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Arbiter needs to resolve four key issues to save Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao bout
By David Mayo, The Grand Rapids Press, Tue, 05 Jan 2010
The one remaining issue in the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao negotiations has bloomed into several, although an arbiter will attempt to resolve them Tuesday in a last-gasp effort to save the proposed March 13 fight. These are the key issues that could be discussed as representatives for both fi  Read Full Story >>>

Remember when Sugar Ray Leonard told us the Marvin Hagler fight wouldn't happen?
By Matt Stolow,, Tue, 05 Jan 2010

Even though I'm four days deep into my final New Year's resolution, over all I'm already disillusioned about "The Fight" happening on March 13, 2010. I know I'm one who says it will happen, but why th  
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Pacquiao-Foreman? A Closer Look into the 154 Pound Champ
DirectorsLive, Tue, 05 Jan 2010
One of boxing's most prolific interviewers - Elie Seckbach, takes a few minutes to talk with Yuri Foreman./nWith Manny Pacquiao's battle against Floyd Mayweather Junior on the ropes and almost out, Yuri Foreman could step in for Mayweather and battle Pacquiao on March 13th./n  Read Full Story >>>

Steroids in Boxing: Did Baseless Allegations Ruin the Manny Pacquiao – Floyd Mayweather Superfight?
By Daniel 'Tex' Cohen,, Tue, 05 Jan 2010
In what is news to no one, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, JR,, are in negotiations regarding a March super fight for the Pound for Pound Championship of the world. These two have been on a crash course for a long time. When Mayweather stepped out of the sport (“retired”) for a shor  Read Full Story >>>

Boxing Roundtable: Is GBP's call for random drug tests reasonable?
Sports Illustrated, Tue, 05 Jan 2010
1. Do you think Golden Boy Promotions' demand for Olympic-level drug testing for Floyd Mayweather's proposed fight with Manny Pacquiao is reasonable? CHRIS MANNIX: We live in a time where athletes are, somewhat deservedly, guilty until proven innocent when it comes to performance-enhancing drugs.  Read Full Story >>>

2009 Year in review starring Pacquiao, Cotto and Mosley Part 2
By Glenn Wilson,, Tue, 05 Jan 2010
The yearly publications continue to announce their best of and reviews for 2009. And we will do the same as we recap the year that was 2009. We will continue to look back at the fights and events that made 2009 so special. So here are a few of the events and fights that took place between July and D  Read Full Story >>>

Pacquiao-Mayweather mediator assesses the situation
By Lance Pugmire, Los Angeles Times, Tue, 05 Jan 2010
The mediator who on Tuesday will attempt to resolve the conflicts in negotiations to stage a Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Jr. mega-fight March 13 in Las Vegas released a prepared statement Monday saying he's "satisfied all parties are negotiating in good faith." Retired federal judge Daniel We  Read Full Story >>>

Malignaggi Keeping Fingers Crossed For Pacquiao Clash
By Ryan Songalia,, Tue, 05 Jan 2010

These past holidays were much happier for Paulie Malignaggi than last year's. Not that Malignaggi had trouble buying gifts for anyone on his list in 2008. Quite the contrary, as he was coming off the biggest payday of his c  
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By Ronnie Nathanielsz,, Tue, 05 Jan 2010

World Professional Boxing Federation featherweight champion Michael Farenas sees action at the Mandaluyong City gymnasium on Saturday for the first time since he won the lesser known organization’s title at the Cuneta Astro  
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Mediation sought to save mega-fight
By Agence France Press, Google News, Tue, 05 Jan 2010
LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. will go to mediation in a bid to salvage their March 13 mega-fight. Representatives of the two fighters will meet Tuesday with a California mediator in an effort to reach agreement on blood testing issues that have threatened to sc  Read Full Story >>>

Pacquiao, Mayweather agree to mediator
By Dan Rafael,, Tue, 05 Jan 2010
With time running out to save a potential March 13 megafight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr., the camps are heading to mediation on Tuesday in an effort to work out their differences. Mediator Daniel Weinstein will preside over the meeting in Santa Monica, Calif. Weinstein, a reti  Read Full Story >>>

Mayweather-Pacquiao deal will be sealed now
By Michael Marley,, Tue, 05 Jan 2010

No more histrionics. No mas with the promotional blather. All the public wants to hear from the opposing sides, after they sit down at the Santa Monica conference table of familia  
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By G. Leon,, Tue, 05 Jan 2010
If the representation of Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao are successful in their attempt to mediate their way to a resolution that leads to both fighters signing a contract, there's only one way to ensure that the event maximizes its potential in a positive manner that benefits the entire spo  Read Full Story >>>

Mayweather-Pacquiao Should be Finalized this Week...
By John Chavez, The Boxing Truth, Tue, 05 Jan 2010
Play time is over for all parties involved. Yes, it was slightly amusing to observe the verbal bashing taking place from both sides as to why the other camp did or didn't want the fight but after the outcry of public disapproval, it looks as though the smokescreen has lifted. Floyd Mayweathe  Read Full Story >>>

By Ronnie Nathanielsz,, Tue, 05 Jan 2010

Supporters of pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao are circulating an online petition asking AT&T Inc. and other prospective sponsors to "discontinue and forgo all endorsement relationships" with Floyd Mayweather Jr. The pet  
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Big US stadiums want to host Pacquiao fight
By Nick Giongco, The Manila Bulletin, Tue, 05 Jan 2010
Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum said his email has been receiving inquiries from all over, asking him to bring Manny Pacquiao to them regardless of who the Filipino fights. “It’s unbelievable. They don’t care who Manny fights,” Arum told the Bulletin over the weekend from h  Read Full Story >>>

Opinion: Golden Boy and Floyd Exemplify Contradiction
By Ryan Arguelles, Boxing Insider, Tue, 05 Jan 2010
What do Richard Schaefer, Oscar De La Hoya, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Floyd Mayweather Sr., Ellerbe and Haymon have in common? Answer: Contradiction. These are the people who have one common denominator – the word “Contradiction.” People are not dumb, people remember. Boxing fans  Read Full Story >>>

Flashback: When Roy Jones Tested Positive
By Scoop Malinowski, Boxing Insider, Tue, 05 Jan 2010
Manny Pacquiao has only been suspected of using steroids – and the media has blown it so far out of proportion, some wonder if the baseless charges could actually be true. Back in 2000, Roy Jones really did test positive and admitted to using steroids, however the mainstream sports media barel  Read Full Story >>>

Fighter of the Year: Manny Pacquiao/Lyoto Machida…
By Robert Przybylo,, Tue, 05 Jan 2010
Well, I was hoping to write this when knew what was actually happening with the megabout between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. Alas, who knows when that is going to happen? Let’s get started with some awards for 2009 as here we are in 2010. Only criteria for this is I had to see the   Read Full Story >>>

Pulse of a Nation: What the boxing public is saying about Manny Pacquiao vs. Yuri Foreman
By Chris Robinson,, Tue, 05 Jan 2010
When assessing a potential Manny Pacquiao vs. Yuri Foreman bout, the words ‘consolation prize’ instantly scream out. With Floyd Mayweather very possibly out of Pacquiao’s immediate future the Filipino superstar has been forced to weigh all of his other options and for the moment th  Read Full Story >>>

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