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List of Articles by Manny Piñol


Yes Mike, Manny Is Wiser Than You Think

By Manny Piñol
22 Jul 2011

In a stomach-churning display of classic sycophancy, Michael Koncz, erstwhile business advisor to Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao, was quoted in the media as saying that "Manny is wiser than most people think" just as the reports that he would be dismissed filled the air and the hangman's noose was tightening around his neck.

Of course, it was an obvious effort to avert his dismissal as business advisor to the Pacman. It was like saying "Boss, don't listen to them. You are wise, aren't you?"

Did it work?

There are conflicting views on the matter of whether Koncz was really fired or not.

Yesterday, lawyer Jeng Gacal said that Koncz's powers have just been clipped and that the Canadian will remain as part of Team Pacquiao.

Last night, Manny himself was quoted as saying that Koncz was coming to the Philippines to bring with him the contract for the November fight with Juan Manuel Marquez and that he said will put an end to the story that he fired Koncz.

That no doubt would send my detractors on a jumping frenzy like chimpanzees in the zoo who are about to get their serving of ripe bananas.

Calm down folks, the plot is thicker than you think.

Manny Pacquiao is wiser than most of us think he is. He is not your Joe Palooka who stammers and stutters when he answers questions. This is a man schooled in the streets that he ruled as a kid, toughened by hunger and deprivation and wise to the ways of the world that he belongs to.

Koncz on the loose would be as dangerous as when he is granted unconditional trust and confidence by Manny Pacquiao.

One does not have to be a genius to understand that in all of the years that Koncz virtually slept on the carpet beside his boss, he became privy to many activities, though not necessarily illegal or criminal, that Team Pacquiao will have to keep to themselves to protect the interest of Manny.

Business strategies, plans and even private matters would have been discussed in the presence of Koncz. And honestly, I don't think they have asked Koncz to sign a confidentially contract when he started working for Manny.

The decision to keep Koncz with Team Pacquiao is just a brilliant strategy to rein him in and keep him in close watch.

He is much like a pitbull who has been defanged and placed in the doghouse so that he cannot go around doing damage.

Besides, Koncz is expected to be helpful as the new management team VisionQwest undertakes its audit of Manny's earnings and a review of all contracts.

You see, there are reports of inconsistencies between the figures presented to Manny as his earnings in the Pay-Per-View and the records of Uncle Sam's taxmen.

This could be the reason why VisionQwest, which is mainly an accounting, auditing and management firm based in Los Angeles, California, was taken in to handle the Pacman's affairs.

This is going to be a long story and Koncz could be instrumental in giving light to the plot along the way.

So, I would imagine that Koncz will be given menial chores just to keep him busy until he tires out.

In the Philippine civil service, that is called "constructive dismissal." This is done on undesirable workers whose tenure in the public service is protected by the law and thus cannot be fired.

A political figure I know gave an employee perceived to be loyal to the other camp a chair without an office table and the poor guy just sat there the whole day doing nothing but staring at the ceiling and floor. After a few weeks, the poor guy just gave up and went home.

Yes, Koncz may not have been given his walking papers but he is effectively decommissioned.

With VisionQwest now taking over the management of Manny's business, financial and professional interests, with boxing man Jose Castillo handling the pugilistic affairs for VisionQwest and Stephany Domingo acting as personal assistant to the Pacman, you do not need to be brighter than a 6th grader to figure things out.

Donald Trump can say that in two words: "You're fired!"

Michael Koncz was perfectly right. Manny Pacquiao is wiser than he thinks.

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