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From The Gallery

By Dong Secuya

A Milestone In The Philippine Boxing Scene
Mon, 18 Jul 2005

Welcome friends!

Today, we celebrate the launching of, the Philippine Boxing Portal, which I foresee would become the de facto Philippine boxing website for a long time to come. From a casual boxing fan, yours truly has become quite involved in the Philippine boxing scene thanks to the overwhelming success of our first project, the creation and maintenance of

The idea to create this website -- the website, was hatched only a few weeks after we've launched in August of 2003, three months before Manny Pacquiao would shock the boxing world by completely dominating the legendary Marco Antonio Barrera.

At that time, our few forum members, who wedged a lonely battle against droves of Barrera fans at diferrent Internet forums, had already suggested and discussed the idea of creating a website for all Filipino boxers.

That was a nice idea then but it remained only an idea because to create such a site would entail a great amount of work. To do justice of a site of such magnitude, I knew that a great amount of time was needed to do research and to develop the necessary computer programs that would gather and present boxing records, personal data, news, photos and anything that is related to each Filipino boxer.

But finally, after the Pacquiao-Morales fight last March, we've decided that we will go for it. Indeed, literally it was hard-labor on our part creating this site and our only inspiration was the knowledge on how important its contribution to Philippine boxing was.

We were also being motivated by friends in the boxing circle who were all supportive and partnered with us in gathering and contributing the materials needed.

The information we've gathered so far are by no means complete and we will continue to add records and info as they are made available us. But the framework, the backbone and the backend programs needed to run this website are now all in place.

So here we go, one month before the second anniversary of, the site has finally arrived.

My only hope is that this site will give a little bit of joy to each Filipino boxer and the Filipino boxing fans.

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