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The Past Week in Action 19 September 2022: Canelo Closes Book with Golovkin with UD Win

-Saul Alvarez takes a unanimous decision over Gennady Golovkin to close the book on their joint history.
-Jesse Rodriguez outpoints Israel Gonzalez in WBC super flyweight title defence
-In heavyweight action Arslanbek Makhmudov is taken the distance for the first time as he outpoints Carlos Takam and Kevin Lerena decisions Mariusz Wach
-Denzil Bentley stops Marcus Morrison in four rounds at middleweight and lightweight champion Gavin Gwynne draws with Craig Woodruff in British title fights

World Title/Major Shows

September 17

Las Vegas, NV, USA: Super Middle: Saul Alvarez (58-2-2) W PTS 12 Gennady Golovkin (42-2-1). Super Fly: Jesse Rodriguez (17-0) W PTS 12 Israel Gonzalez (28-5-1). Super Middle: Ali Akhmedov (19-1) W PTS 10 Gabriel Rosado (26-16-1,1ND). Middle: Austin Williams (12-0) W PTS 10 Kieron Conway (18-3-1). Super Middle: Diego Pacheco (16-0) W TKO 5 Enrique Collazo (16-3-1). Light: Marc Castro (8-0) W KO 5 Kevin Montiel (7-2-2).
Alvarez vs. Golovkin
Alvarez scores a close unanimous decision over Golovkin to go 2-0-1 ahead in their clashes and retain all four super middleweight belts
Round 1
Both worked behind their jab. Alvarez was the one coming forward and he scored well with a couple of left hooks. Golovkin stuck with his jab but was coming up short. A close low scoring round with Alvarez doing what scoring there was.
Score: 10-9 Alvarez
Round 2
Both were sticking almost exclusively to their jab. Alvarez was the one coming forward and finding an occasional gap for his jab but was off target with his rights. Golovkin was using his jab as a range finder but not then throwing anything except more jabs that were short of the target and he was already showing a small lump under his right eye.
Score: 10-9 AlvarezAlvarez 20-18
Round 3
This round had a bit more action as Alvarez started to take that extra pace forward to put Golovkin under pressure and was letting his hands go more. Golovkin also upped his output but the early work from Alvarez gave him another close round.
Score: 10-9 AlvarezAlvarez 30-27
Round 4
Golovkin was more active in this round threading jabs through Alvarez’s high guard. Alvarez also upped his pace and had success with his jab and occasional rights and cracked Golovkin with a left hook. Again another close round but Alvarez did better over the closing seconds.
Score: 10-09 Alvarez Alvarez 40-36
Official Scores: Judge Dave Moretti 40-36 Alvarez, Judge Steve Weisfeld 39-37 Alvarez, Judge David Sutherland 39-37 Alvarez
Round 5
Golovkin started the round with a burst of punches and then again stuck with his jab and some straight rights. Alvarez was finding the target with his jab and left hooks to head and body and scored with a big right cross and did enough to overcome Golovkin’s early success.
Score: 10-9 AlvarezAlvarez 50-45
Round 6
A good round for Golovkin. He was sharper following his jab with straight rights and scoring with some neat uppercuts. Alvarez was forced onto the back foot as Golovkin threaded punches though his guard and shifted quickly out of line when Alvarez leapt forward with his left hooks.
Score: 10-09 GolovkinAlvarez 59-55
Round 7
Alvarez rebounded to take this one. He was putting Golovkin under constant pressure. He connected with a strong right uppercut and a right to the body. Golovkin was again sticking with his jab and needed to up his punch output and follow in behind his jab if he was to start winning rounds.
Score: 10-9 AlvarezAlvarez 69-64
Round 8
Alvarez opened the round by throwing a bunch of rights with modest success. From the half way point. Golovkin was forcing Alvarez onto the back foot spearing him with jabs and slotting home right hooks and he totally outworked Alvarez over the last thirty seconds.
Score: 10-9 GolovkinAlvarez 78-74
Official Scores: Judge Dave Moretti 78-74 Alvarez, Judge Steve Weisfeld 78-74 Alvarez, Judge David Sutherland 78-74 Alvarez.
Round 9
Golovkin’s round. He was now standing in front of Alvarez in the pocket firing jabs though Alvarez’s guard and following up with straight rights, hooks and uppercuts. Alvarez was again forced onto the back foot and although he connected with a big right late he had been outscored.
Score: 10-9 Golovkin Alvarez 87-84
Round 10
Golovkin had obviously been pacing himself as his work rate had notably increased. He was standing inside scoring with jolting rights, hooks and uppercuts with Alvarez only throwing one big shot at a time. A clash of heads just before the bell saw Alvarez cut over his right eye.
Score: 10-9 GolovkinAlvarez 96-94
Round 11
Plenty of action. Golovkin was again finding gaps for jabs, straight rights, hooks and uppercuts. Alvarez was again on the back foot resorting to occasional lunging attacks. Over the last minute Golovkin went onto the back foot and Alvarez pressed hard but did not do enough to cancel out Golovkin’s early success.
Score: 10-9 GolovkinAlvarez 105-104
Round 12
Tiredness showed in this one. Alvarez managed to land a couple of clubbing punched but Golovkin looked fresher. He was shooting straighter and more often and clearly took the round
Score: 10-9 GolovkinTIED 114-114
Official Scores: Judge Dave Moretti 116-112 Alvarez, Judge Steve Weisfeld 115-113 Alvarez, Judge David Sutherland 115-113 Alvarez.

Alvarez wins the trilogy and no talk of a fourth fight. Alvarez has options but at super middleweight the only saleable fight would be against David Benavidez. The winner of the Dmitry Bivol vs. Gilberto Ramirez fight looks the most attractive fight for Alvarez. He faded badly in this fight with two of the judges giving 40-year-old Golovkin three of the last four roundd so it could be that sixty two fights and switching weights are catching up on Alvarez so he will have to think hard about what comes next. Golovkin is not thinking about retirement and he still holds the IBF and WBA middleweight belts. I am not sure whether the IBF No 1 Esquivel Falcao or WBC’s Jermell Charlo would fill the bill but Jaime Munguia might be in the mix.

Rodriguez vs. Gonzalez
After a slow start Rodriguez uses constant pressure, heavy hooking and greater punch power to beat down Gonzalez to retain the WBC title.
Round 1
Gonzalez’s round with no doubt. He was finding gaps for his left jab and scoring with sweeping right hooks to Rodriguez body. Rodriguez was just following Gonzalez around the ring not firing punches and Gonzalez scored well again at the end of the round.
Score: 10-9 Gonzalez
Round 2
A much more competitive round. Rodriguez was rolling forward and letting his hands go more scoring with some jarring head punches. It was Gonzalez doing most of the scoring he was using his longer reach to slot jabs through the middle of Rodriguez guard, scoring with long rights to the body and putting together some flashing combinations.
Score: 10-9 GonzalezGonzalez 20-18
Round 3
Rodriguez upped the pressure in this one. He was coming forward quicker and throwing more punches and with more power. Gonzalez was still finding gaps and firing bursts of punches but was not as accurate and was being caught more often.
Score: 10-9 RodriguezGonzalez 29-28
Round 4
Rodriguez made a good start rattling Gonzalez with a right early in the round. Gonzalez recovered from that and was letting fly with punches from both hands with Rodriguez caught in a storm with Gonzalez firing straight lefts and rights. They were not all landing and did not carry much power but they were all on target.
Score: 10-9 GonzalezGonzalez 39-37
Round 5
A good round for Rodriguez. He was now blocking or ducking and weaving around Gonzalez’s punches and putting together some combinations of his own rocking Gonzalez a couple of times. Gonzalez was trying to stand and punch with Rodriguez but Rodriguez was landing the heavier shots and Gonzalez had to hold to ease the pressure.
Score: 10-9 RodriguezGonzalez 48-47
Round 6
Gonzalez was still throwing loads of punches but there was no power and very little accuracy in them. Rodriguez shook Gonzalez three times with right hooks and a couple of times with lefts to the head and again Gonzalez was being forced to hold.
Score: 10-9 RodriguezTIED 57-57
Round 7
For some reason Gonzalez decided to stand inside and trade with Rodriguez. Again too many of his punches were being blocked and Rodriguez was scoring with solid shots to head and body. He shook Gonzalez with head punches late in the round and was bossing the fight.
Score: 10-9 RodriguezRodriguez 67-66
Round 8
Plenty of incidents in this round. Gonzalez started trying to box on the outside but Rodriguez was pressing too hard for that to work and he was getting through with hooks. A clash of heads saw the referee stop the action and call the doctor to look at a Gonzalez forehead. That was cleared but when the action resumed Rodriguez twice landed punches below the belt and was deducted a point. Rodriguez finished the round strongly.
Score: 9-9 Tied (10-9 Rodriguez) Rodriguez 76-75
Round 9
Gonzalez decided to stand and swop punches but had little success. Again most of his punches were wasted as Rodriguez blocked or dodged them. Rodriguez then took over forcing Gonzalez back around the ring jarring him with lefts to the head and beating on his body with hooks.
Score: 10-9 RodriguezRodriguez 86-84
Round 10
A change of roles here as Rodriguez showed he could box. He was getting through with right jabs and straight lefts and then backing off when Gonzalez tried to get inside, Gonzalez could 
not adjust to the change and was eating some accurate lefts. Rodriguez went back to his inside role late in the round and as he piled on the punishment a stoppage looked possible.
Score: 10-9 Rodriguez Rodriguez 96-93
Round 11
Gonzalez came out punching in this one and was trading evenly early. Slowly the harder and more accurate punching form Rodriguez gave him control. After a right from Rodriguez Gonzalez went down on his hands and knees complaining of a low punch. The referee stopped the fight and sent Rodriguez to a neutral corner. He then indicated to Gonzalez the punch had landed on the side of his hip and was not considered low and that Gonzalez should get up and get on with it. Rodriguez finished the round with a strong attack.
Score: 10-9 RodriguezRodriguez 106-102 
Round 12
Rodriguez staggered Gonzalez with a right early in the round and kept up steady pressure. Gonzalez threw plenty back but was staggered twice late in the round as Rodriguez finished strongly.
Score: 10-9 RodriguezRodriguez 116-111
Official Scores: Judge Tim Cheatham 118-109 Rodriguez, Judge Max DeLuca 117-110 Rodriguez, Judge Patricia Morse Jarman 114-113 Rodriguez.
Second defence of the WBC belt by Rodriguez as he adds to impressive wins over Carlos Cuadras and Srisaket. At 22 he has a great future ahead of him and he will be hoping to face the winner of the forthcoming fight between Juan Estrada and Roman Gonzalez. As for (Israel) Gonzalez this was his third title shot having lost to Khalid Yafai and Roman Gonzalez in previous WBA title fights. Since his only two fights over the past eighteen months had been over eight rounds against very modest opposition his credentials for a title fight were tenuous at best but he gave it a good go but just did not have the power to trouble Rodriguez.

Akhmedov vs. Rosado
Kazak Akhmedov takes a wide unanimous verdict over veteran Rosado. The early rounds were fought at a fast pace with Rosado rumbling forward and although having little success he was often forcing Akhmedov to stand and trade. Akhmedov upped his pace over the middle rounds scoring with stiff jabs and heavy right counters . Rosado kept pressing but as Akhmedov opened up more Rosado’s attacks lost their impetus. Akhmedov, confident of victory, was rocked late in the last round but was able to outbox Rosado to the final bell. Scores 100-90 for Akhmedov on the three judge’s cards. He is rebuilding after a shock twelfth round kayo loss against Carlos Gongora for the vacant IBO belt in December 2020. With this win he collected the vacant WBC Silver title which should see him climb from his current No 20 position. Rosado, 36, lost in a challenge for the WBO middle tile against Peter Quillin back in 2013 and had been beaten by Jaime Munguia and Shane Mosley Jr. in his last two fights.

Williams vs. Conway
Southpaw Williams scores a late knockdown on the way to a unanimous decision over Conway. After a slow first round the pace picked up in the second and third which were close with Williams just scoring with the better shots in the second and Conway in the third. Conway landed some impressive rights in the fourth but Williams shook Conway with lefts in the fifth and the sixth was close with Conway perhaps having the edge. Williams then took control outscoring Conway in the seventh and eighth before flooring him with a right in the ninth and Conway just seemed to be fighting to survive in the tenth. Scores 97-92 twice and 96-93 for Williams the WBA No 6 who wins the vacant WBA International title. In 2021 action Conway lost a creditable split decision against unbeaten Souleymane Cissokho but had rebounded with a points victory over James Metcalf

Pacheco vs. Collazo
Pacheco stops Collazo in the fifth round. A disappointing contest saw Collazo fight exclusively on the defensive and Pacheco, whilst being the one doing the scoring, did not force the fight hard. There was very little action. As a fight it was a case of Collazo would not and Pacheco could not. Finally in the fifth Pacheco landed a powerful right that dropped Collazo. He struggled to his feet at six but when the referee asked him to walk forward he went back four paces. The referee ignored that followed him and grabbed Collazo’s gloves and wiped them which makes you wonder why he asked Collazo to step forward in the first place. Collazo tried to punch with Pacheco but was reeling under a shower of punches and the fight was stopped. Thirteenth victory by KO/TKO for the 6’4” 21-year-old Pacheco. First loss by KO/TKO for Collazo.

Castro vs. Montiel
Castro beats Montiel with a brutal kayo in the fifth round. Castro boxed well on the back foot early. He was quicker than Montiel who tried to press hard to cut down punching room for Castro but Castro was switching guards and spearing him with stiff jabs and landing left hooks to the body. Montiel continued to plod forward but he was too slow and lacked the power to be a threat. He was badly shaken late in the fourth complaining that the punch landed at the back of his head.. Castro unleashed some impressive combinations in the fifth and as Montiel tried to walk through the punishment he was nailed by a brutal short right that put him down flat on his back with the referee immediately waiving the fight over. Sixth win by KO/TKO for Castro. In the amateurs he was World and US Junior and Youth champion and won a gold medal at the 2017 Us National Championships beating Tokyo silver medallist Duke Ragan on the way to that title. Montiel out of his depth.

September 14

Toronto, Canada: Feather: Bryan Acosta (18-0,1ND) W KO 6 Jon Martinez (12-7-5). Welter: Joshuah Lupia (7-0) W PTS 6 Jesus Solis (3-1). Super Light: Spencer Wilcox (4-0) W KO 1 Maximino Toala (15-12-1).
Acosta vs. Martinez
Acosta moves to eight wins in a row as he scores a sixth round kayo over Spaniard Martinez. A body punch saw Martinez given a standing count in the second. He fought back to trade with Acosta over the fourth and fifth before Acosta put Martinez down and out with a volley of punches in the sixth. Seventh win by KO/TKO for the 24-year-old Mexican who turned pro at 17. Martinez came in on the back of a six-bout winning run.
Lupia vs. Solis
Former Canadian Youth champion Lupia gets another win as he forces Mexican Solis to take a standing count in the fourth and goes on to win on scores of 58-55 from all three judges. Lupia returned to action in July almost three years after suffering a gunshot wound. First fight for Solis since November 2018. 
Wilcox vs. Toala
Former four-time Canadian amateur champion Wilcox finished more experienced Mexican Toala in the opening round. A left hook to the body sent late substitute Toala down and he could not beat the count. Third win by KO/TKO for Wilcox.

September 16

Montreal, Canada: Heavy: Arslanbek Makhmudov (15-0) W PTS 10 Carlos Takam (39-7-1).Middle: Steven Butler (31-3-1) W TKO 2 Mark DeLuca (28-4).
Makhmudov vs. Takam
Makhmudov scores two knockdowns on the way to a unanimous decision over Takam. The big Russian had won all fourteen of his fights by KO/TKO and it looked as this would be No 15 when Takam was down loss than thirty seconds into the fight. Makhmudov shook Takam with a right and landed another heavy punch and Takam went down on one knee. Takam made it to his feet and survived the round with Makhmudov putting him under pressure and taking the second. Takam began to find the target with wide rights in the third and fourth testing Makhmudov’s chin. Makhmudov used his longer reach and heavier punch and looked to have won the fifth and sixth. The Russian had a big seventh. Takam was doing most of the scoring and looked on his way to a 10-9 round when just before the bell he was floored turning it into a 10-8 round for Makhmudov. Takam tired over the eighth and ninth but had a stronger last round but it was not enough. Scores 96-92 twice and 97-91 all for Makhmudov. He remains unbeaten. He is big at 6’5 ½” and 263lbs and powerful but is slow with a questionable defence. He won the vacant WBC Silver title with this fight and there is talk of him now moving higher. He was No 5 with the WBC- above both Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte which is ludicrous. His last three opponents have been 39-year-old Erkan Teper, 41-year-old Mariusz Wach and now 41-year-old Carlos Takam rated No 27 by the WBC. If that gets you a higher rating than No 5 there is something wrong with the WBC ratings. Oh and the WBA have him No 6. Former title challenger Takam was coming off a sixth round stoppage loss against Joe Joyce in July 
Butler vs. DeLuca
Butler stops DeLuca in the second round. A close first round saw Butler just having the edge but bleeding from the nose. In the second Butler grabbed DeLuca’s arm and twisted him and sent him tumbling to the canvas. Butler was given a warning but he then forced DeLuca to the ropes and landed two straight rights that had DeLuca slumping to the canvas. He made it to his feet but looked unsteady and the referee stopped the fight. After back-to-back losses against Ryota Murata for the secondary WBA middle belt and a stoppage by Jose de Jesus Macias Butler had bounced back and had stopped fellow-Canadian Brandon Brewer in June. He was defending his NABF belt. DeLuca had been knocked out in seven rounds by Kell Brook in 2020 but was coming off a points loss against modest 12-3 Edward Ulloa when DeLuca was floored twice.

London, England: Middle: Denzil Bentley (17-1-1) W TKO 4 Marcus Morrison (25-6). Cruiser: Ellis Zorro (15-0) W PTS 8 Dec Spelman (18-6). 8
Bentley vs. Morrison
Bentley retains the British title with a fourth round victory over Morrison. No standing on ceremony as both looked to dominate from the first bell. They both landed heavy punches in the opening round with Bentley shaken early but then coming back to rock Morrison. In the second, with defence taking second place to offence, Bentley’s harder punch was giving him the edge. Morrison had a bloodied nose and a cut over his right eye but banged back late in the round. Some of the fire went out of the fight at the start of the third and slowly Bentley began to take control. He launched a fierce attack in the fourth which has Morrison reeling under a hail of punches and Morrison’s second climbed to the ring apron prompting the referee to stop the fight. First defence of the British title for Bentley whose only loss came on a third round stoppage against Felix Cash in April last year. Morrison was 2-2 in his last 4 fights with the losses coming against Chris Eubank and Zach Parker.
Zorro vs. Spelman
Zorro takes the referee’s verdict against Spelman. Zorro outlanded Spelman over three uninspiring rounds before flooring Spelman with a body punch in the fourth. It looked as though that might be the end but the fight was only starting. Spelman got up and from there it was a war with Spelman outfighting Zorro over the fifth, sixth and seventh before Zorro boxed his way through the eighth to cement his victory. Referee’s score 77-74 for Londoner Zorro who was moving up to eight rounds for the first time. Spelman has lost tough matches against Shakan Pitters, Lyndon Arthur and Anthony Yarde.

Las Veras, Argentina: Super Welter: Williams Herrera (14-1,1ND) W TKO 4 Sergio Liendo (14-7,1ND). Middle: Gerardo Vergara (16-0) W PTS 8 David Romero (12-19-1).
Herrera vs. Liendo
Herrera stops Liendo in four rounds which sees Herrera take a standing count and be deducted a point and Liendo down four times. A frantic start as within the first minute a wild Liendo connected with two head shots that caused Herrera to stumble and the referee gave Herrera a standing count. Twenty seconds later Herrera caught the lunging Liendo with a short left that knocked him off balance resulting in a count. Herrera dominated the second but some of his punches landed behind Liendo’s left ear and Liendo went down but with no count and Herrera was warned for punches to the back of the head. Liendo was down in the third again with no count but this time the referee deducted a point from Herrera as the knockdown punch landed at the back of Liendo’s head. Herrera then landed a series of punches with Liendo going down on one knee and Herrera landing a punch when Liendo had a knee on the floor but this time the referee did give Liendo a count. After the count Herrera drove Liendo to the ropes and Liendo slipped down under a shower of punches being held up by the ropes and was given a count. Herrera ended it in the fourth pinning Liendo against the ropes and slamming home a right to the body that sent Liendo to his knees. He beat the count but the referee stopped the fight over furious protests from Liendo. Tenth win in a row for Herrera. Liendo had won his last two fights.
Vergara vs. Romero
Vergara works hard to get unanimous decision over a competitive Romero. The fight was mostly carried out at close quarters and Vergara was the harder puncher and more accurate and he dominated the fight over the last four rounds to emerge a clear winner. Scores 78-74 twice and 79-73 for national champion Vergara. Only one win in his last 14 bouts for Romero.

Nykoebing, Denmark: Heavy: Kem Ljungquist (14-0) W PTS 10 Benoit Huber (8-3).
Fighting in his home town Ljungquist overcomes two cuts to win a clear unanimous decision over Swiss Huber. Huber used his longer reach to outbox Huber but was cut over his right eye. It was the fifth round before Huber got into the fight and he had a good seventh when Ljungquist was cut over his left eye. As both tired over the closing rounds Ljungquist stuck to his boxing and won clearly. Scores 98-92 twice and 97-93 for Ljungquist. The 6’6 ½” southpaw wins the vacant WBC International title Bridgerweight title but on this performance the 32-year-old Dane is no threat to WBC champion Oscar Rivas. Huber was stopped in three rounds by Mikael Lawal in October.

Oberhausen, Germany: Light Heavy: Shefat Isufi (35-4-2) W Ryan Ford (17-7). Cruiser: Leon Harth (20-5) W Brandon Deslaurier (14-4,1ND).
Isufi vs. Ford
Isufi overcomes a slow start to emerge the winner on a very close unanimous decision. Ford dominated the exchanges early rolling forward throwing hooks and scoring well with his jab and looking to have won three of the first four rounds. Isufi did better over the middle rounds although being warned for holding. Ford had a big ninth with Isufi reeling from a right to the head and taking more punishment but making it to the bell. Ford seemed to have punched himself out and Isufi then provided the strong finish with a 40-year-old Ford fading. Scores 115-113 on the three cards for Isufi but it could have gone either way. Isufi was making the first defence of the WBFederation belt. The Serbian-born Isufi lost to Billy Joe Saunders for the vacant WBO super middle title in May 2019 but has moved up a division and has won his last nine fights. Canadian Ford is 3-8 in his last eleven fights but apart from a seventh round kayo loss against Joshua Buatsi he has always been competitive and made the local fighter work hard.
Harth vs. Deslaurier
Armenian-born German Harth edges out Frenchman Deslaurier on a close unanimous verdict. Harth was quickly into action and was too busy for Deslaurier outscoring him clearly in the opening three rounds. Deslaurier began to surge forward from the fourth walking through Harth’s punches to land his own. Harth’s accurate counters gave him the edge and he looked to have wrapped things up by taking the seventh, eighth and ninth but Deslaurier clearly won the tenth as Harth looked to protect his lead. Scores 96-94 from the three judges but Harth a deserving winner and collects the WBA Continental belt. It is his first fight since losing his WBO European belt on a majority decision against Enrico Koelling in November. Deslaurier, “the Gypsy Bomber” proved a good test for Harth.

Moscow, Russia: Super Light: Ivan Kozlovsky (6-0) W TKO 6 Michael Ansah (23-11-2). Light: Petr Vasilev (5-0) W TKO 2 Pavel Malikov (16-7-1). Middle: Gleb Bakshi (2-0) W TKO 1 Viktar Murashkin (4-5).
Kozlovsky vs. Ansah
Russian southpaw Kozlovsky stops Ghanaian Ansah in the sixth. Kozlovsky dominated from the outset flooring Ansah in the fourth before the fight was stopped in the sixth with Ansah suffering too much punishment. Third inside the distance win for the former World Junior bronze medallist. Ansah had won 8 of his last 9 fights with the loss coming on a disqualification against Terry Flanagan in 2019.
Vasilev vs. Malikov
Impressive showing by unbeaten Vasilev as he floors and halts a sliding Malikov. Vasilev dropped Malikov twice in the first round but Malikov survived to the bell. When Vasilev rocked Malikov with an uppercut in the second the referee stopped the fight. In theory Vasilev was moving up to ten rounds but instead scored his third inside the distance win. Sixth consecutive loss for Malikov.
Bakshi vs. Murashkin
Bakshi makes it two first round wins in two fights. He floored substitute Murashkin twice before the referee stopped the fight. In a 61-19 amateur record the tall 26-year-old beat Cuban Arlen Lopez and Hebert Conceicao on the way to winning a gold medal at the 2019 World Amateur championships and beat American Troy Isley in Tokyo before losing to eventual gold medallist Conceicao in the semi-finals. Belarusian Murashkin came in at 24 hours notice after Venezuelan Juan Ruiz encountered visa problems.

San Clemente de Llobregat, Spain: Super Light: Alejandro Moya (16-0) W Ramiro Blanco (18-12-3). 
Hometown fighter Moya just escapes with a majority decision over experienced Nicaraguan Blanco. This was supposed to be a mild warm up as Moya prepares to meet Walid Ouizza for the vacant EU title but Blanco proved a handful. Tenth consecutive defeat for Blanco.

September 17

Kempton Park, South Africa: Heavy: Kevin Lerena (28-1) W PTS 12 Mariusz Wach (36-9). Light: Lusanda Komanisi (27-6) W PTS 12 Tshifihiwa Munyai (35-7-1). 
Lerena vs. Wach
Southpaw Lerena chalks up another win as he strives to climb the rankings and get a seat at whatever the heavyweight table looks like in 2023. He was giving away six inches in height and 34lbs in weight to the 6’7 ½” Wach but he was too quick and too mobile and won a comfortable unanimous decision. Wach tried to box at distance where he could make full use of his longer reach and that was a potent weapon at times. Lerena used superior hand speed and mobility to both get inside and score and dodge Wach’s attacks. Lerena was rocking Wach early with fast jabs, hooks and uppercuts but particularly with straight lefts which constantly jolted Wach’s head back but was unable to make a dent in Wach’s resolve. Wach took the punishment without fading. He had a couple of good rounds when he was able to get through with his jabs. He landed well in the sixth but too often when they traded punches it was Lerena doing the scoring particularly with some hurtful left hooks. The South African tried to end it inside the distance and attacked hard down the closing straight but Wach did not crumble and in the end Lerena got some more heavyweight rounds under his belt against a useful opponent. Scores 120-108 twice and 118-110 for Lerena. The former undefeated IBO cruiser title holder was having only his third fight at heavyweight which is illustrated by his only ranking being No 13 with the WBA and No 29 with the WBC. 29. So he has some work to do to make a significant impact. Wach, 42, lost to Wlad Klitschko for the IBF, WBA and WBO titles in 2012 and has been in with many of the top names but this is his third consecutive loss so gatekeeper is his current role.
Komanisi vs. Munyai
Komanisi wins a much anticipated clash of former IBO champions as he takes the unanimous decision over Munyai. Both were into their stride early but Komanisi made the better start and looked to have built a useful lead. Munyai came into the fight more from the fourth but Komanisi rocked him with punches in the fifth. Munyai then began to pick up rounds but it was close. Munyai was credited with a very dubious knockdown in the sixth when Komanisi went down to his knees from a punch to the back of the neck. That helped reduce the deficit but Komanisi had a good eighth and the ninth was close. Munyai was stronger over the closing rounds but Komanisi fought hard and just did enough to earn the verdict. Scores 115-112, 114-113 and a too wide 117-110 all for Komanisi. He wins the South African title having been featherweight champion in the past and also an unbeaten IBO featherweight champion. Munyai, a former Commonwealth bantam and IBO super bantam champion was making the fourth defence of the South African title.

Bolton, England: Light Heavy: Lyndon Arthur (20-1) W TKO 6 Walter Sequeira (25-10-1).Light: Gavin Gwynne (15-2-1) DREW 12 Craig Woodruff (12-6-1). Welter: Kane Gardner (15-2) W PTS 8 Conah Walker (11-2-1). Welter: James Moorcroft (17-2) W TKO 2 Olaide Fijabi (16-5). Super Middle: Troy Williamson (19-0-1 W TKO 6 David Benitez (8-8.
Arthur vs. Sequeira
Arthur eases himself back into action with an undemanding victory over Argentinian Sequeira. The 6’2” Arthur had huge physical advantages over the 5’8” Sequeira being taller and heavier and Sequeira just could not find a way into the fight. Arthur seemed content to get in some rounds being able to score at distance and unloading some heavy right crosses. It should have been over in the third when Arthur scored two knockdowns, both from right hands, but Sequeira showed some resolve and made it through the round. Once Arthur settled down to handing out some serious punishment the end was near and when a right had Sequeira reeling in the sixth the fight was halted. Arthur was returning to the ring for the first time since losing his Commonwealth title on a fourth round kayo against Anthony Yarde in December. Sequeira, a former Argentinian middle champion, has six inside the distance losses.
Gwynne vs. Woodruff 
Gwynne holds on the British title with a majority draw against fellow Welshman Woodruff. It was the challenger who went into an early lead. With his hands down mobile style Woodruff was scoring on the advancing Gwynne and weaving around Gwynne’s leads. Gwynne’s answer was to drive forward quicker and he was cutting down Woodruff’s space and landing to the body. Gwynne then bossed the action maintaining the pressure and landing some good head shots. Woodruff was doing enough to keep the rounds close in what was turning into a fiery scrap. They were trading punches furiously in every round with Gwynne just outworking Woodruff. It looked as though Gwynne’s title was safe as he had a commanding lead by the end of the ninth. Woodruff then came on strong and clawed his way back into the fight as they went toe-to-toe over the last three rounds and that finish put the outcome into the balance. Scores 114-114 twice and 116-113 for Gwynne. The champion is rarely in a bad fight and this was one of the best. It remains to be seen whether they go straight to a return or whether Gwynne looks elsewhere for his next outing. Last time out Woodruff had won the BBB of C Celtic title and he performed above expectations in this one.
Gardner vs. Antin
Gardner gets another win as he decisions Argentinian Antin. Gardner was just too strong for the light punching Antin but the Argentinian was competitive over the early rounds willing to take the fight to Gardner and pumping out punches. Antin then faded as an attacking force as Garner exerted more pressure Antin resorted to moving, bobbing and weaving. Garner kept hunting him down and was doing the scoring and finished strongly. Referee’s score 78-75. Sixth win in his last seven fights for Gardner. Antin was a late choice as opponent and falls to 1-6-1 in his last eight fights.
Moorcroft vs. Fijabi
Moorcroft returns to winning ways with two round victory over Nigerian Fijabi. The taller Moorcroft worked behind his jab and banged home left hooks to the body. One of those hooks had Fijabi stepping back and going down. He only just beat the count and had to absorb more body shots but made it to the bell. Fijabi tried to move and jab through the second but a sweeping uppercut from Moorcroft had him turning away before going down pawing at his right eye. He was up quickly but walked away from the referee still pawing at his eye and that left the referee with no choice but to stop the fight. Moorcroft had been kayoed in six rounds by unbeaten Spaniard Jon Miguez in May. Fourth consecutive defeat for Fijabi.
Williamson vs. Benitez
Williamson got some rounds under his belt as he readied himself for a big fight against Josh Kelly. This was a one-sided fight as Williamson was much too god for Argentinian Benitez and scored a sixth round stoppage. Benitez was cut and floored and by the sixth was finished and the towel came in from his corner. Williamson will now put his British title on the line against Josh Kelly in Newcastle in December in a huge match for both boxers. Fourth consecutive loss for inexperienced Benitez.

Pilar, Argentina: Cruiser: Yamil Peralta (14-1) W TKO 3 Fabio Maldonado (28-6). 9
Peralta outclasses and stops Maldonado in three to win the vacant WBC International belt. Peralta was willing to let the Brazilian rumble forward in the first and was scoring with a mixture of jabs and hooks to the body. A left hook to the body from Peralta had Maldonado backing off in the second and a left to the head sent Maldonado down heavily. He beat the count but in the third was again shaken badly by a left hook. Peralta forced Maldonado to a corner and a right saw Maldonado slumping to the canvas and the fight was stopped. Peralta suffered blatant robbery when outpointed by Ryan Rozicki for this same title in May. Rozicki relinquished the title and will challenge Oscar Rivas for the WBC bridgerweight title. Seventh win by KO/TKO for double Olympian Peralta. Third inside the distance defeat for 42-year-old Maldonado.

Osaka, Japan: Super Feather: Kosuke Saka (22-6) W TKO 6 Tsubasa Narai (8-2). 
Saka makes a successful defence of the national title in a sensational fight against Narai which saw Saka overcome near disaster with both fighters down twice. A straight right from Narai floored Saka early in the first round. Saka made it to his feet and they slugged it out over the second and third rounds before the aggressive Narai put Saka down again in the fourth. Saka was far from finished and looked the fresher at the end of the round. It was Saka’s turn to score a knockdown in the fifth sending Narai to the floor with a body punch. At that point Narai was 47-45 in front on the judge’s cards but Narai’s chance of winning had come and gone. Saka dropped Narai with a counter right in the sixth and although Narai made it to his feet he was trapped against the ropes and shipping heavy shots when the referee stepped in to stop the fight. Second defence of the Japanese tile for Saka and win No 19 by KO/TKO. He is rarely in a distance fight being 14-4 in his last 18 fights with all ending early. Second loss by KO/TKO for Japanese No 3 Narai.

Rotherham, England: Welter: Dom Hunt(11-0) W PTS 10 Darren Tetley (21-4). Bantam: Kyle Yousaf (17-0) W PTS 6 Alexander Taylor (20-35-2,1ND).
Hunt vs. Tetley
Hunt retains the BBB of C Central Area belt with decision over Tetley. Both were cut in a close, hard fight. Hunt was cut over both eyes and Tetley was cut on the bridge of his nose and had a nasty swelling around his left eye. Both fought through their injuries with southpaw Hunt just having a slight edge. The referee scored it 97-93. Hunt will be looking to move up but he is in a strong division and his lack of punching power may count against him. In April Tetley put up a creditable performance in losing against Ekow Essuman in a challenge for the British title.
Yousaf vs. Taylor
Yousaf marches on. The Sheffield “Golden Kid” outpointed seasoned Nicaraguan Taylor with the referee scoring the fight 59-55. The unbeaten Yousaf comes from the Ingle gym which produced Kell Brook and Kid Galahad. Ten losses in a row for Taylor.

Tampa, FL, USA: Middle: Connor Coyle (17-0) W PTS 8 Silverio Ortiz (37-32). Super Middle: Yamaguchi Falcao (22-1-1) W PTS 8 Abel Adriel (26-25-3).
Coyle vs. Ortiz
Coyle outpoints much travelled Mexican Ortiz. It was a unanimous decision but no scores available. The Irishman is already pencilled-in for a fight next month. He is No. 9 with the WBA but has yet to face any real quality opposition. Eleventh consecutive defeat for the 39-year-old Ortiz. 
Falcao vs. Adriel
Falcao extends his unbeaten run to seven as he outpoints Argentinian Adriel. No scores but it was a unanimous decision. The 34-year-old Brazilian southpaw was a bronze medal winner in the 2012 Games but has struggled to break through as a pro. Adriel has a poor record but only four losses by KO/TKO.

Fight of the week (Significance): Saul Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin as they will both now look for their next big fight.
Fight of the week (Entertainment): With four knockdowns and a standing count the fight between Williams Herrera and Sergio Liendo provided plenty of entertainment. Honourable mentions to Gavin Gwynne vs. Craig Woodruff and Lusanda Komanisi vs. Tshifhiwa Munyai both of which were more than fan friendly.
Fighter of the week: TIE Saul Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin
Punch of the week: The right from Marc Castro that flattened Kevin Montiel was a real thunderbolt.
Upset of the week: None. The matchmakers got them all right
Prospect watch: Lightweight Marc Castro 8-0 with 6 wins by KO/TKO and promoted by Saul Alvarez
Rosette: To Saul Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin. Not just for the fight but for the open display of the tremendous respect they have for each other. With others milling about they created their own little space standing head-to-head with their arms on each other’s shoulders talking as warrior to warrior.
Red Card: None. A good week for boxing.

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