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Boxing View

By Carlos Costa

Hern?n "Tyson" M?rquez-Juan Carlos Reveco to Unify WBA Flyweight Title; Brian Viloria vs Milan Melindo, Etc.
Fri, 22 Jun 2012

Tyson Marquez (L) and Juan Carlos Reveco.
The exciting unification bout between WBA flyweight champion Hern?n "Tyson" M?rquez of Mexico and interim champ Juan Carlos Reveco of Argentina will have a purse bid next Friday in Panama City, Panama.

The bidding process will take place since the lengthy negotiations between Marquez's manager Fernando Beltr?n of Z?nfer Boxing and Juan Carlos Reveco's adviser Mario Arano of Arano Boxing did not succeed.

As a result, Zanfer Boxing of Mexico and Argentina's Arano Box will battle to define who will earn the right to promote the interesting unification match up.

The boxing company that bid more money will earn the right to stage the combat in their respective country, namely Mexico or Argentina. Minimum offer to participate the bidding is US$ 80,000 dollars, but it's expected that offers will go up as high as half a million dollars. Then, from the total winning amount 55% will be the purse for the regular champ Marquez, 45% for the interim champ Reveco.

Interestingly, Tyson's promoter, as well as Marquez himself wish to avoid fighting in Argentina since they consider that boxing judges in the football power nation are partial and benefit their fellow Argentinians boxers.

While its true that top fighters like Panamanian Celestino "Pelenchin" Caballero have been robbed of a world title in Argentina, and title challengers as Filipino Johnriel Casimero have been attacked during boxing contests in the land of Maradona, those bad decisions in Argentina are not always the case. Those instances have been very rare occurrences, surely not the norm.

In fact, Argentina judges are excellent and knowledgeable, among the best in the world. Plus, Argentina is country forever in love with boxing and has produced great champions like Carlos Monzon, Nicolino Locche and Pascual Perez, and today give the world talented fighters as Sergio "Maravilla" Martinez and Rene "Chino" Maidana.

Robberies and bad judges exist everywhere, even in Las Vegas. But because there were two or three instances of madness Argentina, we can not draw a general conclusion that all boxing events in Argentina will be crazy or nuts.

However, very understandably Tyson M?rquez and his team do not wish to take any chances. They rather fight in Mexico. But they'll have to earn that right in next Friday's bidding.

That's why Zanfer Boxing will bid as much as reasonably possible. The top Mexican promotion company will try to get the show to be staged in Hermosillo, the capital of Sonora, Mexico. That's the native city of the Tyson Marquez, the reigning regular world champ.

It will be interesting to see how Zanfer Boxing, backed by the powerful TV Azteca, performs in the bidding in Panama.

However, should the Argentina team win the bidding, then Argentina's promoter Mario Arano plans to have that evening of first class boxing at the Stadium of the Maip? Arena Complex, a very suitable place that has all the necessary infrastructure to host at top event like this one. In addition, Argentina TyC TV Sports Channel might surely be on board to support the staging of the fight in Argentina.

The fight has no specific date, although most likely will be held in August. Where, Mexico or Argentina? Will find out next Friday.


There have been media reports mentioning that Hern?n "Tyson" M?rquez's next fight will be against Filipino Ardin Diale. Not true. Other articles have mentioned M?rquez facing Brian Viloria. Not so. Another recent report mentioned Tyson M?rquez facing Fernando Lumacad in a super flyweight eliminator. Completely lost.

Unfortunately, those reports are false accounts which have conveyed wrong information to the Filipino boxing family.

The inevitability is that Mexican flyweight star will unify his WBA crown with fellow Latin American 2-division world champion Juan Carlos "Cot?n" Reveco of Argentina. It's the combat that fans in Latin America are thrilled to watch.

True that Viloria might have been a good opponent for Tyson Marquez because of the prospect of unification, but at the moment Marquez is really busy.

So Brian Viloria should fight world's #1 flyweight Milan Melindo.

Melindo has earned the right to be the mandatory and deserves respect and a title shot at Viloria. "El Metodico" has earned it and has real chances of beating Viloria.

For one thing the "Hawaiian Punch" has lots of mileage and received lots of terrible blows in a long career. In contrast, Melindo is 7 years younger and as fresh as a lettuce.

This author has seen both Viloria and Melindo in some of their most important fights. The young and cool ALA star Milan Melindo would defeat Viloria whenever they meet (author's personal opinion).

Plus, it's an honor that two Filipinos compete for a world title. It would be the second time in Filipino history.

Should Viloria a Melindo compete for the flyweight world title, that would be is a match up that no fan would want to miss. Because in boxing it would be the maximum expression of "Pinoy Pride." It's a contest that would showcase to the whole world the big boxing power nation that the Philippines has become.


As reported in Argentina boxing sites, Marquez was delighted to learn that Juan Carlos Reveco is eager to fight him as well.

"Oh, really? Well ... [and laughs] me too, I am happy too. I really like Juan Carlos Reveco. Reveco is a very smart fighter, fine boxer, good counter puncher. Intelligent. But me, go to the attack. I am aggressive. So I think Reveco and me will mix it up very well. But I feel that I have an advantage: I'm stronger than Reveco. To me that will make the difference. I am training for Reveco. He should prepare well too (smiles)," said Marquez.

Tyson Marquez, 23, comes from a victory over Filipino Richie Mepranum, a rewarding triumph which made him avenge one of his only two career loses. In that bout staged last March in Ciudad Obregon, Tyson Marquez dominates and punished Mepranum forcing him to the canvas in round 2 and again in round 8.

The other lost of Tyson M?rquez (33-2, 25KOs) was against Donaire. When pressed to explain about that defeat, Marquez commented:

"I was very young and rookie. And I did not have the strength and power that I have now. Now, I have more ring knowledge. My skills have increased. Plus, I was sent to fight Donaire in a junior bantamweight. I am and I have always been a flyweight," commented Marquez.

Just a couple months ago Hern?n "Tyson" M?rquez received in Panama the important award "WBA Fighter of the Year 2011" for his achievements in the ring.

Marquez's fight with my fellow countryman Luis Concepcion was named "WBA Best fight of the year 2011." Marquez received the prestigious award in the WBA Annual Dinner in Panama, a gala attended by this PhilBoxing writer as "Tyson" Marquez continues his path to stardom.

Meanwhile, Argentina's Juan Carlos Reveco (28-1, 16KOs), is no pushover at all. The 2-division champion, captured the WBA light flyweight (108 lbs) world title by KO in Mendoza back in 2007 and then conquered the WBA interim flyweight (112 lbs) crown in Cozumel, Mexico in 2009.

Reveco, 28, comes from a victory over undefeated 25-year-old French fighter Karim Guerfi last month in Cordoba. The triumph was another world title defense for Reveco whose experience at the top level and talent make him a tough competitor for Marquez.

The skilled Argentinian has successfully defended his WBA interim title four times. Prior to that he defended his light flyweight titles another four times. In fact, Reveco has fought more title fights than Tyson. His unification combat the the southpaw slugger Tyson Marquez is an extremely important fight for Reveco and for M?rquez as well.

Exciting times for both both warriors.


Meanwhile, the WBA's World Championships Committed has confirmed that flyweight world champion Hern?n "Tyson" M?rquez and nterim champ Juan Carlos Reveco of Argentina will unify the WBA 112 pounds world title.

Last Tuesday (June 19) the official purse bid was advised to selected media and promoters.

"The WBA opens purse bid for Hern?n 'Tyson' M?rquez (World Champion) and Juan Carlos Reveco (Interim Champion)," said the official communique.

The Marquez-Reveco bidding will take place next Friday June 29 at 11am (Panama Time).

Place: the WBA head office located at Ocean Business Plaza Floor 14 in Panama City, Panama.

Interested promoters/managers have already been notified. The official bidding will be directed and supervised by WBA executive Vice President Gilberto Jesus Mendoza.

Read WBA's official "Tyson" M?rquez-Juan Carlos Reveco call for bid purse in this link:

For question or inquiries about this bidding process, please call the WBA Head Office to Panama numbers 340-6425 or 340 6426.

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