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The Past Week in Action 18 June 2024: Tank Davis KO Frank Martin; Benavidez Outpoints Gvozdyk; Puello Edges Russell

-Gervonta Davis knocks out Frank Martin in WBA lightweight title defence
-David Benavidez outpoints Oleksandr Gvozdyk for WBC interim light heavyweight title
-Albert Puello takes a split decision over Gary Antuane Russell in fight for the WBC interim super lightweight title
-Carlos Adames wins unanimous decision against Terrell Gausha in WBC middleweight title defence and there are wins for Mark Magsayo and Kyrone Davis
- Chris Billam-Smith retains the WBO cruiserweight title with a unanimous decision against Richard Riakporhe and Jack Massey outpoints Isaac Chamberlain for the European and Commonwealth cruiserweight titles and there is also a win for Tokyo silver medallist Ben Whittaker
-Australian Liam Paro scores upset points win over champion Subriel Matias to win the IBF super lightweight title
- Mexican Jorge Garcia stops Roarke Knapp in a fight for the vacant IBO super welterweight title
-Kevin Lele Sadjo wins the interim WBC super-middleweight title with a points win over Argentinian Palacio
-Abass Baraou retains the European super welterweight title as he decisions Macaulay McGowan
-Herbert Conceicao outpoints Esquival Falcao in a clash of Brazilian Olympic medallists
-Daniel Blenda Dos Santos decisions Thomas Faure and wins the vacant European light heavyweight title

Major Shows

June 15

Las Vegas, NV, USA: Light: Gervonta Davis (30-0) W KO 8 Frank Martin (18-1). Light Heavy: David Benavidez (29-0) W PTS 12 Oleksandr Gvozdyk (20-2). Super Light: Albert Puello (23-0) W PTS 12 Gary Antuanne Russell (17-1). Middle: Carlos Adames (24-1) W PTS 12 Terrell Gausha (24-4-1).Middle Kyrone Davis (19-3-1) W PTS 10 Elijah Garcia (16-1). Super Feather: Mark Magsayo (26-2) W PTS 10 Eduard Ramirez (28-4-3). 

Davis vs. Martin
Another show of devastating power from Davis as he hunts down and knocks out Martinn in the eighth round.
Round 1
Martin was backing around the ring with Davis coming forward behind the usual high guard. Martin was throwing jabs and tried a could of body shots. They traded right jabs and Martin stepped in quickly with a couple of scoring punches. Davis was short with his jabs but connected with a right. Martin pieced the guard of Davis with a straight left. 
Score: 10-9 Martin
Round 2
Martin was still on the back foot then darting in with a quick flurry of punches. Davis was waiting for a clear scoring opportunity and only throwing a few jabs. Martin was using slick footwork to avoid being pinned against the ropes. Davis connected with a left to the body but Martin landed two straight lefts.
Score: 10-9 MartinMartin 20-18
Round 3
Martin was circling the perimeter of the ring with Davis shadowing him. Davis landed a right but Martin skipped away. Davis was now firing lead lefts rather than right jabs but Marin scored with a straight left and managed to dodge the punches from Davis and sneaked home a jab
Score: 10-MartinMartin 30-27
Round 4
Davis came out quickly putting pressure on Marin who was jabbing well and retreating. Davis was doing a good job of chasing down Martin and landed a solid left to the body in a low scoring round which Davis just took.
Score: 10-9 DavisMartin 39-37
Round 5
Davis continued his hunt but Martin was proving a difficult target as he sped away from Davis and scored with right jabs. Martinn kept spearing Davis with punches. Davis managed to corner Martin and scored with a hard straight right before Martin broke free. Martin just kept moving and jabbing and sliding away along the ropes and connected with a left jab and a left to the head with Davis unable to land anything heavy. He was a step short but getting closer. 
Score: 10-9 MartinMartin 49-46
Round 6
Martin started the round with a burst of punches but then was forced on the retreat. Davis was able to pen him in the corner and land a couple of shots. Martin was having trouble sliding away and Davis was able to get through with hefty left to the head.
Score: 10-9 DavisMartin 58-56
Round 7
A left to the body and a right to the head from Davis knocked Martin off balance and he then followed Martin and landed a couple more punches. Martin threw some jabs but was soon against the ropes and Davis banged home right and left forcing Martin along then ropes as he clubbed him with punches. 
Score: 10-9 DavisMartin 67-66
Round 8
Martin tried to hold Davis off with jabs but Davis was walking through them. A series of chopping rights had Martin in trouble in the corner a left and a right set him up for a crushing left to the head that sent him crashing to the canvas on his back and he was counted out. First fight for 14 months and now 28 wins by KO/TKO for Davis who was making the first defence of the full WBA title which he inherited when Devin Haney relinquished it. Davis vs. WBC champion Shakur Stevenson or IBF champion Vasyl Lomachenko would be great fights. Martin just could not keep Davis out and as Joe Louis opined “They can run but they can’t hide”

Benavidez vs. Gvozdyk
Benavidez wins the WBC interim(temporary) title with unanimous decision over Gvozdyk
Round 1
Plenty of jabs in a fast start by Gvozdyk then he scores with a right to the head and Benavidez replies with a left to the body. Gvozdyk goes on the back foot and Benavidez scores with a couple of body punches. Gvozdyk jabbing and moving well to avoid being trapped against the ropes. Smart boxing from Gvozdyk but Benavidez lands a snappy jab and a left to the body. Good pacey opening round.
Score: 10-9 Benavidez
Round 2
Benavidez land a hard left hook from distance. Gvozdyk again on the back foot with Benavidez pressing and landing a pair of body shots. Strong pressure from Benavidez who is finding gaps to head and body. Gvozdyk jabbing and moving trying to keep Benavidez out. Benavidez investing in some hard body punches. 
Score: 10-9 BenavidezBenavidez 20-18
Round 3
Gvozdyk working hard with his jab but Benavidez is getting through with jabs of his own and again going to the body. No power in Gvozdyk jab so Benavidez able to get close to fire those lefts to the body. A lot more variety in Benavidez work as he is jabbing with Gvozdyk but also switching between head and body.
Score: 10-9 BenavidezBenavidez 30-27
Round 4
Gvozdyk on the front foot jabbing forcing Benavides back and scores with a straight right. Gvozdyk has a good spell with jabs and rights but strictly head hunting. Benavidez goes on the front foot forcing Gvozdyk back and landing to the body. Gvozdyk pumping out jabs and straight rights. Many blocked but Benavidez attacks stalled until late in the round when he scores with three left hook straight right combinations and gets though with more left hooks.
Score: 10-9 BenavidezBenavidez 40-36
Round 5
Another fast start from Gvozdyk as he showers Benavidez with light jabs and scores with right crosses. Good left jab snaps Benavidez’s head back. Gvozdyk finding gaps for his punches and the pick,pick,pick of the shots are upsetting Benavidez’s rhythm. Benavidez comes to life with hooks to the body and an uppercut but again Gvozdyk continues to score with jabs.
Score: 10-9 GvozdykBenavidez 49-46
Round 6
Gvozdyk again tap tap tapping with his jab and Benavidez having trouble launching an attack. Gvozdyk just keeps moving, jabbing and slotting home jabs with Benavidez not letting the punches flow. Benavidez tries to stage a strong finish but is swinging wildly. Gvozdyk’s punches are not hard and many are blocked but the sheer volume is shutting down Benavidez’s attacks.
Score: 10-9 GvozdykBenavidez 58-56
Round 7
Benavidez working hard and out jabbing Gvozdyk and scoring with left hooks. Benavidez had slowed and his output had dropped but he was getting through again with his punches to the body. Jabs and rights from Gvozdyk forced Benavidez to the ropes and Gvozdyk banged home a series of punches but Benavidez ends the round scoring with a burst of hooks 
Score: 10-9 BenavidezBenavidez 68-65
Round 8
Gvozdyk on the front foot with Benavidez backing off trying to lure Gvozdyk on to counters but Gvozdyk keeps working going for quantity rather than power. Benavidez comes forward and lands a hard right to the head but jabs from Gvozdyk have him backing off. Gvozdyk is again jabbing and Benavidez fires back with hooks but has been outworked.
Score: 10-9 GvozdykBenavidez 77-75
Round 9
Benavidez finds some fire and is landing jabs and left hooks. He is hunting down Gvozdyk and scoring with shots to the body. Gvozdyk’s output had dropped and now Benavidez was the one scoring with jabs. Gvozdyk landed a hard right uppercut but Benavidez scored with body punches. Benavidez maintaining his lead but has slowed considerably.
Score: 10-9 BenavidezBenavidez 87-84
Round 10
Gvozdyk on the front foot stabbing out jabs and rights with Benavidez looking to counter. Benavidez is continually short with his jabs and really not throwing much with Gvozdyk still working steadily. It looks like being Gvozdyk’s round but Benavidez launches an attack landing to the body and rocking Gvozdyk with a left hook then connecting with a couple of combinations. 
Score: 10-9 BenavidezBenavidez 97-93
Round 11
Benavidez is scoring with body punches with Gvozdyk sticking to his jab/straight right formula. Benavidez is hunting Gvozdyk around the ring being caught by Gvozdyk’s jab but landing body punches. Gvozdyk ended the round scoring with jabs and rights but the earlier work of Benavidez gave him the round.
Score: 10-9 BenavidezBenavidez 107-102
Round 12
Benavidez was attacking hard from the start forcing Gvozdyk back and landing hooks from both hands. Gvozdyk was still throwing jabs but not so many and his delivery had slowed. Benavidez retreated to the ropes then lunged forward and scored to the body. Gvozdyk was the fresher and with Benavidez laying against the ropes Gvozdyk ended the fight pummelling Benavidez to the body but it was Benavidez’s round.
Score: 10-9 BenavidezBenavidez 117-111
Official Scores: 119-109 Benavidez, 117-111 Benavidez, 116-112 Benavidez
It was not one of Benavidez’ best performances and ifGvozdyk had attack Benavidez’s body more he might have pulled off an upset as it was a clearly fatigued Benavidez over the last four rounds. Benavidez had been injured in training for the fight which might be a reason for him fading and he said he is going back down to super middle still hoping for his dream fight with Saul Alvarez. Ukrainian Gvozdyk, 37, a former WBC light heavyweight title holder was in front on two cards when being stopped in the tenth round of a unification fight with IBF champion Beterbiev in 2019. He did not fight again until February last year and had scored three wins. He was No 2 with the WBC and a title shot looks unlikely but not impossible.
Puello v s. Russell 
Puello wins the interim (temporary) WBC title as he upsets favourite Russell and hands him his first defeat.
Round 1 
Both are southpaw and the fight started at a quick pace. Puello was on the back foot getting through with jabs and he fired a burst of hooks then cleverly turned off the ropes when Russell tried to trap him. Russell kept up the pressure and briefly had Puello against the ropes but Puello escaped. Russell kept up the pressure but Puello was slick
Score: 10-9 Puello
Round 2
Puello was using his speed to get his punches off then darting away before Russell could counter. Russell was pushing out jabs but was short with them and Puello landed a sharp left.
Score: 10-9 PuelloPuello 20-18
Round 3
Russell was coming forward quicker and forcing Puello to the ropes and landing some shots. He kept up the pressure landing some left hooks then forced Puello to a corner and blasted him with punches with Puello warned for holding.
Score: 10-9 RussellPuello 29-28
Round 4
It was all aggressions from Russell as he marched forward throwing and landing punches which had Puello looking to get away and showing some slick moves rather than countering. Both scored in some give-and take action.
Score: 10-9 RussellTied 38-38
Round 5
Puello was getting his punches off first firing a couple of shots then darting away. He stung Russell with three fast jabs then backed off and when Russell followed Puello connected with a good combination.
Score: 10-9 PuelloPuello 48-47
Round 6
Russell had failed to put Puello under enough pressure but he started this round piling forward scoring with hooks to the body and kept up the attack with Puello again warned for holding. Russell connected with two hard lefts to the head and the accuracy had gone from Puello’s intended counters. Puello landed a pair of shots at the bell but it had been an uncomfortable round for him.
Score: 10-9 RussellTIED 57-57
Round 7
Puello was sharper. He stung Russell with a left to the head and a right to the body and was moving constantly to blunt Russell’s attacks. He was landing good counters then tying up Russell inside. Even when Russell had Puello against the ropes Puello bobbed and weaved and Russell could not land a punch. 
Score: 10-9 PuelloPuello 67-66
Round 8
Russell turned up the heat and as taking Puello to the ropes and landing to the body. Puello was getting through with some sneaky counters but couldn’t keep Russell out. Puello landed a left to the head and Russell a left to the body at the bell
Score: 10-9 Russell:TIED 76-76
Round 9
Early in the ninth Puello paid for his holding as the referee indicated a point deduction*. Russell drove forward with Puello countering. Puello knew he had to “win” the round to reduce the impact of the deduction but Russell had him under relentless pressure and Russell scored with the harder punches 
Score: 10-8* RussellRussell: 86-84
Round 10
Quick, accurate jabbing and smart movement from Puello at the start of the round and the fight was stopped as he was given some recovery time after a low punch from Russell. Puello continued to score with counters but Russell took him to the ropes and landed a bunch of hooks to the body before Puello landed a hard left late in the round .
Score: 10-9 PuelloRussell 95-94
Round 11
Puello was catching the advancing Russell with right jabs and lefts to the body. Russell backed Puello to the ropes and ripped homebody punches. Puello was getting away with blatant holding. With Puello against the ropes Russell drove home a left. Good work with his jab from Puello and he landed a right to the body and a last left at the bell
Score:10-9 PuelloTIED 104-104
Round 12
Both had some early success but a left from Puello went very low and Russell dropped to a knee. When the action resumed they were both throwing plenty of punches with Puello the more accurate. Russell was lunging forward and landed a couple of left hooks. Puello put together a couple of sharp combinations then rolled off the ropes and landed a couple more punches
Score: 10-9 PuelloPuello 114-113
Official Scores: 115-112 and 114-113 for Puello and 118-109 for Russell
Dominican Puello had been stripped of the WBA super light title in July last year and after beating No 2 Russell will now be hoping to get a shot at the real WBC champion Devin Haney. A set back for Russell but he will come again and challenge again.

Adames vs. Gausha
Adames retains the WBC title with a unanimous decision over Gausha
Round 1
Cautious first round. Adames on the front foot. Both were just testing the range with their jab without committing themselves and a couple of rights from Adames late in the round made it his. 
Score: 10-9 Adames
Round 2
Both were still just prodding and probing. Plenty of feints but not many serious attempts to land a punch. Adames scored with a right to the body but Gausha responded with a good combination.
Score: 10-9 GaushaTIED 19-19
Round 3
A bit more activity as Adames scored with a jab to the body and a right to then head. Gausha was in counter punch mode but having no success as Adames was now throwing plenty of straight rights
Score: 10-9 AdamesAdames 29-28
Round 4
Adames was again taking the fight to a retreating Gausha and scoring with shots to head and body. Gausha was just stabbing out his jab as he retreated along the ropes and coming up short. Adames scored with jabs to the body and kept trying long rights.
Score: 10-9 AdamesAdames 39-37
Round 5
Both landed to the body in an early exchange then Gausha scored with a right and Adames landed a right to the head. They briefly traded and Gausha fired a burst of punches. Most were blocked but he out landed Adames over the round
Score: 10-9 GaushaAdames 48-47
Round 6
Adames was again taking the fight to Gausha using his jab as a range finder then throwing powerful rights. He landed a solid right to the body and bobbed and weaved around Gausha’s jabs before launching single big rights with Gausha not doing much more then pushing out jabs.
Score: 10-9 AdamesAdames 58-56
Round 7
Gausha decided to stand and trade inside with Adames and they both scored with hooks in what was the first bit of sustained action in the fight. Gausha continued to come forward throwing punches with Adames responding with heavy rights to the head which had Gausha backing off and taking refuge against the ropes. Adames was landing rights to the body with Gausha on the back foot jabbing but not having much success
Score: 10-9 AdamesAdames 68-65
Round 8
Gausha was jabbing then letting fly with bursts of punches most of which Adames was blocking and he was still throwing big rights. Gausha had some success with another series of light punches but Adames banged back with a left hook to the body and rights to the head. Gausha landed a sharp right but body punches from Adames forced him to the ropes. A close round.
Score: 10-9 AdamesAdames 78-74
Round 9
Gausha has plenty of skills and he needed them to avoid being trapped against the ropes or in a corner as Adames prowled forward. Snappy jabs were doing the scoring for Gausha with Adames relying on powerful single rights. Heavier punches but Gausha landed more.
Score: 10-9 GaushaAdames 87-84
Round 10
Adames was still prowling after Gausha with Gausha spearing him with jabs then quick clusters of punches then dancing away. Adames landed jabs and then two hefty rights to the head in another close round.
Score: 10-9 AdamesAdames 97-93
Round 11
Adames kept on top of Gausha landing jabs and straight rights. Gausha tried to stay off the ropes and trade with Adames but was taking some punishing hooks to the body. A low punch got Gausha a breather but when the action resumed Adames was dominating the exchanges with jabs and rights and Gausha was looking to hold whoever he could. 
Score: 10-9 AdamesAdames 107-102
Round 12
Adames was able to land some hard jabs and rights to the head with Gausha stabbing out jabs and trying to get close to deny Adames punching room for those big rights. Gausha landed a punch below the belt and Adames paid him back with a low blow of his own. Adames had Gausha backing off and blasted him with hooks in the last action in the fight.
Score: 10-9 AdamesAdames 117-111
Official Scores: 118-110 twice and 119-109 for Adames. 
Adames was making the first defence of the title. Gausha had lost to Erislandy Lara in a challenge for the IBO and WBA super welter titles in 2017 and it seemed his chances of another title fight had disappeared after defeats against Erickson Lubin and Tim Tszyu but in the world of sanctioning bodies all is possible and Gausha was given another chance after two wins against very ordinary opposition in 2023.
Davis vs. Garcia
Davis hands Garcia his first loss. Both started out probing with their jab but Davis stepped in and landed two rights to the body. Garcia tried a right but missed as Davis took the first round. Davis was circling Garcia choosing his moment to dart in and land a punch and did what scoring there was in a low key the second. Davis landed a left and a right at the start of the third with Garcia just shadowing him and not throwing punches. Garcia finally cut loose landing a pair of hooks to the body but Davis connected with three rights to take another round. Garcia put on a bit more pressure in the fourth and fifth managing to pin Davis against the ropes a couple of times and score to the body but was having to eat counters. They traded punches at the end of the round in the best action so far. In the sixth Garcia was too predictable. He was just waiving his jab and then firing a straight left to the body. Davis was able to anticipate that and landed a series of punches driving Garcia back. Garcia recovered and marched forward again but Davis was piercing his guard with more straight rights. Garcia continued to march forward in the seventh. He was having some success working hard to the body as Davis slowed and although Davis was landing right counters he did not have the punch to keep Garcia out. Garcia had a good eighth pinning Davis against the ropes and banging to the body and he continued to walk Davis down in the ninth but was consistently caught with quick, accurate counters. Garcia pressed hard for the last three minutes and probably took the round but Davis already had the fight won. Scores 97-93 twice and 98-92 for Davis who wins the vacant WBA International title. He has lost only one of his last eight bouts with the loss a stoppage against David Benavidez in 2021. Huge disappointment for 21-year-old Garcia. He failed to make the weight coming in at 165lbs then getting down to 163.2 lbs. Davis’s team agreed to a rehydration clause stipulating that Garcia would have to weigh no more than 173lbs in a weight check on the morning of the fight. He will have get better discipline and also more variety into his offence if he is to go progress further. 

Magsayo vs. Ramirez
Magsayo outpoints Ramirez. Magsayo took a slow first round. He was scoring with counters and blocking or slipping lefts from Ramirez. Magsayo jabbed strongly and landed a couple of nice shots at the start of the second and when Ramirez over reached trying to get through with jabs Magsayo made him pay with some clubbing punches. Magsayo took the fight to Ramirez in the third scoring with some left hooks to the body. Ramirez fought back but Magsayo stepped forward throwing punches and right put the retreating Ramirez down. He was not badly shaken and fought hard marching forward punching and had a good fifth. Magsayo connected with hurtful body shots in the sixth. Ramirez was pumping out punches but Magsayo was more accurate with his shots and out landed Ramirez in the seventh connecting with some brutal uppercuts. Ramirez has a strong chin and he walked through punishment to have a good eighth as he tried to change the flow of the fight but Magsayo’s body punching had worked and Ramirez tired over the last two rounds. Magsayo won on scores of 97-92 twice and 99-90. Former WBC featherweight champion Magsayo gets his second win as he recovers from consecutive losses against Rey Vargas and Brandon Figueroa. Ramirez lost for the IBF title against Lee Selby in 2017 but won the WBA interim (temporary) title with a stoppage of Isaac Avelar in 2021 before suffering a third round inside the distance loss against Isaac Cruz in 2022

London, England: Cruiser: Chris Billiam-Smith (20-1) W PTS 12 Richard Riakporhe (17-1). Cruiser: Jack Massey (22-2) W PTS 12 Isaac Chamberlain (16-3) . Light Heavy: Ben Whittaker (8-0) W PTS 10 Eworitse Arenyeka (12-1). Light Heavy: Dan Azeez (20-1-1) DREW 8 Hrvoje Sep (12-2-1).
Billiam-Smith vs. Riakporhe
Billam-Smith outworks Riakporhe and retains the WBO cruiser title on a unanimous decision.
Round 1
Both are good jabbers and Riakporhe snaps Billiam-Smiths head back with an early jab then lands a right. Riakporhe is holding inside. Billiam-Smith connects with a right to the head and a left hook to the body. Riakporhe lands a jab and a right at distance. Riakporhe holding again and is given two warnings.
Score: 10-9 Riakporhe
Round 2
Billam-Smith twice takes Riakporhe to the ropes and lands to the body. Riakporhe holding again but no warning. Billam -Smith landing jabs and a left uppercut. Riakporhe gets through with a jab and a right and Billam-Smith replies with a jab and a right hook.
Score 10-9 Billam-SmithTIED 19-19
Round 3
Billam-Smith scores with sharp jabs. Riakporhe warned for being careless with his head twice and for a low punch. Billam-Smith gets through with jabs and Riakporhe warned for head work. Both score with a jab and Billam-Smith with an uppercut. Too many clinches and Riakporhe hardly throwing punches.
Score: 10-9 Billam-SmithBillam-Smith 29-28
Round 4
Both land jabs and Riakporhe lands a right to the body. Billam-Smith lands two body shots. Riakporhe scores with a couple of jabs but Billam-Smith lands hooks to the body. Riakporhe lands a clubbing right. A close round.
Score: 10-9 RiakporheTIED 38-38
Round 5
Both land jabs early. Billam-Smith connects with two left hooks to the body. Billam-Smith lands a couple of jabs then a right to the body. Riakporhe gets through with a jab but again Billam-Smith lands to the body.
Score: 10-9 Billam-SmithBillam-Smith 48-47
Round 6
They trade jabs and Billam-Smith steps in with hooks to the body. Billam-Smith getting through with jabs and a right to the ribs. Billam-Smith lands hooks inside. Riakporhe holding and not working inside but lands a heavy right.
Score: 10-9 Billam-SmithBillam Smith 58-56
Round 7
Riakporhe lands a sneaky right and they both score with jabs. Billam-Smith crashes an uppercut through Riakporhe’s guard and lands a right to the head. Billam-Smith lands a couple of body shots. Riakporhe loses his mouthguard. Billam-Smith lands a good jab and Riakporhe misses with a right. Riakporhe is just not working hard enough and is constantly looking to clinch. Billam-Smith lands a left hook to the head. Riakporhe connects with a clubbing right 
Score: 10-9 Billam SmithBillam-Smith 68-65
Round 8
Livelier from Riakporhe as he is throwing jabs and following with a right but he is soon holding again. Billam Smith scores with two jabs and a right to the head. They stand and trade some hard head shots with both connecting but then Riakporhe shuts down and Billam-Smith is scoring to the body. Billam-Smith working inside but Riakporhe just holding. Billam-Smith curves two punches around Riakporhe’s guard.
Score: 10-9 Billam Smith Billam-Smith 78-74
Round 9
Riakporhe looks a different fighter when he jabs with authority and comes in behind his jab as he started to do in this round. He landed a big right to the head that shook Billam-Smith but he then landed low and Billam-Smith was given some recovery time. Billam-Smith landed jabs and a right inside but Riakporhe drove him to a corner and bombarded him with punches. Billam-Smith got out of the corned and landed jabs and rights to the body. Riakporhe landed a left hook to the head but again just held . 
Score: 10-9 RiakporheBillam-Smith 87-84
Round 10
Billam-Smith pierced Riakporhe’s guard with jabs and Riakporhe connected with a solid right. A series of jabs from Billam-Smith forced Riakporhe back but Riakporhe came back throwing big punches but was off target. Again, Riakporhe was just leaning on and holding.
Score: 10-9 Billam-SmithBillam-Smith 97-93
Round 11
Riakporhe was on the back foot but jabbing well and scored to the body. Riakporhe was given a strong warning about his head work. Riakporhe scored with a long right to the head and after a clinch landed another.
Score: 10-9 RiakporheBillam-Smith 106-103
Round 12
Billam-Smith was busy firing jabs through Riakporhe’s guard. Riakporhe again was doing very little work and leaning on and holding. Billam-Smith kept pumping out short punches with Riakporhe missing with overhand rights. Riakporhe was warned about driving forward with his head and when he did it again the referee deducted a point* and a few seconds warned Riakporhe again for holding. .
Score: 10-8* Billam-SmithBillam-Smith 116-111
Official Scores: 115-112 twice and 116-111 for Billam-Smith
Billam-Smith retains the WBO title and reverses a split decision loss to Riakporhe in 2019. He had floored champion Lawrence Okolie three times when winning the title and was mentioning the hope of a unifier against WBA champion Gilberto Ramirez. Riakporhe had won his last five fights by KO/TKO and this was looked upon as an even money fight but Riakporhe was a disappointment just not working hard enough and wasting too much energy holding. He can still be a force but he has to do better than he did in this fight.
Massey vs. Chamberlain
Massey wins the Commonwealth title from Chamberlain and collects the vacant European title with a close unanimous decision. Both were looking to establish their jabs from the opening round with Massey making a good start hurting Chamberlain with a body punch in the first and connected with a hard right in the second. Chamberlain responded well boxing skilfully and landing a heavy right of his own in the fourth. Massey swung things back his way over the fifth with a series of thumping punches and outworked Chamberlain in the sixth. Both had good spells in the seventh but Massey was in trouble in the eighth when Chamberlain landed a thumping left hook and then a right that had Massey shaken. Chamberlain banged home more punches and had a chance to finish the fight but then let it slip away. Massey rebounded in the ninth with swelling almost closing Chamberlain’s left eye. Massey was in control now and raked Chamberlain with punches over the tenth and eleventh and staged a strong finish in the twelfth. Massey won on scores of 115-113 twice and 116-112. A former undefeated IBO champion Massey’s losses have come against Richard Riakporhe and at heavyweight against Joseph Parker. Chamberlain had lost to Chris Billam-Smith for the Commonwealth and European titles in 2022 but lifted the British and Commonwealth belts with a unanimous decision over unbeaten Mikael Lawal in October.
Whittaker vs. Arenyeka
Whittaker outclasses overmatched Nigerian Arenyeka. He coasted through the first two rounds easily finding gaps in Arenyeka defence and as usual finding time to showboat. He shook Arenyeka with a right in the second. Whittaker continued to score almost at will over the next three rounds and easily dodged or slid away from Arenyeka’s punches. After some more displaying of skills and showmanship from Whittaker in the sixth he decided to walk Arenyeka back to his own corner and an irate Arenyeka aimed a head butt at Whittaker. There was more silky and slick boxing from Whittaker in the seventh which again angered Arenyeka who elbowed Whittaker in the face and was deducted a point. Arenyeka showed a strong chin and Whittaker never really had him in trouble and Arenyeka managed to take one round on the cards but Whittaker just chalked up the useful experience of going ten rounds for the first time. Scores 99-90 twice and 100-89. Whittaker is ready for better opposition than this as Arenyeka only landed this fight by disrupting the press interviews for Whitaker’s last fight.
Azeez vs, Sep
Azeez keeps busy with a fight against Croatian veteran Sep but is held to a draw. Azeez took a couple of rounds to really come to life and Sep proved a tenacious, tough opponent. The strength of Azeez and the ten year age difference became major factors over the late rounds and Azeez looked to have just done enough to win but Sep, although tiring, had fought hard to the end and earned his draw with the referee scoring it 76-76. Azeez, a former British, Commonwealth and European champion, starts his recovery campaign after losing to Joshua Buatsi in February. Sep, 38, represented Croatia at one Olympic Games and three World championships and twice won bronze medals at the European championships but did not turn pro until he was over 30.

Manati, Puerto Rico: Super Light: Liam Paro (25-0) W PTS 12 Subriel Matias (20-2). Super Light: Alfredo Santiago (15-2) W PTS 10 Angel Fierro (22-2-2). Fly: Yankiel Rivera (6-0) W PTS 10 Victor Sandoval (37-5). Bantam: Jeyvier Cintron (12-1,1ND) W TKO 1 Carlos Mujica (8-6). 

Paro vs. Matias
Paro goes into the lion’s den and fights a clever technical fight to come away with the IBF title as he outpoints Puerto Rico’s Matias
Round 1
Paro was immediately stabbing out his right jab with Matias hiding behind a high guard allowing Paro to sneak inside scoring with hooks to the body. Matias prodded with a few jabs but Paro fired a series of shots from both hands. 
Score: 10-9 Paro
Round 2
Matias showed a bit more life and Paro was warned for leading with his head. Matias was bobbing and weaving trying to get inside but Paro was still able to spear Matias with jabs and body punches. Matias dug in a left hook to the body but was not cutting off the ring allowing Paro to slot light straight lefts home. Matias landed a little burst of body punches but was being outscored by Paro
Score: 10-9 ParoParo 20-18
Round 3
Matias was still using a high guard and not throwing enough punches. Paro was dancing around him landing jabs and hooks. They were just arm punches with no power behind them and Matias was blocking most of them but also just covering up. Over the last minute Matias let his hands go firing a sustained burst of hooks and landing a couple of head shots at the bell. 
Score: 10-9 MatiasParo 29-28
Round 4
Paro was firing little spurts of punches and moving around Matias who was not really applying any pressure. Paro was warned for punches to the back of the head. With no pressure from Matias Paro was able to pump out “flea bite” punches but vastly outworking a pedestrian Matias. It was clever boxing from Paro but he was again warned for punches to the back of the head. Matias was not punching on the way in and Paro was clinching to stop him working inside.
Score: 10-9 ParoParo 39-37
Round 5
Paro was throwing combinations and constantly changing direction then firing more punches and sliding away from Matias. Paro’s output was prodigious. The punches were light and quick and he was switching well from head to body. Matias was just tracking him around the ring rarely shutting Paro down and rarely throwing more than one punch at a time. Clever movement from Paro but he was boxing at a high pace which might tire him soon.
Score: 10-9 ParoParo 49-46
Round 6
Matias was marching forward with more purpose but having trouble catching the constantly moving Paro who was pumping out punches and then clinching to smother Matias on the inside. Matias closed Paro down briefly and scored with hooks to the body but Paro quickly held then moved and came back to score with some accurate hooks and uppercuts. Matias closed the round with a sustained attack but Paro’s earlier work took the round.
Score: 10-9 ParoParo 59-55
Round 7
Matias was hunting Paro around then ring and when they went into a clinch Paro landed a light punch to the back of the head. The referee stopped the action and indicated a point deduction*. It was a light punch but Paro had been warned three times. Matias had success in chasing down Paro and was able to score with hooks with Paro not moving as much or throwing as many punches but Paro then stood and traded punches and Matias was able to find the target and have his best round.
Score: 10-8* MatiasParo 67-65
Round 8
Paro was punching and moving again with Matias just tracking him without much success. When Matias did get close Paro was again holding and was lucky not to have lost a point as he had been holding in every round. It was punch and hold again for Paro but it was working as he was getting his punches off and then holding to stop Matias from working. Paro landed another blatant punch to the back of the head and the referee stopped the action to warn him but took no other action. Matias manged to trap Paro and landed some hard hooks to the body but it was Paro’s round.
Score: 10-9 ParoParo 77-74
Round 9
Matias launched a big attack at the start of the round and drove Paro along the ropes. He manged to land a couple of head punches then Paro landed two punches to the back of the head which the referee luckily ignored. Paro stood and traded with Matias and both scored but there was more holding from Paro. Mattias was now on top managing to score with body punches as Paro seemed to be tired and was just slinging out random punches.
Score: 10-9 MatiasParo 86-84
Round 10
Matias was chasing Paro down now with Paro slowing and not shooting out the punches the way he had been. Paro had a good spell in the middle of the round firing quick jabs and hooks to the body. He was still getting away with constantly holding but also dabbing out punches and he ended the round landing a series of punches which gave him the edge. 
Score: 10-9 ParoParo 96-93
Round 11
Paro started brightly on his toes pushing out punches but then Matias took over pumping out hooks and uppercuts in the way he should have been doing in the early rounds. Paro was still throwing a few punches and holding and the referee overlooked two more punches to the back of the head. Matias ended the round with another series of hooks. 
Score: 10-9 MatiasParo 105-103
Round 12
Matias put Paro under plenty of pressure with Paro ducking and diving and holding. Matias managed to shake himself free and score with some hooks and drove Paro to the ropes and landed a couple of shots then scored again at the end of the round.
Score: 10-9 MatiasParo 114-113
Official Scores: 115-112, 115-112 and 116-111 all for Paro
Paro had a game plan and he stuck to it rigidly. His clever movement and hand speedhelped him establish an early lead and Matias gave away rounds with his pedestrian footwork and failure to put Paro under enough pressure until too late in the fight. Paro was No 5 with the IBF (fourth highest rated fighter as No 2 was vacant) so presumably he will be ordered to face No 1 Richardson Hitchins but fights with No 3 Jack Catterall or No 4 Regis Prograis would be attractive. Matias is better than he showed against Paro but will have to fight hard to get another shot.

Santiago vs. Fierro
Santiago wins the vacant NABO title with an upset win over favoured Mexican Fierro. Santiago boxed well using his big advantages in height and reach to take the first round with Fierro upping his pace to even things by taking the second. Fierro had some success as he took the fight inside in the third but Santiago switched to southpaw over the fourth and back to orthodox in the fifth and took both rounds. Fierro just could not get past Santiago’s tight defence and was caught by counters when he came forward as Santiago outscored him over the seventh and eighth. Fierro’s pressure saw him have a good ninth as he and Santiago exchanged huge shots in a great round but Santiago was back in charge in the tenth with a tired Fierro losing his mouthguard as Santago dominated the last three minutes. Scores 98-92 twice and 99-91. Dominican Santiago lost on points against Devin Haney for the WBC lightweight title in 2019 and was having his first fight since beating Karl Dagan two years ago. Mexican Fierro had lost to Alex Martin in 2020 but had gone 6-0-1 since then.

Rivera vs. Sandoval
Olympian Rivera continues unbeaten as he outpoints seasoned pro Sandoval. Rivera started brightly. He was quicker than Sandoval and was getting though with right jabs and lefts to the head, Sandoval was given a stern warning for three blatant punches to the back of Rivera’s head. In the second a left to the head knocked Sandoval off balance and his gloved touched the canvas leading to a 10-8 round. Sandoval attack trying to minimise the damage but was shaken twice more by lefts. Sandoval continued to come forward throwing lots of punches in the third and fourth but Rivera was standing his ground and landing left counters. The fifth saw Rivera on the attack and he was scoring well to body and head and was just too quick for Sandoval. The sixth was close but again Rivera’s speed saw him win the eighth and ninth. Sandoval attacked hard throughout the last as Rivera just boxed his way through the round looking to avoid trouble. Scores 98-91 twice and 97-92 for Rivera who retains the WBC Continental Americas belt and wins the vacant WBA Continental Americas and WBO Inter-Continental titles. Rivera, 26, won a bronze medal at the Pan American Games and represented Puerto Roco at the 2019 and 2021 World Championships. Sandoval put together a 25-bout unbeaten run before losing to Ricardo Sandoval in October.
Cintron vs. Mujica
Puerto Rican southpaw Cintron stops Venezuelan Mujica in the first round. A solid right and left to the head put Mujica down and although he beat the count the fight was stopped. Cintron was having his first fight since losing on points against Kazuto Ioka in a challenge for the WBO super flyweight back in 2019. Mujica is 0-4 in his last 4 bouts.


Paris, France: Super Middle: Kevin Lele Sadjo (23-0) W PTS 12 Durval Palacio (13-3). Super Welter: Bakary Samake (16-0) W PTS 10 Julio Alamos (16-4). Super Welter: Victor Yoka (5-0) W PTS 8 Mathis Laurenco (13-5-3). Super Middle: Mustapha Zaouche (14-0) W PTS 8 Pavel Semjonov (26-27-2).
Sadjo vs. Palacio
European champion Sadjo wins the WBC interim(temporary) Silver title with a unanimous verdict over Argentinian Palacio . Palacio started aggressively firing lots of punches with Sadjo coming forward behind a high guard looking to score with hooks to the body. Palacio was aiming to deny the stronger Sadjo punching room so much of the fight was carried out inside resulting in a gruelling trial of strength. Whilst that suited Sadjo’s style Palacio worked hard throwing lots of punches and making the rounds hard to score. The fight was close until the eighth when Palacio started to tire. Sadjo outscored Palacio in the eighth with Palacio losing his mouthguard three times. Sadjo scored with heavy hooks in the ninth and although he dominated the tenth he was deducted a point for punches to the back of the head. Palacio had faded out of the fight but Sadjo should have been deducted another point as he continued to land punches to the back of Palacio’s head in the eleventh. Palacio found some reserve of energy in the twelfth and it was a close round. Scores 118-110, 115-111 and 114-112. Sadjo is No 4 with the WBC, No 6 with the IBF and No 7 with the WBO. Argentinian champion Palacios had won his last four fights by KO/TKO.
Samake vs. Alamos
Samake wins a unanimous decision over Chilean Alamos. Samake found the Chilean a challenging opponent as Alamos made good use of his hight and longer reach to score at distance. Samake also had equipment trouble. He had forgotten to bring his mouthguard so bought one before the fight which fitted badly and it was dislodged in the first and second rounds. Samake scored with heavy hooks in the third and fourth rounds although his rhythm was disturbed as he again lost his mouthguard in the fourth and was deducted a point. Samake continued to put Alamos under pressure in the fifth and sixth with the visitor often pinned to the ropes being bombarded with punches but Alamos continued to box cleverly constantly finding the target with jabs. Samake dominated the action in the eighth and ninth but Alamos survived and shook Samake with an uppercut in the tenth and landed a series of punches. With just seconds remaining in the fight Samake landed a big left hook that sent Alamos crashing to the canvas. Alamos made it to his feet and the bell sounded. For me Alamos was worth a draw but the knockdown was important. Samake won on scores of 97-91 twice which was too wide and 96-92. The 20-year-old Samake needs more learning fights like this. Alamos scored a win over 20-1-1 Bjoern Schicke in Germany in February last year and looked unlucky to lose to 17-0 Etinosa Oliha for the vacant IBO title in July. 
Yoka vs. Laurenco 
Yoka wins a unanimous decision over fellow-Frenchman Lourenco. Yoka started well but then Lourenco had success over the middle rounds and Yoka was cut on his left eyebrow. Yoka then outscored Lourenco over the closing rounds to take the decision on scores of 78-74 twice and 77-75. Yoka is the younger brother of Tony Yoka. Former Fench champion Lourenco had won his last five fights.
Zaouche vs. Semjonov
Zaouche floors Semjonov twice in the first round but Semjonov survives. Zaouche continues to score heavily but Semjonov refuses to crumble and did enough to take the fifth. Zaouche tried hard to put Semjonov away but again Estonian Semjonov fought hard and was still there at the last bell. Scores 79-71 twice and 80-70 for Zaouche

JUNE 14 

Bolton, England: Super Welter: Abass Baraou (16-1) W PTS 12 Macauley McGowan (20-5-2). Super Middle: Steed Woodall (19-2-1) W TKO 6 Lerrone Richards (18-1). Middle: Ryan Kelly (19-4-1) DREW 10 Gerome Warburton (14-1-2). Super Welter: Dan Toward (4-0) W TKO 2 Ali ElSaid (10-3-2).
Baraou vs. McGowan
Baraou retains the European title with a unanimous decision over McGowan in a fight that was twelve rounds of war. The fight set off at a fast pace and stayed that way. Baraou was driving forward with McGowan on the back foot jabbing well and meeting Baraou with hooks and uppercuts in a close first round. Baraou continued to chase McGown down in the second landing solidly to the body but McGowan outworked Baraou in the third. The pace was relentless with the fourth packed with exchanges as McGowan forced Baraou to the ropes under a blast of punches and Baraou banged back with left hooks to the body. McGowan was showing a cut under his right eye. It was tot-to-toe and punch-for-punch in the fifth and sixth with Baraou having the edge and McGown seeming to tire. Both stood off and jabbed at the start of the seven but were soon at it hammer and tongs again. McGowan fired a burst of hook and had found the energy to up his output but Baraou ended the round connecting with body shots. McGowan put in a big effort at the start of the eighth and Baraou was showing a swelling over his right eye and although he ended the round strongly McGowan might have nicked it. More pressure from Baraou in the ninth with some of the snap gone from McGowan’s punches and a wicked uppercut from Baraou had blood flowing from McGowan’s nose. McGowan again found the strength to fire punches from tiring arms in the tenth but now he was fading almost fighting by instinct but still throwing enough punches to occasionally force Baraou back. Baraou was making him pay with hooks and uppercuts and McGowan was now cut over his right eye. Then only question was whether Baraou could end it inside the distance and although he had McGowan reeling at times in the eleventh and twelfth a gutsy McGowan took the fight to Baraou soaking up torrid punishment but fighting to the end. Scores 119-110, 118-110 and 117-111. Baraou lost a very tight decision against Jack Culcay in 2020. He then scored six victories before taking a majority decision over Sam Eggington in March to win the vacant European title. He is No 2 with the WBA so should land a title shot next year. McGowan can be proud of the part he played in making this titanic battle a candidate for both British and European Fight of the Year.
Woodall vs. Richards 
Woodall stops former undefeated IBO champion Richards in six. This was an entertaining clash of styles. Woodall was marching forward looking to cut off the ring and force clever southpaw Richards to stand and trade punches. Richards used plenty of skilful movement and accurate jabbing to build an early lead. Woodall kept the pressure on and Richards was not jabbing with enough conviction to hold off Woodall and lacked the power to go toe-to-toe. The pressure from Woodall finally paid off in the sixth. As Richards went on the front foot and moved in he was nailed with a clubbing right. He was badly shaken and stumbled back. Woodall followed and landed two more right that sent Richards crashing to the canvas. Richards beat the count but when the referee asked him to take some steps forward he stumbled and the fight was stopped. Midlander Woodall wins the vacant WBO Inter-Continental title. Woodall turned professional in Florida and shared his fighting time between the USA and Dominican Republic going 15-1-1 losing only to Steve Rolls. He then scored two wins in Britain and one in Poland before losing to Padraig McCrory in August last year
Kelly vs. Warburton
This entertaining clash of fighters who were both in good form was close from start to finish. Southpaw Warburton jabbed well but lacked power in his left and Kelly whilst a little slower did most of the pressing and was able to take chances to get inside. The rounds were hard to score but Kelly staged the stronger finish and looked just ahead at the finish but the judges scored it 97-95 Kelly, 96-94 Warburton and 95-95. Kelly, who had won 5 of his last 6 fights, has lost to high quality opposition in Michael McKinson, Hamzah Sheeraz and unbeaten Brad Pauls. Warburton had won his last six bouts. 
Toward vs. El Said
Former top level amateur Toward stopped El Said in the second round. Toward used hard, accurate jabbing to take the first round. In the second a solid left to then head sent El Said into the ropes which stopped him from going down. He made it to his feet but was unsteady and the fight was halted. Southpaw Toward 22, won ten national titles at various levels in over 80 amateur fights and looks a prospect. 
Lloret de Mar, Spain: Super Welter: Ismael Flores (14-1-1) W KO 3 Kelvinyer Salazar (19-3-1,1ND). 
Spanish-based Argentinian Flores crushes Salazar. Flores used his typical pressure tactics to outscore Salazar over the first two rounds. Some hurtful body punches had Salazar in trouble in the third as Flores backed him into a corner before a left hook followed by a right to the head sent Salazar down and he was counted out. Eighth inside the distance win for Flores. Third TKO/KO loss for Venezuelan Salazar. 


Kempton Park, South Africa: Super Welter: Jorge Garcia (30-4) W TKO 3 Roarke Knapp (17-2-1). Super Welter: Shervantaigh Koopman (14-0) W PTS 10 Wendy Toussaint (15-3). Minimum: Beaven Sibanda (7-0) W PTS 8 Siphamandia Baleni (21-7-2). Heavy: Chris Thompson (13-6-1) W PTS 8 Juan Roux (6-2).
Garcia vs. Knapp 
In a fight for the vacant IBO title Garcia recovers from a shaky second round to stop local boxer Knapp. Both were letting their hands go early and Knapp just seemed to have edged the opening round. Late in the second a punch looked to have rocked Garcia but Knapp was unable to capitalise on that. In the third a fast right from Garcia sent Knapp down. He got up but neither the referee or Garcia realised how hard the punch had been and the referee ruled it a slip rather then a knockdown. Garcia’s corner could see Knapp was shaky and urged their man to move in and finish it. Garcia landed a crunching left hook that drove Knapp into a corner and then bombarded him with punches. Knapp tried to punch back but a devastating right sent Knapp to the canvas on his side. He half arose at six but then collapsed back to the corner ropes and the referee immediately waived the fight over. Garcia is now 12-1 in his last 13 fights has a total of 25 victories by KO/TKO. Knapp had won his last 8 contests and had reversed his only loss.
Koopman vs. Toussaint
Koopman scores unanimous decision over Toussaint. The fight took a couple of rounds to heat up and Koopman built an early lead as Toussaint just wasn’t busy enough. The pace picked up in the third as they both let their hands go with Koopman still having the edge but with clever boxing on the back foot Toussaint made the middle rounds close. It was a low key affair with Koopman doing enough to win the rounds but not dominating and Toussaint looked to have just done enough to take a close last round but Koopman was a clear winner. Scores 98-92, 97-93 and 96-94 for Koopman. Useful learning fight for Koopman as Toussaint brought with him experience of being in with good quality opposition in WBC No 2 Charles Conwell and unbeaten Ardreal Holmes,
Sibanda vs. Baleni
Good win for Zimbabwean Sibanda over seasoned Baleni. A close first was just edged by Baleni but “Flame of Zimbabwe Sibanda outworked Baleni in the second. Sibanda took control from the third and was switching his attacks smoothly to head and body with Baleni struggling to stay with the pace. Baleni refused to crumble under the well-executed pressure from Sibanda and worked hard but faded over the closing rounds with Sibanda, 22, the winner on scores of 79-73 twice and 77-75. Impressively mature performance by Sibanda who was in his first eight round fight. Baleni, 33. a former South African light fly title holder, had twice lost on a split decision in fights for the IBO minimumweight title.
Thompson vs. Roux
Southpaw Thompson was giving away 48lbs to Roux but won without too much trouble. Roux was cut under the right eye but was competitive using his weight to outmuscle Thompson. Thompson was more mobile and quicker and had a winning lead going into the eighth then settled the outcome with a knockdown. Scores 78-73 for Thompson on each of the cards. Thompson snaps a 4-bout losing run. Former South African champion Roux was having his first fight for two years.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Braian Arguello (9-3) W PTS 10 Adrian Robledo (9-1) . Fly: Joel Contreras (7-1) W PTS 10 Leandro Blanc (8-12). 
Arguello vs. Robledo
Arguello retains the South American and WBA Fedelatin belts with a close unanimous decision over Robledo. After a slow start the action picked up over the middle rounds where Arguello dominated. He had a good lead going into the late rounds and with Robledo looking to close the points gap there were rousing give-and-take exchanges with Arguello just holding onto his lead. Scores 96-94 twice and 97-93 for Arguello who was making the first defence of his belts. First time in a ten round bout for Robledo. 
Contreras vs. Blanc 
Contreras extends his winning run to six fights with a clear victory over Blanco. Contreras,21, took two attempts before making the weight for this clash of southpaws for the vacant Argentinian title. He was able to use his longer reach to outbox his ten year older and more experienced opponent and won on scores of 99-91 twice and 97-93. Blanc was an elite level amateur competing at the 2016 Olympics and in the World Series of Boxing but has been a disappointment in the paid ranks.

Mooca, Brazil: Super Middle: Hebert Conceicao (6-0) W PTS 10 Esquiva Falcao (30-2).
Conceicao wins this clash of Olympic medallists with a unanimous decision over more experienced Falcao. Conceicao just had the edge in cautious first round and then used his hight and longer reach to outbox Falcao in a very technical contest. Conceicao had a big fourth round where he had Falcao badly shaken but Falcao came through that spell and a difficult sixth. Conceicao boxed well over the second half of the fight to maintain his lead and won on scores of 98-91,97-92 and 97-93 to win the national title. Conceicao won gold at the Tokyo Games and Falcao, having his first fight since losing to Vincenzo Gualtieri for the vacant IBF middleweight title in July last year, won silver in 2012

Pont-Sainte-Maxence, France: Light Heavy: Daniel Blenda Dos Santos (22-1) W PTS 12 Thomas Faure (34-6-1).
Dos Santos wins the vacant European title in front of his home fans as he outpoints fellow-Frenchman Faure. It was Faure who made the better start advancing behind his jab and landing rights. Dos Santo, a slow starter, was comfortable on the back foot but from the third Dos Santos began to let his hands go more and his power put him in control. He landed heavily in the fifth and sixth and although Faure fought back hard he had nothing in his armoury to alter the flow of the fight. Dos Santos continued to land hard rights but as both fighters slowed over the last three rounds Dos Santos, who needed two trips to the scales to make the weight, seemed happy to go the distance. Scores 119-109 twice and 117-111. Dos Santos had been floored twice and stopped in four rounds by Joshua Buatsi in 2021 but had returned with six wins collecting the French and the now defunct European Union belts. He will have to defend against England’s Shakan Pitters. Faure came in as a replacement for the injured Pitters. He had challenge for the European title in March last year but was stopped in the twelfth round by Dan Azeez. 

Accra, Ghana: Super Light: Samuel Quaye (9-1) W PTS 12 Daniel Quaye (6-1-1). Middle: Delali Miledzi (22-1-1) W PTS 10 Ishmael Tetteh (38-18-3). Super Light: Derrick Quaye (6-0-1) W TKO 2 Michael Ansah (23-13-3). Feather: Holy Dorgbetor (12-0-1) W TKO 7 Hamadi Furahisha (8-2-1), 
Quaye vs. Quaye 
Samuel Quaye (S Quaye)has no trouble holding on to his national title as he takes a unanimous decision over Daniel Quaye on scores of 116-110 twice and 116-112. S Quaye was making the first defence of the title Something had to go as both Quaye’s had won their last six fight inside the distance. 
Miledzi vs. Tetteh
Miledzi wins the vacant WBA Pan African title as he outpoints fellow-Ghanaian Tetteh. Scores 97-93 twice and 98-92. Miledzi suffered his only loss when knocked out in seven rounds by Namibian Paulinus Ndjolonimu in 2020 but is now 6-0-1 in fights since then. Tetteh, 42, had lost a split decision to Miledzi in 2019. He turned professional in 2002
Quaye vs. Ansah
Quaye destroys more experienced Ansah in the second. Quaye, 23, was in his first ten round main event and gets his fourth victory by KO/TKO. Ansah 34, a former Ghanaian lightweight champion, lost to Terry Flanagan on a disqualification in 2019 but then put together a run of inside the distance wins but has since lost fights against unbeaten boxers in Russia and the Czech Republic
Dorgbetor vs, Furahisha
Local lad Dorgbetor stopped Tanzanian southpaw Furahisha in seven rounds to win the vacant IBF Continental African title. The former undefeated Ghanaian champion Dorgbetor, like so many Ghanaian boxers, suffers from lack of shows in Ghana at this time.

Monterrey, Mexico: Light Fly: Daniel Valladares (29-4-1.1ND) W TKO 7 Jose Torres (15-5).
Valladares stops Torres. The former IBF minimumweight title holder Valladares used a focused body attack and Torres was forced to take an early count. By the seventh Torres was bleeding heavily from the nose and not fighting back and the fight was stopped. Valladares lost his title to Ginjiro Shigeoka in October but has now scored two inside the distance victories this year. Four losses in a row for Torres,

Merida, Mexico: Welter: Omar Aguilar (26-2) W TKO 5 Jonathan Escobedo (12-6-2). Fly: Yahir Frank (17-0) W PTS 10 Bairon Rodriguez 10-1). 
Aguilar vs. Escobedo
Aguilar stops Escobedo in the fifth but has a tough time before the finish as Escobedo fought his heart out. Aguilar, a tall rangy 5’11” fighter, had height and reach over Escobedo but did not try to make use of those instead mixed it with Escobedo looking for a quick win. Escobedo took the punishment for two rounds and just kept punching back. Escobedo outworked Aguilar in the third and soaked up punishment in the forth with Aguilar’s work ragged as he looked to be arm weary. Aguilar was no longer boxing but just standing brawling leaving himself open to counters and was caught by a huge right at the end of the round as Escobedo took the round to even the scores. Escobedo was still head down pumping out punches but finally a left to the body was too much for him and he fell to his hands and knees and was counted out. Aguilar needed to win. He was 24-0 before losing to 15-0 Lindolfo Delgado in 2022 and to 20-1-2 Julio Luna last September. He is 25 and has 25 wins by KO/TKO but this was a disappointing performance. Second loss by KO/TKO for an incredibly brave Escobedo.
Frank vs. Rodriguez
Frank wins wide unanimous decision over Rordriguez. Frank was expected to end this early against the Colombian who was essentially just a prelim fighter. Frank tried his hardest but Rodriguez showed a strong chin and denied Frank’s effort to put him away. No doubt about the winner as the scores were 100-90 twice and 99-91 for unbeaten Frank who had outpointed former title challenger Carlos Buitrago in February. 

Passi, Philippines: Light: Albert Pagara (35-1) W PTS 10 Aketelieti Yelejian (8-4-1). 
“Prince Albert” had more than expected trouble in beating China’s Yelejian. Pagara was having only his second fight since December 2020 and his first in almost two years. He made a slow start and had problems with the longer reach of the young Yelejian and in the end looked lucky to take the majority decision on scores of 94-96 twice and 95-95 which was enough to win him the IBF Asia title. Pagara was 26-0 and on the cusp of a title fight when he was knocked out by Cesar Juarez in 2016. Yelejian had also been largely inactive not fighting in 2022 and having only one fight in 2023.

Uncasville, CT, USA: Fly: Angel Gonzalez (14-0) W PTS 10 Josue Morales (28-14-4). Middle: Chordale Booker (23-1) W TKO 3 Brian Chaves (14-5). Light: Kandi Wyatt (14-6) W TKO 8 Jaime Clampitt (25-7-2).
Gonzalez vs. Morales
Gonzalez wins the NABF belt with unanimous decision over Texan southpaw Morales. Scores 97-93 twice and 98-92. First ten round fight for Gonzalez. Morales had been 17-1 in his last 18 fights.
Booker vs. Chaves
Booker destroys Chaves in three rounds. Booker dropped Chaves in the second and although Chaves made it to his feet he was put down with a left. He again beat the count and made it to the bell. Booker scored a third knockdown at the end of the third and Chaves got up with the bell going. The referee examined Chaves and decided he could not continue and waived the fight over. Booker was stopped in the first round by Austin Williams in 2022 but had since then scored four wins over an acceptable level of opposition. Four losses by KO/TKO for Chaves including being flattened in 117 seconds by Vaughan Alexander so not an acceptable level of opponent for Booker .
Wyatt vs, Clampitt 
Wyatt spoils the farewell party for Clampitt. Wyatt landed a series of head shots in the eighth and the referee stopped the fight. Wyatt, 33, had won only two of her last seven fights in a tough schedule including losses against Jessica McCaskill and Natasha Jones. C

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