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List of Articles by Eric Armit

The Past Week in Action 17 October 2017 - Part II

By Eric Armit
18 Oct 2017

Hurd connects at Trout.

New York, NY, USA: Super Welter: Jarrett Hurd (21-0) W RTD 10 Austin Trout (30-4). Super Welter: Jermell Charlo (30-0) W KO 1 Erickson Lubin (18-1). Super Welter: Erislandy Lara (25-2-2) W PTS 12 Terrell Gausha (20-1). Middle: Tony Harrison (25-2) W PTS 8 Paul Valenzuela (20-6).
Hurd vs. Trout
Hurd beats Trout in ten rounds in defence of his IBF title in a super welter jamboree show but has to come from behind for the win.
Round 1
It was difficult to split them in a close first round. Both landed some sharp jabs and both threw and missed some combinations with Trout’s greater accuracy giving him the edge.
Score 10-9 Trout
Round 2
Trout showed some silky skills in the second. He was slotting home southpaw jabs at the advancing Hurd moving cleverly around Hurd and digging in some lefts. He turned Hurd into a corner and landed a couple of sharp uppercuts. Hurd had some success late in the round but it was Trout’s.
Score 10-9 Trout 18-20
Round 3
Hurd turner the heat up in the third. He ploughed forward firing heavy punches and putting Trout under constant pressure. Despite that Trout was getting through with some classy counters including hooks and uppercuts that found the gaps in Hurd's defence and for me he took the round
Score 10-9 Trout 27-30
Round 4
Once again the quality work came from Trout. Hurd was marching forward and letting fly with some loaded punches but Trout was moving and countering accurately and had Hurd going back under a series of punches to the head from both hands.
Score 10-9 Trout 36-40
After four round the official scores from all three judges had Trout ahead 39-37
Round 5
Once again Trout boxed with real class. Hurd was marching forward launching heavy punches but good movement from Trout was making Hurd look slow and crude and Trout was rattling punches off the head of Hurd. The problem was that he was winning rounds but could not stop the forward march of Hurd. Trout’s round
Score 10-9 Trout 45-50
Round 6
Hurd had a much more successful round here. Trout was still penetrating Hurd’s guard with counters but Hurd was doing a better job of cutting off the ring and landing some heavy head shots. A punch sent Trout tottering back into the ropes as Hurd finished the round strongly
Score 10-9 Hurd 55-59
Round 7
The sixth had given Hurd a boost and now the difference in power was exaggerated as Hurd just walked forward with both hand hanging loosely by his side. He used some good upper body movement to avoid punches from Trout and fired heavy head punches in reply. Trout was still landing some quality punches but they had no effect on Hurd and Trout looked to be tiring.
Score 10-9 Hurd 65-68
Round 8
Hurd’s round. He was unloading some booming head punches. Trout was moving slower and throwing less with Hurd applying unrelenting pressure and again dropping both arms to stress the lack of power in the punches Trout did land. Trout had a swelling under his right eye that was looking as though it would close the eye soon.
Score 10-9 Hurd 75-77
Round 9
Hurd did not press quite as hard in this round but he was continuing to break down Trout with clubbing head punches and Trout looked tired and like a man who knew he was on a loser.
Score 10-9 Hurd 85-86
Round 10
The doctor examined Trout’s swelling face before nodding that it was all right for the fight to continue. Trout did not crumble. He tried to take the fight to Hurd but there was very little left in the tank. Trout’s right eye was closed now. Hurd banged home a series of rights to the head and a couple of times it looked as though Trout was about to go down. He made it to the bell but his corner pulled him out of the fight and if they hadn’t the doctor would have. 95-95
Official scores at the time of the stoppage: 96-94 twice and 97-93 all for Hurd.
Hurd was making the first defence of the IBF title he had won by stopping Tony Harrison in February. Again he showed his real power here and is a beast at this weight as he makes it 15 wins by KO/TKO. Trout showed classy skills early but in the end he had nothing to stop Hurd walking him down and finally overpowering him. Since he beat Miguel Cotto in 2012 it has been mostly downhill with losses to Saul Alvarez, Erislandy Lara and in May last year against Jermall Charlo for the IBF title. At 32 his future could be just a stepping stone for younger climbers-if that is what he wants.
Charlo vs. Lubin
Charlo retains his WBC title as he crushes Lubin in a fight that has come too early in Lubin’s career.
Round 1
Both fighters started cautiously. Lubin was prodding out with his southpaw right jab and throwing a couple of rights. Charlo was even more cautious but the first real punch he was a right with made Lubin blink. After a couple more probing jabs from each fighter Charlo moved in quickly. He missed with a left jab but landed a right that put Lubin down heavily. He landed on his side waiving an arm and after starting the count the referee realised Lubin was never going to be able to beat the count and waived the fight off.
Charlo wins in just 2:41 of the first round in the second defence of his WBC title. The 27-year-old Texan now has 15 wins by KO/TKO Lubin, 22, was the WBC No 1 which was an overgenerous rating for beating Ivan Montero, Juan Ubaldo Cabrera and Jorge Cota. A brutal loss but at 22 he has plenty of time to get some more experience and will be back again.
Lara vs. Gausha
Lara has no trouble retaining his WBA title against a Gausha who put up a very disappointing performance and never looked remotely like winning. Lara floored Gausha in the fourth and won by wide margins on the cards.
Round 1
As expected there was a cautious start to this one with both fighters probing with their jabs Lara speared Gausha with some long jabs to the body and a right and did what little scoring there was.
Score 10-9 Lara
Round 2
Again there was lots of prodding and poking and very little action. Both fighters launched brief attacks throwing only 4 or 5 punches and then getting out so it was hard to score but again Lara seemed to be just that bit more accurate.
Score 10-9 Lara 20-18
Round 3
Lara’s round clearly. There was still too little action but it was Lara’s southpaw left that found the target with Gausha just not throwing enough punches to be in the fight in any meaningful way
Score 10-9 Lara 30-27
Round 4
Lara was doing the scoring again in this one. Gausha needed to get inside where the speed and elusiveness of Lara could be nullified but as he came forward in a crouch Lara clipped him on the top of the head with a short right and followed that with a straight left to the chin dumped Gausha on his rump. He was up quickly and did not look badly shaken. Lara did not try to capitalise on the knockdown and as the round ended Gausha actually scored with a straight right-the best punch he had landed so far.
Score 10-8 Lara 40-35
Official scores: 40-35, 40-35 and 39-36 for Lara
Round 5
The knockdown seemed to wake Gausha up. He was coming forward taking Lara to the ropes and letting fly with both hands and getting through with hooks to the body. Lara hardly threw a punch and never landed one.
Score 10-9 Gausha 49-45
Round 6
Having found out what he needed to do in the fifth Gausha forgot it again in the sixth. He was standing off allowing Lara to spear him with lefts to the body and tie him up inside. Ho hum back to the painfully unexciting lack of action.
Score 10-9 Lara 59-54
Round 7
There was more missing than hitting in this one. However Gausha did come forward take Lara to the ropes and score with some punches. That was only in bursts and Lara was also scoring with lunging lefts but Gausha just about earned the nod.
Score 10-9 Gausha 68-64
Round 8
This round was more like a fight. Both were letting their punches go. Gausha was lunging inside and scored with a few hooks but again it was the speed and accuracy of Lara’s southpaw lefts that were landing most and cleanest.
Score 10-9Lara 78-73
Official scores: 78-73, 78-73, and 77-74 all for Lara
Round 9
Gausha did a bit more in this round and Lara a bit less making it a boring round. It was difficult to give it to either fighter as there were so few punches landed but Gausha just did enough to edge it.
Score 10-9 Gausha 87-83
Round 10
Gausha must have known he was well behind on the cards but there was no indication of that in his approach. At the start of the round he showed some fire but Lara soon had him backing up again and was threading those lefts through Gausha’s defence. For such a highly skilled boxer it is strange but Lara hardly ever lands a right jab. He just tends to use it to befuddle the opposition and as a measure for his left.
Score 10-9 Lara 97-92
Round 11
Gausha was never going to win the fight or a round going back but this is what he did here. He allowed Lara to get on the front foot and paid for it as Lara was able to slot home his straight lefts with nothing coming back.
Score 10-9 Lara 107-101
Round 12
The last went to Lara. Gausha’s attacks were just head down lunge forward and sling hopefully. Lara was able to stand off and pierce the defence of Gausha with left after left as the fight dribbled to a conclusion.
Score 10-9 Lara 117-110
Official score: 117-110. 117-110 and 115-111 all for Lara.
The 34-year-old Cuban was making the fourth defence of his WBA title and has rarely had an easier one. His problem is that he is only a few steps away from being as uninteresting to watch as his fellow-countryman Guillermo Rigondeaux. So much talent but so little entertainment and it is that missing ingredient that makes him a high risk opponent and a low ticket seller. I can’t see Hurd or Charlo eager to call him out. Gausha never even got started in this one. He just could not handle the Cuban’s skill and hand speed and never looked like a fighter willing to put it all on the line to become champion and got the outcome he deserved.
Harrison vs. Valenzuela
Harrison eases his way back with a win in his first fight since being stopped in nine rounds by Jarrett Hurd for the vacant IBF title in February. Harrison was the aggressor throughout this one although Valenzuela fought hard enough to be competitive and deserved to go the distance. Harrison had Valenzuela in trouble in the seventh but just could not find that extra punch. Scores 78-73 twice and 80-72 all for Harrison. Harrison will be hoping to work his way back into contention and get another title shot next year. Valenzuela is too good for the low level fighters but just not good enough to beat the top quality.
Buenos Aires. Argentina: Bantam: Omar Narvaez (47-2-2) W RTD 7 Nikolai Potapov (17-1-1). Bantam: Diego Ruiz (15-2) W RTD 5 Silvio Arano (7-4-1).
Narvaez vs. Potapov
Narvaez wins WBO eliminator with victory over unbeaten Russian Potapov to put himself in line for a challenge to Zolani Tete. Potapov was taking the fight to Narvaez with a busy style using quick jabs and rights to the body. Narvaez was as usual employing rushing tactics with only limited success. Potapov continued to press in the second but Narvaez landed a good left at the bell. Potapov outboxed and outworked Narvaez in the third but Narvaez finally got rolling in the fourth with left hooks and took that one. Narvaez dominated the fifth and sixth. He was walking through Potapov’s punches and banging hooks to head and body with Potapov looking shaky. Narvaez pressurised him all the way scoring with hooks, uppercuts and clubbing lefts with Potapov finding no space to work and looking a tired man at the end of the sixth. Potapov took a hammering in the seventh. He hardly managed to get his back off the ropes for more than a few seconds. Narvaez had him under fire from a constant barrage of body punches and Potapov was ready to cave in under the pressure. At the bell; he walked back to his corner and they signalled to the referee that their man was finished. Narvaez was 42 on 7 October but it does not show as he maintains a prodigious work rate. The southpaw “Hurricane” is hoping to become a three division champion by beating Tete but the South African is a high class performer and has real power. Narvaez has never lost a fight in Argentina so for Tete’s sake I hope the title fight lands elsewhere. New York-based Russian Potapov.27 showed quickness and good skills but his lack of power cost him dearly in this one.
Ruiz vs. Arano
Ruiz keeps the national title with stoppage of Arano. The challenger took the first being a bit busier than Diaz Arano also scored with some sharp left uppercuts in the second and third but Diaz was taking charge with some choice left hooks to head and body and overhand rights with Arano walking onto some hefty counters. The fifth was a tough round for Arano. He tried to match Diaz punch for punch but whilst more coming in than going out might make for a good household budget it is not good for a fighter and that was what was happening for Arano as a constant stream of power punches from Diaz were landing in the shape of left hooks to the body and rights to the head. A straight right from Diaz at the start of the fifth saw Arano dip forward and touch both gloves on the canvas. He was ready to continue after the eight count but two left hooks and a right to the head staggered him. He tired to punch back but was driven to the ropes and after a right uppercut snapped his head back the referee stopped the fight. The 23-year-old Ruiz was making the second defence of the national title and is now 9-1 in his last 10 fights but might not be able to progress beyond domestic level. Arano fought hard but was outgunned and is 1-2-1 in his last 4 fights.

Brisbane, Australia: Super Welter: Dennis Hogan (26-1-1) W PTS 10 Yuki Nonaka (31-8-3). Super Middle: Rohan Murdock (20-1) W TKO 3 Said Mbwela (43-25-5,1ND). Heavy: Alex Leapai (31-7-3) W TKO 3 Thomas Peato (2-6).
Hogan vs. Nonaka
Irishman Hogan wins a bout touted as a WBO eliminator with wide unanimous decision over former Japanese champion Nonaka. The visitor made a good start scoring well with his southpaw left. From there it was Hogan’s fight as he continually found the target with his right. He had problems with the southpaw stance of Nonaka making the fight messy at times but he outboxed Nonaka outside and outfought him in close. The only problem for Hogan was a cut which worsened as the fight progressed but he was never in danger from it. Hogan began to rake Nonaka with powerful combinations over the closing rounds and made sure Nonaka was not able to land a big punch or provide a strong finish and ran out a clear winner. Scores 100-90 twice and 99-91 all for Hogan. The 32-year-old “Hurricane” from Kildare was making the second defence of his WBO Oriental title and gets his fourth win since losing a wide unanimous decision to Jack Culcay for the interim WBA title in 2015. With Hogan rated No 6 and Nonaka 7 by the WBO it was an important win. With the WBO champion Miguel Cotto saying he will retire after his December fight with Sadam Ali doors could open for the Irishman. Nonaka 39 had been feeding on a diet of reasonable but not outstanding domestic opposition and was 12-0-1 in his last 13 fights.
Murdock vs. Mbwela
Murdock has no trouble moving to 18 wins in a row as he stops Tanzanian Mbwela. It ended in the third with Mbwela under fire and not responding. Now 15 wins by KO/TKO for 25-year-old Murdock but he will need to face better opposition to break into the ratings. Now 11 losses by KO/TKO for 39-year-old Mbwela
Leapai vs. Peato
Leapai returns with a win as he batters inexperienced and overmatched New Zealander Peato. After Leapai floored Peato in the third the referee stopped the fight. First fight for the 37-year-old former world heavyweight title challenger from Samoa since losing on points against Manuel Charr in May 2015. He says he has unfinished business but the world has moved on in those two years and he may struggle. Four losses in a row for Peato and only his second fight in over two years.

Liege Belgium: Super Feather: Faroukh Kourbanov (15-0) W PTS 12 Hakim Ben Ali (19-5). Super Light: Steve Jamoye (23-4-1) W PTS 6 Felix Matamoros (9-13).
Kourbanov vs. Ben Ali
In a good scrap between two well matched fighters Kourbanov take unanimous decision to retain the EU title. It was a close fight with Kourbanov having a much tougher night than anticipated. The excellent defensive work from Kourbanov and his heavier punching off-set the higher work rate but lighter punching from Ben Ali. Lots of quality work from both boxers with the body work from Kourbanov an additional factor in his win. Scores 117-112, 116-113 and 115-113 all for the champion Kourbanov. The 25-year-old Kyrgyzstan-born Belgian licensed Kourbanov was making the first defence of his EU title. Ben Ali had won his last six fights and hopefully will get another shot at the title.
Jamoye vs. Matamoros
After a terrific losing battle against Jason Easton Jamoye was due a easier night. His aggression was too much for former victim Nicaraguan Matamoros. He had Matamoros down but could not keep him there but won every round. Scores 60-53 twice and 60-54. The 26-year-old former Belgian super light champion will be the torch bearer for the Jamoye family as his brother Stephane announced his retirement at this show, Matamoros had slipped back to Costa Rica to pad his record with a couple of wins but will be in demand again as a guaranteed loser..
Calgary, Canada: Super Middle; Albert Onolunose (21-1) W Janks Trotter (10-4-1,1ND). A once world rated Onolunose returns to the ring but has to settle for a draw against local fighter Trotter. The Nigerian-born Onolunose took some time to shake four years of rust which allowed Trotter to pocket the first two rounds. Onolunose began rolling in the third catching Trotter repeatedly with counters and looked close to a stoppage but Trotter survived and rebounded to finish strongly. Scores 76-76 twice and 78-74 for Trotter. Onolunose won his first 17 fights before suffering a shock kayo at the hands of the unpredictable Gary Brewer in 2009. He was then inactive in 2010 and had just one fight each in years 2011, 2012 and 2013 with the fight in May 2013 his last before this one. This was Trotters first fight since being blasted away inside a round by Steven Butler in October last year.

Cornwall, Canada: Light: Tony Luis (25-3) W PTS 10 Giovanni Straffon (14-3-1). Heavy: Olek Teslenko (11-0) W KO 2 Nick Guivas (14-9-2).
Luis vs. Straffon
Fighting in his own neighbourhood Luis gets another win but has to fight hard against Mexican southpaw Straffon. Luis set a high work rate and was much the busier letting go with flashing combinations and using his strength to march forward to have Straffon fighting on the back foot for much of the time. Straffon stayed competitive countering with short hooks but just being outgunned. Although Luis was winning the rounds they were close. Luis had a scare in the sixth when Straffon rocked him with a left hook that forced the Canadian to go back to the ropes. Straffon unloaded some heavy hooks but eventually Luis worked his way off the ropes and was on top again in the seventh and went on to take the decision. Scores 98-92 twice and 97-93 but the fight was more competitive than the scores indicate. Luis retains his WBA-NABA title. The 29-year-old Canadian came close to an upset when he came in as a substitute to fight Derry Mathews for the interim WBA light title and lost a paper-thin decision. This is the sixth win since then for Luis who is No 12 with the WBA. Straffon, 24, had won 8 of his last 9 fights and earned his money in this one.
Teslenko vs. Guivas
Rubbish match as Teslenko stalks and finishes poor Guivas in two rounds. The 6’4” (193cm) Ukrainian stalked the Kansas fighter looking to land big punches but the crowd were booing at the slow pace of the fight. Teslenko is strong but not fast. He finally ended it in the second by driving Guivas across the ring and along the ropes before knocking him down with a left to the head that opened a cut on the right cheek of Guivas and caused him to sit out the count. The 25-year-old Canadian-based Teslenko has won 8 of his last 9 by KO/TKO but the opposition has been distinctly low grade. Now 6 losses by KO/TKO for Guivas who is now 2-6 in his last 8 fights.

Paris, France: Welter: Ahmed El Mausaoui (27-3-1) W PTS 10 Carlos Molina (28-8-2). Heavy: Tony Yoka (2-0) W PTS 6 Jonathan Rice (7-2-1). Super Welter: Souleymane Cissokho (3-0) W KO 1 Dmytro Semernin (13-4-1).
El Mausaoui vs. Molina
Although overshadowed by the second pro fight of Tony Yoka El Mausaoui gets an important win as he takes unanimous verdict over Carlos Molina. The taller Frenchman was using his longer reach to score on the outside but it was a left hook that gave him a boost at the start. The Frenchman landed his powerful hook in the second to put Molina down. It was an uphill struggle for Molina from there but he used his experience, good chin and body punching to stay in the fight. El Mausaoui shook Molina with that vaunted left hook a few more times but Molina has never lost by KO/TKO and despite that second round knockdown he never looked like losing that proud record although El Mausaoui emerged a clear winner. Scores 98-91, 98-93 and 96-93 all for El Mausaoui. The 27-year-old Morocco-born El Mausaoui lost only one of his first 24 fights winning the French and European Union titles and scoring a victory over Junior Witter. Unfortunately he has since lost big fights to Jeff Horn in 2015 and Ceferino Rodriguez for the vacant European title in December last year. He has won three times since then with the victory over Molina a career high so far. Former IBF super welter champion Molina has lost two in a row having been floored, also in the second round, by Carlos Adames in July.
Yoka vs. Rice
French Olympic gold medallist Yoka gets his second pro win but is far from impressive. Very few punches were thrown in a slow first round. Yoka scored with a three-punch combination and a couple of jabs but Rice hardly threw a punch just shadowing Yoka, The second was slightly better but not much. Yoka circled the perimeter of the ring jumping in with some quick punches and out again and apart from some wild swings which Yoka easily evaded again Rice did very little. Rice came to life in the third. He started using his jab and landing long rights to the head of Yoka and did enough to edge the round. They exchanged a bit more in the fourth and the better jabbing from Yoka provably earned a close round but a frustrated Rich taunted Yoka with a little dance to mimic Yoka’s perimeter shuffle. Rich shook Yoka at the start of the fifth with a right cross, the best punch in the fight so far. Although Yoka did some useful work with his jab he was caught too often with rights and Rich won the round. Yoka outworked Rich clearly in the last showing more fire than he had in any other round. Scores 58-56 twice and 60-54 all for Yoka. Over one million viewers tuned in for this. The 25-year-old French hope showed some good movement and accuracy but little else and it was safety first approach. He made hard work of this against an inexperienced Rich, 30, who is basically a four and six round prelim fighter. Strong but limited. They don’t want to rush Yoka and that would be a wise approach on this showing but he is better than this all he has to do is show that.
Cissokho vs. Semernin
Another quick win for the impressive Cissokho. The French Olympian was giving away lots of height and reach to the tall Ukrainian southpaw so boxed carefully looking for an opening. It came late in the first when he stepped inside a jab from Semernin and landed a fearsome body punch to the solar plexus which put Semernin down on his knees in pain and he was unable to get up. The 26-year-old Senegalese-born Cissokho won a bronze medal at the 2016 Olympics for France. He was French champion in 2011, 2013 and 2014, fought for the USA Knockouts and the Mexican Guerreros at the World Series of Boxing and qualified for Rio the hard way winning six bouts at the World Qualifier in Baku. He has won all three of his pro fights by KO/TKO. Second loss by KO/TKO for Semernin.

Unterschleißheim, Germany: Heavy: Kevin Johnson (32-8-1) W TKO 7 Francesco Pianeta (34-3-1). Super Middle: Vartan Avetisyan (15-0-1) W TEC DEC 5 Alejandro Falliga (30-12-5,1ND). Light: Howik Bebraham (11-0) W PTS 10 Franklin Mamani (22-4-1).
Pianeta vs. Johnson
Pianeta’s rebuilding proves fragile as he is stopped by Johnson. This was fought a funereal pace as neither fighter is known for their speed. Pianeta started well enough but a bad cut over his left eye and poor conditioning made it downhill from there. Pianeta who had not put in the hard work before the fight and paid the price. The only thing that helped him is that Johnson was in no better shape which allowed Pianeta to build a lead over the first six rounds. By the seventh Pianeta was gassed and went down from a body punch. He made it to his feet but was taking more punishment to the body and his corner threw in the towel to save him. Beaten by Vitali Klitschko for the WBC title and by Tyson Fury in a WBC eliminator the 38-year-old Johnson was 2-5 in his last seven fights so this was a welcome win that won him the vacant IBO International title and might land him a few more paydays, German-based Italian Pianeta, 33, was knocked out inside a round by Ruslan Chagaev in a fight for the secondary WBA title in 2015. He had dropped down a couple of levels to get three wins but his lack of condition cost him dearly here.
Avetisyan vs. Falliga
Avetisyan win the vacant IBO International title with technical verdict over Argentinian Falliga. After outboxing Falliga over the first two rounds Avetisyan was floored in the third. He rebounded to take the fourth and was winning the fifth but a bad cut suffered by Falliga in a clash of heads sent the result to be decided by the cards. Scores 48-46 for Avetisyan from all three judges. The 27-year-old Munich-based Armenian seems to have settled at super middle having once fought way up at 209lbs. Falliga, 35, had won his last six fights but the opposition has been substandard and he was not in the national ratings.
Bebraham vs. Mamani
German Bebraham successfully defends his IBO International title with unanimous decision over Bolivian Mamani. The visitor just could not handle the superior skills of Bebraham who was too quick and too clever. Mamani pressed hard enough to make it a good test for Bebraham and picked up a round here and there but generally it was a very frustrating night for Mamani. Luckily for the Bolivian Bebraham is not a hard puncher so he was never in any real trouble. Scores 97-93 twice and 98-92 all for Bebraham. The 28-yrat-old from Munich is making good progress. Last year the 30-year-old Mamani lost inside three rounds to Dejan Zlaticanin for the vacant WBC title.

Guadalajara, Mexico: Super Feather: Carlos Diaz R (25-0,1ND) W KO 6 Emanuel Lopez (27-8-1). Diaz finds the punch to end an otherwise dull fight. Diaz took the first round. He looked much the bigger and stronger fighter and ended the round with a clubbing right to the head and a left hook to the body. Diaz continued to stalk Lopez and dominated the second, third and fourth but was not able to land any big shots in a fight that saw Lopez not looking to engage and Diaz not sustaining his attacks. Lopez showed more fire in the fifth finally taking the fight to Diaz but it was still very low key. In the sixth Diaz produced a better finish than the fight deserved. As they traded punches a big left hook to the chin from Diaz sent Lopez sprawling on his back. He climbed to his feet but the referee had completed the ten count. Local fighter Diaz, 22, gets his twelfth win by KO/TKO. He has useful wins over Roberto Marroquin and Sergio Puente and is No 9 with the WBO. Only the second loss by KO/TKO for Lopez. He put together a run of seven wins before losing on points to Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov for the vacant IBO feather title in Russia last month.

Managua, Nicaragua: Light Fly: Felix Alvarado (30-2) W KO 3 Fahlan Sakkreerin Jr (32-6-1). Alvarado annihilates Fahlan in IBF eliminator. The Nicaraguan came out punching and had the Thai under pressure immediately. Fahlan was trapped on the ropes for much of the round as Alvarado dug in a series of body punches. Just before the bell Alvarado switched to the head and floored Fahlan with two right. Fahlan climbed to his feet but the bell went before Alvarado could do any more damage. Fahlan managed to get into the fight in the second round but Alvarado was still taking the fight to him and breaking down the Thai’s resistance. It was all over in the third as Alvarado again launched a series of body punches before switching upstairs and landing a right that out Fahlan down for the count. Alvarado, 28, suffered back-to-back losses to Kazuto Ioka and Juan Carlos Reveco in WBA title fights but is now on a 12 bout winning streak with 11 of those wins by KO/TKO. He was No 4 with the IBF and Fahlan No 5. The first two places are vacant but this win means that Alvarado is qualified to fill one of those spots as there is a requirement for a fighter to beat a rated fight to get there and No 3 Randy Petalcorin does not have that achievement. Fahlan, 24, has had two title shots losing a technical decision to Katsunari Takayama for the IBF minimumweight title and a very close decision to Milan Melindo for the interim IBF light fly title. This is his first loss by KO/TKO.

Fight of the week: Jarrett Hurd vs. Austin Trout the only major fight that was competitive-for a while.
Fighter of the week: George Groves for his classy and powerful display against Jamie Cox
Punch of the week: Plenty to chose from with the right from Marcelino Lopez that destroyed Pablo Cesar Cano just getting the nod but there so many more. The rights from John Ryder that put Patrick Nielsen down in both the second and fifth rounds, Reece Bellotti’s right that put Jason Cunningham down in the fifth the body punch from George Groves that finished Jamie Cox.
Upset of the week: Nothing stands out with the nearest being Damian Yapur (14-7-3) beating 29-1 Mauro Godoy
One to watch: Plenty here I go for Cameroon-born French Olympian Christian Mbilli 6-0 with honourable mention to his Olympic teammate Souleymane Cissokho 3-0

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