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By Manny Piñol

Sun, 19 Sep 2010

My boxer, Edrin Dapudong lost to Mexican Wilbert Uicab last Friday. He was humbled and defeated. No argument. Period.

No excuses offered, only analytical explanations to learn something from the setback.

But 24 hours after the fight, the members of the team that went to Cancun which included my brothers Patricio, a retired police colonel, and Noli, the chief trainer of our boxers, therapist Jeff de Guzman who worked as cutman and sports patron Rolly Hiso of Chicago, are starting to realize that the Uicab camp, who appeared very friendly to us, may have hatched a dirty trick to ensure the defeat of Edrin.

No, the suspected dirty trick did not really cost us the fight. We lost the fight. Edrin was simply not there.

But I am writing about this in the hope that if this is a new dirty trick in boxing, the other being the use of the plaster of paris in the handwrap, then our boxing officials and other boxing people will learn about this and prevent this in the future.

The plaster of paris trick which caused the suspension of Antonio Margarito's boxing license would pale in comparison to this suspected new dirty trick that we are starting to uncover.

Shortly after the fight Friday night, the cutman, Jeff de Guzman, who works as a therapist at the Kaizer Hospital in Glendale, California, noticed unusual wounds in the right arm and shoulder of Edrin. When counted, the cuts totalled over 20 with about six of them deep enough like blade cuts.

Had these cuts been inflicted in the face or eyebrow, it would have resulted in deep bleeding wounds which could have affected the fight.

"This is the first time I've seen cuts like these," observed Jeff, a former member of the so-called LA boys who was with Manny Pacquiao during his early days in the US.

It was an observation that I, Pat, Noli and Rolly shared.

We still could not explain what caused the cuts. They could not have been caused by the lace of the gloves because these are covered by white tapes.The wounds looked like Dapudong had been clawed by a cat.

"I'm sure it was not something that was inserted in the tapes because I checked the tapes of Uicab," Jeff. who was assigned to watch the taping of Uicab, said.

Analyzing deeper, we are now starting to suspect that a tiny sharp object may have been inserted in the tape that covered the lace of the glove of the left hand of Uicab. This is the hand that is used in the jab, the nearest to the face of Dapudong, who before the fight was introduced as one of the very few Filipino fighters today who has never been knocked down or cut in his entire boxing career.

Today, I and my brothers along with Edrin will drive all the way to Salinas City where my brother Pat owns a house. There we will ask our family friends, Dennis and Rose Maniwang to bring Edrin to the hospital for examination to determine what could have caused the deep lacerations.

Now, to set things straight, I am not writing about this strange cuts to justify Edrin's loss. He lost, pure and simple. No arguments. And even if the doctor will say that the cuts were caused by a sharp object, it would not affect the outcome of the fight as we failed to call the attention of the supervisor of the World Boxing Council (WBC) and the ringside doctor to the injuries suffered by Dapudong.

I am writing about this because if this is a new dirty trick being employed in boxing now, then the only way to stop further harm to other boxers is to let the perpetrators of this dastardly act realize that we know about it and that our boxing officials in the future would be more careful in examining the gloves before the fight.

Can you imagine if a boxer has this sharp object in the lace of his gloves and he keeps on scratching his opponent's face? It could seriously affect the outcome of the fight as the sharp object would cause deep cuts in the face and eyebrow.

I will keep you posted.

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