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The Past Week in Action 2 August 2022: Danny Garcia Outpoints Jose Benavidez

Danny Garcia outpoints Jose Benavidez and there are wins for Eli Eren Demirezen, Gary Antuanne Russell and Sergiy Derevyanchenko,
-Chris Billiam Smith retains the Commonwealth and European cruiserweight title with points win over Isaac Chamberlain
-Outstanding former amateurs Frazer Clarke, Ben Whittaker, Caroline Dubois, Pat McCormack, and Yunberjen Martinez win inside the distance
-Josh Kelly and Harlem Eubank score wins in Newcastle
-Filipino Dave Apolinario scores first round kayo over former IBO title holder Gideon Buthelezi

World Title/Major Shows

July 30

New York, NY, USA: Super Welter: Danny Garcia (37-3) W PTS 12 Jose Benavidez (27-2-1). Heavy: Ali Eren Demirezen (17-1) W PTS 10 Adam Kownacki (20-3). Super Light: Gary Antuanne Russell (16-0) W TKO 6 Rances Barthelemy (29-2-1,1ND). Middle: Sergiy Derevyanchenko (14-4) W PTS 10 Joshua Conley (17-4-1). Super Welter: Vito Mielnicki (12-1) W TKO 6Jimmy Williams (18-9-2,1ND). Super Middle: Junior Younan (17-0-1) W TKO 1 Dauren Yeleussinov (10-2-1). Super Welter: Ismael Villarreal (12-0) W TKO 6 LeShawn Rodriguez (13-1). 

Garcia vs. Benavidez
Garcia moves up to super welter and outpoints Benavidez taking a majority decision which should have been unanimous. Garcia made a good start. He was quicker stringing together some crisp combinations and landing well to the body whilst using some smart upper body movement to slip Benavidez’s punches. Benavidez was not throwing as much and was looking to land big shots. Garcia was not loading up on his punches but he was sharp and accurate. Benavidez connected with a heavy right in the third but Garcia shook it off and outboxed Benavidez in the fourth and fifth and showed his confidence in the fifth by taunting Benavidez. Benavidez was just following Garcia around the ring not cutting Garcia off or throwing enough punches. Garcia had faster hands and quicker movement and was willing to take more chances over the second half of the fight standing in front of Benavidez throwing combinations. Benavidez did a bit better in the eighth and landed heavily in the ninth but Garcia took back control over the tenth and eleventh and did some showboating in the last as he eased to victory. Scores 117-111 and 116-112 for Garcia and 114-114 with even the 116-112 looking generous to Benavidez and the 114-114 amazing in a bad way! A classy display from Garcia but questionable whether he has the power to be a force at super welter. He is No 5 with the WBC pretty remarkable how he has climbed from No 6 welterweight to No 5 super welterweight without having fought for eighteen months! Benavidez was disappointing. It was a flat listless display. He never put Garcia under enough pressure and his work rate was too low. He was inactive in 2019 and 2020 and in his only fight in 2021 was held to a draw by Francisco Torres who was stopped in five rounds by Hamzah Sheeraz last month.

Demirezen vs. Kownacki 
Demirezen outpoints Kownacki over ten tough, gruelling but entertaining rounds. Both were letting their hands go in the first with Kownacki just landing the better shots. The second and third saw some good exchanges with both rounds close. Demirezen was finding plenty of gaps but does not have the punch to trouble Kownacki who took the second with Demirezen outworking Kownacki in the fourth getting through with uppercuts and straight rights. Kownacki was showing signs of slowing and Demirezen was taking control as he outlanded Kownacki in the fifth and in a close sixth Demirezen landed a right to Kownacki’s left eye. Kownacki was eating too many punches but Demirezen was also slowing and Kownacki looked to have edged the seventh. Both had some success in the eighth but with Kownacki’s left almost shut and with blood dripping from a cut above the eye Demirezen dominated the ninth and tenth with Kownacki a spent force. Scores 97-93 twice and 96-94 for Demirezen. Turk Demirezen lost a wide points decision against Efe Ajagba in July 2019 and this is his sixth win since then. His best rating is No 10 with the WBO but I can’t see him as a threat to Usyk or Fury. Third loss in a row for Kownacki and he has gone as far as he is going. He is talking about another fight to give him the chance to go out a winner.

Russell vs. Barthelemy 
Russell stops Barthelemy in the sixth. Russell piled forward behind his right jab in the first throwing lots of punches and landing heavy lefts. Barthelemy covered well and countered well with rights to the head forcing Russell to clinch and took the round. More of the same from Russell in the second and third. He was getting through with his jab and straight lefts outworking Barthelemy and keeping him under relentless pressure. Barthelemy changed to southpaw and boxed cleverly on the retreat in the fourth meeting Russell’s rushes with stiff jabs and firing powerful straight lefts then tying Russell up inside to stop him working to just edge the round. Russell controlled the fifth. He seemed to have adjusted to Barthelemy’s southpaw stance and was in Barthelemy’s face the whole way throwing a stream of punches refusing to let Barthelemy smother his work and clipping Barthelemy with hooks as they traded heavily late in the round. In the sixth as Russell was walking down the retreating Barthelemy he suddenly jumped in with a right hook to the head and Barthelemy pitched forward and down. He was up at five and looked a bit unsteady as he walked away from the referee to a corner. When the count reached eight the referee asked Barthelemy to step forward which he did and the referee asked Barthelemy a couple of questions and had a close look at Barthelemy then waived the fight over. It looked a very early stoppage and Barthelemy and his team were furious. A big win for Russell who has yet to be taken the distance in a fight. He was ahead on the three cards 49-46 on two and 48-47 on the third and was rated WBC 7/IBF & WBA 11 so has some way to go before he gets a title shot. Serious blow for 37-year-old Barthelemy. He had drawn with Robert Easter for the vacant WBA secondary lightweight title in April 2019 but had dropped out of the ratings despite scoring two wins in 2021 so he has a lot of ground to make up and is running out of time.

Derevyanchenko vs. Conley
Derevyanchenko rebounds from a run of three defeats with a unanimous verdict over Conley. Derevyanchenko shaded the first round but a clash of heads saw a cut opened over his left eye. Over the second and third Derevyanchenko pressed hard constantly moving forward and cleverly switching his punching angles. Conley connected with some useful left hooks but was rocked by a Derevyanchenko right in the fifth and hurt by body punches in the sixth. Conley was into survival mode as a right from Derevyanchenko unhinged his knees on the seventh and he had to absorb some vicious body shots in the eighth. Derevyanchenko seemed to ease up a little in the ninth and tenth and Conley made it to the end. Scores 99-91 twice and 98-92 for Derevyanchenko. The 36-year-old Ukrainian hit a very bumpy spell in which he lost four of his five fights dropping close decisions against Daniel Jacobs and Gennady Golovkin and losing clearly to Jermall Charlo before dropping a majority decision against Carlos Adames in December. Three of those fights were for titles but he seemed to be returning to form in this bout so could yet land a fourth shot. Conley was coming off a win over veteran Curtis Stevens in March but was outclassed here.
Mielnicki vs. Williams
Mielnicki leads all the way before stopping Williams in the sixth. Mielnicki worked well with his jab but it was his solid right hand punching that won him this fight. Mielnicki found the target with his right hand in round after round with Williams having no answer to the big shots from Mielnicki. A right in the sixth Rocked Williams and caused him to hold and at that point Williams’s corner stepped up and called for the fight to be stopped. The highly touted Mielnicki lost a majority decision to 6-2 James Martin in April 2021 but has rebuilt with four victories. Williams suffers his fourth consecutive defeat.
Younan vs. Yeleussinov
Younan blitzes Kazak Yeleussinov. Younan jumped on Yeleussinov bombarding him with punches and Yeleussinov caved in under the pressure with the referee stepping in to stop the fight after 107 seconds. Eleventh win by KO/TKO for Younan in only his second fight in three years. Yeleussinov, the elder brother of unbeaten 2016 Olympic gold medallist Daniyar, is not going anywhere as a pro.
Villarreal vs. Rodriguez
Someone’s “0” had to go and it was Rodriguez who lost his unbeaten tag. Although giving away height and reach Villarreal establish an early lead dropping Rodriguez in the second. Rodriguez recovered but was still being tagged with hard punches. Villarreal ended it with another knockdown in the sixth. Rodriguez made it to his feet but wobbled and the fight was stopped. Fifth win a row by KO/TKO for Bronx-born Villarreal with the win said to be revenge for a points loss suffered by Villarreal in the amateurs in 2015. A big set-back for former US National champion Rodriguez 

Bournemouth, England: Cruiser: Chris Billiam-Smith (16-1) W PTS 12 Isaac Chamberlain (14-2). Heavy: Frazer Clarke (2-0) W TKO 2 Ariel Bracamonte (11-9). Light Heavy: Ben Whittaker (1-0) W KO 2 Greg O’Neill (6-7-1). Light: Caroline Dubois (3-0) W TKO 3 Happy Daudi (11-11-1). Super Welter: Joe Pigford (20-0) W TKO 3 Raphael King (15-2-1). Cruiser: Mikael Lawal (16-0) W TKO 2 Crispulo Andino (22-13-1).
Billiam-Smith vs. Chamberlain
Billiam-Smith retains the Commonwealth and European titles with a unanimous decision over Chamberlain in a war that is a contender for “Fight of the Year”. Billiam-Smith took the fight to Chamberlain from the start forcing Chamberlain onto the back foot and landing heavily. Chamberlain fired back with left hooks before Billiam-Smith scored with a series of punches as the round ended. In the second again it was Billiam-Smith driving forward scoring with clubbing punches. Chamberlain countered with left hooks but it was Billiam-Smith’s round. Chamberlain tried to box in the third and fourth and had some success but was forced to fight with his back against the ropes under pressure from Billiam-Smith. Chamberlain did better in the fifth as he again chose to box and connected with a stinging rights. The sixth was close but with Billiam-Smith landing the heavier shots. Chamberlain dominated the seventh and had a good eighth as he scored with booming counters on the advancing Billiam-Smith who looked to be flagging but Chamberlain had an ominous looking swelling showing around his left eye as the frantic pace and heavy trading began to affect both fighters. Billiam-Smith rebounded to edge the ninth and tenth storming forward firing big punches with Chamberlain banging back but now with a cut over his left eye. Billiam-Smith kept up the pressure in the eleventh outscoring Chamberlain with hurtful body shots and they were both rocked by heavy punches in a fierce last round. Scores 117-111 for Billiam-Smith on all three cards. Billiam-Smith’s only loss was on a split decision against Richard Riakporhe and he has scored seven wins since then. He is No 1 with the WBO so the mandatory challenger to Lawrence Okolie but there is also talk of a fight with new IBF champion Jai Opetaia so he could go either route. Chamberlain raised his profile by his performance in this outstanding fight and he may eventually work his way to a shot at Okolie who had beaten him on points in 2018.
Clarke vs. Bracamonte
Clarke dismantles obese Bracamonte. In the first Clarke had no problems in scoring with counters as Bracamonte trundled forward behind a high guard. Bracamonte showed a bit more fight in the second but when caught by a punch behind his head there was a long pause before Bracamonte agreed to continue. Clarke then ended it in style with a left hook that dumped Bracamonte on his rump against the ropes. Bracamonte beat the count but the referee waived the fight over. Good finish for Olympic silver medallist Clarke but no risk and very little reward in fights like this.
Whittaker vs. O’Neill
Olympic silver medallist Whittaker much too talented for O’Neill who in the first was lunging forward with wild attacks. Whittaker spent most of the round show boating and picking O’Neill off with individual shots. Whittaker ended in the second with a right cross that sent O’Neill down on his back and the referee stopped the fight without a count. The 6’3” 25-year-old is an outstanding talent but hopefully the excessive showboating will disappear when he faces some real tests.
Dubois vs. Daudi
Dubois stops an outclassed Daudi. Dubois quickly had Daudi on the retreat stabbing home strong right jabs and left hooks to the body and it was obvious that there was a bid gap in ability. Dubois was hunting Daudi in the second adding hurtful body shots to her right jabs and Daudi’s contribution was just some wild swings that all fell short. Dubois landed a series of punches in the third that saw Daudi drop to her knees. She was up quickly but was trapped in a corner and under fire when the referee stopped the fight. There are stronger opponents out there for Dubois but at 21 there is no rush. Seventh loss by KO/TKO for Daudi,
Pigford vs. King
Pigford continues on his merry way with yet another inside the distance victory as he halts former Ghanaian champion King in three rounds. Seventeen consecutive victories by KO/TKO for Pigford but he has yet to face an opponent who can really provide a measure of his potential. King had won his last seven fights but the last four of those victories were over fighters with combined records of 7-51.
Lawal vs. Andino
Lawal punches too hard for poor opponent Andino. Lawal was landing heavily in the first and had the Argentinian skittering backwards around the ring in the second. Andino decided to take a step forward but Lawal connected with a vicious left hook to the body that sent Andino to his knees in agony. He stayed on his knees and spat out his mouthguard as the referee completed the count. The Nigerian-born Lawal has scored ten of his wins inside the distance and is ready for stronger level opposition. Andino is 0-6 in fights outside of Argentina.

July 28

Johannesburg, South Africa: Fly: Jackson Chauke (21-1-2) W TKO 3 Mustafa Mkupasi (9-1). Super Light: Xolisani Ndongeni (30-2) W PTS 10 Reymond Yanong (11-7-1). Super Bantam: Sabelo Ngebinyana (16-5) W PTS 8 Mzuvukile Magwaca (21-1-3). 
Chauke vs. Mkupasi
Chauke wins the vacant ABU belt with stoppage of overmatched Tanzanian Mkupasi. The visitor was holding and spoiling from the start so it was good for the fans that Chauke ended it early. He floored Mkupasi in the third with a left hook and although Mkupasi beat the count he was shipping heavy punishment and the fight was stopped. The 37-year-old Chauke is rated WBO 5 and WBC 11. Mkupasi just a prelim fighter.
Ndongeni vs. Yanong
Ndongeni outpoints Filipino Yanong. Ndongeni made good use of his longer reach and better skills to outbox Yanong. The Filipino was dangerous with occasion rights rocking the local in the first but Ndongeni was quicker and more accurate. He landed heavily early in the tenth and although his left glove split instead of changing the glove Ndongeni was allowed to continue using the glove to the bell. Scores 100-91, 99-92 and 97-93 for the former IBO title holder. His losses have come on points against Devin Haney and a stoppage by Prince Dlomo. Yanong is 2-4 in his last six outings.
Ngebinyana vs. Magwaca 
Mild upset as Ngebinyana outpoints previously unbeaten Magwaca. Southpaw Ngebinyana was just too quick and slick getting his punches off and then sliding out before Magwaca could counter. Magwaca finally woke up in the seventh but too little too late as Ngebinyana won on scores of 78-74 twice and 77-75. Second good win in a row for former South African super fly champion Ngebinyana who stopped England’s Ashley Sexton in April. This was Magwaca’s second fight since being shot in the leg by home invaders in 2018.

Indio, CA, USA: Light: Jousce Gonzalez (13-0-1) W KO 3 Jose Angulo (14-3). Super Bantam: Manuel Flores (13-0) W TKO 3 Daniel Colula (15-7-2). Super Feather: Elnur Abduraimov (10-0) W KO 1 Leonel Moreno (11-2-1).

Gonzalez vs. Angulo
After a couple of close rounds Gonzalez ends things in the third. A left to the body sent Angulo down and he was unable to beat the count. Twelfth inside the distance victory for Gonzalez, the brother of world title challenger Joet. Ecuadorian Angulo is now 2-1 in fights outside of Ecuador.
Flores vs. Colula
Impressive all-round performance from Flores. He showed excellent boxing skills over the first two rounds and then dropped Colula with a southpaw left in the third with the referee immediately waiving the fight off. Fifth consecutive inside the distance win for 23-year-old Flores. Third defeat by KO/TKO for Mexican Colula.
Abduraimov vs. Moreno
Another power show from Uzbek southpaw Abduraimov. He was loading up on his punches from the start before putting Moreno down with a left to the body and Moreno was counted out. All over in 74 seconds. Abduraimov, 28, won gold at the Asian Games, a bronze at the World Championships and was a quarter-finalist in Tokyo last year. Moreno was 11-0-1 after losing his first pro bout.

July 29

Montreal, Canada: Light Fly: Kim Clavel (16-0) W PTS 10 Yesenia Gomez (19-6-3,1ND) W. Super Light: Movladdin Biyarslanov (11-0) WKO 1 Issouf Kinda (18-6).
Clavel vs. Gomez
Clavel wins the WBC Female title as she outboxes title holder Gomez. Clavel’s better skills saw her lead from the start. She did a great job of slipping Gomez’s punches and then rocking Gomez with precise counters Gomez pressed hard all the way and seemed to hurt Clavel with left hook in the fifth but Clavel shook it off and had a big seventh connecting with a series of rights. The pace slowed late but Clavel was still in charge and won well. Scores 99-91 twice and 100-90 for the Canadian, a former Big Brother contestant who gave up nursing to concentrate on her boxing. Gomez was making the fifth defence of the WBC belt.
Biyarslanov vs. Kinda
Russian-born Canadian Biyarslanov made it an early night as he knocked out Kinda with a right hook just one minute into their fight. Southpaw Biyarslanov, who represented Canada at the 2016 Olympics, moves to nine win by KO/TKO. Kinda without a win in his last five fights.
Barranquilla, Colombia: Super Fly: Pablo Carrillo (27-8-2) W PTS 10 Rober Barrera (24-5,1ND). Fly: Yunberjen Martinez (1-0 ) W TKO 3 Yeison Hernandez (6-4). Welter: Alan Baleta (5-0) W PTS 8 Isaac Hernandez (8-1). 
Carrillo vs. Barrera
Carrillo takes a split decision over Barrera in a hastily cobbled together fight. After a slow first round the fight developed with the smaller Carrillo forcing the action and Barrera countering. There were plenty of fiery exchanges with plenty of close rounds with Barrera looking to have moved ahead after Carrillo was in deep trouble from rights in the seventh and had to hold to survive. It was a different picture in the eighth and ninth as a tiring Barrera was fighting with his back against the ropes and being rocked with rights. They both gave it everything in the last with Carrillo getting the nod on scores of 97-93 twice and 96-95 for Barrera. Carrillo wins the vacant WBC Continental Americas belt. He was to have fought Dwayne Beamon but Beamon did not make it due to travel problems so former WBA title challenger Barrera, who was to fight another opponent, stepped up to face Carrillo
Martinez vs. Hernandez
Martinez turns pro with third round kayo of Venezuelan Hernandez. “Tremendous” Martinez dazzled Hernandez with his skill over the first two rounds before putting Hernandez down and out with a left hook ion the third. The 30-year-old Martinez has been the most successful amateur in Colombian boxing history. He won gold at the South American and Central American championships, silver at the Olympics and Pan American Games and bronze at the World Championships.

Pagani, Italy: Super Bantam: Vincenzo La Femina (11-0) W K0 2 Marco Scalia (11-9). 
Neighbourhood battler La Femina wins the vacant national title in style. He dominated the action in the first and floored Scalia with a left hook in the second. Scalia made it to his feet but another left hook sent him down and he was counted out. Six wins by KO/TKO for La Femina now.

Ferizaj, Kosovo: Heavy: Atom: Fabiana Bytyqi (19-0-2) DREW 10 Elizabeth Lopez (10-4-5).Super Middle: Elvis Hetemi (17-1) W KO 1 Deniz Altz (11-4). Light Heavy: Benjamin Gavazi (15-1) W KO 1 Andreas Masold (6-4). 
Bytyqi vs. Lopez
Czech Bytyqi holds on to her WBC title with a split draw against Mexican Lopez. At 5’ 4 ½” Bytyqi had lots of height and reach over the 4’9” Lopez and used her longer reach to take control early. Lopez just kept barrelling forward and over the middle rounds she wiped out Bytyqi’s lead and moved ahead. Bytyqi produced a strong finish and just did enough to retain her title. Scores 97-94 for Bytyqi, 97-96 Lopez and 96-96. Third defence for Bytyqi. Lopez has previously lost in shots at the WBO and IBF minimum titles but no third time luck for her.
Hetemi vs. Altz
Kosovon-born German southpaw Hetemi blows away Altz in one round. Hetemi found the target with body punches until a left hook sent Altz to the canvas and he was counted out. Seventh consecutive victory for Hetemi. Fourth inside the distance defeat in his last five bouts for Altz
Gavazi vs. Masold
No surprise as Gavazi scores first round kayo of Masold. After losing his first pro fight Gavazi has won 14 in a row. Masold’s losses have all been against unbeaten opponents.

East London, South Africa: Fly: Dave Apolinario (17-0 W KO 1 Gideon Buthelezi (23-6). Super Fly: Phumelela Cafu (7-0-3) W TKO 5 Ben Mananquil (18-3-3). Light Fly: Mpumeleto Tshabalala (7-1) W PTS 12 Sikho Moshani (5-3). Minimum: Siphamandla Baleni (20-4-2) W PTS 8 George Kandulo (4-10-1).

Apolinario vs., Buthelezi
 A shock for the locals as unbeaten Filipino southpaw Apolinario flattens Buthelezi in the first round. Buthelezi was boxing confidently behind his right jab. Apolinario was on the back foot looking to counter. Apolinario missed with some fierce left crosses but just before the bell he landed a booming straight left that sent Buthelezi down heavily. He clawed at a rope trying to drag himself up but he was counted out with just one second remaining in the round. “Doberman” Apolinario, 23, wins the vacant IBO title with his twelfth victory by KO/TKO. Buthelezi, 37, is a former holder of the IBO title at minimum, light fly and super fly. 
Cafu vs. Mananquil
South African Cafu wins the vacant WBA Inter-Continental title with victory over fellow-southpaw Filipino Mananquil. Cafu scored with some scorching right uppercuts and left hooks to the body putting Mananquil on the back foot and under constant pressure. That changed in the fifth as Mananquil stormed forward driving Cafu to the ropes. They traded punches until a right from Cafu saw Mananquil suddenly back away pawing at his right eye and he went down on one knee. The referee gave Mananquil a count with Mananquil getting up at six still wiping at his eye. The referee was going to let the fight continue but one of Mananquil’s team entered the ring due to concerns over their man’s eye problem and the fight was stopped. Sixth win by KO/TKO for Cafu. Mananquil was 8-1-1 in his most recent fights.
Tshabalala vs. Moshani
Tshabalala retains the national title in his first defence with a split decision over Moshani- but he looked a clear winner. Tshabalala had to get off the floor late in the fourth, only just beating the count, but recovered to take control and win on scores of 117-112 twice and 116-114 for Moshani.
Baleni vs. Kandulo
An easy pay day for Baleni as he takes unanimous verdict over Malawian novice Kandulo. Scores 80-72, 80-73 and 79-73 for Baleni a former South African champion. Only one win in his last ten bouts for Kandulo.

Montevideo, Uruguay: Middle: Amilcar Vidal (16-0) W PTS 10 Gabriel Diaz (12-4). Super Bantam: Alexandro Santiago (26-3-5) W PTS 10 David Carmona (22-10-5). Welter: Roiman Villa (24-1) W TKO 1 Andres Garcia (13-7-1,1ND). 
Vidal vs. Diaz
Vidal returns home and maintains his 100% record with unanimous decision over Argentinian Diaz. Over the first two rounds Vidal walked into trouble as Diaz scored with short hooks to the head from both hands and straight rights. Vidal kept up the pressure and gradually took control. Diaz fought back hard but now it was Vidal driving forward curving hooks to the body and bouncing punches of Diaz’s head. His power was making the difference and Diaz flagged late. Scores 99-91, 98-92 and 97-93 for Californian-based Vidal who retains the WBC Latino belt. Diaz falls to 2-3 in his last 5 bouts. 
Santiago vs. Carmona 
Santiago wins the vacant Mexican title with unanimous decision over Carmona. Comfortable victory for Santiago. He was quicker, stronger, more varied with his work and with a tighter defence. Carmona had the longer reach and plenty of experience but he just could not match Santiago. Carmona picked up a couple of rounds but Santiago was the winner. Scores 99-91, 97-93 and 96-94 for Santiago. He drew with Jerwin Ancajas for the IBF super fly title and his only defeat in his last 23 fights was a majority decision against unbeaten Gary Antonio Russell. Carmona has had three shots at titles but has now won only two of his last nine fights. 
Villa vs. Garcia
Venezuelan Villa wipes out Garcia in ninety seconds of the first round. All of Villa’s 24 victories have come inside the distance including eleven in the first round. His only defeat is a split decision against Marcos Villasana Jr in Mexico. Five losses in a row for Colombian Garcia.

July 30

Newcastle, England: Super Welter: Josh Kelly (12-1-1) W PTS 10 Lucas Bastida (18-1-1). Super Light: Harlem Eubank (15-0) W DISQ 9 Eliot Chavez (11-5-1). Super Welter: Pat McCormack (2-0) W TKO 1 Dimitri Trenel (8-2).
Kelly vs. Bastida
Kelly gets unanimous decision over Argentinian Bastida. Kelly made a good start showing excellent hand speed and connecting with some useful hooks and uppercuts. He also boxed well over the second and third making use of penetrating jabs and finding the target with rights. Bastida had started very slowly but he picked up the pace in the fourth switching to southpaw and getting through with stiff jabs and rights as Kelly neglected his own jab. Kelly rebounded to score well in the fifth and sixth bringing his jab into play again but the fight was untidy. Kelly started the seventh scoring with a hefty right but then seemed to dial the pressure back although doing enough to win the round. Kelly dominated the eighth as he seemed to looking to end the fight early and connected with hooks and uppercuts in the ninth but Bastida continued to come forward aiming to work inside. The visitor continued his attacks in the tenth getting home some useful body punches without ever really threatening Kelly. Scores 99-92, 98-92 and 96-95 for Kelly. A useful ten rounds of work for Kelly who collects the WBO International belt. Bastida was unbeaten in his last 17 fights but the domestic opposition was a long way from being challenging and if the Kelly vs. Troy Williamson fight comes off that will be a much better measure of Kelly’s standing.
Eubank vs. Chavez
Eubank gets a win over Chavez who is disqualified for throwing a punch after the call to break. Eubank was too quick and too slick for the slow and robotic Mexican. Eubank constantly pierced Chavez's guard with strong jabs snapping Chavez’s head back and connecting with overhand rights. Chavez upped his pace in the fourth finally landing some hooks and putting Eubank under a modicum of pressure. Eubank’s punch output dropped in the sixth but he picked up in the seventh. Chavez was chasing Eubank down and they went into a clinch. The referee called break and then Chavez connected with a left and a hard right that sent Eubank down on his back. The referee halted the action to give Chavez a stern warning and then gave Eubank a good period of recovery time before the action began again. Chavez was fired up by the knockdown but Eubank outboxed him over the eighth. In the ninth they were in a clinch and the referee said stand back. Eubank did so but Chavez landed a hard left hook and the referee promptly and rightly disqualified Chavez. Eubank remains unbeaten and is looking to get into bigger fights. Chavez had won 5 of his last 6 fights but lacked the skill or speed to match Eubank. 
McCormack vs. Trenel
McCormack demolishes Trenel in the first round. After some early sparring McCormack drove Trenel to the ropes and connected with some savage combinations ending with a left to the body that had Trenel collapsing to his knees with the referee immediately stopping the fight after just 86 seconds. Two pro fights and two first round finishes for the Tokyo silver medallist. 

Kobe, Japan: Feather: Tomoki Kameda (39-3) W KO 4 William Encarnacion (19-4).
Kameda takes another step along his recovery from diabetes and a knee injury as he stops Encarnacion in four rounds. After dominating the first two rounds Kameda put Encarnacion down with a left to the body. Encarnacion made it to his feet but was on the floor again from a series of punches. He survived to the bell but was on the floor again in the fourth from another wicked left to the body and was counted out. A former holder of the secondary WBA bantamweight title Kameda is No 2 with the WBA and is hoping to land a title shot and a fight with Naoya Inoue if or when Inoue moves up from bantamweight. Encarnacion, 34, represented the Dominican Republic at the Olympic Games in London. He won his first 18 pro fights but is now 1-4 against some tough opposition.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Cruiser: Federico Grandone (7-0-2) W PTS 10 Nicolas Arganaraz (11-4-1).
Grandone wins the vacant South American title with a unanimous verdict over southpaw Arganaraz. These two had fought to a split draw in November but Grandone walked away with this one. He had Arganaraz down twice and Arganaraz also lost a point for repeated punches to the back of Grandone’s head leading to scores of 97-89, 98-90 and 97-90

Managua, Nicaragua: Welter: Roberto Arriaza (18-3) W PTS 10 Walter Castillo (27-8-1). Super Light: Santos Reyes (11-0,1ND) W TKO 10 Bryan Jimenez (9-1).
Arriaza vs. Castillo 
Both fighters were in need of a win and it was Arriaza who came out the victor on a split decision. Over ten tough rounds the clever boxing of Arriaza offset the aggression of the slower but stronger Castillo. No scores given but Arriaza had the edge. Arriaza was coming off back-to back losses in Germany including a points defeat against Sebastian Formella for the IBO title. Castillo had been outpointed by Wiston Campos in his two fights in 2021
Reyes vs. Jimenez 
Reyes wins this clash of unbeaten locals with tenth round stoppage of Jimenez. Reyes collects the vacant WBA Fedecentro belt and gets his third inside the distance victory. Both fighters were in their first ten round contest.

Manila, Philippines: Super Bantam: Carl Martin (19-0) W Charles Tondo (12-5-2).
“Wonder Boy” Martin marches on with unanimous decision over Tanzanian Tondo. Martin was quicker and busier but for the first three rounds Tondo was pressing hard. In the fourth a shot from Tondo suddenly had Martin badly shaken and Tondo piled on the punches but Martin recovered. From there Martin outworked Tondo who had never gone past eight rounds before and he tired and faded out of the fight as Martin dominated. Scores 119-109 twice and 118-110 for Martin as he retains the WBA Asian title. Tondo made Martin fight early and certainly rattled him in the fourth and earned his money.

Goryachy Klyuch, Russia: Super Middle: Edgard Moskvichev (16-1-2) W RTD 2 Ali Mammadov (13-9).
Southpaw Moskvichev beats Mammadov on a retirement. Both landed heavily in the first. Moskvichev rocked Mammadov early in the second and then floored him. Mammadov managed to get to his feet but his corner pulled him out before the start of the third. Twelfth win in a row for Moldovan-born Russian Moskvichev. Azeri Mammadov now has six inside the distance defeats.

La Guaira, Venezuela: Bantam: Williams Flores (11-0) W TKO 2 Yonnaiquer Rondon (19-1-1).
Flores wins the vacant WBA Fedecaribe title with second round stoppage of Rondon. Ninth inside the distance victory for Flores but with both fighters having heavily padded records.

July 31

Johannesburg, South Africa: Middle: John Bopape (12-8) W TKO 8 Snamiso Ntuli (6-5). Fly: Tsietso Modisadif (7-3) W PTS 10 Zolile Miya (9-8-1). Welter: Harry Simon (17-0) W PTS 8 Tsiko Mulovhedzi (12-11-3).
Bopape vs. Ntuli
Bopape makes a successful first defence of his South African title with stoppage of Ntuli. Bopape has found some form as he has won 5 of his last 6 bouts. Ntuli just a modest level prelim fighter.
Modisadif vs. Miya
Modisadif wins the vacant Gauteng title with points win over Miya. Modisadif won well despite a split decision with two judges scoring it 98-91 and 97-92 for Modisadif and one had it 95-94 for Miya.
Simon vs. Mulovhedzi
Simon, the son of former WBO middleweight title holder Harry Senior, continued his winning ways with a unanimous verdict against experienced Mulovhedzi but no scores available. Fourth loss in a row for 35-year-old Mulovhedzi a former South African and IBO title holder.

Fight of the week (Significance): Danny Garcia’s win over Jose Benavidez adds his name to the mix at super welterweight
Fight of the week (Entertainment) Chris Billiam-Smith vs. Isaac Chamberlain takes to prize and great fight.
Fighter of the week: Danny Garcia for his outstanding performance against Jose Benavidez
Punch of the week: The Frazer Clarke left hook the floored Ariel Bracamonte was pitch perfect but I just give the vote to the left from David Apolinario that finished Gideon Buthelezi.
Upset of the week: No shocks this week.
Prospect watch: Olympic silver medallist Pat McCormack 2-0 two wins inside the distance will make an impact at super welterweight

Rosette: To the promoters in, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Congo, India, Kosovo, Macedonia, Malawi, Serbia, Uruguay and Vietnam. None of them hot beds of boxing but then they never will be if promoters don’t put on shows so keep up the good work guys.
Red Card: To the judge who scored Garcia vs. Benavidez 114-114 and the referee who was too hasty in stopping Garcia vs. Barthelemy.
Any fighter with careful management can build a well padded record to get him on the route to the top but there is a difference between a route and a rut! Whoever manages Venezuelan Yonnaiquer Rondon has turned record padding into an art form. Rondon’s record was an impressive looking 19-0-1 with his 19 opponents amassing the grand total of 4 wins between them. The draw was against an opponent with a 1-19-1 record so rut-no route. Rondon was beaten on Saturday by fellow Venezuelan Williams Flores who was 10-0 with his 10 victims having only one win between them. For matching their respective fighters against opponents who had won some fights both managers have had their record padding certificates withdrawn which will disqualify any of them from working with Christopher Lovejoy the King of padded records.

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