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Eddie Hearn, Matchroom Sport Chairman:

“Thank you Chris and welcome back as we talk about a tremendous fight card on Saturday live on DAZN around the world from Sheffield Arena. A huge domestic match-up in the 140lbs division. The British Champion, Sheffield’s Dalton Smith against the Commonwealth Champion, Liverpool’s Sam Maxwell. It’s a tremendous fight, former Team GB teammates but now with an opportunity to establish themselves on the world stage. This is a great fight card and one of the reasons is because you have so much young talent that is stepping up. We’ve seen some great names in British boxing over the years and it’s good to see so many familiar faces here as well. Former Matchroom fighter, Hall of Fame inductee, the great Carl ‘The Cobra’ Froch. Congratulations Carl. Two-time Featherweight World Champion Leigh Wood in the house. Two-time, two-weight World Champion Terri Harper. Onto Saturday night, as I said so much fantastic young talent here stepping up.”

Dalton Smith:

“My previous fights, obviously I always train hard, I’m a true professional but believe me I’m not underestimating Sam one bit. I’ve wanted this fight for a long time and that’s what it’s brought the best out in me. Physically it’s the best shape I’ve been in. It’s the best camp I’ve had. This fight means a lot to me – I want that British Title for keeps. I don’t feel like there’s any pressure on me – I never put pressure on myself. I’m boxing for myself, that’s it. When boxing is all said and done, it’s what I’ve achieved for myself. This is a big fight for me. I want that British Title for keeps. It’s going to be a special performance on Saturday. Sam is a good fighter. It’s levels, and I believe that’s what is going to show on Saturday night. If you can’t land then your power is a bit useless. I’m not underestimating Sam – this is a big opportunity for him. Where does Sam go after this? He needs to win this fight. This fight has brought the best out of me.”

Sam Maxwell:

I’ve enjoyed fight week so far. It’s been a busy one but I’m really enjoying it. I’m enjoying my whole boxing the last year that I’ve been with Paul Edwards. I’m enjoying it more than I’ve ever enjoyed it. It’s going to bring the best out of me. I feel like I hit hard enough to hurt anyone in the division. That’s what’s going to happen on Saturday if I land clean. I know I can hurt Dalton. The vibe I’m getting from his camp is that he’s looking to walk through me and smash me up. It’s going to be an exciting fight. Eddie has got all of the top 140lbs – it’s a great division to be part of. Beat Dalton on Saturday and I’ll put my name into the hat for some massive fights in the division. I feel like I’ve been underestimated by everyone. It’s about me going in there on Saturday and showing everyone how good I am.”

Pat McCormack:

“First title fight. I won plenty of medals in the amateurs. Olympic silver, World silver, European Games gold, Commonwealth gold. But now it’s time to win some belts as a pro. He’s coming to win, he’s a tough game lad. Fitness doesn’t win you fights. I’m levels above him and it’s going to show on Saturday night. Whatever he’s got to offer I’ve got an answer to. We’ve got a great team around us; Ben Davison, Lee Wylie, Barry Smith. All of the guys in the gym are flying at the minute. There’s not stopping us at the minute. Get this belt won on Saturday and push on from there. We’re looking at bigger and better things. This is the start of the titles.”

Tony Dixon:

“I love it. This is what I do. I’m a fighter. That’s what I come to do, give everyone entertainment. I’m here to do a job. I think it’s going to be a brilliant fight. He hasn’t fought me yet has he.”

Hopey Price:

“The last opponent was a little bit awkward but then again he boxed for a World Title. I fought him in my tenth fight. You can’t please everyone. Some people have said it was a bit boring but it’s given me the bit between my teeth a little bit for this fight. He’s a bit more game and he’ll stand there straight in front of me. I can stand straight in front of him, I can T off. I can just punch his head in gypsy style. The pressure is one now in these sort of fights. It’s not just about winning these fights and cruising through these fights. I really want to show the best of my ability. 100% this fight I’m coming for the knockout. I’m definitely going to take him out.”

James Beech Jnr:

“I’m ready to go now. I’ve been here and I’ve done it. I’m just ready to go. I’ve definitely learnt from it. In the past I’ve got myself hyped up, maybe too hyped up in the past whereas this week I’m just staying relaxed. I’m just treating it as if it’s a normal fight really.”

Junaid Bostan:

“I mean if you get asked questions you’re going to speak aren’t you. I’ve seen bits and bobs from their side saying, ‘he’s talking a good game’, but when you’re getting asked questions you’re going to answer them and you’re going to speak confidently. First of all, Eid Mubarak to all of my brothers and sisters. Inshallah you all have a good day. He mentioned about people pulling out of fights, he’ll never have that issue with me. I got offered the fight, watched a bit of a clip and said, ‘yeah no problem’. I feel like a big fish right now. It was only last year when I was on the Sheffield show and I was on a stool, I was like Eddie sort this out I know I’m not signed but you don’t have to rub it in. Now all of a sudden I’m on the top table. Life comes at you fast. It’s up to me to stay composed, stay switched on and deliver.”

Ryan Amos:

“I’m from the small hall shows. I had a few opportunities, everyone pulled out. I’m just happy that somebody has accepted a fight. I’m ready to go. I always come to fight. Basically I got offered a Midlands Title fight when I didn’t have much experience. I won that fight and just keep getting better and better.”

Lewis Sylvester:

“This is another step up for me. My last fight was another undefeated fighter for the final eliminator. Steffy has done everything in his power to get me to this position. I’m here now and I’m finally ready to show the world what I can do. A win is always good but putting on a great performance is even better. Getting a win, this could change my life and it could change my career completely. Hull is a massive boxing city and I’m ready to put it back on the map.”

Adam Cope:

“I can’t wait. I’ve been fit for a while and then this opportunity came up. I’m ready to step in and take it. I think a lot of people in boxing know about me but now it’s time to show everyone else what I can do. I think I can do everything really; box, punch, come forward and mix it up and work them out when I’m in there. I’ve got loads of support coming and I’m not going to let them down.”

Beatriz Ferreira:

“I’m coming from the World Championship and I’m really happy to be here for my third professional fight. I’ve prepared really well, coming from the World Title victory my adrenaline is at a 1000%. Preparation has been really good, I’m very confident and really looking forward to the fight. Yes I am highly determined. What I want is titles, I want belts. Olympic boxing is very different, the preparation is very different but I am really prepared for this. What I want is to collect belts. I am ready for it.”

Karla Ramos Zamora:

“I am focused on this next fight. I’ve got a lot of professional experience. Beatrice comes in with a lot of Olympic experience so everything is in place to be a really good fight on Saturday and I hope we have a clean fight and I hope it is a really good fight.”

Nico Leivars:

“It has been a frustrating few months. It’s been months where I’ve still been in the gym training hard, money in the bank if you want to say. I’m hoping for a good performance on Saturday night and you’ll see a lot of improvement. The whole gym is flying and it’s definitely bringing the best out of all of us. We’re all picking things up when we’re training together and sparring. Even with this weekend we’ve got three on the card and we’ve all been looking good in the gym. It’ll be three wins again on Saturday.”

Cory O’Regan:

“The Leeds thing I’ve done twice. This is my third time on a Matchroom card. I believe each one has been a little bit better of a performance. Hopefully for the third one, I plan on doing the same thing. In Leeds, I’m known around that way. Fighting in another city is good for my profile and building. Any opportunity you get to come on a show like this is one you have to take. It’s the one you want to look good on. I know what you guys can offer. I know what you can do for boxers, the opportunities and everything. It’s about me getting on the right shows at the right time and progressing in my career.”

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