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From The Commissioner's Office

By Alex A. Paglumotan, GAB Commissioner

RP to host WBE/WIBA joint officers' meeting
Thu, 15 Jun 2006

There will be another glorious moment in the history of Philippine boxing in October this year. This development was brought about perhaps by the success of the "1st GAB Philippine Boxing Convention" which was generally a success. Not only that, WBF's Mick Croucher of Melbourne, Australia called it "a world class initiative by the GAB and the national government."

If plans don't miscarry, we are expecting another big bang through the planned joint WBE-WIBA conference and at the same time the double boxing championship matches featuring the WIBA title for women and the WBE for the male counterpart. Both sanctioning bodies have given their unanimous approval for the conduct of joint events with our great nation as the host country.

This is a good idea to showcase once again our young and talented world class fighters. Though the World Boxing Empire (WBE) is new in the arena of pro boxing as a sanctioning body, its Chairman, the ever dynamic and active David Young also of USBC is a man to reckon with in mainland China in so far as boxing is concerned.

On the other hand, Ryan Wissow, Women International Boxing Association President is all-out in support of this project.The records of their confirmation and approval are now in the official documentations of this representation. Humility aside, I was the one who brought up this idea to the two boxing groups after my official travel in Chicago, Illinois, USA last month.

Chairman Buhain himself has approved of this undertaking this October. The cherry on the icing is the fact that this will be held in the island paradise of Boracay in the Central Philippines of the Visayas region.

Surely, one of its objectives is to give considerable exposure to both WIBA and the WBE before the Filipinos and in Asia. However, in the light of the demand to effect the evolution of the female fight promotions in the country in the profesional level, this is also a must for us. We need this WIBA and the WABA, its counterpart in Asian region for the ratings of our future Filipina pro boxers for them to find a new glory for their own interest. We from this agency are just putting a "link" and trying to pump prime everything for the common welfare of our boxers. Needless to say, in fullfillment to the national sporting agenda of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's " STRONG REPUBLIC" and in essence a strong sporting community of the Philippines towards global competitiveness and recognition. We are not far from that.

This column will be presenting some more updates from time to time as to this WBE-WIBA affair before this year ends.This is not just a convention per se, but at the same time selling the tourism destinations of our country.

So, on to Boracay! Let's prove to them that if we get our acts together, we can be world-class in organizing major events while at the same time advancing the horizons for our male and female boxers.

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