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List of Articles by Recah Trinidad

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Pacquiao, Marquez tied in Word War
27 Nov 2012

Verbosity, not action, has become the mode of combat in the runup to two vital contests—the Manny Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez Act 4 bout and the Philippine Olympic Committee polls. Nothing truly unusual because, in the c

22 Nov 2012
IT will be different from all the three previous fights, promoter Bob Arum says of the Dec. 8 fourth bout between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. Different, Arum explains, because both of them will be “looking for different strategies this time so much so that the winner will be more conc

Time for Brian to join Manny’s elite gang
19 Nov 2012

BRIAN Viloria scored a knockdown each with a selection of killer punches—an opening right cross, a rocket-like right straight, a culminating left hook—to stop Mexico’s Hernan Marquez and unify the WBO and WBA world flywei

Can Pacman convert into a thinking typhoon?
15 Nov 2012

MANNY Pacquiao, trying to run to the summer when he was only 25, made an unscheduled pause last week to explain he may no longer have to really go back that far. The 33-year-old boxing superhero, preparing for his fourth

Thank God indeed for Doc Agoncillo
01 Nov 2012
KNOWING Doc Agoncillo, he would’ve readily batted for and come to the aid of yet another suffering underdog. Of course, you don’t know Doc. His name is Ephraim Agoncillo, lean and handsome devoted healer who loved to trace his roots among noble Batanguenos. We’ve had unknown soldiers, unsung h

Farewell to Maui, born fighter and cycling legend
29 Oct 2012
THREE-time national cycling marathon champion Jesus Garcia Jr. yesterday wondered why there has been no line in the top-selling Inquirer on the passing of cycling legend Manuel “Maui” Reynante. Reynate, 67, suffered a fatal stroke while riding with son Lloyd, a national team member, on Friday. J

MVP fails our sports revolucionarios
25 Oct 2012

IT may not be right to call it a revolt. But on Monday, a good number of national sports association (NSA) heads attended a dinner and formalized their intention to join a movement that would hopefully succeed in working for s

Tracing the tricks and treachery at POC
23 Oct 2012
THE chance for the long-delayed change in Philippine sports was traced in a change of text messages that was started on Saturday and culminated at press time yesterday. National track and field association president Go Teng Kok, who has been waging a lonely battle against the dreaded group runnin

MVP calls for real-life Katipuneros
18 Oct 2012

THERE was an original battle plan to host an early dinner, an informal gathering among national sports association heads. Initially scheduled for Oct. 15, this was postponed at the last minute. Before word on the informa

From Top Rank: The warrior as worm
15 Oct 2012

WHERE in the world, wondered a nosy, world-class boxing chronicler, can you find a fighter with great credentials that could land only 49 punches in one bout? That Japanese boxer had been peddled off--the louder the b

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