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The Whole Tooth and Nothing But ...

By Ed de la Vega, DDS

Wed, 27 May 2009

Why would a guy who is a legitimate junior middleweight even harbor the dream of having a fight with Manny Pacquiao whose highest fight weight was less than 147lbs.?

It is simply absurd. There is just too much disparity in weight.

Case in point:- Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr.

Junior?s dream is so far out that it may even border insanity.

But then again, boxing is sometimes is insane, isn?t it?

In fact in certain places in the USA, people simply abhor it and brand it as ?unwholesome?. Glendale, California until recently was one of those places.

Pacquiao is unquestionably smaller not only in weight but in height and reach as well. So a fight with Junior is not a good match.

This does not mean that Pacquiao can not blow away Junior. In fact, if they do fight, Junior may end up on his back looking at the lights.

A fight between the two is an idea gone bad.

In fact, Freddie Roach does not want it to happen due to the glaring inequity.

But it seems, it is exactly for those reasons that Junior or at least his backers like Fernando Beltran likes the match. Or even Bob Arum?

Team Chavez feels that they may have an advantage and a fight with Pacquiao is winnable given the aforementioned differences particularly in ?reach?.

They are even suggesting a ?catch? weight of 150 pounds. What a lame idea!

Junior almost runs out of gas during a legitimate junior middleweight fight with Matt Vanda. If he cuts down to a catch weight of 150 in a fight with the Filipino spitfire, he will certainly end up like Oscar de la Hoya:- tall, big but drained!

They believe that Junior?s long reach will give Pacquiao the fits much like Eric Morales and Juan Ma. Marquez.

In reality however, I think the only reason they want the fight is for Junior to earn tons of money this early in his career.

Nothing wrong with that, after all boxing is ?prize fighting?. But they have to wait for the right moment.

It?s not yet Junior?s turn! They need to wake up and accept that, at least for the moment.

It is too far early for Junior and his Team to even be thinking of mega fights such as one that involves Pacquiao. He must earn his laurels first and from opponents that are not selected to assure Junior would win. He needs to fight and beat named and ranked fighters first before he can even dream of meeting Pacquiao on top of the ring.

In so far as Pacquiao is concerned, there is no reason to fight Junior at this point. Not even for a tune up fight because it simply does not make sense, or cents, if you may.

While it maybe true that many Mexican fans will buy in to the fight, there is no way they can come up with numbers compared to a Pacquiao fight with Miguel Cotto, Shane Mosley or even a third match with Juan Ma Marquez.

Thus for the meantime, for Junior there is nothing wrong with dreaming. But for now, it should stay that way:- just a dream.

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