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The Past Week in Action Jan 28, 2023: Beterbiev Ups Knockout Streak to 19 with Stoppage Win Over Yarde; Rocha Stops Ashie

-Artur Beterbiev stops Anthony Yarde in eight rounds in IBF/WBC/WBO light heavyweight title defence
-Artem Dalakian decisions David Jimenez in WBA flyweight title defence
-Alexis Rocha keeps on track for a shot at the welterweight title with stoppage of Ghanaian George Ashie
- Former WBC light flyweight title holder Masamichi Stops Venezuelan Ronald Chacon in an IBF eliminator
-Ukrainian super welterweight Serhii Bohachuk stops Nathaniel Gallimore to go to 22-1
-Swedish heavyweight Otto Wallin outpoints Helaman Olguin in a keep busy fight

World Title/Major Shows

January 28

London, England: Light Heavy: Artur Beterbiev (19-0) W TKO 8 Anthony Yarde (23-3). Fly: Artem Dalakian (22-0) W PTS 12 David Jimenez (12-1). Light Heavy: Ezequiel Maderna (29-10) W KO 5 Karol Itauma (9-1). Heavy: Moses Itauma (1-0) WKO 1 Marcel Bode (2-2). Cruiser: Tommy Fletcher (4-0) W PTS 6 Darryl Sharp (7-97-1). Super Charles Frankham (7-0) W PTS 1 Joshua Ocampo (8-10-4). Feather: Umar Khan (5-0) W Sandeep Singh Bhatti (8-5). Welter: Sean Noakes (4-0) W TKO 5 Santiago Garces (4-13-3). Welter: Joshua Frankham (7-0) W PTS 6 Joe Hardy (2-5). Super Welter: Khalid Ali (5-0) W TKO 1 Ivica Gogosevic (12-45-2).

Beterbiev vs. Yarde
Beterbiev the IBF, WBC and WBO titles with an eighth round stoppage of Yarde.
Round 1
Plenty of movement and plenty of jabs for Yarde and he scored with a useful right. Beterbiev just prodding with his jab and Yarde landed a nice one-two. Beterbiev cornered Yarde just before the bell but was off target.
Score: 10-9 Yarde
Round 2
Beterbiev tried to put more pressure on but Yarde was still moving well and getting his punches off first. Beterbiev landed a stiff left hook but Yarde responded with two punches. They swopped shots late in the round. A close round but Yarde just had the edge.
Score: 10-9 YardeYarde 20-18
Round 3
A more positive start from Beterbiev. He was coming in behind a strong jab and firing an occasional right. Beterbiev had certainly upped his pace. Still, plenty of movement from Yarde but Beterbiev was cutting off the ring better. Yarde upped his pace over the second half of the round with Beterbiev still jabbing strongly and landing a good left hook taking the round.
Score: 10-9 BeterbievYarde 29-28
Round 4
More pressure from Beterbiev. He was coming forward jabbing well and letting his hands go more. Yarde still circling stabbing out his jab and throwing quick rights but Beterbiev still coming. Plenty of exchanges with Beterbiev landing the harder shots. 
Score: 10-9 BeterbievTIED 38-38
Round 5
Yarde rebounded. He was beating Beterbiev to the jab and they were trading punches in a quick, open fight. Yarde landed a heavy right that sent Beterbiev into retreat. He followed Beterbiev around the ring landing with a series of punches. Late in the round Beterbiev banged back trapping Yarde in a corner and bombarding him with punches and snapping his head back with an uppercut. Good finish by Beterbiev but Yarde’s early work gave him the round. Yarde bruised under his right eye and Beterbiev under his left eye
Score: 10-9 YardeYarde 48-47
Round 6
That right in the fifth has given Yarde confidence and he took the fight to Beterbiev looking to trade shots. Beterbiev was now on the back foot being outpunched with Yarde switching his attack well to head and body but Yarde was pawing at the damage under his right eye. 
Score: 10-9 YardeYarde 58-56
Round 7
Yarde’s hand speed was giving Beterbiev problems and Yarde was finding gaps for his jabs and body shots. Beterbiev drove Yarde to a corner and then unloaded on him with hooks and uppercuts until Yarde broke away but Beterbiev again landed heavily. Yarde just doesn’t have the power to trade with Beterbiev in the way he is. Beterbiev is cut over his left eye now but Yarde shipped some heavy punishment in the round.
Scores: 10-9 BeterbievYarde 67-66
Round 8
Yarde started off boxing confidently again using his hand speed to get through with jabs. Suddenly a powerful right to the head sends Yarde staggering and another one that lands behind his left ear drops him to his hands and knees. He gets up at eight but looks dazed and there is blood running from the cut below his right eye. He is looking outside the ring speaking to his corner. He hardly responds to the referee’s instructions and when another right to the head sends him stumbling the referee stops the fight.
Once again Beterbiev’s power proves decisive as he maintains his 100% record of inside the distance victories. Yarde boxed with real skill with two judges having in front after the seventh round but he was too brave in taking the fight to Beterbiev and paid the price. Beterbiev was calling out Dmitry Bivol and hopefully they will clash later this year and unify the title. There is a great deal of British interest in the title. Callum Smith is No 1 with the WBC and was No 2 behind Yarde with the WBO. Joshua Buatsi is No 1 with the WBA, No 2 with the WBC and No 3 with the WBO. The No 1 and No 2 positions with the IBF are vacant so Beterbiev won’t get any pressure from them. If anything, Yarde improved his status in this fight and with Smith, Buatsi and Dan Azeez a growing threat there are plenty of domestic matches for him if they can be made.

Dalakian vs. Jimenez
Dalakian retains the WBA title with a unanimous decision over Jimenez in a messy fight lacking any highlights.
Round 1
Not much action in the opener. Dalakian quick and slick with Jimenez trying to trap Dalakian against the ropes but with neither really committing to their punches with Dalakian doing what scoring there was
Score: 10-9 Dalakian
Round 2
After a slow start Jimenez scored with a good left hook. Dalakian was stung into retaliating and landed a nice series of shots with Jimenez on the back foot and Dalakian snapping home some smart jabs. 
Score: 10-9 DalakianDalakian 20-18
Round 3
Dalakian was shooting jabs and throwing an occasional straight right. Jimenez was trying to cut the ring off but Dalakian was too quick. Dalkiel landed his quick jabs and tied Jimenez up inside refusing to let him work.
Score: 10-9 DalakianDalakian 30-27
Round 4
Typical Dalakian fight as he throws plenty of fast jabs then darts in with a little burst of punches and either flits out or ties Jimenez up. Jimenz landed a good body punch that put Dalakian under pressure and just took the round.
Score: 10-9 JimenezDalakian 39-37
Round 5
The fight is practically a running race. Dalakian using his fast footwork to box on the retreat with Jimenez trotting across the ring after him. Dalakian’s holding was making it a messy fight and a clash of heads started a swelling below the left eye of Dalakian threw Jimenez to the canvas. What clean work there was came from Jimenez
Score: 10-9 JimenezDalakian 48-47
Round 6
Brilliant round from Dalakian. Boxing rings around Jimenez and firing home flashing combinations. He was easily dodging Jimenez’s attacks and scoring with jabs, overhand rights and stiff lefts. 
Score: 10-9 DalakianDalakian 58-56
Round 7
Jimenez threw himself into the attack chasing Dalakian hard. Dalakian was short with his jabs and the combination punching was missing in this round. Jimenez scored with long rights and worked inside with Dalakian holding and wrestling again.
Score: 10-9 JimenezDalakian 67-66
Round 8
Relentless pressure from Jimenez again but now Dalakian was putting together some lightning fast bursts of punches and tagging Jimenez with jabs. He had no trouble evading Jimenez bull-like rushes and landing counters. Jimenez managed to land three good body punches at the end of then round but it was Dalakian’s round. 
Score: 10-9 DalakianDalakian 77-75
Round 9
More pressure from Jimenez. The pace was a little slower in this round. Jimenez was able to close Dalakian down and force him to trade more and he was able to land regularly and slammed home some body punches before the bell
Score: 10-9 JimenezDalakian 86-85
Round 10
Both had some success at the start of the round and then there was a break for Dalakian’s bootlace to be retied. Dalakian then fired some of those rapid bursts of punches and looked to have won the round until Jimenez came back strongly and just did enough to steal it 
Score: 10-9 JimenezTIED 95-95
Round 11
Dalakian just kept feeding Dalakian jabs and then following with straight rights. Jimenez just could not get past the jab and for a time it was Jimenez on the back foot and Dalakian letting fly. Jimenez had some success at the end of the round but not enough to overcome the early success of Dalakian.
Score: 10-9 DalakianDalakian 105-104
Round 12
Jimenez piled forward in the last but Dalakian jabbed and moved and landed a peach of an uppercut. Jimenez kept coming but he was being countered on the way in and tied-up inside making it impossible to do much useful work.
Score: 10-9 Dalakian Dalakian 115-113
Official scores 115-113 twice and 116-112 for Dalakian. 
The 35-year-old Ukrainian remains one of the most skilfull but far from entertaining boxers. He was making the sixth defence of the WBA title and there is now a suggestion that he might fight IBF titleholder Sunny Edwards in a unifier. Costa Rican Jimenez gave it everything but Dalakian’s speed and constant holding were just too much for him.

Itauma vs. Maderna
Maderna scores surprise kayo of previously unbeaten Itauma. Itauma was on the front foot in the first sticking out southpaw jabs and firing left crosses. Maderna tried to box on the outside using his longer reach but Itauma had faster hands and did most of the scoring. There was an early sign of danger in a solid right counter from Maderna at the end of the round. Itauma was finding the target with lefts in the second and there were some fiery exchanges as Maderna fired back. Itauma began to score heavily to the body with hooks from both hands in the third and continued to pressurise Maderna in the fourth but with Maderna throwing plenty of right hand counters. Maderna started to come forward in the fifth He was finding the target too easily with rights. One right struck Itauma on the shoulder and unbalanced him and a second rocked Itauma. Maderna then stepped forward with another right to the head that spun Itauma around and sent him to the floor. Itauma managed to get up to a kneeling position but was counted out. Now 36 former Olympian Maderna gets his nineteenth win by KO/TKO. He was 0-8 in fights outside Argentina and had been knocked out in the first round by Cuban Osleys Iglesias in September so did not look to be much of a danger. Back to the drawing board for Itauma a former Youth Olympic gold medal winner-a title he won in Buenos Aires!
Itauma vs. Bode
Just 13 seconds into the fight two lefts from Itauma sent Bode tumbling back and down. Bode staggered up but was dazed and the referee stopped the fight. All over in 23 seconds. The 18-year-old Itauma looks a very hot prospect. Bode not on the same planet.

January 27

Montebello, CA, USA: Super Welter: Serhii Bohachuk (22-1) W TKO 6 Nathaniel Gallimore (22-7-1). Feather: Omar Trinidad (11-0-1) W TKO 2 Jose Ramirez (28-9).
Bohachuk vs. Gallimore
Bohachuk pounds Gallimore to defeat in six rounds. Gallimore had a decent first round coming forward early brushing aside Bohachuk ‘s jab, firing hooks from both hands and ducking under Bohachuk’s counters until Bohachuk started to find the range with his punches late in the round. From the second it was Bohachuk using strong jabbing, getting on the front foot and putting Gallimore under pressure. He was getting inside and chipping away at Gallimore with clubbing shots to the head and left hooks to the ribs. It was phone-booth fighting with Gallimore trying to stand and trade with Bohachuk but he was already bleeding from the mouth in the third round. Bohachuk was gradually breaking Gallimore down and by the fifth it was one-sided with very little coming back from Gallimore. Bohachuk battered Gallimore around the ring in the sixth until, with Gallimore pinned to the ropes shipping heavy head punches, the referee came in and stopped the fight. Now 22 wins by KO/TKO for Ukrainian Bohachuk and his fourth in a row since losing on a stoppage against Brandon Adams in March 2021. He is No 6 with the WBC. After impressive wins over Jeison Rosario and Justin DeLoach Gallimore has fallen away and won only two of his last seven fights.
After the war broke out between Ukraine and Russia last February, Bohachuk joined Vasiliy Lomachenko and Oleksandr Usyk in the Ukraine army. He was given permission by the Ukraine government to leave the army and resume his boxing career.
Trinidad vs. Ramirez
Trinidad stops Ramirez in two rounds. Ramirez immediately took the fight to Trinidad in the first but was being caught with left hooks inside. Ramirez kept coming but was nailed by a fierce left hook which floored him and bloodied his nose. Ramirez almost mistimed the count but did struggle to his feet. Trinidad landed some more heavy shots but Ramirez made it to the bell. As Ramirez piled forward in the second he was met with two left hooks and dropped to his haunches against the ropes. Trying to get up he twice staggered badly into the ropes and the fight was stopped. Californian Trinidad gets his ninth inside the distance win. First fight since June 2018 for Ramirez and he suffers his fourth loss by KO/TK.

Windham, NH, USA: Heavy: Otto Wallin (25-1,1ND) WPTS 8 Helaman Olguin (9-5-1). 
A low key performance from Wallin as he takes wide unanimous decision over aged and inexperienced Mexican Olguin. Against an overweight and ponderous opponent Wallin worked the body in the first with Olguin doing better in the second. Wallin upped his pace over the third and fourth landing to the body. A punch from Olguin opened a small cut over the left eye of Wallin in the fifth but it was never a factor. Wallin scored well in the sixth and seventh and tried hard for a stoppage in the last but Olguin made it to the bell. Scores 80-72 twice and 79-73 for Wallin. Points wins over Kamil Sokolowski and Rydell Booker in his fights in 2022 did nothing but give Wallin some ring time and this fight was in the same category and he is vastly flattered by his No 3 with the WBO. Olguin, 39, No 248 with Box Rec, was knocked out in 64 seconds by Terrell Woods 2021

Aix-les-Bains, France: Light: Alex Dilmaghani (21-2-1) W PTS 6 Michal Dufek (35-26-2). Feather: Sofiane Takoucht (37-5-1) WPTS 6 Akaki Kakriashvili (2-2-2).
Dilmaghani vs. Dufek
With only one fight in the last 28 months Dilmaghani took the chance to shed some rust with a six round victory over Czech Dufek with all three judges scoring it 60-54. Dilmaghani is due to meet Liam Dillon for the vacant British super feather tile on 24 March. Dufek is 0-7 against UK fighters.
Takoucht vs. Kakriashvili
Takoucht also needed some fight time and he also won on points beating Georgian Kakriashvili on the cards by 59-55 twice and 60-54. The 37-year-old former European champion and IBF title challenger lost inside the distance against Josh Warrington for the IBF featherweight title in 2019 and was stopped in ten rounds by Michael Conlan in 2020. Novice Kakriashvili his job by lasting the decision.

January 28

Inglewood, CA, USA: Welter: Alexis Rocha (22-1) W TKO 7 George Ashie (33-6-1). Light: Floyd Schofield (13-0) W PTS 10 Alberto Mercado (17-5-1). Minimum: Oscar Collazo (6-0) W TKO 5 Yudel Reyes (15-2). Super Middle: Bektemir Melikuziev (11-1) WKO 3 Ulises Sierra (17-3-2).

Rocha vs. Ashie
Rocha floors and stops a brave Ashie in the seventh round. Rocha found the target with his southpaw jabs and rights to the body throughout the first two rounds. Ashie was looking to counter but was not quick enough. They traded punches in the third until a booming right hook from Rocha floored Ashie. He made it to his feet and survived to the bell. Ashie was under heavy pressure in the fourth but stood and exchanged punches although spending much of the time with his back against the ropes and he looked shaky. Rocha piled on relentless pressure over the fifth but in the sixth was warned for a low punch and a clash of heads saw Rocha suffer a bad cut over his left eye. He passed a doctor’s inspection. The sight of the cut inspired Ashie to attack hard but was trapped in a corner again at the bell. Roach rocked Ashie a few times in the seventh before nailing the Ghanaian with a fearsome right hook that sent Ashie face down on the canvas out cold and the referee immediately waived the fight off without a count. Rocha lost on points against Rashidi Ellis in 2020 but has rebuilt with six wins and is No 3 with the WBO. Ashie, 38, and a pro for almost 20 years, fought bravely but never really threatened Rocha.
Schofield vs. Mercado
Top prospect Schofield floors and outpoints Mercado. Schofield had to deal with the height, reach and southpaw style of Mercado. He did so with some flashy skills great foot work and fast hands. Schofield was constantly changing guard and looked comfortable whilst orthodox or southpaw. He put Mercado down with a right to the head in the second. It was not a heavy knockdown and despite some heavy pressure from Schofield Mercado comfortable made it to the bell. Mercado stopped Schofield in his tracks with a left in the third but Schofield shrugged it off and late in the fourth staggered Mercado twice with lefts. Schofield was constantly changing the angle of his attacks and switching from being on the back foot to taking the fight to Mercado. The speed and tricker of Schofield denied Mercado any chance of getting into the fight. After taking every round Schofield upped the pressure over the last two rounds with Mercado just looking to survive and although shaken in the last, he made it to the end. Scores 100-89 from the three judges for Schofield. The twenty-year-old Schofield was an outstanding Junior and Youth competitor and has tremendous talent so is worth following. Puerto Rican Mercado was inactive in 2020 and 2021 but returned with a win in December. His losses have all come against quality opposition.
Collazo vs. Reyes
Collazo floors Reyes twice for a stoppage in the fifth round. The pace was fast over the first two rounds in this one. Reyes circled the perimeter of the ring throwing the occasional jab and darting in with a couple of punches. Collazo was tracking Reyes and caught Reyes with some useful counters when Reyes came forward. In the third and fourth Reyes stood his ground more trading with Collazo and used his longer reach to score with jabs but Collazo was bossing the exchanges and getting through with hefty lefts. Reyes jabbed well at the start of the fifth but a right hook shook him and he stumbled back and down under the ropes on the ring apron. He made his way back under the ropes and to his feet. He took the fight to Collazo and they traded punches until a series of head shots had Reyes reeling back and going down and the referee stopped the fight without a count. Collazo makes it five wins by KO/TKO. He had considerable experience as an amateur winning five national title and a gold medal at the Pan American Games. He is rated No 1 by the WBA and No 2 by the WBO. Mexican Reyes came in as a substitute having won his last three fights.
Melikuziev vs. Sierra 
Melikuziev stops Sierra in the third. in the first Melikuziev was already jabbing strongly and connecting with some strong left hooks to the body. Sierra reddened Melikuziev’s face with some jabs but was mainly fighting a very safety-first fight. There was very little action in the second with Sierra on the defensive and Melikuziev not really pressing. Melikuziev was livelier in the third chasing Sierra down and firing powerful lefts. A series of punches from Melikuziev rocked Sierra and he knelt on the canvas. He made it to his feet and tried to trade with Melikuziev but a wicked left to the body saw him drop face down on the canvas in agony and the referee waived the fight over. Fourth victory for Melikuziev since suffering a shock third round kayo by Gabe Rosado in June 2021. The former Olympic bronze medallist wins the vacant WBO Global belt. First fight for fifteen months for Sierra and his second loss by KO/TKO having been stopped in one round by Edgar Berlanga in 2020.

Nagoya, Japan: Light Fly: Masamichi Yabuki (15-4) W TKO 11 Ronald Chacon (28-2-1).
Former title holder Yabuki scores three knockdowns on the way to a stoppage of Chacon in IBF eliminator. Yabuki had a longer reach and better skills than the limited Chacon and led from the start. He took no chances against the Venezuelan sticking to his jab and finding gaps for straight rights and left hooks to the body. Chacon broke through briefly in the fifth but Yabuki remained in control and dropped Chacon twice in the seventh. Chacon survived but was down again in the eighth and took a beating until the eleventh round when with Chacon’ face swollen from the punishment and rocked by a hard right the referee stopped then fight. Yabuki had a brief reign as WBC light flyweight title holder when he scored an upset stoppage of unbeaten Kenshiro Teraji in 2021 but then lost ion a third round kayo against Teraji six months later. The No 1 and No 2 spots in the IBF rankings are vacant and this win by No 8 Yabuki over No 7 Chacon qualifies Yabuki to go to one of those vacant slots. Chacon’s No 7 rating was ludicrous as 27 of the 28 fighters he had beaten had a total of only 17 wins between them! 

Pickering, Canada: Super Welter: Sukhdeep Singh Bhatti (14-0) W PTS 10 Victor Ionascu (11-3). Middle: Brandon Cook (24-2) W TKO 6 Richard Holmes (19-13, 1ND). Heavy: Ricardo Brown (6-0) W KO 1 Cruz Duran (4-1-2).
Welter: Mark Smithers (10-0) W PTS 8 Jorge Diaz (7-5).
Singh vs. Ionascu
Singh gets unanimous decision against Ionascu. Singh floored Ionascu in the opening round but then had to go the full distance for his victory. After that early knock down, he was looking for one big punch to finish the fight and was over-anxious. He shook Ionascu in the ninth and tenth but had to settle for winning on points. No scores available. Singh, an Indian-based in Canada, is the Canadian champion. Romanian Ionascu was knocked out in the first round in a challenge for the WBO European title in June last year. 
Cook vs. Holmes
Cook halts Holmes in the sixth. In a messy fight full of clinches Holmes down four times-only one of which counted. Cook landed heavily in the first and second but when Holmes went down in the third it was ruled a slip. Cook was warned after wrestling Holmes to the floor in the fourth and Holmes was down again at the end of the round from a low punch. Cook ended it in the sixth as he staggered Holmes with a cluster of punches bringing the referees intervention. Fourth inside the distance victory for Cook since being stopped in three rounds by Jaime Munguia in a challenge for the WBO title in 2018. Jamaican Holmes is 0-5 in fights in Canada.
Brown vs. Duran
Jamaican heavyweight Brown took only 56 seconds to wipe out Mexican Duran. Brown has won all sixth of his fights by KO/TKO taking less than ten rounds in total for his wins. The 6’7” Brown won a bronze medal at the Pan American Games and competed for Jamaica at the World Championships and the Tokyo Olympics and is now based in Canada.
Smithers vs. Diaz
Canadian super welterweight champion Smithers gets in eight rounds of work against a combative Diaz. The wild swinging Diaz was the aggressor most of the way with Smithers fighting cautiously respecting Diaz power. Hed had Diaz rocking in the fifth and eighth but Diaz fought hard all the way. All three judges had it 80-72 foe Smithers but Diaz made it much harder than that indicates. 

Oslo, Norway: Cruiser: Kal Robin Havnaa (18-0) W KO 3 Hany Atiyo (18-7). Super Feather: Bernard Torres (17-1) W TKO 8 Cristian Avila (18-8-1).
Havnaa vs. Atiyo
Havnaa continued his stuttering career with a third round kayo of Dubai-based Egyptian Atiyo. There was so little action over the first two rounds that the audience was becoming restive. Havnaa gave them what they wanted in the third dropping Atiyo twice for the kayo. Atiyo was out for quite a while but recovered. Unfortunately, Havnaa broke his right thumb with the kayo punch so faces another period of inactivity. He did not fight in 2020 or 2021 and his last fight was in March 2022 and at 34 time is not on his side. Atiyo, 39, was knocked out in 46 seconds by Badou Jack in May last year.
Torres vs. Avila
Southpaw Torres scores late stoppage of Avila. Torres dominated the fight but Avila proved tougher than expected. It looked as though Avila was going to make it the final bell but a big attack from Torres in the last brought the finish. Torres, a Norwegian-based Filippino, lost his unbeaten tag when he was beaten on a split decision against the 5” taller Dominican Frency Fortunato in September. Spanish-based Venezuelan Avila suffers his sixth defeat by KO/TKO.

Panama City, Panama: Super Middle: Luis Rodriguez (11-0) W KO 2 Encarnacion Diaz (15-3). Light: Jose Nunez (14-0-2) W TKO 2 Juan Mendez 6-2).
Rodriguez vs. Diaz
Rodriguez gets another quick win as he scores two knock downs and stops Costa Rican Diaz in the second round. That makes eleven out of eleven for Puerto Rican Rodrguez. He wins the WBA Continental Americas belt and has taken less than 24 rounds for his wins and has yet to be taken past the fourth round. Diaz had won his last three fights. 
Nunez vs. Mendez
Local southpaw Nunez floors Guatemalan Mendez twice in the second round and the fight is stopped. Seventh inside the distance finish for southpaw Nunez. Second loss in a row for Mendez

Galvez, Argentina: Fly: Tobias Reyes (10-0) W TKO 7 Edinson Martinez (11-3-2). Minimum: Jennifer Meza (7-3) W TKO 4 Johana Zuniga (16-4).
Reyes vs. Martinez
It looked as though this one would end early as Torres dropped Colombian Martinez in the first round but Martinez beat the count. Torress continued to boss the action over the next three rounds but then, after surviving the pressure, Martinez turned things around. Over the fifth and sixth he was the one landing the heavy punches and Torres was fading. Torres rallied and launched a big attack in the seventh. He had Martinez pinned against the ropes and was unloading on him. Martinez did not look to be in any trouble but the referee stepped in and stopped the fight. Martinez and his team were furious but the fight was over. Local favourite Torres wins the vacant South American belt with his ninth consecutive inside the distance victory. Martinez had won 5 of his last 6 fights by KO/TKO.
Meza vs. Zuniga
Argentinian champion Meza adds the WBA Fedelatin belt to her collection with a stoppage of Venezuelan Zuniga. Meza made a slow start dropping the opening round as Zuniga used her longer reach to find the target with jabs. Meza started to land heavily over the second and third and ended it in the fourth. She put Zuniga down with a hard right and although Zuniga made it to her feet but more right hands from Meza had the referee stopping the fight. Third stoppage win for Meza and third inside the distance loss for Zuniga, a former WBA light flyweight title challenger.

Lowell, MA, Heavy: Steve Vukosa (14-1-1) W PTS 10 Donnie Palmer (12-3-1). Feather: Hegly Mosqueda (23-0) W TKO 3 Ezequiel Tevez (13-10).
Vukosa vs. Palmer
Despite giving away height, reach, weight and age against 6’10” Palmer Vukosa comfortably boxed his way to a unanimous decision on scores of 98-92 twice and 99-91. The 6’5”, 45-year-old is a full-time bus driver and was having his first fight for 18 months. The 293lbs Palmer was just too slow. He was kayoed in 38 seconds by Joe Joyce in 2018 
Mosqueda vs. Tevez
Venezuelan Mosqueda returned to action and stopped Tevez in three rounds. “The Torpedo” Mosquera was having his first fight for eleven months and his first fight outside of Venezuela. He has eighteen wins by KO/TKO but against very low calibre opponents. Sixth consecutive inside the distance defeat for Tevez all coming inside four rounds

Fight of the week (Significance): Beterbiev’s win over Yarde opens the way to a unifying fight with Dmitry Bivol
Fight of the week (Entertainment): Beterbiev vs. Yarde provided plenty of excitement
Fighter of the week: Beterbiev with another successful title defence and win No 19 by KO/TKO
Punch of the week: Both of the two right hooks from Alexis Roach that put Geroge Ashie down were brutal
Upset of the week: Ezequiel Maderna was just supposed to be a learning fight for Karol Itauma but Maderna tore up the script.
Prospect watch: Lightweight Floyd Schofield 12-0 looks loaded with talent

Rosette: Anthony Yarde for a valiant effort against Beterbiev
Red Card WBA rating of Ronald Chacon. He was 28-1-1 and No 7 light flyweight with the IBF. In fact, No 5 as spots 1 and 2 were vacant. Sound, OK? Well 29 of his opponents, including the one he lost to and the one he drew with, had amassed a grand total of 17 wins between them and victim 28 had a 26-23 record, was 43-years-old and lost his previous 20 fights. It would be interesting to ask the IBF ratings Committee which of his 28 wins and a draw justified him being rated in the top let alone No 7. He is No 128 with Box Rec.!
-Heavyweights just keep getting bigger. Over the weekend we had 6’10” Donnie Pamer and 6’7” Ricardo Brown in action! Perhaps we need to set a minimum height for referees.

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  • Ligas beats Libranza, retains RP title
    By Lito delos Reyes, , Fri, 31 Mar 2023
  • Haney vs. Loma: Lightweight Legends Go Face to Face at Opening Press Conference for May 20 Super Fight
    , Fri, 31 Mar 2023
  • SCF to hold Prof Lim Kok Ann International Open Chess 2023 tilt
    By Marlon Bernardino, , Fri, 31 Mar 2023
  • Eumir opens Olympic door
    By Joaquin Henson, , Fri, 31 Mar 2023
  • Press Conference Notes: Robeisy Ramirez & Isaac Dogboe Face Off Ahead of World Title Clash in Tulsa
    , Fri, 31 Mar 2023
  • Robeisy Ramirez and Shakur Stevenson Prepare to Headline Separate April Showdowns
    , Fri, 31 Mar 2023
  • Broadway Boxing at Sony Hall April 27
    , Fri, 31 Mar 2023
  • Hitz Boxing Present "Rosemont Rumble" on Saturday, April 8th at The Donald E. Stephens Center in Rosemont, Illinois
    , Fri, 31 Mar 2023
  • ASAPHIL President Jean Henri Lhuillier gives fitting send-off to a well-prepared and battle-ready RP Blu Girls
    By Marlon Bernardino, , Fri, 31 Mar 2023
  • Gathering of champions
    By Joaquin Henson, , Thu, 30 Mar 2023
    , Thu, 30 Mar 2023
  • Are Boxing Fans Suffering From Big Fight Deprivation Syndrome?
    By Teodoro Medina Reynoso, , Thu, 30 Mar 2023
  • April 8: Kenshiro Teraji-Anthony Olascuaga Light Flyweight Title Showdown & Tenshin Nasukawa’s Pro Boxing Debut to Stream LIVE on ESPN+
    , Thu, 30 Mar 2023
    , Thu, 30 Mar 2023
  • Janibek Alimkhanuly-Steven Butler & Jason Moloney-Vincent Astrolabio Championship Doubleheader Set for May 13 at Stockton Arena LIVE on ESPN
    , Thu, 30 Mar 2023
  • Jose Roda Arrives in Thailand for April 1 WBA Asia 140 Title Fight
    By Carlos Costa, , Thu, 30 Mar 2023


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