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Boxing View

By Carlos Costa

Fri, 23 Nov 2012

Good boxer vs Legendary Muay Thai fighter. Who will win? That's what fans will find out when Filipino boxer Ranel Suco Singwancha challenges rugged Thailander Jomthong Chuwatana (3-0, 3KO's) for the WBC OPBF Super Featherweight Title tomorrow (Nov 24) in Kunming, China.

The winner will become WBC Asian Super Featherweight Continental title as well as OPBF champion, plus a place in the WBC Super Featherweight (130 lbs) world rankings, good reasons for emerging victorious, but the fight is not an easy fight for any of the combatants, especially for Ranel Suco as Jomthong is not only an awesome extremely active experienced warrior, but the current WBC Muay Thai Lightweight (135 lbs) World Champion.

Jomthong Chuwatana, who currently fights in both muay thai as well as boxing, has amazingly fought in 227 muay thai combats since he turned muay thai pro fighter at age eight. He is now 23 years old. From those 227 combats 187 have been victories, 36 loses, 4 draws.

Jimthong has also been WBC Muay Thai Featherweight (126 lbs) world champion. Also, Rajadamnern Stadium Bantamweight (118 lbs) Champion and Muay Thai fighter of the year.

His goal? Be the first fighter in history to be simultaneously Muay Thai World Champion and Boxing World Champion. And he is working on it.

This year 2012, Jimthong has fought a total of six times, all of them high level clashes.

Five of those combats has been against top muay thai fighters, reaffirmation that Jimthong is no ordinary fighter.

In a bloody war, Jimthong knocked out tough Dong-Hyuk Kim to captured the OPBF super featherweight title last May 28 in Seoul, Korea.

Twelve days later the Jimthong was back in the ring against tough Turkish kickboxing warrior Yetkin Ozkul in a world title match. Jimthong defeated Ozkul to retain his WBC muay thai world championship as the sensational Thai legend continues fighting and winning.

Jimthong's last clash was a muay thai win against fellow Parnphet Chor Na Patalung in a Onesongchai muay thai card at Rajadamnern Stadium last month (October 2012) in Bangkok, Thailand, a thrilling combat attended by this Philboxing author by invitation of Jimthong's promoter Pariyakorn Ratanasuban of Onesongchai Promotions.

"Jimthong is not your ordinary muay world champion, he's experienced, in control and explosive; thrilling to watch," commented to this reporter muy thai connoisseur Patrick Cusick of Australia. Totally agreed.


So how to defeat a relentless fighting machine like Jimthong Chuwatana?

The Filipino Ranel Suco Singwancha of Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur, will have to be extremely smart when he gets in the ring with Jimthong as the battle could turn really tough.

Ranel Suco's best bet to use his boxing skills and experience in the art of boxing against the muay thai southpaw legend as one thing is muay thai, other thing is boxing.

Jomthong has been in uncountable wars as a muay thai warrior, but only in three boxing fights, all of them knock out wins, including a wins in Korea and Japan.

In contrast, Ranel Suco has been in a total of 22 fights in boxing, which could be an advantage over Jimthong as, at least on paper, Ranel Suco should have more boxing knowledge and abilities than the muay thai great.

The Filipino must box and disappear from the line of fire, never be a steady target and use his left jab constantly (both defenselessly and offensively), as a good boxing jab weapon that Jimthong might not be used to deal with.

Importantly, the Pinoy must turn to the right of the thai, always to the right to avoid the powerful lethal left straight and left hooks thrown by the thai (Jimthong is southpaw while Ranel is orthodox)

Counterpunching, attacks in combinations and speed must be other part of Ranel Suco's game plan; plus, the 26 year-old Filipino must move constantly and avoid the close quarters combat against Jimthong.

Infight is the kind of combat preferred by the thai, precisely the kind of fight the pinoy should evade as Ranel lacks power punch.

Only 6 knockout victories in a total of 22 outings seem to suggest that Ranel Suco's best bet is in smart boxing, not a kamikaze short distance power contest against a bigger more experienced, even taller opponent.

Ranel Suco is already in Kunming with his handlers Naris Singwancha, Brico Santig of Baguio's Highland Boxing and his trainer 32 year-old Ninolito "Lito" Jalnaiz (former flyweight fighter) who prepared Ranel at the Highland Boxing Gym perfectly located in the paradisaical Baguio mountains.


Seated Filipino Boxer Ranel Suco (14-6-2, 6KO's) today in Kunming, China. Standing from L to R: Chinese promoter Liu Gang of Zovi Boxing Promotions, Ranel's sponsor Naris Singwancha of Thailand and manager/matchmaker Brico Santig of Baguio's Highland Boxing.

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