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Manny Pacquiao vs. Adrien Broner Media Conference Call Transcript

Kelly Swanson

Thanks everyone for calling in for the Manny Pacquiao vs. Adrien Broner media conference call for their fight on January 19 live on SHOWTIME PPVģ from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Iím more than happy to introduce Leonard Ellerbe, Chief Executive Officer of Mayweather Promotions to begin our call. Leonard?

Leonard Ellerbe
Thank you Kelly. I would like to thank everyone for joining the call today. Weíre nine days away from what I consider to be the biggest fight of 2019. These fighters are fresh off of two outstanding media day workouts yesterday in California. Both guys seem very focused. They are both in great shape.

We have an unbelievable fight coming next Saturday night. Weíre really looking forward to it.

K. Swanson
At this time, I would like to introduce Stephen Espinoza, President of Sports and Event Programming for Showtime Networks Inc. Stephen?

Stephen Espinoza
Thanks Kelly and thanks Leonard. Look, all of you guys are very well-acquainted with Manny and Adrien, youíve covered them for years. Theyíre two of the biggest names in the sport so I donít need to tell you anything more about them.

What I will do is give you some brief programming updates. Episode 2 of ďALL ACCESSĒ premieres this Friday 9:30 ET/PT on SHOWTIME. That is immediately before ShoBox, which is a three-fight card headlined by Devin Haney.

Then, once we get into fight week -- as has become our hallmark -- we will be distributing a whole variety of premium content across social media platforms, on SHOWTIME and elsewhere.

Weíve got the four installments of ďALL ACCESS DAILY.Ē Thatís a daily digital series throughout fight week on YouTube and Facebook. Weíve got a daily series created specifically for Snapchat that is going to start even earlier than Fight Week.

Weíll also have livestream coverage of the Wednesday press conference, the Thursday press conference, the Friday weigh-in, as well as the Countdown Live pre-fight show.

So, as we get into these last nine days before the event, there is a variety of content available to satisfy every boxing fanís need.

Both SHOWTIME subscribers and non-subscribers alike can purchase and live stream this event directly through the SHOWTIME app on a variety of platforms -- plus, of course on traditional pay-per-view distributors -- making this event available virtually everywhere and anywhere sports fans want to consume their content.

K. Swanson
Now weíre going to hear from Manny Pacquiao and to introduce Manny Pacquiao we have Fred Sternburg. Fred?

Fred Sternburg
Thanks Kelly. Well, I think Stephen said it best, ďNo introduction needed for boxingís only eight-division World Champion and the reigning Fighter of the Decade.Ē So, let me present to you Manny Pacquiao.

Manny Pacquiao
Hello everyone. Good morning. I feel so happy and excited for the fight on January 19 and weíre ready - itís all set.

Manny, youíve been now a professional for 24 years and I wonder, as all the big fights that youíve had, what it is that still motivates you to keep boxing?

M. Pacquiao
Iím still passionate about the sport of boxing and boxing is my passion and thatís why Iím still here continuing fighting. I really love boxing and thatís why Iím always excited and preparing for my fight to be settled on January 19.

Are there any things particular that you still want to accomplish?

M. Pacquiao
Talking about accomplishments, I really have accomplished what I want to accomplish in life. What I want to do is to maintain and stay at this level.

Manny, are there any concessions or changes that youíve had to make due to your age?

M. Pacquiao
The routine of my training is the same. Jog in the morning and train in the afternoon. But we have a couple of adjustments in training specifically for recovery.

Because sometimes we push ourselves heavy in training in the day and then I weíll see if overnight I can recover, and then weíll push again.

But if I cannot recover then I let my body rest so that the following day it can push again and work hard.

What was it that lead you to take fights away from the Unites States?

M. Pacquiao
I think it just happened that some promotors and some people are most of the people they wanted me to fight there to see me live in-person. So, thatís an opportunity for them that they can see my fight.

I just got off the phone with Freddie Roach and he said he thinks that you have the old killer instinct back. Is there indeed the return of a killer instinct and do you have more of a mindset of going for the knockout in this fight?

M. Pacquiao
Thatís true I still have that killer instinct and the fire in my eyes is still there. That aggressiveness, the interest in this career is still there 100%. The speed, the power are still there. Iím so thankful to God.

Iím not saying Iím going to predict for this fight. I will do my best and I look forward to this the same as the last fight. But no prediction, I will do my best with what we did in training camp.

Would you tell us what you said to Floyd Mayweather when you saw him at the basketball game the other day?

M. Pacquiao
Surprisingly, I didnít know that he was there at the game. I was invited on that Filipino Heritage Night at the Clippersí game. I didnít know that he was there and then when they were throwing t-shirts to the crowds I saw him. And then I just say, ďHello.Ē Thatís it.

Regarding the Floyd Mayweather fight whether or not itís going to happen. Has it gotten to a point where you kind of feel a little annoyed with the question?

M. Pacquiao
You cannot avoid the people that will ask if thereís a rematch with Floyd Mayweather because I think they have a big question mark in their mind and also in their heart about that what happened in that fight.

Iím just answering them that I donít have a plan yet. Iím very focused on this fight January 19 against Adrien Broner because Broner is a former champion and heís the kind of fighter that you cannot underestimate or take him lightly.

What did it feel like having Freddie Roach back in your corner helping you prepare for a fight?

M. Pacquiao
Freddieís never out of Team Pacquiao it just happened that I wanted Buboy to experience being a head trainer in one fight.

But itís a good thing that weíre working here again and I like to be back here in Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles and back again in Las Vegas for a fight. I think that itís good for us to be united and focused for this coming fight next week.

Was the talent at welterweight a bit of a motivating factor to sign with PBC and potentially get those types of dream matches and turning them into a reality?

M. Pacquiao
I think after this fight itís easy to talk about my next opponent. Thatís very easy but right now my plan is one at a time, because -- as they said -- I am 40 years old.

Iím focused for this fight against Adrien Broner. One at a time. After the fight on January 19 that night then we can talk about my next fight.

Could you rank your top five opponents as far as preparing for the fight and degree of difficulty?

M. Pacquiao
I think my top opponents are Oscar De La Hoya, Juan Manuel Marquez, Marco Antonio Barrera, Miguel Cotto, Floyd Mayweather, Erik Morales and Ricky Hatton.

What challenge does Adrien pose?

M. Pacquiao
We know already about his counter-punching. I know that he will wait for me and counter like Marquez did. Iím prepared for that and it will not happen again. I learned in the past and I have to correct my mistake.

Can you talk a little bit about what you felt when you saw Mayweather fight on New Yearís Eve and is there any comparison between Adrien Broner and Floyd Mayweather?

M. Pacquiao
Adrien Broner is not a tune up fight. Heís a former champion. Heís fast, he moves fast and heís a good boxer. And thatís why I donít want to talk about my next fight until we finish this. I finish this business against Adrien Broner on January 19.

And about the exhibition of Floyd Mayweather in Japan, itís my first time to see an exhibition that you knock your opponent out. Supposedly an exhibition is just to entertain people and nothing serious for three rounds. Thatís what I understand about exhibitions.

Do you have the desire to once again to be the undisputed Welterweight Champion?

M. Pacquiao
Let me take care of this January 19 and then I have to worry about who is my opponent next. I have no problem to fight anybody as long as thereís not a problem about negotiation. But my plan is just one at a time.

What do you think of Adrien Broner as an opponent and as a person heading into January 19?

M. Pacquiao
Itís unfair to him that people are thinking that heís not a serious challenge for me. No, Adrien Broner is a good boxer, heís a high-caliber boxer. Heís a former champion and heís the kind of fighter that you cannot underestimate or take him lightly.

K. Swanson
Thank you so much Manny, for answering those questions, we appreciate it. Weíre so happy youíre back fighting in the United States for all of us to be able to come and watch you.

M. Pacquiao
Thank you, guys. Nice to be back here in the United States. Thank you, God bless.

K. Swanson
Thanks, Fred. Okay, now weíre going to transition over to Adrien Broner. Iíd like to introduce Ravone Littlejohn. Heís the CEO of About Billions Promotion and he will make the introduction of Adrien Broner. Ravone?

Ravone Littlejohn
At About Billions Promotions weíre happy to be promoting this fight as the premier event that weíve had in our infancy as a company. Adrien has trained very well and very hard. Heís more than ready for his opportunity. Weíd like to thank all the promotional entities who are involved in this fight. And at this time Iíll go ahead and pass it over to Adrien.

Adrien Broner
Whatís up with everyone? Whatís good? Training campís been great. Iím training my ass off. Iíve been focused and Iím just ready to go out there and prove all the naysayers wrong.

Adrien are you motivated by being am underdog in this fight?

A. Broner
Itís real motivating, but I donít worry about it. I just donít let it get to me. I just canít wait for the bell to ring January 19.

If you beat Manny Pacquiao how much would that erase any bad feelings or negativity associated with your losses?

A. Broner
It definitely would. In life they say youíre only as good as your last performance, so itís definitely going to sweep a lot of things under the rug.

What would it mean to you then to get that caliber of a victory? How big in the scheme of things would that be for you?

A. Broner
Itís going to be huge and Iím taking full advantage of it. Iím well-prepared and Iím just ready to go out there and perform.

Thereís thereís been some news reports about some of your legal issues. Has that in any way impacted your training or focus on this fight?

A. Broner
No, thatís just something Iíll take care of after the fight. Right now Iím 100% focused on this fight and Iím just ready to come to the ring January 19 and get a victory.

My question is for Stephen Espinoza. Hey, Stephen, how are you? Just briefly, this event is a SHOWTIME PPV event on January 19. Do you have any comments on specifically Eddie Hearn and Oscar De La Hoya saying that PPV is dead in boxing?

And furthermore, do you think on a microeconomic level that PPV and American professional sports is dead?

S. Espinoza
Sure, Iím happy to. Look, on the concept of PPV weíve consistently said that itís a useful tool when itís necessary, when you have a premium event. If youíve got a filet mignon event, youíre going to have filet mignon prices. You donít get filet mignon at the price of ground beef.

I think a lot of the blowback and the negativity around PPV comes when networks are trying to sell people PPVs that donít belong there.

I didnít hear too many people saying that Wilder versus Fury was not a premium event, a special event, a Heavyweight Title fight, an International Worldwide Title fight that deserved to be PPV

Likewise, on January 19 you have two of the biggest stars in the sport. Manny has a long history on PPV and the way this event was able to happen was through that tool. So these two events, plus Mayweather and McGregor, are the only PPVs weíve done in the last three years.

So, I understand what Eddie Hearn and Oscar De La Hoya are saying. Itís a great marketing ploy and thatís really all it is is just a catchphrase because both of those guys rely on PPV and have relied on it as an integral part of their business in the past.

Eddie on one hand will say that theyíre are terrible thing and theyíre dead, but if we look at his U.K. business itís basically all built on PPV.

Oscar himself while heís saying that boxing PPVs are dead is simultaneously selling an MMA PPV. So, the reality is, itís a useful tool. It rewards the fighters for taking tough fights and it allows some fights to happen that wouldnít otherwise happen without that tool. But it should be used sparingly.

Adrien, has that been frustrating for you that some people may not be taking you seriously?

A. Broner
No disrespect but I donít care at all about Mayweather and Pacquiao or any other fights people are talking about. Iím focused on Adrien Broner and Pacquiao. Iím focused on getting this victory. And then Iím going to go to the drawing board with my team and make bigger moves.

Did you get a chance to see Pacquiaoís last fight against Lucas Matthysse? And if so, what do you think of Pacquiao and how his skills have sort of translated now being 40?

A. Broner
Pacquiaoís a legend. Heíll always go down as one of the best in the boxing business. But I just feel like itís my time to take over this sport and Iím coming to take the throne from Pacquiao.

I just asked Manny on the previous call what his top five fights were in terms of preparation and degree of difficulty. He listed about six or seven and the top one was Oscar De La Hoya. You werenít on the list. What do you think that says about him and do you think heís in for a rude awakening?

A. Broner
Iím just focusing. Iím just ready to go in there and have a hell of a night and start a new chapter in my career.

Do you think that your counter-punching ability is the antidote to his style of speed, jumping in, being aggressive?

A. Broner
Itíll definitely play a big part but weíve got more in store to beat Pacquiao and I will show that January 19.

What is the difference between the Adrien Broner who lost three fights and the one who is going into this fight?

A. Broner
My dedication to the sport. People who have seen me would 100% vouch for me. I know whatís at stake. A win over Pacquiao could take my career somewhere that I can only dream of. So Iíve got to take it seriously and I just really feel like itís my time.

What are the things youíre looking at in camp that gives you the confidence that you can knock Manny out?

A. Broner
The knockout is good but Iím definitely just going for the win. I just want to win, pointblank, period. Everybody goes into a fight wanting to knockout. Who doesnít want to knock someone out? But, you know, things will unravel on January 19.

Do you think that this is a must-win fight for you?

A. Broner
At the end of the day, if youíre a boxer, every fight is a must-win fight. You donít ever want to go to a fight trying to lose.

As a competitor, as an athlete, when I prepare, I go in to win. Iím trying to win. Itís always a must-win situation.

Iím wondering what you perceive the stakes to be when you ponder this and say to yourself, ďOkay, Iím going to beat Manny Pacquiao.Ē

A. Broner
I donít look at that. Boxing is a sport where youíve got to go a fight at a time. So, Iím focused on Manny Pacquiao and after that weíll look at other things and other avenues.

Can you speak to the fact that you say this fight is for the Ďhood and how important it is to you to come out victorious?

A. Broner
Where I come from, man, we barely have seen someone to come out and be at the top level where I am today. So thatís why Iím doing this for the Ďhood to give back hope and show the young kids that they can follow their dreams.

That motivates me to just go in there and do my best. Weíre going to go in there and get the victory.

# # # #

Pacquiao vs. Broner is headlined by Senator Manny ďPacmanĒ Pacquiao, boxingís only eight-division world champion, ending his two-year hiatus from a U.S. boxing ring to defend his World Boxing Association Welterweight World Title against former four-division world champion and must-see attraction Adrien ďThe ProblemĒ Broner Saturday, January 19 in the main event of a SHOWTIME PPVģ event from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

For more information visit and, follow on Twitter @MannyPacquiao, @AdrienBroner, @ShowtimeBoxing, @SHOSports, @MayweatherPromo, @TGBPromotions, @MGMGrand and @Swanson_Comm or become a fan on Facebook at, and

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