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List of Articles by Eric Armit

The Past Week in Action 27 February 2018 - Part II

By Eric Armit
28 Feb 2018

Nietes a class performer is fighter of the week.

London, England: Light Heavy: Anthony Yarde (15-0) W RTD 7 Tony Averlant (26-10-2). Super Feather: Ronnie Clark (21-4-2) W PTS 12 Zelfa Barrett (19-1). Heavy: Daniel Dubois (7-0) W TKO 3 DL Jones (8-1-1). Heavy: Norman Gorman (12-0) W TKO 2 Morgan Dessaux (4-2).
Yarde vs. Averlant
Yarde retains the WBO European and WBO Inter-Continental titles as he batters a gutsy Averlant until the Frenchman’s corner pulls their man out. In the first round Yarde had the taller Averlant on the retreat as he padded after the Frenchman landing heavy punches downstairs from both hands. Averlant stopped occasionally to throw a right counter but Yarde was able to walk through them. A right from Yarde at the start of the second sent Averlant onto the retreat again and he had to absorb some wicked uppercuts however he did stand and trade occasionally and when he did he was landing right crosses to the chin of Yarde but luckily Averlant is not a heavy puncher. Averlant had Yarde pinned to the ropes for a short while in the third but for most of the round it was Yarde walking Averlant down pounding his ribs and jerking his head with uppercuts and it was the same pattern in the fourth with a Yarde punch bringing blood from the Frenchman’s nose. Averlant launched a furious attack at the start of the fifth but some power punches from Yarde again had Averlant on the run. However Yarde had slowed and his work rate dropped as this was the first time he had gone past four rounds and he seemed to run out of ideas. In the sixth Averlant again had Yarde on the ropes and finding some gaps but then Yarde landed a wicked left to the body. Averlant turned away and went down writhing with pain. He got to his knees but it seemed he was finished but no he was up at eight only for another body punch to put him down. He again beat the count and despite soaking up some more body punches and uppercuts he made it to the bell. It was a gutsy showing by Averlant who was also bleeding from both his nose and his mouth. The seventh was brutal with Yarde landing hurtful lefts to the body and crunching uppercuts with Averlant just looking to survive but taking more punishment than he should be allowed to take and it was a relief when his corner retired their man. The 26-year-old Yarde now has 14 wins by KO/TKO including 12 in his last 12 fights. He is already rated No 3 by the WBO but with less than 35 rounds of action behind him any talk of a world title fight would be very premature. Former EU and WBFederation champion Averlant, 33, gets only his third loss by KO/TKO. He only has five wins by KO/TKO and just had nothing to stop Yarde marching forward and paid the price.
Clark vs. Barrett
Clark derails the Barrett bus as he battles to an outstanding win over the unbeaten prospect. The fight was a contrast in styles with Barrett the classy skilful boxer and Clark the storming aggressor and it led to an exciting and close match. Although Barrett has won more than half of his fights inside the distance he was having trouble keeping Clark out. Some good body punching and greater accuracy probably saw Barrett build an early lead. He rocked Clark with a left hook in the sixth and looked to be taking charge but Clark is a bit of a puncher himself and his pressure paid off in the seventh when he floored Barrett with a booming right uppercut. Barrett beat the count but had to survive a torrid time as Clark tried desperately to get home with the one more punch that could have been the finisher. Barrett recovered well and went back to his boxing and again landed well to the body. Clark just kept coming and was forcing Barrett to stand and trade more than was good for the unbeaten fighter who lost his mouthguard a couple of times. The rounds were close swinging one way and then the other and the last two rounds were open warfare as they went toe-to-toe trading shots to the bell of an exciting contest. Scores 116-111 twice for Clark and 114-114. The 33-year-old Dundee southpaw wins the vacant IBF East/West Europe title and hopefully has put himself in line for some big domestic fights. His only loss in his last nine fights was a very close decision to unbeaten Martin Joseph Ward for the British title and Ward is now the European champion. Barrett will learn a lot from this fight and at 24 he has time to regroup and come through again.
Dubois vs. Jones
Dubois marches on with stoppage of Jones. The start of the fight was untidy with Jones barrelling in head down and swinging wildly and then Dubois tying him up inside so not much clean work by either boxer. When Dubois did find some room he was landing thudding body punches. There was too much wrestling again in the second with the referee telling them both to cut out the rough stuff. Dubois was landing uppercuts to counter the head down tactics and crude rushes of Jones. In the third Dubois knocked Jones to the ropes with a right and then kept him trapped there whilst he battered away with hooks and uppercuts. An uppercut followed by some heavy rights to the head saw Jones slump down to his hands and knees and the referee waived the fight over. Dubois wins his first title- the BBB of C Southern Area. The 20-year-old Londoner has taken less than twelve rounds to score his seven wins but he not yet faced anyone who looked remotely likely to test him. Jones, 36, had drawn last time out with Dorian Darch who Dubois stopped in less than four minutes.
Gorman vs. Dessaux
Gorman overpowers Dessaux and shows he could be a force to be reckoned with in the heavyweights. Gorman was letting his punches go from the off firing out jabs and hooks. Dessaux was under pressure but trying to bang back. Gorman continued to get home with meaty hooks but Dessaux came to fight and drove Gorman back across the ring. Unfortunately Dessaux’s punches lacked any bite and a couple of clumping head punches from Gorman dropped him to his knees. He was up at eight but taking punishment on the ropes until the bell went. Dessaux started the second throwing punches but some hooks from Gorman forced him to the ropes. He was pinned there for almost a minute and although he did escape it was temporary a thudding right had him going back to the ropes and some more uppercuts from Gorman convinced the referee to halt the action. The 21-year-old Ricky Hatton trained Gorman has won ten of his fight by KO/TKO. At 6’3” (191cm) and around 250lbs he is big enough to compete with today’s heavyweight but may find his short reach a drawback. He has previously shown he can go ten rounds and there would plenty of interest for a Gorman vs. Dubois fight. Frenchman really just a prelim fighter and although he had won his last four fights inside the distance he did not have the power to be competitive.

Aberdeen, Scotland: Super Light: Darren Traynor (15-2) W TKO 7 Eddie Doyle (19-5). Traynor gets off the floor and wins his third Scottish Area title in separate divisions with gutsy victory over Doyle in a bloody scrap. No love lost between these two going back to their days as part of the Scottish amateur set-up. They went to war from the start. Doyle floored Traynor in the third and a clash of heads saw the local fighter also cut over his left eye. The “Trayn Wreck” fought back hard and as they exchanged hard shots Traynor’s left eye was being affected by a swelling and Doyle was also cut. Victory for the Aberdeen fighter came in the seventh when a straight right from had Doyle in deep water and the fight was stopped. The 31-year-old Traynor has previously held Scottish titles at featherweight and lightweight with his losses being to Ryan Walsh for the British title and in his last fight in October when he was stopped by James Tennyson at super feather so this was a big step up to super light for him now he is hoping for some big matches. Former Commonwealth title challenger Doyle had won 4 of his last 5 fights.

Phoenix, AZ, USA: Super Bantam: Carlos Castro (20-0) W TKO 10 Alexis Santiago (21-6-1). Feather: Francisco De Vaca (18-0) W KO 6 Christian Esquivel (30-13-1).
Castro vs. Santiago
Castro moves to 20 wins with late stoppage of Santiago in fight for bragging rights in Phoenix. Castro boxed well in this one. Santiago was trying to turn the fight into a brawl but Castro used a sharp jab to keep Santiago in check and scored throughout with sharp left hooks thrown in bunches. Castro was easing his way to victory in the last and was again using left hooks on the advancing Santiago. Knowing he was behind Santiago was taking chances and Castro banged home a success of head punches. Both fighters were still trading punches when suddenly Santiago’s corner decided their man had taken enough and threw the towel into the ring which surprised both boxers and the referee. The 23-year-old Castro was going ten rounds for the first time and had paced the fight well. He wins the vacant WBC USNBC title with his ninth win by KO/TKO. The more experienced Santiago suffers his first inside the distance loss and has now lost three in a row after defeats by Jose Cayetano and Juan Carlos Payano.
De Vaca vs. Esquivel
Phoenix-based Mexican De Vaca gets a rare inside the distance win as he puts veteran Esquivel down for the count in the sixth. This was a close quarter’s battle all the way with both fighters going to the body. The much younger De Vaca was getting the better of the exchanges with a very worn looking Esquivel just not able to match De Vaca’s work rate. In the sixth De Vaca was warned for some low punches but after the warning he dug in another series of body punches, A couple landed low but the important things was that the last couple did not. Esqivel went down on one knee and never looked like getting up. The 23-year-old De Vaca has been matched with a good but not over-taxing level of opposition and now has six wins by KO/TKO. Former WBC title challenger Esquivel is looking very shop-worn and is 3-9-1 in his last 13 fights.

Inglewood, CA, USA: Srisaket (45-4-1) W PTS 12 Juan Francisco Estrada (36-3). Fly: Donnie Nietes (41-1-4) W KO 7 Juan Carlos Reveco (39-4). Fly: Artem Dalakian (16-0) W PTS 12 Brian Viloria (38-6). Super Fly: McWilliams Arroyo (17-3) W PTS 10 Carlos Cuadras (36-3-1).
Srisaket vs. Estrada
Srisaket retains the WBC title with majority verdict over Estrada in a hard-fought close fight. The Thai should now be due a voluntary defence and could go for Puerto Rican McWilliams Arroyo who beat Carlos Cuadras on the show or Donnie Nietes who impressed but the WBC could order an immediate return with Espadas but whichever way it goes Srisaket is the man in the chair and a hero back home.
Round 1
An interesting opening round saw Estrada work well with his jab from range and land some sharp rights with Srisaket trying some southpaw lefts but he was generally out of range.
Score 10-9 Estrada
Round 2
Estrada’s round. He was not looking to fight inside but stabbing his jab and when Srisaket came forward instead of blocking he was taking one or two steps back leaving Srisaket probing air and then countering. Estrada finished the round strongly scoring with three consecutive rights to Srisaket’s head.
Score 10-9 Estrada 18-20
Round 3
Srisaket did the scoring early in this one banging home a couple of hard lefts. He stepped up the pace and was getting through with his left with Estrada standing and trading a bit more and although he was landing an occasional right he was being caught with punches he had dodged in the second round.
Score 10-9 Srisaket 28-29
Round 4
For the first time in the fight they both stood in close and swopped punches. Srisaket got the better of the first exchange but Estrada scored better in the second. It was a close round with Estrada just having the edge until Srisaket attacked strongly just before the bell and landed some strong lefts to swing it his way.
Score 10-9 Srisaket 38-38
Official scores: 38-38, 38-38 39-37 Srisaket
Round 5
A few stumbles and staggers here as they both had balance problems but no knockdowns. Once again Estrada did his best work early with his left jab and quick right crosses but Srisaket dominated the last part of the round getting through with lefts and rights to the body. Close but the Thai’s round
Score 10-9 Srisaket 48-47
Round 6
Estrada scored the best punch of the round in a long right cross but Srisaket continued to find the target with his lefts to head and body and had his best round so far. Although a southpaw Srisaket throws a straight left of the wrong foot more often than he jabs with his right and he is very quick with the left and so far it has been his best scoring punch.
Score 10-9 Srisaket 58-56
Round 7
Estrada picked his punches well at the start of this one slotting home a couple of quick counters and showing slick skills. However the pattern was then the same as the last few rounds with Srisaket getting through repeatedly with his lead lefts and some hard rights. The rounds were close but Srisaket was pocketing them.
Score 10-9 Srisaket 68-65
Round 8
Estrada’s best round so far. He was banging home his jab and getting through with rights to the head. He showed great footwork to avoid Srisaket’s rushing attacks and although getting caught with some lefts to the head this time he finished the round strongly
Scores 10-9 Estrada. 77-75
Official scores: 78-74, 78-74, 77-75 all for Srisaket
Round 9
Estrada boxed with class in this one. He was first to the punch, moving slickly and bringing his right into play more. Srisaket did manage to score with some lefts but the speed of movement and accurate punching saw Estrada take it.
Score 10-9 Estrada 86-85
Round 10
Another good round for Estrada. He was quicker and more accurate with Srisaket not working as hard as he had over the middle rounds. He closed the round strongly but the early work with his jabs and straight rights just gave Estrada the edge.
Score 10-9 Estrada 95-95
Round 11
Srisaket got back on track in this one. He was finding the target again with his lefts and outscoring Estrada. The Mexican was quick and scored with some good combinations but Srisaket was the one getting home the harder punches.
Score 10-9 Srisaket 105-104
Round 12
Estrada’s round. For most of the round it was a case of stand and fight for both men. Estrada was landing more. Even when the action was hot he was finding the target whereas Srisaket was wild at times,
Score 10-9 Estrada 114-114
Official scores 117-111 and 115-113 for Srisaket and 114-114
Srisaket retains the WBC title and extends his winning run to 18 in a row. The plan here was for the winner to fight Carlos Cuadras but that plan was sabotaged as Puerto Rican McWilliams Arroyo defeated Cuadras on the show. A return with Estrada might be next for Srisaket or there could be a case for Arroyo as Cuadras was No 2 behind Estrada in the WBC ratings. Estrada thought he won as did many Mexicans in the crowd. However the three judges only came up with the same winner in six of the twelve rounds and in each of those cases they all scored for Srisaket and there was not a single round where they all had Estrada winning. Former WBA and WBO champion Estrada will get a return even if he has to let Srisaket get in a voluntary defence and it will again be a hard fight to call.
Nietes vs. Reveco
First real outing on the big stage for Nietes and he impresses showing real boxing craftsmanship as he outboxed and then obliterated Reveco to retain the IBF title
Round 1
Nietes boxed behind a tight guard finding gaps for a strong jab and landing some heavy rights to the head. Reveco was throwing wide, quick hooks but they lacked power and were being blocked by Nietes.
Score 10-9 Nietes
Round 2
Nietes was already controlling the fight with his jab. He was powering it through Reveco’s guard and building on that with rights to the head and left hooks to the body. Again Reveco’s response was a bundle of hooks some of which got through but made no impression on the cool Nietes.
Score 10-9 Nietes 20-18
Round 3
The pace quickened here with Reveco letting his hands fly early with hooks from both hands. His good early work was cancelled out at the end of the round as Nietes landed four rights to the head in succession
Score 10-9 Nietes 30-27
Round 4
Nietes started bringing his right into the flight and he scored with a couple of big head punches. Reveco boxed more making good use of his jab instead of just throwing hooks and he had Nietes on the back foot for a while and just did enough to take the round
Score 10-9 Reveco 39-37
Round 5
Nietes had the jab working again in this one and was going to the body a lot more. Reveco was busy throwing lots of punches but Nietes was showing a solid defence and landing some heavy shots.
Score 10-9 Nietes 49-46
Round 6
Reveco’s work rate is remarkable but his accuracy and power are not up to the same standard. Nietes is really dishing out punishment with hooks and uppercuts and at the bell a right counter from Nietes staggered Reveco and he stumbled back not knowing where his corner. He ended up half way along the ropes looking out into the crowd and his second has to get him and lead him to his corner.
Score 10-9 59-55
Round 7
Reveco comes out for this one but his legs are uncoordinated and a right to the head has him stumbling backwards to the ropes. Nietes drives in after him unleashing a series of punches and Reveco tumbles down to the canvas on his back. Reveco somehow makes it to his feet and insists he is okay but the towel has already come in from his corner.
The 35-year-old “Ahas” is now 16-0-1 in 17 world title fights and unbeaten in his last 33 contests. It is a pity that he has not had more high profile fights as he is a class act. He showed power in his jabs, hooks and uppercuts, hardly wasted a punch and has a tight defence. Reveco was his mandatory challenger so he can choose where he goes next and there is no doubt he would love to take on Srisaket and get the chance to become a four division champion to put his name up there beside Manny Pacquiao and Nonito Donaire. Reveco, 34, was quick and brave but just did not have the power to match the champion. His losses have all come in world title fights against Brahim Asloum for the WBA light fly title and twice against Kazuto Ioka for the secondary WBA title and he sits alongside Omar Narvaez as one of the best Argentinian lower division fighters in recent years.
Dalakian vs. Viloria
Dalakian wins the vacant WEBA fly title with wide unanimous verdict against Viloria. The younger, quicker man won this one. Boxing in hands down style Dalakian used fast hands to get his punches home and good movement to both frustrate and confuse Viloria. Dalakian was throwing barrages of hooks and uppercuts and was out of range when Viloria looked to counter. Viloria landed a good right in the second that hurt Dalakian but the Ukrainian was doing most of the scoring in every round and it was his turn in the third as he pierced Viloria’s guard with a left-right combination to the head, Dalakian was warned for some rough stuff in the fourth. Viloria kept pacing forward but Dalakian was quick enough to land two or three punches and get away. Viloria’s corner were telling him to work the body but he was not able to get close enough often enough for that to be possible. Dalakian’s hand and foot speed left Viloria struggling to get into the fight and Dalakian was now hands down all the time just using upper body movement and footwork to dodge Viloria's punches. He was leaping in with a series of punches and occasionally standing and trading which is when Viloria did manage to connect. Dalakian almost paid for his overconfidence in the seventh when he stood in front of Viloria and was clobbered by a right which had his knees shaking as he tumbled sideward but he had the mobility to stay out of trouble until he recovered, Dalakian had been pushing Viloria’s head down in the early rounds and he did it once too often and was deducted a point in the ninth. Dalakian slowed a little over the last three rounds but even then was still too quick for Viloria who suffered a bad cut on his forehead in the eleventh. The blood was running down his face and affecting his vision and with that added handicap he was unable to stop Dalakian from running out an easy winner, Scores 118-109 for Dalakian on all three cards. The 30-year-old Azeri-born Dalakian is a quick, slippery customer but up until this fight had never faced an opponent anywhere in sight of the ratings. It remains to be seen how he will cope with younger stronger fighters. At 37 it is perhaps time for the “Hawaiian Punch”, who has dual USA/Filipino nationality, to put the gloves away. He has had a great career winning both the WBC and IBF light flyweight titles and the WBA and WBO flyweight titles.
Arroyo vs. Cuadras
This was not in the plan. Cuadras was supposed to win but Arroyo came out on top with a majority verdict in a fast-paced fight that for me was close all the way.
Cuadras made a fast start in the first stabbing out jabs to head and body but then Arroyo came to life and it was his jabs hitting home and he was banging through hooks to the body. He closed the first with a series of head punches that had Cuadras floundering. Cuadras took the second. He was quicker, throwing more and moving more. He staggered Arroyo with a big right and the Puerto Rican looked badly hurt but he banged back only to be stopped in his tracks by a solid left. The third was close. They both had good spells and both landed some accurate punches with Arroyo again looking to go to the body with left hooks but Cuadras rights just giving him the edge. Cuadras took the fourth. He outworked Arroyo spearing the Puerto Rican throughout the round with jabs and firing fast combinations. Cuadras again worked hard at the start of the fifth nailing Arroyo with a big right but Arroyo was strong and he had the better of the exchanges later to pocket the round. The sixth was Arroyo’s. He was now picking and placing his punches better. Cuadras was throwing a lot but not landing much. Arroyo switched to southpaw and it confused Cuadras and Arroyo was able to finish the round strongly. Arroyo had a good seventh. He looked to have rocked Cuadras early and he had the Mexican under pressure scoring with short hooks with Cuadra looking to be tiring and untidy in his work. Cuadras had his jab working early in the eighth but over the last minute Arroyo was scoring with his own jab and landing quick combinations to make it a hard round to call. The ninth was similar with Cuadras again working better at the start and Arroyo looking stronger and doing most of the scoring late in the round. The last was Arroyo’s. Cuadras was swinging wildly whereas Arroyo jabbed and hooked and countered the Mexican’s rushes and clearly outscored Cuadras. Scores 98-92 and 97-93 for Arroyo and 95-95. For me the first two were too wide and I saw more as 95-94 for Arroyo. Huge win for Arroyo and he also collects the vacant WBC Silver title. A former World Amateur champion great things were expected from him but it was his twin brother McJoe who won a world title in the pros. Arroyo got his shot but lost a split decision to Amnat Ruenroeng for the IBF fly title in 2014. He had just one fight in 2015 and in his only fight in 2016 lost on points to Roman Gonzalez for the WBC fly title. When he did not fight at all in 2017 there were questions over where he was going with his career and with this win it could be to another world title chance. For former WBC super fly champion Cuadras the wheels have certainly come off as this is his third loss in his last four fights-admittedly against the very best. He was lined up to fight the winner of Srisaket vs. Estrada but now he has a reconstruct project ahead of him.

Uncasville, CT, USA: Light Heavy: Charles Foster (15-0) W PTS 10 Justin Thomas (19-4). Heavy: Niall Kennedy (11-0) WKO 3 Aaron Chavers (8-4-1)
Foster vs. Thomas
Foster impresses as he floors and outpoints useful Thomas. The New Haven fighter floored Thomas in the second and continued to control the fight winning every round. Scores 100-89 for Foster from the three judges. He wins the vacant WBA-NABA title in his first ten round fight. Thomas has lost 3 of his last 4 fights but the losses have all been against unbeaten prospects and his loss to Mike Lee was only on a majority decision.
Kennedy vs. Chavers
Kennedy much too good for oldie Chavers. As a fight it was a farce. Kennedy kept marching forward stabbing out his jab and landing thumping body punches. Chavers hardly threw a punch and only rarely took a forward step. He tried switching to southpaw which made no difference as he was not using either hand. In the third Kennedy took him to a corner and Chavers just stood behind his high guard letting Kennedy bang away to the body and with Chavers not throwing anything back the fight was stopped. At 33 Kennedy does not have time to waste which what fighting guys like Chavers amounts to. A poor match but not Kennedy’s fault as he did his part and gets his seventh win by KO/TKO. Chavers, 37, had little ability and no inclination.

Atlantic City, NJ, USA: Welter: Thomas Lamanna (25-2-1) DREW 10 Gabriel Bracero (24-3-1). -This one ended all even and that was the right result. Lamanna had big advantages in height and reach but Bracero has more depth to his experience and used that knowledge to find his way inside to work the body of the taller fighter. Neither fighter could afford to lose this one and they traded hard over the last three rounds but the judges were very split on what fight they had seen and the scores were all over the place. One judge gave it to Lamanna by 98-92 and another to Bracero 97-93. The third- well he had it 95-95 so no big plus for either fighter but no big minus either. “Cornflake” Lamanna, 26, was looking to extend his winning sequence having score four victories since losing to Dusty Hernandez Harrison in 2016 and is now 10-1-1 in his last 12 fights. Brooklyn-born Puerto Rican Bracero, 37, was having his first fight since losing to Paul Malignaggi in July 2016 so will aim to be more active.

February 25

Manchester: Light: Lewis Ritson (14-0) W TKO 1 Joe Murray (23-3). Feather: Jordan Gill (19-0) W PTS 10 Jason Cunningham (23-5).Light Heavy: Hosea Burton (21-1) W PTS 8 Josip Perkovic (4-4-1).
Ritson vs. Murray
Ritson took the fight to Murray immediately. He had Murray backing up with a stiff jab and some quick rights. Murray was countering with his own jab but a right to the head from Ritson wobbled him. Murray recovered quickly and was the one getting through with fast accurate punches as Ritson just walked in behind a high guard. Ritson then landed a vicious left hook to the ribs and Murray went down writhing in agony. He made it to his feet at nine but looked unsteady. Ritson took him to the ropes and landed a series of punches to head and body and Murray went down on his knees. He was up at nine but when the action restarted he was again pinned to the ropes and taking punishment and the fight was stopped. An impressive powerful display by Ritson as he retains the British title and makes it five wins by KO/TKO on the bounce. Following from his win over useful Robbie Barrett in October to win the title he looks ready for some international fights. Murray, 31, had won eight in a row since losing to Liam Walsh for the British super feather title in 2015 and may rethink his career options.
Gill vs. Cunningham
Gill takes a big step up in level of opposition and does so successfully. After three close rounds Gill put Cunningham down with an uppercut but Cunningham got up and fought back hard having a good fifth. Gill had another big round in the sixth flooring Cunningham with a right. This time Gill really cut loose trying for the stoppage but Cunningham survived and resisted strongly and was the one forcing the fight with Gill having to survive the last as an bad cut appeared but he did survive and the two knockdowns and some good early work saw him a clear winner. Scores 98-90, 98-91 and 97-92 for Gill. The 23-year-old was in his first ten round fight and facing only the second opponent so far with a positive record but he showed he belongs up here and could soon be fighting for the British title. Southpaw Cunningham, a double Commonwealth champion, lost in six rounds to Reece Bellotti for the British title in October.
Burton vs. Perkovic
Former British light heavy champion Burton given a good fight by import Perkovic. It looked as though it might be over early when Burton crashed home a left in the first but Perkovic managed to get to the bell. From there he trundled forward and made Burton work hard for his win. Burton was able to make good use of his longer reach but Perkovic had enough good periods in the fight to make it close. Referee’s score 78-75 for Burton who is keeping busy waiting for a return with Frank Buglioni who stopped Burton in the twelfth round of their fight in 2016 which cost Burton his British title. Perkovic has yet to lose inside the distance and has already fought in six different countries.
Fight of the week: Ronnie Clark vs. Zelfa Barrett a war all the way

Fighter of the week: Donnie Nietes a class performer
Punch of the week: The body punch from Anthony Yarde that put Tony Averlant down for the first time with honourable mention to the body punch from Lewis Ritson that virtually ended his fight with Joe Murray
Upset of the week: McWilliams Arroyo beating Carlos Cuadras
One to watch: The Moloney twins Andrew and Jason look the goods

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    By , 18 Oct 2019
    By , 18 Oct 2019
  • Duno to fight undefeated Garcia Nov. 2
    By Lito delos Reyes, 17 Oct 2019
  • T-2 Days: Artur Beterbiev and Oleksandr Gvozdyk Set for Light Heavyweight Title Unification LIVE on ESPN
    By , 17 Oct 2019
  • Sergey 'Krusher' Kovalev International Media Conference Call
    By , 17 Oct 2019
  • Despite Controversial Setback Against Greer, WBO #9 and IBF #11 Bantamweight Nikolai Potapov Returns to Action on October 30
    By , 17 Oct 2019
  • Undefeated Canadian Super Welterweight Cody "The Crippler" Crowley Headlines stacked "Homecoming V: Going Global" card
    By , 17 Oct 2019
    By Aquiles Z. Zonio, 16 Oct 2019
    By , 16 Oct 2019


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