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By Rich Mazon

Wed, 24 Sep 2014

Reality Television is a popular genre of television programming that has invaded the boob tube like mushrooms. From Big Brother, Survivor and The Amazing Race ? it has become a very popular brand.

Sports?, particularly boxing, has also been aided by Reality Television in promoting its biggest fights dating back to 2007 when HBO through its reality show 24/7 featured Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Oscar De La Hoya in its maiden offering.

The success of Mayweather-Dela Hoya prompted HBO and rival SHOWTIME to make it customary that a reality series is ordered, created and delivered for each of their big Pay per View bouts.

But today SHOWTIME SPORTS through its Emmy Award winning show ? ALL ACESS took a boxer?s beating to its reputation from one of its producers and subject of its most recent series ? Mayweather Jr.

Mayweather Jr. who was called to a hearing by the Nevada State Athletic Commission Tuesday to explain why boxers were allowed and egged on to spar for 31 minutes without rest as depicted on the show, disclosed that the particular segment was staged for viewing purposes.

The show also showed that gambling among the gym?s onlookers and audience ensued during the sparring session in what the show?s narrator described as ?The Dog House.?

That was also staged according to Mayweather Jr. and his attorney from report from Tuesday's NSAC's hearings.

There was also a scene in the same episode where Mayweather Jr.?s girl friends were shown rolling and smoking what looks like marijuana in his Las Vegas mansion in the presence of the boxer. The show was quick to point out that the boxer did not participate in the pot session - but he did not oppose to it either.

According to Mayweather Jr., it was all fake ? the marijuana and the pot session itelf. It was just staged to sell the fight to a different breed of audience and that he was just ?trying to think out of the box.?

Mayweather Jr. escaped the hearing without any fines or punishment but SHOWTIME - the network that has awarded him a $200 million deal for six fights is now reeling from the possible implications of the boxer?s admissions.

Was SHOWTIME fooling its audience with scripted and staged footages of what was supposed to be ?Reality Television??

In the aim of promoting their fights or this particular fight, did the ALL ACCESS producers, directors, writers played with their audience?s emotions with an orchestrated plot to suck them in to the series and in buying the PPV fight as a result of that? That is if Mayweather Jr.?s statements are to be believed.

(SHOWTIME and ALL ACCESS has not released any statements yet regarding the issue when this column was filed.)

Remember that this was the same network and show that won an Emmy for Outstanding Sports Coverage for ?ALL ACCESS: Mayweather vs. Canelo? Epilogue.

After today?s admissions by its producer and subject, it may be safe to say that an Emmy will not be the goal for the network and the show for this particular series.

The bigger goal for SHOWTIME and ALL ACCESS is how to convince its future audience on why they should still be patronizing and watching the show after today?s revelations by Mayweather Jr.

Why would boxing- loving fans be excited about a show that is after all - FAKE?

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