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The Whole Tooth and Nothing But ...

By Ed de la Vega, DDS

Sat, 27 Nov 2010

Las Vegas, NV: At the official weigh-in for tomorrow?s fighters involved with the fight card dubbed ?Warriors? promoted by the GBP, many interesting sights and sounds were part of the event.

First, there was the proverbial ?mariachi band? that almost always perform in events like these when a Mexican fighter such as Juan Manuel Marquez is involved. The band was loud but at the very least, it kept the crowd occupied, particularly the Mexicans that came in droves in support of their hero Marquez way ahead of the 2:30 PM televised event (via ESPN).

Of course who can forget the unrehearsed cheering from the Mexicans and the Australians that created a college football-like atmosphere?

And the flag waving? No need to emphasize that.

The regular ?Tecate? girls were naturally present at the stage near the official scales as if to remind everyone (except the fighters) that beer is just down the walkway at the lobby bar.

Then there were the old familiar faces.

Good ole? Oscar de la Hoya was there standing close to Richard Schaefer flashing his contagious smiles to the young ladies that swooned just seeing him.

Eric Gomez was there too making sure that things are going on smoothly. And so is Monica Sears who orchestrated the show making it easy for the NSAC to do their job.

But the thing that caught this writer?s attention most besides the fighters was a young man with Team Marquez who sported a custom made t-shirt with a warning for Manny Pacquiao. The t-shirt which said:- ?Pacquiao your next? was meant to deliver a stern message. But to old Pacquiao believers like this writer, it is probably just ?wishful thinking?.

Poor grammar aside, it depicted who Marquez hopes to fight in spring of 2011 if he beats Katsidis tomorrow.

But a simple victory is not going to cut it for Marquez. If he wants to keep his name in the Pacquiao sweepstakes, he must score a scintillating victory over Katsidis, the banger from Australia.

If he does not, or if by some reason he losses to the Australian, then Marquez can kiss his dream fight with Pacquiao a big goodbye.

In fact he can simply retire.

For sure the Filipino spitfire will erase his name from the list of possible opponents for next year if he Marquez does not emphatically dispose off Marquez.

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