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By Dong Secuya A Coming Out Party For Filipino Boxers
Mon, 18 Jul 2005

Ted Lerner of The Ring Magazine, in his most recent article, wrote that as far as the Philippine boxing scene is concerned, it is Manny Pacquiao and then everyone else.

To a large degree the statement was correct. To the casual Filipino boxing fan, names like Dexter Delada, Rexon Flores, Yukka Gejon, Malcolm Tu?acao are hardly recognized or have never been heard at all. He has probably heard a bit about Mayol, Suico or Bautista but their achievements are all vagued to him.

Only the hardcore boxing fan is capable of telling you stories about all these boxers but who care to listen if the names you mumble do not ring a bell? is going to change all that.

With an ambitious project of gathering all pertinent boxing record, news stories, photos, fight video, statistics and any other related info for each Filipino boxer and organize and present these info for easier web access and reading, is bound to become an information haven for the casual and hardcore boxing fan alike.

Now anyone would be able to share the joys and struggles each boxer goes through in his career by going through the boxer's record and following news stories as well as forum discussions. As much as Manny Pacquiao's life was placed in a glass bowl that is, other Filipino boxers will have the same opportunity in, as each try to capture fame, wealth and glory through boxing.

For the first time maybe, boxing fans would be able to see photos of our upcoming as well as seasoned fighters through the boxer's personal pages and fight galleries. They will now realize that we have our own versions of De La Hoyas in Z Gorres, Malcolm Tu?acao, Dindo Casta?ares or Benedict Suico as well as the fearsome demeanor of Mike Tyson in Bert Batawang or Diosdado Gabi.

Additionally, information about boxing officials, referees, trainers, managers and promoters were also included in the database as they relate to each boxer and each fight.

Truly, after going through the pages of, you would never again conclude that Philippine boxing is only about Manny Pacquiao. Thus, the launching of can be considered as a formal introduction or the coming out party of all Filipino boxers.

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Filipino boxer and the Philippine boxing scene in general.
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