, Mr. Leonard Ellerbe.

Leonard Ellerbe
Thank you, Ray. I'm really excited about this Saturday night. We have a terrific fight. We got two guys who are really never in a boring fight and their styles really mesh well, so we can really expect a hell of a fight this Saturday night. Both guys come to the fight with something to prove in my opinion.

I think when you look at Danny, Danny wants to really look spectacular because he really wants to show the world he's still one of the best welterweights in the world and a scintillating performance this Saturday night will do just that.

On the other hand with Adrian Granados, never ever have we seen Adrian in a boring fight. He'll be looking to get that career defining win that will immediately catapult him in the mix with all the other big money fighters that are out there in the welterweight division.

So both guys will be looking to make a statement come this Saturday night and the fans can expect a great fight. Back to you, Ray.

R. Flores
Thank you very much. Thank you so much Leonard. I really appreciate it.

Right now, as we get set to meet the main event combatants, it gives me a great honor and pleasure to welcome in a guy who has a record of 20 wins, 6 losses, 2 draws, from Chicago, Illinois, been involved as a professional for a decade.

He's won two straight. He has stepped inside the ring with the likes of Shawn Porter, Adrien Broner, Javier Fortuna. When it comes to classifying this guy, I have to look at him as a throwback fighter because he will fight anybody and everybody and he's constantly bringing you pressure.

He's of Mexican descent, and he' so emblematic of what a Mexican fighter is all about, and no doubt he will be in his best condition and ready to put on the performance of a lifetime. Please welcome Adrian "El Tigre" Granados.

Adrian Granados
Hey, how's it going everybody. Thank for having me. I'm excited for this Saturday. It's going to be a good fight. I know me and Danny both got a lot to prove in this fight and I know that our styles mesh well.

I know, you know, Dignity Sports Park is known for giving good fights and I feel like we're going to give a classic. I'm coming for the win.

It's going to be a great fight, and may the best man win and in this case I feel like I'm the best man. I'm not going to back down from a fire fight and I'm going to do whatever I got to do to win this fight.

I can guarantee a great fight and may God bless us both and take care of us and yeah, man. Let's get it on.

R. Flores
Thank you very much, Adrian, greatly appreciate it. And also, it gives me a great honor and pleasure to introduce his opponent.

So we have Adrian Granados who is of Mexican descent, and this man is of Puerto Rican descent. So you have the Mexico against Puerto Rico rivalry that'll be on display on Saturday night, but this man is a two division World Champion, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 31 years of age from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 11-year Pro. He's been in the ring with the likes of Keith Thurman, Shawn Porter, defeated the likes of Lucas Matthysse, Erik Morales, Amir Khan, Paulie Malignaggi, trained by his father Angel. He's also a throwback fighter, bites down in his mouthpiece, comes forward, and always puts on a sensational show for all the boxing fans around the world.

Ladies and gentlemen please welcome Danny "Swift" Garcia.

Danny Garcia
How you guys doing? Thanks for having me on. I can't wait. It's been a long camp. It's been a long hard camp. I put in a lot of hard work. Now it's time to go in there this Saturday and handle business and give my fans another great entertaining fight.

Which fight do you think is going to be more entertaining as you guys go head to head with this Crawford-Khan?

D. Garcia
Oh definitely my fight. You know what I bring to the table. I always bring fireworks, speed, power, entertainment, blood, and guts. So I prepare myself for a classic fight. I train hard for 10 weeks straight and I'm ready to go in there and show the world who's one of the best and why this fight's a fight to watch.

Adrian, do you have a feeling that basically this is kind of, like, your moment?

A. Granados
Yeah, most definitely. I know that I'm known for putting on great fights and just coming up short. Whether it is over a controversial decision or any other controversy. So yeah, I mentioned it to Leonard Ellerbe, I'm tired of it. So I'm definitely going out there to put on a dominating performance, and I know I have a hard work ahead of me so definitely I'm ready for the task at hand.

How do you feel about the skills of Danny Garcia?

A. Granados
I'm expecting the best Danny Garcia. He's made it clear. He's trained very hard for this fight and that he's not overlooking me, and that's definitely what I want and that's how it should be.

I always want to fight the best and I'm never going to back down from the best either. So it's going to make for a great fight and we'll be putting on a classic this Saturday.

Adrian, what can you really do to make sure that you don't come up on the short end of another very close decision?

A. Granados
Well, just plain and simple, I got to take it out of the judge's hands. If I get Danny hurt then I'm definitely going to step on the gas and try to get them out and if not I'll just have to put on a dominating performance.

I know it's going to be hard. I know it's going to be a tough fight but I've also trained very hard and I'm ready to deliver.

Adrian, one of the greatest assets Danny's shown in his career is his chin. Do you feel you can get him out of there?

A. Granados
Yeah anybody could get anyone out of there. I respect to who's he's been in there with and he has showed a great chin but anything's possible in that ring and anybody can be stopped at any time

Adrian, what did you think of his performance against Shawn Porter and how might you maybe compare how you fought against Shawn Porter?

A. Granados
He fought a tough fight, it was a close fight but I had Porter just out pressuring him and out working him and there's some things that I guess I could take from that fight but I'm going to win my fight Adrian Granados style.

Danny, what do you think about Adrian saying that he would be able to get you out of there?

D. Garcia
As a fighter, he has to be confident but in reality I faced the biggest punchers in the game, I faced the most - the fastest and strongest, some of the best fighters in the game and I've never been down in my career, and that's just to show you how hard I work in the gym.

I'm always in great - I'm always in tip top shape. I'm a high-level fighter. I've faced a lot of adversity in my career and I highly doubt that he can stop me. I got a lot of skills. I'm in great shape so if anybody's going down this fight, it's definitely going to be him, not me.

Danny, how much do you feel going into this fight coming off a loss in what was a close fight against Shawn Porter but a loss. How much do you feel people are kind of doubting you at this point?

D. Garcia
I don't know nothing about that. I feel really good. I think this camp right here was better than my last two camps, the Porter camp, and the Rios camp. I feel like this is one of my best training camps and I am in great physical shape for this fight and I'm going to come and prove that and show that Saturday night.

Danny, why was this training camp better than the last couple of camps in your opinion?

D. Garcia
I was a lot more disciplined. I gave it the extra grit. I worked on new things.

I was more discipline on my diet, I got a new conditioning coach who worked on learning a lot of things. So you know, it just felt new. It felt good.

I got great sparring and I think everything we did - I know everything we did in this camp was perfect and it's going to show Saturday night.

After your last couple of fights, Danny, did you consciously make that decision that I need to add a nutritionist or whatever you added to your team to help what is the way to go for you for your next fight?

D. Garcia
Yeah, definitely. I felt like I needed to work on things as far as conditioning. My other skills are always there, the stamina is over there and the road work was over there. We just needed to work on different muscles and things to help me improve and make me a stronger fighter, and I felt like we did that this camp.

When you're fighting a guy whose record isn't what the other guys you fought is, how challenging is that sometimes or is it just that you know Adrian is such a tough guy that you couldn't do that?

D. Garcia
No. At the end of the day, I don't look at it like that because you can't overlook nobody in this sport. In this sport, if you're better than him, you got to go in there and just be better than him. I can't go in there, train easy, and make it harder than making it supposed to be.

So that's why I train really hard because I'm going to go in there and show the world that I'm simply just better than him.

You've been in the ring with Amir Khan. You've knocked Amir Khan out. You're well aware of how good Terence Crawford is. Do you give him any chance in a fight at all?

D. Garcia
Khan is not an easy style to prepare for. He has fast hands and he has quick feet. So it's definitely going to be an entertaining fight.

Terence Crawford is not a really a pressure fighter. He'll try to knock you out one punch or try to break you down and take you out of the lead.

I honestly believe it's a 50/50 fight. I think Terence Crawford has more momentum going into the fight then Khan, but I honestly think it's a 50/50 fight.

How do you compare the mindset heading into this bounce back fight compared to the fight that you had against Brandon Rios last year?

D. Garcia
I'm a winner. So it's always tough when a fight doesn't go your way, but I try not to think about that. I know there's a great fight and the future is now, so I can't worry about what happened in the past.

My mind set is just simply winning on Saturday night and everything else it just doesn't matter to me.


How much do you kind of think about a potential rematch against Keith Thurman or Shawn Porter given how close both of those fights were on the scorecards?

D. Garcia
Yeah, definitely. Those are definitely fights I want to avenge. I want to avenge on those fights because I obviously feel like I did enough to win both of those fights but I can't worry about that right now.

I feel like those fights will always be there in the future, in the near future. So I just have to make sure I go in there Saturday night and handle business, first.

Adrian do you kind of look at this fight and think to yourself that this is maybe not your last chance but maybe a great chance to sort of prove anybody that may that would win you this fight?

A. Granados
Yeah, most definitely. I'm coming to win this fight. I'm tired of the controversy. I'm tired of them finding any way to not give me the win.

I definitely got to come in and really just take the fight, they're not going to give me the fight ever. So I'm going to go out there and have to take it.

You've got this fight ahead of you this Saturday against Adrian and this one is looking to be fantastic but a lot of buzzing about Manny Pacquiao potentially being in your future. How do you handle that kind of speculation heading into a big fight?

D. Garcia
It's definitely exciting when a legend like Many Pacquiao says he wants to fight you. It's always been a dream of mine to fight Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao, two World Champ great legends and just him saying my name definitely motivates me to make sure I handle business Saturday night.

So that's why I took the fight very serious and I know it's a big fight for me. So I have to go in there and make sure that I win this fight hands down.

What does it feel like right now as boxing continues to get deeper and deeper? What do you think that means for your division?

D. Garcia
Yeah, definitely, I've been in there with most of the other top guys and I've been in there with Amir Khan already, Porter, Thurman. I've been in there were a lot of guys at 140, 147 already so it definitely interesting. There's a lot of great matchups to makes so whatever fight you make at 147 is going to be interesting, especially with so many styles in Mega fights and I've been a part of a lot of mega fights and I love the training so I can go handle business Saturday, because that set me up for those big fights.

A. Granados
Yeah, this is a big fight. This is my big fight and I know that Danny knows that this is a big fight for him too. I could definitely knock him out of all those plans.

I understand that he's a bigger name than me and they have a lot of things set up for him, you know, but I come out on Saturday and upset him, as they would name it an upset, that throws my name into the hat with all those fights.

I myself would like a fight with Manny Pacquiao. I would fight anybody and boxing knows that and that's why this Saturday is a huge fight for me. It's a must win opportunity for me because winning this fight definitely change the landscape for my career.

Win or lose, most definitely, I'm going to put on a hell of a show and I know that but definitely, I'm not trying to leave without a victory.

On Saturday night will you be satisfied to go the distance in other competitive fights, or you determined to come away with the win at all costs and those fights decision didn't go your way, are you really fighting to get the win this time?

A. Granados
Most definitely coming out with a win. That's what I'm focused on. That's what I got my mind set on and that's what's going to happen.

I know that it's going to be a good fight and I know I'm going to put on the show and I'll be there, the whole fight but I definitely need this one and I'm coming out for it.

Is it exciting to be back on network television again? Are you motivated to get back on to pay per view after this fight?

D. Garcia
I think this is great for boxing. I definitely think just fighting on regular TV is great for boxing. I think that's what made a lot of great fighters like Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, all those guys were on regular TV so I think this gives us a bigger platform, it intertwines boxing with all the other sports that come on that channel. Like football, basketball, baseball, so I think anytime you mix up boxing with all the big sports on a regular TV channel is great for boxing. So I definitely love being on FOX and regular TV.

You think you've been unfairly left out of those conversations at welterweight? Is it frustrating for you to see that he might get a fight with Errol Spence next or do you feel like this is just kind of how boxing works, that you need to take this fight with Adrian first?

D. Garcia
No, I mean, I feel like it's all about timing. One thing I learned about boxing it's really all about timing because if you look at it like that, you'll be frustrated. You'll always question like why am I not the man; wow, how did he get it before me and I've been here longer. I've been in the game for longer.

So I know how things work. Boxing is all about timing. I have to make sure I handle this business first and then we'll definitely get some pay per view fight in. Not the end of the year or maybe next year for sure.

Mr. Granados, can you talk to us and share with us what Ed Brown means to you and how much of him will come into the ring with you on Saturday?

A. Granados
Ed Brown means a lot to me, that's my little bro. Definitely I was raised through the boxing ranks with him. I went to a lot of amateur tournaments together. We used to always represent the Great Lakes in the Midwest.

He's always there with me. He's like a guardian angel. I feel like his life came up short because of the gang violence in Chicago, and the gun violence. Yeah, no, I carry him around with me all the time in my heart and I definitely I miss him, and I know he's looking out for me.

What would a win this weekend over Garcia mean to you, controversy or otherwise?

A. Granados
It would mean a lot. I need it. I'm tired of the controversy, I'm tired of the drama in my career. I had to go out and get a dominating win and a satisfying win it would be.

Why do you believe you're the best man to win this fight against Garcia?

A. Granados
I think just overall that I'm a better fighter. I think there's a lot more that I could do in the ring and Saturday night I'm going to show that.

Will you talk about the addition of your new strength coach, and then how do you feel these tactics have made you stronger. Can you feel that strength? And if so, how?

D. Garcia
Yeah, definitely work on new things, a lot of explosions, working on explosiveness and a lot of twitch muscles, working on different things and I definitely feel like there is going to be another show come Saturday night.

What are the goals that you set? Will you share those with us?

D. Garcia
Yeah, definitely, well I'm going to go in there and win this fight. I'm going to go in there and dominate this fight and show the world why I'm one of the best fighters in the world and I trained hard and I'm hundred percent sure that I'm going to go in there and do that.

What does it mean for both of you guys to be the main event at this venue?

D. Garcia
I feel great. It feels great to be in there. I actually fought at the StubHub when it was the Home Depot Center I believe on Oscar De La Hoya versus Stevie Forbes. So I fought there one time already. It was a great atmosphere. So I'm definitely looking forward to going back in there and show out so

I won the welterweight title in LA too in 2016. So California has always been good to me so it's definitely a great atmosphere for me, and I can't wait to go in there and perform.

A. Granados
Yeah, no, I'm excited. I'm excited for the fight. I know it's going to be a great atmosphere. I've watched plenty of good fights there over the years.

I'm excited that it's in LA. There's going to be a high Mexican population. So I know they're going to come out to support and it's just it's known for a great atmosphere for fights and I feel like that's what's going to happen to Saturday. It's going to be a great show and definitely going to be a great fight between me and Danny.

Would you guys like to see yourself more active moving forward once the result comes in on Saturday? At least fighting, trying to not make three or four times a year, just to stay sharp.

D. Garcia
Preparing for high level fights is a lot of hard work. I got a daughter now. I have a family so, I'm happy if I can get three times that would be great, but I think two times is great for me, especially at a high level, give my body sometime kind of rest.

This will be my 37th fight of my career come Saturday night, and I definitely take my body to the extreme and push myself to the limit every time I'm in training camp. So I definitely consider two times - I'm happy with two times. If I get three, that's a blessing but two times is good for me.

A. Granados
Yeah, no, I'm fine with fighting busy or fighting when the fights come to me. Definitely I'd like to stay busier but I got to take whatever God gives me and I'm very appreciative of it.

I'm happy and I live a good life and I'm thankful for everything I get. So yeah, I know it just basically, I'll take them how I can get one.

What do you expect from Adrian that's a little bit different from Brandon Rios in terms of the fact that maybe he's a fresher fighter?

D. Garcia
Yeah, definitely. Yeah, I compare our styles to a couple of people I fought. He's kind of like a Robert Guerrero type fighter, he's a durable guy. He likes to come forward. He's just not southpaw.

They seem like they have same type of speed, same type of power. Definitely more like Brandon Rios where he comes forward, just a little fresher.

So I know what I'm up against and I prepare myself. I spar with guys like this, I fought a guy that gets me answers, and I know what I'm up against, so I'm prepared for this fight and I know what I got to go in there to do to win this fight.

Do you see that as something that you can build off of being the pressure fighter that Rios was?

A. Granados
Yeah every fight is going to be different. So, I'm not going to completely compare myself with Brandon Rios.

It was an exciting fight for as long as it lasted. Definitely, I was surprised with how much success Brandon had against Danny but Danny broke him down and caught him with a good shot but I definitely see myself doing a lot more than what Brandon did and all respects to Brandon Rios who's a great fighter but I'm Adrian Granados.

R. Flores
Excellent. Well, thank you very much Operator for that and before we let both Danny Garcia and Adrian Granados still want to once again remind the media PBC on FOX and FOX Deportes, we go live from Dignity Health Sports Park, 8 o'clock Eastern, 5 o'clock local time. Tickets still available I'm going to open up the floor to Adrian Granados and Danny Garcia with closing comments.

A. Granados
Yeah, no just definitely excited for a great fight. It's going to be a war and I'm coming with everything and I'm definitely coming for a win.

I'm coming for a dominating win and I'm coming to just turn some heads. You know people are writing me off in this fight and definitely that's not what's going to happen, and I plan on delivering Saturday night

D. Garcia
Well, I want to thank the media for taking the time out to ask questions and make the fight the biggest fight.

All the talking is done, all the hard work is done. It's the final stretch, the last couple days till weigh-in and then fight night. I've been here plenty of times, and I can't wait to go in there and show my fans why I'm one of the best fighters in the world, and I put the work in, and I can't wait.

All the fans buy your tickets. Make sure you tune in, record it on FOX because it's going to be a great night of boxing and a legendary night for Danny Garcia.

# # #

Garcia vs. Granados will see former two-division world champion Danny "Swift'' Garcia battling rugged veteran Adrian Granados in a 12-round welterweight bout that headlines Premier Boxing Champions on FOX and FOX Deportes Saturday, April 20 from Dignity Health Sports Park, formerly StubHub Center, in Carson, California.

Heavyweight contender Andy Ruiz Jr. takes on Alexander Dimitrenko in a 10-round bout in the co-feature and unbeaten contender Brandon Figueroa battles Venezuela's Yonfrez Parejo in a 12-round match for the WBA Interim Super Bantamweight title that opens the primetime FOX broadcast that begins at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.

Tickets for the live event, which is promoted by TGB Promotions and Mayweather Promotions, in association with DSG Promotions, are on sale now. Tickets can be purchased at or at the Dignity Health Sports Park box office from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Fans can live stream the fights on the FOX Sports app, available in English or Spanish through the FOX or FOX Deportes feeds. The fights are available on desktop at and through the app store, or connected devices including Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Xbox One and Roku.

For more information: visit,, follow on Twitter @PremierBoxing, @PBConFOX, @FOXSports, @FOXDeportes, @TGBPromotions, @MayweatherPromo and @Swanson_Comm or become a fan on Facebook at,, &

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