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Perpetual Student

By Atty. Danrex Joseph V. Tapdasan

Fri, 23 Apr 2010

The fight on the 1st of May at the MGM Grand will be a battle between two best American welterweights.

Unlike during the heydays of ?Sugar? Ray Leonard and Tommy ?The Hitman? Hearns, the Americans do not dominate the 147 lbs. weight division anymore. At this time in the boxing world, a Puerto Rican, Mexican, a Ghanian or a Haitian has a legitimate shot at being the best in this division now dominated by a Filipino called the ?Pacman?.

A fight between Floyd Joy Mayweather, Jr. of Las Vegas, Nevada and Shane Donte Mosley of Pomona, California is an intriguing match-up. Many boxing experts are divided in making their respective picks.

Here are the factors that will be the keys to Mayweather?s victory:

Accuracy ? Mayweather is sort of a sharp shooter, he does an economy of his punches and throws only those he can land. In contrast, Mosley throws more punches but he has a lower percentage in punches landed. In a tactical fight, Mayweather will be the fresher fighter down the stretch.

Defense ? In recent fights, it is Mosley who has been hit a lot by his opponents than Mayweather. Floyd is a defensive genius and can switch from using the ?rope a dope? to riding in his bicycle and confusing his rival. Even in fights against slower guys like Vargas and Mayorga, Mosley has struggled and has absorbed a great amount of leather. He also struggled with another defensive genius and sharpshooter, Winky Wright.

Speed ? Not only is Floyd the quicker fighter as far as feet, shoulder and head movement, his reflexes is also better than that of Shane. The Californian was outboxed and was defeated in terms of speed by Miguel Cotto. Cotto is slower than Mayweather.

Age ? Mosley will turn 39 in September and he is not a ?young? 39-year old as compared to the ageless Bernard Hopkins. ?Sugar? has suffered the wear and tear of brutal battles, while ?Pretty Boy? has maintained his unscathed body and his long hiatus before the Marquez fight helped his body recover from his own previous battles. If this fight was staged 10 years ago, when it was originally rumoured, I would have a different pick. The height and reach advantage of Mosley, including the maturity factor would have carried him through victory over Mayweather. But the years that passed have taken its toll on the reflexes, speed and over-all boxing skills of Mosley. He has slowed down over the years. This is the perfect time for Mayweather to fight Mosley, as the latter is not already in his prime.

Mosley will put up a decent fight but he will again fall short for the sixth time in his career. It will be a win for the ?Pretty Boy? by decision in a dominantly defensive fight with so much holding and clinching. This may be a technical or scientific fight for the true boxing scholar but a ?boring? fight for the majority of the viewing public.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has the reputation of hand-picking opponents who he can surely beat. This is aimed to preserve his undefeated record. In this match-up, this is another brilliant choice for Mayweather as he hand-picked a beatable but still a fan favourite opponent.

The winner of this fight will be rewarded by being pit with the Pound For Pound King, Manny Pacquiao in a salivating history-in-the-making match. Any of these two boxers will be defeated by Pacquiao, that?s my opinion.

My friends Gerry Pe?alosa, Edwin Sese and Renato Lirio, among others, openly picked Mosley to win in this fight. Even the WBO welterweight champion favors Mosley. But I?m not shaken. We are all asked, who are we picking? The Perpetual Student picks Mayweather.

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