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Boxing View

By Carlos Costa

Sun, 11 Nov 2012

One of the most exciting super bantamweight fights of this year is about to unfold before our eyes as talented 2-division world champion Mexican Abner Mares makes the first defense of his green/golden 122 pound belt against bantamweight "super champion" Anselmo Moreno of Panama in a few hours at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Picking a winner is not an easy task as both proven warriors in the prime of their prize fighting careers have the chance of grabbing the important nod as the victor could be a logical opponent for the winner of the Donaire-Arce super bantamweight fight in Houston on December 15.

For some fans, Moreno's advantage in height, reach plus his superb boxing skills, and speed are the undeniably multiplying factors that would assure him the huge win. These elements, added to his ring savvy and quick confusing moves are the extras that "Chemito" Moreno could exploit over the tough Mares as the slick Panamanian has repeatedly emerged victorious over local fighters way behind enemy lines as far as in France and Germany.

Those overseas battles have provided Moreno with the valuable experience on how to win round-after-round over rough warriors as well as sharpened his already gifted Whitaker-like defense, standout features that argue in favor of the thesis that the friendly 27 year-old Panamanian with record of 33-1, 12KO's and 10 defenses of his world title could pull a fantastic triumph.

But beware of a huge danger. As careful as Moreno is, surprising initial big power blow thrown by his fast and undefeated opponent Mares during the opening rounds could flatten him in the blink of an eye. Early on that's what Moreno must continuously watch out for even he sure knows it. Most emphatically while near/against the ropes, "Chemito" must have a sharp eye on the chopping quick lethal hands sent at him by Mares at moments while the slick Moreno still fine tunes his timing, pace and reach, essentially the rhythm of his right jab and straight left to the Mexican's mid-section.

"The Fight Writer" Graham Houston argues that whoever imposes his style will prevail. While the notion is true in every possible combat in boxing that could be thought of, the point is no less true on tonight's clash as the first rounds might determine the outcome of tonight's battle to be broadcast on Showtime.

Mares will most likely look for the in-fight in aggressive mode as the southpaw Moreno will use his right jab and accurate counter punching to keep the Mexican world champion at bay while attempting to scoring the hands that would make him win the stanza; in fact, trying to follow the same as blueprint that he himself drew on his praised title wins over Darchinyan, Sidorenko (in his prime, not the semi-retired who faced Donaire), Parra and de la Mora; and fans know the outcome of those battles.

While its true that Mares has more boxing talent that these four combined, Moreno seems to posses the natural reflexes and ability of reading Mares's attacks, which are expected to be sustained, non-stop and violent.

Mares (24-0-1, 13KO's) has proven so talented that is so much difficult for any fight fan not to appreciate his boxing as well as his positive personality.

This author met the former Olympian at Mexico's La Romanza Gym of Nacho Beristain (before Abner had that retina problem) and got to know that Mares is a friendly, engaging person, perfectly bilingual and appealing to boxing audiences both in the US and Latin America.

Plus, Mares aggressive come-forward fighting stance is not only effective, but thrilling to watch. Cliff Rold of writes that even if Mares loses, his fan base might not be diminished. A very valid point.

That's why audiences just hope that this time he'd not engage in a war of low-blows as he did before. Indeed, most fans would remember Mares dishing out of those enormous amounts of lefts and rights on to Agbeko's below-the-belt area with the somewhat sadistic complacency of erratic Las Vegas referee Russell Mora. Let's hope that this new Mares's outing will see none of that bunch of that distasteful fight "malarky." (as vice president Biden might describe it)

Most likely this match will see none of that as Anselmo Moreno will be too quick, prepared and smart to protect himself from the possibility of Mare's low blows attempts (if any attempt), as well as rabbit punch, elbows and/or non-intentional headbutts, thus avoiding unwanted cuts that would shorten the combat.

Fortunately, this time the third man will be Raul Caiz Jr, a top California referee with uncountable impeccable performances in top title fights like this one.

As a matter of fact, Raul Caiz Jr. was the referee in the Moreno-Darchinyan fight last December in Anaheim as well as the third man in the Moreno-Monsipour three years ago in France. Moreno won both battles in dominant fashion.

Caiz Jr. was also the referee of the Mares-Fulgencio rumble, a fight in which Mares knocked out Fulgencio three years ago at the Club Nokia in Los Angeles.

Ringside judges in this super bantamweight title fight are veterans Marty Denkin of California, David Sutherland of Oklahoma and James Jen-Kin of California.

Next Sunday (Nov 18) will be Abner Mares's 27th birthday and sure he'd want to celebrate it as a world champion. Will he able to defeat the most talented and skillful fighter he's ever faced and have a really happy birthday, or will it be the other way around?

Since we need to pick one winner, here is my pre-fight thinking: It will be great title combat in which fans will witness the effective brilliant boxing of Anselmo Moreno at his best: a masterful display of the traditional principle of the sweet science, hitting and not being hit.

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