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The Past Week in Action 6 February 2023: Amanda Serrano and Alycia Baumgardner are Undisputed Champs; Navarrete Stops Wilson in 9

-Amanda Serrano and Alycia Baumgardner both win their fights in Madison Square Garden and both now have collected all five belts in their respective division to be undisputed champion
-Emanuel Navarrete suffers the first knockdown of his career but gets up to stop Liam Wilson and wins the vacant WBO super featherweight title making him a three-division champion
- Arnold Barboza goes to 28-0 with a unanimous decision over Jose Pedraza
-Andres Cortez, Lindolfo Delgado, Richard Torrez and Nico Asli Walsh score wins
Richardson Hitchins, Skye Nicolson, Shadasia Green and Ramia Ali are victorious at the Garden
- Russian Olympic gold medal winner Albert Batyrgaziev floors and outpoints Jezreel Corrales

World Title/Major Shows

February 3

Glendale, AZ, USA: Super Feather: Emanuel Navarrete (37-1) W TKO 9 Liam Wilson (11-2). Super Light: Arnoldo Barboza (28-0) W PTS 10 Jose Pedraza (29-5-1). Super Feather: Andres Cortes (19-0) W PTS 10 Luis Melendez (17-3). Super Light: Lindolfo Delgado (17-0) W PTS 8 Clarence Booth (21-7). Heavy: Richard Torrez (5-0) W RTD 1 James Bryant (6-3). Middle: Nico Walsh (8-0) W PTS 6 Eduardo Ayala (9-3-1).

Navarrete vs. Wilson
Navarrete survives a fourth round scare to wear down and stop a gutsy Wilson in the ninth round of as stirring contest. He wins the vacant WBO super featherweight title and becomes a three-division champion.
Round 1
Nice tight opening from Wilson. He jabbed strongly and connected with a coulee of hooks to the head. Navarrete was short with his jabs and when he overreached Wilson scored with a neat counter.
Score: 10-9 Wilson
Round 2
Navarrete came out more aggressively in the second letting fly with long swinging punches. Wilson countered with hooks again but when he landed a left hook Navarrete fired back with rights. Navarrete ended the rounds by scoring with a series of punches to just take the round.
Score: 10-9 NavarreteTIED 19-19
Round 3
Wilson boxed well early in the round. He found gaps for short hooks and piercing jabs whereas Navarrete was wildly off target with long swipes. Wilson changed to southpaw and he scored with a sharp right and then provided the stronger finish to the round.
Score: 10-9 WilsonWilson 29-28
Round 4
Wilson was still boxing southpaw but Navarrete was upping his attacks putting Wilson under more pressure. Wilson switched to orthodox and landed a sharp right and the next time Navarrete came forward Wilson landed a great left hook which stopped Navarrete in his tracks. His legs shook and he staggered back Wilson followed up connecting with a series of head punches before sending Navarrete down with another right. Navarrete was up at five. He had lost his mouth guard. When the referee got to eight, he bent down and picked up Navarrete’s mouthguard. Instead of taking Navarrete to his corner to have it put it back in Navarrete’s mouth. Navarrete fiddled with it not happy it was in correctly. Wilson threw bombs trying to get the win but Navarrete saw out the last twenty seconds of the round. Navarrete’s first knockdown as a pro.
Score: 10-8 WilsonWilson 39-36
Official Scores: Judge Dennis O’Connell 39-36 Wilson. Judge Pat Russell 38-37 Wilson. Judge Chris Wilson 38-37 Wilson.
Round 5
Navarrete had recovered from that dreadful fourth but was still slinging wild punches. Wilson was throwing straight rights and lefts and for most of the round did the more effective work. Navarrete staged a strong finish connecting with powerful hoods but I though it was Wilson’s round.
Score: 10-9 WilsonWilson 49-45
Round 6
Wilson started the round firing jabs and coming in behind them with hooks to the body. Navarrete then began to connect with his trademark long hooks from both hands with Wilson forced onto the back foot. Navarrete really began to put his punches together firing busts. As they traded punches another left hook rocked Navarrete but Wilson bundled Navarrete to the floor as the bell rung so he lost his chance to follow that success.
Score: 10-9 NavarreteWilson 58-55
Round 7 
They traded punces freely in this round both throwing bombs. Both were landing but Navarrete was getting the better of the exchanges digging home body punches and by the end of the round he was chasing Wilson across the ring and pounding him against the ropes…
Score: 10-9 NavarreteWilson 67-65
Round 8
Wilson scored well at the start of the round but then Navarrete took over. He was hunting Wilson down scoring with powerful hooks and uppercuts to head and body. Wilson just could not stem the tide and looked to be wilting at the bell.
Score: 10-9 Navarrete Wilson 76-75
Official Scores: Judge Dennis O’Connell 76-75 Navarrete. Judge Pat Russell 77-74 Navarrete. Judge Chris Wilson 77-74 Navarret.
Round 9
Just twenty seconds into the round a huge right cross to the head sent Wilson tumbling back and down to the canvas. He was up at four but a right and a solid left hook to the head staggered him. He survived that but was shaken again by a volley of shots whilst pinned against the ropes. The referee should have stopped the fight then but after Wilson stumbled without receiving a punch the referee did stop the fight.
Navarrete gets win No 31 by KO/TKO. Arche Sharp is No 1 with the WBO but that would be a hard sell whereas fights against Oscar Valdez and Leo Santa Cruz would be huge if they could be made. Wilson was a relatively unknown in world terms but he had Navarrete in deep trouble in the fourth and is no longer an unknown. On his showing against Navarrete he can now look forward to some more high profile fights.

Barboza vs. Pedraza
A good win for Barboza as he collects a unanimous decision over Pedraza. Barboza curbed his aggression and boxed his way to victory in this fight. He went onto the back foot in the first round scoring well with his jab and rights. Pedraza was coming forward bobbing and weaving but just not throwing enough punches to be a threat. He did not really manage to put real pressure on Barboza until the fifth when he closed Barboza down and fired home some combinations but even then Barboza was finding the target with rights to the body. Pedroza had a useful sixth as he again manged to get Barboza to stand and trade but in the seventh Barboza was able to work off the back foot scoring with counters and Pedraza was showing bruising under both eyes. Pedroza worked hard in the eighth but the highlight was a spectacular burst of punches from Barboza as he continued to outland Pedraza. Barboza chose to stand and trade punches in a close ninth and again Barboza was landing more and harder shots. Pedroza had a cut by his right eye but staged a strong finish to partially close the points gap. Scores 95-94 twice and 97-93 all for Barboza. Barboza is No 4 with the WBO and No 8 wth the WBC so a couple of fights away from any title fight but still on course. Pedraza had a couple of hard fights in 2022, losing on points against Jose Ramirez and drawing with Richard Commey so for the first time in his career he is without a win in his last three fights but going into this fight but was still in both the WBC and WBO top ten. 
Cortes vs. Melendez
Cortes shrugs off an ugly cut to decision Melendez. Cortes was just too strong for Melendez. He was able to get past Melendez’s jab and work him over inside. Melendez did not seem to have the power to keep Cortes out. Instead from the fourth Melendez chose to take the fight inside which played into the hands of Cortes. By the end of the fifth Cortes was surging forward and landing hooks and uppercuts as Melendez tried to clinch to stem the tide. A clash of heads in the sixth saw Cortes suffer a very bad cut on his left eye lid but he passed a doctor’s inspection and the fight continued. Cortes was in charge over the closing rounds. Melendez’s work rate dropped as Cortes bullied him forcing him to the ropes landing hooks with both hands and Melendez looked as though survival was his only interest. Scores 100-90 for Cortes on the three cards. Las Vegas native Cortes was in his first ten round fight. A promotion he had earned with a run of wins over good level opposition such as 34-2 Genesis Servania and 23-4 Mark Bernaldez. Second consecutive loss for Melendez who had dropped a majority verdict against Eduardo Ramirez in May.
Delgado vs. Booth
Mexican Olympian Delgado adds another win to his record. Booth attempted to crowd Delgado by advancing behind a high guard but Delgado was slotting strong jabs through gaps and landing clubbing rights. He was picking Booth off at distance and when Booth did get close he was not letting his hands go. Delgado was comfortable just outboxing Booth and allowing Booth a little more success than he deserved. Delgado was putting together some good combinations but not sustaining his attacks and seemed content to get in some rounds. Delgado went for the knockout in the eighth. He cracked home two rights to the head that put Booth down. Booth was up quickly but had to survive some more bombs with Delgado staggering him just prior to the bell. Scores 79-72 twice and 80-71 for Delgado. Three losses on the trot against tough opposition for Booth.
Torrez vs. Bryant
Yet another quick win for Torrez. Bryant had 30lbs in weight over Torrez but Torrez was stronger and quickly had Bryan backing off. He kept pressing scoring with some hard hooks and uppercuts. With less than ten seconds remaining in the round Torrez nailed the advancing Bryant with a fearsome left uppercut that sent Bryan reeling into the ropes and down. He struggled to his feet but his legs were shaking. The referee gave Bryant a count and decided he was able to continue. The bell had gone and Bryant’s team then pulled their man out of the fight. The five wins scored by the Tokyo silver medallist have taken him less than eight rounds. Second inside the distance defeat for Bryant. 
Walsh vs. Ayala
Walsh drops and outpoints Ayala. Walsh made a fast start finding the target with sharp jabs and mixing his shots well to head and body. Ayala was slower but scored with some useful clubbing shots. Walsh put Ayala down with a straight right to the head in the second, Ayala was up quicky and defied Walsh’s attempts to end the fight and actually fought back hard at the bell. Ayala turned it into a brawl in the third scoring with some hard shots to the head. Walsh boxed more over the fourth. He was drawn into a brawl again in the fifth and sixth but outscored Ayala in both rounds. Scores 59-54 twice and 60-53 for Walsh. A clear winner in a tough gruelling fight. Ayala had won his last three fights.

February 4

New York, NY, USA: Feather: Amanda Serrano (44-2-1) W PTS 10 Erika Cruz Hernandez (15-2). Super Light: Richardson Hitchins (16-0) WPTS 10 John Bauza (17-1). Super Feather: Alycia Baumgardner (14-1) W PTS 10 Elhem Mekhaled (15-2). Feather: Skye Nicolson (6-0) W PTS 10 Tania Alvarez (7-1). Super Middle: Shadasia Green (12-0) W TKO 6 Elin Cederroos (8-2). Super Bantam: Ramia Ali (8-0) W PTS 10 Avril Mathie (8-1-1).

Serrano vs. Cruz
Serrano wins a unanimous decision over Cruz in a thrilling battle. The victory means Serrano now holds all five belts in the featherweight division making her undisputed champion. Both were looking to take control early with southpaw Cruz trying to hustle the superior boxer out of her stride. The ferocity of Cruz’s swarming attacks meant Serrano had to get down in the trenches and fight fire with fire. Cruz was just flinging punches with her head down so missing with plenty but as they were coming from all angles she was also having plenty of success. Serrano was every bit as busy but was more accurate and swinging in a tighter arc landing more and getting more leverage on her punches. Cruz tended to push her head forward when she threw a punch and was warned for that in the second. They clashed heads in the third and Cruz suffered a gash high on her forehead which bled heavily with the blood running down between her eyes for the for the rest of the fight. The sheer volume of punches thrown by Cruz meant she was getting through with some but Serrano was shaking off whatever Cruz landed and driving her back with volleys of her own. Serrano battered Cruz with a succession of punches in the sixth and although looking exhausted Cruz just dipped her head and kept swinging. The seventh was just one long slugging match as they went toe-to-toe for the whole three minutes. The frantic pace slowed in the eighth. The blood was still flowing into Cruz’s eyes from the gash on her forehead. Her face was smeared with blood and she was tiring and firing back less but Serrano’s output also dropped. Serrano stood off and boxed more in the ninth and in the last it was a case of both putting out everything they had left as they traded punch for punch to the bell of a great contest. Serrano won on scores of 98-92 twice and 97-93. With this win Serrano takes Cruz’s WBA title and adds it to the IBF, IBO, WBC and WBO belts she already holds. She will now go on to a return fight against Katie Taylor in Dublin on 20 May. Cruz showed almost endless stamina and great courage as she fought through a veil of blood for seven rounds-but then she is Mexican and that’s what they do.

Hitchins vs. Bauza
Hitchins wins every round against Bauza. Hitchins was credited with a highly dubious knockdown in the first when Bauza seemed to slip after missing with a punch. It was a round Hitchins was going to win anyway as his silky skills had him slipping away from Bauza’s attacks and slotting home counters. His quick footwork and hand speed saw him able to fire off a bunch of punches and slide away. Hitchins scored a legitimate knockdown in the fourth putting Bauza on the floor with a lightning straight right but Bauza was not badly shaken and was banging back at the bell. Hitchins continued to boss the fight. He took a more aggressive approach over the late rounds and his jabs had Bauza’s right eye almost closed by the eighth round and the ninth and ten rounds were basically one-sided. All three judges scored it 100-88 for Hitchins. The 25-year-old New Yorker retains the IBF North American title and wins the WBC United States title. Hitchins lost to Gary Antuanne Russell at the US Olympic Trials for the Rio Olympics but qualified representing Haiti only to lose to Russell in Rio. Puerto Rican-born Bauza was a US Youth champion and was moving up to ten rounds for the first time.

Baumgardner vs. Mekhaled
Baumgardner now holds five belts in the super featherweight division after flooring and comprehensively outpointing Mekhaled in a fast-paced fight. Lovely boxing from Baumgardner in the first as she held her hands low and used quick reflexes to bob and weave around Mekhaled’s punches leaving both hands free to ping Mekhaled with jabs and straight shots. Mekhaled upped the pressure in the second. Baumgardner was bamboozling her with movement and constant switching of guard but Mekhaled managed to land some hefty rights. A right counter from Baumgardner in the third caused Mekhaled to dip at the knee and Baumgardner connected with another right that sent Mekhaled down. She was up at four but when the action resumed a blizzard of punches from Baumgardner sent her sprawling. She again beat the count but as Baumgardner bombarded her with punches Mekhaled dropped the floor. It was ruled a slip and it gave Mekhaled some valuable breathing space and Baumgardner had punched herself to exhaustion trying to finish the fight so Mekhaled made it to the bell. Mekhaled tried to box more after that disastrous third round but Baumgardner was collecting the rounds. Mekhaled was badly shaken in the seventh and again Baumgardner seemed to run out of punches and Mekhaled survived. Baumgardner looked to have put Mekhaled down with a right uppercut late in the tenth but the referee decided it was from a push and they went toe-to-toe for the rest of the round. Scores 99-89 twice and 98-90 for Baumgardner. She already held the IBF/IBO/WBC and WBO titles and this fight was for the vacant WBA title so a full house for the 28-year-old “Bomb” from Ohio. Despite the scores France’s former undefeated European champion Mekhaled made Baumgardner fight hard all the way.
Nicolson vs. Alvarez
Nicolson outboxes a wild Alvarez to win the vacant WBC Silver belt. Alvarez was surging forward in every round but her attacks were wild and southpaw Nicolson handled them with ease. She was feeding Alvarez right jabs and then cracking her with lefts before tying the young Spaniard up inside. Alvarez scorned defence and was so intent on rushing forward that she never set her feet to throw punches and lacked power. Sheer work rate from Alvarez made some rounds close but Nicolson was streets ahead in technical ability and won well. Scores 100-90, 98-92 and 97-93 for Australian Nicolson who already holds the Commonwealth title. Alvarez’s seven victims had only fourteen wins between them and her total lack of any skill means she has a very limited future as a boxer.
Green vs. Cederroos
 Green’s power proves decisive as she stops Cederroos in the sixth. Cederroos made a good start putting Green on the back foot with stiff jabs and strong rights for the whole of the first round and that set the pattern for the fight. Cederroos doesn’t seem to have a reverse gear and at times it looked as though she might overwhelm Green. However, Green’s power was the deciding factor. She floored Cederroos heavily with a right in the third and landed right hand counters in every round. The end came in the sixth when one of those counters shook Cederroos and Green plunged forward driving Cederroos across and around the ring and as Green landed some more heavy rights the referee stopped the fight. Ninth consecutive victory for Green who retains the WBC Silver title. Swede Cederroos, a former IBF and WBA title holder, suffers he second loss in a row.
Ali vs. Mathie
Ali wins the vacant IBF Inter-Continental title with a comfortable points victory over Australian Mathie. Ali was quicker with better skills. She shook Mathie with a hurtful left hook in the second and then built on that. Mathie was aggressive all the way but good defensive work and accurate counters from Ali gave her the edge in every round and she won on scores of 99-91 from all three judges. The Somalia-born Brit wins the vacant IBF Inter-Continental belt. Mathie had a six-bout winning run going in. 

February 2

Montreal, Canada: Super Light: Gabriel Valenzuela (26-3-1) W TKO 1Yves Ulysse (22-3). Super Middle: Erik Bazinyan (29-0) W PTS 10 Alantez Fox (28-4-1,1ND).
Valenzuela vs. Ulysse
Valenzuela wipes out Ulysse in just 52 seconds. After a quick exchange of punches Ulysse threw and missed with a wild right. Valenzuela then connected with a left and a right uppercut that dropped Ulysse. He made it to his feet but was unsteady. He seemed to have hurt his left ankle as went down but was badly shaken by the uppercut and the referee stopped the fight. Ulysse was carried back to the dressing room in the arms of one of his corner team. Sixteenth win by KO/TKO for Mexican Valenzuela. He had a 23-bout unbeaten streak ended by a close decision loss against Montana Love in May in a fight that saw both contestants on the canvas. First inside the distance defeat for Ulysse, 34, who lost to Ismael Barroso for the WBO Gold title in 2018 but came back with four good level wins. He had said he would retire if he lost this fight so it could mark the end of his career.
Bazinyan vs. Fox
Bazinyan retains the NABA and NABF belts with hard-fought majority verdict over Fox. The 6’4” Fox made good use of his height and longer reach to pose problems for Bazinyan. Fox was able to box on the outside using sharp, accurate jabs and countered Bazinyan as he tried to get inside. Over the second half of the fight Bazinyan bobbed and weaved past Fox’s jab and scored heavily with hooks and uppercuts. He shook Fox badly with a combination in the sixth and seventh and again in the tenth and was a good winner. Scores 98-92 twice for Bazinyan and 95-95. Armenian-born Bazinyan, 27, is No 3 with both the WBA and WBO and No 4 with the WBC so is well positioned for whatever happens in the super middle division this year. Second consecutive defeat for Fox who was stopped in four rounds by David Morrell in a challenge for the WBA secondary title in his last fight in December 2021

February 4

San Lorenzo, Argentina: Jose Rosa (19-0) W KO 4 Didier Castllo (7-2-1). Super Bantam: Rodrigo Ruiz (13-0) W KO 4 Mickael Diaz (7-3). Super Feather: Daniela Bermudez (30-4-3) W PTS 8 Lilien Silva (4-16-1)
Rosa vs. Castillo
Rosa continues to prove himself one of the rising stars of Argentinian boxing as he disposes of overmatched Castillo. He had Castillo under pressure over the first two rounds with the only danger coming from Castillo’s butts. The referee took a point from Castillo for his head work in the third and Rosa dropped Castillo with a right uppercut. He rocked Castillo again late in the round and then finished the fight in the fourth. A corrosive left hook to the body floored Castillo and he was counted out. Third defence of the WBC Latino belt for 22-year-old southpaw Rosa and fourteenth inside the distance win. Colombian Castillo was in way over his head.
Ruiz vs. Diaz
Ruiz outclasses and beats Diaz in four rounds. Ruiz was scoring with jabs, long rights and left hooks to the body in every round. Diaz had no answer to the attacks and after a punishing fourth round his team pulled him out of the fight. Ruiz retained the South American title and made it ten victories by KO/TKO.
Bermudez vs. Silva
Bermudez returned after taking almost two years “maternity leave” and outpointed southpaw Silva. Although carrying a bit of extra weight after a first round to shake the dust from her inactivity Bermudez took control. She used her longer reach to keep Silva on the back foot and two-fisted attacks to pin her against the ropes for many of the rounds. Silva stood up well and defied Bermudez’s attempts to score a stoppage over the seventh and eighth. Bermudez, 33, a former holder of the WBO super fly and bantam belts and the IBF super bantam title, won on scores of 79-73 twice and 80-72. First fight for Bermudez since losing to Amanda Serrano for the IBO, WBC and WBO feather titles in March 2021. Twelve defeats in a row for Silva.

Serpukhov, Russia: Light: Albert Batyrgaziev (8-0) W TKO 9 Jezzrel Corrales (26-5). Heavy: Mark Petrovsky (3-0) WPTS 6 Abraham Tabul (18-7-1).
Batyrgaziev vs. Corrales
Tokyo gold medallist Batyrgaziev took a huge leap in the quality of opposition and it came off as he stopped former WBA super featherweight title holder Jezreel Corrales in the ninth round. Corrales was immediately throwing rights at the start of the first round trying to take Batyrgaziev out but he was shaken by a left and then floored. He made it to his feet but was rocked again by a series of rights and dived forward grabbing Batyrgaziev and dragging them both to the canvas. Corrales then used his experience to stay in the fight being more mobile than the stiff, upright Batyrgaziev. From the sixth Corrales controlled the action from the centre of the ring. Batyrgaziev stepped up the pace in the seventh catching Corrales with a series of jabs but Corrales fired back with some sharp body punching. Batyrgaziev was scoring with his strong jabs in the eighth and Corrales did not seem to have an answer to it. Batyrgaziev began to land some hefty lefts and Corrales was looking very shaky at the bell. A right and a left had Corrales stumbling in the ninth and the towel came flying in to save him. The 24-year-old southpaw beat Cuban Lazaro Alvarez and Duke Ragan on the way to that Tokyo gold medal and is only the second fighter to beat Corrales inside the distance, Corrales was coming off a win over 27-0 Miguel Madueno so far from washed up.
Petrovsky vs. Tabul
Southpaw Petrovsky doubles his ring time as he goes the distance to outpoint Ghanaian Tabul. A unanimous decision but no scores available. The 6’1” Petrovsky was a Russian champion at Youth and Senior level and won a gold medal at the 2021 World Championships. He was 219lbs for this fight so looks more like a Bridgerweight. Only one win in his last six fights for Tabul.

Ingelmunster, Belgium: Super Light: Oshin Derieuw (19-0) W RTD 7 Francia Bravo (23-6-2). Super Welter: Jan Helin (10-3) W TKO 9 Jonathan Munga (6-1-1).
Derieuw vs. Bravo
Belgian Derieuw makes it nineteen wins as she beats Colombian Bravo who retires at the end of seven one-sided rounds. Derieuw had big edges in height and reach over the little Colombian and gradually wore her down. Derieuw came close to a stoppage as she pounded Bravo in a corner at the end of the seventh and Bravo did not come out for the eighth. Derieuw, the former undefeated European champion at welterweight, won the vacant WBA Inter-Continental belt. Bravo, who came in as a replacement, had won her last four fights but back in 2008 in a fight for the WBC International light flyweight belt she weighed 107 ½ lbs. For this fight she was 139lbs. 
Helin vs. Munga
Helin collects the vacant Belgian title as he halts Congolese-born Munga in the ninth round. It was close on the cards after the eighth round with Helin in front on two cards and one judge having them even. A powerful right from Helin sent Munga reeling back in the ninth. Helin followed up and under Helin’s attack Munga dropped through the ropes and ended up on the official’s table with the referee waiving the fight over. Helin gets revenge for points defeat in 2021.

Wangenim Allgaeu, Germany: Super Light: Timo Schwarzkopf (22-5) W PTS 10 Miguel Vazquez (44-12). Light Heavy: Altin Zogaj (11-0) W PTS 10 Amensak Hovhannisyan 13-3-1) Super Middle: Simon Zachenhuber (19-0) W TKO 3 Killian Weck (5-3).
Schwarzkopf vs. Vazquez
Don’t whisper it-shout it Vazquez was robbed. The former IBF lightweight champion is now used to fighting in the other guy’s back yard and expects no favours and he certainly did not get any here. Vazquez started at a fast pace in the opener using his height and longer reach and outscoring Schwarzkopf. He also took the second with a higher work rate and more accuracy. Schwarzkopf did a bit better in the third he was getting inside where he could work but Vazquez put together some sharp combination and more then matched Schwarzkopf. Superior boxing behind his jab saw Vazquez capture the fourth. Schwarzkopf made the better start in the fifth but Vazquez scored with a strong uppercut and it was a close round. The sixth was also close but Schwarzkopf’s output had dropped and Vazquez connected well with body punches. Vazquez was putting together some good combinations in the seventh with Schwarzkopf throwing one shot at a time. It was looking as though Schwarzkopf would need a kayo to win and he put Vazquez down in the eighth. It was not a heavy knockdown and Vazquez recovered quickly and the ninth was close before Schwarzkopf took the last against a tiring Vazquez. Two of the judges gave it to Schwarzkopf 95-94 whilst those two scores looked much too generous to Schwarzkopf the 98-92 for Schwarzkopf was disgraceful. Vazquez has been in boxing too long to do other than just shrug his shoulders, pack his bags and wait for the next job. Kosovan-born Schwarzkopf had a 1-3 run including a points loss against Jack Catterall but now has two wins in a row.
Zogaj vs. Hovhannisyan
Zogaj outscores Hovhannisyan. Zogaj boxed well to take the first three rounds using his longer reach to control the action but his activity dropped in the fourth and he was cut. Zogaj came back to life in the fifth but the rounds were close and the action was slow. Hovhannisyan took a messy sixth and Zogaj again managed to box on the outside to collect the seventh. Both were tiring as Hovhannisyan did what little clean work there was in the eighth but Zogaj had more left in the tank and edged the last two for the decision. Scores 98-93, 97-93 and 97-94 for Kosovan Zogaj in a poor fight. Armenian-born Hovhannisyan was 9-1-1 in his previous eleven bouts.
Zachenhuber vs. Weck
Zachenhuber continues on his merry way with stoppage of Weck. Zachenhuber had the better of the exchanges in a feeling out first round. He began to cut loose in the second bombarding Weck with punches stunning him and bringing blood dripping from his nose. A body punch put Weck down late in the third and although he beat the count his legs buckled under another barrage and the fight was stopped. Eleventh victory by KO/TKO for 24-year-old Zachenhuber but his opposition has been well chosen to avoid any risks. First fight for over-matched Weck since October 2021.

Ludwigshafen, Germany: Heavy: Mourad Aliev (7—0) W TKO 9 Ali Kiydin (16-2). Super Middle: Luka Plantic (5-0) W TKO 6 Tomas Bezvoda (14-21). Light: Dzmitry Asanau (6-0) WPTS 8 Lesther Lara (17-15-2). Heavy: Jose Larduet (9-0,1ND) W PTS 8 Konstiantyn Dovbyshchenko (9-12-1). Middle: Bujar Tahiri (13-0) W PTS 8 Taras Giolovashchenko (6-8).
Aliev vs. Kiydin
Southpaw Aliev wins the WBC Silver title with a late stoppage of Kiydin. Aliev had almost eight inches in height over Kiydin and 30lbs in weight. Aliev was able to use his longer reach to score at range but it was a bit untidy inside. The size and styles were not a good mix. Kiydin just could not get close enough to be competitive and was being caught by strong jabs and straight right from Alive. Kiydin was staggered in the fourth and by heavy lefts in the fifth and eighth. A left from Aliev sent Kiydin down on his back in the ninth. He beat the count but was staggered by two more lefts and the referee stopped the fight. Then 6’7” Frenchman Aliev lost to Frazer Clarke in the quarter-finals of the Tokyo Olympics. Kiydin had won his last eight by KO/TKO.
Plantic vs. Bezvoda
Croation hope Plantic gets his fourth win by KO/TKO. He handed out serious punishment to Czech Bezvoda over the first two rounds and came close to a finish in the third as he landed a whole series of clubbing head punches that had Bezvoda stumbling and holding to survive. The one-sided beating continued in the fourth but the only knockdown was suffered by the referee when he bumped into Bezvoda and was sent sprawling. A sequence of head punches had Bezvoda stumbling and almost going out through the ropes in the sixth and when he was staggered by another right the referee stopped the fight. No test for the 26-year-old Plantic. The five-time Croatian champion took a bronze medal in Tokyo losing 3-2 to Ben Whittaker in the semi-finals. Only four of Bezvoda losses have been early stoppages.
Asanau vs. Lara
Easy night for classy Asanau. The Belarusian was much too good for Nicaraguan southpaw Lara. Asanau befuddled and bewildered Lara firing a ceaseless barrage of punches with Lara almost overwhelmed at times. A sequence of punches from Asanau saw Lara drop to his knees and take a count in the fourth and he lost a point in the fifth for leading with his head. Asanau’s punch output was amazing but Lara made it to the final bell. Asanau a clear winner with all three judges carding it 80-69. Asanau won gold and silver at the European Games and silver at the World Championships. The knock against him is his lack of power. He has only two inside the distance wins as a pro and in over 120 amateur fights he registered only three quick wins. Six losses in his last seven outings for Lara.
Larduet vs. Dovbyshchenko
Cuban Larduet moved to nine wins with a points decision over Ukrainian Dovbyshchenko. This was a lumbering, slow-paced fight with no real highlights. Larduet was able to pierce Dovbyshchenko’s guard with jabs and shots from both hands but it was action at half pace. Larduet still has the skills developed in over 150 amateur fights and was able to block or deflect Dovbyshchenko’s punches and at times just cover up and let Dovbyshchenko punch away. Not much more than a sparring session. Larduet the winner 80-73 on all cards. Larduet, 32, started out at 178lbs as an amateur and won most of his amateur titles in the 201lbs category-he was 274lbs for this fight, 32lbs heavier than the smaller Dovbyshchenko who has lost his last four fights.
Tahiri vs. Golovashchenko
Kosovan-born Tahiri continues to make good progress. In the main event of the evening he took a unanimous decision over Ukrainian Golovashchenko. The taller Ukrainian set some problems for Tahiri but the local favourite was too quick and too mobile for Golovashchenko. He was nipping in quickly putting together some nice combinations to head and body and getting out before Golovashchenko could gather himself to counter. With his very stiff and stilted mobility Golovashchenko was reaching with his punches leaving himself open to counters and he lacked power. Tahiri drew blood from Golovashchenko’s nose in the third but also walked on to some counters. It turned into an entertaining bout after Tahiri upped pace from the fourth and he outboxed Golovashchenko to take the unanimous decision with the judges all scoring it 80-72

Tokyo, Japan: Fly: Seigo Yuri Akui (18-2-1) W PTS 10 Jayson Vayson (10-1-1).
WBO No 1 Akui outboxed unbeaten Filipino Vayson over ten rounds. Akui started out throwing rights but Akui kept a tight defence and scored with counters. Akui continued to control the fight over the third and fourth. Vayson made it close over the middle rounds but Akui had the edge in each round. Akui landed heavily in the ninth and then hurt Vayson with a left to the body in the last. Scores 100-90 for former undefeated Japanese champion Akui who was having his first fight in almost a year without that inactivity affecting his No 1 spot. Vayson’s No Decision was originally a loss as he was outpointed by Indonesian Tibo Monabasa in Jakarta but the WBC changed the result to a No Decision in March 2022

Manila, Philippines: Light Fly: Marvin Magramo (16-1-1) W TKO 3 Stinky Mario Bunda (3-4).
Magramo floors Bunda twice and stops him in the third round. Southpaw Magramo quickly found then target in the first with his right jab and rattled Indonesian Bunda with straight lefts. Magramo dug in right hooks to the body in the second. Bunda tried to turn the fight his way by standing and trading with Magramo but hooks from Magramo had him backing off and a Magramo left rocked Bunda at the bell. Bunda again tried to stand and exchange punches in the third but the power and accuracy of Magramo’s punches saw Bunda forced to go down one knee. He was up at eight but went down again under a hail of punches. The referee waived the fight over just as Bunda’s second climbed into the ring. Sixth win by KO/TKO in his last seven fights for Magramo.

Fight of the week (Significance): Amanda Serrano’s win over Erika Cruz now clears the way for the huge return fight with Katie Taylor in Dublin on 20 May. Honourable mention to Emanuel Navarrete vs. Laim Wilson Navarrete always lights up whatever division he is in so some good fights to come there. 
Fight of the week (Entertainment): Amanda Serrano vs. Erika Cruz was an epic battle. A true classic. In any other week Navarrete vs. Wilson would have won the award after the drama of their scrap so a very Honourable mention there
Fighter of the week: Amanda Serrano
Punch of the week: The left uppercut from Richard Torrez that finished James Bryant only just edges out the Wilson left hook that sent Navarrete reeling. 
Upset of the week: Gabriel Valenzuela was a tough opponent for Yves Ulysse so his win was not a big surprise but him taking just 52 seconds to end the fight was.
Prospect watch: Albert Batyrgaziev’s stoppage of Jezreel Corrales marks him as one to watch

Rosette To the great show at Madison Square Garden with two five-belt fights plus three other title fights
Red Card The judging for Miguel Vazquez vs. Timo Schwarzkopf with one judge on another planet with his 98-92 vote for Schwarzkopf
New York hosted a different United Nations with female fighters from USA, Mexico, Sweden, United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, France and Puerto Rico in action and no UN Peace Keepers in sight

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