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The Past Week in Action 29 March 2022: Josh Warrington Regains IBF Belt with TKO Victory Over Martinez; Nakathila Stops Berchelt

Warrington wrests back IBF belt from Martinez in rematch.
-Josh Warrington stops Kiko Martinez in seven rounds to regain the IBF featherweight title
-Gustavo Lemos stops Lee Selby in IBF lightweight eliminator
-Namibian Jeremia Nakathila floors and beats Miguel Berchelt in six rounds
-Istvan Szili outpoints Felix Sturm
-Tim Tszyu takes unanimous decision over Terrell Gausha to remain at No 1 super welterweight with the WBO
-Kevin Lerena kayos Bogdan Dinu in four rounds at heavyweight
-Cruiserweight Richard Riakporhe knocks out Deleon Jumah in the eighth round
-Maxi Hughes makes successful defence of his IBO lightweight title with points win over Ryan Walsh
-Troy Williamson retains British super welterweight title with points win over Mason Cartwright
-Carlos Ocampo halts Mikael Zewski in nine rounds
-Super Middleweight prospect Christian Mbilli knocks out Nadjib Mohammedi in five rounds
-Mike Perez beats Vasil Ducar on a tenth round retirement at cruiser
-Michael Rivera, Elvis Rodriguez, Bakhram Murtazaliev and Joey Spencer score wins

World Title/Major Shows

March 26

Leeds, England: Feather: Josh Warrington (31-1-1) W TKO 7 Kiko Martinez (43-11`-2). Light: Maxi Hughes (25-5-2) W PTS 12 Ryan Walsh (27-4-2). Bantam: Ebanie Bridges (8-1) W PTS 10 Maria Roman (16-6-1). Super Light: Dalton Smith (10-0) W TKO 10 Ray Moylette (12-2).

Warrington vs. Martinez 
Warrington regains the IBF belt with stoppage of Martinez despite suffering a fractured jaw and injuring his hand.
Round 1
Dominant round for Warrington. He was scoring with rights to the head as the smaller Martinez tried to work his way inside. He hurt Martinez with a right and worked him mover on the ropes. Martinez seemed to take a punch ion right eye and Warrington came forward and dropped him with a right hook. Martinez was up quickly but continually pawed at his right eye. Warrington continued tom attack but after the referee called break Martinez landed a punch and even when being warned was pointing tom his right eye again.
Score: 10-8 Warrington
Round 2
Warrington was walking forward landing hooks and uppercuts from both hands with Martinez trying to punch with him but constantly being forced back. Warrington was dangerous with his head inside but was able to keep Martinez pinned to the ropes for long periods. The referee was checking on the punishment Martinez was taking but the Spaniard kept firing back often enough to satisfy the referee he was not in serious tr9uble.
Score: 10-9 Warrington Warrington 20-17
Round 3
Martinez simply outworked Warrington whose output dropped and handed the initiative to Martinez who continually took the fight tom Warrington who was fighting very defensively.
Score: 10-9 Martinez Warrington 29-27
Round 4
A closer round but one Martinez just edged. He was letting fly with hooks and uppercuts and got through with some useful rights to the head., Warrington was firing back and had Martinez pinned against the ropes for a time but again was dangerous with his head and Martinez finished the round stronger was now had a bad cut over both eyes.
Score: 10-9 Martinez Warrington 38-37
Round 5
Warrington boxed cleverly in this one. Martinez was continuing to march forward throwing hooks but Warrington was landing stiff jabs and then stepping in with quick burst of head punches and out again before Martinez could counter. Warrington kept boring in head down and should have been warned.
Score: 10-9 Warrington Warrington 48-46
Round 6
Some of the fire seemed to have gone out of Martinez. He was still coming forward but with less snap in his punches. Warrington continued to pick Martinez off with jabs and slot home rights and just did enough to take the round. Finally Warrington was warned about dangerous use if his head-and so was |Martinez who was now bleeding heavily from the cuts over his eyes, from his nose and from a small cut on his forehead.
Score: 10-9 Warrington Warrington 58-55
Round 7
Martinez took the fight to Warrington but was being continually caught by right counters. Warrington cut loose with a torrent of punches driving Martinez back to the ropes. He continued to pound Martinez until Martinez stopped punching back and looked ready to fall when the referee stepped in and stopped the fight. A clash of two true warriors. Both fought through injuries and both showed huge hearts. There are plenty of options out there for Warrington with Leo Santa Cruz; Leigh Wood or a third bout with Warrington’s sole conqueror Mauricio Lara but those will have to wait until Warrington’s jaw heals. At 36 Martinez looked close to the end of the line but that has been said before and the amazing Spaniard can never be counted out.
 Hughes vs. Walsh
Hughes successfully defends his IBO title with convincing victory over Walsh. Hughes has been in great form recently and he continued in that vein here. Both fighters looked to dominate nearly but it was Hughes who landed the better and more frequent punches. He rocked Walsh in the second but both fighters scored well in the third with Walsh suffering a cut over his right eye in a clash of heads. Hughes continued to outscore Walsh over the middle rounds and Walsh just could turn the tide and was cut on the forehead in a clash of heads in the tenth as Hughes kept up the pressure until the end. Scores 120-108, 119-109 and 118-110 for Hughes . Sixth win in a row and first defence of his IBO title for Hughes. The last time he lost a fight was in November 2019 when he was outpointed by Ryan’s brother Liam. Ryan, a former British featherweight champion, had won 6 of his last 7 fights.

Bridges vs. Roman 
Australian Bridges wins the IBF Female title with convincing points victory over champion Roman. Bridges built an early lead and then held off a late surge from Roman to win on scores of 97-93 twice and 100-91. The only loss Bridges has suffered was a points decision against Shannon Courtney for the vacant WBA belt in April last year. Roman had lost only one of her last 18 bouts.
Smith vs. Moylette
Smith scores a late stoppage win mover Moylette but Smith did more than just flirt with disqualification as he was docked two points and was lucky not to be thrown out. Smith dominated the fight early. Moylette, who had largely been inactive, just could not work up any impetus and as Smith increased his tempo Moylette was pounded with shots over the fifth and sixth. Smith rode his luck in the seventh. He landed a low punch and as Moylette dropped his hands in pain Smith landed a hard right. The referee choose not to disqualify Smith but instead deducted two points. It was a near thing in the eighth when Smith landed another low punch but was let off with a warning. Smith ended it in the tenth dropping Moylette twice before the towel came in from Moylette’s corner. Smith wins the vacant WBC International Silver title. He remains a real prospect at super lightweight. Moylette was an outstanding amateur but left it late to turn pro and this was only his second fight in over three years.

Minneapolis, MN, USA: Super Welter: Tim Tszyu (21-0) WPTS 12 Terrell Gausha (22-3-1). Light: Michel Rivera (23-0) W PTS 10 Joseph Adorno (14-1-2). Super Light: Elvis Rodriguez (13-1-1) W KO 7 Juan Velasco (23-3). Super Welter: Bakhram Murtazaliev (20-0) W TKO 1 Ahmad Cheikho (18-8-2). Middle: Joseph Spencer (15-0) W PTS 8 Ravshan Hudaynazarov (19-5

Tszyu vs. Gausha
Tszyu recovers from a first round knockdown to outpoint Gausha. In the first Tszyu was coming forward behind a high guard shooting out quick jabs and the going to the body. As Tszyu advanced, Gausha fired a right which glanced off Tszyu’s chin and landed on his shoulder knocking Tszyu back and down. He was not too shaken and was coming forward again at the bell. Tszyu continued to press Gausha back with stiff jabs and short punches inside over the second and third with Gausha upping his output in the fourth but with Tszyu scoring well to the body. Tszyu marched forward over the middle rounds rocking Gausha in the fifth with Gausha doing his scoring with his straight rights but with Tszyu getting the better of the exchanges and Gausha was warned for holding in the seventh. Tszyu was stronger and fresher and Gausha seemed to be tiring constantly on the back foot and under pressure. Gausha tried to fire back enough to keep Tszyu out but failed. Tszyu was sweeping up the rounds with Gausha’s contribution the occasional counter right as Tszyu outworked him over the closing rounds. Scores 116-111, 115-112 and 114-113 for Tszyu but considering his dominance and despite the knockdown those scores look too close. Tszyu will be looking for more fights in America and as WBO No 1 he will be hoping to get a shot at the winner of the much delayed unification fight between Brian Castano and Jermell Charlo in May. Losses to Erislandy Lara and Erickson Lubin have blunted Gausha’s hopes but as a not too dangerous opponent he will have plenty of work if he wants it. 

Rivera vs. Adorno
Dominican Rivera marches on with unanimous verdict over Adorno. Rivera had the winning punch in his jab. Adorno was the harder puncher but he was continually brought up short by a steady stream of jabs from Rivera who also used clever movement to smother Adorno’s hooks inside. Adorno kept pressing and had the edge in a couple of rounds but Rivera’s jab was something he just could not find an answer to. Scores 97-93 for Rivera from the three judges. The 24-year-old Rivera has scored wins over useful opposition in Ladarius Miller, Jon Fernandez, and Jose Romero who had combined records of 66-3. He is No 2 with the WBA. After fourteen victories it is now 0-1-2 for Adorno.

Rodriguez vs. Velasco
Rodriguez wears down and puts Velasco away in seven rounds. Rodriguez handed out serious punishment in each round Velasco lacked the skill or the power to be competitive and his hopes were not helped by a cut which hampered his vision. It was over in the seventh with Rodriguez flooring Velasco three times to end the fight. Second impressive victory for Rodriguez after suffering an upset loss against Kenneth Sims in May last year. Velasco lost back-to-back inside the distance fights against Regis Prograis and Mario Barrios but had rebuilt with the wins.
Murtazaliev vs. Cheikho
An early night for Russian Murtazaliev as he blitzes Cheikho in the first round. All done and dusted in just seventy seconds. Fourteen inside the schedule victories for Murtazaliev but the IBF rating him No 1 super welter is laughable. Lebanese-born Canadian Cheikho had also been stopped in the first round by a fighter with a 15-14-2 record in his last fight. 
Spencer vs. Hudaynazarov
Spencer boxes his way to victory over dangerous Hudaynazarov. Spencer boxed well on the outside spearing Hudaynazarov with jabs, straight right and left hooks. Hudaynazarov had his best spells when he was able to get inside. Despite constant pressure from Hudaynazarov Spencer scored heavily over the middle rounds and Hudaynazarov was unable to change the floe of the fight as Spencer eased to victory. Scores 80-72 twice and 79-73 for Spencer who has been meeting reasonable tests and passing them as he moves up.

Las Vegas, NV, USA: Light: Jeremia Nakathila (23-2) W RTD 6 Miguel Berchelt (38-3). Feather: Eduardo Baez (21-2-2) W PTS 10 Jose Durantes (21-2). Super Bantam: Carlos Caraballo (15-1) W PTS 10 Luis Saavedra (9-7). 

Nakathila vs. Berchelt 
Huge upset as unsung Namibian batters Berchelt to defeat over six one-sided rounds. Nakathila was confident from the opening bell. He was spearing Berchelt with jabs firing long rights and banging home left hooks to the body. Berchelt was circling the perimeter of the ring and throwing very few punches and was visible shaken a couple of times before the bell. Nakathila continued to track Berchelt around the ropes in the second and looked dangerous every time he threw his right. Berchelt could not get past or out of the way of Nakathila’s jab and Nakathila landed a hard right to the body and one to the head as he finished the round with a flurry of head shots. Two one-sided rounds suddenly made Berchelt look ordinary and an upset was on the cards. Berchelt looked flat and there was no commitment or confidence in his work and a stiff left jab from Nakathila dropped him in the third. Berchelt did not look too badly hurt but Nakathila landed some more booming rights before the end of the round. Nakathila was landing heavily in the fourth and rocked Berchelt with two rights to the head. Berchelt tried to march forward late in the round but was walking onto counters. A right from Nakathila knocked Berchelt off balance early in the fifth but then Berchelt started ducking under the jabs and sweeping rights of Nakathila and was finally scoring with hooks. For a while Nakathila was under pressure and looking vulnerable but he was still dangerous with counters. Nakathila was back in control in the sixth. He was snapping Berchelt’s neck back with jabs and then landed a series of booming rights to the head. A jab loosened Berchelt’s mouthguard and a powerful right sent it flying across the ring. When it was replaced Nakathila exploded punch after punch to Berchelt’s head until the bell. Berchelt retired in his corner. The 32-year-old Namibian’s nickname is “Low Key” but there was nothing low key about this performance. In June last year he had been floored and lost every round against Shakur Stevenson but that was his only loss in an 11-1 a run with all eleven wins coming inside the distance. However none of those eleven opponents were remotely close to world class which might have given Berchelt’s team false confidence. Berchelt was No 5 lightweight with the WBC with Nakathila rated only at super featherweight and then just at No 12 with the WBO and 35 by the WBC. He is natural super featherweight so it will be interesting to see where he goes from here but it will be upwards for sure. In his last fight back in February 2021 Berchelt was down three times in suffering a brutal kayo against Oscar Valdez and it will be interesting to also see whether he can recover after this disaster.
Baez vs. Durantes
Baez moves back into the winner’s column with a majority decision over Durantes. It was Durantes who forced the action rolling forward applying plenty of pressure. Baez is not a puncher but he did have a better set of skills and used them well boxing cleverly and slotting home counters. Durantes launched a fierce attack in the last but that was not enough to overcome the lead that Baez had established. Scores 98-92 and 96-94 for Baez and 95-95. Baez rebounds from a majority decision defeat against Ra’eese Aleem in November. Durantes had lost his unbeaten record against Ruben Villa in 2019 but had bounced back with four wins.
Caraballo vs. Saavedra
Some similarities with the Baez vs. Durantes fight as Caraballo was rebounding from a loss and the fight ended with a majority decision. It depended whether you preferred the better boxing of Caraballo or the flat-footed aggression of Saavedra. Caraballo had built a slender lead and needed it as Saavedra won the last round on all three cards but not the decision. Scores 79-73 and 77-75 for Caraballo and 76-76. Puerto Rican Caraballo had lost his unbeaten tag in a war with Jonas Sultan in October whish saw Caraballo down four times and Sultan down once with Sultan winning by just one point on each of the three cards. Going into this one Saavedra was 2-4 in his last six fights with all six of opponents being unbeaten. 

London, England: Cruiser: Richard Riakporhe (14-0) W KO 8 Deion Jumah (14-1). Welter: Harry Scarff (11-2) W PTS 10 Louis Greene (13-3). Light Heavy: Dan Azeez (16-0) W TKO 8 Reece Cartwright (23-3). Light: Caroline Dubois (2-0) W TKO 1 Martina Horgasz (5-9).Super Welter: Joe Pigford (19-0) W TKO 4 David Romero (12-15-1). 
Riakporhe vs. Jumah
Riakporhe outboxes Jumah and then scores two heavy knockdowns to emerge the winner. Jumah had trouble getting past the jab of the 6’5” Riakporhe. He was trying to duck under it and move inside but when he did he was moving into Riakporhe’s rights. Jumah had some success in the second and third rounds but too often was more concerned with ducking and diving around Riakporhe’s jab. In the fourth Riakporhe drove home a right to the head which sent Jumah down. After he made it to his feet there was not enough time for Riakporhe to score again. Riakporhe continued to box in the outside over the next three rounds with Jumah circling and then darting inside but not really doing enough useful work there. Just seconds into the eighth Riakporhe rammed home a pile-driver of a shot to Jumah’s body. Jumah collapsed to his knees then crawled along the ropes unable get up and he was counted out. Almost two years of inactivity from December 2019 to October 20021 saw Riakporhe drop out of the ratings but he is back with a vengeance and with his size and power he is a real threat to any of the four title holders. Jumah’s career has been a start-stop affair with just 15 fights in nine years and even with more activity he is unlikely now to reach the top.
Scarff vs. Greene
Scarff too tricky for Greene. Scarff was changing guard, d and ducking and dodging and generally unpredictable. Greene just could not pin him down and Scarff just dropped his hands and upper body moment to leave Greene swishing air. Greene did connect with a hard right in the fifth. From the seventh Scarff took the fight to Greene scoring with jabs and straight rights with Greene just too bamboozled to do any effective work. Scores 100-90, 100-91 and 98-93 as Scarff wins the vacant English title.
Azeez vs. Cartwright
Azeez halts substitute Cartwright in the eighth round. Azeez established his jab early finding gaps and being just that bit quicker than Cartwright. Azeez used his jab to keep Cartwright on the back foot and scored with some stiff straight rights. An uppercut had Cartwright bleeding copiously from his nose by the fourth. Azeez upped the pace from the fifth easily evading Cartwright’s jab and swaying away from his rights before stepping and connecting with punches of his mown. A sustained attack in the eighth brought the end with the referee stepping in to save Cartwright. Eleven wins by KO/TKO for Azeez who is ready for international fights. Cartwright came in as a very late substitute but suffers his second inside the distance loss in a row.
Dubois vs. Horgasz
Impressive power performance from Dubois. She drove Horgasz to the ropes and banged home a series of body punches that had Horgasz bent in half in pain and unable to continue after just 58 seconds. Seventh loss in a row for Horgasz who usually goes the distance.
Pigford vs. Romero
Power also from Pigford as he blows away overmatched Argentinian Sanchez, The Southampton banger floored Sanchez in the first and ended it in the fourth. With Sanchez pinned in a corner Pigford crashed home a thunderous right that sent Sanchez sagging to the canvas Although he just beat the count he was in no condition to continue. With all of the former top armatures now pros Pigford tends to be overlooked but this is hid sixteenth inside the distance win in succession but he needs some more testing opposition than Romero who was 1-11-1 in his recent run.

Dortmund, Germany: Super Middle: Istvan Szili (26-2-2) W PTS 12 Felix Sturm (42-6-3,1ND). Middle: Simon Zachenhuber (16-0) W KO 3 Maurice Morio (8-3).Heavy: Olek Zakhozhyi (17-0) W TKO 1 Evgenios Lazaridis (17-4).Super Middle) Ryno Liebenberg (22-8-1) W PTS 8 Kassim Ouma (29-17-1).
Szili vs. Sturm 
Szili takes unanimous decision over Sturm to put a spanner in Sturm’s title plans. Hungarian Szili made a confident start taking the fight to Sturm moving in close and connecting with hooks from both hands. Sturm jabbed well in the second but he was too often just tucking up and firing occasional hooks and Szili landed a heavy right to the head. Szili kept taking the fight to Sturm in the third with Sturm blocking many of the shots and then picking his time to fire bursts of punches. Sturm was cut in the fourth in a clash of heads and the pace slowed in the fifth but Szili picked it up again in the sixth. They exchanged punches throughout the seven with a bumping of heads re-opening the cut suffered previously by Sturm and after Sturm passed a doctor’s inspection Szili drove Sturm back under a hail of hooks. Szili was rocked by a series of punches late in the eighth and Sturm just did enough to edge the ninth but Szili outworked him in the tenth and eleventh. Sturm had saved something for the last round and outscored Szili but the Hungarian looked to have won by a wide margin. Scores 116-111 and 115-113 for Szili and 114-114 with even the 116-111 too generous and strangely the Hungarian judge was the one who scored it a draw. Szili has lost fights he should have won against Antoine Douglas and Nuhu Lawal but more recently has beaten 20-1 Jayde Mitchell and 17-0-2 Mate Kis and he successfully defended his IBO Inter-Continental title here. At 43 this was a fight Sturm had to win. He is still a draw in Germany but this loss makes a title shot a very faint possibility, very faint.
Zachenhuber vs. Morio
Zachenhuber retains the IBF Youth belt with quick victory over fellow-German Morio. Zachenhuber put Morio down in the first and had Morio pinned to the ropes under a hail of punches in the second and the referee stopped the fight just as Morio’s second threw the towel into the ring. First defence of the Youth title for the 23-year-old German who had won the vacant title with a wide points victory over Morio in January. Zachenhuber was a contestant in German TV’s “Lets Dance” tournament.
Zakhozhyi vs. Lazaridis
Zakhozhyi blitzes Lazaridis in the first round. The 6’9” Ukrainian dropped Lazaridis twice with right hands and the Greek’s corner threw in the towel. Thirteenth victory by KO/TKO for Zakhozhyi. Lazaridis is now 6-2 in his last 8 fights with his other loss in that run being a points defeat against Agit Kabfel in 2020.
Liebenberg vs. Ouma
In a clash of veterans South African Liebenberg comes out of “retirement” and takes a unanimous decision over former IBF super welterweight Ouma. Scores 79-73 twice and 78-74 for 38-year-old Liebenberg. Ouma, 43, has lost his last eight fights. 

March 23

Sydney, Australia: Super Feather: Paul Fleming (28-0-1) W PTS 10 Jackson Jon England (13-2). Cruiser: Bilal Akkawy (21-1-1) W PTS 6 Sebastian Singh (13-5-3). 
Fleming vs. England
Fleming gets unanimous decision over English after ten torrid rounds. Fleming had to come off the floor and narrowly avoided disqualification at the end of the sixth round but had English rocking a few times before taking the close unanimous decision on scores of 95-94 twice and 97-92. Southpaw Fleming, 33, a pro for twelve years, collected a ridiculous four belts in this fight: the vacant WBA Oceania, IBF Pan Pacific, and IBO Inter-Continental belts and England’s WBC Asian Boxing Council belt. England had a nine-bout winning streak going.
Akkawy vs. Singh
Akkawy returns to action after almost three years out of the ring and eases his way to victory over Singh. Scores 60-54 for Akkawy on the three cards. He was 167 ½ lbs when losing to John Ryder in his May 2019 bout but weighed 199lbs for this one for Fijian southpaw Singh.

March 24

Paris France: Super Welter: Bakary Samake (8-0) W PTS 8 Pablo Mendoza (10-1). Super Welter: Milan Prat (14-0,1ND) W KO 1 Joel Julio (39-11).
Samake vs. Mendoza
Teenage prospect Samake gets comfortable unanimous decision over Mendoza but struggled at times. Although dominating the action Samake’s accuracy was low until he hit his stride over the fifth and sixth shaking Mendoza in both rounds. Mendoza was in survival mode and Samake just could not produce the punch to get an early finish. Scores 80-72 for eighteen-year-old Samake. Spanish-based Nicaraguan Mendoza is 1-8 in his last 9 fights.
Prat vs. Julio
Prat gets quick kayo of fading veteran Julio. Prat hurt Julio with a left to the body and a right to the head. Julio backed off and Prat followed him and buried a left hook to the body that had Julio taking a step back and then going down on his knees to be counted out. Eleventh inside the distance for 22-year-old top prospect Prat with a loss on his record becoming a No Decision. Seventh loss in a row for former WBO super welter title challenger Julio.

Tijuana, Mexico: FLY: Josue Morales (23-12-4) W PTS 10 Arnulfo Salvador (15-3-1). Super Welter: Bryan Flores (18-1) W PTS 8 Juan Rivera (18-28). Middle: Alexander Castro (10-0) W KO 2 Ernest Olvera (11-8-1).
Morales vs. Salvador 
Texan Morales wins a clash of southpaws with a unanimous decision against Tijuana’s Salvador. Morales boxed on the back foot throughout the fight. Salvador was marching forward pumping out punches but Morales boxed cleverly showing a better defence and more accuracy and deservedly took the decision on scores of 96-94 twice and 97-93. Twelve wins in a row for Morales who lifts the vacant WBC USNBC belt. Second successive defeat for Salvador who was stopped in seven rounds by Francisco Rodriguez in January.
Flores vs. Rivera
No glass chins here but some very dodgy knees as Bryan Flores outpoints Rivera. Grizzled veteran Rivera injured his right knee before he even climbed through the ropes. He was examined by the doctor in the ring before he was allowed to fight. Despite a lack of mobility Rivera was able to turn the fight into a brawl. He developed heavy bruising under both eyes and taunted Flores throughout the fight. In the seventh Flores shoulder charged Rivera to the canvas and then fell down alongside him with Rivera still throwing punches as they lay next to each other. His greater mobility and better technique gave Flores the edge and he won on scores of 78-74 twice and 79-73. Thirteen consecutive wins for Flores. Rivera 1-19,1ND is 41-year-old Rivera’s recent form 
Castro vs. Olvera
No sooner had Rivera limped out of the ring than Olvera limped in with an obviously injured left leg. He really had no chance with even less mobility than Rivera he was an easy target for Colombian Castro and went down from a series of punches in the second and was counted out. Eighth inside the distance finish for Castro and sixth inside the distance defeat for Olvera.

March 25

Trois-Rivieres, Canada: Super Welter: Carlos Ocampo (33-1) W TKO 9 Mikael Zewski (35-2) W. Super Light: Movladdin Biyarslanov (10-0) W TKO 4 Roberto Verdugo (10-4-1). Welter: Sebastien Bouchard (19-2-1) DREW 10 Ricardo Lara (22-9-1). 
Ocampo vs. Zewski 
Minor upset as hard-punching Mexican Ocampo floors local fighter Zewski twice on the way to victory. The tall fighter from Ensenada used his longer reach to score and showed his power putting Zewski down with a left hook in the third. Zewski just could not get into the fight and a confident Ocampo continued to pile on the punishment dropping Zewski to his knees with a right in the ninth. The referee started the count but Zewski’s corner threw in the towel. Twelve wins in a row for Ocampo who was knocked out in the first round when he challenged Errol Spence for the IBF title in 2018. He came in as a substitute when Serhii Bohachuk was unable to travel from Ukraine. Now 33 Zewski was trying to get his career back on the tracks after an eighth round stoppage loss against Egidijus Kavaliauskas in September 2020.
Biyarslanov vs. Verdugo
Russian-born Canadian Biyarslanov floors Verdugo in the third and again in the fourth to bring about the stoppage clocking up his eighth inside the distance victory. The 26-year-old southpaw immigrated to Canada at the age of ten. He was 85-13 as an amateur winning a gold medal at the Pan American Games and being the only Canadian boxer to qualify for the 2016 Olympics but he did not medal. Mexican Verdugo was 5-0-1 going into this fight.
Bouchard vs. Lara
Disappointing result for Bouchard. After only six rounds of action in over two years he just took too long to find any form and fell behind early. He came on strong over the second half of the fight but just could not claw back the points lost early and was fortunate to get a draw. Scores 97-93 Lara, 96-94 Bouchard and 95-95. Mexican Lara is 0-2-1 in fights in Canada.

San Jose, Costa Rica: Minimum: Yokasta Valle (24-2) W PTS 10 Sana Hazuki (8-6-1). 
Valle retains the IBF Female belt as she wins every round against Japanese challenger Hazuki. Valle was in control all the way. Hazuki tried to use her longer reach to keep Valle out bit it did not work. Valle had Hazuki on shaky legs in the eighth and ninth but had to settle for a points victory. Scores 100-90 on all three cards. Fourth defence for the 29-year-old Nicaraguan a former undefeated IBF atom weight champion whom had defeated Hazuki in a title defence min January 2021.

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico: Super Light: Bryan Flores (21-0-1) W TKO 9 Nestor Maidana (10-10-1). Bantam: Diana Fernandez (25-4-1) W PTS 10 Vanesa Taborda (10-14-3). 
Flores vs. Maidana
In a dramatic contest Flores gets off the floor three times to halt Maidana in the ninth. Flores was down just fifteen seconds into the fight and was floored again in the second and third rounds. He survived those knockdown and worked his way into the fight before putting Maidana down with a left to the body in the ninth and although Maidana got up the referee stopped the fight. The 26-year-old local gets his sixteenth victory in a row. Argentinian Maidana drops to five inside the distance losses in his record.
Fernandez vs. Taborda
Fernandez overcomes a slow start to outpoint Taborda. It was the visitor who dominated the first two rounds as Fernandez struggled to find her form. Fernandez started to roll from the third and was in charge from there with all three judges scoring the fight 98-92 for Fernandez. This win will give “La Bonita” a return with Lourdes Juarez who won a split verdict over Fernandez in a WBC Female super fly title challenge in July. Argentinian Taborda, a former WBC Silver title holder, is now 1-5,1ND in her last seven bouts.

Warsaw, Poland: Super Welter: Lukes Dekys (7-0) W PTS 10 Damian Kiwior (9-4-1).
Czech Dekys gets deserved victory over Pole Kiwior in a poor foul filled match. Both fighters were cut by head clashes in the first round. Dekys was quicker and more mobile than Kiwior who was boxing on the back foot looking to counter. Kiwior was already fighting tired by the fifth with Dekys suffering a cut on his cheek and being warned in the sixth for punches to the back of the head. Dekys rocked Kiwior with left hooks in the ninth and was a clear winner. Scores 99-91, 97-93 and 96-94 for Dekys who wins the Polish title. Third loss in his last four fights for Kiwior who has disappointed after twice winning the Polish title as an amateur.

Newcastle, England: Super Welter: Troy Williamson (18-0-1) W PTS 12 Mason Cartwright (17-3-1). Super Light: Lewis Ritson (23-2) W PTS 10 Dejan Zlaticanin (24-4). Feather: Thomas Patrick Ward (32-0-1) W PTS 10 Alexis Kabore (29-6). Welter: Patrick McCormack (1-0) W TKO 1 Justin Menzie (5-6-1).
Williamson vs. Cartwright
Williamson gets off the floor to outpoint Cartwright. The first two rounds went to Cartwright who dropped Williamson with a right. Williamson had to hold to get out of trouble but improved from there. He used his longer reach to pile up the points taking the fourth and fifth but Cartwright scored well in the sixth. The pace was fast and both were finding the target with regularity with Williamson having the edge and Cartwright continually forging forward making Williamson work hard. They fought fiercely through the tenth and eleventh and had the crowd standing for the full three minutes in the twelfth. Scores 117-112, 116-111 and 114-113 for Williamson. Tenth consecutive win for Williamson who was defending his British title. Cartwright did well enough to deserve some more high level fights.
Ritson vs. Zlaticanin 
Ritson continues to rebuild with a near shutout against Zlaticanin. He used his 6” height edge and his longer reach to box conservatively in the early rounds. After the third he dialled up his attacks more with Zlaticanin never really able to threaten Ritson’s control. The win was important so Ritson contented himself with boxing his way through the last two rounds taking no chances. Scores 100-90 twice and 99-91 for Ritson who gets his second win since his crushing tenth round stoppage loss against Jeremias Ponce last June. Former WBC lightweight title holder Zlaticanin was coming off a loss and this was only his third fight in almost four years.
Ward vs. Kabore
Really just a keep busy fight for unbeaten Ward. He was too quick and slick for the willing but limited Kabore. The visitor chased in vain as Ward boxed and moved with far superior skills. Ward is not a puncher-just four inside the distance wins-so he had to stand some pressure but was never trouble and eased his way to the bell winning every round with the referee scoring the bout 100-90. Ward, 27, a pro for nearly ten years, is No 4 with the WBA. Burkina Faso’s Kabore lost inside the distance in his first pro fight but has not been stopped 34 fights since then.
McCormack vs. Menzie
McCormack gets this one over quickly. He came forward firing shots to the body to try to bring down Menzie’s guard. Body shots had Menzie backing into a corner and a left hook saw him slump to the canvas and he was counted out after just 98 seconds. McCormack, 26, has been one of the most decorated of British amateurs with his gold medals at the Commonwealth Games, European Games and European Union Championships and silver medals at the European Championships twice and at both the World Championships and the Tokyo Olympics. Third successive inside the distance defeat for Menzie.

March 26

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Gustavo Lemos (28-0) W TKO 5 Lee Selby (28-4). Light Fly Evelin Bermudez (16-0-1) W TKO 5 Debora Rengifo (16-9-1). Light Heavy: Braian Suarez (17-0) W TKO 7 Durval Palacio (9-2). Welter: Jose Rosa (13-0) W TKO 3 Santiago Sanchez (8-4).Super Middle: Pablo Corzo (10-0) W TKO 3 Roger Guerrero (17-2-1).
Lemos vs. Selby
Relentless savage pressure from Lemos proves too much for Selby who is battered to defeat in five rounds.
Selby started by circling the ring prodding with jabs and then connected with two chopping rights. When Lemos did finally throw some punches they were dangerous looking swings with some going low and Selby again found the target with rights. Lemos was fired up for the second round. He rampaged forward throwing wide hooks with Selby unable to keep him out. Selby was able to score with some counters but they bounced off Lemos who was firing body punches to slow Selby. The third again saw Lemos storming forward with Selby circling the ring landing some impressive looking rights but With Lemos walking through them and finding the target with rights to the head. Lemos was cut over his left eye and visibly shaken by an uppercut before the bell but had won the round. Lemos was relentless in the fourth hunting Selby down and submerging him under a cascade of punches until Selby dropped to one knee just before the bell. He was up at eight and the bell ended the round. Lemos drove Selby to the canvas in the fifth with the last punch landing on the back of Selby’s head. He climbed to his feet at nine and tried to fight off Lemos but the Argentinian eventually drove Selby to the floor and the referee stopped the fight. This was an IBF eliminator and with the Nos. 1 and 2 spots in the IBF ratings vacant and Lemos at No3 and Selby at No 4 this win makes Lemos the mandatory challenger to George Kambosos. As also WBA and WBO title holder Kambosos has more than one mandatory challenger and Lemos does not have the star profile such as that enjoyed by Vasyl Lomachenko, Devin Haney or Gervonta Davis so nothing is certain. Lemos has a very porous defence and whilst he was able to walk through Selby’s punches he won’t be able to do that against harder punchers. At 35 perhaps it is time for Selby to walk away. He can do that with his head held high as a former IBF title holder.
Bermudez vs. Rengifo
“The Princess” Bermudez successfully defends her IBF Female belt and wins the vacant WBO title with a stoppage of Rengifo. It took Bermudez a round to get into the grove and then it was one-way traffic. Bermudez belaboured Rengifo with jabs, hooks and uppercuts putting on a show for her fans. Rengifo was giving away 5” in height and had nothing with which to stop or counter Bermudez’s punches and it was a relief when the referee stopped the fight in the fifth. Bermudez, 25, was making the sixth defence of the IBF title. She is the younger sister of Daniela a multi-organisation champion who is 15-3-1 in title fights. Venezuelan champion Rengifo was having her sixth shot at winning a title.
Suarez vs. Palacio
After a rocky start Suarez gradually takes control and stops Palacio in the seventh round. Suarez found himself on the floor at the end of the first round but quickly recovered. Palacio was willing to stand and trade with Suarez but by the fourth the body punches from Suarez were doing their work with Palacio tiring. In the fifth a body shot followed by a clubbing head punch sent Palacio down. There was a minor hitch for Suarez in the sixth when he was deducted a point for a punch to the back of the head but the end was nigh. Suarez drove Palacio to the ropes in the seventh and unloaded with a series of savage shots until the referee came in to save Palacio. That’s now 16 victories by KO/TKO for Suarez who wins the vacant WBC Latino title. Suarez, 30, did not take up boxing until he was 20. He had a short time as an amateur and was a member of the Argentinian Condors team for the WSB. First inside the distance defeat for Argentinian Palacio.
Rosa vs. Sanchez
Southpaw “Samson” Rosa collects the vacant WBA Fedelatin belt with third round victory over Sanchez. The tall Rosa used his longer reach to control the fight from the centre of the ring. He was hitting Sanchez with powerful jabs and then moving inside to punish him with hooks to the body and uppercuts. Sanchez face quickly became a mess and as Rosa continued to jolt and jar him with shots in the third the fight was halted. Rosa already holds the WBC Latino belt at super welter. Rosa just too high a step up for Sanchez.
Corzo vs. Guerrero
Corzo maintains his 100% record of inside the distance wins as he stops Guerrero in the third. Corzo did enough to take the first round then the games began in the second. Guerrero tried to take a bite out of Corzo but the referee missed that infringement and although Guerrero went down twice, one an obvious knockdown, the referee also misjudged those. Corzo found the target continuously with long lefts and dominated the fight inside. Guerrero quickly lost interest casting questioning eyes towards his corner until they finally threw the towel. Corzo, 21, wins the vacant WBA Fedelatin belt. Ecuadorian Guerrero has built his record on facing some seriously poor opposition.

Montreal, Canada: Super Middle: Christian Mbilli (21-0) W KO 5 Nadjib Mohammedi (44-9). Super Welter: Artem Oganesyan (13-0) W TKO 5 Stephen Danyo (20-5-3).
Mbilli vs. Mohammedi
Mbilli takes another step towards a title shot with fifth round kayo of Mohammedi. This was fast paced from the start Mohammedi was landing plenty of punches but with little power and Mbilli shook him with a left late in the second. Mohammedi worked hard in the third doing enough to take the round. The fight changed late in tine fourth with Mbilli connecting with a series of strong head punches. He continued his attacks in the fifth and put Mohammedi down with a fierce left. The fight was over the moment the left hook landed with Mohammedi out on his feet and then falling back flat out the canvas and the referee just waived the fight over without a count. The 26-year-old Cameroon-born Frenchman “Solide” scored a good victory against Ronald Ellis in December and eighteen of his wins have come by KO/TKO. He looks a real threat and his management is now aiming to bring a top 5 fighter to face him in Montreal. Algerian-born Frenchman Mohammedi 37 has been a pro for 17 years. He was knocked out in three rounds by Sergey Kovalev in a challenge for the IBF,WBA and WBO light heavy titles in 2015.
Oganesyan vs. Danyo
Oganesyan makes it eleven inside the distance wins and collects the vacant NABF belt as his fight with Danyo is stopped in the fifth round. Oganesyan had been down in the first round. He protested it was a slip but was given a count. It quickly became clear that Danyo had an injury to his right knee which greatly affected his mobility and he in turn was knocked down. That injury made him an easy target for Oganesyan and after four one-sided rounds the doctor ordered the fight stopped just fifteen seconds into the fifth. The Russian southpaw is in good form with only one of his last nine opponents making it to the final bell. Danyo came in 3 ½ lbs over the weight limit probably due to the difficulty of training with the leg injury.

Fontenay-sous –Bois, Francs: Cruiser: Jean Olivier (13-2) W RTD 6 Olivier Vautrain (18-4-1).
Big blow to the Fontenay-sous –Bois fans as their boy Vautrain loses in a fight for the vacant European Union title. Vautrain was handicapped by a cut sustained in the first round and was never able to settle into the fight with former undefeated French champion Olivier in front on scores of 59-54 twice and 58-55. Olivier in good form with victories in 9 of his last 10 fights. Vautrain had relinquished the French title to challenge for the EU belt.

Accra, Ghana: Super Welter: Patrick Allotey (41-4) W TKO 8 Hamisi Maya (13-3-1). Super Welter: Emmanuel Quaye (7-6) W TKO 2 Frank Dodzi (19-14). Heavy: Haruna Osumanu (13-3) W RTD 1 John Martin Cyril (0-2).
Allotey vs. Maya
Allotey regains the WBO African belt with stoppage of Tanzanian Maya. The visitor used his longer reach and southpaw style to match Allotey over the early rounds with the fight looking close. Allotey used power and aggression to take over in the fifth and Maya was coming apart in the seventh. Allotey stunned Maya with a heavy right in the eighth and the referee had seen enough and stopped the fight. Allotey was floored three times and stopped in four rounds by Jaime Munguia in a WBO title challenge in September 2019. Only the second loss in his last fifteen fights for Maya. 
Quaye vs. Dodzi
Quaye wins the vacant West African belt with a second round victory over Frank Dodzi. Quaye took the first round and had Dodzi pinned in a corner in the second and landed some clubbing shots. Dodzi did not look in any serious trouble and was punching back but the referee came in and halted the fight. Dodzi protested loud and long. It looked much too early a stoppage but Quaye gets the win and the belt with his seventh victor in his last eight bouts. Fifth inside the distance loss in a row for Dodzi.
Osumanu vs. Cyril
A farcical heavyweight “contest” sees Ghanaian champion Osumanu collect the West African trinket with win over Nigerian novice Cyril. After some sloppy wild swinging Cyril suddenly turned away from a clinch and walked back to his corner. There was completed confusion as the referee waived the fight over but then there seemed to be some question whether the fight was over or not. Osumanu spent four minutes standing in his own corner until it was finally decided the fight was over. After the fight Osumanu was calling out Anthony Joshua which sets a new high for delusional.

Ferrara, Italy: Feather: Mattia Occhinero (9-0-1) W KO 3 Mattia Musacchi (8-8-2). 
Occhinero ruins the night for the local fans as he knocks out Musacchi in the third round to win the national title. A sign of things to come saw Occhinero floor Musacchi with a left in the opening round. Musacchi steady himself in the second but in the third another left floored Musacchi and ended the fight. Sixth inside the distance wins for Occhinero and seventh successive victory including a points win over Musacchi in April last year.

Osimo, Italy: Charlemagne Metonyekpon (10-0) W PTS 10 Arbin Kaba (13-3-1).
Metonyekpon wins the Italian title with controversial points victory over champion Kaba. Benin-born “Charly” scored well at the start and seemed to build a substantial lead with Kaba , much the better stylist finishing strongly. The fight was close and many rounds were close but the judges gave it to Metonyekpon on scores of 96-94 twice and 98-92 all for Metonyekpon but there were many dissenters who saw Albania-born Kaba, who was defending the national title for the fourth time, as a clear winner. 

Mandaue, Philippines: Light Fly: Mark Vicelles (16-0-1) W TKO 1 Richard Claveras (19-892).
Promising southpaw Vicelles overwhelms Claveras in the first round. Vicelles felled Claveras twice before the fight was stopped after just 108 seconds. The first knockdown came from a straight left counter and the second from a left hook. Claveras managed to beat the count but a series of fierce lefts and right saw the referee call the fight off. Thirteenth win in a row for southpaw Vicelles. Claveras, a former WBC International title holder, is on the slide with just one victory in his last seven fights

Bedzin, Poland: Super Middle: Yosvany Garcia (7-0) W TKO 3 Patrick Rokohl (22-2). Heavy: Marcin Siwy (24-0) W PTS 8 Rydell Booker 26-5-1).
Cuban Garcia brushes aside German Rokhol in three rounds. Garcia outscored Rokhol in the first and then staggered him late in the second. Garcia finished the job in the third scoring three knockdowns to force the stoppage. The 25-year-old Garcia has taken less than twenty rounds for his seven wins. Rokhol was stopped in two rounds by Zac Dunn in 2019 and had scored six uninspiring wins since then.
Siwy vs. Booker
Siwy outscores Rydell in a disappointing, boring match. There were just too many clinches and too few punches in the fight. What clean work there was usually came from Siwy with Rydell occasionally dangerous with rights but not active enough. Scores 80-72, 79-73 and 78-74 for Siwy. His record looks impressive but he has not yet advanced to ten round fights and his opposition has been mediocre at best and in keeping with that Booker, 41, is way past his best.

Bialystok, Poland: Middle: Kamil Szeremeta (22-2-1) W TKO 10 Sasha Yengoyan (45-9-1).Light Heavy: Pawel Stepien (17-0-1) W PTS 8 Ezequiel Maderna (27-8).
Szeremeta vs. Yengoyan
Fighting in front of his home fans Szeremeta outclasses and stops Yengoyan in the last round. Szeremeta rocked Yengoyan continually with heavy overhand rights but the Armenian refused to capitulate. Despite being in trouble after a left hook to the body in the seventh he came close to seeing out the eighth but Szeremeta upped his pace connecting with heavy head punches forcing the stoppage. Szeremeta’s losses have come inside the distance against Gennady Golovkin for the IBF title in December 2020 and against Jaime Munguia in June last year. Yengoyan, 37, is 4-6 in his last 10 outings.
Stepien vs. Maderna
Flat performance from Stepien as he just squeezes past experienced Maderna on a majority verdict. Stepien won and always looked to be in control but showed no real urgency and never really raised his pace allowing Madera to stay competitive and pick up a round here and there. Scores 77-75 twice for Stepien and 76-76. Argentinian Maderna, an Olympian back in 2008, has won only one of his last five fights

Kempton Park, South Africa: Heavy: Kevin Lerena (27-1) W KO 4 Bogdan Dinu (20-4). Heavy: Joshua Pretorius (9-5) W PTS 12 Juan Roux (6-01). Super Welter: Shervantaigh Koopman (10-0) W TKO 5 Jami Webb (6-2).
Lerena vs. Dinu
Lerena continues his heavyweight campaign with impressive kayo of Dinu. Lerena was conceding height, reach and weight but was too mobile and used his quicker hand speed to cut the Romanian down to size. Lerena took a couple of rounds to really get into his stride but was finding the target with some hard shots in the third. He strayed low with a body punch in that round with Dinu given the full allowed five minutes to recover. Lerena jumped on him again and put him down with a left hook. Dinu made it to his feet and to the bell but ended the fight in style in the fourth. He floored Dinu with a right uppercut and although Dinu managed to best the count a thunderous left put him down and out. This was Lerena’s first fight for fifteen months but he looked sharp. At 6’1” the 29-year-old southpaw is small by today’s standards but he can be a force to be reckoned with in the division. All four of Dinu’s losses have come against class opposition in Jarrell Miller, Kubrat Pulev and Daniel Dubois and now Lerena.
Roux vs. Pretorius
Roux loses his national title and his unbeaten tag as he is outboxed by Pretorius. Roux did himself no favours coming in at a career highest 288 ¼ lbs and he looked slow by comparison with the 50lbs lighter challenger. Pretorius out-manoeuvred and outboxed the less experienced Roux winning on scores of 118-110, 118-112, and 116-112. Pretorius was having his second shot at the national title and also wins the vacant ABU belt. Roux was making the first defence of his title.
Koopman vs. Webb
Koopman continues to grow in stature as he punches too hard for Webb and stops him in three rounds. He put Webb down in the third and fourth rounds and was adding more punishment in the fifth when the referee decided to save Webb. Seventh inside the distance win of South African champion Koopman who was defending his IBF Continental African title for the first time. Two losses in a row for Webb now.

Dubai, UAE: Cruiser: Mike Perez (27-3-1) W RTD 10 Vasil Ducar (10-5-1). Light Fly: Miel Fajardo (8-1-2) W TKO 2 Augustin Gauto (17-1). Heavy: Agron Smakici (18-1) W KO 3 Lenroy Thomas (25-5-1). Super Welter: Brian Arregui (5-0) W TKO 4 Kulbir Dhaka (4-0). 
Perez vs. Ducar
Cuban Mike Perez gets late round victory over Czech Ducar. The Czech was cut in a clash of heads in the first round and struggled from there. Perez controlled the action but Ducar proved strong. Slowly Perez eroded ducal resistance. He floored Ducar in the tenth and the Czech retired at the end of that round. Fifth successive victory for 36-year-old Perez a former WBC title challenger who was out of the ring for almost four years before returning in August 2021. He was defending the WBA Inter-Continental title. First loss by KO/TKO for Ducar.
Fajardo vs. Gauto 
Filipino novice Fajardo shakes up the light flyweight ratings with two round destruction of unbeaten Gauto. Fajardo floored Gauto in the first with the bell saving the Argentinian. Gauto had not really recovered by the start of the second and Fajardo floored him twice more to bring about the stoppage. Fajardo, who was 21-3 as an amateur, gets his seventh win by KO/TKO and is now 7-0-1 in his last 8 fights. Gauto, 24, was No 6 with the WBA and had won 11 of his last 12 fights by KO/TKO so the banger banged.
Smakici vs. Thomas
Croatian southpaw Smakici just too big and hits too hard for Thomas. With Smakici having huge edges in height and reach Thomas was never really a threat in the fight. Smakici ended the bout in the third with a straight left and a right hook sending Thomas down and he was counted out. The 6’6” Smakici has sixteen wins by KO/TKO but was knocked out in the first round by unbeaten Zhan Kossobutskiy in his only real test. Fifth loss by KO/TKO for former Commonwealth champion Thomas.
Arregui vs. Dhaka
 Argentinian Arregui gets win over India’s Dhaka who retires in the fourth round due to a shoulder injury. Arregui, a Youth Olympics gold medal winner, represented Argentina at the Tokyo Olympics but failed to medal. He wins the WBO Youth belt here. Bad luck for 21-year-old Dhaka.

Orlando, FL, USA: Feather: Otabek Kholmatov (10-0) W PTS 10 Andranik Grigoryan (14-1). Super Middle: Yamaguchi Falcao (21-1-1) W PTS 10 Daniel Bonelli (24-11).
Kholmatov vs. Grigoryan 
Uzbek Kholmatov what was advertised as a WBA eliminator with a comfortable decision over Grigoryan. The key to victory for Kholmatov was his longer reach and better skills. Grigoryan just could not get inside often enough or score effectively when he was there. Kholmatov piled up the points and settled for going the distance for the first time. Scores 119-109 twice and 118-108 for Kholmatov. Kholmatov was No 13 with the WBA and Grigoryan No 8 so by no means a final eliminator.
Falcao vs. Bonelli
Falcao gets win over late replacement Bonelli. The Brazilian southpaw had too much skill for the game Argentinian. Falcao controlled the action with Bonelli making a couple of rounds close and rocking Falcao with a right in the seventh but apart from that it was all Falcao. Scores 99-91, 98-92 and 97-93. The brother of Esquivel Falcao Yamaguchi is aiming for a title shot but has done nothing of note recently and beating Bonelli who is 1-10 in his recent fights will not impress anyone.

Fight of the week (Significance): Josh Warrington’s win over Kiko Martinez opens possibilities at featherweight
Fight of the week (Entertainment): Troy Williamson and Mason Cartwright went to war for twelve rounds
Fighter of the week: Has to be Jeremia Nakathila for the destruction of Miguel Berchelt
Punch of the week: Christian Mbilli’s left hook rendered Najib Mohammedi senseless before he even hit the canvas. Honourable mention to the driven body punch from Richard Riakporhe that had Deleon Jumah crawling around the canvas in agony
Upset of the week: Nakathila’s win over Berchelt was a huge shock. Honourable mention to Filipino Miel Fajardo (7-1-2) for his victory over rated light flywei8ght Agustin Gauto (17-0)
Prospect watch: Too early perhaps but welterweight Pat McCormack has the medals to back up my prediction.


Rosette: To boxing which from the number of shows this week has shed the curse of COVID
Red Card: For the scoring in the Szili vs. Sturm fight showing you can never be too careful in Germany
-A week for dodgy knees with Stephen Danyo in Montreal, and Juan Rivera and Ernest Olvera in Tijuana all seeming having knee injuries even before the first bell. Perhaps the next vaccine will be for shaky knees
-It is not unusual for a decision to be changed after a formal protest over the result. Normally that follows almost immediately after the fight-normally. French prospect Milan Prat was disqualified for an illegal punch in his fight with Francesco Lezzi on 28 February 2021. It was changed to a No decision on 17 February 2022!! Looks a lot like airbrushing a loss out of a hot prospect’s record.
-Just another week in boxing. In Poland one judge had Lukes Dekys winning 99-91 and one had him just scraping home 96-94. In Las Vegas one judge had Eduardo Baez winning 98-92 and another had it 95-95. No screams no social media storm just another week in boxing which puts the scoring in Taylor vs. Catterall into perspective.
-Brothers are not always alike physically. Take Kevin Lerena and his brother Gavin. Kevin is a heavyweight boxer and Gavin is a jockey. I bet the horses in South Africa hope there is never a mix up
-Just another week in boxing. Four fighters in the two main events on the show in Miami: Brazilian, Argentinian, Uzbek and Russian. Whatever happened to neighbourhood rivalries that would be guaranteed to put bums on seats?
- Even stranger than the foreign invasion how about the show in Poland at the weekend where a promoter and a ring announcer put on gloves with the promoter winning on a first round stoppage-that’s one smart ring announcer!

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