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From The Commissioner's Office

By Alex A. Paglumotan, GAB Commissioner

GAB Manual of Operations; WIBA meeting
Tue, 30 May 2006

For the first time in fifty five (55) long years since the establishment of the Games and Amusements Board as an agency tasked to competently regulate and supervise the conduct of all professional sports in the country, a first of its kind "Manual of Operations" is set to be released very soon.

Actually, this matter became the utmost concern of the incumbent Board members considering the areas of regulating the entire pro sports in the Philipines. This is indeed a serious project by our GAB chairman to better advance and enhance the effectiveness of the GAB to its clientile and Filipino constituencies.

On its May 10th Board meeting at Makati City, this Board approved unanimously the publication of this book that would serve as the "bible" on the what and the how's of Philippines' pro sporting industry. Some would say that its long overdue but for us its better late than never. We still believe it is timely and really attuned to the demand of the times for our young and aspiring young generation of pro athletes. Not of course to undermine the wisdom of the past incumbencies in this agency, but we feel it is urgently needed at this time.We have proven our worth as strong and truly world class in the arena of international competition of global sports community, thus the publication of this manual becomes an object of necessity.

And what can we expect from this manual?

This humble representation is privileged to be authorized by this Board to chair its immediate publication and release. As a matter of fact, I have already laid down the earlier foundation of research and compilations of pertinent laws and powers delegated by law to the GAB since last year.This was the first among the administrative and operational innovations I have presented and approved by the Honorable GAB Chairman.I remember him saying that "this Manual of Operations will become the centerpiece of our role and various implementations in the conduct of regulatory and supervisory aspects in this agency".

Will this book only focus on one thing? No. Once it is released for use, readers from different pro sporting sectors of the country will have a clear and ready reference as to the operational powers and authorities of the GAB.Its mandated functions and territorial sporting jurisdictions. Basic rules and regulations governing each and every pro sports as accredited and legalized as part and parcel of the whole context of pro sports calendar of the GAB will be printed in each page of the manual.Maybe some of the historical profiles , its creation and establlishment as well as the specifics of sporting heroes and great people behind every popular professional sports known to the country and to the world. Not being particular, but pro boxing and the country's global achievements will be included in the target paper bound covered book of the GAB.

We only hope that after its production , the local government units and the top offices of the national political bureaucracy as well as the pro sports communities in various aspects would subscribe to this in full.I mean not the selling point, because we couldn't sell this one since this is considered government instrument handbook of policies,but the aspects of their compliance to our regulatory and supervisory powers as an agency.A nd we also hope for a future smooth sailing operations hand in hand with the support of the private sectors whom we recognize as co-partners in the development of pro sports of this great nation.As long as Chairman Buhain is the big boss of the GAB,the Filipinos can always expect a difference if not the unprecedented programs in this Presidential portfolio.

The road to implement various innovations as to the operations of the Games and Amusements Board in the country is not far from reality.So far, two (2) additional sub- offices in the provinces of Iloilo and Zamboanga have been considered and approved by this Board headed by Chairman Eric R.Buhain with the main goal of expanding the better services and scope of the GAB towards accessibility and effective delivery of technical assistance to our expanding young generation of athletes and pro sports organizations.We owe it to Congressman Fabian and Governor Neil Tupas, who both are really enthusiastic to promote sports development in their localities.

Just recently , this representation attended the officers and the commissioners meeting of the Women International Boxing Association (WIBA) with an Asian counterpart known as the Women Asian Boxing Association or the WABA.The conference was led by its Florida based President Mr.Ryan Wissow whose interest is to promote the evolution of pro women boxing in the global community.This writer as the duly appointed Commissioner to the Philippines and as an Officer of the WABA in Asia was tasked by the GAB Board to create better mechanisms and establish the landscape to effect the development of women pro boxing within the quarter of this year.That means, the exact near possibility of building Filipino women world class fighters in the very near future is at the centerstage of everything.And for the greater interest of the great majority, i am pleased to report the following accomplishments:

1.That the WIBA through President Ryan Wissow has approved the proposal of this representation to organized the WIBA-WABA Philipine chapter that would administer the affairs and future fight cards involving Filipino women in the country so soon

2.That the WIBA has issued its manifestation of thrust and support to the Philippines through the GAB as its pro spoting agency for opening the gate of opportunity to all Filipino women by way of legalizing this aspects of sports, the "female fight" in the country

3.Authority has been given to this representation to conduct and manage all the future fight cards involving the WIBA in the world and the WABA affairs in Asia

4.Privilege to rate Filipina pro boxers in the future to be produced by all boxing stables in the Philippines for the WABA-WIBA ratings

5.Approval by the WIBA officers and counterparts Commissioners to bring the joint WIBA-WABA conference here in the country by either November or December this 2006.That means another showcasing of the country and pump priming of the tourism industry.

6.The Philippines as the target venue of pro women fight cards with the "world title" this coming months of the year and this representation as the authorized leader of various promotions involving the WIBA-WABA titles

7.WIBA-WABA all out support to all pro women boxing undertakings to be lead by the GAB Board effective this year

8.The WIBA-WABA websites to be utilized for the usage of the GAB and this representation as another avenue of pro boxing informations and show window of the world in terms of pro women boxing

Undoubtedly, pro boxing in the world has been the name of the game of today's generation.As a matter of fact, I was surprised to learn that practically almost all Filipinos are well updated with facts and matters about Filipino world class fighters.In Chicago ,ILL.,the group of Filipino community the likes of Rolando P.Hiso and his family, whose hospitality I will cherish, Edgar Lafortesa of the Chicago's finest police and their group are very much active despite their daily routine to know the latest boxing trends in the Philippines. They are very accurate and ever supportive of our Filipino great fighters of the ring. Even the consulate officials in Chicago whom I also visited with Consul Patrick Hilado, my Bacoleno kababayan, talked and relayed to me about their joys and happiness with regards to the development of pro sports back in the country.

We from the GAB , under the leadership of Chairman Eric R.Buhain who is one of our country's sports icon in his own right, believed that though the journey would be too long for us to effectively put everything in place, but we know no limit nor boundaries for the enhancement of professional sports in the Philippines.We had already approved also in our May 10 Board meeting the "Muay Thai" as another inclusion in the sports calendar of the GAB.The more number of pro sports in the country,the more golden opportunities ahead for our young athletes for their own benefits and for the glory and honor of this nation.

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