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MAGA, USA?This article will articulate the ifs and buts on whether the face of MMA, the Irish Conor McGregory (per Floyd Sr) can win against any of the Mayweather leftovers. I'm talking about Ricky Hatton, Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto, Manny Pacquiao, Saul Alvarez, Andre Berto, Diego Corrales, Jose Luis Castillo, Arturo Gatti, Marcos Maidana, Victor Ortiz, Zab Judah, Juan Manuel Marquez and Oscar de la Hoya. These are the elite ones.

What about the semi-elite ones? That Floyd disposed when he was still an exciting fighter before he became a dancing with the stars fighter? Genaro Hernandez, Carlos Baldomir, Robert Guerrero, Shramba Mitchell, DeMarcus Chop Chop Corley. Can Conor out mouth, I mean out box them?


Let?s analyze the semi-elite leftovers first. Maybe Conor has to go through these fighters first before he can aim for the top prize. I?ll pick 3 of them, the easy ones, regardless of weight.

Carlos Baldomir vs Conor McGregor ? On a 12 round fight, Conor might win a round or two in the first half of the fight, but on the second half, the constant pressure from Baldomir will be too much for Conor? a guy who survived and won against a Micky Ward and Arturo Gatti will be too much for McGregor. Baldomir wins. Conor quits on his stool in round 10 or 11.

Genaro Hernandez vs. Conor McGregor ? At 5?11?, the rangy and very high IQ boxer like Genaro Hernandez will neutralize Conor from the beginning of round one. I don?t know if Conor can land a meaningful punch. Genaro?s educated lengthy jabs catapulted him to defend his belt like 10 times in a row. Genaro wins by a wide margin unanimous decision.

Ok let?s pick the easiest one for Conor: DeMarcus Chop Chop Corley vs. Conor McGregor ? Tough as nail, Chop Chop from DC, the former WBO champ is a no nonsense brawler. If Conor wants a brawl, this fight is for him. Conor will probably connect some of his wallops but if you have a post or wall in front of you, who can chop you off, you better have the boxing skills of Judah, Floyd Jr or a Devon Alexander to survive against no reverse gear Corley. Chop Chop will win this one by aggression and via never ending attack on the body and on anywhere, leading to a close majority decision 116-114 for DeMarcus.


Jose Luis Castillo vs. Conor McGregor ? Oh boy! You guys feel how a feel? With no bull$#!+, in real TV, Jose Luis Castillo was the only fighter that obviously beat Floyd in the ring. But as usual, the 3 blind mice who never ran a mile, decided to give where the money can funnel to the commission, Floyd* won? During the fight, Jose Luis will measure Conor in round one, using side to side movement, jab, wave and body shot combination, step back, use angles, then throw double jabs targeting Conor?s mustache then the lightning straight and coupled with left hooks to the body. And there goes Conor embracing pain in the canvas. A prime Jose Luis will knock out Conor easily, don?t even argue. Castillo wins by KO in round 4, 5 or 6.

Diego Chico Corrales vs. Conor McGregor ? Pure action fight. Diego will give Conor a fair fight, he won't back pedal. I bet Diego will give Conor a free hit a couple of times then go back to rumble. If the late Diego Corrales is a rifle, he is like an AK47 with a mile long magazine, this guy just never runs out of bullets. Diego will do rapid fire against Conor, who may use a timeout and ask his corner, did I sign up for this type of fight? Conor will use his first no mas ticket, feeling confused and heartbroken. Diego Chico Corrales via no mas in round 7.

Ricky Hatton vs. Conor McGregor ? The man who sent the great Kostya Tszyu to retirement will manhandle the Irishman even with Hatton in beer training going to this fight. The body attacks, the non-stop onslaught and the dirty tactics (holding, grabbing, pushing) will limit McGregor to go offensive because he will be very busy being on the defensive. The uppercuts and left- right body shots will be too much for Conor. If it's too much for Kostya, half of it is more than too much for Conor. Round 4 TKO win for Hatton.

Sugar Shane Mosley vs. Conor McGregor ? One of the all time greats, Sugar Shane will use his quickness and inner agility to outclass Conor. Lightning jabs, straight, step back and another 3 to 100 combinations of Mosley. Conor will cry after the bell and tell his comrades that boxing is not easy. ?I'm poor in Science. I like recess more,? he will say. Mosley outclassing Conor going to a TKO win middle of the fight.

Miguel Cotto vs. Conor McGregor ? Miguel will tell his compadres in Caguas, Puerto Rico to disassemble and throw his reverse gear as he will only use the forward gear against Conor. This is another manhandling. Miguel is just too much: he is too strong, he is too accurate and he means business. The head shots and ultra hard body shots will succumb the Irishman to the canvas multiple times and request an opponent replacement in the middle of the fight, maybe a Jose Aldo. For the second time Conor will walk back to his corner crying, telling trainers why are they mean to me? Miguel in a brutal round 5 KO.

Oscar de la Hoya vs. Conor McGregor ? How Oscar manhandled the Nicaraguan bad boy El Matador, will be worst against Conor. Conor will throw insults on Oscar just like Mayorga did on press conference. Better throw those insults on press tour because on fight night Oscar will be the only one throwing, the crispiest jabs and hooks and straight combination will be raining on all night. Easily Oscar will win this one on another humiliating KO within 2 rounds.

Canelo Alvarez vs. Conor McGregor ? Canelo beats this hard hitting southpaw from Texas (James Kirkland) in an easy fashion. James is left handed grinder, but I don?t see a left handed McGregor can grind with James, there?s no way. Canelo the sharp shooter from Guadalajara will have a walk in the park against lefty Conor. Easy fight for Canelo, a target practice kinda thing. Canelo won't waste energy, a quick dismantling job in round one and Conor is gone. Bad TV.

Manny Pacquiao vs. Conor McGregor ? What will happen if we fuse Gatti and Ward?s heart, Cotto and Canelo?s power, Judah and Mosley?s quickness? The outcome of this combination is more likely a Manny Pacquiao. Can you imagine an early 2000 version of MannyPac, the time when he was still wearing a lengthy rosary on his neck? You think McGregor can handle the non stop activity in the ring and coupled that one with a machine gun like firing, first is a straight left hand to the body, then the uppercuts and then the double straights. Conor will try to retaliate but he will not find Packy because the Pacman is very quick on his feet. Manny fires another barrage of bombs from different angles in less than a millisecond. If Antonio Margarito has no quit on him, Conor should quit and ponder what happened to Margarito. If Dela Hoya didn?t quit (I was there ringside) on his stool against the prime MannyPac, no doubt in my mind Dela Hoya would suffer the same fate as Margarito. MannyPac will demolish McGregor beyond recognition. Manny in 8 rounds of terror in boxing.

Andre Berto, JMM or Judah vs McGregor ? outcome? Your guess is as good as mine.

So in other words based on my unbiased analysis, if Conor will have to go through the leftovers of Money Mayweather, he will carry with him a stunning record of 0W-15L-0D. Now we can say Conor is ready for the boxing genius, the self-proclaimed TBE, 49W-0L-0D this coming Saturday.

I am not anticipating a great boxing match like Corrales-Castillo, Barrera-Morales I, Rafael Marquez ? Vasquez III, Michael Carbajal?Chiquita Gonzales, Toney?McCallum, Hagler-Hearns, Duran-Barkley, etc? the drive to watch this fight curiosity and I hate a lot that Floyd double the price of PPV but cut half the entertainment, I wish to see Conor can do another Jose Aldo on Floyd, and eliminate Floyd in boxing. Being said that, back to real great boxing fights, no circus, just pure boxing. @Crawford, @Lomachenko, @Rigondeaux, @Errol Spence, @Canelo, @GGG, @Lemieux.

Now that Cleveland have two 5?9?s in their roster Kay Felder and Isaiah Thomas, would that make them as the new Cleveland 59ers?... who won the trade, Celtics or Cavs? Anytime you have the chance to acquire a Kyrie Irving, the real closer of the Cavs, the savior of the Cavs, no brainer you have to grab that one? no question! if your sister died today, would you go to work tomorrow? The same Isaiah Thomas did report to work the following day after his sister died on a car accident? is the King of 4th qtr in NBA being a professional or being loyal to the Celtics organization?... and truth to be told, Celtics traded him, quoting Celtics president Danny, he said ?it wasn?t easy saying goodbye to Thomas?? Lakers are on the verge of screwing their chance to acquire PG13, did the neophyte Lakers president of basketball operations guilty of tampering when he said ??I just can?t say, ?Hey, we want you to come to the Lakers,? even though I?m gonna be wink-winking. You know what that means, right? on live TV?? lots of drama in NBA, and we love drama right? Belated happy birthday to my guapo nephew Kuya Kyle Marco, he is officially eligible to drink colored drinks? best wishes to my ever beautiful wife, belated happy birthday JIJI 143 MWAHSSS!

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