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The Past Week in Action 2022: Kazuto Ioka Retains WBO Belt Against Nietes; Ryan Garcia Stops Javier Fortuna in Six

Kazuto Ioka takes unanimous verdict over Donnie Nietes to retain the WBO super flyweight belt
-Ryan Garcia stops Javier Fortuna and Lamont Roach, David Jimenez and Oscar Collazo win WBA eliminators
-Arnold Barboza outpoints Danielito Zorrilla and Ray Muratalla, Stephen Shaw and Richard Torrez all score wins
-Mark Heffron stops Lewis Clarke in five rounds to win the British and Commonwealth super middleweight titles and Hamza Sheeraz and Nick ball get inside the distance wins

World Title/Major Shows

July 13

Tokyo, Japan: Super Fly: Kazuto Ioka (29-2) W PTS 12 Donnie Nietes (43-2-6)
Ioka retains the WBO title with a wide unanimous decision over former undefeated title holder Nietes
Round 1
Both made a very cautious start fighting behind a high guard and probing with jabs. Ioka was a little busier and a little more accurate but it was a close, careful round.
Score: 10-9 Ioka
Round 2
Nietes livened things up. He was still jabbing strongly but connected with a series of rights to the head. Ioka worked his way into the fight varying his work more and they traded punches just before the bell with both landing shots
Score: 10-9 NietesTIED 19-19
Round 3
Ioka was on the front foot in this round scoring with strong jabs and firing occasional rights. Nietes was looking to counter but was being beaten to the punch by Ioka and outworked.
Score: 10-9 IokaIoka 29-28
Round 4
Nietes made a more positive start throwing more and getting through with rights. Once again Ioka worked his way into the round behind his jab but Nietes scored well to the body late in the round.
Score: 10-9 NietesTied 38-38
Round 5
Good round for Ioka. He used his jab to keep Nietes retreating and moved inside scoring with hooks to the body from both hands. He continued to keep Nietes on the end of his jab and connected with a series of shots.
Score: 10-9Ioka 48-47
Round 6
A close round but another one for Ioka. He continued to spear Nietes with jabs and put together some sharp combinations. Nietes had success with some counters but it was Ioka’s round.
Score: 10-9 IokaIoka 58-56
Round 7
Ioka was in total control. He was doubling and tripling his jabs and scoring with multi-punch combinations. Nietes was just not getting his punches off and being outboxed and outscored
Score: 10-9 IokaIoka 68-65
Round 8
Clinical and classy from Ioka. He controlled the action with his jab then followed with straight rights and hooks to the body. Nietes hardly took a step forward and Ioka’s jab kept him busy defending himself.
Score: 10-9 IokaIoka 78-74
Round 9
Early domination by Ioka with his jab and hooks. Nietes was a little livelier using his jab and connected with a great right uppercut. That served only to galvanise Ioka who upped his attacks and ended the round strongly.
Score: 10-9 IokaIoka 88-83
Round 10
Nietes made a better start coming forward behind his guard and throwing rights. That changed when he was visibly hurt by a left hook to the body and backed off. Ioka then marched forward scoring with hooks from both hands. The action was stopped after a clash of heads which saw Nietes suffer a bad cut over his left eye. The doctor had a look at it but allowed the fight to continue.
Score: 10-9 IokaIoka 98-92
Round 11
Ioka boxed solidly in this one. Nietes moved a lot and tried some rights but the blood from the cut was affecting his vision and his confidence and Ioka did enough to win the round.
Score: 10-9 IokaIoka 108-101
Round 12
A gutsy finish from Nietes. He moved well and found gaps for right counters as Ioka walked him down without throwing much. The blood was still troubling Nietes but he landed enough rights to take the round.
Score: 10-9 NietesIoka 117-111
Official Scores: Judge Waleska Roldan 120-108 Ioka, Judge Gerardo Martinez 118-110 Ioka, Judge William Lerch 117-111
Iota retains the WBO title and gets revenge for a loss to Nietes for this title in December 2018. Filipino Nietes, 40, loses for the first time in almost eighteen years but is not talking retirement.

July 15

Temecula, CA, USA: Super Light: Arnold Barboza (27-0) W PTS 10 Danielito Zorrilla (16-1). Light: Ray Muratalla (15-0) W PTS 8 Jair Valtierra (16-2). Heavy: Stephan Shaw (17-0,1ND) W TKO 1 Bernardo Marquez (14-5-1). Heavy: Richard Torrez (2-0) W TKO 1 Roberto Zavala 2-2-1). 

Barboza vs. Zorrilla
Barboza comes through a good test as he outworks Zorrilla in a clash of title hopefuls. Barboza was sharper and busier from the start doing most of the scoring in the first and rocking Zorrilla with a right in the second that woke up Zorrilla and he connected with a right at the bell. Neither really managed to do any real damage in the third Zorrilla did some good work early in the round and although Barboza ended the round by scoring with a bunch of hooks Zorrilla probably nicked it. Barboza remained the busier and was doing the more effective work and stopped Zorrilla in his tracks with a right late in the fourth. Zorrilla took the fight to Barboza in the fifth staring the round well but Barboza came back late in the round and it was close. Barboza dominated the sixth scoring heavily and finishing the round with a thumping right to the head of Zorrilla. Barboza also took the seventh as his superior power had Zorrilla rocking on a couple of occasions and although there were some good exchanges Barboza was winning them, It was a similar picture in the eighth and ninth with Barboza stronger and more active and with Zorrilla’s punch output dropping in the face of Barboza’s pressure. Zorrilla needed a knockout in the tenth and after fierce pressure from Barboza Zorrilla landed twice with heavy rights that had Barboza hanging on then backing off. Barboza battled back with Zorrilla again landing with rights as he threw wild punches as Barboza made it to the final bell. Scores 97-93 twice and 98-92 for Barboza who wins the vacant WBO Inter-Continental belt. The super lightweight division is in a state of flux at the moment with a couple of belts up for grabs so Barboza will be hoping to get in the mix when things get a little clearer later this year. Zorrilla has beaten some good level opponents but was well beaten here.

Muratalla vs. Valtierra
Muratalla floors and decisions Valtierra. Muratalla dominated the fight from the first bell. He was quicker and more accurate circling Valtierra scoring with jabs and choosing his moment to step inside and score with hooks and dancing out before Valtierra could counter. Valtierra managed to bring some blood from Muratalla’s nose with his jab but he paid for that in the shape of a left hook to the head in the fourth which put him on rubbery legs and dropped him. Valtierra was up quickly but took more punishment before the bell. Muratalla continued to hand out punishment but Valtierra refused to crumble and made to the final bell snapping Muratalla’s run of inside the distance win at nine. All three judges turned in cards of 80-71. 
Shaw vs. Marquez
An impressive Shaw obliterates Marquez in one round.
A series of punches sent Marquez to his knees in the first minute. Marquez beat the count but a left and right to the head again saw him go down on a knee. He almost made it to the bell but another couple of brutal shots dropped him and the fight was stopped. The 6’4” former US National and Police Athletic League champion and National Golden Gloves bronze medallist has 13 wins inside the distance and looks a real threat in the division. Marquez had won his last six outings.
Torrez vs. Zavala
Torrez gets quick win over Zavala. Torrez was immediately on target with southpaw lefts snapping back Zavala’s head with successive shots. Zavala moved forward to try to counter but those neck-snapping shots had already convinced the referee that it was dangerous to let Zavala continue and after a couple more head punches the fight was stopped after just 58 seconds. Torrez, 23, is a former US Youth, US National and National Golden Gloves champion. He also won a silver at the 2021 Olympics and a World Champion bronze. He is following in the footsteps of his Grandfather and Father who were both good level amateurs. If there is a downside it is that he is 6’2” and 220 to 230 lbs which is on the small side size today.

July 16

Los Angeles, CA, USA: Light: Ryan Garcia (23-0) W KO 6 Javier Fortuna (37-4-1). Super Feather: Lamont Roach (23-1-1) W PTS 12 Angel Rodriguez (20-2). Fly: David Jimenez (12-0) W PTS 12 Ricardo Sandoval (20-2). Minimum: Oscar Collazo (5-0) W PTS 12 Vic Saludar (21-6). Welter: Alexis Rocha (20-1) W PTS 10 Luis Veron (19-5-2). Feather: Diego De La Hoya (23-1,1ND) W TKO 4 Enrique Bernache (24-14,1ND,).

Garcia vs. Fortuna
Garcia outclasses Fortuna flooring him three times and getting the knockout in the sixth round. Garcia made a confident start. He was using his left jab sparingly but was scoring with lead rights against southpaw Fortuna. In the second Garcia used his jab more to pick Fortuna off at distance but again also relied on right leads to score. Fortuna was resorting to wild lunges to get close but was caught by a right and left to the head and was stuck on his back foot as Garcia continued to pick him off with jabs. Garcia continued to walk the retreating Fortuna down in the third. He put together a couple of useful combinations and used his longer reach to connect with jabs and right leads Garcia really let his hands go in the fourth driving Fortuna back with jabs and hooks before dropping him with a left to the body. Fortuna made it to his feet and gained a few seconds more recovery time by spitting out his mouthguard. He then dropped both hands bobbing and weaving in front of Garcia but Garcia remained focused and scored with some more heavy shots rocking Fortuna with a left hook to the head at the bell. In the fifth Garcia dropped Fortuna with a left hook to the head. Fortuna got up and despite plenty of pressure from Garcia survived the round. It was over early in the sixth. Garcia landed a series of cuffing head shots and Fortuna dropped to a knee and chose to spit out his mouthguard and sit out the count. Garcia gradually getting sharper after a long period of inactivity. His height, reach and power make him a real threat for any fighter in the talent rich lightweight division. Fortuna was never in this fight. He scored with a good right hook in the fifth but other than that never looked as if he wanted to be there.

Roach vs. Rodriguez
Roach wins WBA eliminator as he outpoints Rodriguez in a disappointing fight. Roach dominated the fight over most of the rounds taking the fight to Rodriguez who fought a mainly defensive fight. He picked up some rounds with counters but was never a real threat to Roach. A low punch sent Roach to his knees in the fourth but he recovered to rock Rodriguez with a right in the fifth. Rodriguez had some success over the middle rounds but relentless pressure from Roach had Rodriguez tiring over the late rounds with the crowd restive over the lack of sustained action. Roach landed heavily in the eleventh and boxed his way through the twelfth. Scores 116-112 twice and 117-111 for Roach. He is now hoping for a shot at Roger Gutierrez the WBA title holder. Colombian-based Venezuelan Rodriguez had earned his place in the eliminator with a victory over 20-2-1 Russian Mark Urvanov. 
Jimenez vs. Sandoval 
Considerable upset as relatively unknown Costa Rican southpaw Jimenez beats Sandoval on a majority decision. Sandoval fought his usual aggressive fight but Jimenez proved an awkward, difficult opponent. Sandoval kept marching forward but Jimenez used some excessive hands down and upper body movement to neutralise Sandoval’s aggression and tied-up and roughed-up Sandoval inside. Despite that Sandoval was doing most of the scoring and the referee deducted a point from Jimenez in the seventh for holding. Sandoval looked on the way to a narrow victory when he was floored by a right in the eleventh and Jimenez dominated the last round. Scores 114-112 twice for Jimenez and 113-113. Jimenez was a surprising No 1 with the WBA and Sandoval No 1 with the IBF and WBO so very much a top level clash. Sandoval will come again.

Collazo vs. Saludar
Collazo decisions Saludar in yet another WBA Eliminator which saw both fighters given a count. Southpaw Collazo made a positive start getting through with body punches but Saludar was countering well. They fought inside as Saludar stepped up to match Saludar. Collazo looked the harder puncher and he was getting the better of the exchanges in the fourth and fifth. In the sixth a pair of punches from Collazo almost had Saludar touching down but he just recovered although seeing him hurt the referee gave him a standing count. When the action resumed a right from Saludar put Collazo down but the Puerto Rican was not badly shaken. The younger Collazo continued to have the edge over the closing round but had to fight hard all the way. Scores 116-112 twice and 118-110 for Collazo. Collazo has been rushed to the top after just a handful of fights after winning a gold medal at the PanAmerican Games and is now the mandatory challenger to WBA title holder Knockout CP-Freshmart. Former WBO title holder Saludar was coming off a loss against Erick Rosa for the secondary WBA belt.
Rocha vs. Veron
Southpaw Rocha a class above seasoned pro Veron. It was Rocha’s fight from the first. He came forward scoring to head and body with both hands with Veron in survival mode early. It really was just a case of whether Rocha would win inside the distance or not. He landed heavily in the sixth and seventh and although Veron was a little more competitive over the last three rounds he was never in the fight. Scores 100-90 twice and 99-91. Rocha wins the vacant WBO NABO belt. Veron can still boast he has never lost inside the distance but is 0-4 in fights in the US.
De La Hoya vs. Bernache
De La Hoya stops Bernache in four rounds. De La Hoya landed heavily in the first two rounds with the doctor visiting Bernache at the end of the second round to check his condition. Bernache took more hurt in the third and was soaking up punches late in the fourth and the referee stopped the fight. First fight since December 2019 for De La Hoya as he now looks to rebuild after a sixth round stoppage loss against Ronny Rios. Fifth loss by KO/TKO for Bernache.

London, England: Super Middle: Mark Heffron (28-2-1) W TKO 5 Lennox Clarke (20-2-1). Feather: Nick Ball (16-0) W TKO 12 Nathanael Kakololo (14-4-1). Middle: Hamza Sheeraz (16-0) W TKO 5 Francisco Torres (17-4-1). Feather: Dennis McCann (13-0) W TKO 8 James Beech (14-3).
Heffron vs. Clarke 
Heffron wins the British, Commonwealth and IBF Inter-Continental titles with stoppage of Clarke in a short but brutal war. Fireworks from the start in this one. Both scored with hefty jabs in the first before Heffron connected with a stunning right uppercut. Clarke’s legs shook and Heffron jumped in with clubbing rights to the head. Clarke was reeling and fighting on instinct with Heffron loading up on every punch scoring with hooks to the head. At times it looked as though Clarke must go but he battled tom the bell. Clarke turned the tables in the second. He was the one scoring with straight rights and uppercuts and Heffron looked shaky at the bell. A right uppercut had Clarke hurt early in the third but he jabbed his way out of trouble. Both landed heavily in the fourth but Heffron’s power was giving him the edge and he had Clarke hurt with a left hook to the body late in the round. A left hook from Heffron in the fifth had Clarke stumbling and in trouble. Heffron forced Clarke to the ropes and although Clarke blocked some of the punches after a left and a right landed heavily the referee came in and stopped the fight with Clarke immediately protesting angrily. Heffron had moved up from middleweight where he had lost to Liam Williams and Denzel Bentley and looked strong at the weight as he collected win No 22 by KO/TKO. Clarke’s only other loss is on a split decision against Lerrone Richards 
Ball vs. Kakololo
Ball gets a late stoppage win in a defence of his WBC Silver belt. Kakololo had a big edge in reach which made it difficult for the 5;5” Ball to get safely inside to work. Kakololo scored well with his jab bringing blood from Ball’s nose. Ball was finding ways around the Namibian’s jab but had to work hard. As the fight progressed he began to wear Kakololo down and after rocking Kakololo in the ninth he kept up the pressure. In the last he landed heavily with a right and a left and Kakololo turned away with Ball still throwing punches the referee stepped in and stopped the fight. Ball had won the WBC Silver title with a stoppage of Isaac Lowe and has been rewarded with a No 16 position by the WBC and his next fight could be against the Commonwealth champion Nathaniel Collins. Kakololo provided a test for Ball but was worn down in the end.
Sheeraz vs. Torres
Sheeraz has to get off the canvas to stop Argentinian Torres. Sheeraz used his height and reach to control the action outboxing Torres in the first the shaking him up with a left in the second. It looked all lover when Sheeraz dropped with another left but Torres beat the count and then nailed an overconfident Sheeraz with a right that sent him down for the first time in his career. Sheeraz got up and put Torres down for the third knockdown in a wild round. Sheeraz scored heavily in the fourth and then finished it in the fifth. He forced Torres to a corner and then landed a booming right that put Torres down again. He struggled to rise and the referee waived the fight over. Sheeraz wins the vacant WBC Silver belt with his tenth consecutive inside the distance victory. He was No 13 with the WBO and No 24 with the WBC but can expect a promotion from both. Torres was 9-0-1 before this loss.
McCann vs. Beech
McCann’s power proves too much for a competitive Beech. Southpaw McCann staged a fierce attack in the first letting his punches fly until Beech dropped to his knees to get some relief. When Beech got up McCann tried desperately to blow Beech away but he made it to the bell. McCann continued to launch furious attacks with Beech under heavy pressure but finding gaps for some good counters. McCann’s attacks slowed but he showed some smart defensive work dropping both hand and using upper body movement to dodge Beech’s punches. McCann was picking his punches well over the middle rounds catching Beech with hard single shots. A right dropped Beech in the eighth. He made it to his feet but was taking some severe punishment and his corner threw in the towel just as the referee stopped the fight. McCann, 21, also wins a WBC Silver title. His exciting if at times wild, style is fan friendly. Former British and Commonwealth title challenger Beech suffers his first inside the distance defeat.

July 15

Wuppertal, Germany: Cruiser: Firat Arslan (52-9-3) W TKO 2 Juan Juarez (20-7). Super Welter: Austin Trout (35-5-1) W PTS 8 Florin Cardos (21-4). Super Middle: Uwel Hernandez (14-1) W PTS 10 Kamer Maloku (16-3). Super Feather: Ramona Graeff (4-0) W PTS 10 Alys Sanchez (17-8-1). Light: Jaouad Belmehdi (16-0-3) W PTS 8 James Chereji (17-2). Heavy: Agron Smakici (19-1) W Fernando Simoes de Almeida (9-5)
Arslan vs. Juarez
The ageless Arslan has no problems in dismissing Argentinian Juarez. Arslan advanced behind a high guard and in close dug home hard body punches. Juarez made it through the first round but was dropped twice by body punches in the second and his corner threw in the towel. The 51-year-old Arslan has lost only one of his last twenty fights but the opposition has been chosen carefully to avoid any risk. Arslan has said he will retire at a big show early next year. Fourth loss in his last five fights for Juarez
Trout vs. Cardos
Trout looks a clear winner but has to settle for a majority decision over British-based Romanian Cardos in a clash of southpaws. Trout worked hard with his jab and mixed his punches well with hooks to head and body. Cardos was competitive all the way and made Trout fight hard for his win but Trout always had the edge and deserved the decision. Scores 79-73 and 78-76 for Trout and 76-76. Trout, who beat Miguel Cotto back in 2012, is No 5 with the IBF but at 36 time is running out for him. Second defeat in a row for Cardos
Hernandez vs. Maloku
Cuban-born Hernandez outboxes Kosovon Maloku. Hernandez had a big edge in skill and set a higher work rate as he eased to victory on scores of 97-94 twice and 98-92. Eighth victory in a row for Hernandez who picks up the vacant WBA Continental title. Maloku had won his last ten fights by KO/TKO but against a miserable level of opponents.
Graeff vs. Sanchez
Graeff too young, too quick and too clever for Sanchez. In a one-sided contest Graeff showed plenty of skill often boxing with her hands down and even throwing in an Ali Shuffle whilst constantly finding gaps for her jabs and hooks to the body. Scores 99-91 for Graeff on the three cards. Graeff, the WBA No 5, won the vacant WBA Female Gold belt and is now angling for a shot at WBA title holder Hyun Mi Choi. Venezuelan Sanchez is a former WBA title holder at super bantam.
Belmehdi vs. Chereji
Former undefeated French champion Belmehdi remains unbeaten with an unanimous decision against Romanian Chereji on scores of 78-73, 78-75 and 77-74. Southpaw Belmehdi is No 8 in the EU ratings and will be looking to get into the EBU list. Chereji was coming off an eighth round stoppage loss against WBO No 1 super lightweight Liam Paro.
Smakici vs. de Almeida
Farcical win for Smakici as a jab to the nose sends Brazilian De Almeida down and he is counted out in the first round. The 6’6” Croatian southpaw was coming off a third round kayo win over former Commonwealth champion Lenroy Thomas but was knocked out in one round by Zhan Kossobutskiy. The result was no real surprise as de Almeida has now lost 6 of his last 7 bouts failing to last more than two round in any of them.

Newark, England: Light Heavy: Joel McIntyre (20-4)W TKO 8 Chad Sugden (12-2-1).
McIntyre wins the vacant English title with stoppage of local fighter Sugden. The first few rounds were close but by the fifth former kickboxer Sugden was slowing and cut over right eye. In the eighth McIntyre connected with a right over the top of Sugden's jab and put him down. Sugden made it to his feet but as McIntyre attacked again the referee stopped the fight. Former champion McIntyre had lost in two previous attempts to regain the title. Sugden had lost to Shakan Pitters in a fight for the vacant British title in 2020.

July 16

Cordoba, Argentina: Middle: Gonzalo Coria (21-5) W PTS 10 Emiliano Pucheta (16-6).
Southpaw Coria is floored but still takes the split decision over Pucheta. Coria had both height and reach over Pucheta but Pucheta was able to get inside enough to keep the fight close. Coria was down in the sixth but survived and just did enough to take the decision. Scores 96-93 and 95-94 for Coria and 96-93 for Pucheta. Fifth win in his last six fights for Coria. Former Argentinian champion Pucheta had scored back-to-back first round knockouts in his last two fights.

Cruz de Eje, Argentina: Super Middle: Walter Matthysse Jr (8-1) W PTS 10 German Peralta (8-10-5)
Matthysse wins his first pro title as he floors and decisions Peralta. Matthysse took the early rounds. He shook Peralta with head shots in the third and the referee stepped in and gave Peralta a standing count. Peralta had deliberately “lost” his mouthguard and the referee docked him a point for that. Peralta did well over the fifth and sixth but a right to the head put him down in the seventh and from there Matthysse boxed carefully taking no chances to emerge the winner. Scores 97-90 twice and 98-89 for Matthysse who wins the vacant WBC Latino Silver belt with his eighth victory in a row. Now six losses in his last seven fights for Peralta.

Sydney, Australia: Middle: Alex Walters (15-1) W PTS 10 Lachian Higgins (7-5-2). Super Feather: Billel Dib (26-3) W TKO 7 Satnam Singh (10-2). Super Light: Youssef Dib (17-0) W TKO 3 Arief Bladert (27-35-3).
Walters vs. Higgins
Walters wins the vacant Australian title with a unanimous decision over Higgins. The New Zeeland–born Walters lifted the title on scores of 99-92, 98-92 and a very different 96-94. Walters only loss came in the shape of a second round stoppage against hot prospect Andrei Mikhailovich. Higgins, who had lost in a previous challenge for the super-middle title, is now 0-2-1 in his last three contests.
Dib vs. Singh
 Dib collects the IBF Australasian belt with seventh round victory over India’s Singh. Dib was 21-1 before losing to Yaundale Evans in 2017. He gets his fifth win in a row. Singh, who was having his first fight in Australia, came in on the back of seven victories. 
Dib vs. Blader
Younger brother Youssef (Billy) Dib floors Indonesian Blader in the second and third on his way to a third round stoppage victory. Former Australian champion Dib has to be ready to face better opposition than this as Blader is now 0-9 in fights in Australia and this is his seventeenth loss by KO/TKO.

Magdeburg, Germany: Light Heavy: Michael Eifert (11-1) W PTS 10 Adriano Sperandio (14-2). Light-Heavy: Tom Dzemski (20-1) W RTD 3 Alexander Lorch (7-1). Heavy: Albon Pervizaj (18-1) W PTS 6 Alvaro Terrero (5-17-2).
Eifert vs. Sperandio
Eifert just edges out Italian Sperandio on a close unanimous decision to wins the IBF Inter-Continental belt. Eifert had problems dealing with the longer reach of Sperandio but still managed to do some good work with his own jab. Sperandio was particularly effective with counters and many rounds were close. By the fifth Sperandio was bleeding copiously from his nose and Eifert was cut over his left eye. Eifert’s slight edge came from a higher work rate but this one could have gone either way. Two judges scored it 96-95 and somehow the third judge saw a ridiculous 98-92 all for Eifert. Good test for Eifert who has reversed his only loss which he suffered against Tom Dzemski. Former undefeated Italian champion Sperandio had won his last three fights including winning and defending the Italian title before relinquishing it.
Dzemski vs. Lorch
Dzemski wins the vacant German title with retirement victory over Lorch. After a slow start to the fight Dzemski took over and dominated the action. He handed out steady punishment in the second with strong jabs bringing blood flowing from Lorch’s nose. Lorch didn’t have the power to match Dzemski and was under heavy fire throughout the third with his corner retiring their man at the end of the round. Tenth win by KO/TKO for Dzemski as he rebuilds after a loss to Michael Eifert in July last year. Lorch was moving up in class and was found wanting.
Pervizaj vs. Terrero
More record padding for Pervizaj as he outpoints Spaniard Terrero. He landed heavy shots in every round with Terrero providing no real opposition. Terrero was penalised twice for holding which allowed him to go the six rounds but saw the three judges all come up with 60-52 scores for the Hamburg fighter. They are scraping the bottom of the barrel for opposition for Pervizaj. Seven consecutive losses for Terrero.

Lastra a Signa, Italy: Super Feather: Catalin Ionescu (13-2-1) W TKO 2 Nicola Henchiri (10-7-2). 
Ionescu is the new Italian champion after he stops Henchiri in a dramatic second round of a fight for the vacant title. After an even first round Henchiri floored Ionescu with a right. After getting up Ionescu took the fight to Henchiri hurting Henchiri with a body punch and then dropped him with a series of punches. Henchiri made it to his feet but was against the ropes and getting pounded and the referee halted the contest. Sixth consecutive victory for Romanian-born Ionescu. Former EU titleholder Henchiri had drawn in a previous shot at this title.

Panama City, Panama: Light Fly: Daniel Matellon (13-0-2) W KO 3 Ivan Garcia (10-2-1). Light: Orlando Mosquera (10-1-1, 1ND) W PTS 10 Jackson Furtado (8-1).
Matellon vs. Garcia
Cuban Matellon much too good for Mexican Garcia. Matellon combined quick, accurate jabs with hurtful left hooks and floored Garcia with a body punch in the first. He connected with more left hooks in the second and Garcia suffered a bad cut over his left eye in a clash of heads. The end came in the third from another left to the body. Garcia collapsed to his knees then got up only to drop to his knees again and was counted out. At 34 Matellon, who scored four wins over Cuban star Yosvany Veitia in the amateurs in compiling a 60-29-1 record, did not turn pro until he was 28 and started with a modest 2-0-2 but won the WBA interim title and has now won 11 straight by KO/TKO. Garcia came in on the back of five wins.
Mosquera vs. Furtado
Panamanian “Virus” Mosquera moves up to ten round status with a close unanimous verdict over Brazilian Furtado. Scores 97-91, 96-94 ad 95-93. Mosquera is 7-0-1 in his last 8 fights. Furtado had recorded six first round victories over domestic opposition. 

Lugano, Switzerland: Middle: Novak Radulovic (15-8-1) W TKO 9 Marius Antonietti (9-3).
No home advantage for Lugano-born Antonietti. Kosovon-born Serb Radulovic wins every round before forcing the stoppage in the ninth to pick up the vacant WBC Mediterranean title. Fifth different country in his last six fights for Radulovic . Antonietti had won his last four bouts.

Bolton, England: Super Welter: Jack Flatley (19-2-1) W PTS 8 Evgenii Vazem (9-35).
Flatley local 27yo, 6’0”, rebuilding after loss to Kerman Lejarraga 12/21 2nd win
Vazem UK-based Russian, 24 losses row

Sioux City, IA, USA: Super Middle: Sena Agbeko (26-2) W TKO 9 Winfred Harris (22-2-1).
Ghanaian Agbeko out lasts and finally crushes Harris after a savage battle. Harris was piling forward from the outset with Agbeko on the back foot and connecting with solid counters. Both scored heavily but Agbeko had the better defence and constantly caught Harris with brutal rights. Harris continued to pressure and it looked as though the fight could go either way. Agbeko then connected with bombs just before the bell to end the eighth with Harris staggered badly. Agbeko continued his attacks in the ninth and a couple of booming rights had Harris wobbling. Agbeko followed up with more head punches knocking Harris off balance and he staggered back putting his glove down to prevent falling. He beat the count but when an uppercut sent him staggering back the fight was stopped. Agbeko wins the vacant WBC United States belt and get win No 21 by KO/TKO. He has won 11 of his last 12 fights with the loss coming against unbeaten Russian Vladimir Shishkin. First loss by KO/TKO for Harris.

Braintree, MA, USA: Welter: Zsolt Daranyi (18-1) W KO 2 Jorge Garcia (13-10-1).
Toronto-based Hungarian Daranyi knocks out Garcia and takes the vacant NABA belt. Daranyi dropped Garcia in the first and then ended things with another knockdown in the second. Daranyi, 27, has won seventeen of his fights by KO/TKO and is training under Lennox Lewis. He is credited with a 36-1 amateur record but has yet to face a real test as a pro. Eighth inside the distance defeat for Argentinian Garcia

Chester, PA, USA: Bantam: Dylan Price (14-0) W Drew Correll (10-2).
Price moves up to ten rounds for the first time and wins the vacant NBA “World” title with comfortable points victory over inexperienced Correll on scores of 98-92 twice and 99-91. Price, 23, was giving away five inches to southpaw Correll. Price is a two-time US Youth champion and won bronze medals at the World Youth Championships and National Golden Gloves. Correll game but limited.

July 17

Johannesburg, South Africa: Super Feather: Lerato Dlamini (17-1) W RTD 3 Toto Helebe (20-8). Light Heavy: Luvuyo Sizani (6-0) W PTS 10 Jackson Masamba (3-6-2)
Dlamini vs. Helebe
Dlamini extends his winning run to 17 as he beats experienced Helebe in three rounds. Dlamini put Hlebe down heavily late in the third round and Hlebe did not come out for the fourth. Ninth win by KO/TKO for the impressive Dlamini. Helebe, 37, is a former South African bantamweight champion and IBO title challenger.
Sizani vs. Jackson
Sizani retains the South African and ABU belts with a unanimous decision over Masamba on scores of 99-92, 98-92 and 98-93.

Fight of the week (Significance): Ryan Garcia’s destruction of Javier Fortuna makes him very much a player in the lightweight division which is full of potentially exciting fights. 
Fight of the week (Entertainment): It only lasted five rounds but they were five savage rounds. 
Fighter of the week: Kazuto Ioka for his classy win over Donnie Nietes
Punch of the week: The thunderous straight right from Hamza Sheeraz that finished Francisco Torres gets my vote
Upset of the week: David Jimenez was very much an outsider against Ricardo Sandoval
Prospect watch: Heavyweight Stephen Shaw 18-0,1ND is worth following. 

Rosette: To Kazuto Ioka and Donnie Nietes for a stylish contest between two world class fighters. An open fight in which it was the twelfth round before the referee made his first call of “break”.
Red Card No one had my blood boiling this week.
-The matchmaker for the show between Gonzalo Coria and Emiliano Pucheta deserves a bonus. Of the six fights on the show two ended as split draws, two ended as split decision and a fifth was won on a majority decision
- Plenty of pressure to do well in the Matthysse family. Young Walter Ezequiel won his first pro title at the weekend. His father Walter Dario lost to Kermit Cintron for the IBF welterweight title, Uncle Lucas held the secondary WBA welterweight title and Aunt Soledad Edith has held both the WBA and WBO Female title as featherweight.

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