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The Past Week in Action 2 July 2019

Commey drops Beltran.

-Richard Commey stops Ray Beltran in IBF title defence
-Demetrius Andrade outclasses Maciej Sulecki in WBO middleweight title defence
-Jermall Charlo makes successful first defence of the WBC middleweight title with wide unanimous decision over Brandon Adams
-Khalid Yafai makes fifth defence of the WBA super fly title with points verdict over Norbelto Jimenez
-Joseph Parker returns to action with stoppage of Alex Leapai
-ERIC Lubin beats Zakaria Attou and Claudio Marrero win title eliminators
-Francesco Patera retains the European lightweight title with kayo of Paul Hyland Jr
-Ryan Walsh keeps the British featherweight title with split decision over Lewis Paulin


June 28

Temecula, CA, USA: Light: Richard Commey (29-2) W TKO 9 Ray Beltran (36-9-1). Super Welter: Carlos Adames (18-0) W PTS 10 Patrick Day (17-3-1). Heavy: Junior Fa (18-0) W PTS 10 Dominick Guinn (37-12-1). Super Feather: Miguel Angel Gonzalez (25-4) W TKO 3 Saul Rodriguez (23-1-1)

Commey vs. Beltran
Commey stops Beltran in eight rounds in IBF title defence. Beltran failed to make the weight so could not win the title and was knocked down four times before the stoppage.
Round 1
After some early probing with their jabs a chopping down hand right from Commey dumped Beltran on his rump. He was up at four but when the eight count was over Commey drove Beltran to the ropes and unloaded with both hands. Beltran slumped down and with the ropes preventing him from falling the referee stepped in and gave Beltran a standing count. Beltran used his experience to hold and box his way out of trouble but he was cornered by Commey just before the bell and took some more heavy punishment.
Score: 10-7 Commey
Round 2
Beltran looked to have recovered from a disastrous round and tried to take the fight to Commey. The champion used a strong, stiff jab and better hand speed to control the exchanges and was slipping under Beltran?s hooks and countering with rights.
Score:10-9 Commey Commey 20-16
Round 3
Beltran outboxed Commey in this one. Beltran was quicker with his jab and was moving in giving Commey no punching space. Commey?s jab was off target and Beltran was connecting with chopping lefts and rights inside and keeping Commey on the back foot.
Score:10-9 Beltran Commey 29-26
Round 4
Commey went back to his jab in the fourth and had it working well. A clash of heads luckily caused no damage. Commey continued to connect with his jab until a right to the head staggered Beltran. Commey landed a couple more punches and Beltran spent the rest of the round circling the ring trying to stay out of trouble.
Score: 10-9 Commey Commey 39-35
Round 5
Commey rocked Beltran with hooks and uppercuts early in this one and Beltran dropped to the canvas to avoid the fire. When the count was over Commey continued to be the sharper and more accurate. Late in the round a long right cross made Beltran dip at the knees and another sent him into the ropes. Commey flailed away with punches but with little power or accuracy and Beltran was able to punch his way off the ropes.
Score: 10-8 Commey Commey 49-43
Round 6
Commey made a strong start to the round forcing Beltran back with stiff jabs. A clash of heads saw Commey step back out of the action but luckily he was not cut. There were some lively exchanges with Commey?s jab again prominent and Beltran scoring with short hooks but Commey did enough with his jab and straight rights to take the round.
Score: 10-9 Commey Commey 59-52
Round 7
A better round for Beltran. Commey once more stopped using his jab and allowed himself to get dragged into a brawl. Neither fighter did much clean work but Beltran was busier inside.
Score: 10-9 Beltran Commey 68-62
Round 8
They both came out firing. Commey began to rattle Beltran with head punches and as Beltran took a couple of paces forward Commey met him with a perfect left hook that knocked Beltran over. He made it to his feet but after taking a close look at him the referee waived the fight over.
First defence of the title for the 32-year-old Ghanaian and win No 26 by KO/TKO. Teofimo Lopez was in attendance and that looks to be the next title challenge facing Commey- and a tough one. Former WBO champion Beltran, 38, suffers only his third loss by KO/TKO and his first in almost eleven years. He is tough but at 38 it is questionable how much more he has to give.

Adames connects with a right straight at Day.

Adames vs. Day
Adames continues to edge his way towards a world title fight with a unanimous points victory over Day. Day had better skills and used his superior speed and a busier work rate to flit around the stronger Adames over the first two rounds. Gradually the harder punches and constant pressure from Adames saw him take control with Day fading badly over the middle rounds. Day stuck to his boxing but was being raked by heavy hooks and clubbing shots from Adames in a brutal ninth. Late In the tenth a booming right staggered Day and Adames piled on the punches battering Day around the ring but he left the effort too late allowing Day to survive. The 25-year-old from the Dominican Republic retains the NABF and NABO titles. Scores 97-93 twice and 99-91 for Adames. He is No 4 with the WBA,No 5 with both WBC and WBO and 8(7) with the IBF. If he continues winning then a title shot should came his way in 2020. Former top amateur Day had won his last six fights.
Fa vs. Guinn
Fa recovers from shock knockdown to decision oldie Guinn. Fa was controlling a low key fight with comfort over the first three rounds but was then given a jolting wake-up call in the fourth. A long left from Guinn floored Fe and although he beat the count he was hurt and badly dazed. He survived thanks in part to some holding and in part to some wildness from Guinn as he strived to find one more big punch. Fa made it to the bell and then took no more chances from there. Guinn had put a lot into his desperate effort to land a finisher in the fourth and his already low work rated dropped even further allowing Fa to control the rest of the fight. Scores 98-91 twice and 97-92 for Fa. The 29-year-old 6?5? New Zealander is No 7 with the WBO but has yet to meet a ?name? opponent. Somewhere down the line a fight with fellow New Zealander Joseph Parker would be a big fight as a win by Fa over Parker at the Oceania Olympic Qualifier cost Parker a place at the 2012 Olympics. Guinn, 44, found the combination of height, weight and age too much to overcome but he keeps his record of never losing by KO/TKO.
Gonzalez vs. Rodriguez
Upset time as Gonzalez hands Rodriguez his first loss. Rodriguez found himself on the floor before the ringing of the bell to start the fight had faded. A left hook from Gonzalez put him there but Rodriguez made it to his feet and although Gonzalez landed some more heavy stuff Rodriguez had steadied himself. Rodriguez worked his way into the fight in the second ramming home a hard right and opening a cut over Gonzalez?s left eye. Rodriguez was looking to build on that in the third and rocked Gonzalez with a right. When he tried to follow in behind that success he was nailed by a left hook that deposited him flat on his back on the canvas and the referee immediately stopped the fight without a count with Rodriguez needing a couple of minutes to recover. An important win for the 24-year-old from Los Mochis and his 22nd by KO/TKO. He turned pro at 16 and won 16 of his first 17 fights but then suffered losses in fights he needed to win to progress and had slipped back to six round level before this victory. Rodriguez, 26 had scored wins over some good opposition and will rebound from this.

June 29

Providence, RI, USA: Middle: Demetrius Andrade (28-0) W PTS 12 Maciej Sulecki (28-2). Super Fly: Khalid Yafai (26-0) W PTS 12 Norbelto Jimenez (29-9-4). Heavy: Joseph Parker (26-2) W TKO 10 Alex Leapai (32-8-4) . Super Welter: Mark DeLuca (24-1) W PTS 10 Brandon Brewer (23-1-1).

Andrade vs. Sulecki
Andrade retains WBO title with wide unanimous decision over Pole Sulecki in a fight that is too one-sided to entertain.
Round 1
Andrade was off the mark quickly scoring with quick punches from both hands and less than a minute into the fight he floored Sulecki with a left to the head. Sulecki regained his feet quickly and did not look too shaken. Andrade landed some more lefts but Sulecki was able to move and box to the bell.
Score: 10-8 Andrade
Round 2
Andrade used a quicker jab to take this one. Neither fighter landed much but Andrade?s jab and following lefts gave him the edge.
Score: 10-9 Andrade 20-17
Round 3
There was too much probing and feinting and not enough punching. Very little happened until the last thirty seconds when Andrade staged a furious attack and connected with some lefts. Sulecki?s round consisted of some tentative jabs and some rights with which he missed.
Score: 10-9 Andrade Andrade 30-26
Round 4
After a start to the round which saw the fighters trading punches the action cooled again. Sulecki just did not have the hand or foot speed to land anything and Andrade was content to land his jab and occasional straight lefts. Once again Andrade launched a late sortie but he was swinging wide punches with little power.
Score: 10-9 Andrade Andrade 40-35
Round 5
Andrade spent much of this round dancing and clowning instead of fighting. His movement was too much for Sulecki who just could not find the target. Andrade landed a couple of good lefts late but did not even bother with the wild finish he had used in other rounds. Andrade seemed more concerned with demonstrating his skills than using them
Score: 10-9 Andrade Andrade 50-44
Round 6
Another low activity round. Andrade did what scoring there was with his right jabs and occasional straight left. He showed what he could do with a peach of a right uppercut but did not sustain his attacks. Sulecki was poking out jabs but either falling short or seeing Andrade duck under them.
Score: 10-9 Andrade Andrade 60-53
Round 7
Sulecki took this one. He was livelier and showed more purpose connecting with some jabs and straight rights. Andrade threw very few punches and those he did throw missed the target.
Score: 10-9 Sulecki Andrade 69-63
Round 8
Andrade spent most of this round showcasing his defensive skills with a frustrated Sulecki jabbing fresh air. Andrade threw very few punches and missed with many of those but he did land an occasional punch which Sulecki was unable to do.
Score: 10-9 Andrade Andrade 79-72
Round 9
This was a closer round. Sulecki had some success early with rights but then the speed and movement of Andrade frustrated any further efforts from the Pole. Andrade scored with occasional jabs and connected with a few straight lefts to take another low tension round.
Score: 10-9 Andrade Andrade 89-81
Round 10
Andrade connected with some hard lefts in the early part of this one. He then went into a crouch with both hands down at about knee level. He was throwing wild lefts from that stance and they were well telegraphed. His early work gave him the round but again the exaggerated crouch and wild swings were more comedy than clout. Sulecki hardly landed a punch.
Score: 10-9 Andrade Andrade 99-90
Round 11
Easy round for Andrade and one in which he threw more punches. He was stabbing jabs through Sulecki?s defence and clipping him with straight lefts. Sulecki just could not land on the elusive champion but there was no sign that Andrade was looking to win inside the distance and he was just fighting in bursts.
Score: 10-9 Andrade Andrade 109-99
Round 12
Andrade chose to pose and clown his way through the last. He restricted himself to the occasional jab and some caveman-style crouching swipes. Sulecki worked throughout thro und and managed to land some jabs and rights and just deserved to take the round.
Score: 10-9 Sulecki Andrade 118-109
Official Scores: 120-107, 120-107 and 120-107 all for Andrade
Perhaps since he was fighting in his home town the audience might have enjoyed this but there was very little to enjoy for non-committed watchers. Andrade never really forced the fight or sustained his attacks so there was absence of any highlights. Andrade was making the second defence of his WBO title but this performance will not have moved him any closer to any really big fights. Sulecki was too predictable and had no idea or plan to deal with the side-on forward leaning stance and speed of Andrade. He has wins over Jack Culcay and Gabriel Rosado and is better than he fought here.

Yafai vs. Jimenez
Yafai retains the WBA title as he scores two knockdowns and gets comfortable win over his mandatory challenger Jimenez
Round 1
Excellent first round from Yafai. He was much quicker with his jab and was moving inside Jimenez?s jab to land left hooks to the body. He pinned the ever retreating Jimenez to the ropes and landed hooks to the body before stepping back. Jimenez gestured for Yafai to come back and fight and Yafai again landed well to the body.
Score: 10-9 Yafai
Round 2
Yafai landed a left hook early in the round that staggered Jimenez. The challenger clinched until his head cleared and Yafai was a little wild as he tried to land another big shot. He continued to pursue Jimenez landing sharp rights and also caught Jimenez with a left hook to the head.
Score: 10-9 Yafai Yafai 20-18
Round 3
Yafai continued to dominate the action in the third. He was shadowing Jimenez as the Dominican retreated around the ring and rocked Jimenez with two hooks. Jimenez connected with a couple of jabs and a right counter but he was soon under pressure from hooks and uppercuts and was continually looking to hold.
Score: 10-9 Yafai Yafai 30-27
Round 4
Yafai was chasing Jimenez down but not having much success. Jimenez was jabbing and moving and clinching whenever Yafai came close. After giving Jimenez a number of warnings for holding the referee finally deducted a point from Jimenez but as Jimenez had outscored Yafai in the round I saw it as a 9-9 round with the deduction
Score: 9-9 tied Yafai 39-36
Round 5
Yafai was hunting hard again in this one. He landed a slightly low punch and as Jimenez looked towards the referee Yafai landed one even lower. The referee paused the action until Jimenez had recovered. Before the stoppage a clash of head opened a cut high on Yafai?s forehead and blood was trickling down his head and then down the left side of nose with some affecting Yafai?s left eye. When the action restarted a fired up Jimenez went after Yafai throwing punches. That did not last long and Yafai was then the one doing the chasing with Jimenez holding again. Yafai was scoring with hooks to the body with Jimenez poking out light jabs. On the bell Yafai landed another low punch and Jimenez went down on one knee. Since the bell had gone the referee just sent them to their corners
Score: 10-9 Yafai Yafai 49-45
Round 6
All of the pressure came from Yafai in the sixth. He was connecting with left hooks to the body and clipping Jimenez with rights to the head. Jimenez was boxing and countering better than in the early rounds but was still getting away with too much holding.
Score: 10-9 Yafai Yafai 59-54
Round 7
Another round for Yafai. He was chasing down Jimenez and landing left hooks and rights to the head. Jimenez was showing some crafty work and scoring with some sneaky punches but Yafai was landing more and cleaner
Score: 10-9 Yafai Yafai 69-63
Round 8
Best round so far for Jimenez. He was boxing well on the back foot scoring with jabs and moving laterally and clipping Yafai with punches from both hands. Yafai kept coming forward but Jimenez was ducking inside Yafai?s punches and countering. Yafai landed two hooks, both low, and Jimenez went down but was able to continue after a period to recover.
Score: 10-9 Jimenez Yafai 78-73
Round 9
Yafai took over again. He was more accurate with his jab and connecting with overhand rights. He rocked Jimenez with a left hook and a tiring Jimenez was looking sloppy with some of his work.
Score: 10-9 Yafai Yafai 88-82
Round 10
Yafai?s round. He outboxed Jimenez slotting home his jab and catching the Dominican with clubbing head punches from both hands. Jimenez was countering but lacked power and Yafai was able to walk past Jimenez?s guard to punch inside.
Score: 10-9 Yafai Yafai 98-91
Round 11
Jimenez put in a big effort at the start of the round coming forward taking the fight to Yafai. He had some success with jabs and uppercuts but Yafai countered well and again landed some heavy shots to the head which shook Jimenez and Yafai ended the round strongly.
Score: 10-9 Yafai Yafai 108-100
Round 12
Jimenez tried to force the fight in the last. Yafai was content to box and stay out of trouble until he turned Jimenez onto the ropes and landed three hard punches. He was then connecting with lefts and rights and as Jimenez fought back a left to the head put Jimenez down. The punch actually landed with Yafai?s wrist and despite Jimenez looking disgusted when he got up it counted and Yafai danced to the bell.
Score: 10-8 Yafai Yafai 118-108
Official Scores: 117-109, 119-117, and 118-108
The 30-year-old from Birmingham was making the fifth defence of his WBA title. Chances of a unification fight with WBC champion Juan Francisco Estrada, IBF champion Jerwin Ancajas or WBO champion Kazuto Ioka look remote but a once talked about fight with Roman Gonzalez would be attractive. Jimenez had turned his carer around in amazing fashion going from 2-8-1 to a 30 bout unbeaten run of 27-0-3.He only showed glimpses of any class here and did not possess the punch to keep Yafai off.

Parker vs. Leapai
Parker batters a very durable but very limited Leapai to defeat in ten rounds. In the opening round Leapai lumbered forward trying to get close and was willing to walk through Parker?s punches to do so. Parker drove Leapai into a corner and belted him with hooks and uppercuts snapping Leapai?s head back and rocking his head from side to side. Leapai survived and that became the pattern for the fight. Leapai was much shorter with a very limited reach so he had no other tactic but walking forward into the storm. Parker knocked Leapai?s mouthguard out in the second and was given a stern warning for a low punch in the third. Leapai was on the floor in the fifth from what looked to be a left hook but it was ruled a slip. For much of the time it was target practice with Leapai actually making Andy Ruiz looked svelte and nifty by comparison. Leapai?s only chance was to keep marching forward throwing sweeping punches and hope to get lucky although he did seem to improve a little as the fight went on. Parker was peppering Leapai with punches but had to stay focused and not wear himself punching Leapai. It really was a case of how much punishment Leapai could take or be allowed to take. Parker crashed a series of rights to Leapai's head in the ninth and he did so again in the tenth before connected with a couple of hooks. Those set Leapai back on his heels and the referee had seen enough and stopped the fight despite Leapai?s protest. This was no real test for Parker and neither was Alex Flores who he knocked out in December. The important thing is that the 27-year-old New Zealander keeps his name in the frame for any title opportunity that comes up. Samoan Leapai is incredibly durable but also very slow and limited. He was stopped in five rounds by Wlad Klitschko for the IBF, WBA and WBO titles in 2014 and had done nothing of note since then.
DeLuca vs. Brewer
Southpaw DeLuca gets a good win as he decisions previously unbeaten Brewer. Scores 99-91, 98-92 and 97-93 for DeLuca. The 31-year-old southpaw from Massachusetts had a 21 bout winning streak busted by a split decision defeat against Walter Wright in June last year but he scored a revenge win over Wright in October. Canadian ?L-Jack? Brewer, 34, was out of the ring from August 2107 until returning with a win in May this year.

Houston. TX, USA: Middle: Jermall Charlo (29-0) W PTS 12 Brandon Adams (21-3). Super Welter: Erickson Lubin (21-1) W TKO 4 Zakaria Attou (29-7-2). Feather: Claudio Marrero (24-3) W PTS 10 Eduardo Ramirez (22-2-3) W. Super Feather: Miguel Flores (24-2) W TKO 6 Luis May (21-15-1).

Charlo vs. Adams
Round 1
In a low action opener Charlo managed to connect with some jabs and rights. Charlo was taller with a good advantage in reach and Adams was too often lunging forward and falling short with his punches.
Score: 10-9 Charlo
Round 2
Charlo was catching Adams with counters as Adams tried to dart inside. Adams was coming in low making it impossible for him to land any punches on the taller man but Charlo was having difficulty connecting when punching down.
Score: 10-9 Charlo Charlo 20-18
Round 3
Charlo was again countering the rushing Adams and connecting but not often. Instead of using his reach to attacking he was countering. Adams was still lunging in and coming up short. He pinned Charlo to the ropes late in the round but Charlo outlanded him
Score: 10-9 Charlo Charlo 30-27
Round 4
Charlo connected with a couple of left hooks and clubbing rights but both fighters were tending to throw one punch at a time. Adams was much more aggressive but no more effective. He was coming in behind a jab that fell short and then holding inside. Charlo was the one doing what scoring there was but after four rounds there was no sign of a fight breaking out.
Score: 10-9 Charlo Charlo 40-36
Round 5
In this one Charlo finally began to land some stiff punches. He was following his jab with right crosses and landing left hooks inside. Adams was still trying to dive inside but was not working when he got there and Charlo was finding the target with left hooks and had Adams on the ropes for a while unloading lefts and rights until Adams dived forward to get off the ropes. Adams showed some good defensive moves but very little offensively.
Score: 10-9 Charlo Charlo 50-45
Round 6
The opening action saw Charlo landing some clubbing head punches and a sharp right uppercut. At this stage Adams was more interested in not getting hit. However Adams came on strongly at the end of the round scoring with a good left cross and hooks inside and hustling Charlo out of his stride. It was a close round but Adams just did enough to pinch it.
Score: 10-9 Adams Charlo 59-55
Round 7
Charlo let his punches flow in the seventh. He was letting Adams get close and then landing hooks and uppercuts and when he went forward was connecting with jabs and chopping rights. Adams was trying to drive in low but missing with his punches and having to take counters from Charlo.
Score: 10-9 Charlo Charlo 69-64
Round 8
Adams just could not get past Charlo?s jab and Charlo was following the jab with straight rights. He was anticipating Adams? rushes and countering him with left hooks and uppercuts on the way in. Adams drove forward at the end of the round and connected with an overhand right but Charlo slipped his other punches and countered with a right and a left.
Score: 10-9 Charlo Charlo 79-73
Round 9
Charlo used his jab to keep Adams from driving forward or stepping back and countering the advancing Adams with uppercuts. He trapped Adams in a corner and for a change sustained his attack unloading with both hands until Adams escaped from the trap. Charlo was then happy go onto the back foot and spear Adams with jabs.
Score: 10-9 Charlo Charlo 89-82
Round 10
For most of the round Charlo was content to let Adams come forward and stab home jabs. When Charlo did wake up he had Adams retreating under a barrage of lefts and rights. It was then back to jab and move for Charlo before he again landed a burst of punches late in the round.
Score: 10-9 Charlo Charlo 99-91
Round 11
Charlo dominated the early part of the round with his jab. When Adams did try to get past the jab Charlo was taking a step back and landing a hook or an uppercut. Adams forced Charlo to the ropes near the bell and landed a couple of good hooks but Charlo was landing more and heavier punches until Adams backed off.
Score: 10-9 Charlo Charlo 109-100
Round 12
No fireworks in the last from Adams. He tried a couple of rushes but it was Charlo who opened up on Adams when he had him in a corner and landed a series of shots. After the round trickled to a predictable end.
Score: 10-9 Charlo Charlo 119-109
Official Scores: 120-108, 120-108 and 119-109 all for Charlo
Charlo had been upgraded before the fight from interim to full WBC champion so this was his first title defence and he will rarely have an easier one. His No 1 ranked challenger is Gennady Golovkin and No 2 is Daniel Jacobs but it remains to be seen whether either of these fights can be made. Adams had scored reasonable level wins over Ievgen Khytrov and Eric Walker but need a help from the WBC ratings elevator to get him from No 23 to No 12 so that this fight could take place and he really did not pose a serious challenge to Charlo.
Lubin vs. Attou
Lubin wins IBF title eliminator with stoppage of Attou when the Frenchman?s corner throw in the towel due to an injury to Attou?s right bicep. Both fighters were tentative at the start. Lubin was shadowing the French fighter and managed to score with a couple of punches as Attou slid along the ropes Attou tried some rights late in the rounds but did not connect. In the second Lubin cornered Attou and banged home a couple of southpaw lefts. Attou was showing nothing and Lubin continued to hunt him along the ropes and scored with long lefts to the body. Attou managed to stay off the ropes for much of the third and tried a few attacks but the action was scrappy. Attou seemed to indicate he had injured his right bicep and his corner applied some ice to the arm in the interval. In the fourth Attou tried to punch with Lubin but was driven to a corner and Lubin unleashed a rain of punches until Attou dropped to the canvas. He was up at four and looked able to continue but his corner threw in the towel as it was pointless him trying to tackle Lubin with only one arm. Lubin was heading for a stoppage before Attou suffered the injury. He gets his third win since a humiliating first round kayo loss to
Jermell Charlo for the WBC title in October 2017. He should now get a shot at the IBF title and he will have a good chance of winning the title against Julian Williams. Former undefeated European champion Attou had been in good form being 10-0-1 in his last 11 fights but he was in over his head against a focused Lubin.
Ramirez vs. Marrero
Marrero gets a needed win as he outpoints Ramirez. Both southpaws were cagey at the start with both feeling their way with jabs but not looking to commit themselves .Marrero just had a slight edge in the action. Marrero was also sharper in the second coming in behind his jab and landing hooks. Marrero stepped up the pace in the third attacking strongly but Ramirez was boxing well and countering and just did enough to take the round. Marrero kept the pressure on Ramirez in the fourth and he was hunting Ramirez down in the fifth. They both landed heavily as they traded with Marrero getting the better of the exchanges. Ramirez outworked Marrero in the sixth but at the half way mark Marrero had built a lead. Ramirez fought back strong outworking Marrero in the seventh and was the aggressor as they fought inside in the eighth. The ninth was wild as they were both throwing lots of punches. Marrero was fighting in bursts firing hooks from both hands. Ramirez was throwing punches constantly and the volume of punches from the Mexican was enough to give him the points and make the fight very close. Ramirez looked to be tiring in the tenth and Marrero continued to connect with body punches inside. A couple of low punches saw Marrero get a warning and although Ramirez staged a fiery finish it was Marrero?s round. Ramirez came roaring out for the eleventh but Marrero withstood the pressure and began again to dig with hooks to the body. Marrero was landing the better punches and Ramirez was visibly wilting. Marrero had more left in the last and whereas Ramirez was just pumping his arms Marrero was on target with hooks and uppercuts and was a clear winner. Scores 118-110, 116-112 and 115-113 for Marrero with the middle score looking about right. The 30-year-old Marrero, a former interim WBA champion needed to win this one. He had dropped his interim title on a seventh round kayo against Jesus Lopez in 2017and then lost on points against Mongolian Tugstsogt Nyambayar for the IBO title in January this year. This win puts him in line for a shot at either WBA champion Leo Santa Cruz or secondary title holder Can Xu. Ramirez, 25, had given a good account of himself in losing on points to Lee Selby for the IBF title in 2017 and had scored an important win over Bryan Gracia in March this year.
Flores vs. May
Flores keeps his hopes of a title shot very much alive with stoppage of May. Flores hammered the fight out of May by pounding away at May?s body for five rounds. By the sixth May had nothing left and was taking punishment when the referee stepped in to save him. When the Houston-based Mexican had a 22 bout winning streak snapped in losses to Dat Nguyen and Chris Avalos he looked to have a long rebuilding programme ahead. However he was hastily slipped into the WBA ratings for a title shot against Leo Santa Cruz in February but an ankle injury forced him to pull out and he may have to wait a long time for the chance to come again. Sixth loss in a row for May.

June 28

Milan, Italy: Light: Francesco Patera (22-3) W KO 6 Paul Hyland Jr (20-2). Super Middle: Daniele Scardina (17-0) W PTS 10 Alessandro Goddi (35-5-1). Welter: Dario Morello (15-0) W PTS 10 Ahmed El Hamwi (19-9-2). Feather: Jamie McDonnell (30-3-1) W PTS 6 Cristian Narvaez (15-16-4). Super Middle: Ivan Zucco (8-0) W TKO 3 Borislav Zankov (10-26-1).
Patera vs. Hyland
Patera retains the European title as he floors Hyland twice with body punches in the sixth to end the fight. The pace on this one was hot from the start. In the first both were jabbing with intent and firing hooks and uppercuts. Patera hardly wasted a punch. He was getting past Hyland?s guard with hooks and uppercuts and sneaky overhand rights. Hyland was setting a high work rate but many of his punches were being blocked by Patera. A clash of heads saw Patera suffer a cut over his right eye and Hyland on the right side of his head. Hyland made a strong start in the second coming forward throwing long punches. He had Patera on the back foot and was connecting with some sharp hooks. He looked to be on the way to winning the round until Patera connected with a sharp right hook to the head. That stopped Hyland in his tracks and stunned him and he went over with his gloves touching the canvas to stay upright. He was given a count and the bell rang when the count finished. Hyland attack again at the start of the third but Patera was scoring with jabs and getting through to the body with hooks from both hands. A punch from Patera went low and the challenger was given some recovery time. Hyland again marched forward but Patera was making him pay with hooks inside from both hands and really putting together some classy combinations. Another low punch hurt Hyland at the bell. Hyland stormed forward in the fourth but Patera was countering with unerring accuracy switching to head and body. An incident filled fifth saw both standing and trading punches. Hyland then slipped badly on water in the canvas in his corner. There then ensued a couple of minutes of chaos whilst a cloth was found to dry the water with referee finally doing the job himself. When action resumed Hyland was hurt by another low punch leading to a break in the action. Hyland attacked fiercely but just before the bell a left to the body dropped Hyland to his knees and he just beat the count with the bell to end the round coming before Patera could follow up. A left to the body put Hyland down at the start of the sixth. He beat the count but yet another left to the body dropped him and he was counted out. Once again Patera shows he has style and power. The 26-year-old Belgian of Italian antecedents has beaten 17-0 Lewis Ritson and 24-1-1 Melvin Petit. He is deceptive as he does not look strong or a power puncher but he hits with speed and accuracy and has a good chin. Hyland?s only other loss was when then unbeaten Lewis Ritson blitzed him inside a round for the British title in June last year.
Scardina vs. Goddi
In a fast, open bout. Scardina made good use of his longer reach to score with jabs and Goddi was quickly getting past the jab and firing hooks inside. Scardina looked stronger and had both his jab and his uppercut working well. Goddi was busy, busy changing angles and rattling Scardina with short punches. Goddi was coming forward the whole time and looked to have built a lead. Scardina had been doing some useful work to the body of the elder man and eventually that told with Goddi slowing over the late rounds. Scardina was making good use of his jab and landing straight rights over the eighth and ninth. Goddi marched forward for the whole three minutes of the last round firing punches. Scardina kept his jab in Goddi?s face but took no chances feeling he had the fight won. Scores 96-94 twice and (a cruel to Goddi) 98-92 all for Scardina who holds on the IBF International belt. Miami-based Italian Scardina, 27, turned pro in the Dominican Republic and has also fought in the USA, and Haiti as well as his home country. He is still a work in progress but shows promise. Goddi, 31, provided an excellent test for Scardina. A former Italian middleweight champion he has lost in two shots at the European middleweight title and although competitive here is past his peak.
Morello vs. El Hamwi
?Spartan? Morello adds another win but will have been glad to get this fight over. French-based Belgian El Hamwi did everything except fight. Morello was by far the better boxer with El Hamwi preferring clinching and wrestling. The tall Italian is one of those fighters who slide easily from southpaw to orthodox and that had El Hamwi confused. Additionally Morello is quick with nifty footwork and El Hamwi struggled to get in the fight . He violently wrestled Morello to the floor in the third and landed a number of punches to the back of the head. Unfortunately Morello is not a puncher-only two wins by KO/TKO-so despite his superiority he could not get El Hamwi out early and had to go ten frustrating rounds,. Scores 100-90 twice and 99-91 all for Morello. The 25-year-old ?Spartan? from Bergamo was Italian champion at Junior, Youth and Elite level and boxed for Milano Thunder in the WSB. He is a former undefeated Italian pro champion. Former undefeated Belgian champion El Hamwi had won his last 7 fights.
McDonnell vs. Narvaez
In his first fight at featherweight McDonnell eases his way back with some paid sparring against Nicaraguan Narvaez. McDonnell hardly got out of first gear as he used Narvaez for target practice. After a couple of low activity rounds McDonnell picked up the pace from the third but was looking for ring time and was content to coast to victory over the game but limited Narvaez. McDonnell, a former holder of the IBF and secondary WBA titles was having his first outing since a crushing one round loss to Naoya Inoue in May last year. Tenth loss on the trot for Narvaez with nine of those on points.
Zucco vs. Zankov
Heavy-handed prospect Zucco gets another inside the distance victory with stoppage of Bulgarian Zankov. The Bulgarian was courageous enough to try to take the fight to Zucco but never quite worked how to deal with Zucco?s right jab. The Bulgarian kept swinging but a left uppercut floored him heavily in the third. He beat the count but took another pounding and the referee stepped in and gave him a standing count before waiving the fight off. Seventh win by KO/TKO for 23-yeaer-old southpaw Zucco who sharpened his skills with some sparring in London last month. Eighth loss by KO/TKO for Zankov.

London, England: Feather: Ryan Walsh (24-2-2) W PTS 12 Lewis Paulin (12-1). Super Light: Ohara Davies (19-2) W PTS 10 Miguel Vasquez (41-7). Super Light: Daniel Egbunike (5-0) W PTS 10 Martin McDonagh (5-1). Super Light: Anthony Yigit (24-1-1) W WPTS 8 Siar Ozgul (15-3).
Walsh vs. Paulin
Walsh make a successful sixth defence of his British title but only just as he edges out Paulin on a split decision. Walsh outboxed his Scottish challenger early with good movement and precise punching. He had Paulin hurt in the third with uppercuts and moved in front. Southpaw Paulin upped his pace over the middle rounds and was beating Walsh to the punch and eating into the champion?s lead. Walsh continued to score with eye-catching uppercuts but the rounds were close. Walsh looked to have Paulin in trouble with more uppercuts in the ninth but Paulin battled back in the tenth to stay in contention. Walsh looked to have taken the eleventh but he suffered a bad cut over his right eye in the last and that spurred Paulin to stage a strong finish to make it close. Scores 117-111 and 115-114 for Walsh and 115-113 for Paulin. Walsh has made a habit of close verdicts as his last three fights have seen him get a split draw against unbeaten Isaac Lowe, a split decision victory over Reece Bellotti and now this split decision. His two losses have been crucial as he dropped a unanimous decision to Lee Selby and a split verdict to Dennis Ceylan. Wins in either of those fights could have led to a world title shot. He is No 7 with the WBO but at 33 his chance may have gone. Very encouraging display by 28-year-old Paulin. He had only once been in a fight scheduled for more than six rounds and this was his first fight for 13 months. Hopefully he will get another title shot.
Davies vs. Vazquez
Davies gets a win but has a bad night and it seems as though even he did not think he had done enough to take the decision. Whilst former IBF lightweight champion Vazquez might be a spent force he still has the guile and style to give an opponent problems. Davies made a good enough start but then the fight slowed and Davies looked flat. Under those circumstances Vazquez found the space to work and a pace that suited him. Whilst Davies had built a small lead from the midway point he was having more trouble holding off a surging Vazquez and it appeared that he had suffered a rib injury that hampered him in his work. It looked as though Vazquez had clawed back Davies? early lead and built a winning one of his own but the referee disagreed. Referee?s score 97-94 for Davies. When the result was being announced Davies refused to have his arm raised and went over and raised Vazquez?s arm but it is the referee?s score that counts so Davies gets the win. Davies is a talented fighter but losses to Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall have been huge setbacks and he needed to be impressive here. Vazquez, 32, had lost inside the distance to Josh Taylor in 2017 and to Thulani Mbenge for the IBO welter title last December but had given an indication that he was still capable of good performance with a win over Ghislain Maduma in Canada in March.
Egbunike vs. McDonagh
In a fast-paced entertaining clash of unbeaten newcomers Egbunike comes out on top taking the decision. He pressed the fight in every round with the taller McDonagh boxing cleverly on the back foot and landing some useful counters but with Egbunike connecting with hard rights to do enough to deserve the decision. The referee scored it 97-93. Now 29, after a couple of short-ish prison sentences on drugs charges, Egbunike found his salvation in a local gym and is now making up for lost time. He did not turn pro until he was 27 and has moved up to ten round level very quickly. Southpaw McDonagh , 24 was also going ten for the first time.
Yigit vs. Ozgul
Former undefeated European champion Yigit continues his busy schedule with a points win over English-based Turk Ozgul. Yigit had the edges where it mattered and his aggression and high work rate were the difference although the taller Ozgul made the talented Swede work hard for victory. Referee?s score 78-75 for Yigit. Third fight in the last four months for Yigit. In October against Ivan Baranchyk he lost on a seventh round retirement due to an eye that was totally closed. The fight was for the vacant IBF title and was a WBSS Tournament quarter-final. He has a way to go to get back to that level but has the talent to make it. Now 4 losses in his last 5 fights for Ozgul.

Las Vegas, NV, USA: Super Bantam: Angelo Leo (18-0) W PTS 10 Mark John Yap (30-14). Super Light: Keith Hunter (11-0) W PTS 10 Cameron Krael (16-14-3).
Leo vs. Yap
Leo continues to make progress with points victory over seasoned pro Yap. Leo showed an impressive jab and some excellent footwork. He was much quicker and hurt Yap with a right to the head in the first. The accuracy of his jab made it difficult for Yap to get on the front foot. Yap had some success with his own jab and also when he could close the distance but Leon was outboxing him and scoring well inside. Yap had a good fourth as he managed to get his jab working and Leo was less accurate but Leo took charge again in the fifth and sixth hunting down the retreating Yap and scoring well to the body. Yap landed a good counter right in the seventh but Leo closed the round rocking Yap with rights. The pace dropped in the eighth which was a close round and Yap boxed cleverly to edge the ninth before fierce attacks gave Leo the tenth. Scores 99-91 twice and 98-92 for Leo, The 25-year-old from Albuquerque is making a habit of beating Filipinos already having scored wins over Glenn Porras and Neil John Tabanao and he looks a good prospect. Japan-based Yap had been in good form winning 11 of his last 12 fights with the loss being to unbeaten Takuma Inoue.
Hunter vs. Krael
In his first sortie into ten round ranks Hunter outscores useful Krael. Hunter had an edge in reach and made use of his jab to keep the ever advancing Krael out. Hunter has a very loose-limbed style and he kept his jab working well throughout the fight also countering Kreal with hooks. Krael had success when he could get Hunter against the ropes and dig to the body. Despite having scored seven wins by KO/TKO Hunter had difficulty keeping Krael out but was throwing more and landing more. Scores 98-92 twice and 97-93 for Hunter. He tired at the end but with more experience will get better at pacing a fight. His loose style may find him out against better opposition. Hawaiian Krael was 8-1-1 in his last 10 fights.

Montreal, Canada: Welter: Mike Zewski (33-1) W PTS 10 Abner Lopez (27-10-1). Middle: Francis Lafreniere (19-7-2) W PTS 8 Jose Luis Zuniga (16-5-1).
Zewski vs. Lopez
Zewski comes away with a unanimous verdict over Lopez after being on the floor in the sixth round. As expected Lopez came to fight and Zewski was happy to oblige him in a real war. From the opening round Lopez was marching forward throwing punches with Zewski more that matching him. Zewski?s work was just that bit more accurate and his defence a bit sounder. He caught the oncoming Mexican with hooks and uppercuts but Lopez walked through them to score inside. Zewski had Lopez against the ropes and rocking in the fourth but Lopez had a big sixth. He drove Zewski across the ring to a corner and bombarded him with head punches that forced Zewski to go down on one knee to survive the storm. Zewski came back strongly in the seventh and they traded punches over the closing rounds of an exciting battle. Scores 97-92 twice and 96-93 all for Zewski who wins the vacant IBF North American and WBO NABO titles. His only loss was a points defeat against Konstantin Ponomarev in 2015 and he has worked his way back with seven wins. As WBC International champion Zewski was No 15 with the WBC but he has relinquished that title to seek ratings by the IBF and WBO. Lopez had a rocky period going 2-5 in a run of seven fights but the losses were to fierce opposition and he was coming off a split draw with 30-1 Pedro Campa in Campa?s home town.
Lafreniere vs. Zuniga
Good win for Lafreniere against very useful opponent in Mexican Zuniga. Scores 78-74 twice and 79-73. Majority decision losses in 2018 to Albert Onolunose and experienced Mexican Jose De Jesus Macias have left Lafreniere with a recovery job and this is his second victory this year. Second loss in a row in fights in Canada for Zuniga.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Light: Claudio Daneff (9-1-1) W PTS 10 Miguel Antin (18-3). Daneff gets surprise win over Argentinian No 3 Antin. In a confident and dominating performance he took a wide unanimous decision. Daneff?s height and reach gave him the edge at distance and he used stinging uppercuts to boss the inside work as well. Southpaw Daneff achieved this despite injuring his right hand in the third round. He had Antin rocking in the fifth and sixth and held off a strong finish from Antin to emerge a clear winner. Scores 99-91, 98-92 and 97-93 all for 23-year-old Daneff. He wins the vacant WBC Latino belt, his first title as a pro. Antin, who sparred with former world champion Omar Narvaez in preparation for this fight, went 17-0 before losing in tough domestic contests against Matias Rueda and Jeremias Ponce last year. He had won the vacant WBC Latino super featherweight title in May.

Puiseux-Pontoise, France: Light Heavy: Kevin Buval (10-12-1) W PTS 10 Eddy Lacrosse (11-6-2). Minor upset as Buval decisions Lacrosse to lift the French title. Neither of these fighters are going to get beyond domestic level but it was a hard-fought contest. Defending champion Lacrosse made a strong start but after a couple of rounds the better skills of Buval put him in the driving seat. Lacrosse kept rolling forward but Buval was more mobile and countered well. Eventually Lacrosse tired and Buval was the one on the front foot and he boxed his way to victory. Scores 98-92 twice and 96-94 for Buval who was 2-6 in his last 8 fights before this victory. Lacrosse, who was making the first defence of the French title, had won 6 of his last 7.

Terme, Italy: Super Feather: Giuseppe Carafa (11-3-2) DREW 10 Nicola Henchiri (8-3-2). Carafa retains the Italian title with draw against local favourite Henchiri. Carafa made a strong start forcing the pace over the first two rounds. Henchiri had a better third and they both had moments in a fierce fourth with Carafa pinning Henchiri on the ropes only for Henchiri to fight his way off with left hooks. A clash of head saw Henchiri cut on his right eyebrow in the sixth and that inspired Carafa to take the seventh. The pace dropped in the eighth and Carafa did enough to edge the ninth but a bloody Henchiri ended the fight strongly taking the last. Scores 96-94 Carafa, 97-96 Henchiri and 95-95. First defence for Carafa. Henchiri had won his last six fights.

Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico: Super Light: Jean Carlos Torres (15-0) W Julio Laguna (15-1-0). Southpaw Laguna had slight advantages in height and reach and in the opening round was holding centre ring and using his right jab to keep Torres out. Torres scored with a couple of left hooks to the body late in the round but had made a slow start. In the second Laguna was again quicker stabbing home jabs and stepping back out of range . Torres was not pressing hard until the last thirty seconds when he worked inside with hooks. A left uppercut from Laguna was the best punch of the round but if there was a down side to Laguna it was an apparent lack of power. The Nicaraguan looked to have won the first two rounds and he attacked hard in the third getting in close and connecting with hooks and uppercuts. That success was the undoing of him as he now felt confident enough to stand and trade with the local fighter. Torres began to find the target with clubbing punches to the head. He drove Laguna into a corner and unloaded with both hands. The referee was ready to step in but Laguna fought his way out of the corner. Not for long as Torres drove him back in again and was landing with heavy punches and this time the referee stopped the fight. Home town fighter Torres makes it 11 wins by KO/TKO, including 7 in his last 8 fights and retains the interim WBO Latino title for the second time. He is No 6 with the WBO-being Puerto Rican helps. Second inside the distance loss for Laguna having been halted in four rounds by Uzbek Shakhram Giyasov in London in September.

Timisoara, Romania: Super Welter: Flavius Biea (17-1) W PTS 10 Jesus Gurrola (27-14-3). Middle: Catalin Paraschiveanu (18-1) W KO 2 Ionut Trandafir Ilie (17-33-3). Super Welter: Ashley Theophane (47-8-1,1ND) W TKO 4 Ferenc Hafner (26-17)
Biea vs. Gurrola
Biea boxes his way to victory over seasoned Mexican Gurrola. Biea better skills put him in charge early but once Gurrola got into his stride he kept the pressure on the local fighter. Biea, who trained in England for this fight, had bad patches in the fourth and eighth and many rounds were close but the Romanian deserved the decision. He forced the fight for much of the time and worked continuously with Gurrola mostly on the back foot and fighting in spurts. Scores 99-91, 97-93 and 96-94 for the IBA Inter-Continental champion who retains his title. His only loss was a twelfth round stoppage by Valentyn Golovko in 2017 but he won his four fights last year. He won gold medals at Cadet and Junior level in the World and European championships but is yet to make an impact as a pro. Former IBO title challenger Gurrola is at the stage where he is matched to lose.
Paraschiveanu vs. Ilie
Italian-based Romanian Paraschiveanu stops French-based Romanian Ilie in two rounds for his fifth win by KO/TKO. An easy night for Paraschiveanu as he pinned Ilie to the ropes in the second round hurt him with two right hooks to the body and pounded him with punches from both hands until Ilie went down and took the count resting on one knee. This is Paraschiveanu?s first fight for 13 months. Now 16 losses by KO/TKO for Ilie.
Theophane vs. Hafner
Theophane continues his world tour with stoppage of ancient Hungarian Hafner. Theophane was streets ahead of the limited Hafner in technique and won every minute of every round. He finished the fight in the fourth connecting with two rights to the head that saw Hafner drop to one knee and stay there. The 38-year-old former British champion and secondary WBA title challenger is 7-0-1ND in his last eight fights. They have taken place in Germany, USA, Hungary, Ghana, Poland, Mexico, Dubai and now Romania. Hafner 43 has lost his last eight fights.

Geneva, Switzerland: Super Feather: Patrick Kinigamazi (30-2) W Martin Parlagi (25-3-1). Rwandan-born Kinigamazi extends his winning run to 13 fights with unanimous verdict over Slovakian Parlagi. Kinigamazi put the tough Parlagi down in the ninth but could not find the punch to end the fight so had to settle for a comfortable unanimous decision. Scores 98-91 twice and 96-93 for the 36-year-old Kinigamazi. On the day after this fight he celebrated thirteen years as a pro. He has had at least one fight in every one of those years and is WBF Federation champion but doesn?t seem to have the ambition or opportunity to go further. Czech-based Parlagi suffered his only inside the distance loss when he was stopped in eight rounds by Alex Dilmaghani in Manchester on 25 May. He was one of Slovakia?s best ever amateurs beating fighters such as Andrew Selby and John Joe Nevin.

Ngam Wong Wan, Thailand: Fly: Petchmanee (28-1) W TKO 9 Robert Onggocan (12-6). Petchmanee (Panya Pradabsri) keeps his OPBF Silver title with stoppage of Filipino southpaw Onggocan in the ninth round. Petchmanee was ahead by five points on the judges? cards. The stoppage was due to a cut over the Filipino?s left eye caused by a punch. Petchmanee has won ten in a row since a loss in China in 2017. First inside the distance loss for Onggocan

June 29

Niagara Falls, Canada: Welter: Custio Clayton (16-0) W PTS 10 Johan Perez (24-6-2,1ND). Welter: Samuel Vargas (31-5-2) W PTS 8 Silverio Ortiz (37-26).
Clayton vs. Perez
Clayton much too strong and punches much too hard for former champion Perez. Clayton set the scene in the first round as he rocked Perez with two rights. Perez showed a good chin throughout the fight but did not have the punch to deter the aggressive Clayton. Perez was credited with a knockdown in the third but to most observers it look like Clayton slipped on the canvas. Clayton continued to find a home for powerful rights and had Perez in trouble in the sixth and the ninth but the Venezuelan is a tough character and did not crumble. Clayton forced the fight the whole way. Perez tended to fight in bursts throwing fast but light punches which did not unduly deter Clayton who emerged a clear winner. Scores 99-91, 98-91 and 97-93 all for Clayton. The Canadian Olympian collects the NABO and WBO International titles. The 31-year-old from Nova Scotia is rated IBF 6(5)/WBO11 and since Perez was No 15 with the WBA Clayton?s rating should get a boost. Perez is his first ?name? victim but there will be more. Perez, 36, a former interim WBA champion, suffered set-backs in the shape of consecutive losses in 2017 against Sadam Ali and Fabian Maidana but had dropped back down a few levels to record two wins last year.
Vargas vs. Ortiz
Vargas take close unanimous decision over Ortiz. Let?s be polite and say the fight was full of incidents and by that I mean plenty of illegal work by both fighters. Vargas pressed hard early being quicker to the punch and built a good lead but Ortiz kept him honest with some hard counters Ortiz was on the floor twice but was given some recovery time as both knockdowns were caused by low punches. Ortiz did his share of illegal work but the fight was an exciting clash of styles. The fight swung one way in the fifth with Vargas scoring heavily with left hooks and the other way in the sixth when a clash of heads saw Vargas cut over his right eye. That cut was enough to give Ortiz some new energy and he began to eat into Vargas? lead but it was too little too late. Scores 77-75 for Vargas on all three cards. Toronto-based Colombian Vargas was 1-2 going into this one having floored but lost to Amir Khan in September and dropped a split verdict to Luis Collazo in March and those performances could yet lead to some more big fights. Even at 36 and after 63 fights Ortiz can still give anyone a hard fight on his night but time is catching up with him as he is now 1-7 in his last 8 fights

Cancun, Mexico: Super Welter: Omar Chavez (38-5-1) W Oziel Santoyo (10-1-1). Bantam: Eric Gamboa (18-1) W PTS 8 Salvador Juarez (12-7-2). Super Light: Marcelino Lopez (35-2-1) W TKO 2 Jose Garcia (9-7-1).
Santoyo vs. Chavez
This was not supposed to happen. The less experienced and smaller man Santoyo was chosen as just another fighter to be beaten in the process of rehabilitating of ?Businessman? Chavez but Santoyo didn?t get the message. Both fighters scored with some heavy shots over the early rounds with Chavez?s better accuracy helping to edge ahead by the half-way stage. Santoyo was finding the target with rights in the second half of the fight. He was constantly changing guards and scoring with rights to the head. Even having dad Julio Cesar leaving his ringside seat to offer advice and encouragement were not enough as Chavez tired late and Santoyo looked a clear winner. Scores 96-95 for Santoyo from all three judges. For the 24-year-old from Monterrey this was a huge step up from the quality of opposition he had been facing with his 13 opponents only having only 27 wins between them. Consecutive losses to Roberto Garcia and Jose Carlos Paz had put question marks over the future of Chavez and although he had won his last two fights this was a big blow.
Gamboa vs. Juarez
Local southpaw Gamboa gets close verdict over Mexico City?s Juarez. It was all offence and no defence as these two battled away. Gamboa was just that bit busier and more accurate and took the unanimous decision. The 24-year-old ?Pitbull? has now won eleven on the bounce but against very modest opposition. In two of his last three fights Juarez had lost a split decision to former IBF super fly champion Rodrigo Guerrero and 22-0 Aaron Alameda so the biggest test so far for Gamboa.
Lopez vs. Garcia
Experienced Argentinian Lopez starts his Mexican campaign with second round stoppage of Garcia. The 33-year-old former Argentinian light and South American super light champion had scored knockouts over Pablo Cesar Cano and Breidis Prescott but this was his first fight since his win over Prescott in January 2018. Third loss by KO/TKO for over-matched Garcia.

Mashantucket, CT, USA: Super Bantam: Tramaine Williams (18-0) W PTS 10 Neil John Tabanao (17-6). Light Heavy: Chad Dawson (35-5) W PTS 8 Quinton Rankin (15-6-2).
Williams vs. Tabanao
Tramaine ?The Mighty Midget? Williams gets points win over John ?The Beast? Tabanao. The 5?4? local southpaw was too quick and too clever for Tabanao. The Filipino found the smaller southpaw a very difficult target . Williams is one of those fighters who holds his lead hand at thigh level and uses head movement to avoid punches whilst leaving him free to throw punches with both hands. Williams was getting home with his right jab and straight lefts before leaving Tabanao swishing air. Williams took the decision on scores of 99-91 twice and 98-92. He has yet to face a main line opponent but is being built sensibly again good level, experienced opponents. The path has not been smooth for former National Golden Gloves champion Williams, 26, who lost almost two year out of his career after being jailed for possession of a concealed weapon and drugs. Second points loss in a row for Tabanao who was beaten by Angelo Leo in April
Dawson vs. Rankin
In an all-southpaw affair Dawson was looking to ease himself back into action but had to climb off the floor to get the win. Southpaw Dawson was far superior to Rankin in skills but the eccentric style of Rankin caused Dawson some problems. Dawson was boxing his way confidently until a cracking left uppercut from southpaw Rankin had Dawson almost dropping to the floor. Dawson put both gloves on the canvas trying to stay upright and Rankin landed an illegal left which thankfully did not fully connect. Rankin was given a warning which gave Dawson time to recover. Rankin then lost a point for holding and hitting and another for use of the elbow. He did land a right in the seventh which caused Dawson?s left eye to close but he was a well beaten fighter. Scores 78-72 twice and 80-68. This is the first fight for former WBC and IBF light heavy champion Dawson since his tenth round stoppage loss against Andrzej Fonfara in March 2017. He did not show enough here to make you think he is going to be a force again. Rankin loses every time he makes even the slightest attempt to move up.

Aulnay-sous-Bois, France: Super Welter: Bilel Jkitou (12-0) W PTS 12 Pavel Semjonov (24-12-2). Frenchman Jkitou wins the vacant WBC Francophone title with a comfortably wide unanimous verdict over Estonian Semjonov. Scores 119-109 twice and 118-110. Jkitou has previously won both the ABU and WBC Mediterranean titles. Durable Semjonov had won his last two fights

Accra, Ghana: Super bantam: Wasiru Mohammed (11-0) W TKO 11 Loren Japhet (9-3-2). Mohammed wins the new WBO Global title with late stoppage of Tanzanian Japhet. The little Tanzanian was competitive early and seemed to have Mohammed hurt in the fifth From the six Mohammed gradually took control and wore Japhet down. In the eleventh Mohammed drove Japhet into the ropes and down with a series of rights. Japhet made it to his feet but was shaky. Mohammed had trouble nailing Japhet again and it looked as though he might survive. Mohammed crushed those hopes as he again took Japhet to the ropes and sent him down with a right to the head. Japhet was up at five but the referee rightly stopped the fight. Tenth win by KO/TKO for Muhammed who also holds the WBO African title. There was talk of a world title fight for Muhammed but with BoxRec having Japhet at No 965 in their world ratings that seems a stretch. Japhet was just too small and lacked the power to win here.

Fight of the week (Significance): The wins for both Andrade and Charlo could lead to unification or other big fights for either man.
Fight of the week (Entertainment). Claudio Marrero vs. Eduardo Ramirez provided plenty of action with honourable mentions to Mike Zewski vs. Abner Lopez and Francesco Patera vs. Paul Hyland Jr
Fighter of the week: Richard Commey for his crushing victory over Ray Beltran
Punch of the week: The left hook from Miguel Angel Gonzalez that laid out Saul Rodriguez was special with honorary mention of the left hook from Richard Commey that finished Ray Beltran and the uppercut from Quinton Rankin that had Chad Dawson touching the floor .
Upset of the week: Miguel Angel Gonzalez?s win over 23-0-1 Saul Rodriguez takes the honours with Oziel Santoyo?s victory over Omar Chavez also a big upset.
Prospect watch: Super Bantam Angelo Leo 18-0 is progressing well

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    , Wed, 22 Sep 2021
    By Marlon Bernardino, , Wed, 22 Sep 2021
    , Wed, 22 Sep 2021
  • Salita Promotions Partners with Detroit-based Cinematic Company My Art My Rules for a Short Documentary About the Humble Beginnings of Undefeated Bantamweight Jarico O’Quinn
    , Wed, 22 Sep 2021
    , Wed, 22 Sep 2021
  • Four Fighter Locker boxers in action this Thursday in Dominican Republic
    , Wed, 22 Sep 2021
  • Donald Smith Takes on Elijah Pierce in Main Event on Saturday, October 9th at The 2300 Arena in Philadelphia
    , Wed, 22 Sep 2021
  • Irish light heavyweight Thomas O’Toole To make pro debut this Friday night in Boston area
    , Wed, 22 Sep 2021
  • DJ Zamora III Scores 2nd Round Knockout Remains Undefeated
    , Tue, 21 Sep 2021
  • Isaias “Bestia Jr” Lucero Looks to Close Out the Year with a Bang
    , Tue, 21 Sep 2021
    , Tue, 21 Sep 2021
  • NM Robert Arellano leads his CRCSA team to 1st victory in N1 IIEE National Chess Olympiad 2021
    , Tue, 21 Sep 2021
  • Donaire-Casimero Good for Boxing Business But Politically Bad in This PH Election Season
    By Teodoro Medina Reynoso, , Tue, 21 Sep 2021
  • Matt Conway notches 20th career win, Stops Rodolfo Puente in second round
    , Tue, 21 Sep 2021
    , Tue, 21 Sep 2021
    By Maloney L. Samaco, , Tue, 21 Sep 2021
    , Tue, 21 Sep 2021


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