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We didn?t come here to lose, says Marquez?s camp
By Nick Giongco, The Manila Bulletin, Fri, 07 May 2004
LAS VEGAS ? If not for the dark jogging suit that covered his body from head to foot and the men who walked beside him, you?d not mistake Juan Manuel Marquez for the Mexican warrior who has a date with destiny Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Marquez, who stakes the World Boxing As  Read Full Story >>>

Pacquiao in for rude awakening
By Lito A. Tacujan, The Philippine Star, Fri, 07 May 2004
Las Vegas — He looked more like a Latino pop idol in all-black sweat suit than the man they call ‘Dinamita’ for the firebombs exploding from his fists. That was the impression world champion Juan Manuel Marquez gave to Manila media men in a chance meeting on the cavernous gambl  Read Full Story >>>

Marquez: Pacquiao stepping into a 'trap'
By Recah Trinidad, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Fri, 07 May 2004
LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- Manny Pacquiao thrilled to twin triumphs Wednesday. He totally beat the weigh scales, had a hearty lunch, then watched the San Antonio Spurs go up 2-0 in the NBA Western Conference semifinals. Pacquiao, who has picked the Spurs over the Los Angeles Lakers, weighed 125 lb,   Read Full Story >>>

Marquez will not sing holy hymns
By Recah Trinidad, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Fri, 07 May 2004
LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- Manny Pacquiao, smiling a tense, ready-to-bite smile in the big framed posters around the many lobbies of the MGM Grand, looks exactly like Manny Pacquiao. It's a perfect pose to sell the main event, which promoters believe will be a Saturday night sell-out at the Grand Aren  Read Full Story >>>

Marquez: Pacquiao is a fluke
By Dominic Menor, ABS-CBN News, Fri, 07 May 2004
Could Manny Pacquiao be a fluke? That?s what Juan Manuel Marquez?s posse believes, saying that Pacquiao?s victory last November came against an ?unfit? Marco Antonio Barrera. Prior to his fight against Pacquiao, Barrera had a plethora of issues to deal with, which Marquez?s camp thinks contr  Read Full Story >>>

Marquez has no respect for Pinoys
By Joaquin Henson, The Philippine Star, Fri, 07 May 2004
International Boxing Federation (IBF) and World Boxing Association (WBA) featherweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez faces his third Filipino opponent when he stakes both his titles against Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on May 8 (Sunday morning, Manila). Marquez, 30, h  Read Full Story >>>

Computer picks Pacquiao to win
By Ronnie Nathanielsz, Manila Standard, Fri, 07 May 2004
While world title fights are decided by boxers in the ring, computers have often been used in recent years to provide insights into what might happen. In a fascinating use of modern technology, Title Bout Championship Boxing, which is regarded as the world?s premier boxing simulator, has run fig  Read Full Story >>>

When Nations Collide; Weekend Thoughts
By Keith Terceira,, Thu, 06 May 2004
While Marquez has the ability to punish and the power to knockout most any opponent, Pacquiao is not your average contender. Intelligence wins fights and adaptability is a paramount skill that is hard to train and difficult to learn. Adapting to the ebbs and flows of an opponents strategy I fully be  Read Full Story >>>

Will Pac-Man Be Left Chasing Ghosts After Marquez?
By Sean Newman,, Thu, 06 May 2004
Manny Pacquiao became an overnight star in the boxing world when he dropped, dominated, and ultimately stopped the great Marco Antonio Barrera of Mexico. It was a tremendous display of speed, skill and power by Pacquiao, whose name can now be found in many pound for pound top ten lists. Despite this  Read Full Story >>>

Trainer knows how to take charge of fighters
By Kevin Iole, Las Vegas Review Journal, Thu, 06 May 2004
The gym, now closed, was alive with music 15 months ago, but it was dominated by the personality of one man. It was Mike Tyson's music that roared over the cheap stereo system. It was Mike Tyson's friends who roamed the floor. It was Mike Tyson's presence that commanded visitors' attention. Tyso  Read Full Story >>>

Marquez-Pac Man A Bright Spot On The Horizon
By Jason Probst,, Thu, 06 May 2004
The Corner doesn?t get overly excited for big fights, namely because a hard review of the track record of these sentiments makes for two piles in the palace of memories: fights that didn?t live up to the hype, and those that did. Naturally, the bad pile is way bigger. Back in the day, me and all   Read Full Story >>>

Pacquiao a big thorn in Mexicans' side
By David A. Avila, The Press Enterprise, Thu, 06 May 2004
Somewhere deep in the Otomi mountains of Mexico, a photo of Manny Pacquiao is probably nailed to a wall with a scribbled inscription: "Get this man." Pacquiao (38-2-1, 29 KOs) has become public enemy No. 1 for every Mexican featherweight contender, but first crack goes to IBF and WBA title-holde  Read Full Story >>>

Who's Going to Talk
By Winchell Campos,, Thu, 06 May 2004
LAS VEGAS-With only three more days left before Michael Buffer let's out his familiar "Let's Get Ready to Rumbleeeee..." refrain, one issue could probably get settled or would fire up emotions today when Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez meet the press: Who is truly a dirty fighter? It is o  Read Full Story >>>

Pacquiao mom prays for Mother?s Day, bday gift
By Salven L. Lagumbay,, Thu, 06 May 2004
?I only have a simple wish, that he will come home safe and victorious on my birthday.? Thus said Dionesia ?Nene? Pacquiao, the reigning universal featherweight champ Manny Pacquiao?s beloved mom and no. 1 cheerleader as she anticipates this Sunday?s clash between his son and WBA/IBF featherweig  Read Full Story >>>

'Pac-Man' could lose style battle
By Matthew Aguilar, El Paso Times, Thu, 06 May 2004
Manny Pacquiao's nickname is "Pac-Man," which, until six months ago, seemed appropriate. It described his propensity for gobbling up opponents in workmanlike fashion. But after his Nov. 15 destruction of featherweight king Marco Antonio Barrera, Pacquiao somehow seems more fierce than his cute m  Read Full Story >>>

Pacquiao A-okay for title bout
By Lito A. Tacujan, The Philippine Star, Thu, 06 May 2004
Las Vegas, Nevada ? Right on the mark. In the privacy of a hot and humid state-of-the-art gym in the middle of this desert city, consensus featherweight champion Manny Pacquiao tipped the scale at 126 pounds Tuesday (Wednesday in Manila), making the official weight three days ahead of the schedu  Read Full Story >>>

Pacquiao?s confidence excites his handlers
By Nick Giongco, The Manila Bulletin, Thu, 06 May 2004
LAS VEGAS, Nevada ? In a sprawling gym on Euclid St. with a retail value of $1 million on Tuesday afternoon, Manny Pacquiao succeeded in wiping away the look of concern on Rod Nazario?s face. "Just relax," Pacquiao beckoned to his serpentine business manager as members of his entourage watched h  Read Full Story >>>

One of the world's best fighters may finally get a title to call his own after one of the most anticipated matches of the year in Las Vegas on Saturday. Filipino superstar Manny Pacquiao challenges Juan Manuel Marquez for the Mexican's IBF and WBA featherweight titles in potentially one of the be  Read Full Story >>>

The pick 'em fight
By Ant Evans,, Thu, 06 May 2004
Even more so than last year, 2004 is the year of the Big Fight. With Wright v Mosley I and II, Jones v Tarver II, Hopkins v De La Hoya, Trinidad v Mayorga done deals and even more 'biggies' in the pipeline, it's a great time to be a boxing fan. But as good as those match-ups are/were most expert  Read Full Story >>>

Pacquiao basks under Vegas lights
By Dominic Menor, ABS-CBN News, Thu, 06 May 2004
The neon lights on their billboards have been flashing. The buzz has been louder than ever. And the fight hasn?t even started yet. But a Las Vegas strip that announces a fight with this much pomp -- such as the one between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez on May 8 -- could mean one thing:   Read Full Story >>>

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