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William Eli Miller: The Bard who Illuminated Philippine Boxing in Print
By Emmanuel Rivera, RRT,, Mon, 15 Apr 2024

If you’ve ever come across the colorful monikers of past Filipino boxing legends like Little Pancho, Small Montana, Speedy Dado, Young Tommy, or Star Frisco, chances are you've been enthralled by the work of a master publi
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The sweet science of bruising
By Michael 'Xiao' Chua, The Manila Times, Tue, 09 Apr 2024

TODAY is Araw ng Kagitingan, where we honor the sacrifices not just of World War 2 veterans but of all those who fought and contributed to the creation and the liberty of the nation. Long associated with the Fall of Bataan, it has now been reframed to emphasize the Filipinos' valor, which means sold
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Inocencio Moldez: The Clever One
By Emmanuel Rivera, RRT,, Thu, 04 Apr 2024

He had the makings of a world champion— marquee looks, and clever moves. ‘Tis why Bill Miller branded him as Clever Sencio. Inocencio Moldez was the next in line to the world flyweight crown, the one his stablemate Franci
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Antonio Lopez Aldeguer: The Godfather of Philippine Boxing
By Emmanuel Rivera, RRT,, Mon, 01 Apr 2024

"No book about the history of Philippine boxing is complete without the story of Tony Aldeguer—he epitomizes a great humanitarian, a patron of sports, especially The Sweet Science, and one who uplifts Filipino boxers during
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Preserving a Legacy: The Birth of the Philippine Boxing Historical Society
By Dong Secuya,, Thu, 28 Mar 2024

History. Legacy. Passion. Veneration. These words encapsulate the launching of the Philippine Boxing Historical Society last Saturday, March 23, 2024 at the Manila Grand Opera Hotel located in the heart of the bustling
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Elorde Blended Western Boxing With Ancient Filipino Martial Art, Eskrima
By Teodoro Medina Reynoso,, Mon, 25 Mar 2024

In this age of modern or so called scientific boxing, it is heart warming and rather pride boosting to learn that Gabriel Flash Elorde successfully combined Western style boxing with an old Filipino martial art known as eskrima,
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Silvino Jamito: The First Filipino International Boxing Star
By Emmanuel Rivera, RRT,, Thu, 22 Feb 2024

Silvino Jamito, the first Filipino boxer to journey to Australia, lived his mantra to the fullest: "Have gloves, can fight, will travel." Born on February 2, 1894, in Talisay, Camarines Norte, he possessed moxie and delivere
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Unveiling the Legacy of Francisco Labra: A Pioneer in Philippine Boxing
By Emmanuel Rivera, RRT,, Mon, 19 Feb 2024

Francisco Labra emerged as a pivotal figure in the rise of Filipino boxers during the 1910s and 1920s. Joe Waterman, the renowned matchmaker, booster, and promoter, once hailed Labra as the first Filipino gloved fighter, ama
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Eustaquio Duarte: The First Professional Boxer from the Philippines
By Emmanuel Rivera, RRT,, Wed, 14 Feb 2024

(As told by Rocque Sanchez Yballa, Circa 1989, to his friend Hermie Rivera and one aspiring writer) In the seaside town of Daanbantayan, nestled on the northern tip of Cebu province, a legend was born on July 4, 1889
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Jack Fiske, Reporter, 1917-2006
By Emmanuel Rivera, RRT,, Sat, 27 Jan 2024

Jack Fiske, widely recognized as the Dean of Boxing Writers in the United States and beyond, epitomizes the essence of what a sportswriter should be. “Jack has a style akin to Pierce Egan’s—stinging, swift, sufficient
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