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The Whole Tooth and Nothing But ...

By Ed de la Vega, DDS

Sun, 24 May 2009

Recently ABS-CBN , the giant media and entertainment conglomerate in the Philippines brought out the idea of matching the very best from the Braveheart Gym of Vice Gov. Manny Pinol versus those from the ALA Gym of Antonio Aldeguer.

As reports indicate, a great majority of boxing fans, scribes and those in the know, favor the event.

Of course they will. The fans will have an exciting event to watch, and the scribes will have plenty to write about. In fact they are already talking about it particularly on the internet,

As someone looking from the outside, I too have an inclination to see the event happen but with a new twist to it.

I have one great reservation about the whole idea.

While the match ups have been proposed, nothing has been mentioned about the boxer?s purses.

I agree that the event, if it happens, will be the ?biggest thing that will happen for local boxing? as Wakee Salud, Sam Gello-ani, Bong Yap and Lito Mondejar stated..

I ask:- For whom?

Surely ABS-CBN and the promoters if they do the promotions right, will make money.

The trainers and the managers will do as well. Even, the alphabet soup sanctioning bodies are bound to get some too. After all, boxing is a business too.

But after all is said and done, how much is left for the boxers to share?

For sure the boxers will be paid.

But how much?

Will it be worth the risk of laying down their lives so others will be entertained - and make money along the way?

I have heard boxing events in the country where boxers are paid as low as a hundred pesos per round. Others told me that may even be too much! I hope that is not true.

So I say to ABS- CBN and all the proponents of this match up between our top Filipino boxers: -

Show us the money!

Do what is right and pay the boys well for their efforts. And be transparent about it.

Also, be prompt in paying them like hand them the checks as soon as they finish their fights. Not the day or weeks after.

And, along the way, can you give them cash advances for training expenses?

Show publicly how much they are going to be paid. In doing so, you will surely create a giant incentive for others to attain the status of those who are supposed to be on the fight card.

If young aspiring boxers know and are assured there is a great potential to make good money even by fighting locally, they will definitely strive better. Their efforts will possibly be even to the max if they see that truly, boxers get paid what they really deserved.

I know that many will disagree with what I am saying particularly those involved in Philippine boxing.

However, isn?t this a great opportunity to reward our boxers and give them incentives to do better?

It?s about time, isn?t it?

What is so wrong in letting the boxers and the public know what they are going to be paid before the fight happens? What is so wrong in providing advances for training expenses?

They do it for mega fights like those fought by our great Manny Pacquiao way before the fights even happen.

Why can?t we do it for our local fight cards?

Surely, there is nothing wrong about that and there are no reasons not to do it.

Unless, people have something to hide!

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