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Eddie Hearn, Matchroom Sport Chairman:

“Thank you Chris and Darren, and thank you everyone for your patience. A huge media turnout here as we approach in my opinion one of the biggest moments in the history of Irish boxing. One of the biggest moments in the history of Irish sport. On Saturday night at the 3Arena Katie Taylor challenges Chantelle Cameron for the undisputed Super-Lightweight Championship of the World. Katie Taylor, former Olympic Champion, former five-time World Amateur Champion, six time European Champion, World Champion, Undisputed Champion, two division World Champion will fight in Dublin for the first time as she looks to make history and become a two-division Undisputed World Champion. Chantelle Cameron the reigning 140lbs undisputed will be looking for one of the greatest victories from an English British fighter in the history of our sport as well as she looks to create her own legacy as a great among women’s and men’s boxing worldwide. This is a tremendous fight and I think we should pay homage to both fighters for accepting this challenge. It’s so refreshing to see World Champions, undisputed champions willing to fight the very best. We don’t see it enough in boxing. When was the last time you would get a reigning undisputed Lightweight World Champion that was scheduled to fight a reigning undisputed Featherweight World Champion, with that fighter pulling out and within 24 hours the undisputed Super-Lightweight World Champion was in the fight? This is exactly what boxing needs and this fight will be epic on Saturday night in front of a sold-out 3Arena – the biggest gate in the history of the 3Arena, live and exclusive on DAZN around the world. This is a huge moment for DAZN coming off the back of some incredible events. Ryan Garcia against Gervonta Davies, Canelo Alvarez against John Ryder and the return of Anthony Joshua. Of course this weekend, KSI last weekend, going into Leigh Wood against Mauricio Lara next weekend.”

Katie Taylor:

“This is absolutely incredible, we’re only two days away from making my homecoming fight. I think that one of the things that I wanted to achieve when I first turned pro six years ago was to fight here at home. This is a nation who love their sport, who love their boxing, and for a very very small nation we’re very good at it as well. It’s amazing to be bringing big time boxing back to this nation again where it belongs. This isn’t any normal fight, this is undisputed champions versus undisputed champion. This is a very special fight, one of the biggest fights in boxing I believe. I think we’re definitely turning a new leaf for Irish boxing. Hopefully this is the first night of many here at home in Ireland. Even just looking at the public workout the other day, just looking at so many young fighters there, young girls that were watching the public workout. They’re looking up to myself and Chantelle and all of these other fighters, it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s great to be in a position where you’re influencing the next generation of fighters. They’re going to grow up with big dreams and big ambitions as well which is absolutely amazing. That’s what legacy is all about isn’t it, making the way for the next generation of fighters. Those generation of fighters are going to do even more than we’ve ever done. That’s what real legacy is all about. When I was growing up as a 9 or 10 year old having these big dreams, I didn’t have the Olympics at the time, we had so many obstacles and so many boundaries in the way. Here we are making the path so much easier for the next generation of fighters. It’s amazing. Just a few hours ago I met up with Deirdre Gogarty who was my hero growing up. She was the only female fighter I knew of at the time. Just the influence that she had on my career is amazing, I could be that for some young girl coming up in the sport as well. I saw the fight slipping away for me, the May 20th date was slipping away. I don’t use social media much but when I do use it I guess I can make a big impact. I knew that Chantelle wanted this fight as well. It was a very easy fight to make. The minute the Tweet went out a few days later the fight was actually made. Two undisputed champions facing off against each other is absolutely huge for the sport and it has all of the makings of another epic fight. I never pick the easiest challenges – I want the biggest tests and the biggest challenges. I have a chance to become a two-weight undisputed champion on Saturday evening in front of my home crowd. This is so so special.”

Ross Enamait, trainer of Taylor:

“Chantelle is obviously a tremendous fighter, undefeated versus undefeated. But Katie is as motivated as ever. She’s always wanted this fight. I know that there are people that thought she didn’t, but she’s wanted it all along. She’s firing on all cylinders and she’s ready to go. It’s great to be here, it’s special and I think it’s something that maybe we’ll look at afterwards, but up until we get the win it is just business as usual. It doesn’t really matter where we are. It’s great to be here, but I’ve been saying all along, I don’t care if we fight in a dessert with nobody there, we’re coming to get the W. The noise will be epic but she’s been there before, going back to the 2012 Olympics, we fought Serrano at Madison Square Garden, we couldn’t hear the bell ring in several of the rounds, so she’s been there before but when you’re in there fighting you don’t hear the noise, you tune it all out and you just worry about what’s in front of you. I’m sure she (Cameron is going to be aggressive. She’s big and she’s strong, and she’s busy, but Katie has been sparring 15 rounds with fresh opponents coming in every few rounds so if the plan is to wear her out, I think they’re going to need to think again. She’s seen everything, and she’s proven it time and time again. Like I said, she’s firing on all cylinders. I’m sure you’ll see the best Chantelle Cameron but you’re also going to see the best Katie Taylor.”

Chantelle Cameron:

“It’s unbelievable to be here. It feels like it was yesterday I was in Abu Dhabi thinking, ‘wow I’m undisputed World Champion, it’s not going to get bigger than this’ – I remember saying to Jamie the next day what’s next, what can I achieve now? I became undisputed – that was my dream. Fighting Katie Taylor now is my bigger goal – that’s what I always wanted. I never thought it would happen. For me this fight is bigger than becoming undisputed World Champion. Anyone in this division or round about this division has always wanted to fight Katie Taylor because she’s the pound for pound best and if you’re in boxing you want to challenge the best as well, especially if you’re a champion. You’ve got to set yourself them sort of goals and try achieve your own greatness. I’ve always wanted this fight and I didn’t think it would happen. I’m here now. I’ve got so much respect for Katie Taylor as well. When I saw that Amanda Serrano pulled out I thought Katie deserved a homecoming. What she’s done for women’s boxing, I wouldn’t be sat where I am if it wasn’t for Katie Taylor and Claressa Shields. The homecoming, I thought yeah let’s just jump in and take Amanda’s spot because I think Katie deserved this homecoming in Dublin. It was a no brainer for me. It will definitely be hostile but it’s going to be tunnel vision and I’ll be focused on the job at hand. I’ll let everything else go above my head, I’ve got one job to do and that is to win.”

Jamie Moore, trainer of Cameron:

“It certainly is. I don’t think you need me to try and sell it to you Eddie. It’s a phenomenal fight, two fighters probably at the peak of their game, willing and ready to fight each other basically at the drop of a hat. There wasn’t that much negotiations that took place in those few days from the point where Katie put that message out on Instagram. Chantelle accepted it straight away and that is how it should be. I think a lot of other fighters across the world can could take notes from the way these two have dealt with the situation. Talking about two undefeated undisputed Word Champions fighting each other – Chantelle has boxed a reigning undisputed World Champion two fights on the trot now – one above and one below. I don’t think that has ever been done as well. The calibres of fighters they are willing to fight each other with such short negotiations is something to take your hat off to. I’ve seen a difference in Chantelle this camp. She was two or three weeks into a camp to box on April 1st anyway when this came about so she was already in training mode. All of a sudden when this fight came around we saw her go up a gear, or maybe even two. People say all the time this is the best training camp they’ve had. This truly is the best I’ve ever seen Chantelle and if she’s ever going to beat Katie Taylor and give herself the best opportunity, she’s put herself in that situation. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that if I tried to send Chantelle out to outbox Katie Taylor it would be crazy tactics. Who in their right mind would try and go and outbox someone of Katie’s calibre. You have to be a bit smarter than that and you have to use your best attributes. Chantelle has got some phenomenal attributes. It’s easy saying it, the hardest part is actually getting her into the positions to take advantage of her strengths against Katie. That’s going to be the battle early on. I have no doubt in my mind that Chantelle comes out victorious on Saturday. This has the potential to be one of the greatest female fights ever, in fact one of the best fights ever.”

Alfie Sharman, Vice President Marketing - DAZN:

“Thanks Eddie and thanks to everyone for coming out today and joining us in this beautiful location in the heart of Dublin. I just want to say from myself and on behalf of everyone at DAZN how proud we are to be involved in such a historic event. What a fight we have on Saturday as Eddie said. Two undisputed World Champions going head-to-head in Dublin, Katie going up in weight against Chantelle – a formidable opponent. Lots are saying this is Katie’s toughest test to date and I think that’s fair and we’re in for a cracker on Saturday. We’ve had an amazing few weeks at DAZN. ‘Tank’ Davies versus Ryan Garcia – the same night that Joe Cordina became a two-time World Champion. The we went to Mexico with Canelo Alvarez and John Ryder. Here we are now with Taylor vs. Cameron, Wood vs. Lara 2 next week and then we go into another longer period of fights with Matchroom debutant and DAZN debutant World Champion Sunny Edwards, as well as Regis Prograis and going into Claressa Shields and Edgar Berlanga all in June alone, further reconfirming DAZN purely does have the best schedule in boxing. On that note I just want to thank Matchroom, Eddie, Frank and all of the team for their continued support and putting on these fights. It takes a lot of work and we are very grateful for them to allow us to continue to provide the most value to our customers as part of their subscription.”

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