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The Past Week in Action 22 November 2021: Crawford Stops Porter in 10; Andrade Stops Quigley in 2

-Terence Crawford comes from behind to stop Shawn Porter in the tenth round in WBO welterweight title defence
-Demetrius Andrade stops Jason Quigley in two rounds to retain the WBO middleweight title
-The WBC flyweight title fight between champion Julio Cesar Martinez and McWilliams Arroyo ends in No Decision after two rounds when Arroyo is unable to continue due to a cut
-Murodjon Akhmadaliev outpoints Jose Velasquez in WBA super bantamweight title defence
-Artem Dalakian retains the WBA flyweight title with ninth round stoppage of Luis Concepcion
-Esquiva Falcao gets technical decision over Patrice Volny in IBF middleweight eliminator
-In Female title fights Kali Reis retains IBF and WBA super lightweight titles and wins the vacant WBO belt with split decision over Jessica Camara, Segolene Lefebvre collects the vacant WBO super bantamweight title and Debora Dionicius outpoints Marcela Acuna for interim WBO featherweight title
-Former title holders IBF cruiserweight Yunier Dorticos and WBO super bantamweight Isaac Dogboe score wins
-Tim Tszyu moves closer to a world title shot as he outpoints Takeshi Inoue

World Title/Major Shows

November 19

Manchester, NH, USA: Super Bantam: Murodjon Akhmadaliev (10-0) W PTS 12 Jose Velasquez (29-7-2). Fly: Julio Cesar Martinez (18-1,2ND) ND McWilliams Arroyo (21-4,1ND). Middle: Demetrius Andrade (31-0) W TKO 2 Jason Quigley (19-2). Super Light: Kali Reis (19-7-1) W PTS 10 Jessica Camara (8-3). Heavy: Dempsey McKean (20-0) W TKO 6 Don Haynesworth (16-8-1).

Akhmadaliev vs. Velasquez
Akhmadaliev outscores Velasquez by a large margin but the gutsy little Chilean makes Akhmadaliev fight hard in every round. Akhmadaliev was looking to get this one over in the first and he bombarded Velasquez with punches hardly even letting him out of his corner. Velasquez saw out the storm. At 5’ 2 ½” Velasquez is used to giving away height and reach but has never failed to last the distance. Akhmadaliev was using his longer reach to spear Velasquez with right jabs and following with straight lefts and was able to easily step back out of range as Velasquez had to stretch to get within distance. Velasquez did well in the third storming forward connecting with some short hooks and wide looping punches. Velasquez had no choice but to rumble forward and Akhmadaliev was finding the target with individual punches and fast combinations. Velasquez just soaked up the punishment and kept walking forward and the sheer volume of his punches had Akhmadaliev struggling to contain him. Akhmadaliev handed out serious punishment in the ninth and tenth and Velasquez finally looked to tire over the last two rounds-but after the bell did two somersaults and some press-up! Scores 119-111 for Akhmadaliev from the three judges as he makes a successful second defence of the IBF and WBA titles. Velasquez earned his title shot with wins over wins over 21-0 Melvin Lopez 16-0-1 Ariel Lopez.

Martinez vs. Arroyo
Martinez retains the WBC title in a disappointing ending. Both fighters were down in the first and Arroyo down again in the second but a clash of heads had opened a deep cut over Arroyo’s right eye and he was unable to come out for the third round and the fight was declared a No Decision. It had been short and explosive so it was a pity it ended so quickly. 

Andrade vs. Quigley
Andre wipes out Quigley in two rounds. After a period of tentative pawing from both fighters Quigley launched a couple of attacks without landing any clean punches. Andrade sprang to life exploding on Quigley with a right hook and followed with a sequence of punches that sent Quigley down on his hands knees. Quigley got up and after the eight count Andrade piled forward throwing punches. He had Quigley hurt again but pushed Quigley to the floor which gave Quigley a smattering of recovery time and with the bell only seconds away Quigley survived. Quigley tried to box on the outside in the second but late in the round a fast straight left dropped Quigley on his rear. He was up and did not look too badly shaken. Andrade then chased him along the ropes and drove Quigley down with a volley of punches and the referee stopped the fight. Fifth defence of the WBO title and nineteenth win by KO/TKO for Andrade. He is still seeking a career defining fight but at 33 time is running out and it is difficult to see where the defining fight could come from at middleweight as Saul Alvarez has deserted the division, Gennady Golovkin has a unification fight lined up with Ryota Murata and the WBO No 1 Jaime Munguia has shown no interest in pressing for a title shot and the WBC is pushing him towards their title. Quigley had shown nothing since losing on a fifth round retirement against Tureano Johnson in July 2019 and was out of his depth here.
Reis vs. Camara
Reis now has three of the four titles at super light after outscoring Camara in a brutal scrap. This was a close fight all the way. Reis surprised by starting as a southpaw but switched to orthodox in the second. She took the centre of the ring with Camara circling and choosing her moment to dart inside with short punches. These tactics looked to move her in front but Reis upped her pace in the fourth and both were heavily marked as they connected with hard shots. The fight swung one way and then the other as they went toe-to-toe. Reis had a big last round that probably clinched the decision for her. The referee asked the doctor to look at a cut on Camara’s left eyelid and then Reis connected with a series of rights that had Camara staggering but she fought back to last to the bell. Scores 97-93 and 95-94 for Reis and 97-93 for Camara. Reis was defending the IBF and WBA titles and won the vacant WBO belt. Camara was short on experience but the Canadian proved to be a real battler.
McKean vs. Haynesworth
McQueen gets a win in his first fight in the USA as he stops Haynesworth is six rounds. McQueen had height and reach advantages and was able to work at distance with his jab on the plodding slow-paced Haynesworth who provided plenty of target practice but very little else. Demsey looked close to ending the fight with a sustained attack at the end of the fourth a bit more quality and a bit less quantity might have achieved that. A burst of punches from McQueen at the start of the sixth saw the referee stop the fight. Haynesworth was no test for McQueen and the quality of McQueen’s opposition has been less than mediocre with his last three opponents ranked 41,109 and now 206 by BoxRec. In fairness to McQueen he took this fight at fairly short notice but I can’t see him making much of an impact. All you need to know about 39-year-old Haynesworth’s value as a test is that although three inches shorter than McQueen at 293lbs he was 50lbs heavier.

November 20

Las Vegas, NV, USA: Welter: Terence Crawford (38-0) W TKO 10 Shawn Porter (31-4-1). Middle: Esquiva Falcao (29-0) W TEC DEC 6 Patrice Volny (16-1). Middle: Zhanibek Alimkhanuly (11-0) W TKO 8 Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam (38-6). Feather: Isaac Dogboe (23-2) W PTS 10 Christopher Diaz (26-4). Light: Ray Muratalla (13-0) W TKO 5 Elias Araujo (21-4). Feather: Adam Lopez (15-3-1) TEC DRAW 2 Adan Ochoa (12-2-1). Super Feather: Carlos Balderas (11-1) W TKO 4 Julio Cortez (15-1). Welter: Delante Johnson (0-0) W TKO 4 Antonius Grable (3-1-1).

Crawford vs. Porter
After a slow start Crawford comes on strong over the second half of a close battle to stop Porter and retain the WBO title.
Round 1
A very positive start from Porter. He was showing plenty of quick movement throwing plenty of jabs and moving in behind them trying to connect with hooks. Crawford was on the back foot and defended well but hardly threw a punch.
Score: 10-9 Porter
Round 2
Once again Porter was the more active. He was getting through with jabs and landed a straight right. Crawford was a little livelier than in the first two rounds and connected with some strong left hand counters to make the round close
Score: 10-9 Porter Porter 20-18
Round 3
Another close round. Crawford was now on the front foot tracking Porter but Porter used classy movement and when he was trapped in a corner cleverly slipped out and turned so that Crawford was in the corner. The best punch of the fight so far was a lovely left uppercut inside from Porter which snapped Crawford’s head back. Porter was down at the end of the round but from a push and he was showing a cut over his left eye.
Score: 10 9 Porter Porter 30-27
Round 4
A better round for Crawford. He was anticipating Porter’s rushing attacks and either countering with a left or dancing back out of distance. Porter was a bit wild with his punches and tumbled head first into a corner after missing with a punch.
Score: 10-9 Crawford Porter 39-37
Round 5
Porter was circling Crawford for much of the round and Crawford showed his edge in strength by pushing Porter out whenever he came inside. Porter twice stormed forward late in the round throwing hooks and uppercuts forcing Crawford to cover up but Crawford was the one landing punches at the bell. Porter’s early work gave him the round but it was ominous in that Crawford landed so well at the end.
Score: 10-9 Porter Porter 49-46
Round 6
Crawford was more in control in this round. He was jabbing strongly with his right and bringing his left into play more often. Porter’s attacks now resembled wild lunges rather than planned attacks and Crawford was tying him up inside refusing to let Porter work. A clash of heads brought a temporary stoppage with Crawford pawing at his head looking to see if he was cut.
Score: 10- Crawford Porter 58-56
Round 7 
A less frantic round. Porter was still bouncing on his toes and still relying on lunging attacks. Crawford did what clean work there was. He was spearing Porter with jabs and left counters and smothering Porter’s work inside
Score: 10-9 Crawford Porter 67-66
Round 8
Porter was still leaping forward but it was a case of head down and swing. He did land a couple of good head shots but Crawford outlanded him. He was more accurate and was starting to put together some flashing combinations.
Score: 10-9 Crawford TIED 76-76
Round 9
Porter was noticeably tiring. He was no longer bouncing on his toes and when he did drive forward he was slower. Crawford was slotting home jabs and using his left hooks to score as Porter advanced. Crawford had swept the last three rounds and this round showed Porter had No Plan B to turn things around. Crawford banged home a couple of hooks to the body at the bell.
Score: 10-9 Crawford Crawford 86-85
Round 10
As Porter tried to move inside at the start of the round Crawford countered him with a right and a left that dropped Porter on his rump. Porter was up at four and after the count again tried to get inside but Crawford met him with a six-punch series that put Porter down again. He beat the canvas with his fists in frustration but got up and was looked ready to continue but his father/trainer Kenny Porter was on the ring apron waiving for the fight to be stopped. Crawford was defending the WBO title for the fifth time. A three-division title holder Crawford is now 16-0 in title fights and has won his last nine fights by KO/TKO. A fight with Errol Spence would be huge and would unify the IBF, WBC and WBO titles. Let’s hope it happens. Porter announced his retirement. A former holder of the IBF and WBC welterweight titles his other three losses were in title fights against Kell Brook, Keith Thurman and a split decision against Errol Spence.
Falcao vs. Volny
Falcao edges Volny on a split technical decision after the fight is stopped after six rounds. Falcao made a fast start crowding Volny and throwing bunches of punches with Volny having difficulty dealing with Falcao’s output. Falcao continued his relentless pressure in the second but Volny was dealing with the pressure better. Falcao took the fight inside again in the third forcing Volny to the ropes and had some success with rights. Volny was able to land some crisp counters but Falcao’s higher work rate was winning him the rounds. Volny had a better fourth as he seemed to have settled into the fight after being under so much pressure at the start. Falcao outscored Volny over the first two minutes of the fifth although Volny closed the round landing some clean shots. Falcao landed a hurtful uppercut in the sixth but as they moved inside their heads banged together and Falcao suffered a bad cut on his head above his left eye brow and was unable to continue. It was decided on the scorecards which came out as 58-56 and 58-57 for Falcao and 58-56 for Volny. The Brazilian southpaw wins an IBF eliminator. Positions 1 and 2 in the IBF rankings are vacant and No 3 Patrick Wojcicki has not beaten a rated fighter so can’t move to one or two. Falcao was rated No 4 and Volny No 5 so by beating a rated opponent Falcao can leap into one of the vacant slots and become the mandatory challenger to Gennady Golovkin. Volny will be trying to find a way into another eliminator.

Alimkhanuly vs. N’Jikam
Alimkhanuly just too strong for an aging N’Jikam. Alimkhanuly landed a right early in the first that had N’Jikam retreating and dominated then fight from there. N’Jikam was circling the ring trying to stay out of trouble and did better in the second with some efficient jabbing. A sustained attack from Alimkhanuly in third saw N’Jikam going down and taking a count. Alimkhanuly scored heavily again in the fourth as N’Jikam was already slowing and a couple of heavy uppercuts from Alimkhanuly in the fifth had the referee taking a close watch on the punishment N’Jikam was taking. The sixth was another one-sided round. N’Jikam tried to punch back in the seventh but a right staggered him. N’Jikam got some respite as the fight was paused twice to deal with loose tape on N’Jikam’s gloves but in the eighth after two fierce attacks from Alimkhanuly the referee halted the fight to save N’Jikam from any more hurt. The Kazak southpaw climbed to No 2 in the WBO ratings with a win over Rob Brant and he would pose a real threat to Demetrius Andrade. At 37 N’Jikam is showing signs of wear and tear. He suffered consecutive losses against Callum Smith and Fedor Chudinov in 2019 and was then out for 19 months before returning with a low level win in July this year.

Dogboe vs. Diaz
Dogboe keeps his title ambitions alive with a majority verdict victory over Diaz. Dogboe was focusing on a body attack in the early rounds with Diaz scoring on the outside and countering or stepping out of range of Dogboe’s attacks. Diaz was picking up points with his jabs but Dogboe started to catch Diaz with rights to the head and had Diaz holding on from a right in the sixth. The Ghanaian had more success with rights in the seventh but Diaz fired back to rock Dogboe in the eighth. With the result seemingly in the balance they fought hard through the ninth and tenth of an entertaining scrap with Dogboe just getting the better of the trading. Scores 97-93 and 96-94 for Dogboe and 95-95. It is good news/bad news for Dogboe. The good news is that after successive loses to Emanuel Navarrete in super bantam title fights he has rebounded with three wins and is No 4 with the WBO at featherweight. The bad news is that Navarrete has also moved to featherweight and is the WBO champion. Diaz’s three previous losses have come against Masayuki Ito, Shakur Stevenson and Navarrete.
Muratalla vs. Araujo
Another quality performance by Muratalla as he halts Araujo in five rounds. Quick, accurate jabbing from Muratalla in the first posed problems for Araujo as he bobbed and weaved trying to get inside. When Muratalla opened up late in the round he shook Araujo with an uppercut. Araujo continued to come forward over the next three rounds and scored enough to be competitive but Muratalla was working on Araujo’s body and landing the heavier punches. Muratalla dug in some wicked left hooks to the body at the start of the fifth which momentarily had Araujo backing off. When Araujo marched forward again he walked into more severe hurt and the referee had seen enough and stepped in. Ninth inside the distance victory in a row for Muratalla. Former Argentinian champion Araujo is 0-2 in fights in the USA.
Lopez vs. Ochoa
This was another fight halted early due to a cut. After two fiery rounds won by Lopez a banging together of heads in the second had seen Ochoa cut over his right eye and the cut was too severe for the contest to continue and it was declared a No Decision. Lopez’s losses have been against Stephen Fulton and Isaac Dogboe on majority verdicts and a stoppage by Oscar Valdez. Ochoa had lost on points to Lopez in a four round fight in 2017 but he was 10-1 since then.
Balderas vs. Cortez
Balderas hands out a beating to Cortez and stops him in four rounds. Balderas had his jab working well in the first and late in the round a punch saw Cortez lose his mouthguard. 
Balderas scored with hurtful body punches in the second and staggered Cortez with a right in the third. Balderas rocked Cortez with two rights to the head in the fourth. He followed that with a crunching uppercut which shook Cortez and then a left and right that sent Cortez staggering back and the fights was stopped. Second win in three months for Balderas as the 2016 Olympian gets his career rolling again following 15 months of inactivity. Ecuadorian Cortez goes from 13-1 to 2-4.
Johnson vs. Grable
Tokyo 21 Olympian, World Youth and twice US National champion Johnson turns pro with stoppage of Floridian Grable. “Tiger” Johnson won all the way before flooring and stopping Grable in the sixth. Another outstanding amateur snapped up by Top Rank.

Kiev, Ukraine: Fly: Artem Dalakian (21-0) W TKO 9 Luis Concepcion (39-9).

Dalakian retains the WBA title with ninth round stoppage of Panamanian Concepcion. With Dalakian a natural counter-puncher and Concepcion’s default approach being aggression the tactics were easy to predict. Concepcion piled forward from the first aiming to get inside and score with hooks and uppercuts. Dalakian used his longer reach to score on Concepcion at distance and tied Conception up inside. Concepcion pressed hard but the defensive skills of Dalakian frustrated all of his effort. Dalakian floored Concepcion twice in the fifth the first was punch/push and Concepcion was not hurt. Late in the round Dalakian connected with a succession of hooks which dumped Conception on the canvas. This time Concepcion was most definitely hurt but the he made it to his feet and he had lost his mouthguard which had to be replaced so the bell went before Dalakian could finish the job. Dalakian scored heavily again at the start of the sixth and Concepcion looked to be in trouble but he fought back at the end of the round. Concepcion continued to drive forward over the seventh but a right in the eighth sent him staggering across the ring and Dalakian landed some more hooks before Concepcion recovered and fought back. Just 15 seconds into the ninth Dalakian connected with a right to the head that had Concepcion stumbling back and a left hook dumped him down against the ropes. He was up at four and ready to continue but as Dalakian drove him across the ring to the ropes a member of Concepcion's corner team climbed onto the ring apron waiving for the fight to be stopped. Fifth successful defence for the 34-year-old Azeri-born Ukrainian and fifteenth win by KO/TKO. Concepcion has held the secondary versions of both the WBA flyweight and super flyweight titles but at 36 is looking a bit battle worn. 
November 17

Sydney, Australia: Super Welter: Tim Tszyu (20-0) W VPTS 12 Takeshi Inoue (17-2-1). Super Welter: Wade Ryan (20-9) W PTS 10 Nath Nwachukwu (7-2-2). Super Welter: Koen Mazoudier (9-2) W PTS 8 Joel Camilleri (20-7-1). Middle: Dennis Hogan (28-5-1) W Tommy Browne (42-8-2).

Tszyu vs. Inoue
Tszyu takes wide unanimous verdict over Inoue. A right from Tszyu sent Inoue back on his heels in the first and he connected with uppercuts in the second as Inoue took some time to get into the fight. Tszyu scored again with rights and uppercuts in the third and by the end of the fourth Inoue was already showing swelling around his eyes. Tszyu piled on the pressure in the fifth and sixth forcing Inoue back around the ring and Inoue was hanging on. Tszyu landed heavily to the body in the seventh with Inoue almost touching the canvas. He had Inoue hurt in the eighth and although Inoue was countering there was no power there but he boxed well in the ninth his best round in the fight and although Inoue was outgunned in the tenth there was blood from Tszyu’s mouth. Tszyu was going past the tenth round for the first time but he was in control and a knockdown which might have been punch/push in the last closed out the fight. Scores 120-107 twice and 119-108 for Tszyu who was defending the WBO Global and WBO Asia Pacific titles. He is No 1 with them and looking to get a title shot but WBO title holder Brian Castano and IBF/WBC/WBA title holder Jermell have unfinished business after a draw in their unification clash in July and he is not the mandatory challenger in any of the other bodies. Inoue had lost almost every round when challenging Jaime Munguia for the WBO in January 2019 and done nothing of note since then. He was No 7 with the WBO but was not rated by the other three bodies. 
Ryan vs. Nwachukwu
Ryan defends the IBO International title with his fourth win in a row. Southpaw Ryan edged three close opening rounds with Nwachukwu doing better in the fourth. Ryan gradually took control of the fight. He shook Nwachukwu with a left in the sixth and in the seventh. Nwachukwu was having trouble with his left eye after a punch from Ryan in the eighth but passed a doctor’s inspection. Nwachukwu fought hard in the ninth even though his left eye was closing and Ryan scored a knockdown in the tenth. Scores 100-89, 99-90 and 98-91 for Ryan. Nwachukwu had lost on points to Inoue in 2019.
Mazoudier vs. Camilleri
Local fighter Mazoudier takes a split verdict over former Australian champion Camilleri. Camilleri made the better start with Mazoudier edging the third. Camilleri had a good fourth to establish a lead but the rounds had all been close. Mazoudier scored with hard rights to take the fifth and sixth to even things up and then outscored Camilleri over the seventh and eighth to get the decision. Scores 78-74 and 77-75 for Mazoudier and 78-74 for Camilleri. Mazoudier had lost to Luke Woods and Wade Ryan so this is a good recovery effort. Camilleri had won 5 of his last 6 with the loss coming against Tim Tszyu.
Hogan vs. Browne
Hogan brings the curtain down on Browne’s career as he hands out steady punishment winning every round. Brown did well to get to the bell being hurt significantly in the each of the last three rounds. Scores 60-54 for Hogan from the judges. Hogan lost consecutive title fights in 2019 against Jaime Munguia for the WBO title and Jermall for the WBC belt then was stopped in five rounds by Tim Tszyu in March this year so badly needed a win. Browne had held the WBFoundation title and strangely the Thai title and announced his retirement

November 18

Mexico City, Mexico: Feather: David Picasso (19-0-1) W KO 2 Luis Millan (17-5). Super Welter: Jorge Garcia (22-3) W PTS 6 Abraham Juarez (19-8). Super Fly: Argi Cortes (21-2-2) W PTS 6 Ivan Ochoa (8-6-1)
Picasso vs. Millan
Venezuelan Millan came determined to cause an upset but was overpowered by unbeaten Picasso. Millan was taking the fight to Picasso in the first and launched a strong attack at the start of the second. Picasso easily dealt with Millan’s efforts and then unleashed a barrage of punch that ended the fight. The draw on Picasso’s record was a strange “technical” one where Picasso was stopped in four rounds but the result was changed to a technical draw. Two losses in a row for Millan. 
Garcia vs. Juarez
Garcia gets revenge as he takes a unanimous decision over Juarez. Garcia won on scores of 59-55 on the three cards, He had lost a split decision against Juarez in August 2019.
Cortes vs. Ochoa
Cortes extends his current unbeaten run as he outpoints Ochoa. Cortes is unbeaten in his last 21 fights. 
The small show was to celebrate the 15 year partnership between TV Azteca and Zanfer Boxing as part of the closing ceremonies for the WBC Convention

November 19
Gregorio de Laferrere, Argentina: Middle: Gabriel Diaz (11-2) W DISQ 1 Jairo Rayman (16-1-1).
This one was all over inside three minutes as Rayman is disqualified with 20 seconds to go in the round. He bundled Diaz to the ropes and swung two punches which curled around and landed on the back of Diaz’s head. He fell to his hands and knees and then down lying on the canvas holding the back of his head. A doctor decreed he was unable to continue and as the punches clearly landed to the rear of Diaz’s head Rayman was disqualified.
Halle en der Saale, Germany: Super Feather: Nico Venetis (23-0) W PTS 12 Leonardo Uzcategui (10-5-2).
German southpaw Venetis collects the vacant Global Boxing Council belt with one-sided points victory over Venezuelan Uzcategui on scores of 117-111 twice and 119-109. Venetis has been very carefully protected against anything remotely like a test and the last nine fighters Uzcategui has beaten could not muster a single win between them!

Bangkok, Thailand: Super Light: Daud Yordan (41-4) W TKO 5 Rachata Khaophimal (7-1).
Yordan halts novice Thai Rachata in the fifth. This was a total mismatch. Yordan cruised through the early rounds then rocked Rachata in the fourth and put him down with a body punch in the fifth. Rachata made it to his feet but unloaded on his and the referee stopped the mismatch. This was the former IBO champion’s first fight for two years. He wins the vacant WBX ABC belt. Novice Rachata a lamb to the slaughter.

Glasgow, Scotland: Middle: Trigger Wood (9-0) W TKO 4 Paddy Pollock (8-11-3). Middle: Paul Kean (14-2) W PTS 8 Graham McCormack (6-1).
Wood vs. Pollock
Wood too good for a game Pollock and gets a fourth round stoppage to collect the BBB of C Scottish Area title. First ten round fight and first inside the distance win for Wood.
Kean vs. McCormack
Dundee southpaw Kean wins all eight rounds on his way to securing the vacant BUI Celtic title. The referee scored it 80-72 for Kean over fellow-southpaw McCormack.

November 20

London, England: Light Heavy: Dan Azeez (15-0) W TKO 7 Hosea Burton (26-3). Cruiser: Richard Riakporhe (13-0) W TKO 5 Olan Durodola (36-9). Cruiser: Mikael Lawal (15-0) W TKO 5 Leonardo Bruzzese (20-7). Welter: Florian Marku (10-0-1 W PTS 8 Jorick Luisetto (11-3). 
Azeez vs. Burton 
Azeez breaks down and dismantles Burton in seven rounds. Burton tried to make use of his 6” height edge and longer reach to box in the first round but Azeez was getting inside and he wobbled Burton with a right. Burton did better with his boxing in the second but Azeez dominated the third. Burton was being forced to stand and trade punches and he was hurt by a left hook in the third. Azeez continued to swarm forward in the fourth and Burton could not keep him out. Burton was staggered by a powerful jab in the fifth and sent sagging into the ropes by a punch in sixth. Azeez opened the seventh by landing two rights to the head that had Burton stumbling back. Burton recovered and hit back with jabs and right crosses as he steadied himself and stood and exchanged punches. He looked to have weathered the storm but Azeez forced him to the ropes and landed a neck-snapping left hook then poured on a series of lefts and rights to the head until the referee leapt in to protect Burton. Azeez wins the vacant British title and has established himself as a real threat in this division. He is No 9 with the WBA in a division that is heavy with British fighters with Joshua Buatsi, Lyndon Arthur, Callum Johnson, Anthony Yarde, Callum Smith and Craig Richards all world rated. Burton suffered an upset loss in September last year when being beaten on points by Ricards Bolotniks for the WBO European title in the final of the MTK-Global tournament and this was a crushing defeat which must put a question mark over his future.
Riakporhe vs. Durodola
After two years out of the ring Riakporhe is making up for lost time as he disposed off experienced Durodola in five rounds. Riakporhe made a confident start, He was jabbing smartly getting through Durodola’s guard and he shook Durodola at the end of the round with a powerful uppercut. Riakporhe dominated the early part of the second with a laser-like jab and then began to land with rights and left hooks to the body and was still scoring with jabs at the end of the round. Riakporhe connected with two heavy rights in the third but Durodola shook them off. A right cross followed by a right uppercut had Durodola backing off in the fourth but again Durodola shook them off. The first punch Riakporhe threw in the fifth was a short left hook to the chin that dropped Durodola. He beat the count but then Riakporhe drove him along the ropes landing hooks and uppercuts and with Durodola staggering the referee stopped the fight. The 6’5” Londoner wins the WBC Silver title. He had scored victories over Tommy McCarthy and Chris Billam-Smith but then the pandemic struck and he was out of action for almost two years which cost him his high ranking. He is back on track and a threat to any cruiserweight. Durodola was stopped in seven rounds by Ilunga Makabu in a challenge for the WBC title in December
Lawal vs. Bruzzese
Lawal demolishes Argentinian Bruzzese. The visitor was willing enough but limited. After winning the opening round Lawal dropped Bruzzese twice in the second. Bruzzese recovered and roiled forward over the third and fourth with a casual looking Lawal boxing patiently. Bruzzese continued to take the fight to Lawal in the fifth. Lawal waited for an opening and when Bruzzese came forward a thunderous overhand right sent him crashing to the canvas and the fight was quickly stopped to allow him to get some medical assistance. With this ninth inside the distance victory behind him Lawal is now looking to get a shot at Chris Billam-Smith who holds the British, Commonwealth and European titles. Fifth loss by KO/TKO for Bruzzese.
Marku vs. Luisetto
London-based Albanian southpaw Marku scores another win as he outpoints Frenchman Luisetto. Marku was quicker and cleverer than Luisetto switching guards and scoring with some flashy combinations. Luisetto fought hard and ignored Marku’s taunts. He did enough to pick up a couple of rounds but never really looked a threat. The referee scored the fight 78-75 for Marku who is building a big following.

Miami, FL, USA: Cruiser: Yunier Dorticos (25-2) W TKO 2 Jesse Bryan (20-6-2,2ND). Super Feather: Luis Lebron-Ortiz (18-2-1) W TKO 7 Frank Diaz (9-0). Super Bantam: Mike Plania (26-1) W TKO 1 Ricardo Nunez (29-13). Heavy: Istvan Bernath (9-0) W TKO 2 Deon Hale (5-14-1).
Dorticos vs. Bryan
More of a massacre than a match as Dorticos batters poor Bryan to defeat. Dorticos was a clear head taller than the game Bryan. The Cuban scored two knockdowns in the first but Bryan gamely Bryan got up and continued. Bryan marched forward into fire in the second until Dorticos drove him to
the ropes and then bombed Bryan with punches until he slumped to the floor with the fight then being stopped. Return to the ring for the first time for Dorticos since his loss to Mairis Breidis for the IBF title in September last year. Bryan used to facing only a diet of the hopeless.
Lebron-Ortiz vs. Diaz 
This proved a couple of steps too far for Diaz. Lebron-Ortiz used his greater experience to overcome Diaz and force the stoppage in the seventh round. Puerto Rican Lebron-Ortiz might have seemed to be slipping after going from 17-0 to 1-2 but he had too much for the 20-year-old Diaz.
Plania vs. Nunez
World rated Filipino Plania wipes out Panamanian Nunez inside a round. The 24-year-old lost a decision to Juan Carlos Payano back in 2018 but has since won eleven in a row including a victory over 22-1-1 Joshua Greer. He is rated WBO 4/WBA 5/IBF 9(7)/WBC 15. Now 33 Nunez’s punching power saw him land two world title shots but he has now lost seven in a row.
Bernath vs. Hale
Bernath gets a second round stoppage in a fight that shows boxing matching at its worst. Bernath had about 4 inches in height over Hale but did not need any advantage as Hale’s fastest pace was slower than a trundle. Mercifully the referee stopped the farce in the second after Bernath had walked Hale to the ropes and landed a few punches. Hale protested the stoppage refusing to leave the centre of the ring and arguing with the referee. Although considerably shorter than Bernath Hale was 75lbs heavier than Bernath at 321lbs. Enough said!

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Feather: Debora Anahl Dionicius (32-3) W PTS 10 Marcela Eliana Acuna (50-8-2). Bantam: Angel Aquino (9-4-1) W TKO 5 Kevin Munoz (12-1,1ND). Light Heavy: Braian Suarez (16-0) W TKO 3 Juan Boada (11-3).
Dionicius vs. Acuna
Dionicius springs an upset as she outpoints Acuna. Dionicius was younger and quicker than Acuna and took the opening round. Acuna pressed hard over the second and third and probably edged them. From there Dionicius took control outboxing her more experienced opponent and Acuna just could not land often enough to pose a real threat. The fight was halted temporarily in the ninth for the doctor to examine a cut suffered by Acuna in a clash of heads but was allowed to continue and although Acuna put in a huge effort in the last round Dionicius was a good winner. Scores 97-93 twice and 96-94 all for Dionicius who wins the interim WBO Female title. Acuna 45 was the first female fighter to be licensed in Argentina. She won the WBA, WBC, WBO and IBF super bantamweight belts but at separate times, was 15-2-1 in world title fights and scored wins over top female stars such as Shannon O’Connell and Jackie Nava- so perhaps it is time to retire.
Aquino vs. Munoz 
Another upset in this one as Argentinian bantamweight champion Aquino ends his fight with South American title holder Munoz with a big left hook in the fifth that put Munoz down heavily. He tried to struggle to his feet but the referee could see he was finished and waived the fight off. The only title on the line here was the vacant IBF Latino title which Aquino adds to his national title.
Suarez vs. Boada
Another display of power from unbeaten Suarez as he disposes of Colombian Boada in three rounds to collect the vacant WBO Latino title. Suarez scored two knockdowns in the second and was battering Boada in the third when Boada’s corner threw in the towel. Suarez has won his last seven fights by KO/TKO and has only been take the distance once in his 16 fights. Boada had won his last 5 fights.

Grenoble, France: Cruiser: Eddy Lacrosse (13-7-2) W TKO 8 Nicolas Sais (11-5-1).
Lacrosse wins the vacant French title with stoppage of Sais. Lacrosse was scoring heavily to the body from the start. Sais would have preferred to work at distance but Lacrosse pressed hard. Sais did manage to create some room and boxed on the outside from the fourth but Lacrosse maintained the pressure and early in the eighth connected with a right to the head that put Sais on the floor. Although he managed to get up a fresh stream of punches from Lacrosse saw the referee stop the fight. Second national title for Lacrosse a former holder of the light heavyweight belt. Sais,40, did not turn pro until he was 30, and he announced his retirement. 

Douai, France: Super Bantam: Segolene Lefebvre (15-0) W PTS 10 Paulette Valenzuela (13-2). 
With the vacant WBO Female title on the line local boxer Lefebvre put on a sparkling display of skill to outpoint Mexican Valenzuela. Lefebvre had a much longer reach and used that edge to box at distance. Valenzuela kept rolling forward but skilled footwork and accurate countering allowed Lefebvre to build a substantial lead and she had a good fifth round shaking Valenzuela with uppercuts. Valenzuela continued her attacks and scored well in the seventh and landed a big left hook in the tenth. Lefebvre did go down in the tenth and was given a count but it looked to have been a slip. Scores 96-93 twice and 97-92 for Lefebvre. She is no stranger to titles having held the French, World Boxing Federation, IBO and WBC Silver titles. Valenzuela came in on the back of six wins in a row.

Hellbronn , Germany : Super Welter: Slawa Spomer (15-0) W PTS 10 Jose Suero (8-1-1). Heavy: Albon Pervizaj (17-1) W KO 2 Pavel Sour (13-6).
Spomer vs. Suero
 German champion Spomer wins the vacant IBO Inter-Continental title with points victory over Spanish-based Dominican Suero. Spomer was giving lots of reach to the 6’0” tall Suero but with Suero not begin a heavy puncher he was able to hustle and bustle Suero who rarely got off the back foot. In an exciting sixth Suero did connect with a series of head punches that had Spomer badly shaken. Suero’s lack of power let him down and Spomer revived and by the end of the sixth Spomer was just one punch away from victory when the bell saved Suero. From there Spomer continued to boss the fight. Scores 100-89,100-90 and 99-91 for Spomer.
Pervizaj vs. Sour 
Pervizaj racks up his thirteenth inside the distance win as he kayos Czech Sour in the second round. Going into round two almost counts as overtime for Pervizaj who had won 3 of his last 4 fights in the first round. Pervizaj statistics hide a collection of “no hope” opponents and his loss was against a fighter with a 3-0-1 record. Sour , 39, is earning his money the hard way having been in with Jermaine Franklin, Hughie Fury and Nathan Gorman and lost on a first round kayo against Arslanbek Makhmudov in July.

Munich, Germany: Super Middle: Emre Cukur (18-1) W PTS 10 Matteo Hache (8-1). Middle: Uwel Hernandez (12-1) W PTS 10 Pavel Semjonov (25-20-2). 
Cukur vs. Hache
Cukur wins the vacant WBA Continental title but struggles to overcome young French champion Hache. Scores 96-94 twice and 96-93. The Munich southpaw is scheduled to face England’s Jack Cullen for the vacant European title on 18 December in Manchester and he will have to improve a lot on this showing to win that fight. Hache, 22, showed real promise and will be back stronger.
Hernandez vs. Semjonov
In what passes for a title shot with the WBFederation Cuban Hernandez outpoints Estonian Semjonov who is well-versed in losing. Scores 97-91 twice and 96-92. Six wins in a row against very modest opponents for Hernandez. Now 9 losses in his last 10 fights for Semjonov which tells you how highly the WBFederation values their title.

Hamburg, Germany: Heavy: Zhan Kossobutskiy (17-0) W TKO 5 Alexis Garcia (11-1). Middle: Avni Yildirim (24-4) W PTS 10 Yusuf Kanguel (20-5-1). Heavy: Jose Larduet (7-0,1ND) W KO 2 Leandro Robutti (8-5). Super Light: Jeremias Ponce (29-0) W KO 2 Michel Marcano (22-5-1). Welter: Freddy Kiwitt (20-3) W TKO 3 Wilber Blanco (8-1). Heavy: Senad Gashi (22-3,1ND) W PTS 6 Jairo Diaz (6-8).
Kossobutskiy vs. Garcia
Kossobutskiy has no problems dealing with the obese Dominican Garcia and stops him in the fifth. The tall southpaw was able to score at ease on the plodding until the referee halted the mismatch. Kossobutskiy wins the vacant WBC International Silver title. He has won 16 of his 17 fights by KO/TKO and was coming off what looked a good win but this one was poor as Garcia weighed 218lbs for his pro fight and was 264lbs for this one.
Yildirim vs. Kanguel
Yildirim outpoints a game but overmatched Kanguel. Yildirim worked the body well in every round hurting Kanguel time and again. Kanguel took the punishment and kept fighting back showing guts if very little skill. Yildirim won on scores of 100-90, 100-92 and 99-91 and gets his third win in a row. German Kanguel had won 4 of his last 5 outings
Larduet vs. Robutti
Larduet retains the WBC Latino belt with second round dismissal of southpaw Robutti. Larduet shook Robutti late in the first then ended it in the second. The Cuban connected with a volley of punches ending with an uppercut that sent Robutti down and he was counted out needing medical assistance to recover. The 31-year-old has taken less than nine rounds for his last five wins. Argentinian champion Robutti had lost only one of his last six fights
Ponce vs. Marcano
Ponce scores a second round knockout. The IBF No 1 landed jabs and long rights in the first and ended things in the second. A powerful right to the body which hooked around behind Marcano’s elbow sent the Venezuelan down in pain and he was unable to beat the count. Strange to find the IBF No 1 fighting in an eight round support bout but it keeps Ponce busy as he waits for a shot Josh Taylor. Third inside the distance loss in four fights this year for Marcano.
Kiwitt vs. Blanco
Kiwitt punches too hard for Colombian Blanco and forces a 
third round stoppage. Kiwitt just edged the first two rounds as both scored with some stiff punches. In the third Blanco landed a sharp left hook that sent Kiwitt staggering back but Kiwitt banged back. He landed a left hook to the body then a left to the head followed by a booming right that sent Blanco down on his back. Blanco got up but after the eight count the referee waived the fight over. Ninth win in his ten most recent fight for UK-based Kiwitt. Blanco had won 7 of his 8 fights inside the distance but his opposition had been weak.
Gashi vs. Diaz
Gashi gets six rounds of work against Argentinian Diaz. It was a reasonably level fight over the first two rounds. Gashi upped the pressure from the third and Diaz went into survival mode allowing Gashi to cruise to victory. All three judges scored it 59-55 for Kosovon-born Gashi. His losses have come against Tom Schwarz , Carlos Takam and Dereck Chisora.

Carugate, Italy: Bantam: Alessio Lorusso (16-4-2) W PTS 12 Thomas Masson (19-5).
Lorusso boxes his way to a unanimous verdict over Frenchman Masson in a contest for the vacant European Union title. Not a heavy puncher the Italian southpaw evaded Masson’s early attacks with some skilful footwork and classy jabbing. Masson was having only his second fight in three years and although he pressed hard he just could not pin Lorusso down. It was the second half of the fight before Masson began to have some success as he outscored Lorusso over then sixth and seventh. Lorusso rebounded over the eighth and ninth but was wobbled badly by a right in the tenth before easing his way through the last two rounds. Scores for Lorusso 117-112 twice and 118-112 for Lorusso and he gets his ninth successive victory. Former European title holder Masson lost on a seventh round stoppage against Daigo Higa for the WBC fly title in 2017.

Seville, Spain: Light: Carlos Perez (17-6-2) W PTS 10 Salvador Baron (7-1-2).
Perez wins the vacant national title as he stages a strong finish to outscore less inexperienced Baron. Perez went into the lead early with some cool, clever boxing with Baron just trying to batter his way inside. Baron changed tactics over the middle rounds boxing more and he had Perez in trouble a couple of times. As Baron began to flag Perez took over again late in the fight and was a good winner. Scores 99-91, 98-92 and 97-93 for Perez. He wins the Spanish title after being 0-2-1 in pervious title fights. Baron took the fight at only three weeks’ notice and the scores did not really reflect how hard he made it for Perez at times. 

Fight of the week (Significance): In beating Shawn Porter Terence Crawford keeps the door open for a number of significant fights with a unifying one against Errol Spence sure to be a big attraction.
Fight of the week (Entertainment): Crawford vs. Porter held the attention all the way as Crawford clawed back Porter’s early lead
Fighter of the week: Terence Crawford as he goes 16-0 (12)in world title fights
Punch of the week: The overhand right from Mikael Lawal that flattened Leonardo Bruzzese gets the vote with honourable mention to the left hook from Angel Aquino that laid out Kevin Munoz
Upset of the week: None
Prospect watch: None I have not already noted and a few who are in the “too early to judge” stage

Rosette: To Crawford and Porter for a great example of what championship boxing is all about
Red Card: To the Miami show where poor little Jesse Bryan was thrown in for Yunier Dorticos to feast on and to whoever thought that the obscenely obese 321lbs Deon Hale was a reasonable match for Istvan Bernath.
Good to see boxing returning to Luna Park in Buenos Aires after seven years with 6,000 turning up to celebrate in the one-time heart of Argentinian boxing
Unbeaten Mexican prospect 19-0-1 David Picasso is juggling boxing with studying neuroscience at the UNAM University so sort of knocking them down and putting them back together again. A boxer named Picasso is about as likely as a painter named Rocky! 
Big celebration for the 15th year of partnership between TV Azteca the premier boxing TV site in Mexico and leading promoter Zanfer with the show featuring Picasso put on as part of the closing ceremony of the WBC Convention.
The Tszyu dynasty is taking shape with 23-year-old Nikita, Tim’s younger brother about to turn pro. After success as an amateur Nikita dropped boxing to pursue a degree in architecture. Another case of learning to build things up and then knock them down. Neuroscience and architecture-not exactly Rocky Balboa or I’ll moider de bum these days!
I guess when you have an almost insignificant profile you have to settle for what crumbs you can pick up but surely the World Boxing Federation could have done better than Estonian journeyman Pavel Semjonov with 8 losses in his last 9 fights to contest their vacant middleweight title- or maybe not.

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