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By Rich Mazon

Pacquiao and Donaire tandem Koncz- tradicted
Wed, 04 Jun 2014

One of the many dreams of Filipino boxing fans is two see the two top boxers of this country ? Manny Pacquiao and Nonito Donaire Jr., in one card. That possibility was mentioned by no less than their promoter, Bob Arum last week in Macao, China where Donaire Jr. fought and won.

And as possible news of the two top dogs of Pinoy boxing fighting in one big event, thrilled their many Pinoy and non-Pinoy fans, one party pooper in the name of Michael Koncz, the adviser of Manny Pacquiao, quickly doused cold water on the idea.

?Unless Bob Arum can tell me how it's financially advantageous to us? Donaire won?t be on the Pacquiao card in Macau. Michael Koncz told Ronnie Nathanielsz in a recent article in this site. (

Koncz has blocked Donaire Jr. to be in Pacquiao?s card in the past and despite Arum?s noble idea and the clamor for it by the millions of fans of both boxers, it is now clear that Koncz will stand against it once again.

Koncz tried to sign Donaire Jr. in the past and when Team Donaire declined the offer, the now 5 division champ has never been involved in one of Pacquiao?s cards, despite the lure it brings. For who would not want to see a card with two superstars instead of a crappy co-main event and card that has been a feature of Top Rank and HBO Pay-Per-View events of late. This is one reason why Golden Boy Promotions and Showtime Sports have gained on them in the last two years.

Pacquiao vs. TBA and a Donaire Jr. versus Simpiwe Vetyeka rematch is an appealing co-main event to me, don?t you think? To discard that idea right away, just like what Koncz said, is out of greed, animosity and ill will.

Koncz sites business reasons as one of the factor on why he dislikes the idea and that it would not be advantageous for MP Promotions which he runs, to share the money and the limelight with Donaire Jr.

?How is he going to sell one more ticket that Manny can?t sell?? asked Koncz in the article.

Maybe someone should remind him that the Pacquiao-Bradley 2 was not a sold-out event. Maybe someone should remind him that the Pay-Per-View numbers for Pacquiao-Bradley 2 and Pacquiao-Rios in Macao, China have been disappointing ? very disappointing.

And maybe one should point out to him and Top Rank, that maybe, a horrible co-main event and a lousy undercard, which both events share, has something to do with it? And that maybe, the success of a boxing show is not dependent on one name or one card alone?

If the most marketable of all future opponents for Pacquiao, Senor Juan Manuel Marquez, decides to turn down the offer for a fifth showdown, any other opponents will be a hard sell for boxing fans. Offsetting that with a show that features stars and great match-ups can make it work. If they are honestly thinking of matching Pacquiao with lesser known Luis Abregu, as the report also indicated, then maybe Donaire Jr. and other named stars should be in the mix in that planned November 22nd event in Macao, to prevent it from a sure flop.

?Why will we spend $1 million in profits on a fight that?s not going to generate any actual additional income, if it does, it will be very little. It makes no business sense. We are co-promoters so we share in the expenses, we share in the profits.? Koncz says.

And there to you is one of the reasons on what is wrong with boxing. That greed overshadows the intent to put up a great show and an entertaining package that the fans would love and pay to see.

If Koncz really wanted to save a million dollar in profits, he should not look far. He should just cut the $1 million dollar cost of tickets that they give away to hangers on, relatives and friends of hangers on and just about anyone who knows someone in Team Pacquiao that are blood thirsty for tickets to his matches. Include the hotel and food accommodations for them in the span of a week and I bet Koncz - that he will save Pacquiao plenty of money ? if truly that was his intent.

Does it really make no business sense for Pacquiao for Donaire to be in his card? Or is this just pure greed and hostile behavior against the Donaires in the part of Michael Koncz?
We?ve heard of how influential Koncz is in Team Pacquiao and Top Rank with matters that deal with Pacquiao. And here is hoping that Top Rank through Bob Arum and Todd duBoef does not share Koncz?s idea of business.

Here is also hoping that Manny Pacquiao deter his adviser?s early decision, and allow his fellow Pinoy boxers to shine with him in his mega cards. After all, he opened the gate for all Pinoy boxers to be recognized outside of the Philippines ? didn?t he? So why not continue doing so.

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