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List of Articles by Reni M. Valenzuela


By Reni M. Valenzuela
07 May 2016

Rep. Manny Pacquiao promised to be a full-time politician as a senator of the republic if he wins in the elections on Monday (May 9). But we wonder how he would see his way clear to doing something to make a difference in a chamber beleaguered by “politics” just as he made an impact in the lives of Filipinos as a boxer.

I would like to congratulate Pacman only if indeed he would hang up his gloves for good - or if he loses in the elections, he would continue to fight in the ring. But with Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Bob Arum still at the back of his mind, how can he focus on his work as a senator and break fresh/new ground for the country?

Bedeviled by sharks and vultures, politics has been the bane and blight for the nation. Therefore I perceive Pacquiao to be capable of doing better outside the enemy camp if indeed he wants to do good to his people, the reason being why he’s into politics, according to him. Inside, he can only do less or nothing, or simply stray. “The world will not be destroyed by evil, but by those who watch (or join) them without doing anything.” (Albert Einstein)

The iconic pugilist continues to be into imperial “ambition” despite seemingly being swallowed by “politics” or its putrefied system. As a Representative of Saranggani for six years, Pacquiao has been notably celebrated as an ally “closest” to some of the shadiest politicians in the country and a consistent top absentee in the Lower House. I will vote for him, though, but may he veer away from the “bad influences” and transform himself into a battler inside the Senate, not as a boxer or entertainment celebrity, but as a gallant Christian legislator and national reformer.

Politics isn’t just about politics. It’s a battleground between kingdoms of light and darkness, between right and wrong wherein knockout of the foe is most possible outside its borders by fighters unsullied by its corrupt ways. Woe, the politicians themselves, wittingly or unwittingly, are the willing tools of the enemy. Ponder not, therefore, if the “Anti-dynasty” and “Freedom of Information” bills would regrettably age to die a natural death in both houses of Congress. Can we ever expect Beelzebub to beat himself or the King of Babylon to desire Heaven?

Pacman must embody political metamorphosis. People want change, but why want it for the worse? Are we paranoid or feeling too helpless to be suicidal in choosing our future leaders? Yes, the clamor for change is loud, but we must address the “roots” to achieve it. Why pound on the symptoms? Any change in society that doesn’t spring forth from within isn’t only superficial or unreal, but oppressive, deceptive and destructive. What change is possible from those who themselves badly need change? We don’t kill people to get rid of a problem. We serve them to solve the problem.

Jesus Christ didn’t kill us, sinners, to bring about change, salvation and transformation to the world. But why a great many Filipino voters today are inclined to choose candidates who go the opposite way? Yes, we want action, but why tolerate reprehensible acts? A national or local official must be a reformer who is a reformed man himself. The office doesn’t define a leader; it’s the leader who defines the office. Hope for the good, not the beastly. Or be alarmed!

Getting elected into public office isn’t always about destiny. Sadly, in the Philippines, it’s about popularity, money, cheating, barbarity, foolishness, “survey” and insanity. Ultimately, the May 9 affair is a choice between life and hell. Godliness, wisdom, probity, humanness, steadfastness, good moral standing, courage and vision are the character traits needed for effective, upright officials of the land. Think again before you vote.

We have to admit that the angels of death and destruction are thoroughly involved in crafting, “implementing,” violating and prostituting the laws of the land. And during election seasons, they actively poison the minds of the voters. Thus we are forever embroiled as a nation in never-ending issues of ungodliness, corruption, poverty, injustice, government apathy/incompetence, patronage politics, immorality, vices and criminality.

Fight endorsements and vote freely. Influence belongs to the Lord, not to mortal men, political party or religious group. Block voting by churches is the worst form of vote-buying. For all intents and purposes, we need to stop the practice of abusive leaders of certain religious sects during elections; those who exploit the gullibility of their loyal members by dictating on them to vote for particular candidates they would want to endorse in exchange for “parochial” and personal political favors from dirty politicians.

Block voting has nothing to do with church unity, but it has everything to do with perversion and religious slavery. Block voting is not only anti-Scripture, it is anti-Christ.

This abominable act in the guise of “religion” has been ongoing for decades now and perhaps it is why we are a suffering people and corrupt nation to this day. After each election, the demigods of these mundane kingdoms or the so-called “churches of the Lord Jesus Christ” are held “omnipotent” and “untouchable” such that they can oblige our national and local leaders to grant their beckoning about matters of official appointments, judicial favors, government contracts, “referrals,” patronage politics and other religious malpractices and political crookedness.

Block voting takes away from church members, not just their right of suffrage, but their humanness as God’s principal creation endowed with free will. It’s about time to end this national evil. Let May 9 be a day of liberty and genuine democracy for the Filipino people. Every Christian or Muslim ought to cast vote based on conscience first as a citizen of this country, before being a native of a province/region, a friend of a candidate’s friend or a member of a particular congregation. Religious block voting is divinely contemptible and utterly abhorrent to the motherland. Pray.
On Monday, we, Filipino people, have the chance to prove again and prove it correctly this time that we are a great nation and breed who get a government equal to our worthiness through the very characters we elect to lead us.

If truly we want to uplift this nation from the pit of ignominy, Pacman and we, the people, have to be roused from “unconsciousness” to spiritual realities of life and be intentional, resolutely attacking to the core the same old and new pervasive/evasive problems that beset us. Whether we are aware of it or not, every Filipino is charged to implore divine intervention (not church meddling) in the affairs of the state and in choosing our future leaders. Awake.

“God is like oxygen. We can’t see Him, but we need Him to survive.”

“For we are not fighting against people made of flesh and blood, but against persons without bodies – the evil rulers of the unseen world, those mighty satanic beings and great evil princes of darkness who rule this world; and against huge numbers of wicked spirits in the spirit world.” (Ephesians 6:12, The Living Bible)

Be a warrior and wise voter.

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